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Who is Hope Wilson? Is she the girl her former hometown thinks she is? Or the girl Luke Carter once loved—and maybe still does?When Hope returns to Canyon Creek, Texas, to honor herfather’s last wishes, there’s only one person on her mind: her high school sweetheart, Luke. The boy she lied to when she had to leave Canyon Creek as a teen, finding it easier to hide what sheWho is Hope Wilson?Is she the girl her former hometown thinks she is? Or the girl Luke Carter once loved—and maybe still does?When Hope returns to Canyon Creek, Texas, to honor herfather’s last wishes, there’s only one person on her mind: her high school sweetheart, Luke. The boy she lied to when she had to leave Canyon Creek as a teen, finding it easier to hide what she really felt than deal with the grief of loss. Her father’s fortune could make a big difference to Canyon Creek—but Hope finds that the townspeople have a long memory about his misdeeds. With a plan to make amends on his behalf,Hope learns the truth about herself. And the truth about love....

Title : The Truth About Hope
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The Truth About Hope Reviews

  • Beyond the Pages
    2019-02-07 23:19

    The Truth About Hope was so outrageously sweet and so utterly perfect that I cannot find the words to adequately express how wonderful I thought it was. I adored this story! 100% of my heart was captured. Rating: 5/5Recommend: YesAudience: AdultStatus: CleanChemistry/Intensity: YesConflict/Drama: YesTearjerker: YesHEA: Yes

  • Katie W
    2019-01-30 19:09

    I've been reading a lot of stories about second chances, but the thing that makes this one stand apart is the fact that it follows a timeline. Some stories give the reader flashbacks to the past to fill in the missing pieces, but this one starts back when Hope was a teenager and follows her through present day. I found that very enjoyable.Hope hasn't ever known her father and when he mother passes away when she's 17, her father decides that he wants her to live with him. The problem is, he's not very likable and she cuts ties with everyone, including her boyfriend, Luke. When she honors her father's last wishes and returns back to her hometown, she finds out just how everyone feels about her--and it's not favorable.It was hard to understand why Hope would lie to everyone and turn her back on them, but she was young and scared. She's a very strong and caring woman--one who isn't afraid to learn and grow. I really liked Luke as well. He's someone who is loyal to the end.This Heartwarming line is producing some fabulous books and this one fits in perfectly. I loved the way the characters value each other and aren't afraid to admit their mistakes. The story flows well and leaves a reader feeling satisfied. With a blend of mild suspense, hard work and values, and a sweet romance, this one is a hit!Content: very mild romance (kissing); very mild language (just a word or two); no violence or religious elements. Clean!*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

