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(This novel contains some Scottish dialect/slang, strong violence and language in parts and a couple of graphic sex scenes.)If you knew you only had a short time left to live on this planet, what would you do with that precious time?A man with terminal cancer gives up everything so that he can live out his wildest fantasies. But when he finds love and a new lease of life a(This novel contains some Scottish dialect/slang, strong violence and language in parts and a couple of graphic sex scenes.)If you knew you only had a short time left to live on this planet, what would you do with that precious time?A man with terminal cancer gives up everything so that he can live out his wildest fantasies. But when he finds love and a new lease of life along the way, even that fails to curb his crazy antics from spiraling into an unstoppable train wreck of carnage.Liam, is a working-class man from Edinburgh, with no ambition or lust for life. When he is given the devastating news that he has terminal Cancer he decides to refuse any kind of treatment or help. Instead, he uses his terminal illness as a kind of destructive superpower to give him the fearless confidence he so clearly lacks, in order to pull off some of the crazy things he always wished to do in life.Liam takes baby steps at first from chatting up beautiful girls, racing through rush hour traffic, jumping red lights, squaring up to jerk-off neighbors, to even assaulting arrogant traffic wardens and sexist bar-flys. Soon he is withdrawing all of his life savings and walking away from his job and home, to embark upon the final, stunning, sunset chapter of his life. Which will either lead him to ultimate salvation or ultimate destruction.But then Liam meets Celine, his silver lining, a gorgeous young French woman with a mysterious lifestyle in the city, who gives his crazy and erratic new ways some hope, meaning and stability after they embark upon a wild few days together.The third act sees Liam finally gathering the courage to square up to one particular and niggling, long time buried, but not forgotten demon from his past - a childhood abuser. Now he must choose between love and revenge. Yet even that decision comes at a heavy price as the seedy side of Edinburgh's underworld finally catch up to both him and Celine for one explosive finale.'Think Trainspotting meets Taxi Driver'A dark and sexy, blackly humorous tale of sex, violence and the male psyche. An unstoppable whirlwind adventure of finding love and life where you'd least expect it....

