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Sense of humor is almost absent among politicians, but Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is a truly talented exception. People are puzzled how she can spontaneously make them laugh in the midst of national policy crises, and of real danger to her life as a corruption fighter.This book is a collection of jokes, one-liners, pick-up lines, conebacks and speeches delivered and/Sense of humor is almost absent among politicians, but Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is a truly talented exception. People are puzzled how she can spontaneously make them laugh in the midst of national policy crises, and of real danger to her life as a corruption fighter.This book is a collection of jokes, one-liners, pick-up lines, conebacks and speeches delivered and/or curated by the beloved Senator. Also, inside are illustrations by Cj de Silva-Ong, Manix Abrera, Elbert Or, Rob Cham and more of the Philippines' best young illustrators....

Title : Stupid is Forever
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ISBN : 9718161279
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 132 Pages
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Stupid is Forever Reviews

  • Neil (or bleed)
    2018-11-21 07:14

    Halos lahat ng mga pick-up lines at jokes sa librong ito ay nabasa ko na sa internet o narinig ko na sa radyo at sa ibang tao. Pero pag iniimagine ko na sinasabi ni Sen. Miriam ang mga pick-up line at joke na'to, natatawa pa rin ako. Siguro di ko akalain na may sense of humor pala itong senadorang ito na mukang napakaseryoso sa buhay. N'on talagang napanood ko sa news ang pagpi-pick-up line nya, medyo nabigla ako at napangiti sa sarili. Kasi naman, iba rin pala itong si Sen. Miriam. May humor rin pala ang palabang senadora. Akalain mo yun!Anyway, mas gusto ko yung mga speech nya sa universities at mga comebacks nya patungkol sa mga corrupt na politician sa librong ito. Ang witty kasi at encouraging, you know.Kahit three stars lang ito sa'kin, mas okay pa ring basahin kumpara sa ibang books diyan na puro kalandian lang ang laman. Lol.

  • K.D. Absolutely
    2018-11-09 05:01

    I admireSenator Miriam Defensor Santiago. Every time that she is a candidate, I vote for her. I even voted for her when she ran for presidency against President Fidel V. Ramos in 1992 and like many of us, believe that she was cheated.When she opens her mouth to belittle whoever is taking her ire due to some kind of political controversy, her words get printed on the first page of the dailies or discussed in the internet blogs or those portions shown during the late night news. This book is a collection of the beloved senator’s jokes (mostly off), one-liners (that ridicule her subject of arrogance), pick-up lines (that try to make her relatable to young voters), comebacks (to make her relevant), and speeches (promoting herself as a viable candidate in the 2016 presidential election). It is the last one that really turned me off. She even printed her full resume at the end of the book. If this book's objective is to entertain, as the title and the cover try to imply, then this book is really deceiving its buyers and readers. I bought this book because I love the senator's antics and one-liners and I know that, despite her lung cancer, she still has a good chance to win the presidency due to lack of better candidates. However, I don't want books that deceive: positioning themselves as literary works or pieces of art that you can keep among your treasured rare finds, only to find out after reading that they have other personal agenda. The only good thing about this book is the nice cover and the white thick book paper. If you follow Senator Santiago on a regular basis and you somehow manage to read the dailies, you must have heard or read her one-liners here. So, there is nothing new. If you are the type that throws away the books after you read them, then this book is just a waste of your money.I also don't like it when she seems to position herself as a non-traditional politician. When she ran in 1992, she she was. But now, oh no, not anymore especially after supporting President Estrada during the latter's fiasco.Despite who she is, I like Senator Santiago for entertainment. So, I thought this book is for entertainment also but no, it is not.

