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It’s the book FALLEN fans have been waiting for: Cam’s story, the brooding, bad-boy dark angel readers love.High school can be hell.Cam knows what it’s like to be haunted. He’s spent more time in Hell than any angel ever should. And his freshest Hell is high school, where Lilith, the girl he can’t stop loving, is serving out a punishment for his crimes.Cam made a bet withIt’s the book FALLEN fans have been waiting for: Cam’s story, the brooding, bad-boy dark angel readers love.High school can be hell.Cam knows what it’s like to be haunted. He’s spent more time in Hell than any angel ever should. And his freshest Hell is high school, where Lilith, the girl he can’t stop loving, is serving out a punishment for his crimes.Cam made a bet with Lucifer: he has fifteen days to convince the only girl who really matters to him to love him again. If he succeeds, Lilith will be allowed back into the world, and they can live their lives together. But if he fails…there’s a special place in Hell just for him.Tick-tock.Spread your wings and cry as bad boy dark angel Cam finally reveals his anguished heart in the epic new FALLEN novel, UNFORGIVEN....

Title : Unforgiven
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ISBN : 9780385742634
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 400 Pages
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Unforgiven Reviews

  • Natalie Monroe
    2019-01-25 17:38

    Cover Reveal: What is Cam even doing on the cover? He looks like he's scratching his junk.Hey, Lauren Kate?It's time to let go.

  • Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥)
    2019-01-25 20:39

    Cam's story!!!!!

  • Srutokirti
    2019-02-12 22:35

    Cam. Cam. Cam. Stupid Cam. Because of you, I'll have to read Rapture. You stupid arsehole. Why did I like you? Why? Why did you just have to be in Luce and Daniel's gag-worthy romance that your very own book makes me cringe? I loved you. And that love is the only reason I'll read this. Hear that Lucifer?!Fucking hear that.

  • Margarita
    2019-02-19 20:39

    Fallen wasn't the best series I've ever read. It dragged on until book 4. And it was too sugary for me at moments. And I didn't like Teardrop at all. But Lauren is definitely a talented writer. Lots of people are saying she's writing this one for the money. I hate it when people say writers are doing it all for the money, for many reasons. First of all, of course they are doing it for the money. That's what being a professional writer is. You sell stories for a living. Rick Riordan has written two series of five books on the same world building and he's going for the third but no one complains about that.Secondly, I'm glad Lauren is writing a book on Cam. His story felt unfinished. Plus, we'll probably see a lot of Arianne. I love that girl. I know everyone says this a lot but, if you hate the book so much why waste time making a post about it? I personally wouldn't bother. Also, I'd rather you don't send me hate comments. In fact, if you hate my review just scroll away.

  • Aleks
    2019-01-29 16:48

    OHMYGOSH!!!! There's going to be a book about Cam!! Am I the only one who loved Cam better than Daniel? It doesn't matter anymore because now there is going to be a whole book (over 400 pages!!) about this amazing character. Now I just need to wait until November. That's not too bad, right? Oh, who am I kidding- I want it now !

  • Mizuki
    2019-02-14 16:30

    What the actual fuck? Milking the cashcow after a series (a bad one at that) is already finished and done with? (and for God's sake, I was so glad it was over when I finished book 4)and who cares about a romance between Cam and Lilith? Lilith who? She shows up briefly in book 2 or book 3 and why would Ms. Kate believe we care about her?(Link: it's quite awful to name an uninteresting little girl after the Lilith, goddess from a handful of ancient myths/supposedly Adam's first wife who was unafraid to disobey God/the woman who according to some myths, left Adam after he refused to let her top him during sexual intercourse/supposedly mother of demons.

  • aaron rourke
    2019-02-02 22:58

    "It's the book FALLEN fans have been waiting for"-_- We really haven't.

  • Eda** # Dax Lahn's Golden Tigress#
    2019-01-29 16:42

    I will read the SH*T outta this book.I always had this warm and fuzzy feeling towards Cam since my “reading-YA-like-a-lunatic” days, which were also my “obsessed-with-fallen-angels-and-sh*t” days, and I can't even start to explain how super duper happy I am that my dark angel is FINALLY getting his own HEA!

  • Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora)
    2019-02-12 15:00

    "For you, I would risk everything, even the eternal flames of Hell"."Por ti me arriesgaría a todo, incluso a las eternas llamas del Infierno".¿Saben hace cuánto no leía un libro de Oscuros? ¡Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiglos! ¡Tampoco recordaba lo mucho que adoré esta saga en su momento! ¡Y Cam, por todos los dioses y ángeles caídos! Ya notan que amé el libro, ¿verdad? Nota importante: para leer Unforgiven y esta reseña obviamente tienen que haber leído todos los anteriores de la saga. Aquí nos encontramos con un Cam que, tras haber ayudado a Luce y Daniel en su épica historia de amor, se siente un poco perdido en su vida inmortal. Así, empieza a recordar a Lilith, quien fue el amor de su vida hace milenios y a quien creyó haber perdido para siempre. Sin embargo, el diablo guarda muchos secretos y Cam se entera de que, contrario a lo que creía, Lilith no murió y se fue al Cielo, sino que terminó en el Infierno pagando torturas eternas. Cam, desesperado por salvar al amor de su vida, hace un trato con Lucifer: debe entrar a uno de los infiernos personales de Lilith y hacer que ella se enamore de él en dos semanas. Si lo logra, los dos serán libres para siempre de las garras del demonio. Para un conquistador nato como Cam parece fácil, pero el problema es que Lilith sufrió muchísimo por su culpa en su vida humana, así que en este infierno, así no recuerde esa vida mortal, en el fondo sabe que odia a Cam sin entender exactamente por qué. Unforgiven fue un libro que me recordó lo mucho que quería a Cam mientras leía Oscuros. Era el chico malo pero que sabes que ha pasado por muchísimo en los milenios que lleva viviendo. Era el ángel caído que había perdido al gran amor de su vida porque el cosmos decidía cada cierto tiempo que debía verse enredado en el lío de Dan y Luce hasta que se rompiera el ciclo. Era aquel al que el diablo había tentado en múltiples ocasiones y quien había resistido en cada una de ellas. Cam era ese hombre que destruiría el mismísimo infierno por salvar a la mujer que ha amado durante milenios. Si bien esta historia toma tintes de drama de high school, el ver lo difícil que es para Cam ganarse de nuevo a una Lilith que ha sufrido milenios en un infierno es tremendo. Ya no es la chica dulce que cantaba y jugaba con él a las orillas del Río Jordán cuando estaban a punto de casarse, no. Ahora Lilith se ha convertido en una chica dura, que no confía en nadie y sólo vive para protegerse a sí misma del daño que le pueden causar los demás. Lauren Kate logra con sus capítulos y la cuenta atrás transportarte a Crossroads y querer que todo salga bien para Cam. Es imposible no involucrarte en la historia y querer que Lucifer deje de interferir, porque vaya maldito tramposo que es. A medida que avanza la historia y el tiempo se va acabando, empiezas a leer más rápido porque todo va saliendo mal y necesitas llegar al punto en el que todo se vea mejor, en el que haya esperanza y en el que Cam no vaya a perder a la chica que ama por culpa de las jugarretas del diablo. Ahora, si hubo algo que me sorprendió muchísimo de Unforgiven es la profundidad y complejidad de los backstories de los personajes. Sobre todo de Lilith. Gracias a Oscuros sabemos qué fue exactamente lo que Cam hizo para que Lilith lo odiara, pero en esta nueva entrega Lauren Kate nos revela un trato oscuro, arriesgado y teñido de amor que Lilith hizo con el diablo... ¡Y cuando se llega a esa revelación el libro toma un nuevo tono! Definitivamente la de Cam y Lilith es una historia de amor, pruebas y redención que trasciende el tiempo.

