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Jonah wishes he could get the girl, but he’s an outcast and she’s the most perfect girl he knows.And their futures seemed destined to fork apart: Jonah’s physical condition is debilitating, and epileptic seizures fill his life with frustration. Whereas Stormi is seemingly carefree, and navigates life by sensing things before they happen. And her most recent premonition isJonah wishes he could get the girl, but he’s an outcast and she’s the most perfect girl he knows.And their futures seemed destined to fork apart: Jonah’s physical condition is debilitating, and epileptic seizures fill his life with frustration. Whereas Stormi is seemingly carefree, and navigates life by sensing things before they happen. And her most recent premonition is urging her to leave town.When Stormi begs Jonah for help, he finds himself swept into a dark mystery his small town has been keeping for years. And the answers Stormi needs about her own past could possibly destroy everything Jonah has ever known—including his growing relationship with Stormi herself....

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Unfolding Reviews

  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    2019-04-24 18:10

    I hate not liking a book, but this one just wasn't for me at all. The blurb sounded so cool though so that is why I requested it. I did like Jonah's character. He has ms and epilepsy and he's in love with is best friend Stormi. A lot of the story I didn't understand and at one point I don't even care to understand. I only kept reading because of Jonah and I still don't understand the ending. I guess it all went over my head. I really am glad for those people that loved the book because there is nothing like the love of a book. This one in particular just didn't fit the bill for me. It didn't even suck me in from the beginning. *I would like to thank the booklookbloggers program for a print copy of this book.*MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List

  • Kristen Burns
    2019-05-21 18:12

    3.5 Stars? 4 Stars? IDK, decisions are hard.Full Review:*I received an ecopy of this book via NetGalley. This has not influenced my review.*This book was strange, but I liked it. A summary of my thoughts would be that the weakness of the book was the plot, but the strength was the characterization and voice of the main character, Jonah. But now for a little more detail…Jonah was so socially awkward sometimes that I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. But mostly I just kind of loved him for how frank, straightforward, and honest he was, or at least tried to be, even if he did stumble over his words sometimes when it came to his feelings for Stormi. And as I said, I thought his characterization and development were great and loved his voice. That was what kept me hooked and reading.Stormi did not make a good first impression on me though. I still can’t say I liked her by the end (her cryptic-ness especially drove me crazy), but I disliked her less when I saw more of her actually being there for Jonah.I loved the inclusion of disability (Jonah had scoliosis and epilepsy) and how it wasn’t the focus of the story but still had an effect on Jonah and his life. In other words, Jonah was first and foremost a person, but one with some added difficulties. It gave me new insight into the struggles, experiences, and strength of those who have these particular disabilities. As much as I am aware and try to not take things for granted, I still do, and it’s books like this that remind me of that and give me more respect for what others go through. I will note, however, that *MILD SPOILER ALERT* (view spoiler)[the epilepsy ended up being some sort of divine curse and was suddenly cured at the end. Having disabilities unrealistically disappear isn’t ideal, but it at least doesn’t change the realism of it and the insight it provided up to that point. (hide spoiler)] *END SPOILER ALERT*There was also this whole air of mysteriousness and a biblical aspect involving curses and the idea that we pay for the sins of our fathers. There was a surreal feel to some of it too, certain things that weren’t entirely realistic. They might have tied into the biblical aspect, but I’m not knowledgeable enough on that to know. So I’m not sure how to classify this book, but between that and Stormi’s visions, I went with paranormal even though there wasn’t a whole lot of paranormalness.The only real problem I had was that I still don’t understand what Stormi being a prophet had to do with anything, or why it had to be her to uncover the town secret, or why they had to go on a trip to find this out, or why Stormi was so scared of Tres, or why Q wanted Tres, or why Stormi and Tres were so cryptic, or why the Hive was part of the story at all… In other words, the plot was weak and it made sense in that I understood what was happening, but it didn’t make sense in that I didn’t see the reason for a lot of things and a lot wasn’t really explained. I guess the book wasn’t so much about the plot though, it was just about a short period of time in Jonah’s life when everything suddenly changed, he went on a kind of adventure, he discovered a lot of truths about himself and the people in his life, and his perspective shifted. It was the story of Jonah coming into his own.So overall, I enjoyed this book and am really glad I read it. I’m so torn about the rating though because I feel like I ought to give it 3.5 stars for the strange plot and the unnecessarily cryptic characters, but, if I based my rating on pure enjoyment, I would give it all 4 stars because I found myself drawn in by Jonah and not wanting to put the book down!Recommended For:Anyone who likes books that focus strongly on characterization and transformation rather than plot. Anyone who wants to read about a main character with epilepsy and scoliosis.Original Review @ Metaphors and Moonlight