  • Lola
    2019-01-28 22:05

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewThe Truth About Hope is a book I really enjoyed, but also really annoyed me at some moments. It's hard to adequately explain my thoughts about this one as it had so many good things and some things that didn't quite work for me. Let's start with something positive. This book is original. I never imaged I would ever say that about a romance novel but there it is. The Truth About Hope takes place over about 15 years time I think. We follow Hope from when she's 17 years old till she's a women of around 30 and returning to her home town. I loved how we get a feel of how Hope her life goes and we see her change and grow. Also while having the book span so much time might sound confusing or like it would be rushed, but it really worked. There were some skips or jumps forward, but they were done really well. The story would zoom in or a scene or two then skip forward again and zoom in again and then after the first 30% or so it slows down a bit more and the last 2 years take place in the last 60% and there are less time skips. Somehow this way of telling the story really worked for this book. The downside of it was that it felt a bit too telling in general and it made it harder to really feel the emotions in the moment.I did like Hope, she's a great main character who fights for what she believes in. Once she set her mind on something or made a decisions she stuck with it. She was very caring and I liked how much she cared about animals. The only thing I didn't like was her decision to lie about why she was leaving town, but as she was a teenager at that time and did regret it later I could understand that a bit more. besides Hope it was a bit harder to really get a feel for the rest of the side characters. There were some side character who made an impression and who I did like, but due to the way the book was written many side characters only played a small part in the story. I did like Einstein, Hope's dog, he was adorable and the mentions of the animals were nice.I like the small town setting, but the fact how people still resented Hope and her father for the things they had done felt a bit weird. And no one thought to ask her why or explain things. It really bothered me how no one ever communicated or got to get her side of the story. It did change later on, but I felt like ti was too little too late. And I can only admire Hope for how she stuck with her plan even though the whole town seemed against her.Then there is the romance, which is one of my biggest issues with this book. I just didn't feel it. At all. The book started with Luke and Hope as a couple the 12 years later she's back in town and they never got serious about anyone else and still have feelings. We're told this, I didn't feel it. Then there is a lot of miscommunication, assumptions instead of asking, throw in some lies and not communicating and it was really hard for me to get behind this romance. There is just so much drama and I wanted to shake some sense in Luke and tell him to just talk with Hope, but he didn't, because he thought he knew the truth. Then we're told they do things together and their feelings grow, but we don't feel. I would've liked to see more time of them as a couple. I did like how the romance got resolved, I just had hoped to feel more invested in their relationship. There are a few chapters from Luke his point of view, but I never really got a feel for him and liked him like I did with Hope. He just seemed very bitter and I dislike how he made assumptions without asking Hope about them, the lack of communication or miscommunication between them really bothered me.To summarize: I am glad I read this book as overall I did really enjoy it, it's written in a very original way and the way the story is told and spans so much time really worked. It's great to follow Hope her life and story over so much time and see her change and develop. The main character Hope was a great character and I really liked her determination and caring nature. There were some great side characters, but it was hard to get attached to them as they often only played a small part. I didn't really care for Luke or the romance. I just never felt it. There was a lot of telling instead of showing and hardly we see any scenes of these two together. Then there is a lot of drama, miscommunication, lack or communication and it really bothered me. If they had just talked about things it would've been solved way earlier. I also felt a bit distant from the story, seeing it all play out like that, but overall I did enjoy the book.

  • Cynthia
    2019-02-11 21:29

    Kate James always puts the warm back into heartwarming as she writes a story of heartbreak, lost, compassion, hurt and anger bring a town which lost so much over the years back together as a whole. Putting love back into a world that had so much hate through a father that took so much from so many. The story starts off with a young teen boy and girl who goes through some trying times and moves on to adulthood with so much lost due to one man who could not forgive or forget. Tearing apart not only two young lives but a whole town. Each must learn to forgive and forget before they can move on to a much better life. There are secrets that must come out in the light of day which are held close to their hearts. When they come out it is a time for healing and growing but it might be to late not only for Hope and Luke but for a whole town.Hope had me a little confused I am unsure why she felt the need to lie and cut so many out of her life. She made her choices and she had to learn to live with it, in the end she wishes she would have done things different. There is no changing time but they say time heals all wounds but in this case it might be to late. I really liked Hope she was a sweet women who had to deal with so much, with her mother dying and her father being so cold to her she doesn’t know why or what she has done for him not to love her. Now she must live with a man who is almost unkind, give up her true love and friends. Move so far away and start live again. She burnt so many bridges now that she needs to mend them it doesn’t look like she will be able to. Hope is such a compassionated women, caring loving and giving and misunderstood by so many. It breaks your heart how she deals with her young life and you are so proud of her as an adult. Luke you are just going to love he has some very hard times dealing with the fallout of what adults do. He is such a hurt young man who carries his pain to adulthood he can’t forgive when he needed her most she wasn’t there but he can’t get her out of his head. Only time will tell…..This was a book I didn’t want to put down the author gives you a compelling story of actions speaks louder than words. So many people hurt through one action that reaches out over years, reminding us that people’s memories last a life time. There are so many wonderful characters before the end you will adore them. You will fall in love with a small town who learns to give back as much as they are giving. I love Kate’s stories they always have meaning, reminding us of important issues that we sometimes forget. I love reading a book that teaches me a lesson I might have forgotten. Kate gives us a heartwarming read that really grips your heart putting family values back into our minds and hearts. A community was torn apart but a town was brought together learning important lessons as they come together to build and grow and become one as they unite the town into a place you are proud to call home. If you are an animal lover you will love this heartwarming read, I highly recommend this wonderful sweet read to anyone who just wants to feel warm and comfy inside.

