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Secrets are what Kerry has lived and breathed for the past three years, and those secrets may kill her, if she's not careful. Her new life in a coastal North Carolina paradise is haunted by her past and ruled by her number one goal: to not be noticed. Even if that means denying her attraction to Officer Grey Morgan, who's set his sights on her beyond any doubts and despiteSecrets are what Kerry has lived and breathed for the past three years, and those secrets may kill her, if she's not careful. Her new life in a coastal North Carolina paradise is haunted by her past and ruled by her number one goal: to not be noticed. Even if that means denying her attraction to Officer Grey Morgan, who's set his sights on her beyond any doubts and despite all odds.Grey has spent his summer in pursuit of Kerry, but what he doesn't know is that nothing with her is as it seems and loving her comes with a price.What she doesn't know is that there's no risk he won't take, and no way he'll let her fight her demons alone.Book 3 in the Lock and Key Series.Also available in the Lock and Key Series:Officer Next Door (Book 1)Officer out of Uniform (Book 2)Book 4 coming soon!...

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Officer in Pursuit Reviews

  • Claire Robinson
    2018-11-27 03:25

    3 - It was her turn to be brave. Stars.Officer in Pursuit is the third book in Ranae Rose’s, Lock and Key series. Although enjoyable, for me it didn’t quite have the emotional punch as its predecessors, and I did struggle to find a connection or any real development of feelings between Grey and Kerry for the first half of the book.Kerry Harlow has been a resident of Riley County for three years, having moved on and left her past life behind, she has established herself as Wisteria Plantation House’s Head House-Keeper. Through her job she has become close friends with Sasha and Alicia (books 1 & 2) who also work at the house but in other capacities. Ranae has kept Kerry and her background very much out of the previous books in this series, and I have to admit I was raring to find out what this quiet and unassuming woman’s story was. It isn’t pretty as you would expect, it is however a little predictable, and again that left me a little off kilter, as these aren’t issues I have ever really had with this authors writing in the past. I have been surprised by the previous books in the series as well as emotionally invested in the characters and their storylines, and for some reason it didn’t all quite gel together for me this time.No one truly knew her. Not even her best friends.Officer Grey Morgan… well he epitomizes everything that Ranae does best, and that is give her readers a strong, but vulnerable man, that you can’t help but fall in love with. He is cheeky, assured, confident but not arrogant, and very easy on the eye (well in my imagination he certainly was). His pursuit and then protectiveness of Kerry was extremely endearing and, once again I lost a little piece of my heart to another one of Ranae’s heroes.This isn’t a bad book, the light supernatural element carries on through nicely, the characters and the development of the series in general are still of a very high standard. As I said I just have very high expectations when it comes to this author. I’d still happily recommend it, the series and anything else she has written or is ever likely to write in the future.Jeremy, One of Riley County’s Police Officers is up next, he brings a little something extra to the mix being a single dad, and I am looking forward to reading his story.ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for the above honest review.

  • Pamela
    2018-11-22 09:18

    This was Grey and Kerry's story, and like before, I loved Grey. Unfortunately, I found book 3 to be a disappointing. Once again the heroine bugged me the wrong way. The whole thing about her keeping it a secret that she was once married to a man who physically abused her was lame. Please note that I'm not making fun of victims of physical abuse or laying blame at their feet. What I'm saying is that the reasons why the heroine, Kerry, didn't tell her friends of her past didn't work for me. On one hand Kerry doesn't want to get close to her friends, or start a relationship with Grey, because she wants to keep them safe, yet not only does she work with them, they're best friends and joined at the hip. Whatever. Not to mention it was quite obvious right from the start what Kerry's story was. Definitely not an exciting read. In fact, I found the whole story was anything but exciting. Oh crap. There's another installment coming out soon. I must be nuts but knowing myself, looks like I'll be reading that one too.

