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When the next King of country music offers to take you under his wing, what's a girl to do?Pinch herself, of course. Repeatedly. Then take the offer!Quinn Winters is tired of being the actress known for most killed off characters. After discovering her love of music when her last role portrayed a country singer on a daytime soap opera, she's making a much needed change inWhen the next King of country music offers to take you under his wing, what's a girl to do?Pinch herself, of course. Repeatedly. Then take the offer!Quinn Winters is tired of being the actress known for most killed off characters. After discovering her love of music when her last role portrayed a country singer on a daytime soap opera, she's making a much needed change in life. Quinn is unprepared for the demands and expectations needed to succeed in Music City. One pleading call from her sister puts her in an all too familiar, but unwanted position.Five years ago, Tucker McGinnis auditioned for a reality singing show, never expecting to win. His sudden fame and popularity comes as a major surprise. After a multi platinum debut, his second album is suffering the dreaded sophomore jinx. His musical muse becomes elusive when guilt plagues him over an accident which affects his family. He is blown away by Quinn when he overhears her audition at his record label, singing his most personal song. An attraction builds, and a connection through music is formed.  But when life gets in the way, Tucker makes another offer - A temporary marriage which will benefit both of them, until things become too real.Two souls destined for the stage, two hearts blending together to create beautiful music as individuals, but even better as country music's next power couple- if they can shed the images of who they used to be....

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Queen of My Heart Reviews

  • Angela Hayes
    2019-04-19 19:04

    5 StarsQueen of my heart is the first book in the Life Won’t Wait Series by Nikki Lynn Barrett. It is such a sassy, sexy, flirty, fun read! I wasn’t expecting to like it quite as much as I did and that’s entirely due to Ms. Barrett’s skills as a writer. Only a few pages into the story I found myself falling under Ms. Barrett’s spell. I also love the concept of the story; it was refreshingly original- a little different from the other musical superstar romance stories that I have read before. Quinn Winters is a twenty three year old actress who is taking a shot at making it big in the country music scene. She had been in the industry since she was a child and is a little jaded from her experiences. Quinn felt it was time to try her hand at something new and as she has always loved music, it seemed to be the logical choice. Part of her reasoning is also the fact that she has gained the reputation of being the one actress who has had the most number of characters she has played, killed off on daytime television and made for TV movies. Leaving that baggage behind would be a relief. With no real plan or anything definite to do, Quinn packs up and moves to Nashville, taking quite to follow her dream of making music. Tucker McGinnis is country royalty, flouted as the next king of country. He is internationally renowned, multi award winning country music artist who got his big break when he entered and won a music show. His first album was widely acclaimed and sold millions of copies. But after releasing his second album, things aren’t going so well. He has a lot of expectation resting on his shoulders and he feels immense pressure to produce another platinum selling album. A difficult thing to do at the best of time, let alone when inspiration and musical creativity seem to be eluding him, or maybe even left for good. If he doesn’t find his musical mojo very soon, he will end up a has-been.When Quinn auditions for the same record label that Tucker is signed to, he happens to be in building at the time and overhears her audition. He is blown away by her sexy, sultry voice and has to meet the woman behind the voice. Quinn’s audition doesn’t go as well as she hoped, as the record producers want more than just a great voice. She doesn’t play an instrument or write her own music and the executives suggest that she spend some time writing and learning to play her own songs and then come back. Quinn is devastated because she has so much riding on her success here in Nashville. She quickly leaves the studio and runs right into Tucker. He is so taken with her that after finding out what happened, he goes against his better judgement and offers to teach her to play the guitar and give her pointers on writing her own songs. And so the story begins……. I love the addition of the blog posts at the beginning of each chapter. They added an interesting element and helped lay out some of the story.I really love Ms. Barrett’s take on the country music scene. She writes beautifully and her descriptive attention to detail had me seeing the story, immersing me in it- instead of merely reading the words. This is such a fantastic start to a series it will be interesting to see where Ms. Barrett goes from here. I can’t wait for the next book!Thank you Ms. Barrett!

  • Sara
    2019-04-23 21:28

    Queen of my heart is the first book in the life won’t wait series by Nikki Lynn Barrett, with the second book About damn time coming fall 2016. This was the first book by Nikki Lynn Barrett that I have read, and I am sure it won be the last. I know I am eagerly awaiting About damn time. Queen of my Heart is a contemporary romance set in Nashville in the Country music scene, the two main characters are Tucker McGinnis and Quinn Winters. Tucker McGinnis is the new King of Country, after winning a singing completion. He’s had a tough year and is having the sophomore jinx with his second album. Quinn is a soap actress most famous for being killed off in several roles. She decides that she wants something for herself so decides to start a music career in Nashville.The story develops as they both face highs and lows in their life and grow up and also apart, they agree to a temporary marriage, but can they make it work the year they have decided, and will they both want to continue after the year. They both face daemons and being the type of people who won’t accept help, must accept that they need to help themselves before they help each other. As the story develops so does their own stories, with a little help from some other characters, such as a blogger from “For the love of celebrities” that is brilliantly written in to the story as a blog post at the beginning of each chapter. This was a genius idea d gives you a lovely way of bringing details to your attention without shouting them at you. It also has its own developing story that is really touching.Nikki Lynn Barrett has a way of writing that sucks you in and makes you want to go visit the Bluebird café, and makes you want to go download the latest country album. She writes beautifully and makes you want to know more about things like country music.