  • Joey
    2018-10-26 06:18

    To my GR friends,The woman in the paperback pointing both her forefingers at each side of her forehead is the author herself, Miriam Defensor Santiago, our very own Filipino senator- politician, Ramon Magsaysay awardee- equivalent to Nobel Prize- for her moral leadership in cleaning the graft-ridden government agencies. She is not only well- known for her brave character but also for her sense of humor and witty remarks, which endeared the Filipino youth and is absolutely absent among politicians in the Philippines. To know her more, you can read all about her in the Wikipedia.This book is a collection of the beloved senator’s jokes, one-liners, pick-up lines, comebacks, and speeches.As an avid fan of the beloved senator, I always keep track of her personal and political life through magazines, newspapers, especially through her official website. Gee, I must be enchanted by her so-called “Miriam Magic”. Thus, for an arm chair reader , there is nothing new to this book. I am almost familiar with her epigrams and speeches. So , I was almost close to giving it 1 star forgetting my passionate support for her. hahahaAnother thing that adds to my disappointment is the latent intention of the book. ( It’s just as well that it did not let me down. ) If I were a political analyst, I would opine that this book must be intended for political reasons. There are some parts the beloved senator expressing her presidential aspirations in 2016. For instance, at the end of the ABOUT THE AUTHOR “…Her complete resume can be found at the end of this book.”Usually, the senator is in the habit of bragging about the records of her academic excellence and professional achievements when she attempted to run in 1992, or whenever she locks horns with her political enemies. No doubt the title of the book bespeaks the beloved senator’s intellectual hubris.In her resume, an anonymous writer seems to be putting her name on the pedestal. He/she briefly states her brilliant life as a law student in the Philippines and abroad, as a competent government official in the Congress. I find this part “apparently defensive”.Despite the mesmerizing hidden political propaganda, I teased out the good intentions of the beloved senator, which predisposed me to giving it 4 stars. The beloved senator wants to educate voters about the incoming presidential election in 2016: She wants us to vote wisely . Reading it is like as though we listen to her speeches on the stump. But before that, she has to regale us with her pick –up lines to catch our full attention. At that time, all the kidding aside, we have to take her at her word seriously. The book is divided into three speeches with different pick-up lines. Her first speech is on social media encouraging the students or all Filipinos to use social media as a weapon against any means of electoral fraud in 2016. The second part is the real meaning of leadership ( which caused me have a rude awakening) , how the youth should apply it to choosing our next leaders. Finally, of dreams , how it is not a “ mission impossible” to gain our shared goals. All the rage at the end of her speeches is her inspiring poems she must have selected herself.The beloved senator is an accomplished writer. She has written 19 books in law and social sciences. As far as I know, she is still finishing the new edition of her law book. Also, she has written two of her autobiographies. Alas, I have not read them yet. In fact, this book is the sequel to her well-received The Miriam Dictionary. My hat is off to you ma’am. I may not know the real political circus in the Philippines, but whatever decision you will have made by 2016, your fans and I will absolutely support you. Mabuhay! ^^

  • Eunice Moral
    2018-11-18 13:17

    All I know is she is such a one hell of a badass senator, could have been a badass president too, well, you know rumor has it she was cheated last 1992 presidential election, too bad, Philippines could have seen better days.

  • Lex
    2018-11-16 13:19

    I liked it a lot. Enjoyed reading it. Humorous and informative. Definitely worth it. Senator Miriam, I salute you. :)

  • April
    2018-11-16 11:13

    There are parts of this book that require higher level of thinking. LOL. Yet, full of wit.

