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SterekDerek knows that Stiles is too young for him, but Stiles doesn't agree. Eight years after Derek rejects him due to the age gap, they meet again where Derek has settled in Wyoming as a ranch hand, and Stiles is the new deputy, and still pissed as hell about the way Derek turned him down. Things don't go as either of them planned. (I'm sure a million fics have been wriSterekDerek knows that Stiles is too young for him, but Stiles doesn't agree. Eight years after Derek rejects him due to the age gap, they meet again where Derek has settled in Wyoming as a ranch hand, and Stiles is the new deputy, and still pissed as hell about the way Derek turned him down. Things don't go as either of them planned. (I'm sure a million fics have been written about older Stiles and Derek, but this one has cowboy Derek, does that help?)Words: 27,794 Complete...

Title : One Door Closes
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One Door Closes Reviews

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *
    2018-12-13 09:54

    Once again Derek self sacrifices and does it in the worst way possible. He's been pining hopelessly ever since.Stiles is rightly indignant in his anger, devastatingly cutting wth his words. Apparently time doesn't heal all wounds. Quite the angsty read but they both get the proverbial kick in the ass from the Sheriff to take that step in starting over.This hurt me good. But it also made me smile, laugh and sigh. Smart writing from this author - I expected no less.

  • Dalia
    2018-11-26 06:55

    Cop!Stiles and Cowboy!Derek.Derek rejects Stiles at the age of 16, due to the age gap. It pisses Stilles off and he stops seeing Derek. Everything changes as they meet again eight years later, in Wyoming, where Derek is a ranch hand and Stiles takes job as a deputy.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]“Hi, uh, hi,” Derek says. “You, uh, you look good. Really good.” Really good like ‘let me pin you up against the wall and rub my scent all over you’ good, but Derek remembers at the last minute that he probably shouldn’t be saying things like that.It's good. Sweet and little angsty.Edited due to flagging.

  • Rosa, really
    2018-12-07 06:35

    Future!fic with cowboy!Derek (okay, he's a ranch hand) and Deputy!Stiles! In Wyoming!Derek turned Stiles down 8 years ago (Stiles was 16) and Stiles is still seriously pissed. And goes on being pissed for quite a bit of this fic. I could've done with less pissed and more sex, but it's still quite enjoyable. And I love reading about Derek pining for Stiles. As well he should.

  • Julio Genao
    2018-11-17 09:34

    the big ol' operatic 'this is going to be an escandalo!' scenes in both the hospital and the diner irritated me.on the whole, the story seemed to slip far too readily into stage-play territory, where characters were shouting at one another to catch the audience up on things in unnatural and excessive ways.the prose was a little dry, but honestly, compared to how much ketchup was on the dialogue in those two scenes i mentioned, 'dry' is a compliment.close to good, but not all that, IMO.

  • Otila
    2018-11-26 10:59

    I love Pining!Derek.Cowboy!Derek doesn't hurt either.I liked it alot!

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    2018-12-06 07:30

    Gah! There is so much I loved about this and just as much that I hated.A wise woman just told me she wonders why she writes reviews since the gifs and the pics normally say it all. I agree.

  • Karen Wellsbury
    2018-11-23 09:59

    This was just what I needed.There is some angst (Susan) to start, but its plot related and not too bad.Stiles is the deputy, and Derek is a cowboy - it's 10 years since high school.Its so blinking cute and at about 50% its delicious, and gooey.Loved it

  • Aeren
    2018-11-29 09:52

    Perfect 😍😍😍😍

  • Lori
    2018-12-06 11:58

    4.5Cop Stiles - with a grudge.Cowboy Derek - with regrets.Yep. It's a good un.

  • Borderstar
    2018-12-10 07:53

    3.75 starsDeputy!Stiles and Cowboy!Derek... well ok, ranch hand! Unfortunately not that much was made out of Derek being a cowboy *pouts*...I didn't enjoy Stiles being mad at Derek for half the fic and therefore not talking, but I can understand why... It was still pretty entertaining and fun, and I enjoyed the future versions of everyone.Derek wasn't quite gruff enough for me...and from the beginning he is pining for Stiles, so I didn't feel as much as when there is some build up or slow realisation of his feelings...still a good read though.

