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Coming January 31st, 2015 Aliens live among us. Their purpose: to protect and nurture their greatest mistake—mankind.Caedan Frey’s family has fulfilled this duty for thousands of years, but it doesn’t free him from his obligation as prince of the Reparation. Although he doesn't believe humans will evolve to see the magic, much less control it, he has two months to marry onComing January 31st, 2015 Aliens live among us. Their purpose: to protect and nurture their greatest mistake—mankind.Caedan Frey’s family has fulfilled this duty for thousands of years, but it doesn’t free him from his obligation as prince of the Reparation. Although he doesn't believe humans will evolve to see the magic, much less control it, he has two months to marry one or face the wrath of the High Council. Bitter about a responsibility he thinks prevents him from marrying for love, he figures any human girl will do. He's ready to propose to one when his soul mate stumbles into—and right out—of his arms.Human, Ryanne Killian might be his one shot at happiness while still fulfilling his duty. Unfortunately, she guards a dark secret, and she thinks the only way to protect Caedan is to push him away.Caedan must convince her she’s worthy of his love before the men from her nightmares return for a second round. If she can see her own worth, she just might save herself and his people....

Title : Fade Into Me
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ISBN : 9781505225655
Format Type : Paperback
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Fade Into Me Reviews

  • Elizabeth Arroyo
    2018-10-30 07:05

    Told in both MC's POV—Caeden and Ryanne--the story opens up with two weddings. One being Caeden's sister's wedding and the other is Ryanne's best friend's wedding. In the beginning we meet Caeden who we learn has to marry a human to satisfy the "Reparation." Caeden is alien with fairy-like powers: he can manipulate feelings via aura magic and make things grow. Then there's Ryanne who is the "best man" at her best friend's wedding. She also crushes on him. He's getting married because he knocked up his girlfriend. Right away I know something happened between Ryanne and Kevin's friends. They make unwelcomed advances toward her and she's terrified of them, argues with Kevin about them, telling him that she had said 'No'…hint, hint. She didn't tell anyone what happened to protect Kevin who laughs it off as a drunken mishap. Anyways… Whatever happened to Ryanne forces her to distrust men, rightfully so. But then she meets Caeden. She's actually drawn to him as he is to her. There's magic between them and Caeden realizes she is his soul mate. And she may be able to control magic, which is not the norm for humans. If only he could get her to marry him in a week.As the story unfolds, we see him try to convince her of just that. He takes her to his world and shows her magic, he throws his wealth at her—didn't I mention he's handsome and rich, and up for the throne of Abhaile, the alien/fairy realm? After a magic carpet ride (actually, a hot-air balloon ride) and exotic locations (Scotland) …who says money can't buy love? Ahem, okay, back to the book. Ryanne holds back. She doesn’t trust in Prince Charming, rightfully so. This forces Caeden to dig deeper into her past and allow her to build the strength she needs to heal.What I really liked: Ms. Bradford paints a very vivid picture of the world of Abhaile. Though alien is mentioned, I saw it more like a fairy world. I really, really liked Ryanne's sister, Heather. I liked that Heather was there throughout the book trying to help Ryanne, and not discarded as so many family members are in books. I also liked Heather and Patrick, an Abhithian working as a cop in the human world, as a couple. That would be a romance I'd like to read about. I also liked that Ryanne had to eventually save herself from the clutches of the evil Abhithian trying to take over the throne.What I didn't like: What Kevin's friends did to Ryanne was horrible and an issue not to be taken lightly. Two events in the book are around that issue—one with Ryanne the other with Caeden's aunt. I think that's why it was hard for me to "get" Ryanne in the beginning. I thought that issue needed a deeper…something. Not sure what. I felt as if Ryanne should be in therapy, not trying to cure her wounds with another guy. I'm a sucker for sweet romance mixed with evil villains and fantasy worlds. Overall, I give this book four stars.