  • Lowed
    2018-11-04 11:56

    It is amazing how this book received that kind of rating when this for me was utter waste of money and time. Sorry, I love Miriam as a senator but to see her in the list as the next president- Hell NO! I still could not forget her as the "lunatic" (together with the dancing queen) who voted against the opening of the second envelope. At that time I was hoping she'd change her mind and finish, once-and-for-all, the issue as the evidence was supposedly contained in that damn envelope! But she sided the other 10 senators (against opening it)- that in turn resulted to the Second EDSA Revolution.And YES, I still voted for her last Senate Election because her "lunacy" is just a tendency and I was pretty sure she was capable of correcting her actions. Amazingly enough, she was a very important personality in the impeachment of Corona and was responsible for putting Enrile into jail for plunder.And YES I laughed at her pick up lines when it was aired in the television, but to see it here in this book- it was not as funny anymore. If there was only a way to conduct a referendum or a plebiscite election to let her [Santiago] stay in the Senate forever. Count my vote in. These are her other works that have been listed at wikipedia:Constitutional Law, Volume 1 --Political Structure. Rex Publishing. 2000.Constitutional Law, Volume 2 --Bill of Rights. Rex Publishing. 2000.International Law, with Philippine Cases and Materials, and ASEAN Instruments. Central Professional Books. 1999.International Law (co-author). Central Professional Books. 1999.Constitutional Annotated. Rex Publishing. 2002.Rules of Court Annotated. Rex Publishing. 2002.Penal Code Annotated. Rex Publishing. 2000.Civil Code Annotated. Rex Publishing. 2000.Local Government Code Annotated. Rex Publishing. 2000.Corporation Code Annotated. Rex Publishing. 2000.National Internal Revenue Code Annotated. Rex Publishing. 2000.International Relations. Central Law Book Publishing. 2002.Political Offences in International Law. Rex Publishing. 2000.Politics and Governance. Central Law Book Publishing. 2002.History of Philosophy. Central Professional Books, Inc. Publishing. 2003.Political Philosophy: Theory and Current Issues in Politics. Central Professional Books, Inc. Publishing. 2003.Philosophy of Religion: Western and Eastern Religions. Central Professional Books, Inc. 2003.Inventing Myself. Narsan Publishing. 1991.How to Fight Graft. Movement for Responsible Public Service. 1991.How to Fight Election Fraud. Narsan Publishing. 1993.Cutting Edge: The Politics of Reform in the Philippines. Narsan Publishing. 1993.The Miriam Defensor Santiago Dictionary. Narsan publishing. 1994.Where Angels Fear to Tread: Politics and Religion. Narsan Publishing. 1997.At the Turn of the Century: National Policy Issues in the Philippines. Narsan Publishing. 1997.Whoever got the idea of publishing her pickup lines already heard on TV was really taking advantage of her popularity and was hoping to get more money out of it.Again, this was a total waste of money and time. Go watch her on TV on their live coverage during a State hearing. She can be brutal, funny, straight-forward, honest, intelligent, amazing (pass me the fucking thesaurus please..)

  • Beatrice Masaluñga
    2018-10-27 12:08

    I must say Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is indeed one of the most admirable senator in the Philippines. I just love how brave and brutally honest she is as she talks about politicians and how they run the government. (Corruption)She is definitely the "No guts, No Glory"type of woman. She's an intelligent, fierce and badass senator. I have so much respect for her. I'm so glad I've read this book.My favorite line: You're the reason God created the middle finger. - This line. JEEZ! HOW CAN I NOT LOVE THIS BOOK?!!

  • Binibining `E (of The Ugly Writers)
    2018-10-27 08:55

    "You're the reason God created the middle finger." This is so LOL!That first chapter? It so depicts our never ending battle with issues regarding politicians and politics itself. My gosh i felt blood oozing from my nose and in everywhere. HAHA!! I was enjoying and laughing while reading this on a public transportation on the way to the office. People might think I was crazy laughing all by myself. LOL. Pick-up lines was harsh but funny and true.The book itself? Informative, Funny and Badass. I love her speeches. High level thinking required at some pages but definitely worth reading.This lady is very very intelligent, has so much guts and wit. I have so much respect for her, for her ideas and beliefs. I wonder what would our Government be like if she really was put as thePresident of the Republic of the Philippines. As they say She won in the voting but lost in the counting.