  • Lee
    2019-05-17 11:07

    I have to say that this is not what I expected from this story as there is quite a large paranormal component to the book. I did like the character of Jonah and did feel some sympathy for him in regard to what was happening but I found the story to be very slow and I also had a little trouble following some of it. I really do not like to give bad reviews but this one just did not work for me.

  • Hristina
    2019-05-20 15:16

    From now on, I will let you know whenever I feel the need to begin one of these reviews with 'um'. Like this one.This book is giving me a bit of a headache because I really wanted to love it. I liked the writing style, and I liked the characters. Jonah, the main character who tells the story has an interesting voice that was easy to follow. But, I feel like the plot was missing something. While the pace was okay, and the story itself was well thought out, I still didn't connect to it as much as I wanted to. And though the secret is uncovered, so many things are left unexplained.I can't really pinpoint what it is, maybe I read this book at a completely wrong time, or maybe it isn't for me.

  • ☆Stephanie☆
    2019-05-23 17:32

    Title: UnfoldimgAuthor: Jonathan Friesen Publisher: Blink, 2017 (January 31)Genre: YA Paranormal**I received a copy of the ARC free from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review**This review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA’s Tumblr, or my Goodreads pageMy Review:Biggest cover image I could find…I usually like my covers a little bigger, but I guess it will have to do…So I read this a bit back and haven’t reviewed it (bad, Stephanie! No candy for you!), so I decided I really need to put it up before I forget how the book made me feel and all that.First, let me tell you about this book, which I had wished for on Netgalley and I remember telling y’all that my wish came true! So I was excited to read this…excited but confused about the genre. Sounded pretty paranormal but also a bit contemporary, so I guess the best way to explain is that it’s a little bit of both? We read from Jonah’s POV, a teenager with bad scoliosis and seizures. His perspective is great: a little cynical, a little lovesick. Mainly over the child that almost was his sister, but instead became the girl-next-door.When Jonah was a boy, a large tornado came and deposited a baby girl in between two neighbors’ property. Though Jonah’s mother fights for the child, she loses. Apparently the baby was more on the Pickerings’ lawn. That’s just how the small town of Gullary, Oklahoma works.Stormi grows up next door to Jonah, and they are best friends…though Jonah secretly (or not so secretly) loves her. He takes care of the old abandoned Supermax prison that was rebuilt after the tornado destroyed it…and all the prisoners escaped. Except one. But that’s a town secret. And Jonah takes care of the old con.As they grow up, Stormi shows signs of a gift: she always seems to know what’s about to happen. Many of the townsfolk are creeped out by her, though still admit she’s a stunner. Her strange arrival and her weird premonitions…and the times she zones out and stares off into space…but Jonah sees past it all. He loves Stormi anyway.When a seizure takes Jonah out at an inopportune time, the prisoner he is expected to watch escapes. Jonah doesn’t seem too worried; the man is too old to really be a threat, isn’t he? But it is strange how he and Stormi, though they never met, share the same strange premonition that Gullary is doomed. And Stormi wants to “get outta Dodge,” so to speak. So Jonah and Stormi try to put together the pieces of a decades long town conspiracy…all while the town is looking for Stormi…they always knew she would be no good.Can Jonah take care and save the girl he loves when he’s so broken, inside and out? And could a special girl like Stormi really care about a twisted boy with seizures? Is It Classroom-Appropriate?Yes. I think it’s got just enough of a paranormal aspect to appeal to the science fictiony fans but more of a contemporary mystery that appeals to many. The small town vibe can be discussed as an interesting microcosm of a high school…and the medical problems Jonah faces help the reader identify with feelings of hopelessness and low self-worth. I like that the book is an easy read, though many who read this will be beating their head against a wall the whole story, trying to figure out what’s going on. It will definitely keep readers interested. Age Range:Lexile doesn’t score smaller titles, so this is where I try to do the best I can. Luckily, there’s no swearing and nothing torrid or inappropriate. There is a cult-like vibe throughout the story, but that’s not enough for me to feel it’s inappropriate for readers. To be safe more for comprehension of the plot, I would recommend 13 and up. I do also suggest a more seasoned reader picks this up, as the plot tends to weave around a bit and get a little confusing for awhile. Definitely a patient reader needed here!End Result:I did like the book. Would I read it again? No. Would I read a sequel? Yes. It ends kind of on a cliffhanger, but more of an open-ended one that doesn’t need a follow-up. If you remember The Giver, I would compare the ending to that. It can be interpreted as what is implied. And I’m thinking this is a standalone, so when reading, be prepared to have something linger.Though I did enjoy the writing and I liked the concept, it wasn’t a be-all-end-all for me. I would give Unfolding three solid stars: ★★★☆☆.I do not think this is bad…but I just wasn’t over the moon. So it’s not a bad rating. It’s just a medium rating.Whatcha guys reading? Anything good?

