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Toby Peters is a private detective with sore feet, a bad back, and a tendency to bruise easily. He lives on a strict diet of hot dogs, tacos, shredded wheat, and disaster, and spends most of his time at the wrong end of a gun. Peters has a reputation for keeping his mouth when a young billionaire named Howard Hughes finds a spy at his dinner party, he wants PeterToby Peters is a private detective with sore feet, a bad back, and a tendency to bruise easily. He lives on a strict diet of hot dogs, tacos, shredded wheat, and disaster, and spends most of his time at the wrong end of a gun. Peters has a reputation for keeping his mouth when a young billionaire named Howard Hughes finds a spy at his dinner party, he wants Peters on the job....

Title : The Howard Hughes Affair
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The Howard Hughes Affair Reviews

  • Gary Sundell
    2018-11-24 04:59

    Set in L.A. a few days before the attack on Pearl Harbor. PI Toby Peters gets hired by Howard Hughes, gets involved with stolen airplane plans and gets an assist from Basil Rathbone. Along the way Peters aggravates his cop brother and gets the snot beat out of him more than once. Then there are the dead bodies. I really enjoy this series.

  • dOnnabud lewis
    2018-11-13 06:51

    Another enjoyable episode in the adventures of Toby Peters, an old-school, hard-boiled, 1940s-era Hollywood detective. The insights into actual characters and events of the period, such as Howard Hughes, Basil Rathbone, and the initial days of WWII, are enlightening and interesting; they're woven into a bumpy romp through intrigue. Peters eventually solves the complex crime with his customary wit, humor and determination.Favorite passages (1990 paperback edition):"No one was in the street so I dragged my foot around the corner to the parking lot where I made my painful way to my rusting green Buick sitting like a sad turtle, catching the light of the moon on its dirty windshield." (page 4)"I was driving slowly down Hollywood Boulevard with an hour to kill when the hour decided it might prefer to kill me." (page 103)"I tried to shake myself awake, but it felt like I was making my way through five layers of cotton candy." (page 139)

  • Rob Smith
    2018-12-08 11:17

    Nice to return to a solidly written story, after another bout with a current author that was left alone by a good editor. Kaminsky does move this one very, very fast. The plot is very good, the mystery great and the characters very well done. As usual, Kaminsky nails the dialogue of the separate characters. Also, if you are a nostalgia nut like me, you'll love the appearances of the well-known during this 1940s setting. To some, I'm guessing, this all appears way too old fashioned. Cynics of this day might say it isn't realistic to what was really happening at the time, as if they knew what was realistic at the time (We sure have a weird view of "realism" today). These Toby Peters novels are just very good mysteries that are also much fun to read. With the 500 page tombs drowning in excess being produced today, I think some have forgotten what a good book is.

  • Abbey
    2018-12-13 06:03

    1979, #4 Toby Peters, PI to the stars, 1941 Hollywood; classic PI, satirical. Hired to find secret plans that have been stolen from Hughes, Toby gets himself mixed up with spies, murderers, translators, nasty Nazis and inscrutable Japanese, but manages to wend his way through the dead bodies - and the plot - with his usual tongue-in-cheek panache. Toby has an energizer bunny charm that’s a lot of fun, even as he continually gets himself beaten up again and again, and keeps on going. But underneath the satire and the pulp there’s nice characterizations that resonate, and the celebrity bits are fun. This one has Basil Rathbone and a few nice Holmesian touches in addition to a coldly edgy Hughes.

  • Marj
    2018-11-19 10:08

    In this story, Toby Peters is hired by Howard Hughes to retrieve some missing airplane plans. Several people had attended a dinner party given by Hughes, and he is sure that one of them is the thief.I enjoyed reading this mystery, especially the way the author blends the radio programs, food items, and famous personalities of the time, into the descriptions of the activities Toby is involved in. They all add to the ambiance, along with newspaper stories of the time that are highlighted in the story.I will be continuing to read the books in this series. I would recommend this book, in fact, I would recommend the entire series (at least, all of the ones that I have read, so far).