  • Jeanine Carstairs
    2018-10-25 05:12


  • Mikasa Sirad-Amerol
    2018-11-15 06:03

    Last read for 2014. Horray!!! Stupid Is Forever is Miriam Defensor-Santiago's compilation of pick-up lines, political sarcasms, jokes and speeches. Some of my favorites are:1. A statesman is a politician who places himself at the service of the nation. A politician is a statesman who places the nation at his service. In the Philippines, another name for politicians is plunder genius.2. I sponsored and defended the Reproductive Health Law, although I am a Catholic. In the Catholic church, a woman to avoid pregnancy is allowed to resort to mathematics. Thank God, now Catholic women are allowed to resort to physics and chemistry!3. I'm so jealous that you finally found your true love. Unfortunately, they haven't legalized self-marriage yet.4. Malabo na talaga ang mga mata ko. Pwede ba akong humingi sa iyo ng kahit konting pagtingin?5. Dahil puno na ng kasamaan ang mundo, pinuntahan ng Diyos si Noah, na ngayon ay nakatira sa Pilipinas. Inutos sa kanya ng Diyos: "Gumawa ka ulit ng isang arko, ilagay mo dito ang dalawang pares ng bawat hayop sa mundo. Pagkatapos ng anim na buwan, uulan at babaha ng apatnapung araw at gugunawin ko ang mundo." Pagkalipas ng anim na buwan, binalikan ng Diyos si Noah. Nakita niya na walang arko si Noah. Sabi ni Noah, "Pasensya na Lord. Hindi ko po natapos ang arko. iba na po ang panahon ngayon. Una, kailangan ko raw po ng building permit. Sunod, nahirapan po akong makakuha ng kahoy na hindi galing sa illegal logging. mahal po ang kuryente paggawa ng arko, hindi po ako makakuha ng discount sa Meralco. Nahirapan po akong makakuha ng environmental permit sa DENR dahil sa mga endangered species na dadalhin ko. Ayaw po maniwala sa akin ng PAGASA na may dadating na malakas na ulan at baha dahil luma na ang equipment nila. Pinapa-lifestyle check po ako ng BIR, dapat daw magbayad ako ng buwis. Hindi rin po ako makakuha ng funding sa Congress, hindi raw nila gusto yung NGO ko, Patawad po, Lord. Hindi ko po natapos ang arko sa loob ng anim na buwan." Sumagot si Lord: " hindi ko na gugunawin ang mundo. Naunahan na ako ng gobyerno."6. Law school is quite easy. It's like a stroll in a park. Pero Jurassic Park.HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  • Reyvianne Rodriguez
    2018-10-30 06:15

    I must say that this book is not for the masses, let alone the 'intellectually deprived'. There are parts that require high level of understanding, though it appears to be a simple book. I found some parts boring or corny, which is forgivable since we know that the author is a total geek. However, all in all, this book is an interesting read. There are many life (and political) lessons incorporated in it. It is also easy to digest that I finished it in two hours.

  • Adrian
    2018-10-24 09:59

    Nagtanong lang ako sa isang bantog na bilihan ng libro sa Cubao kung mayroon na sila nito. Walang anu-ano'y inabot kaagad saakin ng matandang kawani. Napasubo ako, kasi kung susumahin ang katanyagan ng may-akda, malalaman mong hindi matitigil ang paglilimbag nito sa napakahabang panahon. Binili ko na din. Wala pa atang isang oras ko siya natapos. Ayos siya, parang ginawa para sa kabataan ngayon. Sa totoo lang hindi ako natuwa sa mga biro. Ilang beses ko nang narinig at nabasa ang mga iyon sa telebisyon, radyo, babasahin at kung saan pa. Diyata at gasgas na ang mga ito. Hindi ko naman magawang libakin o kutyain ang parteng iyon dahil sabi nga ng kakilala ko, nakatutuwa ang mga birong ito dahil ang may-akda ang nagbibitiw nito; hindi mo aakalaing sa ganoong kataas na kalagayan niya ay nalalaman din pala niya ang magpahalakhak. May dalang kasiyahan din ang mga iginuhit na larawan doon, ang pagiging angkop nito ay walang iniwan sa kanin at ulam.

