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When Cassie Taylor met Ethan Holt at acting school, sparks flew. She was the good girl actress. He was the bad boy about campus. But one fated casting choice for Romeo and Juliet changed it all. Like the characters they were playing, Cassie and Ethan's romance seemed destined. Until he broke her heart and betrayed her trust. Now the A-list heartthrob is back in her life anWhen Cassie Taylor met Ethan Holt at acting school, sparks flew. She was the good girl actress. He was the bad boy about campus. But one fated casting choice for Romeo and Juliet changed it all. Like the characters they were playing, Cassie and Ethan's romance seemed destined. Until he broke her heart and betrayed her trust. Now the A-list heartthrob is back in her life and turning her world around. One touch at a time. Cast as romantic leads once again, they're forced to confront raw memories of the heartbreaking lows and pulse-pounding highs of their secret college affair. But they'll also discover that people who rub each other the wrong way often make the best sparks...

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Bad Romeo Reviews

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2019-05-21 12:09

    ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ::: 5 STARS!!! ::: Casting for Ethan... WOW!! Holy sexual tension!!This book had the ultimate hate-to-love-each-other, dysfunctional-but-can't-stay-away, love-you-forever-no-matter-how-painful type of love story. It just had this intense spark to it that made my heart race! It's a second chance romance with a moody, brooding, tortured bad boy hero and I loved every word. 5 STARS!! While performing the greatest love story of all time, they discovered one of their own... The story begins when Cassie, a critically acclaimed stage actress is cast as a romantic lead in a Broadway play opposite the one man she'd ever loved. Ethan Holt was unfortunately also the only man who'd ever broken her heart, leaving her absolutely devastated. Despite their six painful years apart, and despite how desperately she wanted to hate him, their love for each other went beyond that. And even though he knew just how badly he'd hurt her, he also knew this was his one chance to win back the only woman he'd ever loved and this time he was willing to do anything to prove himself to her and win back her heart.I can do this. I can see him and not fall apart.I can.I sigh and press my forehead against the wall.Who the hell am I kidding?Yeah, sure, I can do a passionate play with my ex-lover, who broke my heart not once, but twice. No problem.I bang my head against the wall. Ethan and Casse met in drama school. She was the good girl actress, and he was the ultimate bad boy, sending fuck-off vibes to everyone who crossed his path. He warned her to stay away from him and that he would only ruin her. But when they were cast as Romeo and Juliet in a prestigious play, their forced intimacy broke down the walls between them... giving room for their true feelings to show through.“We both know it doesn’t work like that,” he says so softly only I can hear. “As much as we want it to be the character’s emotions, it’s still going to be my arms around you, and my mouth on yours. Despite how strongly he fought it, they fell in love. Until he broke her heart. And six years later, when they were once again cast to play on-stage lovers, he was ready to do anything possible to make things right."I want things to be different. If you want me to apologize, I'll do it until I lose my fucking voice. I just want things to be right between us. Talk to me. Help me fix this."I absolutely LOVED this book. This is a romance that you feel with all your heart and soul. They had the kind of love that didn't let go even after years of separation and heart break. Their chemistry was off-the-charts and their connection so intense that it kept my heart racing the whole way through.I had quotes highlighted on nearly every page!! I loved the writing -- it captured the emotional intensity of their epic love while balancing it out with hilarious scenes that literally had me laughing out loud and other scenes that had me sitting there fanning myself from the hotness. It was the perfect balance!!We're told the story entirely from Cassie's POV, taking us back and forth between their present day reunion and the tragic start of their relationship in drama school. It was seamlessly blended and I found it very easy to follow along even through it went back and forth. Each piece of the story added a layer that just kept me wanting more. I really could not put this book down!NOTE: Just because I know a lot of you have asked me about this, there is no cheating and no triangle in the whole book. That is not the source of drama so you don't have to worry about that at all!Ethan was the ultimate moody, tortured, bad boy. He was the polar opposite of a romantic. College Ethan didn't even believe in love at all. At first, I just kept wondering why he was so antagonistic but the more I read and learned about his past, the more the reasons behind his actions began to make sense. My heart broke for him even as I wanted to shake sense into him. As much as it hurt though, I could see why he was the way he was. I have to say, the title of this book couldn't be for fitting! Bad Romeo indeed!"I warned you," he says, breathing heavily and cupping my face. "Why the hell didn't you listen?" Cassie was a really great heroine. She was no shy, innocent virgin. Even though she was a little meek around other people, with Ethan she was fiery, forward, bold, and not afraid to follow her heart. She challenged him every step of the way and I loved the way she went after what she wanted.There was just this delicious push-pull tension between them. I loved all the scenes where they were rehearsing their plays. The contrast between the open intensity of their characters' love for each other versus the restrained walls behind which they hid their real feelings had me on the edge of my seat."So…" I say, looking at him.He nods and lets out a breath. "Yeah. So…""We're going to have fake sex.""Yep.""You and me.""Apparently.""I have to take your clothes off, and … well … touch you and stuff.""Fuck this fucking play." This second chance romance was different than most in that, contrary to the way many of them are structured, this wasn't about trying to fix a broken relationship. As it showed clearly, whatever they'd once had was broken beyond repair. What remained was their love for each other that had never let go. Hurt, anger, separation, none of it changed that... and this was about considering the chance that just maybe, even after all the pain, they could start again and build something new."We've never been over. You know it as well as I do. Even when I was halfway around the world and you hated my guts, we weren't over. You can feel it between us now. And the closer we are, the stronger it gets." Cassie and Ethan's full story will be told over 2 books (Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet). There will also be a third book in the series that is a standalone romance about Ethan's sister who you'll meet in this book.This book leaves you in a good place, but also makes you desperate for more. That being said, I am SO glad that I read this now and didn't wait. This is easily one of my favorite books of the year. I loved the story. Seriously LOVED it. Absolutely freaking ADORED it. And I can't recommend it highly enough.Rating: 5 stars!!Release date: December 23, 2014._______________________________________ For more of my reviews, book news and updates:✦ Main blog: Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

  • Colleen Hoover
    2019-05-08 15:22

    Where for art thou readers who hath eyes in thine heads? For this tale of love and hardship was surely meant for you. My heart doth trudge thy depths when it clings to thy verbiage of Leisa Rayven. For it is not the weight of thy wallet that deems one a wealthy man. A pauper is a rich man if he carries with him a good book. And this, my dear friends, is a good book. Go forth and purchase Bad Romeo, my friends! Let us all be rich in knowledge together!

  • Lady Vigilante (Feifei)
    2019-04-24 13:15

    2.5 stars!I really wish I could say I loved this one but sadly, I can’t. I felt like I wasted hours of my time reading a book that was one giant tease from beginning to end. The only reason why I didn’t rate this book 1 star is because of the author’s addictive writing style and a few good moments scattered throughout the story, but other than that, both characters truly angered me, the setup of the story frustrated me, and that ending? Oh my god. One of the worst endings I have ever read, cliffhanger or not. But I’m getting ahead of myself.Whether or not you will enjoy this book depends entirely on the kind of reader you are. You’re either:A). A reader who likes some sexual tension but with gratification and doesn’t think of character stupidity as angst. B). A reader who lives off of unresolved sexual tension, crazy high angst and seeing the characters suffer make you suffer but you love it anyways.Choice A readers, you’re going to struggle with the book. Choice B readers, this is the perfect book for you if you don’t mind an abrupt ending. Now onto the actual review...The book begins in present day where sensational actress Cassie Taylor is cast in a romantic play alongside Ethan Holt, the one guy who broke her heart 6 years ago. From her past experiences she’s really hardened her heart and the once open, optimistic, and naïve girl has turned into a cynical woman who will never be able to trust easily again. But her bad breakup with Ethan 6 years ago didn’t stop her feelings for him and as much as she knows that a relationship with him wouldn’t be practical for her heart, he also happens to be the one and only guy who stirs her emotions – good and bad – like no other and is truly it for her, but now she’s the one afraid to take the leap because their past relationship failed miserably.After all these years, bad boy actor Ethan Holt has cleaned himself up and decides to pursue Cassie, finally realizing that he can’t live without her even though he’s the one who ruined all the good they had before. I struggled a lot with Ethan’s character. The book unevenly alternates between past/present chapters where in the present Ethan’s fighting for Cassie and in the past where Cassie is fighting for Ethan. There’s a big difference between a lovable jerk and a flat out asshole and well, Ethan was the latter. His hot-and-cold behavior towards Cassie was frustrating when at times he’ll say something like this:But in another moment, he’ll completely ignore Cassie and their explosive chemistry and continue on as if nothing happened between them. Repeat this process multiple times and by the halfway mark I was suffering from a severe case of whiplash. Cassie was also a big reason why I struggled with the book. I have zero respect for female characters that let the hero walk all over them and because I didn’t believe that Ethan’s backstory (which is a clichéd and overused reason by the way) warranted his horrible treatment of her, Cassie was pretty much a doormat. She is also one of the horniest virgins I’ve ever read about who was either obsessing over her vagina, Ethan’s dick, or both, whether it was through her inner monologue or her girly diary she kept that constantly referenced Ethan’s “award-winning dick” and how it’s enough to make her “vagina start slow-clapping in anticipation.” <-- wait what?As much as I liked the author’s writing style and the occasional humorous moments, the setup of the story really bothered me. I felt like the past/present scenes were unevenly represented and whenever I was starting to get invested in the particular chapter, the author would suddenly do a time jump and I had to try hard to refocus in the new chapter. There was no fluidity, no transition that linked most of these time jumps so they seemed random and out of place to me. Make no mistake, there were a few scenes that did get my heart racing and I felt for the characters, but the choppy time jumps along with major character stupidity overshadowed the good.Now for that ending. *drags hand down face* I wouldn’t call it a cliffhanger. Cliffhanger implies that we have an inkling of what to expect in the next book but in here? It literally ended in between a motion and for a while I thought I must’ve received a bad copy from the publisher. But no. After checking with another reader who read the book, that’s the ending. Just…ugh! Imagine my feelings. I wasn’t really enjoying the book much to begin with but towards the end it got better and I would like to know the reasoning behind their breakup (which is never revealed by the way), only to have the book end in such an abrupt, inconclusive manner. I feel cheated to be honest. Cheated because the book was one huge tease that started and ended with me knowing the same things. Nothing new happened. I do want to end positive by saying that this is a book I would still contingently recommend to others based on the type of reader you are (see A & B above). And because of the way the story ended here, I am kind of forced by my own curiosity to check out the next book, even if my only reason is to find closure so I can finally move on.Bad Romeo is the first book in the Starcrossed series and not a standalone. Cassie & Ethan’s story will be told over the course of two books, concluding in Broken Juliet. There will also be a third book which is a standalone romance focusing on Ethan’s sister.ARC provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Christy
    2019-05-23 12:20