  • E.M. Cooper
    2018-11-19 10:26

    'Fade Into Me', vividly characterised by magic and colour, blends urban romance with classical fantasy.Eighteen-year-old Ryanne Killian, scarred by a brutal assault and deserted by her parents, lives with her older sister, Heather. Life is difficult as she struggles to cope with her past and deal with the present. After attending her ex-boyfriend Kevin’s wedding, she is drawn by strange lights and inner voices to another wedding in the local botanic gardens, where she meets her soul-mate or Anamchara, Caedan Frey. Caedan is also a prince waiting to ascend the throne of Ireas, the faerie realm that exists on Earth in the fourth dimension.Bound by the faerie Reparation, Caedan must marry a human. He falls for Ryanne and has to convince her to marry him within two months or lose his claim to the throne. Ryanne is physically attracted to Caedan but is plagued by feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy and has lost her belief in love.Charity Bradford’s depiction of Ireas is powerful. The faerie realm is a beautiful and ethereal world where colour and magic exist symbiotically. In an intriguing way, she explains the relationship of the human and faerie worlds. She draws on colour and nature in the form of birds and flowers to skilfully convey a magic shaped by thought and emotion.‘Fade Into Me’ is well written and compelling and I recommend it especially to lovers of romance and fantasy. Charity Bradford will draw you into her fairytale world and have you wanting to believe in faeries.

  • Hillary Sperry
    2018-11-14 10:06

    What an amazing story!! I loved reading this book. It was quick and enjoyable. The main character was relatable and I fell in love with Caeden! He was so real and the way he learned had me cheering for him and her! Thank you for such a wonderful escape! I'm hoping for prequels!!!

  • Dan
    2018-11-08 12:05

    Check out my Booklikes Blog, Dan Grover: Cover to CoverWhat a Nice Surprise!I wish I could write a book. Maybe one day I will. I think being able to dream up a story, turn it into words on paper, and sharing it with others is brave and noble. Authors influence. Whether the book is actually good or not, I respect anyone who feels passionately enough about what they have to say that they write a book. For all these reasons, I love to support authors nearly as much as I love to read--especially if I know them personally.I know Charity and I was excited to read her new book. I'm even more excited to report that Fade Into Me was really fun to read! It's a bit more sappy-mushy-romantic than I normally would pick for myself, but I figured if I can convince my wife to watch an action movie because it has kissing in it than I should be able to enjoy a romance novel because it has aliens and science fiction in it!Here's what you're getting yourself into...Prince Caedan and his people are from another planet, sent 1000's of years ago to take stewardship of Earth. They live on Earth...but in another dimension invisible to humans. Using their magic, they manipulate the life force of living things--influence emotion, cause plants to spontaneously grow, stuff like that. Alien technology enables them to freely move between their hidden dimension and the one the normal humans live in.Ryanne is human and damaged.  She pines for her childhood crush/best friend--a major jerk, actually--who just had to marry his pregnant girlfriend. She's tormented by memories of a sexual assault involving her boy-crush's friends that she has chosen to cover up to protect jerk-boy. She is unremarkable in every way but one: Caedan has discovered that Ryanne is his Anamchara--his soul mate (think Jacob imprinting on Renesmee).Ryanne doesn't know it yet, but Caedan has to marry his sole mate two months from now or risk losing his crown to the bad guys who will surely use their power to make bad things happen for Earth. All Ryanne knows is that for some reason this really hot guy--who is apparently a magic alien--is making her weak-kneed and light headed and she is completely freaked out by his attention. There were a couple of unexpected twists that kept me engaged, and by the closing chapters I had a hard time putting the book down. Well done Charity! I hope your well on your way with your next book.One request though...could you please make the next one have a lot less kissing and a lot more explosions?