  • Jasmine
    2018-10-28 07:06

    Stupid is Forever by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is a compilation of her speeches, jokes, pick-up lines delivered or curated by this very famous Filipino public figure. Moreover, this is one of the most hilarious books that I’ve ever read. It may seem so funny but such hilarity really makes a lot sense. It is very small book which can be read for about 1-2 hours straight. And mind you when you will read it in a public place, you can never stop yourself from laughing from one of those lines. Putting out that kind of expression will leave a mark from those people around you; wondering about what you are reading, and which will also spark an interest from them on how good that book truly is.Well to be honest, I may seem to be a wide reader, but I rarely got the chance to actually read Filipino books. So when I saw this book of Sen. Santiago being widely promoted by my fellow friends on Facebook, that’s when it has gotten me a bit interested; but not to the point of really wanting to buy this. I think it was a month ago, when I was at a local bookstore waiting in line at the Cashier to pay for a book that I’ve also recently bought. I was so intrigued by this girl, asking for her reservations of 5 copies! And then there’s another customer who came to pick up her book reservation! Another 10 copies! Since I’ am a fan of the Senator. That’s when I realized that I’ve just got have my very own copy of her book! So when it was already my turned to pay at the cashier, I did ask if there’s still an available extra copy. And with only one copy left, luckily I got one! The 175 Pesos (almost $4) of buying it is definitely worth it! So while reading this, I tend to find this book not just a funny one, but also an eye opener about the reality and ugliness of how politics is being run in the Philippines. And what also fascinated me is that, Sen. Santiago is definitely not afraid to bombard it into the whole world on how she feels about these corrupt politicians, who doesn’t have the real compassion and commitment to serve their fellowmen; but were just after their “Political Interest”. She was not giving names, but based from her descriptions, it did give us an idea who they really are.It is also the perfect book to read by our Filipino readers. Especially now that the 2016 Presidential Election is on its way. It is something that would really give us a whole new perspective as to why we should vote as wisely as we can. We Filipinos should vote for a candidate based on their “Qualifications” and NOT because of their “Popularity”. For a real politician should not only be intelligent, but should also have the compassion and commitment to serve his fellow countrymen; putting their needs as their biggest priority, by giving them their 100% public service. You may think that this book is more likely a publicity. Especially when the Senator herself is very open about her Presidential Candidacy; but as reader of this book. It’s not. She is just giving us a real idea that today’s politics is turning out to be a “Frenzy Circus”.The May 2016 election is now on its way. So a little reminder to each and every one of us Filipinos. Think wisely before you vote a particular candidate to be one of the next leaders of our country. For one vote can really make a lot of difference. And to wrap it up, here are my favorite lines from the book,1. Most people live and learn. Politicians just live.2. In any Congress, out of 100 people, 2 are honest and intelligent, 10 are criminals, and 88 are good for nothing.3. The Napoles scandal showed that some politicians are the same all over the country. They promise to build bridges where there are no rivers.4. Nothing matters more to the future of this nation than to ensure that our young women and men learn to believe in themselves and to believe in their dreams. I believe one of our country’s most priceless assets is the idealism of our young people. My generation has all that it has – not only its love, but also its hope and faith – in your generation.5. You – the youth who will determine the future of the Philippines – should not only get involved, but also each one of you should be a leader. Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behavior - an observable set of skills and abilities. Leaders are not born; it takes practice to develop the qualities of a leader.6. Law school is quite easy. It’s like a stroll in the park, but Jurassic Park.7. A true teacher does not terrorize ignorant students, because a true teacher knows that it is his job to cure ignorance.8. All professionals in our country need to pass a government exam. Only a politician does not need any kind of preparation to practice. 9. The purpose of a teacher it to teach, not teaching to flunk a class.10. The paradigmatic teacher is one who inspires you to read on your own.

