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Captain Vlora is a powder mage in the Adran army. Once the favored, adopted daughter of the field marshal, she is now a pariah amongst those she called her family. Her superior officers would like nothing more than to send her to a far off posting and forget about her, but no one is exempt when there is a war - and powder mages are desperately needed. When a traitorous guaCaptain Vlora is a powder mage in the Adran army. Once the favored, adopted daughter of the field marshal, she is now a pariah amongst those she called her family. Her superior officers would like nothing more than to send her to a far off posting and forget about her, but no one is exempt when there is a war - and powder mages are desperately needed. When a traitorous guard captain goes on the run with information that could harm the war effort, Vlora is sent on his trail. She has three days to find him; she will have to make new friends and test the limits of her skills. Fail, and good soldiers will die. Succeed and maybe, just maybe, she can begin to work her way back into the field marshal's good graces.A new story set in the world of the Powder Mage trilogy, the most acclaimed and action-packed new epic fantasy series in recent years. RETURN TO HONOR takes place directly following the events of book one, Promise of Blood....

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Return to Honor Reviews

  • Choko
    2018-11-17 10:31

    *** 3 ***Short and sweet. We get to learn more about Vlora from her POV. It actually made me feel a bit sorry for her...

  • Conor
    2018-11-22 09:11

    2.5 Another novella set in the Powder Mage universe. I normally like these novellas and feel that they do a lot to develop the characters and setting but this was by far my least favourite. That might be due to the fact that I read it in the middle of "The Autumn Republic" for some reason and I found the plot to be much slower and less engaging in comparison (this might be due to knowing pretty much what was going to happen based on the events of book 2). It might also be due to the fact that the main character is Vlora, one of the 'good guy' characters I most hate in any work of fiction (see my review of 'The Crimson Campaign' for an explanation as to why I'm a committed member of the Vlora sucks club). In this book she didn't do anything major to further annoy me and a couple of the scenes even made me feel slight twinges of sympathy but overall this novella failed to change my opinion of her. This was a really good chance to show events from her POV and explain her actions as well as (view spoiler)[ show how her relationship with Olem started and perhaps cast it in a more sympathetic light given how scummy both of them came across in The Crimson Campaign(hide spoiler)], unfortunately this was never explored properly. The plot itself was really slow and uneventful at the start but it picked up somewhat towards the end however I found the denouement to be jerky and anti-climactic. By far the weakest installment in the series but the awesomeness of The Autumn Republic (which I'm reading atm) keeps my faith in Big Brian McC strong.

  • Petros Triantafyllou
    2018-10-26 13:19

    Another short story of Vlora, as The Girl of Hrusch Avenue, taking place between Promise of Blood & The Crimson Campaign. Nothing really special about this story, but it offers some hints about the rest of the story (Olem's rifle jackets, etc), so it's worth reading.Ps. I do not rate short stories.

  • Mr. Matt
    2018-11-08 07:28

    Another short little volume set in the world of the Powder Mage series. This story follows Vlora, the young Powder Mage who has fallen out of favor with Tamas and the army. Thanks to her ill-conceived affair with a nobleman shortly before the events in Promise of Blood no one will have anything to do with her. Tamas is hurt because Vlora jilted his son, and the army's sympathies are with their beloved general.Vlora is given a mission to capture the commander of the traitorous church leader's guard. He has vital information about Tamas' plans and is believed to be waiting nothing more than to turn that over to the enemy. With no help from anyone, is to use her wits and ingenuity to track the traitor down. Her success will restore her to honor.Three stars over five. A solid little story that continues to flesh out the world of the Powder Mage. Good, but not great. Nice if you really enjoy this series. As a stand-alone book it is not as good.

  • Wing Kee
    2018-11-05 08:23

    A solid little tale that focuses on character but it still kinda rubbed me the wrong me, but that's just me.World: The world is just a stage for this little tale, it takes place right after Promise of Blood so if you've read the book you will feel comfortable in the world. If not you need to read it first I feel.Story: Very character driven. One of the issues I had with 'Promise of Blood' is that it promised these character moments and deeper development and then it got tossed aside by the huge story, all the moving parts, and the war. Here we get to finally get some development and real tangible grounding of these characters. The story is paced well and it's very straight forward, a mission but in it we get the good character stuff. Character: Vlora is essentially slut shammed in the first book and it is an issue I had with the first book with the lack of female characters and depth in that regard, but it was a larger problem not just with female characters but also with character depth in general. This little tale is great for Vlora as a character, still there is the slut shamming that happens in the book, you can say it is the sign of the times and the way soldier react to their superior officer's son getting screwed and the loyalty involved, but this still kinda rubbed me the wrong way that the defining characteristic of Vlora was this betrayal. There is good development here that makes it deeper though and I really enjoyed it. I don't think in the end that Vlora needed to earn the trust back from the soldiers but that's just me.A good little tale within the world and some much needed character development.