  • Dale Rogers
    2019-02-03 15:06

    Anyone who loves animals will appreciate Kate James' novel, The Truth About Hope. The author's concern for pets, as well as wildlife, is evident as we join Hope Wilson on her journey through calamity, bitterness, and forgiveness. Facing a huge change in her life, Hope refuses to be pitied when she's forced to move from Canyon Creek, Texas to San Jose, California to live with a father she's never known. And even though she's not happy about the prospect, she cuts all ties with her hometown. How could she predict the repercussions which would occur because of that decision? Especially when things don't go as planned. But Hope is a strong, determined person who can make her own way.Leaving everyone behind, including Luke Carter, a lifelong friend who had become her boyfriend, she flies to San Jose to find that, even though her father demanded she stay with him, his manner toward her is cold, confusing her even more. Unable to comply with his demands, she builds a successful life of her own, but there's an emptiness in her heart, especially concerning Luke. When Hope finally has a chance to return to Canyon Creek and make things right, she has no idea how she'll be received, but everyone remembers the haughty impression she made when she left to join a person who had hurt the town. Hope must prove herself, as difficult as it is, and try to erase the bitterness which has built up against her and her father. How many twists and turns must Hope take before she can set things right and find her way home?I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written novel with vivid descriptions and depictions of the character's thoughts and feelings.Review based on an ARC received from the author.

  • Laurie
    2019-02-11 19:25

    The residents of Canyon Creek, TX are nursing a grudge against Hope Wilson and her father, Jock. Ever since Jock abandoned the town and closed down his manufacturing plant that employed many of the people of Canyon Creek, and Hope seemingly followed suit by carelessly and abruptly leaving over a decade later, the town is not particularly fond of either one of them. Now that Hope is back with intentions to make good on all of the hurt her father caused so long ago, it's apparent that it will take more than a good deed to earn this town's trust again. Even her boyfriend Luke who was a casualty to her leaving seems put off and aloof by her return. But in life things are not always as transparent as they might seem, and that's certainly true in Hope's case with regard to why she left Canyon Creek. Turns out even her father had his reasons.  Will the truth about Hope turn a town around, and will she find love again with the man whose heart she broke when she left him behind years earlier?I loved this story right from the start. As it progressed I was pulled in and fully absorbed by the perseverance, determination, persistence and dedication of Hope Wilson. Her ex-boyfriend, Luke Carter, was a character that you could easily root for. I liked his level-headedness, bullheadedness and charismatic charm. Add to it a lovable old dog named Einstein, angry townsfolk and a couple that's destined to be together but just as likely to have obstacles keep them apart, and you've got a page-turner that will delight you to the tear jerking end. The pace was great, the story was heartwarming and the ending was flawless.  This is a sweet romance that's not to be missed. 

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    2019-02-09 18:20

    I've been reading a lot of books from the Harlequin Heartwarming line lately and I must say that it's been just lovely. :) The Heartwarming line is in my safe zone and I know when I pick one of these books up there will be nothing surprising in the way of content.Here is the classic second chance at first love story. Hope and Luke had a young love but then Hope's mother died and she was forced to leave the state to live with a father she has never known. Her father left when she was just two years old and he not only left a wife and daughter behind but a town full of angry people. Hope is so full of grief over leaving behind everyone and everything that she loves that she deals with things very poorly. She leaves Luke with no idea what's going on and she doesn't speak to him again even when he calls, emails and writes her letters.That's a lot of unresolved baggage to work through when Hope and Luke finally do reconnect a decade later. Hope has the bumpiest of roads ahead of her and smoothing things over with her friends, the town and especially Luke is a huge challenge.I enjoyed following Hope through her life events. I really got a good sense of who Hope was and why she did what she did. The romance is more a blip at the beginning and a blip at the end with Hope's journey in between. Hope is a strong girl. She's been through a lot and has gained a lot of valuable experience. I admired her courage to repeatedly face hard things and not give up. Hope has determination and grit.This was a good book, so easy to settle in with. The characters were all so likable. Yay for another sweet, clean romance! 3.5 stars rounding up

  • Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)
    2019-02-21 17:07

    The main character has the perfect name, Hope. When the book begins there are many things going wrong in her life. Her mother has just passed away and she is forced to move from Texas to California with a father she has never know. She leaves behind family and the boy she loved, Luke.The book is told in a narrative style. It's normally not my favorite writing style, but Kate James does a great job of making it work. She was able to keep my interest in the story and characters.The characters make a lot of mistakes. Many of the past mistakes have made Kate a victim. The mistakes of her parents have left a hole in her life. Her mother was wonderful. Her father was controlling and absent. Their breakup left a community on the break of financial ruin. Yes, that is extreme, but a central part of the story.Hope then made her own mistake when she burned the emotional bridge to the town where she grew up. She made sure that it would not be easy to return. She wouldn't have if her father hadn't stipulated it in his will.I really liked that Hope was loving. In spite of her circumstances she was able to surround herself with good friends whom she cared for and they returned the feelings. Her love and longing for animals showed the strength of her character. In spite of the many obstacles in her way, she continued to press forward and make the best of her circumstance.I found the book about rectifying mistakes. Can one make amends? Can happiness be found? This is part of Hope's journey. A difficult journey to discover the answers to the questions.

  • Laurie Winter
    2019-01-27 22:21

    If you're anything like me, your teenage years were filled with self-doubt and silly mistakes. So in reading Kate’s story, The Truth About Hope, I could totally relate to 17 year old Hope. No, I didn’t have a rich, elusive dad...and I never found true love as a teenager, but I can sympathize with her actions right after the death of her mother.She lies. And unfortunately, her friends, including her boyfriend, Luke Carter, believe her.Years later, Hope is back in Canyon Creek to fulfill a promise. But just because her heart is in the right place, doesn’t mean all is forgiven.What I enjoyed most about The Truth About Hope, was the refreshing honesty of the characters. Hope and Luke still carry a flame for each other after all those years, and the reader gets the pleasure of following them on their journey toward forgiveness and a rekindled love.Sometimes, past mistakes are too big of an obstacle to overcome. People hold on to grudges and hard feelings long after it's time to let them go.So what is the truth about Hope? I encourage you to pick up the book and find out for yourself.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-08 22:13

    I love reading Ms. James books they are so heartwarming. The Truth About Hope is a sweet book of people coming together for a greater good.Before leaving town to go live with her father Hope says something pretty awful things that results in people being hurt. Her behavior has never implied she was unhappy and Luke her boyfriend can’t understand why she’s become so haughty. Fast forward and Hope comes back unsure of her reception. Some remember yet Hope shows them she isn’t the same girl who handled leaving badly. This is such a sweet and endearing read. Ms. James draws you with her storytelling and you come to care about the characters. We’ve all been hurt by someone’s words a time or two. But actions always speaking louder than any words said in anger or frustration.What a treat as always to read one of Ms. James books.

  • Gail
    2019-01-27 18:17

    What an amazing story of love and second chances. It will make you laugh and cry. I felt so sorry for Hope and all she had to go through. A very hard book to put down because I had to find out what would happen next. I loved every minute of it! This was my first book by this other and I am going to see what else she has written.

  • Lisa Tompkins
    2019-02-03 19:16

    Great addition to the Heartwarming series - a great read from cover to cover (I challenge you to put it down)The characters and the story both heartwarming indeed.

  • Dixie-Lee Campbell
    2019-02-19 14:59

    This is the first book I have read by this author and would like to read more of her books. ... especially returning to the town of Canon Creek. I enjoyed the storyline and characters of this book. There was a sad and heart breaking emotional twists on different levels of this storyline ! I was rooting for Hope and Luke . Some of the town folk aggravated me... but as the events unfolded and I got more attached to some of them .

  • Kim hansen
    2019-02-22 16:09

    Good read.