  • Vallie
    2018-11-28 06:31

    Cowboy, shy Derek is awesome. Intimidating cop Stiles is even hotter. Stiles is mad at Derek for at least half the story but there were delicious rescue plot twists and first dates and first kisses and first times after. Loved!

  • Maygirl7
    2018-11-30 10:41

    3.5 stars. Cute!

  • Malinda
    2018-12-02 09:30

    4 starsI liked this story very much. This is a Sterek fanfiction story. For those of you that don't know...Sterek fanfic is based off 2 male characters, Stiles and Derek, from the TV show Teen Wolf. In the show they're both heterosexual but some viewers have fantasized about them together in a m/m relationship and thus Sterek was born. This story takes part 10 years after part of the TV show happened. It's like Derek became Alpha and made Erica, Boyd, Jackson and Isaac in to werewolves but nothing else happened according to the TV show (at least as far as I can tell). Everyone is alive and eventually moved away to different areas to move on with their lives. Derek ended up moving to Wyoming and working as a ranch hand.While Stiles is still 16 years old, he starts showing an interest in Derek. At first they're friends but soon Derek (the story is from Derek's PoV) starts smelling desire on Stiles and sees signs that Stiles is working himself up to confronting Derek about it and trying to start something between them. Because of Kate taking advantage of him when he was 16, Derek is really messed up about the possibility of him doing to Stiles what Kate did to him. Because of this, Derek ends up pushing Stiles away in a very assholish way and in return, Stiles starts avoiding Derek and treating him like he has the plague. Derek regrets the way things turned out and stays in touch with everyone from the old pack except for Stiles (but he does ask Scott about Stiles when he can without being too obvious). One day, Derek comes to the lobby of the ranch and sees Stiles there dressed in a deputy's uniform. He's shocked to see Stiles and doesn't know what to do when Stiles is a complete jerk to him. Stiles makes it clear he wont forgive or even talk to Derek and things are strained between them for a long time. With some time, things aren't as strained and eventually, Stiles and Derek are able to work things out enough to give things another go and the story ends with them solidly together and starting towards a nice HEA.I enjoyed this story a lot. I was a bit annoyed at Stiles for him being such a big jerk to Derek when they finally saw each other again but it made more sense once I found out that in this world, Stiles never found out about the whole Derek/Kate relationship. Once he found out he was much more understanding about Derek's relationship issues. It was actually kind of cool because once they came together their relationship was a lot more equal than it would have been if they had gotten together 10 years before and I liked seeing them that way. Overall, I thought this was a very enjoyable Sterek. :D

  • MostlyDelores
    2018-12-10 03:39

    “I want you to say this exactly. Read it off fucking notecards if you have to. ‘Stiles, we’ve been together for a while now, and I really want to take this relationship to the next level.’”“Slow down,” Derek says, scribbling away.

  • K
    2018-11-14 07:45

    Cute Sterek reunion fic 10 years post graduation and centring around a "big misunderstanding" event.

  • Pjm12
    2018-11-28 03:37

    Totally adorable older couple Sterek.This author writes good stuff. Just what I needed.

  • Mj
    2018-11-29 08:48

    I liked it enough

  • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    2018-12-05 05:46

    There were a couple of parts that really got to me.Derek running away, after Stiles verbally backhands him. Just about made me cry.Derek as a cowboy....HOT.1 thing that made me go huh? Cowboys? I'm not a big baseball fan, so maybe there is a Cowboy team I don't know of...but I'm pretty sure Cowboys are football, not baseball.This had some hurt, and some feelz. Making it an enjoyable fic.

  • Nepreading
    2018-12-07 09:30

    self-sacrificing FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. grapefruktskeden grävde djupt, mmm. ranch hand!derek, deputy!stiles.

  • jules0623
    2018-11-13 04:36

    2.5 stars

  • Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    2018-11-13 04:34

    Read 12/12/2014 Reread 5/15/2016