  • Jim
    2018-11-20 10:23

    I'm really glad I got this. It's been a while since I read the first book & I was worried that I'd forgotten too much to really enjoy the second as an audio, but I found this & it all came back. It's a novelette with just a couple of characters. Well done & read.

  • Marjolein
    2018-11-07 12:37

    Read all my reviews on Immediately following the event from the first book in the Powder Mage series, Promise of Blood, one of the surprisingly good series I've started this year, this was a very nice, albeit short return to the Powder Mage universe.If you enjoyed Promise of Blood you will most likely like this story, since it had the same vibe to it. I was really glad that I read it and it made me want to continue the series even more. I was already planning on reading the second book some time soon, but now I want to read it even sooner.Vlora is an interesting character and I hope we get to see more of her later in the series.Return to Honor is a short story in the Powder Mage trilogy, consisting of Promise of Blood, The Crimson Campaign and The Autumn Republic.

  • Peter
    2018-10-28 06:35

    Nestled right in between the first two books of the trilogy, this quick story shows off a couple of fun things. There's Verundish, a reoccurring character in a couple of stories, and she has a line about her price that ties into the main storyline with a wink and a nod. There's Vlora and Olem, getting to know each other and starting their relationship. There's Vlora as a POV character, which will be fun to see more of. And there's the regular stuff too: guns, sword fights, searching the city for bad guys, and seeing a soldier's life.It's a short one, but it holds up pretty well on the re-read. I'll probably re-read some more of the short fiction while I wait for the new trilogy.

  • Daniel
    2018-11-01 11:36

    Interesantna pričica ali u suštini skoro ničemu ne doprinosu sve ukupnoj priči. Plus glavni lik je neko koga baš i ne mirišem u glavnom srijalu.Ako ste ljubitelj powder mage sveta onda vredi baciti pogled ali za svako drugog nema šta da traži.

  • Joel
    2018-10-26 06:35

    Even as much of a sucker as I am for these, this one failed to keep my attention too long, and felt a bit anemic.

  • Antonis
    2018-11-04 06:35

    2.5 / 5 This is a short story related to McClellan's Powder Mage series and it takes places somewhere between the 1st and 2nd book. The main characters are Vlora and Olem and we get to know a little bit more about them.Plot-wise the story felt a bit weak. The setup feels a bit uninteresting and the resolution cheap and not completely justified. At the same time though, McClellan's writing is sharp and interesting as always. It's smooth and easy to read and turn pages and I felt that this was the driving force behind this short story.All in all, it's not a bad one but it's not the best short story of this series either. I think it's not indicative of the greatness of the main books of the Powder Mage series and I would not recommend reading it unless you're a fan of the series already. 2.5 / 5

  • Terence
    2018-11-13 11:22

    My very first thought on Return to Honor is that I definitely enjoyed it.Return to Honor is a straight forward story that takes place in between Promise of Blood and The Crimson Campaign. Field Marshal Tamas gives Vlora a solo mission to track down a prielight guard who worked for Charelmund and has information that exposes Adran plans and numbers. (view spoiler)[Shortly into the story we see Colonel Verundish and Olem. Verundish appears only briefly, but Olem is an integral part of the story. It's always great to that Olem is always solid and dependable. (hide spoiler)]The short story has the familiar feel of the Powder Mage world while reinforcing certain points from the series such as an extremely skilled swordsman being capable of holding off or defeating a powder mage. It was good to get Vlora's internal monologue since she's the most hated person on Tamas's side over cheating on Taniel. She's clearly torn up over the repercussions of cheating on Taniel, particularly the loss of her adoptive father's love.On a side rant How weird was Taniel and Vlora's relationship? They grew up together and were practically siblings. I guess it would at least make holidays easy having the same father.Overall 4 out of 5 stars. This is for anyone who likes the Powder Mage trilogy, short stories, and novellas.

  • Anna
    2018-11-18 05:15

    When I started reading ‘Return to Honor’ I expected it to improve my opinion on Vlora, and it certainly helped me to understand Vlora better and feel her pain at the mistake she made. I think what shocked me the most was that almost every single soldier in the army turned on Vlora after learning about her cheating on Taniel. As Vlora herself said, Taniel’s family and closest friends had a right for it, but the fact she had not a single friend left hurt me deeply. Vlora’s relationship with Olem also interested me, especially since we didn’t have an in-depth look at it in The Crimson Campaign. While this story doesn’t exactly explore it, we still can see what had brought these two together. The simple fact that Olem appears in it makes it even better. I’ve got to say that Olem is among my top favourites in ‘The Powder Mage’ series, and he is totally awesome. In every single scene. What else can I say? I would totally marry Olem if I could, even if he smokes like a steam engine.Beside the main plot I enjoyed a lot of subtle references to both Promise of Blood and ‘The Crimson Campaign’: the reappearance of Colonel Verundish and her ‘special assignment’, and the number of seventy-five thousand krana.

