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The third searing novel in the Rules for the Reckless series by Meredith Duran, the USA Today bestselling author of sexy and evocative Regency romances in the tradition of Sarah MacLean.Catching the Lady Red-HandedBorn to a family of infamous criminals, Lilah Marshall has left behind her past and made herself into the perfect lady. Working as a hostess at Eveleigh's, LondoThe third searing novel in the Rules for the Reckless series by Meredith Duran, the USA Today bestselling author of sexy and evocative Regency romances in the tradition of Sarah MacLean.Catching the Lady Red-HandedBorn to a family of infamous criminals, Lilah Marshall has left behind her past and made herself into the perfect lady. Working as a hostess at Eveleigh's, London’s premier auction house, she leads a life full of art, culture, and virtue. All her dreams are within reach—until a gorgeous and enigmatic viscount catches her in the act of one last, very reluctant theft.Chasing One Red-Hot PassionChristian “Kit” Stratton, Viscount Palmer, is society's most dashing war hero. But Kit’s easy smiles hide a dark secret: he is haunted by a madman’s vow to destroy anyone he loves. When his hunt for the enemy leads to Everleigh’s Auction Rooms, he compels Lilah to help him. But one tempting touch may be their undoing—for what Kit needs threatens all Lilah holds dear, and losing her may destroy Kit....

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Lady Be Good Reviews

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2018-10-30 06:54

    *4.5 stars*If you are a historical romance lover and you aren't reading Meredith Duran you are missing out on something VERY special.Lady Be Good is another stellar book in the very good Rules for the Reckless series. No, you don't have to read the series in order (I bounced around), but you'll want to buy up the whole series after just one book. They are that good. I read a lot of romance, and a lot of M/F historical romance, and I'm a jaded, picky reader. What Meredith Duran does better than most is she makes her stories complex. These aren't breezy reads. The MCs are usually strong personalities and they usually have a ton of baggage, and Meredith Duran takes her time developing the story and the romance. I adored this one. It's a little long, but well worth your time and energy. The romance builds and builds, and I just love a misunderstood royal story. There is just so much to work with here. I even loved reading the story in paperback form, something that often irritates me now that I have my Kindle Voyage. There was something tactile and satisfying about reading this particular story this way. Overall, an excellent read, and I'm totally hooked on this series.

  • WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker
    2018-10-26 10:45

    3.3 stars

  • Dina
    2018-10-26 08:02

    I love Ms. Duran's writing and her "unusual" heroines! This book was no exception.

  • Carol *Young at Heart Oldie*
    2018-10-23 10:53

    This is my first Meredith Duran book and I enjoyed the intriguing story, intelligent writing, fascinating characters and sensual love story.This is book 3 in the series but can easily be read as a standalone.I love Lily’s character. She’s intelligent, tenacious, ambitious and courageous. We see it in her determination to fulfil her sister’s dream and make a better life for herself; in the hard-work and self-discipline needed to become a perfect lady; in her desire to earn an honest living as a hostess at the prestigious Everleigh’s Auction Rooms. I like how she holds her own in the initial verbal battle with Christian and I love the knife throwing scene where she certainly comes out on top!I had mixed feelings about Christian. I liked the rakish, flirtatious side we see in his interactions with Lily but he also has a darker side. He is obsessed with finding and killing Bolkhov, the madman responsible for his brother’s murder and now threatening the lives of his mother and sister. I didn’t approve of the way he is prepared to use Catherine Everleigh as an innocent pawn in his plans. I thought this was particularly reprehensible given he knew full well what would happen to her if she fell into Bolkhov’s hands.I enjoyed how Ms Duran develops the romance between these two… the witty banter, the heady attraction, the smouldering kisses and the desire and passion that burns between them.One of the highlights of the book for me is the developing friendship between Lily and the previously obnoxious Catherine Everleigh. Here are two women who refuse to be constrained by what society expects of them. Both are strong, capable women and I love how they use their own abilities to outwit the villain.I was intrigued by Nick O’Shea, Lily’s ruthless uncle and infamous ruler of Whitechapel and it will be interesting to see how Ms Duran redeems him in the next book, LUCK BE A LADY. Pairing him with “Ice Queen” Catherine Everleigh should definitely prove interesting!MY VERDICT: This was a very enjoyable book and I will certainly be looking to read more by Meredith Duran.REVIEW RATING: 4/5 STARSThis review is also posted on my Rakes and Rascals Blog:

  • Nastassja
    2018-11-04 12:42

    That is how a historical romance should be written. One of the best books I've read in this genre. The characters are real and mature. The heroine is not your typical lady. She is from a rather scandalous background and I loved every minute in Lilah's shoes. I must admit: I haven't sympathized to any heroine so much for a long time. She is brilliant, intelligent, she is strong - a survive, she is funny - oh yes, I couldn't stop laughing while reading this book. She is no damsel in distress and can rival any man. Lady be good, indeed! The hero Christian was a great partner for Lilah: strong, broody - yes, but also determined and stubborn when it came to his goals. An excellent male species (swoons dreamily). How refreshing it is to read a book that lacks unnecessary drama. The romance was graduate and hot as hell (well, definitely hotter). And there wasn't any rush, just getting to know each other and having fun in process (not the fan you just thought about... well, ok, this kind of fun too;))Meredith Duran done a great job recreating historical surroundings that are a great match to real history. This book is not only about romance, it is about the way people lived and not just nobles, but people from the other side of the city.Highly recommend this book to everyone who likes a solid historical romance with amazing characters in a rich background and a bit of danger in the process and all this spiced with excellent humor. And as a bonus damsels will save the day!Her eyes narrowed. “Forgive me. Of course you’re right. We women are very predictable.” Then, with a surprising show of strength, she yanked the dagger out of the door, hefted it once in her hand, and threw it.The blade flashed by him. It came so close that he felt the flutter of air displaced by its passage.Thunk.Speechless, he turned. The knife now pinned the ancient tapestry to a mortared joint in the wall. It pinned the eye of the lion to the wall.That was a happy accident. Surely.“Oh, look,” she said from the doorway. “It seems a woman can surprise you, after all!”He kissed her mouth again. So sweetly. Had she ever been kissed like this? Pray God this would not be the last time—“Wait.” That wasn’t the right thought. “I—” “What happens,” he asked, “in the last week of June?”She pressed her lips together. “Nothing.” And then, with a shrug: “The devil will have his due.”“Sweet girl.” He held out his hand to help her rise. “I have good news. From now on, the only devil you need fear is me.”His lips came against her ear. “The things I would do to you,” he said. “Give you what you need.”Her hips jerked. Do it.“Say the word.” He pressed harder. “Yes, that’s it. Rock. Rub against me.”Ah, God—“Say it.” He was growling against her now. “Tell me you want this.”I want this.“Tell me to take you.”Take me. The words rang so clearly in her head that they penetrated her fever. She pushed away from him.“Stop!” She scrambled to her feet, knocking her skirts down. “Stop! It’s my choice, you said.”

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2018-11-05 06:55

    This is third in a series. By all means, read the others. Certainly read them before this one, though none of those characters seem to matter in this book, really. I'd reconsider continuing on to this one, though, as the story relies on a lot of dumb conveniences and the plot only works if you don't care about things like, well, plot.I struggled through for nearly three quarters of the book making excuses for continuing as I went along. The thing is, the main plot is driven by an idiocy that's as transparent as finely-wrought glass and Kit not only has to buy into the stupidity, he does so in a manner that is as unflattering to him as he could make it. I hate the whole "clever madman" plot device anyway and this one just doesn't work on any level. (view spoiler)[I mean, a disgraced Russian general running amok in England to persecute a rich peer by harming, even killing, his family. I don't care how "smart" that guy is, he's a foreigner in foreign country and he's waltzing around hiding things like he's the freaking phantom. And Kit, who has both power, prestige, and a cadre of ex-soldiers personally and fiercely loyal to him not only can't find him but can't even prevent him from doing brazenly impractical things while he's at it (hide spoiler)]. And Kit does the stupid thing where he blames himself for failing to prevent a madman from harming people (which is particularly galling when said madman only succeeded because the author declared that he did because, well, spoiler).It's a real shame that this plot attached to characters I might have otherwise liked. I mean Kit and Lilah are okay but that plot distorts everything around it because it forms the basis of all the motivations and actions. So we have people who should be smart and capable being stupid and incompetent and doing things that make zero sense while they're at it. I mean, half the book has Lilah and her employer in some country estate (with Kit, of course) for reasons that are contrived where things happen that are random, sometimes menacing, and everybody reacts like they're starring in a new gothic soap opera aimed at teenagers (when they aren't acting like there's nothing at all suspicious about (view spoiler)[pit traps and poisoned chocolates (hide spoiler)] lying about the place). So while the romance may be kind of working it's set among a great, whopping swirly-thing of stupid that the whole time I'm reading I have a low-grade friction going on in the back of my mind telling me this is all bollocks and why am I still reading it.Sigh. If the stupid had been less huge or less pervasive or expressed less in the reactions of the lead characters, I might have liked this story. I gave it way longer than I should have to get better. And I even skimmed ahead to confirm that, yes, the whole antagonist thing really was as contrived and stupid as I'd thought. Such a very sad waste of time.