    5 stars! “I desperately want someone else to ruin me the way he does, but they don't even come close.”Bad Romeo is one of those books…. one of those books that makes me want to kick myself. Why oh why did I wait so long to read this book??? And why the heck didn’t more people try to force me to? LOL! This book was absolutely fantastic. I started it on audio, and found myself neglecting all the books I was supposed to be reading because I couldn’t stop listening! I am not always a fan of second chance romance, but this one was done perfectly. It was the perfect mixture of fun and intense and I hung on every word while reading. “Yeah, sure, I can do a passionate play with my ex-lover, who broke my heart not once, but twice. No problem.I bang my head against the wall.If there were a Nation of Stupid People, I would be their queen.”
Cassie Taylor’s ex-boyfriend is cast opposite of her. Is there a worse work place scenario than that? When Cassie was in school for drama years ago, she met Ethan Holt. A young, tortured, and brooding man. Ethan found it hard to let anyone in, but somehow, Cassie was able to break through some of his walls. Obviously, this was temporary. Ethan wasn’t in a place to handle being in a relationship with her and he broke her. Now, years later, he’s changed. So has Cassie. Ethan wants her back and he’ll do anything he can to get her. He knows that their love was real, strong, and there is no way either of them can ever ‘get over’ the other. “Don’t even try to tell me you’ll ever love someone as much as you love me, because as arrogant as it is to say, that’s bullshit. And I feel the same way about you. Everyone else is just going to be second best for us. Don’t you get that?”I thought the back and forth aspect of this story was well done. It really showed the characters changes and it was perfectly paced. Ethan is so broody in the past (which I love) and perfect in the present (which I also love). I could see where the heroine could have irked some readers, but in all honesty, she never bothered me. Past Cassie is hilarious, understanding and fantastic. Present Cassie isn’t exactly the same person. I completely get why she is the way she is though, and I don’t fault her for that. Side note- I especially loved the drama/theater aspect. I was the proud president of Thespian Troupe #5035 in high school. Yes. I was a bit of a drama geek and I loved every second of it. That connection just made the book that much more special to me. Honestly, I felt a major connection to both characters from the start, which is yet another reason why I loved this one so much!I listened to this audio in a few short days. I had planned to listen to a new release I got next, but after the ending, you know I’m jumping straight into the audio of Broken Juliet. I can’t wait to find out more about this couple’s past, and see them get it together in the future! If you’re looking for an addictive NA read that’s fun, sassy, angsty and steamy- pick up Bad Romeo!

  • Geri Reads
    2019-05-04 14:08

    2 stars!This book has been getting a lot of good buzz lately so I was excited when this book became available on NetGalley. In fact, I got so excited I totally read it way ahead of my scheduled BR with Lana and Feifei. The first 25% or 30% or so of the book, it was good. I was sucked in. The writing was above average, so although the characters were a bit annoying, I was okay with it. This is NA after all. Some of the characters are bound to get on your nerves. But then 35%, 40% 50% 60% rolled around, and the same things just keeps happening over and over again. Cassie: I love your penis, Ethan.Ethan: I'm not good for you, Cassie.Cassie: My vagina wants you so bad, Ethan.Ethan: I'm a douche, Cassie.Wash.Rinse.Repeat.The past and present storytelling would have worked if not for the uneven pacing. Sometimes, the past takes 2 chapters and then the present 1 chapter. Sometimes, the present gets 2 chapters and the past 3 chapters. The narrative ended up being choppy and clunky to me.But what eventually sunk the book for me were Cassie and Ethan. I've enjoyed some dysfunctional love stories in the past, but Ethan and Cassie just annoyed me too much to actually appreciate their dysfunction. Cassie was basically a doormat. And Ethan is a world-class douche. The push and pull between them was cute at first until it wasn't. Cassie (view spoiler)[ is a virgin (hide spoiler)] and more than half of the book was about her wanting Ethan to (view spoiler)[get rid of her virginity. (hide spoiler)]And then Ethan...his reasons for being douche-y were lame. He acted like a brat throughout the book. I don't care if he's described as the hot, he was just mean. His hot and cold attitude towards Cassie was disgusting. And the worst thing was Cassie just kept taking it. To be fair, there are positives to be found. The writing for one was really engaging. Second, present Cassie and Ethan actually acted like functioning adults. Those parts were good. Unfortunately, this was too uneven, its characters too annoying for me to enjoy. Plus that cliffhanger ending...if you can even call it that, was one of the worst I've read in a while.I thought I was missing some Kindle pages when I got to the ending. It just ended abruptly. Yes, there's a second book but would it kill to actually at least wrap some things up before ending it? Or at least answer some questions about why they broke up the first time. In my opinion, there was nothing at all about the why their relationship failed aside from the obvious. Overall, this book is just one big tease. I don't know if I have the time or the patience to wait for the next book. An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Patrycja
    2019-05-10 15:13

    Title: Bad Romeo Series: The Starcrossed Series #1Author: Leisa RayvenRelease Date:December 23, 2014Rating: 5 starsCliffhanger:. Yes HEA:(view spoiler)[ Not yet.(hide spoiler)]Compelling, breathtaking, exceptional; those are words that would describe exactly what kind of experience was reading Bad Romeo. Believe me, this story is just so good I couldn’t stop reading, it’s that mesmerizing. Every chapter was a beautiful heart pounding piece of sensational tale that left breathless and desperate for more. I don’t remember when was the last time I felt like this while reading a book. This story is told from Cassie Taylor’s point of view, young and ambitious actress. When the book starts, she’s running late for a rehearsal of a Broadway play she’s staring in. What makes her very unsettled is the fact that she will work alongside Ethan Holt, her ex-lover and the man who broke her heart. She’s not exactly ready to see him. She’s still hung up on him, even though he’s the biggest douche ever. But the heart wants what the heart wants, right? So now, Cassie is about to face the biggest challenge, she needs to stop feel things toward Ethan, work on this play and finally be happy. Ethan Holt is dangerous for Cassie’s heart. The moment they see each other is like time stopped and the sparks begin to fly. Their amazing chemistry hits Cassie all over again and now that she plans to ignore Ethan she has to quench this need for him. But it’s not easy. Ethan wants to redeem himself; he wants Cassie back. As the chapters pass, reader goes back and forth between present and past slowly learning the true about Ethan and Cassie’s relationship. The story sets perfect pace, fast enough to satisfy yet slow and steady. Not everything was revealed, which made me go crazy in the best way possible.Leisa Rayven took me on unforgettable journey full of heartache, scorching chemistry, intimacy and oh did I love it! She completely nailed this story! Her characters were so vivid and so full of life; they seemed like real people not a fictional couple. Their heartbreak, their loss, their strong need to be together, I felt it all. I ached with them, laughed with them, cried when the emotions overtook me, was pissed at them, annoyed with them and literally felt every single thing. That makes Leisa very talented author. It’s not easy to write a book that is so easy for me to connect with it.What’s more this book is as intense as it’s funny; so while being on emotional rollercoaster ride I was still able to laugh out loud at the hilarious situations Cassie was in. She was fantastic, strong and clever heroine and I loved her to the moon and back. Even though she made some mistakes along the way, never did I want to slap her. She was perfect! As for Ethan… wow. I have no words. He’s a little bit like your normal tortured asshole ish hero, yet at the same time he’s so much more! He’s mysterious, complex and hypnotic. He’s perfectly imperfect and so, so intriguing! I fell In love with him. Together Ethan and Cassie were incredible. So sexy and so arousing they made me burn! Bad Romeo has some best sex scenes I’ve read. Arousing, sensational and smoking they made my heart beat faster. There is one thing more that has to be said. The book ends on a positive note, giving readers hope, yet it still is a little bit cliffhanger – ish. So be warned, Bad Romeo will shake you to the core and the ending can make you feel frustrated. You will want second part of the story immediately. Overall, this romance is spellbinding. It will captivate every reader with its absolutely beautiful plot, intense characters and love so strong like no other. It’s a story that will be forever in my heart and it certainly earned the title of one of the best books I’ve read this year So mark your calendars ladies! Bad Romeo is a novel that cannot be missed. ARC kindly provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON: ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Lucia
    2019-05-17 18:16