  • Lindsey
    2019-04-22 14:17

    Queen of my heart is one of the best books I have ever laid my eyes on. It is a tear jerker, it is a comedy, it is everything you want in a love story. You will follow along with Tucker and Quinn, Tucker is the newest kind of country, well he could be if only he could pull out of his funk. He is hot and an amazing artist, but like so many of us he has his own demons. Unfortunately for him though it's causing him to hide himself. That is until he meets his queen Quinn a soap opera actress, known for being the most killed of actresses. Quinn decided she needed a new start so she packed her bags and moved to Nashville Tennessee. Quinn thought making music would be the right change for her but after every record company turning her away, Quinn wasn't so sure what was next. Tucker happens to literally bump into Quinn at one of the record labels, love at first sound he offered her music lessons, and that starts off the most amazing of love stories that I have read in a while. Of course every story has its ups and downs, will they make it? will it break them? Be sure to give this amazing story a chance, I promise you will not be let down.

  • Pam Snell
    2019-04-08 18:29

    OH MY WOW!!! This book is amazing. Such an incredible love story. It is every girls’ dream to be whisked away like in a fairy tale. I was so consumed by this book Quinn was such a sweet girl who did everything in the world for everyone else. She never got the chance to do what she wanted in life.Tucker, swoon, absolutely melted my heart. He was a prince charming coming to take his princess away. He was just perfect and a perfect gentlemen. He was another one who always did things for others. Tucker is a country singer and man I wish I could hear him sing. I could in my head and he was just amazing. He has a heart of gold and he wants to give that heart to Quinn.Tucker had a horrible childhood and did not grow up with a loving family except for his sister who he would do anything for and her awesome foster child, Lily. They both saved Tucker from rough times in his life and he is very appreciative of that. He likes to keep his life private and not share his past with others until he meets Quinn and he would share the world with her. Quinn had a rough childhood also, she helps her mother and her sister out of a lot of things that she shouldn’t. Her sister has a baby and a problem and needs Quinn’s help one more time. Will Quinn help this time? Will Quinn and Tucker have a relationship? Read and find out and you will be glad you chose this book.

  • Laura
    2019-03-27 20:34

    This first book in the Life Won't Wait series was my first by this author and it won't be the last. There were so many emotions in this story and I didn't want to put it down.Tucker is a country music star who was labeled the next king of country after his first album. He got his deal by winning a reality show competition and lots of people didn't think he deserves the fame he has. Quinn was a child TV star who is best known for her characters being killed off in every show she does. Deciding that it's time for a change, she heads to Nashville to secure a recording contract. This career change put her in Tucker's path and changed both of their lives forever. There were a lot of themes in this book that are often not done well: mental health issues, addiction, and a few others. In this book, these issues were treated with dignity and respect and showed how they can impact everyone involved. Quinn and Tucker had both been through a lot in their lives and their connection made them stronger. This story was a great start to this series and I am looking forward to what comes next.

  • Meghan Murphy
    2019-04-14 18:34

    4.5 StarsQueen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett is the first book in the Life Won't Wait series. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and it hooked me from the first page! This story takes you on such emotional ride that you still feel the effects long after you've finished. Quinn Winters has been acting since she's 9 years old. Now at 23 she's burnt out and needs a change of pace. After performing a song in her last show, she decides to move to Nashville to pursue a singing career. While thinking she has it all planned out she soon discovers how wrong she was. After auditioning for a record label she literally bumps into the ‘King of Country’ Tucker McGinnis. He offers to show her the ropes to help her reach her dreams. Little did Quinn know that he would be the one she breaks all her rules for. After winning a reality tv show, Tucker McGinnis rose to fame very quickly. With hit after hit, he was able to completely change his life and his sister’s as well. Now after completing his second album that he really wasn't into, his record label is not happy with sales at all. Tucker is hurting from past events and it's affecting his career. After meeting Quinn, he soon realizes that she might be exactly what he needs to help get his career back on track. Little did Tucker know that soon she would become his everything. Wow!!! This book completely blew me away. I absolutely loved it. My heart broke for both Quinn and Tucker with them having such horrible pasts. Ms. Barrett did a fabulous job making you feel so many emotions while reading this story. It was so much more than your average romance. The characters had so much depth that you couldn't help but fall in love with every single one of them. I cannot wait to read book two and to see what else this author has in store for us!!

  • Michelle Austin
    2019-04-06 15:22

    Title: Queen of My Heart Author:Nikki Lynn BarrettSeries: Life Won’t Wait #1 Queen of My Heart was a great 5 star read.Quinn is an actress who is looking for something different. She has always enjoyed singing and decides to leave acting behind and go to Nashville. During an audition at a studio she is overheard by Tucker, who is drawn to her beautiful voice and offers to help her. Tucker known as the “King of Country” has been struggling with his second album. He has hit a writing slump, but could that be changing soon? Could Quinn be the muse he needs to get writing again? The attraction between Tucker and Quinn comes right off the pages. However, they both have things from their past that cause them to be leary about opening up to each other. When Tucker offers to marry Quinn to help in adopting her niece things get even more intense. Will they be able to get their past issues worked out and realize what they have together?I was an emotional wreck once I finished. This was a great story and I enjoyed these two very much. The secondary characters added a great element to the story. My favorite was Piper. Nikki did a great job with Queen of My Heart her writing pulls you right in. I highly suggest you 1-Click and get started today. I can’t wait to see what is coming next in this series.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-12 15:25