  • Dabney
    2018-10-23 07:46

    This is a hard book for me to rate. I love Ms. Duran's writing and the complexity of her characters. And yet, I kept putting down this book and not feeling an urge to snatch it up again. The leads remained at a remove for me. I liked them but didn't feel them--unlike many of Ms. Duran's other heroes and heroines. I sense I may come back and raise this rating to four stars but now, when the book is in my very recent past, I'm underwhelmed.

  • Lyuda
    2018-11-20 13:00

    Hmmm. Definitely not my favorite by the author. The romance between a dashing war hero and a former thief turned action house hostess was not that interesting for me. I found myself intrigued more by the secondary characters-the main characters of the next book in the series and it's never a good sign!

  • Ash
    2018-10-24 09:07

    3.75 stars rounded upto 4

  • Noura
    2018-11-22 14:00

    A heroine who was a pro thief who wants to lead a normal life as a career girl. A war hero hell-bent in getting his revenge. We are talking about two bad-asses who came together and eventually fall for each other - Victorian style. I love me a smart and sassy heroine - not the type who is annoyingly sarcastic and abrasive but the kind who knows what she wants, knows how to get it and has mad skills. Lilah Marshall used to be a pro thief thanks to the training she got from her uncle (who happens to be the "king" of the East Side, rich, young and good-looking.....expect a story here). She lost her sister to an ailment and has been trying to achieve they joint dreams of getting a new life with a good job, free from Uncle Nick and his not so legal ways. So she works as an Everleigh hostess at the famous Everleigh Auction house. Things were good until Uncle Nick forces her to steal some letters from the owner of the auction house. This is when she was caught by Lord Christian Palmer, and he in turn stole the letters, blackmails her into becoming his spy. He suspects that the auction house has ties to the man he's been hunting so he needs to get close to the very unfriendly and cold Catherine Everleigh, sister to the owner and the actual curator of the know where the story is going to lead. Palmer gets Lilah to do his biddings, at the same time he is very attracted to her and makes it known. And you know that Lilah will fall for his charms and dangerous personality. Dangerous, sexy and smart - He's the bad-boy that looks like an angel. She's the wily ex-thief who knows her way with weapons and locks. So although the love story is predictable you will be hooked on the whole plot because the dialogue is interesting enough to move you through the pages, the sexy banter between the two is hot (well, as hot as a victorian era love story could get) and like many MD books, the charm of the story is in the details and the smooth writing style. No choppy and weird out of time words used (i cringe when you read pre-1900 love stories that uses words like Ok, or terminologies that did not exist yet back then). Catherine Everleigh makes a great side character and i believe the next story will be about her. Lord Granville (from the book Written on you Skin) makes his appearance here as Palmer's friend helping him nab the villain. A bit of a let down is that the villain seems to be disposed off quite easily toward the end. The ending of the story also seem a bit too clean cut though. Nonetheless, if you have been following the Reckless series, this book is a must read.

  • Theresa
    2018-11-14 13:51

    Lady Be Good: Rules for the Reckless 3 by Meredith DuranComing in the middle of a series one would think that either you missed part of the story, or that you would not have fresh eyes of the author, in this book you would be wrong. Lady Be Good is a standalone book, and it draws the reader into the high society and political intrigue of the English aristocracy. Lilah Marshall is the WhiteCastle London equivalent of the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Her father’s criminal enterprises cost him his life and that of his wife. This leaves his orphaned daughters in the clutches of their lawbreaker maternal uncle. You would think that the assumption that this would lead to no good. Liliah reinvents herself after the tragic death of her sister. She becomes a hostess at the Everliegh’s London’s Premier Auction house. Changing her name along with her nature she surrounds herself in the aristocracy. But nothing would prepare her for what she would be willing to sacrifice for the Hero of Buckhoe.Christian “Kit” Stratton has found himself in shoes he never thought he would have to fit. With his military carrier, and heroic acclaim, it is hard for him to accept that the events of his life caused him to lose his older brother he finds himself to be a Viscount. He is strapped between the aristocracy expectations he feels ill-equipped to handle, and his plots of revenge against the man who killed his brother in an attempt to punish Kit for his military endeavor. In the mist of his battle with this unknown and deadly opponent, Kit finds he has something more valuable than his remaining family. If he loses her in this war, he has lost all meaning in his life. This is a story of being lost and found, of love and sacrifice. It is an inspiration to love stories, and a poignant reminder of how we view others outside our immediate circle.