  • Sarah
    2018-12-06 10:11

    I was very kindly provided with a copy of Officer in Pursuit to read and review.I never thought I would love a couple more than I did Alicia and Liam from Officer Next Door, book one in the Lock and Key series. But I’m sorry, move on over guys and make way for Kerry and Grey. These two just made my heart swoon and then melt into a huge mushy puddle. They were cute, funny and so romantic it made me feel the need to propose to the next man I laid eyes on. The small introductions we’ve been given to Kerry and Grey in the two previous books had made me feeling least excited about their story over anyone’s, but don’t be as easily fooled as me as their mystery alone made this the best book so far.Kerry is one of the strongest females I’ve had the pleasure of coming across, she never believes in letting anyone fight her battles for her and she will always give everything her all but at the same time she is so heart wrenchingly fragile about the way she perceives herself. Her lack of self belief and seeing herself as “irreparably broken” are all repercussions of her past but they are completely heart breaking to hear. At times I wondered if she was not only trying to protect her friends from her past but also didn’t believe herself worthy of them and their love. I won’t say anything about Kerry’s past as I really think you need to read this without spoiling the story at all but I guarantee that you won’t regret hearing her story.“He didn’t expect winning over Kerry to be easy. But he did expect it to be worth it.”Grey “lover of iced sugar cookies shaped like sharks” was the funniest, most loveable character possible. I adored that he never once lost heart or faith in Kerry and his ability to warm her heart and win her over had me falling in love with him just as badly as she did. Once or twice his inner dialogue had tears streaming down my face, he was utterly hilarious. He was the complete package, from his sense of humour to his full on panty melting charm, Kerry never really has a chance of not falling heart over head for him. His warmth and passion will leave you wishing that he truly was real and that it was possible to go kidnap him all for yourself!This book went far too quickly for me, I reached the end after devouring it in two sittings but I would have been over the moon if it had of been double in length, I loved it that much. Grey and Kerry were two of my most favourite characters I’ve ever read and I would happily take a whole series of just hearing all about them. Kerry is written in a way that she is one hundred and ten percent human, believable and made me feel as though she was actually real by the end of the book. She had amazing strength but also such a lack of self confidence that my heart just cried for her as more and more about her was revealed, the subject matter that her past involves was handled with such grace and care by Ranae Rose that I applaud her. It’s not an easy story to try and write and a subject that has touched so many lives but it was told so delicately. I often found that I had been holding my breath and wrapping my arms around myself halfway through a chapter without realising it, this is such an easy book to get sucked in to. I honestly urge everyone to give this book a go because you won’t be disappointed, especially after the epilogue.I can’t wait for book four of the Lock and Key Series which will cover Jeremy’s story. My only request is for even more handcuff scenes, please! Thank you so much to Ranae Rose for sending me an ARC of this book and for giving me a new favourite, not only in this series but in my all time list, this was an amazing read.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-15 08:11

    I wasso excited for this book because out of all my favorite themes the abused heroine who finds new life and new love is my favoritist. Sadly it did not live up to my expectations. The heroine didn't really grow the spine i like to see...though she did fight back it was pretty weak definitely not the most appealing heroine for me. The heroes in this series, ive only just realized, do not do a great job of protecting their women-they often end up hurt as much or more and the women end up having to fend for themselves. Which could be ok because i like a strong heroine...but this one wasn't strong enough for the hero to be failing left and right. I liked this plot probably the most but the writing felt odd. It wasn't quite as easy flowing as the previous books and I think because it wasn't such a smooth quick read i had more time to notice the flaws that were semi present in the other books but i just didn't dwell on. I found a couple of errors in this one and some things that were just off/inconsistent. It honestly almost felt like a different author the writing was so off. Bottom line: I do still really recommend this author and I even enjoyed this book though not as much as the others. I'll wait for the next one to redeem the series

  • Theresa
    2018-11-15 05:06

    Never ending Pursuit?I think this has been my favorite book in the lock and key series yet! I was wondering who the bad guy was going to be since the pesky brothers were no longer an issue. There was lots of humor, chasing (both by the good and bad guys), and passion. And now a bit about the story...Now that Sasha and Alicia are paired up with two of North Carolina's finest prison guards, Kerry and Grey are the only two singles in their group of six left. Only problem is Kerry is very skittish. When she finally tells Grey to stay away with her lame excuse he refuses and continues to pursue her, in a good way. The same time her worst nightmare has returned and is pursuing her in a whole other fashion...Favorite passages: - “You’re free, because you decided to be.” - “Staying in the hospital overnight, just because of a few stitches? No thanks.” He grabbed one of her hands and squeezed. “I have a reputation as a badass to maintain, remember?” - “I always thought New Year’s resolutions were bullshit, but that was literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