  • Michelle Pennington
    2018-11-12 10:07

    It is always fun to dive into another world, and this story was no exception. This particular one blends fantasy elements of magic, spells, and fairy tales with aliens, portals, and human origin. Quite an undertaking. On top of this, Bradford undertakes the soul mate thing. I have to admit I was worried about that.Much to my relief, Caedan and Ryanne were literally drawn together with magic and attraction, but their relationship developed throughout the story. And believe me, it's not a smooth path. Caedan's emotions and actions were all over the place, as were Ryanne's sometimes. It gave a kind of jerky sensation rather than a smooth narrative, but it was exactly suited for the story that was being told. It's always interesting when the story makes you feel things that are a reflection of what the characters feel. But thank goodness, being soul mates meant that they were meant to improve and help each other in their weaknesses. It made the whole thing work for me. Especially since these two lovebirds were beautifully imperfect. I'm a big time romance fan, so I love it when I find a clean romance to enjoy. If I was going to say anything that the author could have done better though, it would be that there could have been a better balance between the romance and the rest of the story. Bradford created a whole new world that seemed really interesting, and I would have loved to spend more time in it. I also would have liked to get a better idea of how Caedan's people interacted with the humans, and what mark they made on our world. We get hints of it, but that only made me want to know more. I believe this was written a stand alone novel. It is certainly a complete story with a satisfying ending. However, since I would like to explore this world more, I would be happy to see another story, perhaps with some new characters in the starring role and Caedan and Ryanne as major players.

  • Anna Dye
    2018-11-10 08:04

    Fade Into Me by Charity Bradford is a story of redemption and love. Caedan is a prince in the realm that created earth and the humans who exist within. He has powers that permit him to work magic. At his sister's wedding he finds his eternal partner, Ryanne, and is very attracted to her. Through his powers, and the many years he's been alive, his family has accumulated a lot of wealth. He tries to give Ryanne all the comfort she needs, but all his efforts to gain her love backfire. The problem is that he has to marry her to save his kingdom, and he only has two months to convince her.Ryanne is a broken mortal who feels unworthy of love, so she has given up on finding it. When Kevin, the guy she is in love with, marries a girl who claims she is pregnant by him her feelings of being unworthy settle deeply in her soul. She also has a horrible catastrophe that she is forced to endure involving Kevin's two buddies. Marked so deeply by this rape, she becomes a shadow of her former self. At Kevin's wedding, she leaves the party and finds that another wedding is being held close by. Somehow, in that party is something or someone who calls to her very soul. When she sees Caedan for the first time, she can't breath. She runs, just to find herself getting sick every time he come near her.Fade Into Me by Charity Bradford is a great story about two people who have so much in common, but cannot let themselves be. It is also the tale of two places, both on the brink of destruction, completely intertwined with each other and the two people who can avert their doom. It is an excellent, clean romance that will leave you content, and entertain you for hours.

  • Trish
    2018-11-21 05:16

    I was thrilled to finally get time to read Caedan and Ryanne's story! Not that I relish being sick, but it was just the gift of time needed to finish the book! I appreciated the depth of character development for Caedan, Ryanne and Lorandra. I cared about them, and most of the motivations seemed pure to the character I had developed in my mind. I wanted to understand Caedan's mother and why she was not as critical to the story. Especially when Ryanne's mother was not in her life, it seems she would be drawn to Caedan's mother. I think Lorandra was a wonderful substitution to fulfill that yearning Ryanne had for a mother figure. I would have loved more development of Granger's character. There was opportunity to develop Granger beyond just a "bad guy". Not that I wanted to have sympathy, but I could see opportunity for a richer back story- a more textured villain. I loved the idea of magic as described in this story. It wasn't all powerful nor could it solve every problem. That allowed the magic to be it's own character without overrunning the main characters. -small edit correction? When Caedan and Ryanne unpack their picnic lunch, the dessert is referenced as a shortcake or pound cake, but when they kissed, it was chocolate covered strawberries she tasted? Charity pulled me in to a beautifully developed realm that I could feel. It was a wonderful way to spend a sick day! Thank you!