  • LailaBC
    2018-10-26 10:05

    Would you believe I am more amazed by her resume written at the last part of the book. She is such an accomplished person...I am in awe of her. I have seen her in person many years ago when I was in college and she visited the university where I studied then and she was and till now very popular among the students. As the years went by since then she has become more fiercer than ever in politics. And it doesn't hurt she has such a sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humor. Some of the jokes written in the book especially about crushes and love were pretty much corny so corny that i can't help but laugh out loud reading it. Then there were some speeches she wrote as speaker for some prominent universities. And some jokes that hit on about her political enemies, such guts! And she has the integrity to back it up. I would have loved to have seen some video when she actually delivered some of these hilarious lines..that would have been more epic. Over all it was a fast,fun and enjoyable read :)

  • bookaholic_kim
    2018-11-09 09:19

    A very surprising book. Why?•There are pick-up lines ( I was expecting a serious themed book because it is written by a senator.•I like it. ( I just bought this book out of curiosity and the title is so catchy then I ended up liking it.)I like the book. Why?•It targets the flaws of our leaders and our government. (it was written in a funny way)•Contains facts. (I was nodding and agreeing most of the time I was reading it.)•As I mentioned, there are pick-up lines but her speeches were also included in the book. I read it and I realized my vocabulary skill is a no match to hers. My phone’s dictionary was on the whole time. HahaEveryone should read this book, it was a fun and fast read.

  • Mac Dubista Keso The Bibliobibuli v(=∩_∩=)
    2018-11-13 06:13

    Good book but not as i expect.+This is a compilation of her speeches, jokes, pick-up lines delivered or curated by this very famous Filipino public figure. Moreover, It may seem so funny but such hilarity really makes a lot sense. It is a very small book which can be read for about 1-2 hours straight.+I tend to find this book an eye opener about the reality and ugliness of how politics is being run in the Philippines. And what also fascinated me is that, Sen. Santiago is definitely not afraid to bombard it into the whole world on how she feels about these corrupt politicians, who doesn't have the real compassion and commitment to serve their fellowmen; but were just after their “Political Interest”. She was not giving names, but based from her descriptions, it did give us an idea who they really are.+Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago never fails to amaze me. With her wisdom and wit, she was able to win the hearts of everyone, especially the youth. We were all in awe on how she can bravely fight corrupt officials, and still finding a way to keep things light with her humor.+It's a perfect read while waiting during your trip or a good way to spend your break at work or school. Aside from the good laugh, some pressing issues about our politics, economy, and education landscape were also discussed. But you have to read between the lines for it.+Overall, this book is a good reminder to not take things seriously, and still find the light of things no matter how dark it is.+and it's kinda disappointing for me,talking about the pick-up lines / jokes already known by almost everybody. Before i read this,i'm expecting a lot about her book,good thing i didn't buy,i just borrowed.LOL oh well,+a good book,just okay,but not one of my favorites.:)

  • bea
    2018-11-01 11:02

    Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is truly one of the most (and very rare) admirable politicians in the Philippines. Not only does she have very impressive, mind-blowing accomplishments, she is also incredibly funny, and this book is a testament to her abundant wit. Brutally honest, unafraid to voice her opinions, willing to defend her principles to the very ends of the earth, she serves as an inspiration not only to aspiring lawyers like me, but to all the women of Asia. This book is a collection of jokes, banats and comebacks, and speeches that are perfect for reading aloud to your friends and family. Personally, I admit I had to reread a few of them twice because some concepts or terms were a little unfamiliar to a teenager like me. Although funny (and hilariously quite patama to many public figures in the country), her one-liners will have you not only lol-ing but will have you nodding in agreement or leave you deep in contemplation. A lot of her lines are actual eye-openers to the controversial ways of our government. This in particular is what makes me admire this book so much. Also filled with wonderful illustrations and caricatures from some of the best young illustrators in the Philippines, this is a must read, not only to my fellow Pinoys but to everyone who needs a bit of cheering up on a bad day. Grab a copy!