    Quinn Winters is an actress who is known for her characters getting killed off on her shows. She decided to make the switch to pursuing a career in music after one of her characters had to sing. Tucker McGinnis is labeled as Country Music's next King. He is a reality singing show winner whose first album skyrocketed but whose second album is suffering the Sophomore Jinx. He needs to find a way to get back on top with his 3rd album. The two meet when Tucker hears Quinn singing one of his songs at an audition at his Recording Label. He offers to help Quinn reach her dream...and later, after Quinn's past rears it's head, offers to help her with so much more.Their attraction is strong and swift, but both have insecurities that prevent them from thinking the other feels the same. Secrets from their pasts make them hesitant to truly open up to one another.This is an amazing book, very well written with complex characters. I ran through a gamut of emotions reading this book. Keep the tissues will need them. I highly recommend this book, as well as all of Ms. Barrett's books!!! Great Read!! I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Deanna Watson
    2019-04-10 17:13

    Where do I begin with having the opportunity to give my honest review without giving spoilers? Nikki has hit this one out of park once again. Have you ever tried to find yourself after making a life changing move? Have you ever struggled with not letting the negative take over? Do you suffer from a disability that you feel holds you back? This story walks you through all of these things, you will laugh, smile, be in aww, and of course cry. But at the end you will see and realize all things are possible. Nikki doesn't write a Cinderella story that leaves you saying yeah whatever; you can tell in this book and her past books she does her research, she puts her heart in it. I personally walked away knowing that the hard decisions I've made and trials and tribulations I have faced weren't all for nothing. Love is powerful thing and with it and determination all things are possible. Don't give up.

  • Meg Moubarak
    2019-04-18 19:23

    Queen of My Heart By, Nikki Lynn Barrett is aa roller coaster of emotions! Quinn is a burnt out soap actress who is mostly known for being killed off in every show she has been in. Quinn decides a change of career is what she needs. A real fresh start. All she has known is acting which she only really did to support a family that uses her. Tucker is the newest up and coming country star. After winning a reality singing show he is thrust into fame and everything that goes with it. What no one but his sister knows is that Tucker is hiding big secret. One he is afraid will ruin his career. Tucker hears Quinn singing at his recording label and is instantly drawn to her sultry voice. Romance blossoms but can they make it work when people and past secrets pop up and complicate things? If I could give this book more than5 stars I would. All the characters in this book are relatable and heartwarming. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this series has in store for its characters.

  • LLEPBook Blog
    2019-04-18 20:09

    Quinn is a actress trying to become a Nashville singer. When she goes in to audition, she runs into the hottest country singer Tucker. The two of them begin spending time together and working together to help her break through into country and she in turns helps him out of his song writing slump. When Tucker offers to marry Quinn temporarily to help through a few issues, they don't realize feelings would get in the way. With both of their careers heading in different directions The connection between these two is felt and it is downright beautiful. They each overcome such hardships and disabilities to become better people that at times they let it get them down but fought to come back stronger. It was a well-written story. It was on the slower paced side, but it did keep my attention fully. Job well done!Reviewed by JenniferLLEP Review Team

  • Angelina Smith
    2019-04-21 18:22

    Queen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett is book 1 in the Life Won’t Wait series. In this book, we meet actress Quinn Winters and country music star Tucker McGinnis.Quinn Winters started acting aged nine but fourteen years later she’s ready for a change after becoming known as ‘the most killed off TV show and made-for-TV movie actress’. Quinn found a passion for music during her last role and now hopes to make the switch from acting to singing. The story starts when Quinn is in Nashville, Tennessee about to attend her live audition at Bellany Records but the audition doesn’t go to plan after she sings War Within Me by Tucker McGinnis; a song that ‘spoke to her in way she couldn’t describe on her own’.“She hated that line more than anything, because it wasn’t a definite yes, and it wasn’t a definite no. Like her acting career, her life in Nashville also hung in limbo.’ - QuinnTucker McGinnis became a country music star after auditioning on a reality singing show that he never expected to win five years ago. After the success of his first album, he’s now being called ‘the next King of Country’ but his second album isn’t doing well and Tucker’s struggling to write the third album as his ’songwriter's muse went AWOL’. Whilst attending a meeting with his record label, Bellany Records, he overhears Quinn’s audition and ‘the way she carried the notes to War Within Me pulled on Tucker’s emotions’.“Tucker rubbed his arms as he continued to listen to her belt out his lyrics. They were words he took straight to heart, and hearing someone else sing them with the same emotion he put into them ripped him to shreds. Holy hell, he wanted to meet this woman.” - TuckerQuinn and Tucker meet when she literally bumps into him on the way out from her audition. After explaining to Tucker what happened in the audition, Quinn is surprised when he offers to take her under his wing and also suggests they ‘partner up and make some music together’. As they spend time together, they become friends but both have issues due to their past and find it difficult to trust people, including each other. Then Quinn needs to gain temporary custody of her niece and Tucker needs a way to keep the fans and media out of his private life, so Tucker suggests he and Quinn have a ‘marriage of convenience’ but they're clearly attracted to each other and only time will tell if the marriage becomes a real one or if their demons from the past will chase each other away.This is the first book by Nikki Lynn Barrett that I've read and I'll certainly be reading more of her work. I loved how Queen of My Heart was more than just a typical love story and tackled subjects like drug addiction and mental health. So often, books focus on the person dealing with the illness and forgets about the impact it has on the people around them; the people who often have to deal with the consequences. I really felt for Quinn who desperately wanted to live her life the way she wanted and put herself first for once. Then, we have Tucker who is desperate to prove himself but the demons of the past try to hold him back.At no point did I feel unable to continue reading or that the feelings/thoughts of the characters was unrealistic. I honestly experienced all those emotions with Quinn, Tucker and the other characters. I felt for Quinn and Tucker who both didn't have great childhoods and deserved to finally be happy and have the luck of finding their soul mates. This book fills you with hope and I loved seeing Quinn and Tucker get to know each other and also become best friends along with. I also loved the added extra of the gossip blog posts at the start of each chapter as they added to the story by summing up information or showing what everyone else was possibly thinking. The blog posts sometimes made me laugh and I loved seeing the blogger go on their own journey.I would recommend this book and I can't wait to read book 2 because Nikki Lynn Barrett is an amazingly talented author who taps into your emotions and ensures you won't be disappointed.