  • Elizabeth Maria Naranjo
    2018-10-30 06:19

    Caedan Frey has a duty to fulfill, one that involves marrying a human girl before his next birthday. He’s been holding out for true love but is running out of time. Ryanne Killian has lost her faith in Prince Charming and the whole idea of happily ever after. She judges her worth by the scars on her back, and it’s not a pretty sight. When Caedan meets Ryanne, he knows instantly she is the one. But first he has to restore her faith in love, and then convince her she belongs with him in the world of Ireas, an alternate dimension on Earth. Fade Into Me is told from alternating points of view—Caedan’s and Ryanne’s—and the story takes place in two worlds. The author does a nice job creating the world of Ireas, a place where colors are vibrant and changing, playing “like joyful children.” Caedan is a likeable hero, but flawed in that he underestimates Ryanne and what it will take to win her heart. To accomplish that, he needs to find out what Ryanne’s hiding—a painful secret that has destroyed her belief in herself and in others. The book has a nice balance of romance and fantasy. The story is well-paced and the writing full of gems. I enjoyed the way both characters learned that something they took for granted was much more complex. For Ryanne, that was reality itself, and for Caedan, it was a woman’s heart.

  • Cami Roueche
    2018-11-13 08:19

    Fade into Me effortlessly weaves romance and fantasy into a book that’s impossible to put down. Seriously, I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it the same day I started it. Ryanne’s life has been consumed by a suffocating secret. It’s shattered her self-worth and made the idea of love seem like nothing more than a childish fairytale. Caedan comes from a world of magic and privilege, but as heir to Abhaile’s throne, he has a duty to fulfill. He must marry a human before the Reparation (a ceremonial debt to be paid every 1000 years) to prevent a scheming Abhithian from destroying the order and serenity of his people. Neither of them believes they’ll find true love—Ryanne has put up too many walls to protect her secret and Caedan has become resigned to the fact that he’ll never find his Anamchara (his soulmate) in a human, much less before the Reparation. But then they meet. Their story is filled with hope, angst, magic, and unexpected changes. Bradford paints their two worlds so vividly you’ll feel like you’re right there with them as Caedan tries to show Ryanne she is worthy of love and capable of saving his people.

  • C.D. Coffelt
    2018-10-26 13:18

    Ms. Bradford creates a fanciful yet believable world with Fade Into Me, a world that draws the reader in from the first page.The characters are well rounded and have enough angst to satisfy my drama queen heart, the wonder-what’s-gonna-happen-next syndrome. I lived with these people, hurt at Ryanne’s revelations, and rejoiced at her triumphs. And Caedan...okay, he is such a hunk of a man. Well, not exactly a “man”. At least not exactly human anyway but definitely swoon-worthy nonetheless.Interwoven in their attraction for each other are Ryanne’s fears and heartache from a past experience. The beauty of Caedan’s reality pulls at her, tugs her back from the edge of a sorrowful life. But psyche mending isn’t one-way. He thinks charm is all it takes to win Ryanne. She shows him what true emotions are and persuades him to let the future take care of itself. Worrying about how their two worlds can heal and reunite won’t get him anywhere. The key is finding his true love and soul mate.A book for all ages, a true genre of magical realism, Fade Into Me is a thumpin’ good book, excellent for these wintery days.

  • Angie Taylor
    2018-11-14 04:57

    This was such a fun book to read. For a romantic young adult novel it has all the fun tension and excitement a fan of YA would want. If you love sci-fi fantasy, it's has beautiful, creative, world building. If you like realistic fiction (minus the magic) the story deals with real life mature themes that people face all the time. On the surface this story is about falling in love and the magic of love. But the heart of the story deals with learning to overcome challenges, weaknesses, and learning to accept yourself and move on from the past. I really enjoyed this story and am excited to share it with my reading friends.

  • Kim
    2018-10-30 13:07

    I'm not much of a fantasy reader, but I really enjoyed this one! The other world that Bradford created was beautiful and I loved the interactions between the two worlds. The romance felt a little fast at first and I was worried I wouldn't like how it was going (I'm all about the long, drawn-out angst), but it all quickly began to make sense and ended up making for a fun story that felt like there was a lot of truth in it.