    "This is what love feel like. To no longer belong to yourself. To be pulled from what you know into what you feel. No wonder people live and die for this feelings."Phenomenal writing, scorching chemistry, great plot. Bad Romeo easily became one of the best contemporary romances I have ever read! Stories like Bad Romeo are reason why I read. Its intensity made my heart flutter and gave me goose bumps. I love being transferred right into the story and experience it all through brilliant writing. It's the best kind of magic. And in this case, Leisa Rayven is a true magician. "Sometimes people put up walls, not only to keep people put, but also to see who cares enough to tear them down."Bad Romeo is story about finding your true self and losing your heart in the process. Plot development and development of the characters is truly remarkable in this novel. Author tells us two stories simultaneously. First one is about how Ethan and Cassie met in drama school, became friends and formed complicated relationship. Second storyline is set 3 years after the end of drama school, Ethan and Cassie being cast together in new stage play but having huge unresolved past issues between them. This concept of connecting past and present was incredible and it made quite an addictive read out of this book for me. Attraction between main protagonists of this novel is so palpable, I could almost taste it. Sexual tension between Ethan and Cassie was off the charts! To tell the truth, I'm not sure if I have ever read about the couple with more intense chemistry (and I don't say that lightly). And even though they pissed each other off regularly, it really worked for them. Moreover, in this novel you will find the best make-out scenes. Who would know that simple kissing scenes may be so hot?"I've never had someone rub me the wrong way so intensely before. If I'm being completely honest, I kind of like the spark."I have to admit that even though this was not my first time reading this story, I couldn't put it down and still felt this giddy excitement of reading great story for the first time. Yes, it's that good and I can't wait for the continuation of Ethan's & Cassie's story in Broken Juliet. If you like unforgettable romance stories, believe me, you do not want to miss this one!*ARC provided by publisher as an exchange for honest review*MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    2019-05-12 14:08

    *****2 STARS*****{ARC Provided by St. Martin's Press via Netgalley}I really had high hopes for this book. Unfortunately I never could connect with the story or the characters. I completely disliked the heroine and this has happened to me before, but the male character usually saved the story for me. If I had felt the slightest bit of the swoon factor for Ethan, I might have like this story a bit more.Sorry but I have to break out my infamous sleeping bunny GIF because heck if I wasn't catching some much needed zzzzz's on my couch for the past four nights trying to finish reading this story.Cassie and Ethan meet at The Grove Institute of Creative Arts, a private college in Westchester, NY, that houses one of the most prestigious drama schools in the country. During their first meeting on campus, sparks are flying. Ethan acts aloof and spends a decent amount of time pushing Cassie away and telling her how bad he would be for her. Honestly, I kept wondering what is this character's deal. Why was he afraid to let anyone get close to him? When the truths are revealed, all I could say was REALLY?!!!Don't get me started on Cassie!! I just completely disliked this character. There was really nothing sweet or endearing about her. I understood she was attracted to Ethan and wanted to lose her virginity to him, and I wasn't as bothered by her horniness as some readers were. I just never felt any kind of connection with her. No feelings of sympathy. This book goes from past to present in almost every alternating chapter. Three years is the time span. Well in three years, the girl hasn't matured at all. There was no growth with the character of Cassie. I was pretty much tired of the story early on and wasn't really buying the connection between Cassie and Ethan.Switching from past to present has never really bothered me in previous books I've read. In this book, it confused me a few times. I didn't know if I was in the past or in the present. Maybe because the situations were similar and the characters pretty much acted like immature teenagers throughout the story!!!??? I was just getting a headache from it.I really wanted to like Ethan. He had the makings of a swoon worthy book boyfriend but just fell flat. Also the sexy time happens at about the 90% mark in the book and it wasn't even the tiniest bit smoldering. Nope...not one bit!I usually love second chance romances but for once I was not rooting for the couple to have their HEA. Even though Ethan didn't "wow" me, I still thought he deserved better than Cassie.I have seen some five star reviews for this one and some not so favorable reviews as well. It's definitely not my cuppa but don't let that stop you from reading it because there have been plenty of books that I have disliked that others have loved.

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-05-21 15:16

    2 StarsLove is weakness. That's not the only thing Holt taught me, but it's the thing I remember most.I've had this book sitting in my kindle for months now. At first I put off reading it because I realized it was a cliff. Then when the final book came out...I'm not really sure why? I've seen it making the rounds on Goodreads and so many friends loving it. It promised angst and an epic love story...yet the only thing I got was a mad case of heart burn. But wait! Before you get out your pitchforks and torches, allow me to explain....See I loved the premise of this book and I truly enjoyed the writing style. Leisa Rayven clearly has incredible talent and I'll happily read all her future books. This was a case of the characters doing absolutely nothing for me. So let's talk about that, shall we?The hero.Now look, I love me an asshole. Nothing better than an alphahole finally falling for the girl and changing his ways. BUT and this is a big but, there's a big different between a redeemable asshole and a downright douchebag. And Ethan Holt? Oh he was squarely in the douchebag category. On a scale from 1 to stabby he was somewhere around Justifiable homicide. I couldn't stand his treatment of Cassie, and this is coming from someone that usually swoons with every insult. But there has to be some semblance of a justification for the treatment and in the case here, while there may have been one, I just didn't buy it. He's almost cruel to Cassie and his reason for it didn't redeem him in the least. As a matter of fact it was downright lame. Sure I can understand his reluctance to get into a relationship, but he was a dick from the very beginning when he just meets Cassie. Suffice it to say it did nothing to endear him to me.The heroineJust keep your pants on for the love of gawd!This girl gave new meaning to horny virgin. Sweet baby jebus but she had an eager beaver. Her vagina went from 0 to panting in the span of a breath. Why? Hell if I know. Holt was downright cruel to her, but yet she kept coming back for more. Maybe she saw something in him that nobody else did but I wasn't sipping from the kool aid so I wasn't buying it. Allow me to sum it up so:I want you.No. I'm bad for you.*vagina pants*But I still want you.No. I don't want you.*douchebagery intermission*OMG my vagina weeps for you.No. You have to stay away from me.But my vagina! *humps*You're different. I can tell, because....reasonsNo. We can't.*more douchebagery intermission**pause for fantasies of Holt's penis*Rinse. Lather. Freaking repeat.As much as I hate using the term doormat, that's exactly what Cassie was. Her simple acceptance of Holt's treatment of her was nausea inducing. Why? Why I ask you? He gave not a semblance of a hint that he was worth any of it. *rips hair out of head*The PacingThe story is told in alternating past/present with a diary entry from Cassie's journal thrown into the mix. However, when I'd normally love that sort of thing, the pacing here Sometimes the present was a a couple pages, sometimes a couple chapters. There was no consistency and I found it threw off the balance of the book.The older versions of Cassie and Ethan were a lot more tolerable, but unfortunately it was overshadowed by the Cassie and Ethan of six years ago. I found nothing angsty about this book. Sure I wanted to rip my hair out but not because the angst. To be quite honest, it felt more manufactured than natural. The sexual tension of will they, won't they, OMG they're about to, nope false alarm drove me out of my ever loving mind! Their back and forth of I want you/I can't lasts for the entirety of the book. For the love of my ovaries! I wanted to chuck my kindle at the wall by the 90% mark!I wanted to love this book but sadly it fell totally flat for me. Aside from the premise of the story there just wasn't much I enjoyed about it. I just don't think I'm cut out for these types of romances. Clearly my douchebag meter is malfunctioning and my tolerance just isn't what it used to be.While I'm not sure I'll continue with the story because I just don't think I care that much what happens with these characters, I do plan on reading more from this author. This was a case of wrong story for the wrong reader, you know? And so I'm writing it off as that. You never know what you'll think, though, so give it a shot and see for yourself. Who knows? You just may love it.ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on:

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-05-17 15:08

    "You give me as little of yourself as possible, all the while driving me insane with how much I want you."Cassie thinks she has things under control when Ethan Holt costars with her on a play that will be both of their big Broadway break. The story goes from past to present and back again as we see Holt as the man he is now and the broody ass of a hottie he was six years prior. ”Yeah, sure I can do a passionate play with my ex-lover, who broke my heart not once, but twice no problem.”In the present, Holt is all apologies and begging for another shot. In the past, the author takes us through sarcasm, rudeness, hot chemistry and a relationship that develops among these two. Holt was a rude noncommittal guy with just slightest amount of kindness to hold a reader and funny naïve Cassie along for the ride in the past. There are sparks when these two meet in the past as Cassie is totally taken with Holt. Holt the loner has the whole push and pull thing going on with her. ”I’ve never had someone rub me the wrong way so intensely before. If I’m being completely honest, I kind of like the spark.”Cassie has never had a serious boyfriend or a real good kiss and Holt it seems to have sworn off girls, friends and pretty much everyone. Cassie gets under his skin, they have amazing banter and they have an intense chemistry. Their chemistry is so strong that even their teacher notices and casts them as Romeo and Juliet. Holt would give Cassie just enough to hold even when his words would be saying differently. ”I saw what I wanted to see. Felt what I wanted to feel. He just played his part. Sometimes he’s behind my eyes, weeping and exposed, and he’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. But it was an act. He’s an actor. And he’s very, very good.”Cassie is more than willing to lose her virginity to Holt who pushes her away repeatedly not wanting to be special to her. You must take my warnings the author does make you wait to almost the end while they can barely keep their hands off one another the whole story.Overall, the writing was refreshing and witty. Cassie was a great character and her sexual innocence but desire for more was really fun."Taylor, you're the most forward virgin I've ever met."The push and pull in the past will drive you to drink and this does end with a cliffhanger. Still this was a good read that will probably make some of my friends crazy, so you are warned."We've never been over. You know it as well as I do. Even when I was halfway around the world and you hated my guts, we weren't over. You can feel it between us now. And the closer we are, the stronger it gets.”