  • Laura Furuta
    2019-04-20 21:12

    Queen Of My Heart (Life Won't Wait Book 1)By: Nikki Lynn Barrett5 out of 5 starsThe story Queen Of My Heart (Life Won't Wait Book 1) by Nikki Lynn Barrett is a contemporary romance book. She is an actress who wants to start over as a country singer. He is a man that has lost his musical muse. He is deeply moved when he hears her sing a song with personal meaning to him. What starts out as an offer to help with her career turns into so much more. Now their feelings for each other only grows every day. Has this couple found true happiness in each other’s arms or will the past leave them unable to keep their connection?This is an amazing love story! Not only is it set on the country music scene, it has all the hallmarks of a story about true love and soul mates. This is the first book I have read by the author and she has created a story that will have you quickly turning pages to find out what happens next. Not only is the story amazing the characters are as well. This is the story of Quinn Winters and Tucker McGinnis. Quinn doesn’t want to be an actor anymore. She is ready for a change and loved her last role as a country music singer. Quinn is really brave to start out on her own, moving to a town where she doesn’t know anyone and starting a new career. I admire her for this as I don’t know if I could do that. She is overwhelmed when she meets Tucker and he wants to help her break onto the music scene. I could tell that Quinn was also hesitant about Tucker’s offer as she doesn’t understand his motives for helping her. She is one that doesn’t trust very easily with the business she was in. Then one call from her sister puts her in a situation that is all too familiar. Tucker is right there by her side wanting to help her. Bit by bit Tucker is breaking down the walls Quinn has placed around herself. Will she finally let him into her heart or does the past have too strong of a hold on her?From the first time he heard her sing Tucker wants to know more about Quinn. Even though he is having issues with his career, he makes himself available to help her. Tucker is also having a hard time dealing with a situation that occurred and affected his family. My mouth dropped open at times at the things that he does and says. Tucker has such a large heart. He genuinely cares for Quinn and his attraction for her only grows every day. Tucker has secrets about his past that he doesn’t tell Quinn about. What would happen to their relationship if these secrets are revealed? Overcoming the past and learning to trust are two of the main themes in this story. I was constantly amazed at how this couple became so close in a short period of time. This is a story that had me laughing, crying, and having that warm feeling when reading of two people falling in love. This is the first book in a series and I can’t wait to read the next one. Be sure to get your copy and find out if Quinn and Tucker get their HEA. This story does include adult situations. It would be for those 18 years of age or older.

  • Sue
    2019-04-05 16:05

    Queen of my HeartAuthor Nikki Lynn Barrett5 StarsQuinn Winters had been acting since she was nine years old. But after being killed off in a few tv shows she decided it was time to do something else. That something else was singing, she had an audition appointment in Nashville. Not that she needed it but she also brought along a carefully selected audition tape. She also knew getting signed up was going to be hard since there were so many hopefuls who came to Nashville looking for the same thing she was.Arriving at Bellany Records she knew her hopeful future would lie just behind these doors, if she could get signed up here her opportunities would be endless. The song she had chosen to sing for her audition was by the labelled next king of pop Tucker McGinnis, War Within Me and it also happened to be one of her favourite songs.Tucker McGinnis had an appointment at Bellany Records to discuss the failing of his new album. When he arrived, he could hear hi song being sung and without even seeing the face that belonged to the voice he knew he had to meet her. Standing near the door he got lost in the emotion that was given to his so ng and thought who ever she is probably sung it better than he ever did.Quinn was told to come bac k in twelve months and learn to play the guitar in the meantime and find her own unique style. Trucker was standing so close to the door he nearly got hit by it. He had also asked the receptionist to get the phone number of whoever was singing his song.Tucker got in touch with Quinn and asked to meet up for a coffee and told her he believed she should have got a contract and offered to help her learn the guitar. The lessons would take place at his house and the first day of her lessons Quinn was nervous but picked up the basics very quickly Quinn received a phone call from her younger sister who was once again arrested for the drug abuse and her daughter was now in the care of the welfare system. Quinn knew she had to get her niece and was trying to get a flight out of Nashville to see what she could do. Tucker phoned up his friend who was a pilot and went with Quinn. The social worker didn’t think it would be wise for Quinn to have the baby since she didn’t have stability right now. Tucker out of the e blue announced they were getting married.Now what was going to happen to the baby?Would Quinn marry Tucker and if she did what would the guidelines for the marriage be?