  • Julie
    2018-11-11 05:25

    I wouldn't call myself big on Sci-Fi Romance, but I couldn't put this book down. 2 days and it was done. It was a fun read that was creative and fresh. Bradford creates a wonderful setting in your head that is easy to move the characters through. Your attachment to the characters comes on quick and you can't help but want to blaze to the end to know what happens to them. Enjoyed every page!

  • Alicia Rivoli
    2018-11-17 07:07

    Fade Into Me is a fantastic tale that pulls you in from page one. It was a book that I couldn't put down. Bradford's imagination is brilliant as she describes each character and location. It almost made me feel as if I were there watching it all happen. I highly recommend this to reader of all ages.

  • Dave
    2018-10-24 07:02

    I loved the main characters in this story! It was a fun read.

  • Kathy
    2018-10-31 08:06

    Took me until about half way to get into this book but then I started to enjoy it. Content: clean

  • Got My Book
    2018-10-29 06:22

    Also posted (with Bonus Author Interview) on my blog Got My Book.Real Rating = 3.5*Source: I received this book free in return for an honest review.BOOK DETAILS:Fade Into Me by Charity Bradford, read by Tia Sorensen, published Independently (2015) / Length: 6hrsSERIES INFO:This book is standalone and no sequels are currently planned.SUMMARY:Some information about Ryanne's "secret" was given early in the book, and I really wanted to stop reading because of the callous way her "best friend" acted about it. But I kept reading, and I am not sorry I did.The central romance was cute & sweet while, magical soulmates with extreme wealth aside, managing to not be too unrealistic.More information about what happens to Ryanne comes at the end. I found it very devastating and won't be listening to any of the parts about it ever again.CHARACTERS:Ryanne: She has some serious issues, which are totally understandable. But she manages to find her strength.Caedan: I don't like his habit of manipulating human emotions for his own convenience; even if he doesn't believe he is causing any harm, it isn't right. I also don't like that he didn't respect her refusal to dance. However, he is not a typical bad boy jerk. He wants to make their relationship work, he just doesn't have a clue how to do that.HIGHLIGHTS / CAUTIONS:--I love the realistic emphasize on the fact that just because you find your soulmate doesn’t guarantee an instant HEA. It is made clear that any relationship requires work, care, and openness.--And Caedan's mother calls him out for behavior that is all too typical in YA literature:All you've done is tell her what to do. What do you know about her as a person?CAUTIONS: As stated above, Ryanne's "secret" is devastating. The incident itself is never fully described; but nevertheless I was disturbed for days, especially by the final revelation. As the author relates, in the bonus interview, this was based on a friends real life experience, which only makes it worse. Anyone who might have sexual assault triggers should approach this book with care.NARRATION:This audiobook has very long “chapters.” That can make it difficult to find something you are looking for.  / Her voice is nice.  She doesn’t do a lot of emoting or differentiating of voices, which doesn’t bother me but some people might be not like. A bit more problematic is the pacing of the non-dialogue parts which doesn’t vary much. / I listened on 1.25 speed (my usual)

  • C.J. Anaya
    2018-10-30 09:08

    This story was intriguing and original. I almost wish the story had stayed in the mythical realm of Caeden's world simply because I wanted to learn more about it. I thought the vivid, active colors and magical setting really helped to draw me into the book. Lots of wonderful imagery there. The writing was nicely articulated and the plot was fresh though I almost feel like this could have been made into a trilogy. This struggle with the other warring family, the fact that Lorandra has a soul mate who is involved in this, and the depth of Ryanne and Caeden's relationship could have been explored more fully with a less linear plot, but that's just me loving all of these ideas the author had and wanting to delve into the story more. Plus I'm a fan of trilogies. When I find characters I like I never want to say good-bye to them.There were aspects of this book that were a struggle for me because Ryanne's tragedy hits close to home so reading about it was difficult. Overcoming the worthless, dirty feeling as a rape victim is no cake walk and her struggle to find herself worthy of the role Caeden wanted her to play was real and accurate. I think that there were moments I disliked Ryanne because of how harsh she was when shutting Caeden out after everything he did to help her. There needs to be a careful balance between someone who is strong while they overcome obstacles and just someone who has low self-esteem and is embittered. Otherwise the character can come off as unlikable. I had a few moments of that with Ryanne, but I understood where she was coming from.The connection that Ryanne and Caeden have with one another is really nice, but I wanted more of those moments of awareness and more time for them to grow together as a couple. With everything that is at stake concerning their separate races and what the reparation will mean for everyone involved I wanted a stronger sense of urgency.I think that fans of paranormal romances will love the world that the author has created. I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Barb McKinley
    2018-11-20 07:17