  • Sparrow12
    2019-02-13 20:05

    The book got better as I read a few chapters.There were several twists that caught me by surprise.I'd like to read another book by Kate

  • Becca
    2019-01-24 23:15

    4.5 STARS ACTUALLY :)I saw this book going around in the book blogger world, and I had to go buy it. It sounded so cute and was getting some great reviews. I am so glad I bought it. It was just so cute. When hope leaves Canyon Creek she doesn't leave on good terms. She makes everyone think she wants nothing to do with them. That includes her long time boyfriend Luke Carter. She breaks up with him, and cuts all ties to him. When she finds out she has to return to Canyon Creek she is very apprehensive. She doesn't want to face all the pain that places brings back to her. She didn't want to do what was required of her to get an inheritance. She just wants to continue running her dog shelter, and not worry about her "past" life. When she decides that going back is the only way she is going to get the money to save her shelter, she does so, with a very heavy heart.I really enjoyed this story. I enjoyed the growth that the little town of Canyon Creek goes though, and I love how much Hope grew. She was faced with a lot of obstacles. I love the story between Luke and Hope. It was so frustrating at times, but so very sweet also. This is a sweet book about love, loss, forgiveness, and acceptance. It's a fun, fast read and it just gave me that "awww sweet" feeling when it was over. Just an all around good book.Source: I bought this book for myself. I was not compensated in any way for this review. These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.

  • Jessica Figueroa
    2019-01-27 15:00

    After the death of her mother Hope was unwillingly sent to her father who was known for being cold. He had single handedly ruined a lot of people in her town and caused so much heartache for many of the towns people. Its been years since her departure of her home town and shes made something of herself but problem is the business she wants is low on funds and her father is willing to give her an inheritance if he can make amends to the town and build a community center and a school within a time frame or else she'll loose the inheritance. Back in her hometown things are not the same and people are still bitter on her father and her especially Luke her ex. It took me a bit of time to get through this but I'm glad I did. This book truly is a heartwarming story about death, forgiveness and trying to make amends. I loved that that there was multiple point of views and that there was enough drama to keep things interesting. Hmm.. I was going to say more of what I loved about the book but its hard to do so without ruining the book. So I'll leave it off to this : Overall this is a great story and I highly recommend you lovely readers to check out this sweet and heartwarming story, you won't regret it.

  • Kate's Reads
    2019-02-12 21:28

    Kate James’ soon to be released new novel is a wonderful story of going home again and second chances. When Hope’s mother dies when she is 17, she is forced to leave her boyfriend Luke and all that she has known in Canyon Creek. The father that abandoned them both, as well as the town, insists that she come and live with him in San Jose, CA.When Hope turns 18 she leaves her aloof father and strikes out to make her own way in the world. Eventually she reunites with her father again and is charged with going back to Canyon Creek and making reparations for him. Will the towns people forgive her or her father for their abandonment? What about Luke, whom she still loves?This was a great story that truly was ‘heartwarming’. The characters James created are both real and easy to relate to. The locals who are less than welcoming when she returns – anyone who’s lived in a small turn can relate to those types. Luke and Hope – each with their own secrets and yearnings are any young lovers.I really enjoyed Hope’s story and recommend it if you are looking for a ‘feel good’ read.

  • Alisha
    2019-02-17 16:27

    3.5 stars rounded up to 4. First half of the book was a little slow, kept me feeling like we were drifting along to a place we'd never reach...but the second half of the book made up for it. Really enjoyed the tug of war between Luke and Hope when she returned to Canyon Creek, but I wish their differences would've ended a little sooner, so you got to see more of their relationship develop in the book. I was beginning to think there wasn't even going to be a HEA when I saw the end of the book was coming, but I was smiling ear to ear for the whole last chapter. The writing was okay, but needed a little more of something that I can't seem to put my finger on, but still had enough of a complex storyline to be suspenseful. I felt both bad for Hope when she returned to Canyon Creek, and also like she deserved some of the animosity after she chose (poorly) to lie when she left. I felt proud of her for sticking it out though and proud of the town for eventually coming around to her. Romance: clean