  • Richard Eyres
    2018-11-10 12:18

    At long last, a short story about Vlora - who was the first character I read about in Brian McClellan's Powder Mage series. I read a short story of Vlora when she was a child - and was a little disappointed at her lack of involvement within the story to date.This story sees Vlora on a mission to restore her honor to the army and Tamas. This needs to be read between book 2 and 3, as it follows on from events at the end of book 2 and may have some impact on book 3. Will she restore her honor? Or is she to leave the army? We didn't see any more of the world, but we do get more character development on some of the lesser characters in the series.This was an enjoyable read from start to finish and was released at the right time to kick up the anticipation for book 3.

  • Robert H
    2018-11-03 06:25

    Set immediately after the events of Brian McClellan first novel, Promise of Blood, Return to Honor focuses on the beginning of the redemption of Captain Vlora, a non-POV character from the first two books of the trilogy. The story is around the length of a couple of chapters in one of the larger novels, and is entirely focused on Vlora's efforts to complete a mission before she will be allowed to head back to the front and hopefully rejoin the rest of Field Marshal Tamas' powder cabal. While not as long or twisting as McClellan's last short in the Powder Mage universe, Murder at the Kinnen Hotel which is highly recommended, Return to Honor does give us much more insight into what Vlora is going through, as well as exploring how she comes to know Captain Olem, something which hadn't been explored in The Crimson Campaign but had obviously happened in between the first two books of the trilogy. Like all of McClellan's other shorts, I enjoyed this extra peek into the lives of his characters. Return to Honor did feel a bit more like a chapter which could have been in the books, unlike the other novellas which gave us more background into characters years before the events of the novels. That doesn't mean it wasn't good though, and it completely whet my appetite for the third book in the trilogy, The Autumn Republic, which is due in about a month - something I'm very much looking forward to. Bottom line is that if you like McClellan's work you'll like this, just like I did.

  • Kim
    2018-11-09 07:12

    This was a short, but nice story featuring Vlora and Olem that takes place between the first two Powder Mage novels. Vlora as a character doesn't feel very fleshed out in the novels, so I liked being able to read a story from her perspective. (view spoiler)[I still don't really like her as a character, though. The only regret she seems to feel for cheating on Taniel seems to be for how she has lost the respect of her colleagues, not for how she hurt someone she claimed to care for. It still feels like she has a lot of growing up to do as a person - Taniel comes across as far more experienced and much more mature.(hide spoiler)]Anyway, can't wait for book three to come out this year, so this was a fun teaser.

  • Dylan Murphy
    2018-11-17 12:32

    The short story "Return to Honor" follows our not so close friend Vlora immediately after the events of Promise of Blood. The story was great, the mystery/investigation aspect of it was immensely enjoyable. The action was extremely well done, and getting to see a little bit more of our secondary main characters in Vlora and Olem was good stuff. While I still love Olem and see a lot of myself in him if I'm honest. And I did really like getting to know Vlors a little more, but there were still bits about here character that I really didn't like. I love Taniel's character, and it is definitely a personal bias, but I can't get passed what she did to him or how she acted sometimes with Olem.Still a Damn good story, and I hope Vlora improves herself and really returns to honor!

  • Chris Boulton
    2018-10-30 08:22

    Grand wee story with Vlora, who should be ashamed.. I'd not have cheated on Taniel.. yeah, yeah he's a fictional character but still, I would.. and his father... shh now.. and Olem, Tamas' cheeky bodyguard.. racing to stop a naughty man from running off with state secrets to the naughty enemy.I think we need more Vlora.. flesh her out a little more, we've had this one and her as a wee child but all we really know about her is that she cheated on my Taniel.. ahem.. on Taniel and she's really nifty with the bullets. Olem too, come to think of it.Hell.. just more of everything, chain BM to a desk and never let him go.Seriously, read all the Powder Mage stories.. you won't be disappointed .. unless you are and then don't blame me, I didn't write them.

  • Lady*M
    2018-10-28 11:23

    I didn't especially liked Vlora at the beginning of the series but, by the end of it, I certainly understood her better. This story takes place after the first book in the trilogy as she tries to complete an assignment that could begin to repair her relationship with Tamas. It also explains how she met Olem. I always liked him, especially his relationship with Tamas. The story was well written, but it didn't give me any more insight into the characters. I enjoyed it nonetheless. Good for the fans of the series, not enough for the first time readers.