  • Ilze
    2019-05-09 12:15

    This was pretty much my face expression during the 62% I read I really wasn't impressed by this book. The cover and the title of the book is probably the best things about it. Note to myself: Stop reading books based on their pretty covers.Anyway, at first I really thought it would be an interesting story with pretty unique setting, two persons with intense chemistry cast for the leading roles in Romeo and Juliet and sparks fly. Although, that was the case, I really did not enjoy it.For one, the heroine. I can't even express in words how much I disliked her. She was a girl without an opinion, always saying whatever people wanted to hear and doing whatever was necessary to be liked. I felt like her whole persona was fake. I can forgive her for being young and maybe she hasn't found herself yet, but when we see Cassie after 6 years, it's the same bloody girl just a bit bitter. Another things about her I hated was how horny she was all the time, and when I say all the time, I really mean ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Her vagina was constantly aroused and she was turned on the moment she woke up all day every day. Another thing, the hero. I usually find a lot of redeeming qualities in book heroes, even when I don't like the heroines, but in this case Ethan was almost as unlikable as Cassie. His mixed signals, his jerk attitude towards Cassie, his daddy issues, his 'awful past' and his 'i'm cancer' really didn't work for me. Plus he was almost as horny as Cassie. Third, there wasn't any connection. They talked about the intense connection between them all the time, but I really didn't see it because all they did was talk about how badly they want to rip each others clothes off and all they did was try to do just that, with kissing and humping each other on stage. There is a difference between chemistry and connection. Chemistry is more of a physical attraction while connection is something deeper such as trust and understand of each other. They were definitely missing that, because I didn't see why would they love each other if not for the lust. Fourth, I like second chance romances and I don't mind jumping from past to present and back, but when it happens I expect to feel different emotions reading the past and the present. Please give me pain, regret and heartache. No, that wasn't the case here, those six years didn't change either of them much, and it really didn't feel like any time had passed. Yeah, Ethan asks for forgiveness and Cassie is hurt and angry, but all they still want to do is jump each other. Also, the switching from past to present was exhausting here. Past - Cassie chases Ethan, present Ethan chases Cassie. I can't even say if I disliked their past or present more.Another new adult novel which is a utterly disappointing. This really wasn't for me.*ARC provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

  • Brandi
    2019-04-25 13:13

    Bad Romeo is a wonderfully written, second chance romance that left me breathless. The sexual tension and chemistry between Cassie and Ethan was so thick, my heart was constantly racing.Cassie and Ethan's story is far from perfect, these characters are flawed and extremely frustrating, but that is what I loved about them. They are complicated and real, and I was completely wrapped up in their journey."I warned you," he says, breathing heavily and cupping my face. "Why the hell didn't you listen?"When Ethan and Cassie first cross paths, she is young, and naive with big dreams, while he is jaded, pessimistic and determined not to let anyone in. But when they are cast opposite each other in one of histories most tragically, beautiful love stories, they find themselves unable to resist their intense connection. Now three years later with tons of regret and heartache, Ethan and Cassie find themselves thrown together once again, will Ethan be able to gain Cassie's forgiveness, or are these two doomed to fail all over again?"Nothing was enough for me after you."Bad Romeo was a well-crafted, realistic love story, filled with humor, intense characters and scorching hot sexual tension. While this story may not be for some, I really enjoyed it. But then again, I tend to gravitate towards the cynical, stubborn leading men. Ending - Cliffhanger? (view spoiler)[ Slight. It wasn't too bad to me... (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Pearl Angeli
    2019-05-06 12:14

    "We've never been over. You know it as well as I do." I absolutely, totally love this book! A story about ex-lovers rekindling their spark, the book opened with an introduction of main characters Cassie Taylor and Ethan Holt, two renowned stage celebrities who had a high-profile relationship when they were at drama school. Three years after separating, they reunited again, with Ethan pursuing Cassie to bring back the old romance and start all over again. Bad Romeo is a perfect novel for readers who are looking to breeze through a quick, easy, and enjoyable read. It's delightfully addicting, with a great chemistry between the characters that you just find yourself rooting for them until the end of the book. This novel was also coupled with a humor that will keep you entertained. I expected myself to enjoy this book before I started it but little did I know that IT'S SO MUCH BETTER! It's sweet, sexy, and emotionally driven. It's a completely out there kind of take on Romeo & Juliet. For New Adult romance readers, this book is a real treat! I highly recommend!Rating: (more than) 5 Stars!(I had the pleasure to interview Leisa Rayven. Find out more about her in my Author Q&A with Leisa Rayven -->

  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    2019-05-03 14:26

    4.5 stars! “Sometimes people put up walls, not only to keep people out, but also to see who cares enough to tear them down.”So, guess who loved this book when most everyone else didn't?Guilty as charged. To be fair, I am a total angst whore and gobbled this book up. Want to know what's even scarier? For all of the angst this book doles out, I've read angstier!This is the story of Cassie and Ethan, who met when they were young aspiring actors. The book begins in the present, three years after Ethan shattered Cassie's heart, and the two of them are cast as the leads in a new Broadway play. Ethan, after all of the shit he put Cassie through, is desperate to get her back but Cassie won't let him back in easy.This book alternates between the present and the past, giving the reader both sides of Cassie and Ethan. Cassie who in the past was a horny, naive virgin and in the present a jaded and bitter woman. Ethan, a dark storm cloud in the past more closed up than a tight clam shell, and in the present a man who had worked through his issues and wants to be redeemed.I think one of the reasons I enjoyed this book so much was because I went into it with the absolute lowest expectations. I also read the spoilers ahead of time and knew the ending would be a cliffhanger and many questions would not be answered, so I came into this book prepared. So many people hated or disliked this book, but I still gave it a shot because my local library has a copy. And if it's free, why not? Well, I'm glad I did. For me, this book was unputdownable. I will say I did not care for the whiplash, but in order for a guy to redeem himself, he has to be a dick right? Yeah, Ethan was a dick. But, I felt like he really did change by the time he was an adult. I just really wish I knew what horrible thing he did to Cassie BECAUSE THE AUTHOR DIDN'T TELL US IN THIS BOOK!!!And the other thing I didn't care for? That vagina slow clapping line. My god I cringed when I read that. I think it was supposed to be funny, but this was me reading it instead:Anywoo, if you like angst and men trying to make up for their colossal mistakes, this book is the one for you! I'm actually really excited for book 2 and some answers.

  • Beverly
    2019-05-23 18:16

    I went into this story pretty much blind. I just remember a lot of my friends read and loved this book last year. So when the story began I wasn’t expecting how much I would love it. First, the story is awesome, but I am absolutely in love with how the story is told. Cassie and Ethan were college lovers, sweethearts, I don’t know what to call them, there isn’t really an adequate term for them. Regardless, they dated in college and while you don’t know all the details when you get started you know their connection was strong. We learn about Ethan and Cassie’s past by the reflections back. See when the story begins they are both adults and have been cast in a play together. All we know is that they dated and do not get along, at all. I loved seeing where their current emotions came from and the reflections did just that. I felt like we lived that time with them. This way of story telling allowed me to really understand their motives and thoughts. Cassie is a people pleaser and has always been what she felt like people wanted. She is unsure of herself and completely lost when she begins drama school. Ethan is the older, knows who he is and doesn’t take anyone’s shit. His first reaction to Cassie is frustration, he see’s this beautiful girl trying to be anyone but herself. This book is just so much. I loved seeing Cassie come into her own. I loved watching Ethan open up. I loved watching them fall in love. I loved the other characters, they added so much humor. Like I already said, I love the way it was told. This isn’t my favorite type of story telling, but I can’t imagine this story being any other way. It allowed my emotions, thoughts and feels to just go back and forth.I can’t believe I waited so long to read this fantastic book and I cannot recommend it enough, absolutely love it! The good thing about waiting, I can jump right into Broken Juliet.I am listening to the audiobook. Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos.

  • Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts!
    2019-05-14 11:12

    Maybe because I was never a fan of Romeo and Juliet? Nah.  Ethan is oh-so-perfect you guys. Even his foot is yummy."For a few seconds, I just stare. His foot is beautiful. Perfect. He could be a goddamn foot model." - Cassie.And Cassie is virgin and *gasps* nobody can believe it because HELLLOOO PEOPLE, SHE IS SO PRETTTEH AND PURRFECT.I want to like this. I really do. But here's the problem: I don't buy it. Any of it. The romance, the characters.. everything just feels so forced. They can have sex every day or have that ~very hot connection~ between them, I still don't buy it. I don't even care about that CHEMISTRY that everybody is speaking of. EXCUSE ME BUT WHERE? WHERE IS THE LOVE STORY THAT YOU PROMISED? This book made Bella and Edward's ~love story~ more interesting.Ethan Holt was heartbroken so he doesn't date. He's having a hard time committing to a relationship. Whatever. He has issues. Baggage. But Cassie doesn't care about that because she's a virgin and Ethan is making her feel things so she wants him to deflower her. Oh but perfect Ethan have hurty feelings and he thinks Cassie 'deserves better' so he tries to stay away and just be an asshat. But Cassie is a martyr!!! She doesn't care even if he's being a douche and that the guy is unhinge because they have ~connection~ and CHEMISTRY. SHE wants HIM. And that my friends is how the girl became obsess. And that's what the book is just about. A virgin girl. A destructive boy. An unhealthy relationship. And chapters with them just lusting at each other. Seriously, why did I even. I should have just listened to the mess in our house and gave my attention to them.Every time I turn a chapter, I keep hoping that the plot will eventually turn around and be about Cassie's self realizations. Because at the first few chapters that's what the book is about. It's supposed to be about Cassie finding herself because she have no idea who she is. And acting is her passion. Oh and also thinking erotic thoughts about Ethan Holt.BUT THIS IS WHY I DIDN'T REALLY LIKE THIS: I actually expected this, I mean, this is NA. But I also expected it to have a heart. To have a meaning. That even though some chapters are just them lusting each other, I will say "YES, THEY BELONG TO EACH AND THEIR LOVE IS REAL" But no, this is the most BS of all the BS book relationship I've read. AND THIS GIRL HAVE NO SELF RESPECT. I have a lot of Virgin friends and yes, they feel lonely. And yes, they think about sex but they're not like Cassie who thinks and writes about a guy's peen in her diary because she's fascinated. Cassie says thing like this:"No, I didn't know it was a fluffing porn term. Do I look like a porn-watching pervert.."And then watches porn after. The guys a pig. 'Nuff said. Seriously, who falls in love with a guy like this?! The writing is decent that's why I added a star rating. And that's the only good thing I can say. I(I might add more to this review but this whole thing is typed right after I finished the book. Yes, I finished it. Pat in the back for me.)You can also read my review HERE.

  • Catarina
    2019-05-04 14:04

    4 Romeo Stars. Cassie heart was broken one time, and she never recovered from it completely. But when the cause of your broken heart is far away, coping is easier. But what happens when he suddenly is next working next to you, having to see him every day?Life throws Cassie and Ethan together one more time, as the lead actors of Romeo and Juliet. (How ironic, right?) Ethan knows he broke Cassie’s heart in acting school but he was a broken man himself and thought he was doing the best, but now, a few years later he regrets it and want her back. And he makes that pretty clear. But Cassie knows the pain of a broken heart. Will she risk breaking it one more time? Let me be really honest in this one (well, that’s kind of the point…): I really liked the plot, I like how he was delivered and the writing was good with a nice flow. This book has a lot of potential and I do believe that for a debut novel the story was pleasingly delivered. I just had some minor “twitches” with it. First was the characters (see below), second, despite liking the “back and forth” during the chapters, that allowed to see their past and what happened before between them, sometimes it changed abruptly making it difficult for readers to fully connect with the progression of the story. And last but not least: the “now I love you. Now I don’t” thing, not only created unnecessary angst but also made the story run in circles turning it slightly repetitive. But in the end of the day, this was a great debut and emotional reading and I can’t wait to rad what will happen next. Rating:4 Stars. Characters Development:Cassie was annoying with her stubbornness, sometimes unjustified. But since she was broken once, we could understand her actions until a certain point. She was not my favorite heroine so far, but she was nice enough. Ethan was good when he was being honest and sweet. But in the moments he changed his mind and turned into an asshole I just wanted to beat him. I love the relationship between those two, they were great together… and not only when they were acting. Steam:Hot moments. Not to mention Cassie is horny as a bunny. Sensible Subjects:(view spoiler)[Not really. (hide spoiler)]Love Triangle:(view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating:(view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[Mild Cliffhanger. (hide spoiler)]*ARC kindly provided in exchange of honest review.*["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Akanksha❤ Søren♰
    2019-04-24 19:31

    It was really nice writing for a debut novel, but this book was like boobs without nipples, POINTLESS.I don't see what happened here!? What was the big issue? I didn't feel the frustration I'm guessing I should have felt for Cassie, I didn't feel sad for Ethan.It didn't really bring about feeling inside of me.*may contain veryyyy little blips of spoilers*I will read the second book, because the author has a nice way of writing, it was compelling, but it is the story I have a problem with. I mean, why? Whats the whole point? Ending it that way, with nothing much 'OMG' happening in this book. Pretty pissing off. I was waiting for the drama, explosion of emotions.. I got NADA. Its a second chance love story, I'm a sucker for those because they make me all 'AWWWWWW' and I'm always abusing the chick to take the stupid knuckle-headed guy back, but here IDK what was even happening for me to feel anything much or root for anyone because I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM. o.OAll I know is, they are theater students, now theater actors, the guy had a littttttle baggage, she was HORNY like 24x7 and they had crazy chemistry and now she's jaded. I saw nothing happening here. I'm pissed, because it was a looooooong book with no base to keep stuff running; at least it seamed that way in this book, I'll keep an eye out for book two and see where this goes, because it ended without much being revealed.I thought they were generally bipolar, because of their weird mood swings, he was manipulating without even trying and she had no backbone.

  • V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you
    2019-05-16 18:30

    This book was such an emotional rollercoaster! I laughed, cried, raged (because OW and OM, seriously authors stop doing that!!!) swoon (repeatedly) and overall enjoyed myself. I'm so reading the sequel but I can't give this book 5 stars because it has everything I hate in a book and more! (view spoiler)[1) Slutshaming, seriously authors you are women, too. Will you ever stop condeming other women's sexual decisions? It was particularly annoying here because h might be subject of slutshaming in other books and in real life because she sleeps around a lot! Who does she think she is to call Zoe a slut?2) OW and OM. In real life, I can understand when people sleep around as long as no one gets hurt, but in this story everybody got hurt! This is supposed to be a romance book. I didn't need a full, graphic detail of what happened between h and Paris... I meant Connor. The romance was ruined for me, but there was something about the writing that kept me reading. 3) Heroine wasn't H's first love, and his reason to act like a douche made me think that this Vanessa girl was more important to him than Cassie at that moment. Cassie was supposed to be the love of his life so all this mentioning of OW are so off-putting. This isn't a safe read. (hide spoiler)]It might seem that I hated the book, but I didn't. In fact, Ethan is already one of my book boyfriends, (provisionally, I hope book 2 doesn't ruin him) but I won't fancast him like I do in some of my reviews. Not until I finish book 2 and until I find a gif. I need a gif for this book. Not of the hero but of the reaction he brings on Cassie.Does anyone have a slow-clapping-vagina gif??? LOL I'll need it for my review! Cassie's train of thought was rather silly that way. I want to write a longer review because Cassie's first time and the things I love about this book deserve more!!! If I had to choose my top 10 defloration scenes in books Cassie's will be certainly one of them. So sweet! I felt like I was there. I also love the sexual chemistry and all the description of their casting, their rehearsals, their acting classes. It was fascinating.I'm on book 2 now. So does anyone have a slow-clapping vagina gif? LOL I'll need one for my longer review.

  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    2019-05-14 13:28

    It’s about courage, hope, love and a Bad Romeo.I so enjoyed this completely character driven story. The prose is just wonderful, the dialogue perfection. Bad Romeo is stunning in its New Adult articulation and made me feel so much. I didn’t want to put this book down.Bad Romeo rolls between present day and six years past to a time when they first met, a time when he fought their connection and she just wanted him to take her.... A time when their relationship was a secret.... The way the story dipped in and out of each period worked so well; it always left me wanting more from each era and showed the perfect character development from past to present.Ethan Holt is the present day darling of the theatre world. He’s completely frustrating at times but also sexy, charismatic, extremely handsome and an expert in his craft..... He’s adored by so many but something happened way back in his past to bring out his arsehole tendencies. He's utterly loveable all the same.Cassie Taylor is a wannabe theatre actress when we're initially introduced, what I also craved for her was fulfilment in her personal life. I love her inner witty monologue that's laced with self-deprecating humour and her foot-in-mouth syndrome that allows her thoughts to slip out during the most inopportune times, providing delightful comedic value and cringe worthy moments.They both have issues to overcome....The question is can they do this and be together?It gave me the heart flutter romantic melts…. It's simply beautiful. Ethan and Cassie have the most wonderful flirtatious banter, especially when they first meet. The author showed me in glorious pictures the intense chemistry and connection between them, she showed me why they were unable to be apart. Yes, there is what some would consider a little back and forth, especially as we see both the past and present of their relationship, but for me this mattered not, it simply added to the tension and angst of the story. The light and shade of the text is captivating, the juxtaposition of their passion and desire to the hilarity of some of the situations they found themselves in is wonderful. Their pure carnal desires for each other and their desperate need shines through in one moment and then in the next the author had me smiling with them in mortification.The E-mails.... they're so beautiful and made my heart hurt.I could have taken more of a steam factor and I wish (view spoiler)[the ultimate moment had been sooner(hide spoiler)]but I completely understand why the author went this way with the story. The waiting let us experience their desperation and anticipation, the build-up of their sexual tension and then..... The intensity and depth of emotion was greater, (view spoiler)[ the devastation, even more poignant.(hide spoiler)]The ending was an OH. My. Goodness.... But I'm sure this will lead perfectly to book 2 of the series. I highly recommend Bad Romeo to all lovers of New Adult Romance stories with a witty personality. The authenticity of the dialogue and the consistency of it made the story flow so beautifully and this, combined with the ironic and self-deprecating cringe worthy moments, made it simply a delight to experience. Pure lovelinessComplimentary copy received from the publishers, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog
    2019-05-02 14:28