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Lust for Life Reviews

  • Chesca
    2018-11-19 09:31

    4.8 Stars'I'm sorry for the last few days. For coming into your life like this. For hurting you. For causing you this pain.'A copy was kindly provided by the author. Thank you, Sean! :D Liam Walker, a plumber, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and was told that he might have only a year or a few months left to live. This pushed him to live his life to the fullest. He started breaking the law, fooling around more, until he met Celine. This young lady changed everything for Liam. For the first time in his life, he felt so determined to fight for something – for someone – even if he had only a very short time left to live.What should you expect from this book? It is graphic and violent. It is steamy and flirty. It’s exciting. It’s messed up. It is a wild adventure that you would not want to miss. I have never read anything like it before. Most of all, it’s an honest and very true story about life and love that will surely break your heart just the right way.Lust for Life, by Sean-Paul Thomas, is my very first try in reading a cancer-themed story. Why? I just did not find it appealing to know that there’s a ninety-nine percent chance that the sick character would die by the end of each story of this kind. It’s like a huge spoiler dangling in front of my face! Also, most of the books I choose to read are those I think that would reflect myreality in a distorted way. I didn’t want to read about someone with cancer because my mum already has it. I knew that it’s a theme that would be hard for me to get into.But then, why did I decide to read this book?First, Sean wrote it. I really enjoyed the other book of his that I previously read, especially because his writing is really lovely. Second is that the synopsis seemed very alive to me. It sounded wild, free, and very adventurous compared to other cancer stories I’ve heard of or seen onscreen. Third, I wanted to try and read something new to me.This is a very quick read. If it were not for my busy schedule, I could have finished it in one sitting. The story was very direct and on point that it was very easy to go with its flow.I was already sobbing as I was reading the prologue. My heart was starting to crack in two at the very first paragraph. But still, I told myself that I was not going to cry over this book because, like I said, I was already expecting something tragic. I was so wrong.The next few chapters became a bit boring. I didn’t enjoy it that much that Liam kept talking about curves, sex, taking this and that girl from behind, and all his other sexual thoughts. I also think that some feminist readers would not approve of how Liam perceived some of the women in some parts of the first chapters.But most of these bleach-blonde, fake-tanned, George Street beauties were dead inside. Completely soulless and empty, with no real passion, purpose, personality, heart, ambition, character, or soul to their superficial and pretentious 'Face-book and Twitter' lives. This girl had more soul in one little finger than most of the shallow, meat market women I'd ever had the displeasure of wasting my time chatting up on a Saturday night.This was the only paragraph I think some readers would really have problems with. It could be interpreted negatively, but it didn’t make me hate the book at all. I believed that somewhere from this point, Liam would change for the better. He would learn and be an admirable man who would know how to appreciate people more and sincerely. I was also very confident that the author would handle Liam’s character really well, and I was not disappointed.I absolutely and definitely became excited when Liam finally met Celine. I was all ears eyes. I was so curious on how Celine would affect Liam as a person and transform him throughout the events. If I were Liam I would have followed Celine around or searched for her too, because she was such a mystery. I knew that she was hiding something the moment they met. I had a feeling that she was not the perfect woman that she seemed to be.The character and relationship development of Liam and Celine were very neat. It was so good that I highly approved of it. Their romance was the insta-love kind and I rarely like that. This is one of those exceptions because the way their love was written was so wonderful and earnest. You could really feel how genuine and how precious their feelings for each other were.I immensely enjoyed the writing of this book. I love how the author inserted different accents and Scottish slang words into it. It felt to me that I was really in Scotland as I was reading it. Also, Liam’s character was very consistent in it. He seemed very real to me. His thoughts, his words, his emotions were very alive and raw throughout his narrative.Lastly, I would like to mention that the ending was perfect although I wanted more. I honestly didn’t want this story to end. When I reached the last chapter, I didn’t immediately start reading it until tonight. I was so scared of how things would wrap up even though I had a feeling of how it would. “THE END”- those two words swung like an ax and left me broken. I think I’m going to have a hangover. I truly want to just lie down and sleep all my emotions away.I highly recommend this! If you want something wild, adventurous, and romantic, or a cancer story that is not all too much about sobbing, then you should give this book a try!

  • Stjepan Cobets
    2018-11-17 11:48

    Lust for Life is a book that is not easily released from the hand. Throughout the book drags the question of what were to do it for love. Liam main character in the story finds out that has terminal brain cancer and has a few more months of life. His life was all but charming, working as plumbing, lives alone in a dilapidated apartment in a not-so-good district of the city of Edinburgh. In his life, he didn’t found the woman what he truly loved, for one reason or another all of his relationships with women failed. His world is slowly falling apart like a house of cards until the moment when he first saw this beautiful girl at the bus stop. Liam fell in love with her at first sight. He decided at any cost to meet her, and that he do it only on the third attempt when he saw her on the street. She said her name was Celine. She came from the French and to work as an English teacher at the school. Introduction to Celine his whole world is turned upside down. Writer Sean Paul Thomas balances through the story like an acrobat and until the end of the gear keep us in suspense. Honestly, I laughed at a lot of places in the book, especially the parts where the characters speak the Scottish dialect and I needed to work hard to figure out what they were saying. The book has a lot of strong violence and language, and parts and a couple of graphic sex scenes and is not for every reader, but I like the book. I'd recommend it to readers who like action story that is interwoven like a spider web of love the main characters. "I received a free copy from the author without an obligation to review."

  • Cphe
    2018-11-05 08:49

    I knew when I purchased this novella length story that it was the first part of a longer book. I don't as a rule like reading novels presented this way however I've read some other books by this author and decided to purchase the first part.I do normally enjoy this author's "voice", delivery style, some of his work is decidedly "off centre", a bit different which I enjoy. I did like the premise of the story. Liam is a young man who isn't long for the world. How he decides to spend his remaining time, is the basis of this story. However, I found the amount of errors in this novella really, really irritating and disappointing because it very much impacted on the story and the delivery, i.e bear knuckled/bare knuckled, rain cheque/rain check."half drunken can of lager", "upon the roof of his couch" just to name a few......becomes distracting when you have to keep going back to re read parts.I would have liked to have rated it higher, other readers may be able to bypass some of the wording etc and just concentrate on the story but I couldn't.