  • Jen
    2019-05-24 13:23

    My thanks to NetGalley and Zonderkidz-Books Blink for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.This book was very confusing and convoluted. I read it all the way through and went back to re-read because I felt I was missing something. I understood some of it, but a lot went right over my head. The mystical parts confused me because while the book is published by an imprint of a religious publisher, the mystical parts didn't seem to be connected to the higher power one would expect. The mystical parts kind of overshadowed the horror of what the town did. I think if the mystical parts had been left out, this book could have been much more understandable and powerful. As it is now, the plot is hidden by stuff that makes the reader scratch their head and go "huh?". I liked the main characters and what Jonah was going through with his crush on Stormi. I even liked Stormi's grandfather. If the woo-woo stuff had been left out, this story had good bones. Good characters, good plot, good setting. It the mystical stuff was left out and more development of the leaders of the town, probably four stars. As it stands now, two because I didn't hate it, but I wouldn't really recommend it.

  • Rosemary Standeven
    2019-05-11 17:06

    I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book grabs your attention right from the start with wonderful language and a unique set-up: “The tornadoes traveled over five hundred miles. They teased and jabbed their twisty fingers toward the earth, only to rear back and punch through the green with a fury rarely seen previous, and only once since. And on one such strike, heaven—or hell, depending which side you’re on—opened its fist and gently stole a child before pulling back up into the angry sky”.Although no priests or gods make an appearance, there are religious (especially Old Testament) references aplenty, and one of the book’s main themes is atonement for past sins. When I read the synopsis, I was expecting a straightforward teenage love story with a side-line on the problems of being a disabled teenager. You definitely get those themes (which are brilliantly portrayed), but the love story is far from straightforward. For a start, the girl, Stormi, is anything but normal, with her talent for precognition and her miraculous arrival. And Gullary – which a first glance seems like any dust-bowl Oklahoma hick town – just gets weirder and weirder with its secrets being gradually revealed. So “straightforward” is the least applicable adjective. The male hero, Jonah, is a very sympathetic character, who due to his deformity and epilepsy, has had a really rough time in life – bullied by classmates and treated as somehow deficient by his parents and other adults. His physical difficulties are so realistically depicted, that my own (mildly) twisted back ached in empathy. His only relief (but also frustration) comes from his friendship with the beautiful Stormi, who is unable to acknowledge Jonah’s love for her. There are other wonderful characters, such as Arthur – who is surely on the spectrum – and the mysterious Tres. There are no really evil characters – just many who are unpleasant. Some redeem themselves, and others remain beyond redemption as they remain convinced that the end has justified the means, and that their actions were needful and not sinful. The story is an emotional one, that raises questions about guilt and punishment for sins, about the compulsion of the greater good, and what constitutes friendship and love. Not a quick nor easy read, but one that is definitely worth it.