  • Melvina
    2018-11-22 11:02

    Grey wants Kerry & has spent the entire summer trying to get close to her, but Kerry keeps a distance between them. From the previous two books i've read in this series, Grey is the one out of all the friends that's the smart mouth, always ready with a comment to torment his friends, but he is also dedicated, loyal & honest. He knows Kerry is attracted to him but he also knows that she is wary & cautious. Kerry has reason to be, she's lived through a nightmare & it's still out there. When it finds her she realises that Grey & her friends won't let her go through it on her own, but she's still reluctant to tell them the details because she's ashamed. Grey makes it his mission to keep her safe whilst trying to get closer to her. The beginning of this book is slightly slower than the previous two & it feels like it's because Grey is tip toeing around Kerry, not wanting to spook her away, so he's being extra careful in what he says & in his actions. It's very gradual between these two but no less explosive physically, it just takes them longer to get there. Kerry has to deal with horrors that keep coming & Grey has to deal with his inability at not being able to keep her safe. Both of them are trying to find their feet under very difficult circumstances, but with the steadfast support of each other, their friends & the resident ghost Kerry & Grey finally get their HEA

  • Romantic Reads and Such
    2018-12-01 10:23

    We’ve seen both Kerry and Grey in the previous stories and we’ve watched as they’ve danced around their attraction to each. But with Officer in Pursuit we finally get a chance to find out why Kerry has been resisting the oh-so-sexy officer. I love how Grey is willing to put himself out there again and again, knowing that Kerry is worth it and waiting for her to give him a chance. He’s confident, caring and funny – absolutely perfect for falling in love with. But Kerry has her secrets and they are doozies. When they finally come to light, they bring with them a threat that she can only face if she’s willing to let Grey and her friends in. I can see why she thinks that she has to hold so much inside but the support she receives once everything is revealed is just what she needs. Full of humor and adventure and sexiness galore, Rose once again delivers a winner. And I can’t wait until we get the next book to see what she brings our favorite police officer, Jeremy. (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)

  • Heather andrews
    2018-11-30 05:17

    Whatever Kerry wants our boy Grey seems to give it to his woman, "I wish you'd take your shirt off," she said. "I love looking at you without it when we're at the beach." He peeled off his t-shirt and tossed it aside, let it land somewhere on the floor, behind the couch." Sometimes Grey's body functions wakes up his girl, "fully conscious now, she was aware of more than just his presence. A sheet covered him almost to his chest, but did little to hide his erection. "Never mind that," he said. "You can keep on resting." He also has no qualms about telling his girl what he needs to do, "I'm fine. I just...I've really gotta take a pi**." He stood, nearly tripped over the sheet and hurried out of the room." He also gets his Christmas wish early, his woman in a bikini, "he sat frozen on the couch and didn't move, afraid any motion would draw attention to the insta-boner he'd sprung as soon as he'd laid eyes on her. "You look great," he said, trying to sound admiring, but not like he was about to burst out of his pants." Out of all the boys Liam still has my heart.

  • Donna
    2018-12-13 08:07

    You have to watch out for the quiet ones. Kerry was the one always hanging back while Alicia (Officer Next Door - Lock and Key, #1) & Sasha (Officer out of Uniform - Lock and Key #2) met and fell in love with their men Liam & Henry respectively. But quiet doesn’t necessarily mean without strength. In Kerry’s case it was her very strength keeping her quiet. Grey is outgoing and friendly. He really likes Kerry and wants to get to know her better. As soon as he finally starts to make headway with her strange things start happening. We really didn’t get to know Kerry in the other books but what we did see I liked. I thought of Grey as an overgrown Frat Boy. It was really nice to discover each of them.Another well written, totally engrossing entry into the Lock and Key series. Though part of a series each book can be read standalone. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review

  • Nicole
    2018-12-12 03:21

    *** ARC provided by the Author in return for an honest review***I have to say this was definitely my favorite so far of the series. I really liked how persistent and determined Grey proved to be. He knows Kerry is attracted to him and feels the same as he does which is why he doesn't understand why she denies what is between them. Kerry, however, has her reasons for holding herself back along with her rules and restrictions due to the secrets she keeps and her past. However Grey won't give up. He knows what he wants and he soon breaks down her walls. Soon the reason they where there in the first place comes to light with the truth being revealed, but now Kerry finds herself in danger. Grey sets out to prove she is not alone anymore and he is willing to do what he has to do to protect her. The story is fast paced and I couldn't stop once I began it. I look forward to reading Jeremy's story next!