  • Christian
    2018-10-22 11:12

    It's funny when you read it, but it's funnier when you just try and imagine her voice while you're reading it. The wits and wisdom of the late (it pains me a great deal to say it) senator is truly a gift to the country (if not to the world). Her insights and humor-induced pick-up lines about politics, marriage, and life is very entertaining and thought-provoking (a few) albeit sometimes already being familiar from collective memory. But still, the words that fill these pages are worth every single peso and minute of your time. Sen Miriam left the pieces and remnants of her soul and mind to the Filipino people, and I am in constant wonder about what we did to deserve a hero like her.

  • Mark O.
    2018-10-24 13:04

    Maikli lang tong libro, pero pinutol ko yung pagbabasa kasi napagod ako sa bandang gitna. Hindi dahil sa mahirap intindihin yung mga salita, kundi sa paghahanap ng dahilan para ituloy ko pa. Pero tinuloy ko padin.Kahit papano interesting naman sya, matalino at maganda ang mga excerpts ng mga speeches nya. Siguro ayoko lang yung mga quotes (though nakalagay naman na hindi lahat sila eh original). Pakiramdam ko nagbabasa ako ng 1,000 SMS Jokes na hinaluan ng onting speeches para mas magmukhang "interesting."Pero hindi, hindi masyado.I admire Miriam for being witty, funny, and classy. But I think the book was just overrated. I honestly expected more from this.

  • Maria Ella
    2018-11-20 07:21

    Lola is so witty, you cannot help but admire her courage and brutal honesty. And she used that as a charm. A charm for anyone, especially to a fan like me who aspire to be like her someday...Not totally like her, but a bit of her.

  • Fran
    2018-11-04 11:07

    I had a few good laughs. The cartoons have some added charm. The sampling of speeches are not bad at all!

  • Zim
    2018-10-25 07:56

    Funny. Informative. Witty. Motivational. Clever. Inspiring.

  • Mark
    2018-10-27 12:13

    4 stars out of 5. If we’re going to have our Philippine presidential election this year, I guess this lady will win it…. by a landslide.And I finally was able to get hold of a copy of this book by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. Santiago is a Philippine senator-politician that is well known for her wit and charm, bravery and knowledge about politics that was honed by her years of experience in all the three branches of the government, having been served at the executive, judicial and the legislative branches of the government and also with her unmatched educational attainment.I believe every Filipino that you’ll ask knows about this lady. Her face appears on the TV almost every day, her name is always heard on the radio and her name always printed in newspapers. Recently, she started using pick-up lines and jokes in her speeches as a way to criticize other politicians’ on their wrong doings and that catapulted her status more on the list of the most loved personalities in the Philippines especially by the youth who seemed to enjoy her speeches.The book includes pickup lines, jokes and speeches. Some of the jokes are common but if you'll think that it was Senator Santiago delivering the message it'll definitely make you laugh. The speeches are commendable. They are insightful to the present situation of the country. She understands what needs to be done and how to action it. I, myself, enjoy her lines. It’s like a breath of fresh air from all the many bad things that’s happening in the country.The book art is also something worth mentioning. With the help of some of the country’s famous cartoonists, they breathe more life to the book. The illustrations are catchy and added to the entertainment value of the book.The author successfully mixed humor and wit. She used this book not only to entertain but also to instill values to the readers like values about leadership, marriage and the value of the youth to the country. It teaches readers to be mindful of their every action because it has effects that affect everyone. It doesn't only make you laugh but will also make you think. She also highlighted the value on the use of social media. How the youth on their simple ways can help propagate the seed of knowledge about who deserves to be elected.Her words have this piercing effect to me as a reader especially on the topic of leadership. She was straightforward on what she wants us, readers and voters, to realize. She reiterated the value of choosing the right kind of leaders the Philippines needs considering the different factors that hamper the growth of the country.The book, though, receives criticisms for the author seems to condition her name for the upcoming 2016 presidential election. The book is full of her academic and professional achievements which many interpret as a way of her endorsing herself. In my own opinion, whatever the main purpose of this book is, it should not overshadow the fact that the main purpose of the book is to educate the people that it should not always be fame that should dictate who should we vote for but we should also look at their achievements because those achievements are just proofs how effective they would be when they get elected.What I also like about this book is that, for me, it caters to the need of everyone in terms of the book engaging to the level of thinking of its readers. It has parts for the "masa" and it also has parts for those who consider themselves part of the highly intellectual individuals.This lady's bravery is something that is commendable. Despite not being cleared yet of her lung cancer, she showed that she can still fight and be a force to reckon in the Philippine political scene. 4 stars out of 5.