  • Kiki
    2019-02-23 20:57

    Okay, so, the thing is that I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book - it's not like I was waiting on tenterhooks for it (in fact, I don't think anybody asked for it, just like nobody asked for an Entourage movie or a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman) but this series is so nostalgic to me. I first read Fallen in early 2010, when I was 15. HA! Now you're all doing the math. I'm now in my early 20s and while the series is long since behind me, it holds a weird place in my heart: I was never one of those people who shrieked like a harpy over Twilight, so it was this series that was actually my gateway into YA. And my gateway into Goodreads. And to be honest, it was important to me at that weird mid-adolescent phase, when I was going through an extremely hard time personally. I bought it at the airport when I was embarking on a journey that would eventually end up being a huge mistake, and would cost me dearly in adulthood. It was a journey that Fallen accompanied me on, and I don't know, guys. As an adult, the covers have been ripped off it: Luce has the personality of a single kidney bean and Daniel should be, I don't know, in a cell somewhere, learning mindfulness and the virtues of self-awareness. They're a pair of intolerable morons, but when I was 15 and struggling to get out of bed in the morning, feeling like I wanted to run away from my home, they spoke to me. What say that about the power of YA?It was for the sake of this nostalgia that I picked up Unforgiven. And I think it was also for the sake of that same nostalgia that I really enjoyed it. I mean, sure, I could have done without the intermittent comments about how pure and selfless and true Daniel and Luce's love is, but I always liked Cam. I really did. He had some semblance of a personality. I sort of identified with him, and I identified with Arriane too, which is why I'm seriously glad she makes a cameo. Lilith was also a really decent character, but I have my reservations, because when the timeline jumps back to Canaan, where Cam and Lilith met, that's when we know it's a Lauren Kate book. I feel like Lauren Kate's hallmark always has been and always will be the swill of instalove. We saw it with Luce and Daniel, two angels in heaven who fell in love after exchanging no more than five contentless words, and that love was apparently then strong enough to justify 6000 years of Luce's suffering and Daniel irresponsibly killing her (he did kill her. The cameo in this book proves it. He fucking knew what would happen when he kissed her, and he fucking did it anyway, the wank). Similarly, Lilith and Cam have one conversation and suddenly they're in love, and it's enough to make Lilith kill herself when he leaves her. This is smartly sidestepped by Word of God assuring is that it was actually Lucifer who drove Lilith to do it, but still, this absolutely absurd obsession the author has with instant and death-defying love is so...weird.(Also, the reasoning for them breaking up in the first place was dumb as shit.)The best thing about this book was the awesome word building, because it genuinely creeped me out. It was sharp, inventive, and brilliantly surreal, even though Kate has this awful habit of starting a scene without establishing setting, so each character involved in X conversation is just a disembodied voice until eventually it's revealed that they're in the cafeteria or by Rattlesnake Creek. Kiera Cass does this too, and it's so fucking annoying.I loved the side characters too though, and even the whole Mean Girl trope ended up being subverted. The musical element managed to be cool and unique, not cheesy, and I loved Lucifer, as I always did. He made the last two books in the original series for me. But oy vey, the ending! WHAT WAS UP WITH THE ENDING? I hated it, and now I'm thinking about it, and it's still making me huff with disappointment. It was so rushed, and because it was so rushed, the emotional impact was completely lost. There was also a really weird sense of space, and it comes back to this problem Kate has with properly establishing a backdrop for character interactions. I couldn't picture it all in my head because the movements and the physical space and the configuration of the characters didn't make sense. The whole thing didn't make sense, and after 3000 years of hatred and bad blood, Lilith and Cam reconcile in the space of one page. What the bloody hell is this? And at the end there's no clear indication of whether or not they're even free of Lucifer's hells, because they're just left sitting in Limbo. Like, are they mortal now? Do they get to go back to Earth? Is Lilith going to be resurrected? What's going to happen from here? It was such an annoying non-resolution.Basically, this book was what it was: a Lauren Kate novel. Sugary, unhealthy, highly consumable, like chocolate churros. Too much and it makes you feel sick, but it's a very particular flavour. Come back to it in a few years' time and boy, will that nostalgia floor you.