    This was a good read. It is a romance that deals with more than one social issue and it really is good against bad plotline. I really enjoyed the main character and could relate to her on an emotional as I understood her pain and rage over something that happened. Don't we all have something from our childhood that effects us still in adulthood? The difference in this story comes into play immediately and gives this story a different feel from a simple sci-fi romance.All the main characters are well developed throughout the book. I enjoyed Ms. Bradford's take on Caedan and his views of the human race as a whole. He and Ryanne both have issues to overcome before the romance can start to mean something to each other. I think, at one time in our lives, we have all been worried about our own worth in someone else's eyes. I felt so heartsick for Ryanne and her lack of self worth. I really enjoyed reading about all the hurdles each had to overcome and remember being just as unsure when I was dating the man that would later become my better half. He never noticed anything about stuff I thought was so wrong with me. At times the story did bog down but it would pick back up right away and was well worth reading.In the midst of all this Ms. Bradford develops a different world and populates it fantastically. Then things take paths that I never saw coming. More hurdles to overcome for our couple....were they going to be able to overcome impossible odds? Would the bad guys get Ryanne? I guess you will have to read the book to the surprising end.I am delighted to recommend this book to romance, sci-fi dystopian readers. Ms. Bradford has an easy writing style and I am sure I will read more from her ...maybe a sequel to this great story? KUDOS Ms. Bradford on a wonferful story well told.***I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST AND UNBIASED REVIEW.***

  • Donna Weaver
    2018-11-02 09:09

    WHAT IT'S ABOUTAliens live among us. Their purpose: to protect and nurture their greatest mistake—mankind.Caedan Frey’s family has fulfilled this duty for thousands of years, but it doesn’t free him from his obligation as prince of the Reparation. Although he doesn't believe humans will evolve to see the magic, much less control it, he has two months to marry one or face the wrath of the High Council. Bitter about a responsibility he thinks prevents him from marrying for love, he figures any human girl will do. He's ready to propose to one when his soul mate stumbles into—and right out—of his arms.Human, Ryanne Killian might be his one shot at happiness while still fulfilling his duty. Unfortunately, she guards a dark secret, and she thinks the only way to protect Caedan is to push him away.Caedan must convince her she’s worthy of his love before the men from her nightmares return for a second round. If she can see her own worth, she just might save herself and his people.MY TAKEI didn't really know what to expect when I picked up this book. The world is interesting and unique, what with the premise that they're here--but not.The pull Caedan and Ryanne feel toward each other is powerful and fast. He understands what it signifies, but Ryanne (understandably) is freaked out by. The whole situation is complicated enough but there are darker things lurking about that come into play. There's plenty of wooing and romance but there's also some sick bad guys to deal with as well.4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

  • Taya Okerlund
    2018-10-25 10:20

    I read this book on an honest review quid pro quo. Charity Bradford’s story, Fade Into Me, is vividly imagined. Most of Charity’s reviewers praise her for lively evocation of her fantasy realm and I agree. She has all the elements of a gorgeous read here again, but she occasionally sacrifices drama in the first half of the story. Fantasy is a great genre and Charity uses it to embellish and enliven visual aesthetics, but it could be such a workhorse for story tension—and on that, she waits. She begins to use it more toward the second half of the book, but Ryanne’s personal recalcitrance constitutes the primary source of tension through the first half of the story—to the point where the reader begins to wonder what and why. I liked the premise of this book…that mankind is the result of rogue alien experimentation and I was almost more intrigued by this history than the present romance at hand. I think a little extra delicacy might be given to the subject of Ryanne’s abuse. I’ve been a victim before. There are tender moments…but Bradford should be careful of clichés. Thank you for a good read Ms. Bradford. Four of five stars.