  • Abbie
    2019-05-07 13:06

    (I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review.)Actual rating - 2.5This wasn't an awful read, but it wasn't one I enjoyed either unfortunately. It took me ages to get into it, and even then it didn't hook me. I felt bored for quite a lot of it, and because of that, it dragged.Overall, Not awful, but not a book for me.

  • Rayleigh
    2019-04-29 16:22

    I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and my opinions are entirely my own.Trying to fit the Gospel into a YA novel, and still have it sell, is very hard to do, and though I applaud Jonathan for trying, I think he may have spent a little too much time on trying to fit the Gospel in than he did to develop the story.It was very well written and I fell in love with both Jonah and Stormi (Arthur too), I was just left with unanswered questions and was very confused at the ending. Stormi’s gifts aren’t really explained until the middle of the book, the antagonists aren’t dealt with in the end, and honestly, I wasn’t really sure what the plot was as I read.Now don’t get me wrong, the way it’s written made it impossible to put down and I enjoyed reading it, I’m just left with many questions, but perhaps this is what the author wanted. Regardless, I’m only going to give it 3 out of 5 stars, though I do recommend it to anyone who wants to give this Christian YA a chance, maybe its plot will be clearer to another reader.This review was originally published on Literature Approved (

  • Tamara
    2019-05-21 14:07

    The first thing that really grabbed my attention with Unfolding was the cover. Those green eyes just reach into your soul and beg you to read this story. The second thing that garnered my attention was the brief blurb on the cover - "What she foresees could tear them apart". Kind of spooky in my opinion and I had a feeling that this book and me would soon develop a great relationship. Well, did Unfolding meet my expectations? Yes and no. The story hooked me right from the beginning, but the pacing was slow to me and at times felt drawn out. I liked most of the characters, especially Jonah, Stormi and Arthur. The reader will instantly develop feelings for Jonah as he suffers from scoliosis and epileptic seizures. He is madly in love with Stormi who literally dropped from the sky early on in her life. She has this knack for knowing when something bad is coming and that scares the residents of the small Oklahoma town. And then we have Arthur. Bless his heart. He is super smart, but too honest for his own good. When Stormi saves a bus load of teenagers from certain death is when secrets start to unravel and the truth is known and with this, the plot thickens and makes Unfolding an interesting and unique read. Unfolding by Jonathan Friesen is one of those books that spans different genres - the reader gets a little bit of mystery, some paranormal aspects with a small amount of religious undertones mixed in. This book is marketed toward the younger crowd and I would have to say that this is the perfect fit for this book. The writing is simplistic in nature and the pacing was just right for younger adult readers. This is a clean read with just enough intrigue that kept my interest throughout even though the plot was slower than I would have liked. Mr. Friesen is a great storyteller and his talent shines in this well-written book. I would definitely recommend this book to young adults who love good, clean fiction.*ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

  • Mrs.
    2019-05-04 17:27

    I loved this book! I read this one free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I have purchased and read almost all of the other books by this author and I could not wait for this one to come out! (I will be purchasing 2 of this publication for my classroom library as well.) Just the right amount of adventure, reality, paranormalcy and a hint of romance...(As a teacher with an early dismissal due to snow, I had an afternoon to burn and this was a great way to spend it.) Jonah, the main character is wonderfully flawed and relatable. His long, unrequited love for his childhood friend, Stormi, creates a desire for the reader to see his wishes come true. Dark secrets of their hometown slowly become revealed as the plot itself unfolds. Without giving too much away, I will say that this book was a real page-turner that I did not want to put down! The book made it's mark on me, as even now, I keep thinking back to points in the book where I should have caught more clues and wonder what the characters might be doing after the conclusion of the novel. This is another good book from one of my favorite authors.