  • Athena ღ
    2019-01-27 19:00

    I love this boy so much, it hurts. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alexa
    2019-02-03 18:59


  • Jeff Briel
    2019-02-11 15:38

    Oh, man! The cover doesn't match!The font, it-it's not right. It doesn'tfeelright. It doesn't feel dark or, gothic it feels like on of those YA books that has a dickhead male lead, or one of those JR Ward novels... It's disappointing. I can't even...*checks calendar* It's 2015! *check's publication date*Yay! It comes out 5 days before my birthday. I sooo can't wait!

  • Hedi [ The Dutch Reader ]
    2019-02-18 17:45

    Full Blogreview: i came across this book, i though it would be fun to pick it up because i liked the Fallen series when i was 15 or so.. But i was so wrong. The writing is bad, the characters are really plain and boring, everything is predicteble and Cam isn't the bad-boy that we loved. You think you get the story of Cam, but actually you get the story of Lilith. As a character she isn't really all that much. She is just annoying, her thoughts don't make sense and sometimes it is like she cant think for herself. It was a pain to get through this book.. I wouldn't recomment it for anyone from my age, but if your 12 to 15 years old you might like it.For more of my thought check my blog!

  • Crystal
    2019-02-17 19:35

    Im sad I finished it but im so happy for Cam and ofc i was crying at the end le sigh...i forgot how much i loved and cried reading Lauren Kate's books..but im glad i read this because i understand Cam now and love him so much and i loved that she included characters from fallen especially Daniel and Luce in their past life which ima tear again just remembering it..anyway loved Arriane and Roland being there too!missed those too

  • Harley
    2019-02-20 16:53

    Update: It has a cover and Cam looks beautiful and I love the color, wah.What. What? What is this? No. I don't want to be lured back into this. I didn't suffer through the last two books to be dragged back in. You're using Cam against me! This is completely unfair cause we all know I'm going to read it just cause it says it's about Cam! Cam was my baby and I was so freaking upset about the lack of him in this forsaken series!

  • Floriel
    2019-02-06 19:58

    |13-03-15|CAAAAAAAAM! e Lucifero.CAAAAAAAAAAAAM! e Lucifero.CAM. LUCIFERO. CAM. LUCIFERO. CAM. LUCIFERO jhsdygjldsghuijasdufkjglkfsdQuando avete detto che arriva novembre?

  • Inés Izal
    2019-02-03 22:51


  • Nikol
    2019-02-22 22:34

    This was a nice, sweet story as a stand alone book but that was all. The Cam in this book was not the Cam we got to know in the Fallen series. I expected a darker, stronger story for Cam with lots of action and not a simple school lovestory. The flashback scenes were nice and I liked the Arriane Roland addition but it wasn't enough to make me really like this book.

  • Roselle
    2019-02-06 19:39

    "Every story has a dark side." Oooooh. Been waiting for this! Cam, oh my, Cam. Finally we're about to get a glimpse of you.