  • Anachronist
    2018-10-24 06:24

    Synopsis:What would you do if you found out you had an incurable and inoperable brain cancer and you have more or less one year of life left? Some people would spend most of their time in a hospital, hoping against hope that good doctors would miraculously get lucky. Some would look for cure on their own in all available and unexpected places. Some would get depressed and kill themselves. Liam Walker, a young Edinburgh plumber approaching thirty, decided to do something else. He decided to enjoy the remainder of his life to the full and have the time of his life.He stopped working, withdrew all his savings, started picking up all the girls he fancied, and, generally, tried his best to find the best closure of his whole existence, straightening the many wrongs he used to tolerate or forget. He even found a girl of his dreams – the lovely but a bit mysterious Celine with an ample bosom and equally luscious bottom; a girl after his own heart who even shared his taste in books and poems. Still will it be enough?My impressions:I am quite aware you can criticize this novel (or rather three short novels constituting a series; I got them all in one copy, it is explained later why) for many things: notably bad language, overindulgence in sex descriptions (‘her sex’, damit! Please, do me a favour and outlaw this expression worldwide!), some paragraphs with strange punctuation and spelling, quite intrusive Scottish brogue, never properly translated (but hey, I got the meaning almost every time and I am not a native speaker so it is not completely hopeless), even those poems in English and in French. Still in this case I feel like being a devil’s advocate.Why? There’s just one reason: despite its shortcomings the novel worked for me surprisingly well.Firstly because it had a real, solid story at its core and a great story too. Liam’s illness is something thousands of people are facing every day – all of a sudden they are informed by their doctors they have one month or one year left and I suppose nothing could have prepared them for that. It is quite understandable they might act differently, doing something very wise of very foolish, most often a mix of both.Secondly because the story of Liam was told with a great sense of humour and irony. I admit I skipped some sex scenes because, even if they featured the divine Celine, they tended to be a bit repetitive; still otherwise I couldn’t wait to get to the bottom line and understand the first part’s opening paragraph to the full. What made that a bit oversexed but overall rather sensible man behaving the way he was behaving?As far as I know it is a series consisting of three rather short novels. A word of warning: if you are not put off by the adult content and you decide to buy the first one, save yourself a lot of frustration and buy also the rest. Every one of them ends with a big, fat cliffhanger, leaving you rather annoyed if you know you can’t continue the story.I was asked by the author whether I wanted the whole trilogy or just the first part. As I like longer novels I ended up ordering the whole lot. It was probably the best decision I’ve made as a book blogger and reviewer so far. The ending of the third part was truly riveting and a bit heroic too. I can’t write anything more specific because I would be spoiling you to the extreme; let me just say I didn’t expect such an ending and I consider it a good point.Last but not least – I must mention something which warmed me to the author significantly. At the end of the book he asks the readers to leave a feedback of any kind as he appreciates any kind of review, bad and good. Reading it I grinned like a fool at the moon. Yes! Finally somebody sensible enough to appreciate the value of negative opinions and impartial criticism! God bless you, dear sir!Final verdict:A very enjoyable and original novel which, even if far from perfect, still managed to hold my interest till the very end. I am really happy I agreed to read and review it.

  • Phil Jones
    2018-11-07 07:24

    My first book by Sean-Paul Thomas and i have to say i was mightily impressedThe book tells the story of Liam, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, causing him to reflect on his life and making the decision to live the remaining time he has left to the fullest extent. Packing his job in, chatting up women he would normally consider out of his league etc he embarks on a mission to grab whats left of his life by the balls.Set in Scotland, he meets a beautiful mysterious French girl and uses he new found confidence and never say die (excuse the pun) attitude to pursue her and (after many a twist and turn) win her heart.The above might sound somewhat morose, but I found the book funny, high paced, surprising and really well writtenThere is sex and violence galore, but not once did it seem gratuitous or over the top and the odd time I thought i had it all figured out, i got shot down as yet another twist would take me somewhere else. The book moves from being funny, romantic to the seedy Scottish gangster underworld with seamless ease. only Liams poetry efforts prevented a 5 star rating :)