  • Mark
    2018-11-10 11:39

    How does McClellan do it? I don't even LIKE short stories and yet I can't stop reading what he puts out in between the full length books in this series. As usual this is so short that I can't talk about the story without revealing spoilers, so I won't. If you're looking at this review then you're either already reading this series and know how good these shorts are or you're a friend of mine who damn well ought to be reading this series.

  • Evgeni Kirilov
    2018-11-20 10:30

    I don't think I have any notable complaints about this short. Most impressive, I think, was Vlora's tone, her voice. She definitely reads differently from Taniel, Tamas, and Adamat - the boys of The Powder Mage series. I wouldn't call her tone feminine, because that carries some baggage from our own society, but she reads... softer. More internal, I think. I am happy with it.

  • Bart
    2018-11-16 11:25

    3,5 stars, leaning towards 4 stars.

  • Stefano G.
    2018-11-03 12:30

    Story mainly of Vlora doing some detective work with the help of Olem... I find it could have been nice to read it just after Promise of Blood, bridges a few plot holes between the books that are glossed over in the The Crimson Campaign.. nothing really substantial but honestly I think it would fit better to read it during the main trilogy read. However, it's still quite alright to read it after! You don't miss much, in the end it's mainly a ramification from the main plot...

  • Rob
    2018-10-28 08:23

    The last of the Powder Mage short stories... at least until McClellan decides for more (please do!) within his next trilogy. Interestingly, Return to Honor is Vlora based as is his new series, Sins of Empire. In this novella, we learn a little more about Vlora and get a feel for her character. Still can't say I am a big fan of her... hopefully that changes when I get to Sins of Empire. Olem also shows up here and he is also good for a chuckle and some action. 4 stars and must read for the Powder Mage fan club.

  • Jon
    2018-11-15 07:34

    The final story of In the Field Marshal's Shadow takes place between the first and second Powder Mage novels. This one follows the character of Vlora after she fell from grace with Tamas and is sent on a redemption-seeking mission.

  • Andrew Lukyanenko
    2018-11-09 05:21

    Not bad, but I found it lacking something... Maybe I was spoiled by the greatness of Sanderson's short stories :)

  • Ceki
    2018-10-23 13:37

    Oh Vlora, all I wanna do is hug you :( You didn't deserve such poor treatment and Tamas is a selfish prick. Olem <3

  • Imjussayin
    2018-11-10 05:22

    The novellas have all proved to be a good read. In some cases better than the full stories.

  • John
    2018-11-08 12:33

    Love Vlora's character and adds some depth to her arc

  • Christopher
    2018-11-21 13:40

    Return to Honor is set between Promise of Blood and The Crimson Campaign and follows Captain Vlora in her pursuit of a guard captain who has escaped the events at the end of Promise of Blood and the mission she is assigned is seen as a way for her to begin to redeem herself in the eyes of her fellows! :DThe story slots neatly into the gap between the two books and also helped to set up a lot of the characterisation and to deepen things and events that we see in The Crimson Campaign! :D We also get more of an insight into the character of Vlora as well as get to see her in action when she is not on the battlefield! :DAs ever the characters are very three-dimensional we even see the characters that you would not suspect of having a good qualities displaying some even know they are on the opposite side which is great as even though it is a short story this adds to the feel of everything else in the book creating a lot of grey areas for the characters! :D The story forms for the most part an almost to get story which is similar to other elements of the overall story that we see in other short stories and books! :D So as the story progresses Vlora recruits help from her fellow officers and on the way we get to encounter others who is seen the main books as well adding more depth three dimensionality to them as well! We also get to see more of Adro as the investigation progresses! :D This also gives us an idea of the size of the city and the way in which it operates! :DThe action scenes are also handled in a swift and frenetic manner! :D They move at a incredible pace and many of the negotiations that follow are handled in a suitably grey fashion and you have to wonder why some people don't check the small print of their agreements which adds a lot of the humour that is always present as well as giving a good balance between the action and the interaction and sleuthing abilities of the characters! :DThere are a number of scenes that you cannot help but think may have a bearing on the new book The Autumn Republic as there seems to be some laying down of certain locations and a sprinkling of new characters that have some serious investment in them rather than what you would expect for throwaway characters! :DThe story is very firmly situated in the time frame that is when things are starting to return to the relative normalcy but same time the situation is winding up to what you see in The Crimson Campaign with the city preparing for battle which leads a sense of imminent battle that permeates the entire story and keeps the pressure ratcheted up on the characters! :DA great short story showing great insight into a number of characters that batter heavily in the later books! :D Frenetic, fast-paced, full of mystery and edge of the seat stuff! :DBrilliant stuff! :D Highly recommended! :D