  • Lisa
    2019-04-23 13:22

    Queen of My Heart (Life Won't Wait Book 1) by Nikki Lynn Barrett Rated 4 starsThis book is different in the respect that a musical story is usually about rock and roll couples. This one is about a couple of Country singers. This is not a Wow in your face type of book until you get about ¾ of the way through. This is a great story with characters that have struggled so much they both deserve something better. I was impressed at the subject matter I don't think I have read a book before that covers this issue. Well a romance anyway. it is an eye opener though. Tucker McGinnis is a top country singer who doesn't want to be a one hit wonder. Except his would be a one cd wonder. His second cd is not doing well and the record label is on him to create a better third cd. He has never been a fan of labeling people. He knows there are good and bad labels but he feels they both don't do a person any good. He just wants to be Tucker not Tucker the next King of Country (label). His sister Stacey called him a Fairy Tale Creator (another label) which I think fits him as a songwriter/singer perfectly. Quinn Winters is a former daytime actress. She has acquired fame but not the fortune part since she keeps getting killed off in all her roles. She decided to change careers and become a country singer. Once in Nashville not everything goes the way she envisioned it. On her way out of the studio she literally bumps into THE Tucker McGinnis the best/hottest looking (label again) country singer this studio offers. Both characters are struggling when they meet but yet something tells Tucker to reconnect with that girl. Once hanging out Tucker realizes this girl is very distrustful of all of his motives. He only wanted to be nice to her but she is taking everything the wrong way. He needs to get closer to her to figure out these feelings he gets but on the other hand he needs to keep his own issues on lockdownThe song Tucker wrote/sang to Quinn and the interaction that he has with her just is so real. That is great writing by an author when the reader feels right along with the characters. Some things in here made me so mad and I really felt sorry for the child they used to be. This story brought tears to my eyes, had me smiling and wishing everything will turn out like I expect. I really love the pet name he has for Lily he calls her his Lily-pad. Such a cute addition. I love when a title works well with the book. I originally thought it just a sappy title until I read the book. Once I hear Lily speak I understand where part of the Queen came from. The other part I'm not saying but it's just as sweet.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-05 20:09

    Queen of My Heart is the first in the Life Won't Wait series. It's written dual point of view which is my favorite! I like hearing what's inside from both main characters, really brings the book to life.Quinn is a child star turned soap opera actress who is sick of the Hollywood game. Sick of being killed off over and over. She packs her bags and moves to Nashville with high hopes of a singing career.Tucker is the new king of Country music. Some say he hasn't earned it by winning his fame through a reality competition but he really is the real deal. Between the public and their doubts and the demons that lurk inside he's having the struggle of his life trying to write his new album. Life throw them together when Quinn ends up auditioning with Tucker's record label. Unfortunately she hasn't written any songs and doesn't know how to play any instruments. Auditioning with a cover song is a risky move, and super risky going A Capella. As fate would have it, the smoking hot country king who's song she's covering just so happened to walk in the door during her audition. Tucker was blown away and as she stumbled into him on her way out he offered to teach her how play guitar. Why would he do that? Tucker has a way of just blurting things out, for better or for worse.As their story unfolds we learn about their families, their pasts, and glimpses into what could be their future. You might think being a well known actress means big money... but that's not always the case. Quinn supported her family but her family had some bad habit. Now the well is tapped out and she can no longer financially support them. What happens when her family needs her the most... can Quinn help them even with their past relationships? Will Tucker help her navigate unknown waters? Looking forward to reading the second in the series!

  • Kaitlynn Taylor
    2019-04-06 21:20

    Queen of My Heart- Nikki Lynn Barrett4 Stars ReviewQueen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett is a great story, told with so much detail! It really pulls you into Quinn and Tucker’s world. This is the first book in Nikki’s Life Won’t Wait series. As an added bonus, we get a look at the hit songs that help shape Tucker and Quinn’s career, and let me tell you they are truly beautiful. It is told in both Quinn and Tucker’s POV giving us a much better insight into the characters. “What good is a king if he doesn’t have a queen.” Tucker is considered the next King of Country, his career took off fast after having auditioned on a singing show and winning. But now with his second album released and not doing as well as the first he feels like he’s in a lull. And then one day he literally runs into Quinn. Quinn is an actor who wants to try her hand at singing. Though the label loved her voice they want her to learn to play instruments and to find her groove in music and Tucker offers to help her do just that. They are both incredibly insecure people who are always on edge waiting to be taken down with the constant stream of labels. Having both come from rough pasts they are able to bond quickly. When Quinn’s sister finds herself in trouble once again she comes to her aide with Tucker by her side. Will their business proposal of a relationship turn into something more or will all of their obstacles stop them before they even have a real chance at trying? Tucker and Quinn’s relationship was started after a noble decision was made. I really enjoyed that their relationship took time to develop and wasn’t love at first sight, it was a nice change. This story had a few unexpected twists and I absolutely loved them, they added so much depth to the story. I look forward to continuing the series with book two About Damn Time.

  • Jenni Bishop
    2019-03-28 13:11

    Queen of my heart is the first book in the Life Won't Wait series and it is everything you expect in a love story well almost everything!. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I really enjoyed it. It will take you on an emotional journey with these characters that you won’t want to put it down. Quinn Winters has been modeling and acting since a very young age and now she is so tired of being an actress and wants to try her hand at something new. Something that will take her away from her past and give her a fresh start. Quinn now finds herself in Nashville and about to audition for a record label to pursue a singing career. It should be easy, right? Tucker McGinnis is labelled as the next King of Country, a country music star. He too wanted to leave is past behind with a fresh start and got his wish after winning a reality singing competition. Life should be good but events from the past still leave him hurting and it is affecting his career. But could that be about to change? When he hears the most beautiful voice, it was love at first sound. When this angel literally runs into him, he offers to take her under his wing to help her achieve her dreams. What he soon realises is that she is exactly what he needs to get his career back on track. Little did Tucker know that he would find her and she would become his life, his love, his everything. But is everything enough when demons will not die? Is everything enough when you need to put yourself first? Is everything enough when you need to discover who you are? Is everything enough when you are exposed to the world?This book deals with a lot of different issues and is not your average romance. My heart was aching for what our main characters, Tucker and Quinn had to go through and put up with in the lives. But even though they had experienced so much it made them stronger together. You can't help but fall in love with each and every single one of them.