  • Cecilia
    2018-10-24 11:46

    I enjoyed this book generally, but the premise of a criminal who's trying to make something of her life by working as a "hostess" in an auction company marrying a viscount who's just dispatched a crazed enemy ... I don't know. I just can't quite suspend my disbelief. I do still want to read the next book, though.

  • Jan130
    2018-11-08 11:10

    3.5 to 4 stars for this enjoyable read. I liked both H and h. Christian is a brave, honourable war hero, although like any person who has experienced war, he is deeply affected by the experience. He doesn't see himself as a hero, just someone who did what he had to do. But now a man from his past, a bitter old Russian who has a grudge against Christian from the war, has followed him to England. He is out to destroy Christian and everyone he loves. Lilah, or Lily, is from a different world than Christian. Growing up in London's East End, niece of a local crime lord, brought up as a petty thief. She has a brain, and has been fighting for the past few years to better herself, to educate herself and to find a better life away from the tendrils of her uncle, away from a life of crime. But it's not so easy to break away.In one sense they are an unlikely couple. But they are drawn to each other, and then circumstances force them together even more. The plot is quite dramatic, with the evil, obsessed Bolkhov's behaviour being quite extreme. Overall I liked the book. It's fast-moving, although not very long. The sections about the art and antiques world (Lilah works at an auction house) are quite interesting. On one level I felt a bit uncomfortable/unconvinced about the match of Lilah and Christian due to their different classes and the different worlds they inhabited. But Duran does her usual convincing job with her characters, and you feel the real connection between H and h. Both of them are beautifully drawn characters with believable motivations. I look forward to the next book in this series - Nick and Catherine's story. Kind of turning this one on its head, because in this next book the H is the Eastender and the h is the upper class one. Should be interesting.

  • Issa
    2018-10-28 12:06

    The last book I read from this author was good but I should have remembered that was an anomaly. I give the story two stars and both of those belong to Lilith. She was a fantastic character. Clever, strong, bad ass with a knife. But she was plopped into a nonsensical plot with jerk of a love interest she had no chemistry with. It says something when you spend much of the book hoping Lilith and Catherine would run into the sunset together.

  • Ilze
    2018-11-10 10:42

    I have to agree with Dabney's review at Goodreads - the book had its moments, but I never really felt emotionally connected with the main characters. The psychotic Russian and the random acts of violence, some of which seemed utterly pointless (the random shot in the woods at the country estate, the trap-pit in the same woods) didn't interest me in the least, unfortunately.

  • Melissa
    2018-11-02 08:10

    I put off reading this for a long time because I kept hearing how bad it was and how subpar compared to other books by Meredith Duran, but I liked it. I should've read it sooner! It's not my favorite of her novels, but it kept me entertained the whole time. Even the least of Meredith Duran's books is superior to most of what's out there these days. A solid 3.8, I'd say. ;)