    2 starsReviews and more at Of Pens and Pages.I'm joining the minority on this one. I really wanted to like this book, but it fell flat for me. I wanted to smack the main characters so hard, my palm was actually itching to do it.Second chance romances are usually filled with angst, but also love and hope. I suppose Bad Romeo had those, too. The premise was interesting and was what I usually love. Former lovers reunite to work together. Bonus points for being actors and being paired up as lovers in the production. The hero wants to win back the heroine, but their past scarred the heroine too much.Despite the lovely premise, a lot of things in the book frustrated me.I disliked both leads. Ethan was a douchebag who kept on stringing along Cassie, and Cassie was a doormat who was led on by her libido. She knows she doesn't deserve what he's doing, but a kiss and some groping action, and she's panting over him again. Toss the dog a bone, yada, yada, yada. I couldn't find it in me to feel bad for her.Even after three years since their break up, I didn't see character growth. It was frustrating. I'm so frustrated!The story became repetitive fast. A lot of "we shouldn't, but oh god, we can't stop" going on. The pacing became too slow for my taste because the same thing kept happening between these two. Cue urge to maim someone again. If we cut the repetitive crap happening in the past, maybe this duet could fit in one book. I should have worn a protective suit because their relationship is toxic.And after going in unnecessary circles, we still don't find out what happened between the two. As much as I want to drop this story, I can't not know what happened. But ugh if we could just get on in the present and see what happens, that would be great.Fortunately, the sequel has long been out, and I'm still not giving up. Despite my frustrations, I really enjoyed the author's writing style, and I liked Mister Romance, her upcoming book.Bad Romeo is the first book in the Starcrossed series and is told in Cassie's POV. The story alternates between the past and the present and ends with a cliffhanger. Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    2019-05-01 11:16

    3 STARSI had read so many reviews about this one and most of them were 4-5 stars so I had high expectations when I start reading it! In the beginning I was intrigued and very interested to see what would happen but after 30% I started rolling my eyes so many times and feeling so frustrated with the sexual tension and their acts which make me lose interest for the story and the characters!Another problem I had was the switching between the present and the past and sometimes I would forget where I was.. In my opinion it would be better if there wasn't the past. I don't think it was necessary. Apart from this, I didn't like the characters a lot! Holt didn't win me over at all! He annoyed me so many times. And Cassie...oh Cassie you are totally stupid for me!My conclusion for this book? This book will either be a hit or miss for readers. I'm in the middle because there are moments I liked it and moments I didn't like it at all! Would I consider reading the second book? Well yes because I want to see what will happen even though I'm not a fan of the characters! Hopefully the second book will be much better!ARC provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • Arabella ~♡AB♡~
    2019-05-18 16:25

    ★★ 2 Stars ★★OK, just a quickie - the reason I did not like this book was because they spent the whole book teasing us as to the reasons for their break up in college. Now that they are back together for an acting role, Ethan wants to make up for being a complete tosser and is trying to win Cassie back.We didn't get any answers whatsoever, very frustrating. I didn't find it angsty, just extremely annoying. Ethan was a dick, and Cassie was a bit of a doormat.Still, I signed up for book 2 already so I HOPE it's worth it.

  • [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    2019-05-12 14:26

    2 starsI found the writing pretty good and there was a few funny moments. Unfortunately I found the hero too much of a douche with his I'm not good enough attitude. When I found out his reasons for leaving I liked him even less if that was possible. Cassie was constantly horny and geez does this girl have no self respect?So in all I didnt like it but I think its personally preference really. If you like the books with a douchey hero, a dragged out sexual tension type you may enjoy this, wasnt really angsty. For all my smutty friends--> (view spoiler)[there was no sex until 90% (hide spoiler)]Book details: past/present format, first person heroine POV only, low steam, minor cliffyARC provided by NetGalley["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Katy Loves Romance ❤️
    2019-05-01 12:17

    I have been umming and arring on how to star this book because I have so many feelings on certain aspects of the story I loved it but then things got a little much too so for that reason I'm going to review it in two half's and do it slightly differently. First and foremost this was an intense, passionate and gripping book for me yet I expected certain parts to unfold quicker so let me explain. First Half 5 Stars*****You begin where Cassie is enisted to take part in a new role on a performance, she's an actress her job is working in the arts and it's something she exceeds at, she loves it. What I loved was the ability the writer gave me was that I had the feelings of being part of the audience and watching the performance with my own eyes just like reading, I got the tingles and feels a sense of enforeyer as such when you are at the theatre and a big part of the story had me at grips with the feels in that way. Ethan asked to be part of the role right alongside Cassie he didn't know what it was but he NEEDED to be there with her. This is in present day.It begins in present day then flits back and forth to six years ago when Ethan struggled with his feelings and what he should or should not feel, where they met when they are both auditioning to get into the best drama and arts school and where they have to work together to get in and in to doing so they have to perform together this gives them a start of a friendship where they keep bumping into each other and once they move forward in their new lives and start college they become connected to each other where they want each other and have instant chemistry that pulled at my heart (not that Ethan wanted it that way but it was that way) I could see at the beginning how much they had a sense of comfort in each other, they became entwined in each others lives and emotionally this was a very much character driven book. On stage they have this Intense chemistry that all that are involved and all that are watching are gripped and watching, feeling there movements, there initial movements, there touches, kisses I was mesmerised at this point of the story and was so excited to see how their chemistry would be on stage and OFF. But off stage Ethan has a lot of demons and in that he is unable to do what Cassie wants and let himself feel what you as a reader can feel I mean theres no doubt about that from get go. Let me explain a little about Cassie; Cassie is innocent and hasn't had a boyfriend before nor anyone she has been attracted to the way she does Ethan, therefore I had myself laughing at her thoughts how she was quite childlike at times I mean she just said things she felt with no qualms about it I want to suck your penis etc? Very innocent behaviour she so funny yet there was an after embarrassment that I wanted to hug her and lead her to how she should behave yet Ethan was good with her here but then he walked away then came back again and in that mixed communication occurred and self doubt creeped in. Yet in present day he does nothing but show himself fully and how he wants to start over, how he wants to be all that she needs and not let his past demons interfere with how much he wants to move forward in a much maturer way. Above all in the first half I adored how it held onto my heart, captivated me I was completely engrossed by THEM. Second half 3 Stars***I love angst I love the feel of will they won't they I love the feelings I get when I read these kind of love stories and I am first in line when I read those kind of blurbs which is why I went and read this one, I mean I actually liked and loved the only rock go there is in Kellen Kyle and I wasn't that upset with Kiera ccause all in all I knew who she was meant to be with at the end what I'm saying is when I see a goal in sight I'm all in, but here the word BAD ROMEO had a hugeee factor in this story. So my status updates 40% and you are dealing with Dry humping where the flirtish banter was fun that it didn't really worry me at that point but then we get to 50% and we're still there is the same point, then status update at 70%.......For the love of god will these two stop the dry humping and just take THE DAMN CLOTHES OFF THE GET IT ON!!!!!!It got a little thin and I was wondering where it was headed???!!! I love damaged heros I love broken men and there inner turmoil that doesn't bother me at all but there has to be a part of you that clicks and decides to take a chance. Saying all that I did enjoy it, it is a NA but I just felt I could of moved forward faster or cut short a little, but I am most definitely excited for book 2 I want closure and I want them both to be happy. I'm really hoping for more a mature outlook and to see them both connect on a more intimate level and to OPEN UP TO TAKE THAT CHANCE AND NOT CLOSE UP!!! Overall 3.75-4 stars****That is all For more reviews follow us here:

  • XxTainaxX
    2019-04-24 14:24

    Let me start by saying that this story is stocked full with angst. It can get pretty thick sometimes to the point of frustration but if you're patient, you can peel back the layers and come out of the experience with a pretty meaningful love story. Not only in the romantic couple way but in the self love category as well. I had to stop a few times and talk myself into picking it back up thinking "Do I really want to do this to myself?" I'm really glad I kept going. Ethan and Cassie meet in college as they are auditioning for admission into a prestigious art school. Despite some pretty heavy resistance on Ethan's part, they start something that flourishes into love pretty quickly. But love isn't so clear cut and easy when you're struggling with your demons. For a while it works, then it doesn't. 8 years after they are last together, the couple has to work together on the stage again. The story goes through what happened in the past while interjecting with them now. The back and forth jump in the timelines can be confusing at times when listening in audiobook. While Ethan was displaying signs he had changed in the present. I found myself as skeptical as Cassie as their past got recounted. I liked that the author was able to evoke that. Ethan was a very troubled character with deep scars that affected him greatly. While his reasons for being that way, to me, seem a fairly common occurrence, I liked that the story shows that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or perceives, it's about the person that's feeling it. Cassie started out fine and was later changed by her experiences so the contrast was very interesting. Towards the end of this story I was feeling a little more hopeful about Ethan, but I can't say I was quite at believing him yet. All in all a really good story with beautiful depth. Safety: No Om/OW/Sharing while they are together. Others during their separation for one of them. No rape or abuse.

  • ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬
    2019-05-08 13:10

    aylar sonra gelen edit: geçen gece aklıma geldi kitap. 3 vermeye karar verdim. Ethan hariç bi bok yok kitapta yorumda da görüldüğü üzere.skrlr.hep seks hep seks aq başka bişi yok. eğlenceli kitap, kesin okuyun ama *meh*aylar sonra gelen edit bitti..şu an ingilizce yorum yazmaya üşeniyorum. zaten yazamıyorum sdfsadfasdfnys benim spoilersız yorum görülmüş şey mi? hayır. çok abartmadım ama bence.şimdiiii, fangirlingden önce bir şey diyeceğim.canımı SIKAN şeyler var.1. ÇEVİRİ.aslında çeviri fena değil yani vasat. ve ben vasat çevirileri sevemem. çevirmenin bir Murakami kitabı çevirmiş olmasının yanı sıra bunun Doğan Yay.'den çıkmış olması soru işaretlerini barındırıyor. DİKKAT! BURADA BİR EDİT. TUBA'M SAĞ OLSUN. BU AŞAĞIDA SİZİ BAYACAK ÇEVİRİ SIKINTILARINI DİREK ÇEVİRMENE ASLINDA YÜKLEMİŞİM AMA TAM YÜKLEMİYORUM :d KENDİMİ GAZA GETİRME ÖZELLİĞİM VAR. SONUÇ OLARAK BU DURUMUN OLMASINI SAĞLAYAN REDAKTÖR MÜ YOKSA DİREK ÇEVİRMEN Mİ YOKSA YAYINEVİNİN ARZUSU MU BÖYLE ARTIK HER NE İSE NOLUR ACİL MÜDAHALE EDİN. KOSKOCA YABANCI'SIN SEN! SEN DE YAPARSAN NAPALIM BİZ. peki ben bu çevirinin vasat olduğunu niye söylüyorum; o kadar çok "ya" ve "off" ve "kızım" kelimesi vardı ki! gerçekten bezdim.bunların orjinalinde böyle olmadığına emindim. hadi kızım neyse, ama diğerleri? yani "ya" ve "of" diye çevirilen kalıpların orijinalini beşikteki çocuk görse "omg lol" der.tabi ki doğrudan günlük dil çeviri yapmak zor. gerektiğinde bambaşka ama oraya uyan tabir kullanılacaktır. bunu yapmış da denk geldim. ama dediğim şeyler bariz. argo çeviremiyoruz. ben kitabın dilinin ingilizce olduğunu biliyorum, ve ingilizce bileyim bilmeyim insan artık "fuck" kelimesinin "siktir" olduğunu biliyor, canın cehenneme vb değil, samanyolu tv'misin sen?örnek veriyorum. ve verdiğim örnekler bana battıkları için direk açıp bulduklarım tüm metne bakmaya korkuyorum... biraz uzun oldu asdfads o yüzden spoiler diye veriyorum tercihen görüntülemeyiniz. çeviri için (view spoiler)[“Shit, woman. Slow down.”"Kahretsin kızım ya! Yavaş ol."* kız henüz 19 yaşında diye kadın denilemez mi? çünkü 6 yıl sonraki woman'lar kadın diye çevrilmiş gayet. peki 'ya' nerden çıktı. YA NEDİR allah lillah aşkına!HADİ DİYELİM BUNU AFFETTİM BEN YANLIŞ DÜŞÜNÜYORUM...____________"And that was your first time? Damn, woman. I hate to think what you’re going to be like after a bit of practice.”Ayrıca bu senin ilk seferin miydi? Off kızım ya! Biraz pratik yaptıktan sonra nasıl olacağını düşünmek bile istemiyorum."* ben susuyorum bold yaptıklarım konuşsun.____________"God Ethan...""Off Ethan..."* eminim tanrı 'off' diye çevrilmekten hiç hoşlanmamıştır. off ne ya ayrıca kızılay karanfil çıkışında kız kesen keko musun sen!____________“Yes, I like her, but … Jesus … it’s more complicated than that.”"Evet. Ben de seviyorum onu ama... Off! Durum bundan daha karmaşık."* oğlanın kıza henüz seni seviyorum demediği güz önüne alınırsa 'like' neden 'sevmek' olarak çevrildi bir (ya online çevirilerde bile son sıralarda sevmek cmon), ikincisi ben 'İsa'nın da 'off' diye çevrilmek istediğini düşünmüyorum.____________“Fuck me,” Holt says with a scowl. Holt sinirlenerek, "Yok daha neler ya!" dedi.* ay cidden ama yok daha neler ya!? evet 'fuck me' düzgün çevrilemez de allasen "oh shit" anlamı taşıyan bir şey için lafı bu kadar uzatmanın alemi nedir anlatsana biraz...____________He tenses. “What the hell?”Kasıldı. "Ne yapıyorsun ya?"* ya bu çok basit konuşmak istemiyorum. erkek adam ya demez, "lan" der, "be" der. mesela "ne sikim?" der...?____________ “Do you want to go out there and kick ass tonight...""Bu akşamsahneye çıkıp harikalar yaratmak mı..."*bunu diğer alıntıyı alırken gördüm. abicim "KICK ASS", eeeeennnn kötü "kıçını tekmelemek", "canına okumak", ya da bizim argomuzla "ağızlarına sıçmak" diyebilirdin sevgili çevirmen. tamam, olmamış değil, ama tekrar düşünür müsünüz ne demek istiyorum.____________“Aw, Cassie, don’t be mad,” she calls after me. Arkamdan, "Cassie! Kızma ya," diye seslendi.* "ya"ya bir daha değinmeyeceğim. aw yok zaten. aw hiç bir şeyi hak etmiyor. bütün aw'lar ölsün. aw sadece ya olabilir başka izin yok. (hide spoiler)]tamam Cine5'in ucuz erotik hollwoodlarını çevirdiği gibi basmakalıp çevirelim demiyorum ama bence ARGO BİRAZ SAYGIYI HAK EDİYOR. KISACASI Bir erkeğe sürekli "ya" dedirtilmemeli bence. asdfasdfasdf hatta kimseye. hele ethan gibi bir herife. cmon.En azından "off"lar "ahh" falan olabilirdi değil mi?Hayır bunu başkası yapsa 'üff yine tam istikrar' der geçerim ama bu, bunu bana ve bu kitaba yapmayacaktın Yabancı. ha, okunmaz mı? manyak mısınız aşağıda öküz gibi gömcem kitaba ama dört verdim, bırakın orta şeker çeviriyi. cmon. anlatçam. neyse.canını sıkan diğer şeye geçiyorum hemen.2. Cinsel gerilimin bokunu çıkartmak ne kadar anlatıma bayılırsam bayılayım, ne kadar aşık olurlarsa olsunlar, azgınlık okumak soğumama neden oluyor. ben ki sırf içinde erotizm yok diye genç yetişkin okurken sıkılıyorum, ben ki bi kitapta en çok karakterlerin nasıl aşk cümleleri kurduklarındansa nasıl seviştiklerine daha çok önem veriyorum, abartılmış seks isteği gıcığıma gidiyor. dıncıkıyorum (erzincanda bunalmak demek, hayır erzincanlı değilim) daraltı basıyor, soldan soldan atlara biniyorlar, kal geliyor, üfs oluyorum.yani, aralarındaki "kimya"nın birbirlerini bu kadar sex üstüne kurulu olmasından "penis istiyorum, penisi çok güzel, sevişmezsem ölüjem, of seni istiyorum" olarak tabir edilmesinden, aşktan ziyade meşkin öne çıkarılmasından yana değilim.iş bir yerden sonra tutkudan şehvete dönüşüyor çünkü.eminim, Before We Were Strangers'da olabileceği gibi, seks yazmadan o aşkı anlatabilirsiniz. tabi bunu size ben anlatmiciiim. anladınız siz beni, hehe.yani okuduğum tüm o güzel sanatlar kolejinde aşk zırvalıklarından NE FARKI VAR ki şimdi bu kitabın? bildiğimiz azgın ergenler. ezik harika kız. sorunlu seksi erkek.ay fark Ethan!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEAAAAAAATTTTTTTHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAN! ve diğerleri asdfasdfŞİMDİ (view spoiler)[updatelerde dedim ki bu herifin bu kadar korkmasının sebebinin iyi olması lazım. ethan'ın eski sevgilisinin en yakın arkadaşıyla yatması önce bana hmm geldi. yetersiz. reddedildi. sonra oğluşumun evlatlık olduğunu öğrendim.BU YÜZDEN YAZARA BİR ALKIŞ. tek başlarına olsalardı yavan kalırdı, anlamsız olurdu. ikisinin de kurguya eklenmesi iyi olmuş bence. sonra yine dedim ki bu herifin alfa olması lazım.çünkü bir pussy'e hayranlık duymak istemiyorum. yani kıskanmayan, pısırık, geniş heriflerden bahsediyorum. çünkü kadın oyuncu arkadaşlar. türkçe'de ben genelde bunlara basiretsiz ya da amcık ağızlı diyorum asdfasdf (pussy bu sıfatla kullanıldığında amcık ağızlı diye hiç çevilmedi şu an fark ettim. niye bizim çevirmenler türkçe argo bilmiyor?)bunu niye dedim, BAKIN ÇOK ÖNEMLİ, "pislik oluşuyla ağız sulandıran" dominant bir erkek, bağlanmaktan, kendini açmaktan ve terk edilmekten korkan bir erkek, yıllar sonra gelip, 'tedavi oldum ve senden pes etmeyeceğim' diyorsa, adamın sorunları hallolmalı, karakteri değişmemeli.'millete çıktığımızı deme ama connor sorarsa nişanlıyız de' diyen bir adam döndüğünde 'ne demek ev arkadaşım erkek, ne demek connor'la üç yıl yattım, ne demek bu eve tek gecelik büssürü erkek geldi' demek zorunda. yok demezse çöpe atarım o kitabı. işte bunu atmadım. neyseki "henüz" böyle bir şey yok.hehe. şimdilik. (hide spoiler)]bunların yanında....allahım!ya rabbel alemin!ADAM ROMEO ROLÜNÜ OYNAYAMAYAN BİR ROMEO!HAKİKİ ROMEO BU HERİFİN YANINDA ÖKÜZ KALIR!ay durun önce (view spoiler)[size; onca yıl kimseyle yatmamış bir adamdan bahsediyorum. kadın sürüsüne bereket adamla yatarken. bakın kadının zevk almaması durumu yumuşatmaz ben BAŞKASIYLA YATAMAYAN bir erkekten bahsediyorum. size; kapı önünde saatlerce oturup bekleyen ve kapı çalmayı cesaret edemeyen bir heriften bahsediyorum. size; sevdiği kadından uzaktayken onu GOOGLE'DA ARATIP KAHROLAN, İÇİP İÇİP SARHOŞ GEZEN ve gece mastürbasyon yapan bir adamdan bahsediyorum. size; öncesi ve sonrasında, korkaklığını yenmeden önce de sonra da, başkaldırırken süklüm püklüm, acılar içinde, korkudan bi altına yapmadığı kalan bir oğlandan bahsediyorum. size; bırakın sevdiğini yüzüne demeyi, e-posta atmaktan bile aciz durumda olan bir delüğanlıdan bahsediyorum.(hide spoiler)]neredeyse tüm fantezilerim bir arada asdfasdfasdfsdfbana yine vurmayın bu kadar bayılıp niye 4 verdin diye yine. bi kitabın 5 olması için yine söylüyorum beni yerden yere vurması, parça pınçik etmesi, gebertmesi, kısacası hayatımın, en azından okuduğum gün içerisinde içine sıçması lazım. güldürerek veya ağlatarak fark etmez.AYRICA HOŞLANMADIĞIM başka unsurlar da var. (ay sanarsın tez yazıyorum unsur ne asdfasf)çok uzatmış. kitabın ortalarını geçtikten sonra açıldı benim için kitap. aslında kötü değildi kesinlikle ama ben sıkıldım yer yer.tabi ki hatun aka Cassie Taylor. hoşlaşmadım. nefret etmedim sadece hoşlanmadım. azgın olduğu için hoşlanmadım.tamam gençkenki azmini, güvenini ve sabrını kutluyorum da ben zaten genelde kolay kolay hoşlanmam hatunlardan nys. asdfghjBU ARADA kitap çok pis yerde bitti. o yüzden ŞİMDİDEN DİYORUM, EĞER Kİ 2. kitapta- ethan bir yandan süklüm püklüm olurken bir yandan da alfalık taslamazsa (sevişirken o "you are mine" denilecek!) yani karakteri değişmişse,- kız gerizekalı kararlar verirse,- araya saçma sapan bahane, kişi ve olaylar sokuşturulmuşsa,- olayı hala sekse bağlayıp ateşli yazıp beni tüm duygusallıktan mahrum bırakırsa- ethan'ın niye terk ettiğini (ben az çok bilsem de) doğru düzgün yazmamışsa, - ethan'ın sorunlarla olan mücadelesini, kısaca ethan'la ilgili her bir zerreyi kısa anlatmışsa;acımam çöpe atarım kitabı. HARİCİNDE çok güldüm, yarıldım, bayıldım. cidden aşırı "asdfghjkl" bir kitap. diğer karakterler bile bulunur cinsten. saydıklarım dışında öyle irite eden bir şey yoktu beni. ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN,ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN,ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN,ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN, ETHAN...xoxoiko["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Mariℓina
    2019-05-02 19:07

