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From the author of So B. It, a super charming middle-grade Napoleon Dynamite with heart - the tale of a very average boy who's put in his school's spotlight when his averageness appeals to a TV show.Oggie Cooder has a talent -- he can charve better than anyone else in Truman Elementary School. (Charving, for the uninitiated, is the carving of a piece of cheese with one's tFrom the author of So B. It, a super charming middle-grade Napoleon Dynamite with heart - the tale of a very average boy who's put in his school's spotlight when his averageness appeals to a TV show.Oggie Cooder has a talent -- he can charve better than anyone else in Truman Elementary School. (Charving, for the uninitiated, is the carving of a piece of cheese with one's teeth.) Oggie doesn't think this is anything special -- but his whole school will soon be disagreeing with him. Because after he inadvertantly charves during a nationwide hunt for unusual talents, his charving puts him on the path to fame and forture. Suddenly, he's the star of the school . . . but he's not sure that he wants to shine that way. This is Sarah Weeks at her best -- funny, clever, and kid-friendly....

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Oggie Cooder Reviews

  • Scope
    2019-02-21 14:53

    I have not always been a huge fan of the word “silly”. I guess it makes me feel kind of silly to say it. Until I started working in elementary schools a few years back, I tried not to use the term. But after working with kids for a while, I now understand silly. I use the word in conversation. I know that sometimes, it’s the best way to describe something that is goofy or just plain ridiculous. I also know that silly is not necessarily a bad thing. Lots of kids respond to it. Ever check to see how many circulations the latest Junie B. Jones is getting? Tons. See what I mean? “Oggie Cooder” successfully brings the silly, but it is not fluff. An imaginative story about friendships and the urge to be popular. Oh, and also charving American cheese slices into the shape of states.Oggie Cooder is an unusual fourth grader. Actually, Oggie is unusual period. Odd clothes, peculiar lingo, unique hobby. All this and the peer disapproval that goes along with it. Donnica Perfecto leads the troops in this category, using every opportunity to show her dislike of our hero. To Oggie’s credit, he couldn’t care less. When he does get stressed, it’s an easy fix: charving. A combination of chewing and carving, Oggie’s specialty is crafting American cheese slices into the shapes of the 50 states. His skill with a Kraft single starts drawing some attention from Donnica when the hit tv show “Hidden Talents” comes to town. Miss Perfecto’s sudden interest in Oggie and charving turn out to be her most deceptive tricks yet.“Oggie Cooder” is a quirky and entertaining story with humor and a dash of real-world interactions. Silly? Yes. But kids will tell you: silly is good.

  • Mallory Lyon
    2019-02-05 16:05

    This book is pretty dumb in my opinion. I would recommend it to a second grader.... maybe. It is basically about a kid who charves- carves and chews- cheese. One day a TV show comes looking for people with weird talents. Oggie tries out and well you'll have to read it to find out what happens next.

  • Amy
    2019-01-26 18:45

    A great recommendation for 4th grade readers. My little bookclub really loved it. Celebrate reading it by "charving" some cheese!

  • Caroline Chappel
    2019-02-02 21:43

    Oggie Cooder by Sarah Weeks is about a little boy named Oggie in fourth grade. Oggie has a talent. A strange talent, that no one else can do. Oggie like to charve. Charving is when you carve cheese into shapes with your teeth. Oggie likes to shape cheese in to states like Florida and Texas. Jessica Perfecto, Oggies next door neighbor needs something big to get her to Hollywood. Will Oggie Cooder, Jessica's weird next door neighbor, be the answer?Personally I read this book a four out of five stars. I love this book but some parts of the book I got a little bit bored. Overall this book was good and I really enjoyed all of the fun. I think this is a good book for young readers that like to read about books they can relate to.I recommend this book for grades 4 to 7. I think it was perfect for me but it gets a little bit too young for readers over the age of seventh grade. I think this book could even be read by third graders that have a high like lexile. Overall I really enjoyed this book.