  • Charlene Co
    2018-11-09 07:22

    This book is kind of wicked. It contains jokes, one-liners, pick-up lines, facts about our government & to the deepest facts that is happening in our country & to the speeches that miriam defensor tells the youth or students now a days.It could help us be aware of what is happening in the politics right now & that all filipinos should be aware that the government politics are not really that honest for a long long time ago & until the recent.. Too much jokes inside the book that will burst you into laughters hahaha! Oppsy & to the bottom end, it will give us realizations & lessons in life that senator miriam experienced.Throughout her experiences in life & achievements that she made, all her hard works really paid off! Many of the people liked her for having an attitude of being honest, strong & tough women until today! :)Very intelligent person indeed, full of guts, honesty & wishing her to health to be well already! Thus, hoping that she'll be our president someday! ☺️

  • Anne
    2018-11-18 06:18

    If you follow Senator Miriam in the news, you'd mostly encounter the speeches and soundbites featured in this book. While it was mentioned that some of the lines in the book aren't all original (which was a good thing to mention), I think it still works. Juxtaposing a stern, no holds barred, fiesty senator and a lady who dishes out pickup lines is golden. However, I would've preferred if the publisher compiled the senator's most provocative speeches in one book. A lot of young people bought this book---think about the possibilities of making an even bigger impact if it were a book of speeches. Like they said, the good senator is like a rockstar. "Miriam Magic" would've served its purpose better in that way.

  • Mitchi Honda
    2018-11-18 05:19

    I have seen an excerpt of the book (a comic strip), and it cracked me up because it is so witty. And I have yet to have my own copy of this book.If there is one badass woman who is witty and intelligent, that is Mdm. Miriam. And kids should learn from her instead of always dealing with the matters of the heart. (Yeah, always dealing with "forever" can make one stupid. Forever is stupid, and stupid is forever.)Who would have thought that an "election campaign" would come in a form of a book?

  • Burn
    2018-11-21 10:09

    Though I am not a fan of Senator Santiago and not even interested about her, I feel the need to give some tiny credit for this book. I was quite disappointed since some of the lines and jokes in the book aren't that funny and most are even common which I have read/heard/seen somewhere. Though there were some lines that I have to say really smart. The only thing that interested me were the parts of some of her speeches. Actual rating: 2.5

  • Joshua Delos reyes
    2018-11-21 09:57

    "I never wanted to be a warrior. I wanted to be a scholar. I consider every act of evil a personal challenge."After reading this book, it made me appreciate Miriam more as a scholarly person and a very wise woman.I enjoyed this book a lot because aside from its entertainment value, I saw from it a peek on how the gears of Miriam's mind work when it comes to politics.Overall, I think that this book balances both entertainment and politics for its readers.

  • Pat
    2018-11-17 12:55

    Stupid is Forever did entertain me. However, I can't point out the purpose of the book. It's better off as blog post, than an actual physical copy. Save trees, anyone?I still admire Ma'am Miriam Defensor Santiago. And I will always have great respect for the things she has been doing for the country.