    I love this book! Simple as that. I am extremely happy that i got this ARC, because it was truly worth it and also i have a feeling this one will be a big hit.The writing was stunning, the characters were insane but of the good kind and i adore them, i saw the many artful brushes here and there that connected the past with the present and the character development was a serious plus. Also the sentiments that the story ignited in my heart, were explosive.My heart was jumping around my chest all the time, this book which is filled with chemistry angst and feelings was exactly what i needed. In the end i kept trying to flip onto the next page, but there was none, so now i have to wait and pray for the next book to be out.Ethan broke Cassie's heart! Completely, he shattered her, he changed her, put her back together and eventually he left. But now he is back and Cassie, has no idea of how to forgive him. Is he really the changed person he claims to be? Can she ever trust him again? For the third time? How bad or dark, could this Romeo, really be?Ethan Holt, with the amazing name and the gorgeous face, is also a crazily disturbed, rugged, unbelievably talented, sexy as hell difficult person, who tries his best to avoid his real feelings, but that wasn't one bit the cliche that comes straight in mind = bad boy + intimacy issues. His personality is entirely superb and unique.Cassie Taylor, also beautiful, starts as a people pleaser, but changes her ways quickly and takes a leap of faith in herself, when she decides to become an actress. She is trustworthy, talented, romantic, but also vivacious and sometimes cynical. Her relationship with Ethan, will shape her into a closed off person with trust issues.No matter what i write, i feel that i can do no justice to this book. There are so many layers in it and yet many to be explored in the next installment. I can only congratulate the author for the wonderful journey into their story. Thank you.THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK- I seriously LOVED IT! I know, i sound like a school girl but i can't stop myself.- The chemistry is everywhere.- I liked their friends, the multi-personality group was well-thought-out.- I liked Erica soooooo much. She was great at her job, and she put Ethan in his place with a crafty way.- The bet was hilarious.- When he was sick, awwwwww!- A few mistakes, but hey it's an ARC.- Their first time was magical.- Maybe Cassie said a few times too many how handsome Ethan was.- I loved all the funny aspects.- Their relationship happened naturally.- I liked the diary entries and the emails.- The writing was flowing effortlessly.- I see why some people didn't like it because the procrastination of the big moment was a little too much, but i had no problem at all. Because when it finally happened. Wow! - The way it is writen with all the past and present unravelling simultaneously was extraordinary and well-handled.ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. Thank you!

  • AleJandra
    2019-05-01 14:34

    Si tuviera que describir este libro en una palabra sería: MehLo mas interesante es todo lo relacionado a las clases de actuación, la maestra, los ejercicios que les pone, todo eso si lo disfruté. La historia de amor es insoportable.

  • Stephanie • Ideally Inspired
    2019-05-21 16:17

    NOPE. NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Review coming...unlike Ethan. "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"  Hope you're not looking for him here, cause HE AIN'T IN THIS BOOK.Don't worry though, I wasn't expecting to find him in this book either.Before I get into my review, I want to point out that this book has been getting a lot of buzz around the blogosphere. A lot of people are picking up what this author is putting down. I however, am not drinking the Kool-Aid.I decided to give this book a try after several of my blogging buddies gushed over how incredible this book was. How amazing the sexual tension is. How this is one of the best books they've EVER READ within this genre.So I picked it up.I was ready for the awesome.I was excited to be blown away.But guess what?Instead of being amazed, I was left frustrated & annoyed.This book was like a broken record, that was replaying the same busted track that you can't seem to get out of your head. For the first 15-20%, I won't lie, the author had me invested in the story. There was humor, and nice, healthy, sexual tension.But then, beyond 20% shit just got to be: The story is so incredibly underwhelming. The characters felt one-dimensional.The hero, Ethan Holt: ASSHOLE.The heroine Cassie Taylor: DELUSIONAL.At 50%, I had to put my Kindle down and phone (well Facebook IM) a friend:You'd think I would've just DNF'd at 50%, and just called it a day. BUT NO, I subjected myself to another 20% (DNF'd at 71%) only to wish I could lobotomize myself.If I could summarize this book in 5 words: BLUE BALLS AND DRY HUMPS. To me, this book was a literal interpretation of Lady Gaga's song: Bad Romance.No matter how many times Ethan told Cassie that he was bad for her, she still aggressively pursued him. WHERE IS YOUR SELF RESPECT?Girl, you cray.By 70%, I. Couldn't. Care. Less.I have a message to the couple in this story:Or wait, I guess you can't, cause this book was the biggest cock tease I've ever read.