  • mk
    2018-11-09 07:20

    I really enjoyed parts one and two and can’t wait to read the rest. The concept of the book is very interesting. I myself never actually wondered what would I do if I had only a few months of my life left. I followed the main character with curiosity, often surprised by how far he dared to go.The only thing I didn’t like that much was that the descriptions were sometimes too graphic (scenes like a fight, broken bones etc.). I’m not a fan of violence, I tend to turn my head on scenes like that in movies.I received the e-book from the author in an exchange for an honest review.

  • Jen
    2018-11-07 10:37

    A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.PLOT: 9/10Beginning – Boring Middle – Things are getting interested Ending - WOWCharacters: 8/10WRITING: 6/ 10I think you should read the books itself. It was so GOOD but I have problems in the writing. I will just share to you a poem that I found in the book to give you a little insight.Girl I've never met.You haunt me, possess my soul and mind.Girl I've never met.The first time I saw you, you passed me by at the bus stop one day and all I could do was sitthere and let you pass me by.Girl I've never met.I would lay down my life for you, fight to my dying breath for you, just to see you smile atearful smile as I fell defeated to my knees.Girl I've never met,You passed me by at the bus stop again today. The funny thing was I wasn't even waiting for abus. I was waiting for you, like I wait for you there every day in hope that you might one daypass me by.Girl I've never met Even when you do pass I always swear the next time, the next time, the next time, I will stopyou in your tracks and say something, anything.For surely anything is better than nothing.But saying something will only shatter my illusion and fantasy of you. For if I say nothingthen there is always a hope, a chance, that you will always be mine.Yet, girl I've never met, if I say something, anything, then there is always the chance that I willsay the wrong thing, speak with the wrong tone, pause at the wrong moment, look like a fooland lose you forever... shattering my dreams, my soul, my humanity.Girl I've never met -

  • Matt
    2018-11-07 10:46

    A copy was very kindly provided to me by the author himself- thank you for this Sean!! I have long been a fan of dialect in writing, and after Trainspotting, and my long love of the accent itself, Scottish has certainly been my favourite. Though for the majority it is written in plain English, the bits of dialogue written in Scots was fantastic! For a story about a man with incurable cancer, the narrative pulsed with life. The writing style was captivating and the storyline, whilst erring on the side of the unbelievable at times, was engaging and exciting. I felt for Liam and believed in his motives throughout. I had a couple of quibbles however- the copy that I received had a few mistakes- their instead of there, apostrophes in plurals etc. I wouldn't usually be too bothered, but there were just enough to distract me (the curse of being an English teacher). The other was the speed of the relationship between Liam and Céline. This was nothing too major, especially in a story about grabbing life by the balls and sticking up a finger to the consequences, but again, it was just fast enough to drag me out of the narrative at times. All of these are thoroughly forgivable however. It was an entirely enjoyable read, and thank you once again Sean for the copy!

  • Sam
    2018-11-04 13:47

    I've given this book 2 stars on the basis that it's self-published but if any professional publisher had released it I would be hesitating whether to rate it at all such is its litany of spelling and grammar errors.I won't go through them as that is incredibly dull and pedantic but it is difficult to read something so disjointed that clearly been rushed and uploaded without proof-reading.This fact is not only evident in the spelling but also the general language. Repetition abounds, particularly in the sex scenes that suffer from an excessive over-usage of words like 'juicy' or 'peachy'.I was also going to criticise the fact that the main plot point - the main character's cancer - is barely ever referenced but I guess that might come to the fore in the book's latter parts (which would be better off released together for obvious reasons).For me, other cringe-inducing elements were the constant 'goddamns' used for emphasis (the book is set in Scotland, not the deep south of America) and the clumsy analysis of how 'modern life' is ruining relationships. As for the main character being a poet...that is just so ridiculous I was actually thankful any reference to it mostly ended with poems being binned.