  • Katie(babs)
    2018-10-23 13:43

    When it comes to a Meredith Duran novel, you know you're getting near perfection. Every words Meredith writes is golden, and pure poetry. So is the case with Lady Be Good. The story might feel familiar, but the way it's presented is new and fresh, and very lyrical. Case in point is one of my favorite segments from this novel:"Touch her, indeed. One of her cheeks bore a smudge. He very much wished to remove it for her. With his tongue."That small excerpt, like many more in this novel, made me swoon on the inside. The way the hero and hero talk and think, including their seductive dance with one another is so deliciously sexy. And sexy is big here, especially when they hero and heroine finally give into the temptation of the flesh for one another, even knowing they can only live in the moment because anyone the hero loves or cares for is marked for death by a madmen, and the heroine is so far below his station, or believes it, especially because she's a former thief and con artist with a mob type underworld ruler for an uncle.The heroine here is Lilah. We first meet her in the Prologue where she is stuck literately in a hard place- between two walls as she hides from the police. The only way she can escape is to dislodge her shoulder. She must in order to save her sister who is very ill. Her immoral Uncle Nick pushes her to hurt herself, not necessarily because he cares for her well being, but because he uses her skill for his own greedy ways. Lilah's sacrifice to save her sister is a lost cause. We move forward a few years where Lilah works as one of the hostesses for an auction house. She has self taught herself to speak and act like a lady, trying to leave behind her past in Whitechapel where her uncle still rules. Uncle Nick is still trying to pull her strings, blackmail her into doing what he wants. He wants her to steal letters from Peter Everleigh, half owner of the auction house with his sister Catherine, known as the Ice Queen. But Lilah is caught stealing by Christian, a war hero and respected viscount. She thinks the jig is up and she'll have to return back to her old life with her uncle, the one she despises.Christian suffers silently. He was once captured by a Russian general during war, who blames Christian for killing his family. Instead of killing Christian, he will kill anyone Christian loves. His older brother died in a fire because of the madman, and now his mother and sister might be next. Christian searches for the Russian, finding him through Everleigh's. When he catches Lilah in Peter's office, he assumes the worst. But instead of turning her in, he'll blackmail her, forcing her to be the assistant to Catherine who will go to one of his estates to catalog any artifacts and the like. Lilah obeys because she doesn't have any choice.Lilah hates being controlled by not only Christian, but by Nick. Catherine comes across as a snobbish, shrew of a woman, but a very intelligent and independent one, who is very honest in her opinion of Lilah. Christian decides to court Catherine, perhaps to make her his wife. But he has an ulterior motive why. Lilah is confused by him because he also flirts with her and makes her want him. Christian wants Lilah, but can't offer her more than an affair. After some push and pull on her part, and Christian's subtle ways of seduction, she gives in. But then Catherine falls violently ill, which might be the Russian at work, which puts Christian back on the defenses, knowing he might have put both Catherine and Lilah in extreme danger.Lady Be Good is unbelievably good. Christian is a worthy hero, but he taunts Lilah in a way that will make readers grit their teeth in frustration. Lilah is the true star of this story, as well as Catherine. My favorite scenes are the interactions between Catherine and Lilah. The way Catherine thaws slowly with Lilah is lovely. These two end up as a great team in more ways in one. These two end up saving themselves in a way that will make you applaud. The girl power here is very high. When Christian and Lilah share barbs with one another, as their form of foreplay, you can't help but sigh. They take their time poking and prodding one another as their sexual frustrations reach a fevered pitch. The love scenes are a very nice climax indeed.I was also intrigued by the secondary characters. Catherine's brother Peter might seem to be a future villain, but there's something about him that makes me think he's not all that bad. Catherine is at odds with him, making the reader believe that Peter might want to get rid of Catherine, but we only see that through Catherine's eyes. She ends up the heroine in the next book, with Nick as her hero. Nick is shown as this sly, witty, somewhat slimy criminal. But he's very engaging and you do get the sense he cares for Lilah, but he always needs a reward for his trouble. His reward will be Catherine. Their interactions and romance should have some major fireworks as he unleashes the passions Catherine hides within.Lady be Good is an excellent historical romance because it's the writing is so flavorful and creative. This is another tasty treat from Meredith that shouldn't be missed.More at Booklikes:

  • kris
    2018-11-19 06:03

    Lily/Lilah Monroe/Marshall has been tasked with Stealing A Thing. Except she gets caught by Kit Stratton, aka Viscount Palmer, who needs A SPY ON THE INSIDE while he attempts to find the crazy Russian traitor who is after him. SPARKS FLY. 1. This was the story of two hardened, competent people falling into feelings with one another. However, some of the competency does seem to flake off a bit once they're ~lusting which is probably realistic because boners are distracting or whatever, but. I wanted a bit more of their corners catching on one another before they figured out how well they fit. Minor complaint, ultimately. 2. The villain is...a thing. 3. I never got an explanation for why Lily needed to steal The Thing. 4. I found the unraveling of Christine Eveleigh to be fascinating and I desperately want to read her book. (She is smart and pragmatic and hard and lonely and just! How she unbends and befriends Lily and yessss.)5. In the prologue, Lily breaks her shoulder and Kit breaks a leg. There is one mention of Kit's limp and then nothing about either injury EVER AGAIN. 6. IT WAS DECENT OK. I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY. I DIDN'T NOT LIKE IT??? BUT IT INSPIRES IN ME MEDIOCRITY!!!!

  • Ashley
    2018-10-26 05:41

    Why did it have to end so cornily, Meredith Duran?? In my head the publisher made her slap on the cheesetastic final lines in this book. Look, this isn't even close to being one of Meredith Duran’s best novels. In fact, it’s one of her worst, but even her so-so novels like this are better than most of what’s out there. I really love Duran’s prose and it elevated a rather tired plot to something I found worth reading. I’m thinking this book was sort of the perfunctory prequel to the next novel, Luck Be A Lady, which will feature Nick & Catherine, two secondary characters that outshone the hero and heroine of this novel. I’m thinking that’s going to be a really excellent book and I’m glad I only have to wait a month for it. I’m giving this a solid three stars. I’d probably rate it higher if it were written by someone other than Duran, simply because the writing’s so good. But Duran has enough four and five star ratings from me for be to be a bit more discerning where her work is concerned. And to be honest, there aren’t many romance writers out there, if any, who could have taken such a blah plot and written it as well as Duran did.