  • Brianna
    2019-02-21 17:07

    Good for a 4th grade small reading group. Can discuss character analysis amongst other reading skills.

  • Lara Samuels
    2019-02-17 17:06

    Oggie Cooder has an unusual talent and a sweet personality. Great book to discuss with kids.

  • Tam Newell
    2019-02-12 22:09

    Read with my fifth graders. They enjoyed reading about quirky Oggie but aren't rushing to read the second book.

  • Rebekah W.
    2019-02-14 18:47

    Meh. This book isn't bad, but it seems a little contrived.The book discussion kids will probably like it.

  • Jane Andelman
    2019-01-30 20:09

    Sarah Weeks can do no wrong in the eyes of my 9 year old.

  • Margaret Boling
    2019-02-22 16:47

    11/21/2010 ** I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Weeks at a book signing on Monday, 11/15 at my FAVORITE independent children's bookstore - Kids Ink in Indianapolis. I was at a bit of a loss because I wasn't familiar with Weeks' work. However, I was really impressed at the ways in which she interacted with kids at the signing. She asked what they were reading and seemed truly interested in their responses. She also kept asking questions, eliciting more info from kids at a variety of ages.When I told her that I taught 4th grade and asked what she recommended for my students, she suggested Oggie Cooder, and 'odd' kiddo with the unique talent of charving (carving and chewing) American cheese into the shapes of the U.S. states.I read this book over the weekend with an eye to using it as a read-aloud in the next few weeks before Winter Break. I think it will be a hit. Already, kids are asking me if they can read it, just from seeing it sitting on the chalk tray.I appreciated the way that Oggie grew over the course of the story, establishing himself as an individual who could make friends with others in his class while maintaining his own sense of style and personality.12/1/2010 ** I started reading this to my fourth graders today. They seem to enjoy the humor that Weeks incorporates in the story - it's just gross enough. :)12/17/2010 ** Ugh! I didn't get to finish reading this before winter break. Well, it will be there for us when we return in January.

  • Jacobie D
    2019-02-24 15:08

    Oggie is a teenage boy who likes to carve cheese. He is not the best looking one either, but with his hidden talent a girl wants to learn his secret.While he is teaching her his talent he doesn't know why though. She tried to lie about being a substitute performer for her best friend's sister. it turns out that day Oggie found out her friend didn't have a sister. the whole time she was auditioning for a television show. She didn't have any talent so she asked Oggie for his. When Oggie found out he told her mom and they both were furious. they marched down to the auditions and her audition went horrible so Oggie came in to the audition and carved the cheese. The judges were amazed and sent him to Hollywood. Will Oggie become a star?From this book i learned that you should never judge something by the way they look. Even though Oggie was ugly he was more famous then the pageant girl. All though oggie is wierd,he has more talent then some. I recommend this book to kids that like a kind of action packed adventure with the amazing path of Oggie becoming a star of a television show. He works at his family's shop and sells warn out clothes. He has a special technique that was stolen from him.

  • Abby Johnson
    2019-01-29 15:05

    *** Oggie Cooder's teachers describe him as "unusual" and "one-of-a-kind'. Oggie considers this a compliment. The other kids at his school consider Oggie to be just plain weird. He's always wearing a strange mix of clothes from his parents' secondhand shop. His dog's name is Turk (short for Turkey-on-Rye, Oggie's favorite sandwich). And perhaps strangest of all is Oggie's hidden talent, charving. (That's chewing + carving.) Oggie is an expert at charving cheese into the shapes of the states of America.His hidden talent might have gone unnoticed if not for Oggie's snobby neighbor Donnica Perfecto. She's determined to be a star and when she sees an ad for auditions for the major TV show Hidden Talents, Donnica jumps at the chance to show everybody up. She knows who's got the most hidden talent of all (Oggie) and she'll stop at nothing until he helps her win a spot on the show. But things don't turn out quite as Donnica plans...A funny chapter book for younger middle-grade readers, Oggie Cooder has its fair share of silliness, but a solid story underneath. It looks like we may see more of Oggie and I think that would be a wonderful thing.