  • Sunday
    2019-04-20 19:12

    Queen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn BarrettFour StarsQueen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett is the first book in the Life Won't Wait Series, and the first book I have read by this author. Ms. Barrett has created a wonderful plot and highly descriptive characters that make the reader feel a part of the story. I enjoyed the great range of emotions brought out during this book. This book grabbed me from the first chapter to the last.Quinn Winter is best know as an actress who has had the most characters killed off on daytime television. Quinn needs a change. She really enjoyed playing a country singer on the last soap she acted in. So she decides to try her hand as a country singer, however she never expected the amount of work that it takes to to follow that dream.Tucker McGinnis never expected to win when he tried out for a reality music show. Win he did and he has blockbuster first album, which makes him famous. The second album is not going so well and he has no prospects for new songs. Tucker overhears Quinn’s audition and is blown away. He decides to take her under his wing and their relationship begins.Will Quinn and Tucker be able to trust one another? What happens when Tucker suggests they get married for a short time to help their careers? They form a bond through music, but what happens when real life gets in the way? They are both destined to be musical stars, but will they have individual careers or will they be the new power couple? You must read to find out if they will find their HEA. This was a great read and I can't wait to read the next in the series.

  • Rhonda Pulk
    2019-04-22 14:33

    Five Stars!  This book is a touching story about two people living a glamorous life most people only dream of…. On the outside.  Inside the relationship there are so many aspects that are not what they seem. Quinn Winters is an actress who is sick of her go nowhere career.  A girl can only be killed off so many times.  She doesn't feel she can do it as she embarks on a career in country music.  She starts to believe after she meets Tucker.  He is the current King of Country Music and he takes Quinn under his wing. Tucker is a country music star whose career is teetering on the edge.  He has been victim of writer’s block and struggling to complete his next CD. He is out of inspiration and haunted by his past,  until he meets Quinn. The quick changing events that they encounter with blended bits of the past has kept me interested. They both have pasts they want to keep hidden.  Will they save each other or destroy each other? I loved Queen of my Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett from the minute I opened the front cover!  The plot twists and turns many times but that keeps it interesting.  The characters are well developed and realistically depict the lives of people in the spotlight.  My emotions were all over the place with this one.  Sadness,  fear,  uncertainty,  desperation,  happiness,  and strife are dominant feelings in this book.  Nikki Lynn Barrett has an easy to read style with lots of energy.  I am looking forward to reading more from her and would definitely tell my friends to check out her books.  

  • Robin Rankin
    2019-03-25 14:24

    Queen of My Heart is the first book in the Life Won’t Wait series by Nikki Lynn Barrett. This book was touching, it pulled at my heart from the beginning and didn’t stop. Quinn and Tucker were a sweet young couple who have so many painful issues from their past to work through that I was cheering for them from the very beginning.Quinn Winter is an actress who is disillusioned with acting after being killed off every show she has been on. On a whim, she heads to Nashville to try her hand at being a country music singer. She goes to her audition and sings a song that spoke to her the moment she heard it, War Within Me by Tucker McGinnis. Tucker McGinnis has a meeting with his label to discuss the current album and decide what to do next. As he is waiting he hears this incredible voice singing one of his songs and it gave him goosebumps. He must find the person behind that voice and runs into Quinn as she is leaving the room in tears and he knows he has to help her.I got a very maternal feeling towards both Quinn and Tucker as I read this book. They just needed someone to love them unconditionally and thankfully they were able to find each other for that love and to deal with those ghosts from the past and move forward in the future. I loved the nieces Lily and Piper and what they added to the story. This has a happy for now ending and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  • Maura
    2019-04-15 13:17

    Queen of My Heart (Life Won’t Wait Book 1) by Nikki Lynn Barrett – 4 starsI typically do not read in “accents” but for some reason this book encouraged me to. Tucker has a country accent. Quinn has a higher pitched voice with a flat American accent and the voice behind the blog “For The Love Of Celebrities” has the voice of the reporter in Princess Diaries – I have no idea why she has an English accent – but it’s what was called for.Queen of My Heart is the story of Tucker McGinnis and Quinn Winters. He is a reality show music contest winner who has climbed the chart and is in much demand. She is a child star who has burned out of acting and wants to try singing. She has an amazing singing voice, so off to Nashville she goes. Both Tucker and Quinn have family issues that they have to do with on a regular basis and Tucker likes to keep some of his life out of the public eye which isn’t always easy to do.I enjoyed this book once I got into it. It was a little bit hard to connect with either character at the very beginning because they both kind of seemed like whiny brats. I was able to read through that to see how they really are and what they are really about. The story developed over short period of time and was very well told.I am not a huge fan of Country Music, but I feel like I would listen to both of these artists if they were real. The music they write touched my heart. The lyrics that Nikki Lynn Barrett writes competes with the words she writes for the book; that’s an amazing talent. I will continue to read the books that Ms. Barrett writes.