  • Kat
    2018-11-16 13:04

    Not quite as good as the first two, but enjoyable nonetheless. I adored Lily, and the chemistry with Kit was steamy. I just found the ending a bit anti-climatic. Catherine was a total bitch, but became likeable near the end. I can't wait to read about Uncle Nick in the next book!

  • Kara-karina
    2018-11-05 07:49

    God, I loved this book so much! I haven't read a historical for awhile, and to stumble on such little gem was everything.Why read this one? you'd ask.The heroine is a total badass who does not take mansplaining kindly. A former thief determined to climb out of the gutter and onto the social ladder, Lilah Marshall works as a hostess in an auction house where she manipulates guests with her refined accent, easy smiles and witty flirtations. Her former life left her with mad skills, however. Her uncle, Nick O'Shea, the crime lord of Whitechapel, thinks she is wasting herself on a crap job and blackmails her to steal some papers from her workplace. Which she does. Damn unlucky that she is caught by one of the patrons.Meet reason #2 for the awesomeness of this book. Not one, but TWO antiheroes! Apart from Nick O'Shea there is Christian "Kit" Stratton. A war hero, a golden boy of England, stuff of poems, full of charming smiles, he is not what he seems.He is ruthless, slightly crazed and hell bent on saving his family from a madman who is after them and who seems to be connected to the auction house.When he catches Lilah at her crime, he uses her without a second thought. She is pretty pragmatic about it, and there is this awesome mutual manipulation going on while they take each other's measure. What they are absolutely not happy about is their very inconvenient sexual attraction to each other.This book, guys! It gave me all the feelz. The sparks, the chemistry and the level of understanding each other between these two was truly sublime. It was a real meeting of souls, and I loved Miss Duran so much for this.While the villain himself was not very impressive, Catherine Everleigh, Lilah's employer as a secondary character was so engaging, she was stealing the limelight in every scene she participated.Overall, a very atmospheric, magical book with the protagonists I couldn't help but admire. So, if you like your historicals, grab it. It can easily be read as a standalone.* * * Боже мой, как же мне понравилась эта книга! Я давно не брала в руки исторический роман, и наткнуться на такое шикарное произведение - это было все!И что в ней такого особого? вы спросите. Крутизна главной героини. *смеясь* Воровка, полная решимости вылезти из грязи, улучшить себя и вскарабкаться выше по социальной лестнице, Лайла Маршалл работает хостессой в аукционном зале, манипулируя гостями своим рафинированным акцентом, легкой улыбкой и изящным флиртом. Она чертовски талантлива и опасна в своем старом ремесле.Ее дядя, криминальный барон Уитчапелля, считает, что растрачивает она свои таланты зря и шантажирует ее, чтобы она выкрала для него документы с места работы. Только вот неудачное совпадение означает, что она застукана на месте преступления одним из патронов. Вторая причина кайфа от этой книги - не один, а целых ДВА антигероя. Помимо дяди Лайлы, встречайте Кристиана " Кита" Страттона, золотого мальчика, популярного, обаятельного героя Крымской войны, о котором слагают стихи. Только под звездным статусом скрывается безжалостный, расчетливый, хладнокровный и немного помешанный человек, готовый на все, чтобы остановить старого врага, охотящегося за его близкими.Кит знает, что его немезида как-то связан с аукционом, и, когда ему в руки попадается очаровательная, извилистая воровка, он без колебаний ее использует.И Лайла спокойно к этому относится, ведь она сама неуклюже попалась. От чего очень неуютно им обоим, так это от очень несвоевременного и неуютного сексуального влечения друг к другу.Ах, эта книга, ребята! У меня было к ней так много чувств. Искры и уровень взаимопонимания между Китом и Лайлой были невероятно прекрасны, как будто встреча двух половинок, которых неудержимо тянуло друг к другу.Сам по себе главный злодей меня не впечатлил, однако второстепенный персонаж Кэтрин Эверли, босса Лайлы, перетягивал на себя все внимание в каждой сцене, в которой она присутствовала, так она была хороша.В общем, очень атмосферный, волшебный роман с превосходными главными героями. Если вы поклонник жанра, хватайте эту книгу без колебаний. Ее можно спокойно читать вне порядка серии.