  • Marja McGraw
    2018-12-10 08:52

    Toby Peters is a private detective from the 1940s with plenty of problems. It seems like every time he turns around someone is beating him up or shooting at him. He considers himself ugly, but I figure his face has lots of character.In 1941, Toby is approached by Howard Hughes who wants him to figure out who's trying to steal plans for a new airplane from him. The bad guys abound, but help comes from an unexpected source by the name of Basil Rathbone. I get the feeling that Stuart M. Kaminsky had a lot of fun writing the Tobey Peters series. Although this was published in 1979, it is timeless and a lot of fun.

  • Susan
    2018-12-05 10:54

    This is the fourth in the Toby Peters mystery series, set in 1940's Hollywood; the first book is "Bullet for a star". In this novel, Peters is hired by Howard Hughes, who claims that secret plans in his study were copied during a recent dinner party - either by a guest or a member of his staff. This is a fun read, with cameo appearances by Basil Rathbone and Bertold Brecht, gangsters, suspicious German suspects and Peters usual ability to get beaten up on a regular basis. The book ends with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and a phone call from Boris Karloff leading to the next mystery.

  • Joe Santoro
    2018-11-29 10:16

    I gave this one a shot, as the library happened to have it, and I'm a bit of a Howard Hughes fan (who is Tony Stark, after all, but Howard Hughes without the OCD?). I agree it was a fun, light mystery. I had the culprit pretty much right away, but the details were a surprise. I little bit heavy on the exposition and the day to day life of Toby Peters (I could do without being told what he eats for breakfast every day), but I'd definitely recommend it as a cool 40s novel.

  • Robert Scott
    2018-11-18 06:17

    ++Fun reading about a 1941 LA PI who works with stars & other famous people and is always being shot, beat up, tortured or any combination of the three. As his brother a LA police lieutenant Toby is a corpse magnet. This novel is no exception. He is working for Howard Hughes and dealing with both Japanese & German spies and in the process he works with or interviews Basil Rathbone, Bugsy Siegel, Berthold Brecht plus many other more involved, but not as famous characters.++

  • James Joyce
    2018-12-02 04:11

    I love this series. Currently re-reading, casually.Toby is hired by Howard Hughes to find out if one of his dinner guests copied secret plans for a war plane, from his office. The usual gaggle of historical people, including help from Basil Rathbone doing his best Holmes impression (with emotions!), show up. Guns, gals, and a steady stream of bodies.Pulp fun, at its best.

  • Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)
    2018-12-07 07:15

    One of my favorite Toby Peters mysteries. This is a solid story, with good pacing and swift action. The characters are all well done and believable. The dialogue for the characters is spot on as well. A great, fun read.

  • Joe Rodeck
    2018-12-12 03:49

    The self-underestimating, wise cracking private eye made me laugh. A fun quick mystery novel.Always it's nice to have real life people in the cast; in this case there are Basil Rathbone playing out his Sherlock Holmes fantasy, Bugsy Siegel, and Howard Hughes.

  • Felicia
    2018-11-13 04:16

    Fun and quick.

  • Ken Cagle
    2018-11-15 07:04

    Another excellent book by Kaminsky. A nice blend of old Hollywood and mystery

  • Sandi
    2018-11-29 05:13

    A well plotted PI story with lots of 1940's Hollywood lore though the main character, Toby Peters, takes a few too many blows to the head for my comfort.

  • Ed
    2018-11-27 07:16

    Toby Peters w/ Howard Hughes and Basil Rathbone

  • Joe O'Connor
    2018-12-03 05:18

    Very Good; Continuing character: Toby Peters; Howard Hughes enlists the aid of the detective, when he believes his secret plans for military equipment have been copied by German or Japanese spies.