  • Gotherella BioVenom
    2018-11-11 07:37

    * I was given a copy of the ebook by the author to read *I'm really happy I got to read this :)Liam is one of those characters you start off not liking a whole lot. Self employed plumber and willing to sleep with any woman willing to give him the time to.Liam finds out he has cancer, the type that can't be cured. So of course he looks at his life and decides "the hell with it".He gets a little self destructive but ends up meeting Celine. Celine quickly becomes his balance.That's not to say that he doesn't tick off a few things from his bucket list though.Lust for Life is one of those dark stories with violence and horrible things, that doesn't have a solid, happy ending but is satisfying. The Scottish dialect and slang was a nice touch and really helped to set the environment.Now that I'm thinking about it this story has a kind of Pulp Fiction feel. And that's a good thing :)

  • Ailyn
    2018-11-17 09:32

    I have this from the author for an honest review, Liam the plumber becomes Liam the daredevil poet after he found out he had a shorter life expectancy due to cancer.I suppose the things he did in the book is pretty much a guy thing, even though I might not really go down the path of self- destruction like he did. reading about it is cool, it is funny tinged with a little sadness knowing that this jerk hero will not live long. His female counterpart, Celine who was not prepared to die, balances the story well as she tries to stop Liam from being too extreme.The ending was a good one, for me.

  • Daniel
    2018-11-03 09:42

    Liam is a man living on a timer. A decent plumber but not a good man, he treats women poorly and has anger issues. Readers will experience a methodical paced adventure through Liam's life on the edge."Lust4Life" is a book meant for adults that combines adventure, crime, sex, and love into one testosterone laden tale.The only complaints with the story is that I had trouble understanding the dialog at times and a few misspellings. Other than that Book 1 is a decent read.

  • Neil Hunter
    2018-11-09 10:28

    Dark, edgy read about a man on the edge. Liam finds out he is dying and decides to go out with a bang. Reminded me a little bit of Drive and Taxi Driver, but with more humor. Scottish dialogue too was interesting, but not unreadable like other Scottish authors I've read. Good book though. Look forward to part 2. Definitely not one for the faint of heart though or lovers of chick lit. Could this in fact be bloke lit?

  • Lisa-Jaine
    2018-11-10 05:44

    Judging by the cover, I thought this might be a crass, violent and gratuitous book but it pleasantly surprised me, it had a touch of absolute everything, romance, humour, violence, revenge. I enjoyed every page. A few typos but not too many to spoil it.

  • Kez
    2018-11-11 06:29

    So far so good. Only taken me a few hours to get through part one easy to read and the story so far seems good. Liam is not really a nice guy but I like him don't know why but there is something about him. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  • Mikki
    2018-11-09 11:19

    The author gave me this book for an honest review. I have mixed emotions about this book. I wanted to hate Liam for his thoughts and actions but found myself thinking - what if I had terminal cancer? How would I think and act? I believe everyone in the world has thought/felt the way Liam did with many things. His actual actions however are violent and brutal. This book is not for the faint of heart. I will also say that it needed some major proofreading. There are a lot of words used grammatically incorrect and some misspellings which is the major factor in my 3 star rating.

  • Becky
    2018-11-10 13:22

    I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway.I was looking forward to reading this book and thought is sounded like an interesting read but, I lost interest about 50-60 pages in. I just wasn't pulling me in as much as I had hoped and I had a hard time wanting to continue. There are some pretty good reviews so for the time being, I am putting it on my "Maybe another time" shelf in the hopes that it was just not what I was looking for in a book at the time.

  • Andrea Knott
    2018-11-09 06:24

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I really thought the author was a great storyteller, and I plan to read more of his books. But THIS book was so full of sex, it almost read like a story straight out of Penthouse Forum, or something like that. Not really what I look for in a novel. If you want to read about constant sex, then this is the book for you!

  • Cathleen
    2018-11-19 12:47

    I will be back to write a review. I was almost done and had a power interruption as it is storming here. I lost the review. I am shutting down for now and will return to review this title.

  • Paul Thomas
    2018-10-31 08:45

    Reminded me of trainspotting and Taxi drive. Good read.

  • Sean-Paul Thomas
    2018-11-11 12:40