  • Allison Parker
    2019-02-20 18:59

    Do you like to charve? It’s a combination of chewing and carving, and it works best with those single-wrapped slices of American cheese. Oggie Cooder is a charving expert. He’s definitely not your ordinary fourth grader: he wears mismatched clothing, he prefers to say “yeppers” instead of “yes,” and he enjoys more than anything creating shapes of various states - like Texas - out of American cheese slices. When wannabe-superstar and classmate Donnica Perfecto finds out about Oggie’s talent, she thinks it’s just the thing for her to become famous. Oggie is surprised when Donnica suddenly wants to hang out with him and learn about charving! Will Donnica get away with stealing Oggie’s hidden talent? Read this fun book to find out; who knows? You might be inspired to start charving, too!My main complaint of this book is that the author tries a little too hard to be cute, like naming the popular girl in Oggie's class "Dannica Perfecto." But Oggie's kind of an inspiring character in that he is so unaffected by the popularity contest that's present in every fourth grade class.

  • Precious
    2019-02-06 20:45

    Not a bad book. An easy read for my 4th graders.

  • Teresa Scherping Moulton
    2019-02-15 16:04

    Oggie Cooder is one weird kid. He wears secondhand clothing from his parents' store, exclaims prrr-ip! when he's happy, and his favorite hobby is charving. Charving, a combination of chewing and carving, is when Oggie takes tiny bites of a piece of American cheese until he's carved, for example, the state of Texas. This unusual hobby has never gotten Oggie anywhere, until one day his classmate Donnica Perfecto hatches a scheme to use Oggie's unusual talents to make her famous. The plan backfires, however, when Oggie accidentally becomes famous instead. Will fame change Oggie? Or will he continue to be the same old weird kid?This was a pretty good story with some gentle humor and a nice message. I like that Oggie is comfortable with who he is and isn't concerned with changing to please anyone else. I did not get the whole prrr-ip thing, though.I would recommend this book to third through fifth graders who like a funny and fairly realistic story. Readalikes might include Dorko the Magnificent or The Dunderheads.

  • NCPL Teenzone
    2019-02-04 22:01

    Fourth grader Oggie Cooder is someone you might call “one-of-a-kind”, “unique”, or “unusual” and he likes those descriptions. His parents own a second hand clothing store, which explains his eccentric wardrobe. Oggie also crochets his own shoelaces. But the most interesting thing about Oggie is his talent—CHARVING. What is charving, you ask? It’s what Oggie does to a piece of processed American cheese –he CHEWS and CARVES the cheese into shapes, namely the shapes of the States.Oggie is disappointed when he learns that his entry into the Bakestuff Company’s name-the-new-bagel contest is rejected. His submission “Raisin’ the Roof” is SO much better than the winning name “Sunshine”. Which would you rather eat?So while bagels aren’t the food that will make Oggie famous, his weird charving ability is about to propel him from weirdo to Mr. Popular. Can Oggie Cooder handle being the Big Cheese?

  • Misoh Kang
    2019-02-21 19:52

    I really recommend this book because I read this book with my book partner in 5th grade and we really enjoyed this book than other books. While I was reading this, I laughed so much and I kept reading this book even we had rule to "don't read more than page that you promised with your reading team". This was the first book I've finished reading because I always stop and read another book. Also I hated reading and this book made me felt reading book is funny and because of this book, I start finishing one book at 2 weeks and before I always read for 3 month or something.(But I got pattern of before again...) Still, I love this book and if you like book that is creative, read this book!!I read this book and I enjoyed this book a lot because it was easy to read and it didn’t stressed me because I had fun when I read this book. I still remember the story and the story is really funny and kind of distinctive. The main character was also cute and funny.