  • Kelvin
    2019-01-29 14:42

    Fallen was the first YA PNR book that I read. Okay, it was actually Torment, book two, which my fellow blogger Lillian lent to me over lunch oh 4 or 5 years ago. Being new to the genre, I couldn't discern bad from good, mostly because I didn't know the tropes of PNR that were all the rage at the time. I loved the whole Luce and Daniel story and in order to not ruin that image in my mind, I didn't reread the series leading up to the release of Unforgiven. Cam was supposed to be evil guy number 2 throughout the Fallen series, but that wasn't why I disliked him in Fallen; I disliked him for trying to steal Luce away from Daniel and though his (and the rest of the demon's) motives are revealed in Rapture, I was forever left with the impression of him that I got from Fallen.Fast forward to today (or a couple months ago). I'm not exactly sure where I saw the news about Lauren Kate releasing a new Fallen novel. I want to say it came across my goodreads dashboard, but I'm actually pretty sure that it was an advertisement on some non book related site (Ik kind of creepy how much the internet can find out about me). I was pretty excited at first b/c I thought it would be like Luce and Daniel's Earthen lives. Then I saw that it was about Cam and Lilith (um who?) and I wasn't sure if I should put in my to-read shelf or not. My love for the Fallen series convinced me to give it a shot in the end.I was pretty lucky actually to stumble upon the audio book when I was scrolling through new releases in OverDrive. This was like right before the holiday season so I had lots of time to listen to audio books. I finished it in one day with earbuds in the whole day so I suppose this is a testament to how captivating Unforgiven is. The book is told in two (three?) perspectives: Lilith, Cam, and past Cam. How this worked out was that Lilith and Came would each get a chapter or two and then we would get a flash back scene to the Cam and Lilith of Israel which come to think of it, was mentioned back in Passion I think. These flash back scenes were a bit awkwardly weaved in as they couldn't really line up with present time events but I liked that events that happened during the flashback could explain things about Lilith that I had just read or was going to read in the next chapters or so. The most annoying part of this book has to be Lucifer. I mean dude, can you back the fuck off? Lucifer does so much to poor Cam and I know this is because only one of them can win in the end and he's Lucifer so of course he plays dirty but still, I just wanted to kick his ass so hard that he would get stuck in an infinite fall and so we never have to deal with him again.Onto some things that I liked. It was nice that there were some noticeable similarities to the original series like each chapter starting with the countdown (also in Torment) and how Lilith was innately connected to her past lives by her love of music. However there were some similarities to Fallen that I really didn't see the point of such as the Cam's choice to keep Lilith in the dark about everything. I get that in falling there is the whole problem with Luce burning up and everything and having to discover things on her own but we didn't get any indication of whether this was necessary for Lilith. This whole book probably could have been finished with five days left if Cam had just told Lilith about their past, tried to explain what he was and why he did everything, and showed her the wings just to convince her of the truth. I mean he left her in the dark basically till the last day and i get that it's supposed to be like a big reveal or something at the end like that but it just seems weird for him not to do so earlier.Lilith was difficult to like at first though even though I could feel sympathetic for her. Though I understand where her despondence about her life comes from, it is annoying to have to sit through at least half a book of Lilith moping about thinking that she was not capable of being successful. I also didn't like how she was couldn't see how helpful some of Cam's actions were. It was nice to see how she grew into a more confident person by the end of the book but it only made my happy in the, *sigh* finally, sense.The ending felt a bit rushed and predictable but nonetheless, it probably contained the best moment (view spoiler)[where Cam's wings go white and we get a whole exciting declaration of love (hide spoiler)]Overall, this book was enjoyable if only that I learned about Cam's background and why he does all the things he does. At times it felt incredibly rushed and at other times it seems like the characters are being unbelievably ignorant or stupid with their decisions. Still, the revealing of Cam was refreshing and does save this book. Next stop, the Fallen movie!