  • Debi
    2019-04-01 19:30

    Queen Of My Heart (Life Won't Wait Book 1) by Nikki Lynn Barrett 5 Amazingly Awesome StarsOh my gosh I loved this book so so much! All I can think of now is why have I not ever read this authors books?? Her style is exactly why I love reading and I will be reading everything she has written and will write in the future, especially this series. I have fallen so much in love with every character in this book, especially the mystery blog writer who stole my heart. This story felt so real I think because it dealt with real life issues that were portrayed beautifully by this author.I'm not going to rewrite the synopsis that the author has posted for this book because it will draw you in all on its own, but I will review some of my favorite parts. The struggles of Quinn as an actress and how everything she has done in her life has been for someone else drew me in immediately. When she finally decides to do something for herself, I liked that it was not an instant success, it would have been easy for it to have just taken off because of her name as an actress then yanked away when she received the call from her sister. Tucker moving forward in his career because of winning a reality singing show is so real, make it big then the newness wears off and the struggles that these instant stars go through without much support except for constant pressure is awful. Then add in everything he is trying to escape in his life as well as guilt for things that he blames himself for, it's just awful and my heart broke for him. If these two people had not found each other this story would have been even more tragic. I could feel the connection between these two broken people from the very first minute they met, it wasn't a fall into bed connection, it was two souls coming together in understanding. I love that the author allowed these two to open up at exactly the right times on some things and left other issues to also be revealed when the time was right. It would have also been easy for them to dance around everything and keep all their secrets till the end of the book, I feel this was planned out perfectly by this author. The way they fought to keep their connection strong, while doing everything backwards it seems was brilliant. The author never brought in awful words being spoken or needless misunderstandings. Just two severely broken people trying with all they have to make it in the world as individuals before seeing if they could be a couple was beautiful. I can not wait for this story to continue to find out if these two can take their connection and relationship the distance, and also after falling in love with the secondary characters and their stories, I can't imagine what she has in store for them. Do yourself a favor and read this was beautiful, yet deals with some really hard real life issues. I can't say enough about how much I loved this book!!!

  • Penny Stone
    2019-04-09 14:25

    QUEEN OF MY HEART (Life Won’t Wait #1)AUTHOR: NIKKI LYNN BARRETTFIVE STARSQUEEN OF MY HEART is the first book in the “Life Won’t Wait” series by Nikki Lynn Barrett and my first encounter with Nikki’s brilliant writing. She captured my attention from the beginning and I literally couldn’t put it down until I finished. I was thoroughly entertained through the entire book. QUEEN OF MY HEART takes place in Nashville, the heart of country music. Tucker McGinnis is a reality singing show winner who quickly rose to stardom. He was the new King of Country. His debut album was a huge success, but he struggled with his second album and he was looking for a great third album to put him back on top. Tucker is a genuine, down to earth, gentleman with a huge heart of gold. He is a very private person who would do anything for his sister and her foster child. He was very content with his life until…..QUINN WINTERSQuinn is a soap opera actress who decides she needs a new beginning and a new career. She moves to Nashville and is not prepared for the hard work and dedication that is required for a career in music. Tucker hears her auditioning and falls for her immediately. He offers to give her music lessons and the sparks begin to fly. They have a passion that only comes along once in a lifetime. Their love connection isn’t smooth sailing, but you can feel the trust and loyalty they share throughout the tough times.Will it be enough? Will there be a happily ever after?

  • Lisa
    2019-04-09 20:15

    Queen of My Heart is the first book in the Life Won’t Wait Series by Nikki Lynn Barrett. This book follows Actress Quinn Winters through one of the biggest changes in her life. After years as an actress on the small screen having her character killed off during every acting gig, Quinn has decided to start a new chapter in her life. During one of her roles she was given the opportunity to sing and has realized that she’s very good at it so she decides to head to Nashville and see if she has what it takes to be the next big thing in the country music capitol. After packing up her life in LA, saying goodbye to friends and fellow actors, Quinn is on her way.Getting to Nashville was easy, the hard part comes when Quinn auditions for the head honchos at Bellany Records. While she is a great singer they are looking for someone who can also play an instrument and write their own music. Quinn is crushed, having never considered she would need to do any more than sing she leaves the audition in tears and facing the loss of yet another dream. But as we all know once one door closes a window is opened. In Quinn’s case that window happens to open in the form of Tucker McGinnis, golden boy and potentially the next “King” of country music.Tucker McGinnis doesn’t know what hit him, all he knows is that he needs to meet the girl who sang his song and brought life to the muse he had thought he lost. Standing outside his agent’s office he can’t quite believe his ears, when the door opens and Quinn walks out he can’t quite believe his eyes either. The sudden attraction he feels is out of this world and he knows he must get this woman’s number and meet with her privately. Quinn is star struck here is Tucker McGinnis, a man she has idolized over the past several years and he wants to meet with her and discuss her career choice. Maybe even help her accomplish all the goals she set for herself to become a country singer.Tucker becomes Quinn’s teacher, they start with guitar lessons and building a friendship. In the midst of this they learn that they have so many things in common besides their love of music. Both are broken in different ways and are trying their best to get by. After a family emergency, Tucker comes to Quinn’s rescue and shows what a huge heart he has. But Tucker’s past doesn’t stay there and he faces challenges of his own. Will the challenges these two face make or break their relationship? Will the music become too much?I really enjoyed this book, it’s my first by Nikki Barrett but I know it won’t be the last, I am truly looking forward to book 2 in this series. I can’t wait to hear more about Tucker, Quinn, Piper, Winnie, Stacey and the rest of the gang.