  • Yo Leo Ficción Cristiana
    2019-04-29 19:17

    RESEÑA COMPLETA EN ESPAÑOLDrama and hope.Although it is a very thin book, it is not very easy to read. This novel focuses on the illness of the main character and his struggle, not only with himself, but with the rest of the world.The story has certain supernatural nuances, although there is more relevance of dramatic elements. Contrary to what I believed at the beginning, there is not much romance in this book, which surprised me. On the other hand, I loved the prose of the author, and that was what made me continue reading until the end.In this novel there are the typical conflicts of teenagers, but also, unusual situations that the characters must face. It has been an interesting and somewhat unexpected reading. I hope to have the opportunity to read more books of this author and to know more of his work, because I took a look at them and they seem really intriguing.-I received a book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion, which I did-

  • Stephanie Ward
    2019-05-12 18:26

    3.5 Stars'Unfolding' is a fascinating young adult novel that mixes paranormal and contemporary fiction with a good dose of mystery. I was immediately intrigued after reading the description, although the actual book itself fell a bit short of what I hoped. There are several great aspects that I enjoyed - the characters were all well rounded and had unique personalities, especially Jonah (the main character) and Stormi (Jonah's best friend). Jonah's character was incredibly realistic and I immediately empathized with him. He suffers from seizures and scoliosis, both of which have a huge impact on his life. He's a wonderful main character for the book - down to earth, a loyal friend, kind and funny. He tries not to let his physical ailments define him, and he makes a lot of jokes about himself throughout the story. I personally don't know what it would be like to suffer from these illnesses, but Jonah's character portrays it in a realistic way and I really sympathized with him and all of his obstacles. The author wrote the book from the first person point of view - which is by far my favorite style. Jonah is the narrator of the story, so we get to see everything through his eyes. The first person POV also allows a deep connection with the narrator, and I loved getting to know Jonah over the course of the novel. His relationship with Stormi is definitely complicated and I liked seeing their friendship grow and develop during the story. As for the plot, it was interesting and had great potential, but somehow fell a bit short for me. There were times when I got caught up in everything that was going on - especially with the paranormal elements and the secrets that surrounded the town - but then things would happen that didn't fully make sense or would happen really fast with not enough development or explanation. I think those are the main issues I had with the story line. There was definitely a great story in there, but the majority of it was lost on me - which was a bummer. I really wanted to love this book, but it just didn't fully click on my end. These are solely my opinions and not every reader will have the same problems as I did. Recommended for fans of fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary fiction. Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Pallavi Sareen
    2019-05-14 14:26

    I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.This is my first book by Jonathan Friesen and it has left me with a big question mark. WHY DO I NOT LIKE THIS BOOK? It is weird but not creepy weird, more like a thriller with paranormal elements and some unexplainable stuff weird. The characters were just okay for me. I did not really connect with or care about any of them much. Yes, Stormi's story and Jonah's narrative did have me intrigued but I cannot comment on the pace of the book because even though the plot was well thought out and the details were necessary, the story felt dragged out at times and confusing at others. It is not the sort of book you get hooked into at once. It actually took me a lot of time to truly get into it and even after that I was not that impressed. There was a general curiosity about the secrets and of course since the title IS 'Unfolding', the unveiling of event was interesting. I still felt that there was some spark missing that kept me from really enjoying this book. Maybe it could use a little more emotions. At least there is nothing cliche about this book. If there is something that I favor, it is uniqueness and this book IS quite different from anything I have read before. It was a strange little book and some scenes were just straight out odd. But it is good to find a book with an epileptic protagonist (haven't read that before). I still cannot make up my mind about Stormi, such an unusual character. And the romance between Jonah and Stormi, well it looks on-sided for the most part and even when Stormi's feelings are expressed, I didn't quite trust it. *shrugLike I said, it is a weird book. But I'm not sure it is good weird.