  • Lorraine - Rainey Day Book Reviews
    2018-11-19 09:16

    *Warning* If you are a reader who has dealt with domestic violence you may find this story difficult to read. I personally felt connected with Kerry and her situation and I thank Ranae Rose for telling this compelling story.Kerry started a new life in Riley County three years ago and she has been keeping secrets. No one knows that she married when she was 18 years old or that she had had an abusive husband that she had left and later divorced. She spends her time trying to be unnoticeable…Grey is an officer and he has certainly taken notice of her over and he is and officer in full pursuit! He helps Kerry slowly come out of her self-imposed shell. He is a self-professed badass. The longer he spends with her it could prove deadly, to both of them.Kerry’s ex-husband wants her back and he intends to get her not matter what it takes… Grey has something different to say about that!

  • Karim
    2018-12-12 04:13

    I wasn't going to read this one, because Officer out of Uniform, the book that comes before this was a little bit of a disappointment for me. Either way I gave it a chance and was totally surprise at how the story grip me since the beginning. Grey wasn't the typical all in your face alpha man. He was funny, full of comebacks but still with a sexy body. Kerry was a just hidding from terrible secrets of her past. Not feeling worthy of the love of others. Grey has been trying all summer to win Kerry's affection but it isn't until she learns how to let go and let others help that she will find that there really exist people that care and love her no matter what.

  • Mandi Suddath
    2018-11-30 10:26

    Another amazing book by Ranae Rose!!!! I fell in love with these books and characters from the beginning! Kerry and Grey's story was an amazing one! Right from the start there is a spark between these two, although very cautious Kerry feels it right away!! This book works with the subject of domestic violence ( not between the main characters) and moving on afterward, a very touchy subject but one that is out there! I think Mrs. Rose did an amazing job of covering the subject and the moving on afterward!!! Also there is some humor to shake up the heavy stuff like poor Grey although we'll intentioned and sweet learning he is not the best of cooks!!! Poor bacon!!! I highly recommend this series if you haven't read it especially if you love steamy romances with hot police officers!!!!!

  • Angela
    2018-12-05 09:12

    Grey wants Kerry no doubt about it but Kerry continuously tries to keep him at arms length; no matter how much she wants him. Kerry has her secrets that she fears will come back to haunt her. This book is filled with such passion, pain, mystery, and love. I highly recommend this book. It was such an enjoyable read!Cant wait for more from this series. ARC provided by author for an honest review.

  • M.
    2018-11-28 04:20

    I really enjoyed this book, and I think it's because I loved Grey so much. His interactions with Kerry and thought processes are reminiscent of that of everyday, normal guys I know. Makes it feel a bit more realistic to me. He's very sweet, in that usual male sort of way (the part with the cookies, for example).

  • Gosia
    2018-11-30 04:16

    GoodI wasn't sure if I was going to be able to connect with Grey and Kerry. It felt like the chemistry between them was one sided in the beginning with Grey having stronger feelings for Kerry than the other way around. Despite that it was still good. I can't wait to read Jeremy's story. Always like the single dad books.

  • sam
    2018-12-02 09:05

    OH, I'm going to miss these guys! They are so hot, sweet and protective. I want a combination of them in one person and that one person to be only for me. This time, was Grey's time, and I love him so much. Girls, read these books!

  • IkeaGoddess
    2018-11-26 10:00

    Loved the hero of this book. Yes, he was hot and caring and protective and what not.. but best of all he was hilarious and could laugh about himself. Of course there was also a suspense story with a raging psycho-ex-husband and a love story with a sweet woman finding herself.

  • Pamela Lunder
    2018-11-26 07:05

    Loved this series. Grey and his badass attitude. Loved it and how he wouldn't let Kerry push him away. Kerry is so scared of letting herself be happy. I loved how all 5 of her friends are there for her. Kerry and Grey make such a perfect couple. Can not wait for the fourth book to come out.

  • Silke
    2018-11-15 05:59

    Okay book, I still don't get the handcuff stuff though ;-)

  • Glmomich
    2018-11-15 04:20

    Really enjoyed reading this book. This was the best one out of the three.

  • Tracey Zelukovic
    2018-11-23 05:59

    Love this series, couldn't put it down, love your books Ranae