  • Lyndsey Fairley
    2019-04-23 21:25

    Queen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett4 starsWow! Queen of my Heart is the first of this series by Nikki Lynn Barrett and what a great story it was. It had it all, I laughed, I cried and felt everything both characters were feeling. This was written in dual POV so we get to see each character in each situation and I loved that. Quinn is tired of dying over and over again on TV, so when someone shows interest in her when she sings on an episode, she leaves acting and heads to Nashville, but its not all she thought it would be. But when Country's hottest star, Hunter, overhears her audition and offers to take her under his wing she jumps at the chance. Hunter has lost his muse so his next album isn't coming along how he would like nor his label. When he years Quinn singing his song, he breaks out into goosebumps and must meet this woman. When they decide to marry temporarily, real feelings start to emerge and the marriage starts to feel more real than what it started out as. Can two stars who've had some rough pasts, make things work, and become the next country couple when they started this to benefit personally or will they go their separate ways?I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to read more in this series! I will be sure to check out more books from this author as well as I really found myself in the story.

  • Kelli
    2019-03-25 13:34

    Book Review: Queen of My HeartAuthor: Nikki Lynn BarrettFIVE STARSNikki Lynn Barrett has written an amazing story that deals with so many topics that I am not at all sure where to begin. Both Quinn and Tucker have managed to make names for themselves and they haven't stepped on anyones toes in doing so. Quinn has left Hollywood for Nashville and a dream of becoming a singer. Tucker made it to become the next king of Country Music by winning a reality singing contest. After hearing Quinn sing one of his songs Tucker knew he HAD to meet this woman.Quinn and Tucker face some very deep fears and self image problems due to the things that they had to deal with when they were children. Nikki Lynn Barrett has taken some very sensitive topics and put them in a story and made them known. Bullying, Turettets syndrome, Down's Syndrome, Blindness, Drug Addiction, Child Neglect. These are just a sample of what is contained in this book. Very realisic characters that I have fallen in love with and I will be sure to check out the future books that Nikki has told us to keep our eyes out for after this one. I am smitten with Tucker and I adore Quinn. Thank you Nikki for telling us their story.Kelli Harper

  • Katie Kearney
    2019-04-24 19:11

    Queen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett is A wonderful story about overcoming past haunts and finding your true self. This is the first book in her new Life won’t wait series. The main characters in the book are Tucker and Quinn and let me just say that these are characters you can connect with. Tucker is a rising star but has lost his muse for his music, until he hears the voice of an angel. He wants to be Quinn’s teacher and maybe more, but can he let go of the voices from the past that still haunt him? Quinn’s tired of being the girl who never lives on her shows. She decides it’s time for a different career path and moves to Tennessee, she’s got the voice but does she have the heart to find her own uniqueness that she needs. Then king of country wants to help her find her way, but her own past makes her leery of his motives. Can she let go enough to trust him and find more than she was ever looking for? When I first started the book, it did seem a little slow at first but once it picked up I was hooked. I give it five stars for the complex characters and a story the makes you believe in love. Nikki Lynn Barrett does a wonderful job of making you feel the emotions of Tucker and Quinn, and she makes you cheer them on. I recommend this book for all those romance lovers out there.

  • Emma
    2019-04-14 20:32

    Queen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett is the first book in the Life Won't Wait series. Quinn Winters is looking to change her careers and start over with something new and different. Tucker McGinnis is trying to overcome his past. After being killed of repeatedly on the daytime soap operas, Quinn decides that it’s time to change her career and heads to Nashville to see if she can make it big. Even though she is unprepared and her expectations aren’t quite what she thought they would be still follows through. But when her sister calls her begging, it places Quinn in a position she doesn’t want to be in. Tucker won a singing show that he never thought he was capable of or expecting to win. But with the fame, success, and fortune that comes with the popularity, there is always something can happen to take it all away. When he hears Quinn sing, he decides to show her the ropes and teach her what he knows. But what started out as a simple working relationship, became more. Can they overcome life when it happens or will it succeed in destroying them?Nikki Lynn Barrett is a talented author that takes an everyday event and builds a wonderful story to go with it. Fall in love with the way she weaves a story that pulls you into the plot and makes you think you are in there with the characters. Barrett knows what her readers want and knows how to write a story that not only appeals to her fans, but with new fans also. Make room on your to be read pile or bookshelf for this amazing read.

  • Jean Martin
    2019-04-14 14:09

    I happily and enthusiastically give Queen of My Heart by Nikki Lynn barrett a five star rating. It is a wonderfully sweet and amazingly well written story. Nikki Lynn Barrett brings to life the world of country music in a way I had never imagined. Her characters are brave, courageous, generous and real in the face of several very tough situations. They struggle to find themselves and each other while dealing with the effects of very damaging pasts. Nikki Lynn Barrett deals with several very difficult and far more common than they should be topics. Her portrayal of the unexpected trials that only the fortunate few are spared was deeply poignant and heartfelt. The family dynamics facing both Quinn and Tucker are unfortunately all too real and happen way too often.As the mother of a disabled child, I know a little of the cruelty that they can face. It has been our good fortune only to have had to deal with one or two incidents of that cruelty. But I know that it happens all too often. Nikki Lynn Barrett has dealt beautifully with the very real damage that uneducated and ignorant people can inflict. She writes very real descriptions of the pain that is felt when rejection by those most near to you fail in their responsibilities. This book brought home again how very lucky I am to have the people around who support my son and his disability. Thank you to Nikki Lynn Barrett for this eye and heart opening story of persevering love and strength. I definitely would highly recommend this book. Again, five fabulous stars for Queen of My Heart, by Nikki Lynn Barrett.