  • Jultri
    2018-11-19 06:00

    This book didn't work for me. I liked the heroine, who was plucky, tough, independent and not scared of pursuing her dreams of a better existence for herself. The hero, I had issues with. He used her in the beginning without remorse. Even when he saw that she was forced to steal the letters out of fear for her safety, he felt no qualm utilising her fear to achieve her submission to his blackmailing. He treated and spoke to her disrespectfully at times, like she was a common whore. Even when he affianced himself to Catherine, he still laid claim to Lily, and when he finally chose to be with her, he swept her off her feet and went on their way, never glancing back at Catherine nor apologising for breaking their arrangement. And this book made me hate, Nick O'Shea, the hero in the next book, who I previously adored as my ultimate Irish fantasy. He was utterly cruel to Lily in the beginning, and he must have been abusive to instill such terror in her.

  • Julie
    2018-11-14 09:56

    Lady Be Good by Meredith Duran is a 2015 Pocket Books publication. I was provided a copy of this book as an XOXpert- The official street team of XOXO After Dark. How is it that I have not read anything by this author previously? Well, now that she is on my radar, I will be adding more of her books to my TBR list. Lilah comes from a family of thieves, but it is her greatest wish to live a decent, honest life. That goal means ever so much more to her now, since she wishes to honor her sister's memory. But, her uncle is still holding onto her, trying to keep her down. So, after finally breaking free of him, she finds she must perform one last job to keep anyone from finding out who she really is. Enter Viscount Palmer, Christian Stratton, who catches Lilah in a compromising position and uses it to his advantage. In order to get what she needs, Lilah must spy on the woman Christian wishes to marry, in hopes of winning her over. As many who follow my reviews can attest to, I have been struggling with historical romance novels as of late, and actually stopped reading them so often as a result. So, it was very refreshing to have been introduced to this series. This story is a fun read, but it's not filled with fluffy silliness about poor rakish rogues and Dukes and arranged marriages. This story has well defined and developed characters with some meaty issues to attend to. The chemistry between Lilah and Christian sparkled from their very first interactions with each other. The author teases us with their flirtation building the tension between them with sharp witty dialogue and by putting them an unusual situation, with Lilah trapped by Christian's blackmail. Christian is a conflicted man trying to avenge the death of his brother and protect his family. He's riddled with guilt and often feels unworthy of this reputation as a war hero. He can be gruff and unyielding at times, but is was so fun watching Lilah wrap him around her little finger. The secondary characters were also a well defined and I found Catherine to be quite an interesting character. I hope to see a book dedicated to her because I think there is still a lot to know about her and it would be fun to see someone try to win her over romantically. I would also like to see an update regarding Christian's sister someday. Naturally, I must complain about a few modern terms and phrases slipping through the cracks, but it only happened a couple of times. The first part of the story was a little sluggish at times, but once the characters and the various threads began to take shape, the story became quite absorbing, filled with action, intrigue and of course some steamy romance. Overall, this is a charming and delightful historical romance, quite refreshing and original. 4 stars

  • ChrisCarroll
    2018-11-01 09:44

    I love a great romance, especially when it includes a strong willed woman. The author has created a wonderful heroine in this new book that made this a pleasure to read. Lilah is street smart but working on being cultured too. Christian is a hero that everyone wants to love and he has his eye on Lilah in more ways than one. Working together becomes a challenge for both of them and the result is a bit of a witty read with some fun scenes added in for a well rounded story.The beginning of this book was a bit slow for me but as the plot thickened, so to speak, I enjoyed the read even more. The character development was really great and the storyline was interesting. I think the draw the main characters had for each other could have been developed a bit more so that they had a more intense connection. Historical romances rely a lot on glances, words, and illicit touches rather than steamy scenes and some of that build up was lacking other than once or twice. While I know they had feelings for one another through some actions, not talking about it until the last part of the book seemed strange.The author did a great job with the historical back story and the other characters that supported were interesting and refreshing. They added a lot to the story and created an overall delightful read. Plus allowing for a set up to another in the series. The book ends with the happy ever after, just like we love and crave.Meredith Duran offers twelve other novels to her readers, all in the same genre. I love her writing style and depth in story development so it is easy to say that I will definitely be reading more of her books in the future. If you enjoy historical romances, she is one to check out!3.5 stars rounding to 4 coz I liked it!