  • Jackie
    2019-02-23 20:47

    What's better...being a fleeting celebrity or being true to yourself. That's the question for Oggie Cooder. Hidden Talents, a very popular TV show finds Oggie's hidden talent, charving. Charving is a cross between chewing and carving American cheese to form the United States...Oggie can charve all 50 of them! Hidden Talents wants Oggie to be a star! Since Oggie's is a little quirky, marches to a different drummer, but has tons of self-esteem, he has been able to ignore the kids' name calling and snobbery all through his years at school. When they find out that Oggie is destined for Hollywood, however, their tune changes and everyone wants to be Oggie's best friend...but Hollywood wants to change Oggie, too and not for the better. They change his clothes, his dog, his method of charving and even his hair color. When Oggie gets annoyed enough to call it quits, he turns his back on all the fame and fortune and finds out who his true friends really are.

  • Vanesa Salazar
    2019-02-15 21:09

    Oggie Cooder is quite the inspiration to weird talents and just weird kids in general! It was refreshing and funny to just read about a quirky kid that had struggles being a strange kid, but that in the end, after embracing that and showcasing that, he could become something great. Although that could be inspirational for children that can feel like they can dream about becoming someone famous, Oggie Cooder shows the reader that it might not necessarily be the greatest experience. This is a fun book that could be enjoyable for a young audience that might have some trouble fitting in, encouraging them to be true to themselves, even though they might be a little strange sometimes. It addresses issues that could be present in the life of any Upper Elementary School kid. However, it is a cheesy book, but pretty funny and strange, just like Oggie Cooder.

  • Duane
    2019-02-07 19:08

    Oggie Cooder is a unique little young man who enjoys "charving" which is a form of carving that uses slices of cheese. The great thing about Oggie is he's his own person. He dresses likes he wants, he is true to himself even when others around him are against him and he expects the best from people around him. The problem is, being niave like that means he can be "used" by people around him. When important people notice that his "charving" is cool, they start to try to get him to "improve". The great thing about this book is that it's reader friendly for any age. If the reader is just getting into chapter books, they'll enjoy the easy understandable writings. The illustrations are very well done. Overall, this is a great book for beginner readers that every library should have in their collection.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-09 22:55

    We all have special gifts to bring to the table, right? Right...well Oggie's gift is a little more special than most of us. Fourth grader Oggie Cooder has the special ability to charve (yes, charve: to chew storing excess in your cheek-or to chew/carve) every state in the United States using American processed cheese. I've already said that the main character's name is Oggie and that American processed cheese plays a huge role in the this point, you should all be running to read it if you haven't already seen it. Oggie is quirky, fun, and, well, you can't help but like him as he, in his own way, interacts with the rest of the world.The best part of this book is that it's written on a basic level so is a slick sell to a reluctant or struggling reader who's sick of the usual and wants something a little different.

  • Chris
    2019-01-26 16:58

    Summary:Oggie is the weird kid in school. He wears odd clothes from his parent’s thrift store, and talks in funny phrases like “yuppers” and says “Prrrr-ip” when he gets excited. He also has a hidden talent – charving, he can carve things out of cheese with his teeth. When the show, Hidden Talent, comes to town looking for kids to audition, Donnica Perfecto, a Hollywood wanna be, tries to steal Oggie’s talent, but Oggie ends up victorious. Suddenly Oggie is Mr. Popular, but he’s not sure that he likes being the big cheese.My Comments:Cute book, similar to Wimpy Kid books. Oggie lives in Wawatosa, Wi so naturally he is a cheesehead. Cute illustrations. Good boys book for 3 – 4th grade.

  • Kim
    2019-01-24 19:58

    I think my 4th graders would like this and I enjoyed reading about the quirky Oggie Cooder. I loved the charving, his love for Turk and his realistic family. I did find some problems with the other characters, particularly Donnica Perfecto. I didn't think it was realistic that she picked on Oggie for no reason. Usually a mean kid in a story or in real life has some other trouble has underlying (and possibly subconscious) motivation for bullying behavior. I also thought Donnica's mom was unrealistic in her complete infatuation with her daughter.I'll be interested to see what my students think of this book.