  • ♡Julalicious Book Paradise♡
    2019-02-13 20:56

    Original review on Julalicious Book ParadiseWow… Cam’s story. When Lauren first told us reader that we were getting a book about Cam, I was expecting a book that would be talking about all of his past lives up until now. When we got the summary, then I knew it wasn’t at all what I expected, but I was still pretty hype about reading it.When I finally got the chance to start the book, I had a hard time letting it down and only did because I was working or had plans that I couldn’t cancel.It was really a frustrating book because you just want to kick Lucifer’s ass the whole book. I seriously would have jumped in there and hit him a millions of times because he wasn’t playing fair (not that anyone expects HIM to play fair, but you get my drift).I really enjoyed seeing Cam so determined to do something right for the girl he loves. He never falters even when things are far from being in his favor. He is determined to get Lilith out of there in every possible ways.And Lilith, got on my nerves at first, but then, I started understanding her closed heart more and more and I was praying throughout the whole book that there would be some kind of happy ending for her. Lilith had a hard life and she was bitter about so many aspects of her life and most of them were towards Cam even if she didn’t understand why.I was really happy that we also had a glimpse about their past together and see how she ended up there. It was heartbreaking reading this because you knew Cam had so much love for her, but he seemed so scared about what he was that he preferred back then to flee than to face her.Like I said before, you get easily frustrated reading this book, but when Lucifer isn’t making matter worse, I enjoyed the moment that Cam and Lilith had together and those even include the moments when they were fighting. There is a spark between them and it just needed the right moment to click into place.The ending is somewhat not something that expected, but at the same time, it seems to fit them. It also seemed like even if there is an ending that Lauren could maybe one day decide to add to their stories.For my part, I wouldn’t mind that, but I would love to have a book about Arriane or Roland or anyone else. It would be nice to know what’s going on with everyone.So overall, I really enjoyed the book, but I won’t lie; sometimes, it felt rushed but it was still enjoyable. And Cam was a lot more tamed in this which kind of sucked, because we all love our Cam the way he was in the Fallen series, but still, you have to love him still.

  • Tânia
    2019-02-15 16:31

    Cam's POV? Hell yeah, I'm gonna read it!EDIT: Fallen meets Disney's Camp Rock? Ah, nope. I won't do this to myself. Whoever this guy is, it sure as hell isn't Cam.

  • Nancy The book junkie
    2019-02-02 17:40

    Review coming soon!

  • Renee
    2019-02-14 18:52

    Loved it more than anticipated and poor Lilith. I hope to get more about Ro and Arriann. It felt suggested we might.

  • Crystal
    2019-02-06 17:55

    I always liked Cam, just not for Luce. I LOVED reading his story, and seeing him try to save both himself and Lilith! An AMAZING book! This is a must read for anyone who loved the Fallen books!

  • ball of floof [Nija]
    2019-01-30 22:35

    I shouldn't.She's kidding, right? Does she want to torture me again? After all that pain Torment, PASSION, and Rapture inflicted on me just because I liked the side characters and wanted to know their fates?I really shouldn't.As much as I love Cam ... And I really, truly do ... I already know I'll hate the lovestory and will want to throw this book against a wall once I read it.I really shouldn't read it.My brain shouts at me like "NO BLOODY. DO NOT. YOU HAVE SPENT ENOUGH TIME MOURNING WHAT THE FALLEN SERIES COULD HAVE BEEN AND YOU CELEBRATED WHEN YOU FINISHED RAPTURE JUST BECAUSE IT WAS OVER. THIS IS NOT LOGICAL. I KNOW YOU'RE NOT A LOGICAL PERSON BUT HONESTLY, JUST REMEMBER THE PAIN THAT WERE BOOKS 2-4. THIS'LL END IN DISASTER."I really shouldn't read it but somehow I want to.Send help.

  • Mariya-Teodora
    2019-02-23 22:47

    After I watched Fallen movie, I decided to read the last book in the Fallen series. Honestly I remembered them to be better. Probably because I was just a teenager when I read the first book. Still I loved Cam and wanted him to outsmart Lucifer and find love. I didn't like how the reunion of Lilith and Cam gather in one page and hey... why did they split up in the first place?! I expected more drama. :D Anyway it was still a good story and I enjoyed it.

  • Azbaqiyah
    2019-02-06 15:48

    First thing first, Forgiven is way better than Fallen, because ;-)♡ It is more straight to the point.♡ More romance filled with bittersweet love.♡ Firstly it is because I'm on Team Cam rather than Daniel. LOLForgiven is a stand alone novel that happen right after Rapture. In my opinion this book should be a a new stand alone series of Fallen rather known as the 5th book of Fallen.For the first time I'm impress with Lauren Kate artwork.

  • ☾Poppet
    2019-01-25 20:30

    Woah! Im so glad that we're gonna have this book because the ending of Rapture wasn't good (or at least i didn't like it) specially for Cam.This is not the best serie in the world but im quite excited to see what Lauren Kate is gonna bring us in this story.