  • Erin
    2019-05-18 14:03

    This is a highly unusual book. It's labelled as a mystery/thriller, but there are quite a few paranormal elements( I don't necessarily mean ghosts) that are woven into the storyline. At its core is the described arrival of a young infant that falls from the sky and the epileptic cursed boy that is unable to deny his connection to her. The story fast forwards to "Stormi" and Jonah in their eighteenth year and the undeniable attraction that they feel for each other. However, the pair are soon on the run when strange occurrences start happening in their small Oklahoma town and certain townspeople want to put an end to Stormi. Fast paced storyline and I was glued from page one. I felt that this had the making of a series because the author really leaves the ending quite unfinished. Unfolding is not due out until Jan 2017, but I am sure that it will quickly become the first buzz book of the year. Thanks to NetGalley and Zonderkidz-Books for an advanced e galley copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Aimee Meester
    2019-05-15 16:12

    (I got this as an ARC from the wonderful Jonathan himself, and I don't think the fact that I think he's a cool dude influenced this honest review in any way.)This is a rich, atmospheric book that touches on some really profound issues. Is it weird? Yes. Is it good? Also yes. There's a dreamlike quality to it that sucks you in, and you're spat back out at the end with questions and feelings and some emotions you probably don't know how to name. I'm glad I read it, and I'm glad it was written. Be looking out for this one, y'all.

  • Jessi
    2019-05-05 12:27

    When secrets start to unfold in the little town of Gullary, Oklahoma the town is on edge. With yet another storm approaching, Stormi and Jonah set out to uncover the truth and make things right again. Great read about realizing your own strengths, standing up for others, and it has a mystery with a flare of some supernatural elements. Full Review -->

  • Sarah Amelia
    2019-05-15 13:04

    Oh my gosh! That was amazing. I love Jonathan Friesen's writing so much! Can't wait to read more from him.

  • C.E. Hart
    2019-05-25 17:22

    One week after the storm, Ma planted a cottonwood out front of our trailer. She later explained it as an act of defiance. Ma was sinking roots, declaring that no tornado could dislodge our family from Green Country, the eastern wedge of Oklahoma infiltrated by the Ozark’s mountainous tentacles. ~First lines of Chapter 1.I have mixed feelings about Unfolding, by Jonathan Friesen. In many ways I loved the story. It’s not my go-to genre, and actually I’ve read very little few YA books, but I’m intrigued by the storyline. And in other ways, I’m left with uncertainties. I won’t recount the storyline (which can be read in the blurb.) Instead, I will share what I enjoyed most, and things that puzzled me.Things I enjoyed:1. I love that the story is told in a first-person narrative. It allows the reader to sink into the main character and see the world through his eyes.2. I love the main character is male. I read a lot of women’s fiction, so it’s new and refreshing to see things through a male perspective. Jonah is a likeable, believable, and sympathetic character. I truly cared about his plight and inner turmoil—particularly concerning his feelings for his friend, Stormi.3. The townsfolk (especially Jonah, Stormi, Tres, and Arthur) are memorable, and the town of Gullery, Oklahoma and its underlying secrets, give the story a unique and shadowy feel.4. I enjoyed the slight paranormal aspect. It isn’t overpowering, but is in it just enough to add some oomph.5. I am so pleased Jonah’s epilepsy is front and center of this story. It gives him a believable hardship that he deals with through inner-strength and acceptance.Things I’m a tad unsettled about:1. I have to be honest, in saying that there are parts of this story I don’t fully understand. There are also a couple of instances I didn’t find authentic. Such as the way the teens treated or talked to their parents. In these (few) instances, I was taken out of the moment.2. The ending is what I’m most unsure of. It is both satisfying and unsettling. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that. Still, I recommend this story for those who normally read YA, because it carries many of the aspects you’ll expect out of this genre.For forty bucks, I’d tell him I wet the bed until twelve years old, and that I spent hours gawking at photos of Stormi. I’d name every drunk in town, and whisper the places they go when the moon is full. For a tip, any tip, I’d spill all of Gullary’s secrets. But I couldn’t tell him what was behind the red door. ~Excerpt from Chapter 1.I struggled on how to rate this book, back-and-forth between 3.5 and 4 stars. Ultimately, the higher rating won out. Unfolding is weird and wonderful, surprising and unsettling. It’s an intriguing tale of mystery, faith, and redemption. An odd read, with truly unforgettable characters.4 starsCover: Love it (Love the back cover as well.)Title: Love itPublisher: BlinkPages: 272ISBN: 978-0310748335First lines (prologue): She dropped from the Oklahoma sky. A gift. Proof of the Almighty’s existence.I received a complimentary copy of this book.