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2018-11-14 12:52

    I really needed this book in my life. It was just so much fun to read! I never get tired of strong women in my historicals, and the men forced to tame them. I love watching a woman bend society's rules, and this book gave me not one, but two strong women! Lily is such a good heroine, strong-willed and jaded but with just enough innocence to make her seduction fun. Kit, the arrogant yet troubled war hero, was a bit on the rakish side. I loved it! He had no qualms about flirting with her, or taking what he wanted. He respected her yes's and her no's alike, none of that refusing on principle stuff. When she wanted him, he delivered! The way Lily matches wits with him, or surprises him, is hilarious. A particular scene with a throwing knife had me laughing out loud! The other stubborn - I mean, strong-willed - lady, Miss Everleigh was a delight and watching a begrudging friendship bloom between her and Lily was so funny. The wine incident was perfect! I loved the ending, how clever under pressure Lily and Miss Everleigh were, and the bar scenes. Then, of course, the happily ever after I really needed was such a lovely change from so many of the darker books I've read lately. It was just perfect. Such a fun ride this book was! I really can't wait to read Miss Everleigh's story next. ~ George, 5 stars

  • Jo
    2018-11-22 08:59

    This was almost a DNF for me after the first few chapters. I'm glad I stuck with it since it got better towards the end, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have missed much. Simply put, I hated the hero. He was selfish, spoiled, self-pitying, manipulative and stupid; and he didn't get better by the end of the book. I love anti-heroes but their stories only work for me when I can see why they do what they do and why the heroine loves them - they don't need to be redeemed by the end but some character growth is necessary. Here Kit was an a-hole from start to finish. Lilah was just okay as an MC. My biggest problem with her was her attraction to Kit, I mean Why? Why does she like him when he's such a jerk? Sigh. Anyhoo, this was my least favorite Meredith Duran (along with At Your Pleasure) and has dampened my anticipation for the next book.

  • Gerrie
    2018-11-16 07:03

    3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Andree
    2018-11-21 07:04

    Oh, Meredith Duran, why must you always get so close? Character-work is strong, and was super into it for the first two thirds, but always goes just a step to far. In the end this was saved by the ladies. Loved the friendship between Catherine and Lily. Super solid. Easily the best part of this book.I mean, this does go super-dramatic (of course it does). And it is not helped by (view spoiler)[an injury to a dominant hand, which is apparently a bit of a deal-breaker for me? (hide spoiler)] But more than that, I think I was just disappointed in Palmer in the end. Not for wanting to protect Lily, but being misguided in how he went about it, but for completely disregarding her wishes, and putting her in an awful position. I mean, her being put in an awful position works out in the end, but mostly because Catherine is awesome.I dunno, I got past the blackmail-based relationship because it became clear that Palmer and Lily quite liked and respected each other. But once he knows about the blackmail-based stuff, and then (view spoiler)[challenges her uncle anyway? Like, dude, get over yourself. (hide spoiler)]I think I am also completely over : "Something truly awful happened to me in the past, so I will now use that as justification to be a bit of an asshole to the people around me." Which is where this went, in the end. Not in the first third, but eventually... It's not quite that, but it's something like it.I don't know. In the end, it was just one too many annoying choices, I guess.

  • Nidofito
    2018-11-21 11:47

    That was nice! Fun and light-hearted. Seems to be a theme in this series. I really like how Duran writes her heroines.

  • Amarilli Settantatre
    2018-10-26 14:00

    4,5 - E accidenti, sì e sì! Dopo un primo libro della saga Rules for the Reckless (per me) deludente, un secondo volume davvero sfavillante, è arrivato questo terzo episodio spettacoloso. Una trama complicata, non scontata, tanto che non capivo dove voleva arrivare il suo sviluppo. Personaggi che mutano di continuo, ora positivi, ora pieni d’ombre, e poi di nuovo al centro delle nostre simpatie.Lilah-Lily, l’aspirante gentildonna autodidatta, è senza dubbio un’eroina nuova e diversa: niente smancerie ma tutta azione. Kit è il giusto pane per i suoi denti. Dimenticatevi damine languide e eroi senza macchia, qui ci sono ladre bugiarde brave col coltello e visconti senza troppi dilemmi morali.Ma anche i comprimari non sono da meno, dando all’intera storia un tocco avvincente e a tratti misterioso.E poi rilevo con apprezzamento scene di sesso impetuose e ruvide, come la Duran ci ha abituato a leggere.Letto in una notte senza interruzioni.La coppia del quarto volume, poi, è già da cardiopalmo (Nick la carogna e l'algida Miss Everleigh) e sono sicura che l’asticella della serie si alzerà ancora.