  • Amazeballs Book Addicts
    2019-02-18 22:05

    This is the second book I have read by Kate James and just like the first I read, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. This one is a very light hearted, easy read with characters that are very real and also very likable. I loved how the author did the timetable of this book from past to present instead of jumping back and forth. We got to see how Hope was as a 17 year old having to face such struggles and then throughout her life over 12 years what she has become and then she has to go back to Canyon Creek and face all those she had no choice but leave behind including her the one man who she thought she would spend her life with. I really like how the story flowed and thought it was written great. If you are looking for a sweet, easy and light hearted read then this is the book for you!! A copy was given in exchange for an honest review. I give this one a solid 4 AMAZEBALLS stars!!! Review by Tabitha

  • Anita
    2019-02-05 21:28

    The Truth About HopeThe Truth About Hope is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I was reading it on a plane and biting the inside of my cheek so that I wouldn’t look silly crying. (Luckily the guy next to me fell asleep) I liked Hope. I thought she’d been dealt a few hard cards and chosen a few others. I especially liked that she grew into a strong intelligent woman. I loved her advocacy for animals in this story. I liked that she was kind in the face of unkindness. Luke was a fitting hero as well. I feet like the interactions and relationships between Luke and Hope were more realistic due to a longtime friendship. For me, this story was about 50 pages too long. Miscommunication is a useful plot tool in appropriate doses, but there is a tricky line between useful and just too much. I felt this book was the latter. Having said that, it is an enjoyable story with a good message about judging and forgiveness.Rating: 4 StarsContent: Clean, kissesSource: Netgalley

  • Kate Vale
    2019-02-24 15:05

    What is it about teen angst that persists in getting in the way of adults? In Hope's case, how she left Canyon Creek after the death of her mother informs how the town feels about her AND her too-rich father. In Luke's case, his assumption that Hope knows what happened to his father and why he can't stop blaming her father and by filial connection, her.But she's come back required by her father's will to give back to the town in the form of a school and community center. But she has to do it all within a specific time frame or what she inherits from her father's estate won't be available to her. She needs that money to save her struggling animal shelter. Will the town get out of her way and let her get it done? Or will they help her, especially after the almost-completed buildings are threatened along with the town by fire?Heartwarming as the town, its members and, more importantly, Hope and Luke get past old hurts to new joys.

  • Julie
    2019-02-08 20:28

    I was honoured and delighted to receive an advance review copy of The Truth About Hope and if I could give this book more than 5 stars I would! As cliché as it may sound, Kate James never fails to impress! As with other books by Kate, the characters were developed extremely well which made it easy for me to immerse myself in the book. The story is told from the perspective of Hope and is heart-wrenching and emotionally fulfilling as she takes you on a journey of self revelation and love. In my humble opinion, this book should be made into a movie - that's how much I enjoyed it!

  • Gail Hollingsworth
    2019-02-07 21:59

    This story spans a total of 14 years. From Hope and Luke's teenage years to their late 20s and lots of history in between. These characters lied and hid truth from each other causing lots of pain and strife over all these years. I kept wanting to just shake them and say alright already, just come clean to each other! There were other supporting characters that added to the joy and yes stress of what was happening. But all that being said, it was a sweet, clean story of love, friendship and community caring.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-02-04 21:02

    I absolutely loved The Truth About Hope!! I fell fast and hard!! I had to devour this one in one sitting. I absolutely adored Hope and couldn't get enough of Luke. I will absolutely be buying and reading more of Kate James's books! Such a fantastic, sweet read that flowed so nicely. A book that deserves to be devoured!

  • Joan Ingram
    2019-02-06 21:04

    I was very fortunate to receive an advance copy of The Truth About Hope. I am from Texas and Kate did an amazing job of making me feel as if the locations were 'just down the road a bit'. The characters were so engaging it was hard to pull myself away. Well done!!

  • Sheila Robinson
    2019-02-03 17:59

    It was a very riveting story and I found that once I started reading it, I could not put it down. Growing up in a small town, I could relate to the characters' inaccurate perceptions and Hope's struggle to redeem herself. Another great read from Kate James.

  • Fiorina
    2019-01-28 20:08

    I had the pleasure of receiving an advance review copy of Kate's latest work. As always, it was a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to all.