  • Chrissie Morrison
    2019-05-05 17:05

    Jonah has a terrible case of scoliosis. He was supposed to have surgery to have his back straightened when he was a kid, but things never got that far. He should have known better than to even take the trip out for the surgery, since Stormi warned them not to go and her premonitions always seem to come true. It was just too tempting to think about being "normal," though, so he went. And while he sat in a group therapy session for kids like him who were scheduled to have surgeries at that hospital, he experienced his first seizure. He and his father decided to head back home right away, since they didn't want to take any more chances going against Stormi's warning. Ever since, both his back and his epileptic seizures have gotten progressively worse. But he doesn't blame Stormi. He knows that she doesn't make things happen; she just predicts them. Gullary is a small town where everyone seems to know everyone and everything, so most people listen when Stormi gives a warning. When one of those warnings is followed by the death of a classmate, nevertheless, some of the townspeople turn on her. Jonah and Stormi run away, fall in love, and [very slowly] discover the dark secret the people of Gullary have been hiding for many years. Though I enjoyed this unique paranormal mystery, I found that it was just a little slower to unfold than I would have liked.Happy Reading!

  • Cricket Muse
    2019-05-12 17:03

    Readers looking for a story that offers a lop-sided reality, look no further than Jonathan Friesen's newest offering: Unfolding. Set in Oklahoma, it is no surprise that tornadoes play a prominent part of the plot. Stormi, one of the lead characters, arrives as an infant during a tornado some eighteen years ago and her unnatural arrival into Jonah's life sets the tone for a story about the need to cleanse hidden secrets. The story provides moments of both confusion and clarity as Jonah, the novel's narrator, struggles with his attachment for Stormi. Jonah's dilemma is influenced by his self-esteem issues stemming from his continual epileptic seizures compounded by his severe scoliosis. He sees himself as a beast, and Stormi the beauty. Stormi sees him as a lifelong friend and maybe more--yet Jonah has difficulty believing her. While they work out their friendship, there is also the underlying issue of the town's hidden secrets that Jonah and Stormi begin to uncover. Part mystery, part paranormal, and definitely a coming-of-age story, its uneven pacing reflects the narrator's perception. The heart of the story is about who is really in charge and the consequences of trying to cover up grievous errors of judgement.This book provided by Book Look in exchange for a fair review.

  • Henk-Jan van der Klis
    2019-04-30 15:12

    In Unfolding, the plot's two main characters. Jonah, suffering from frequent epileptic seizures and scoliosis, and Stormi, a free, flying girl, that somehow was dropped on Earth in a Tornado Alley Oklahoma village. Stormi senses things before they actually happen. Relax, despite the possibly scary cover, this novel is no thriller, but a love story with twists. Both keep each other locked in conversations. As a reader, I often was wondering what actually happened. Storms, accidents, captured in a kind of religious cult, a narrow escape with a blast, and getting away from the small world.I found the pace too slow, kept on reading until the very last page, curious for the ending, although putting it aside was a near constant option. When checking the questions to trigger reflection or discussion in a reading group, I realized I must have missed certain details or characters from the many first names that were introduced. Don't stop there, a bonus chapter is provided as kind of encore.