  • Carolyn Frank
    2018-10-31 12:17

    I don't normally read science fiction, so I was a little leery of this book at first, but I had heard good things about it so I gave it a try.The science fiction element was minimal. It came into play mostly as the setting, that being an alternate dimension to life on earth, and the twist that came with this alternate civilizations relationship to humans. (I don't want to give more away). There was also bits of magic. All in all, these science fiction and magical elements made for a fun backdrop to a romance story, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The rich guy with royal heritage needs to marry a human to save his kingdom. He falls in love with a commoner--more than falls in love, he is connected to her in ways she doesn't understand--and she doesn't reciprocate. At first. He has to win her heart, which is difficult because she has been hurt and is very distrustful.I enjoyed the book and would easily recommend it to my friends who like a good, clean romance with a touch of the mystical.

  • Radiant
    2018-10-23 06:16

    Ryanne has suffered much in her young life..a neglected for father,a prick for a boyfriend who does nothing to stop when his friends makes moves on her.On the wedding day of her ex,she hears strange whispers and follows them to a wedding and meets Caedan there for first time.Caedan doesn't want to wed for the sake of reparation but adjusts to it,as it theirs duty to protect the race of mankind..until he meets her- his soul mate..anamachara.Ryanne and Caedan has to got through struggles in the kingdom of ares...lies and betrayals to get to the end of tunnel and there are many enemies in their path to destroy them..can their love save them,their kingdom and the whole mankind.Liked the story..very different..i like good fantasy stories and this was one of them.Rating: 4.

  • Emma
    2018-11-06 12:08

    This book was really good. I love the original ideas that went into it, most importantly the new kind of magic. In this book magic is seen as colors swirling around objects and if you can control the colors you can change things. I thought it was a really great and unique idea!Also, the romance felt real, unlike in other books where all boundaries fall away and nothing keeps the protagonists apart. Ryanne has ghosts in her past, and Caedan was the only one who could get rid of them because he was the only one who could love her the way he did.

  • Terry Deighton
    2018-11-22 05:06

    The plot is covered in other reviews. I'll just say this was a delightfully frustrating read. The frustrating part is that the characters developed naturally and learned their lessons in a realistic way just like real people, who are frustrating to those around them in the process. The main characters had to figure out how to overcome their faults and self doubts on their own. I loved the world building and character development. A little more editing and polish would make this a five star book.

  • Joannes Rhino
    2018-11-07 09:16

    Fade Into Me is one of the books that I want to watch it in a movie theater. I love the imagination of the author by creating these characters in two different world. Although it's a fantasy reading, I can see that the author tried to make it realistic. The conversations between the two main characters are well-built. I was sucked into the emotion of Caedan when trying to convince himself that Ryanne is the one. Playing with readers' emotion is one of the key factors of a successful book.

  • Sara
    2018-11-15 05:14

    A love storyDidn't matter if it's aliens or fae this book was a love story from beginning to end. I've never read about two people so determined to get in their own way before. It bordered on the frustrating but thankfully ended satisfactorily. At one point I truly screamed into my book, "just show her your feelings you damned man" but alas, as in real life, he didn't listen.

  • Aly
    2018-11-08 08:59

    I really enjoyed this book! This book is a great YA book. There is romance and love and just a great book to pull you into the story. I could see this book make it as a movie. I wish I could write a book like this. I just can't say how much I enjoyed this book. * I was given this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Patricia
    2018-11-14 08:02

    Such a cute fairy tale. I won the audiobook but had to buy the ebook to finish it faster. I loved how complex the characters were, and how they grew together throughout the novel. And the fantasy world was vivid and beautifully described.

  • Mercedes Montgomery
    2018-11-13 13:04

    A great love story that made me smile. It was well worth the read. I see a fantastic future for Ms. Bradford as a writer.