  • Amy-Jo Conant
    2019-01-25 18:00

    Level QListened to audio book.Cute, quick book that has a loveable quirky character. There seemed to be just enough to hold my interest as a listener. The story was very simple so good for struggling readers. Strong readers might get bored quickly. The main character is a good role model. Main themes center around understanding and being true to yourself. Oggie tells about his simple family life. He compares it to another family who is always looking for the latest and greatest while his family is fine with hand-me-downs. When the daughter fro this well to do family takes and interest in Oggie we know there must be a catch.

  • Hilary
    2019-02-05 16:49

    Oggie Cooder is class outcast with is funny looking clothes, and odd habits until the popular TV show, Hidden Talents, discovers his cheese charving talent and attempts to make him into the next superstar. Cartoonish in quality, where the good guys are good and the bad guys are bad. 1 part Frindle, 2 parts Fudge, Oggie Cooder is a worthy read that will keep you giggling and rooting for Oggie till the very end. I can't help but adore this book, and it may in large part have to do with the readers theater I attended at PLA in Minneapolis last year. Sarah Weeks, Pam Munoz Ryan, Brian Selznik, and Avi did a hilarious rendition of this title.

  • Jozef D
    2019-01-25 21:45

    I think this book is a good drama book. Lots of Donnica drama to be exact. has two sidekicks and bosses them around. Then when Hidden Talents comes to her school she lies anhd tries to win but.... Read to find out what happens.What I like about this book is that a weird kid Oggie has a talent. Then Hidden talents comes and he charves. but then someone tries to charve agianst him and win. guess who?.....This book is for people that have a hidden talent. You have a talent that no one else has do not give it away to someone, because it is yours and it can come in handy later.That is what Oggie Cooder did to become famous.

  • Polly
    2019-02-24 16:47

    My child is at the age where I knew he would really enjoy this book. Ever since I heard Sarah Weeks speak about her journey as a mother of boys to write books for boys, I've been impressed with her work. And since cheese is one of my most favorite things in the whole world, I couldn't wait to read this book about a cheese charving champion. Plus I love people who invent new words, new competitions, and new dreams. I love Sarah Weeks. This is the reading level many authors forget about. This is when we writers finally get to be silly and grab onto what it really means to be wholly a child. I can't wait to finish this book and read the sequel.

  • Lisa Nagel
    2019-02-05 15:44

    Grades 3 and upAn absolutely wonderful, funny, and quirky book as unique as Oggie Cooder is himself. Oggie carves American cheese with his teeth in the shape of all the 50 states. He also has a unique style of dress, and is completely comfortable in his own skin. The story of his rise to fame for his unique talent, is a fun read. I especially recommend it as a read-a-loud for students doing state projects. It also has a message of being true to yourself and accepting others that makes it a good pick as well.

  • Sheryl
    2019-01-28 19:11

    Oggie Cooder has a talent -- he can charve better than anyone else in Truman Elementary School. (Charving, for the uninitiated, is the carving of a piece of cheese with one's teeth.) Oggie doesn't think this is anything special -- but his whole school will soon be disagreeing with him. Because after he inadvertantly charves during a nationwide hunt for unusual talents, his charving puts him on the path to fame and forture. Suddenly, he's the star of the school . . . but he's not sure that he wants to shine that way.

  • Joenna
    2019-02-07 22:44

    Oggie Cooder is different than most kids. He doesn't have a tv, wears thrift clothes, and loves to charve. Charving is the combination of chewing and carving american cheese slices. Donnica, the mean girl at school and Oggie's neighbor, needs a talent for the chance to be on tv and tricks Oggie into teaching her how to charve. But Donnica can't charve as well as Oggie. The judges catch Oggie charving and he is the winner of the audition. This book is labeled #1, so I assume this will be a new series. Very cute and Oggie is an adorable character.