  • Anna Mcfarland
    2019-04-27 11:17

    Secrets--Jonah's hometown is full of them, but he's just trying to get through senior year without having an epileptic episode and if he could persuade the girl next-door to let him out of the the friend zone, he'd be ecstatic. As he draws closer to her, he uncovers secrets which lead him to question who he can trust.Hang on for the wild ride filled with romance, prison breaks, and twisters (not just the plot kind)!

  • Pamela
    2019-05-25 13:02

    I kept waiting for a story to begin. Each chapter I was thinking, "Ok, now we are going to get somewhere." Not the case at all. I was left wondering why I even bothered trying to read this. The only character who was even kind of likeable was Jonah. The only redeeming factor is that it was only 160 pages, so my agony wasn't prolonged.

  • Mara Campbell
    2019-05-07 19:26

    What?? The only thing I liked about this book was the author's unique voice. I enjoyed the quirky flow of thoughts from the narrator, and it helped to build the mystery. That being said, I feel like I wasted 4 hours of my life on a story that never started. I was hooked, waiting for an explanation that never came. It got weirder and weirder, and then ended. What??

  • Erin
    2019-05-05 12:25

    Didn't care for it.

  • Meagan Myhren-bennett
    2019-05-10 16:26

    Unfolding By Jonathan FriesenWhat she foreseescould tear them apart...Stormi was a miracle baby delivered to the town of Gullary, Oklahoma, on the winds of a tornado. Though taken in as one of their own Gullary has never truly accepted her as one of their own. And Stormi's gift of insight (intuition) has allowed her to give warnings earning her the tag unnatural.Jonah has counted Stormi as his best friend his whole life and he wishes that she would see him as something more. But how could she when he is a monster - his back twisted his brain a host for seizers - and Stormi is perfect. But Gullary is keeping a secret one that has been in the keeping for nigh on 18 years. And the time to pay the price for their sins is coming... And Stormi alone sees the signs unfolding around her, she alone can prevent the tragedy that may be revisited upon Gullary, but she can't do it alone.Unfolding is a book that grabs the reader's attention and won't let go. There are some totally unexpected twists that one did not anticipate. I have to say Gullary is not a town I'd recommend visiting and the SuperMax Prison hides the biggest secret of all. This book has the same feel as an old Alfred Hitchcock movie very creepy - not a before bed reading choice unless you plan to read through the night.I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher through BookLook in exchange for my honest review ~ all opinions expressed are my own.

  • Hope Edwards
    2019-05-02 17:15

    Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this eARC. I really enjoyed this book. The biggest thing for me though was that the beginning was really hard to understand. When the main character, Jonah, would have flashbacks it was really confusing when they started and when they ended. I almost didn't finish the book because I was so confused. I'm glad I did because it got easier to understand the more into the book I got. Of course the entire book was confusing but in a good way. Things really came together at the end. It's one of those books where you're getting pieces of the puzzle but nothing connects until the end. And what a twist ending!I really liked the characters. Especially the main protagonist, Jonah. Jonah suffers from scoliosis and epilepsy. Throughout the book he has many seizures and he's constancy teased because of them and his curved spine. His mom loves him so much but his dad seems to hate him. He calls himself a monster several times throughout the book. Basically he's a character that breaks your heart.Then there's Stormie. I can't really figure her out. I love her but she's not as well developed as I would've liked. And defiantly not as developed as Jonah.I did however feel like the book moved at a fast pace. It seemed to be one thing after another, a never ending slew of things. I didn't "connect to the book" like I usually do with books. And the ending left off at such a cliffhanger! I would totally read a second book but I don't know what the author would write the second book on... and if he's not writing another book an epilog would've been nice.But I have my fingers crossed for a second book. Even though I had problems with the book I'm still intrigued.

  • April
    2019-05-21 15:20

    3.5 stars This is one strange book.... Review to come soon.....

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-16 19:28

    This is easily one of the wierdest books I've ever read.