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If Maps ruled the world, his best pal Benji would be court jester, and every day would celebrate a new experiment.No, scratch that. If Maps ruled the world, his best pal would still be living next door, and there wouldn’t be any gap-toothed new guy staring at him as if he’s bonkers.Pity Maps doesn’t rule the world . . ....

Title : Maps
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Maps Reviews

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2018-10-29 07:23

    ~4.25~But Maps wasn't worried. Math came easily to him like girls to Adam Levine.You can't NOT love Maps. Mark my words. Maps, in all his 16-year-old geeky glory, will conquer the world. When Maps' bestie and side kick, Benji, moves a block away, Maps is devestated. He promises to ignore whomever moves in next door. But Maps isn't prepared for Lane, Mr. All-American Baseball, he of the gapped teeth, pear-green eyes, and sunny blonde hair, and his little sister, Princess Madame Sprinkle (aka, Baby Satan trapped in a 5-year-old body). This book drowns in adorable. I loved the dialogue, the writing, and the characters. "I wouldn't know, Lane," Maps said quietly. "I'm not exactly a boy like you."Lane turned around and looked at Maps in silence . . . "No, You really aren't like anyone else, Maps."I ADORED the youthful exuberance of Maps' experiments and his budding sexual awareness, never mind that every time Lane looks at Maps like he wants to kiss him, Maps thinks Lane wants to punch him instead. Maps has much to learn about ways of the heart. And about remote controls. Maps made me laugh, but it made me sad too. The ending is beautiful and bittersweet, a moment, not a forever. Sometimes that's all we get.

  • wesley
    2018-10-26 12:16

    I have this weird habit of buying a book which I think is great and keeping it on my reading device unopened and unread until I feel like it’s the absolute right moment to read it. I’ve had Maps on my reading device since early this year. Today felt like the right moment to read it. And well, mostly because Diamonds is already out and I badly want to get my hands on it.Thank God I wasn’t wrong about this book. It really is beautiful! The perfect blend of light, sweet, and hilarious that leaves you not only smiling from ear to ear but laughing and giggling like a school girl, as well.But the secret to Nash Summers’ books that makes you want to describe them with every superlative known to man is her characters. Time and time again, Summers ingeniously introduces these unconventional and unique characters full of goodness and heart such that in the end, they’re not only lovable but also truly unforgettable.In Maps, we get to see a geek/jock pairing. Typical? Same old, same old? Oh no, no, no, no. Nash Summers does not do cliché. She artistically builds Maps’ and Lane’s character and takes them to an entirely new plane such that all existing geek/jock pairings would look dull and ordinary in comparison. In Maps, we get to see personalities which are pleasingly eccentric and weird but bursting with life and vibrancy.Ms. Summers simply works her magic in every character she weaves and in every story she writes. Her stories have that dream and fairy-tale like quality to them that I am always left with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside each time I get to the end of her books.My only complaint is that this one’s particularly short. I was spellbound by Maps and Lane’s little world that I didn’t want to leave. At. All. Well, it’s a good thing I hoarded this book and only decided to read it now. Or else, I’d be drifting lost– as if in a trance– in trying to find out what happened after “The End”.There aren’t enough stars in the universe to rate this book. Another Summers book cemented in my favorites shelf.

  • ☆ Todd
    2018-11-03 06:03

    Just. Too. Adorably. Freakin'. Cute. Mattie, aka "Maps," is a bit of a geeky, blurting drama queen, who's always been too involved with his scientific 'experiments' (term used very loosely) to ever notice either girls or boys.But when his world ends, i.e. his best friend moves an entire block down the street, a new family moves into Benji's old house and Maps begins to notice a lot.Namely the muscular, blond, baseball All-Star, Lane, with the pear-green eyes and gapped front teeth, who Maps vows to loathe out of loyalty to Benji.“You’re not going to replace me, I hope,” Benji joked. “This Lane guy sounds like he’s got all the makings for a new best friend.”“Oh, please. You know you’re irreplaceable. Until one day I get a robot, of course. Then you’re out of the picture for sure.”But that hate's just not in the cards for them. Instead, Maps saves Lane from a panic attack during math class, as Lane isn't the smartest apple to fall off of that particular tree, which leads to Maps tutoring Lane in his worst dreadfully-feared subject.There was a drawing of a cat for answer six, and not even a good cat at that. It was missing whiskers on one side of its face, the poor thing. And the answer for number eleven was just 5. No formula, no explanation—just 5. The poor kid really hadn’t been joking about how terrible he was at math.Give me a blurting geek tutoring a hot, semi-clueless jock and, oh yeah, I'm one happy reading camper. : )Maps'... let's go with 'peculiar', take on his world is downright hilarious and the sibling-like fights that he Maps has with Stacie (“Princess Madame Sprinkle” / "Princess of the Underworld"), Lane's 5 y.o. sister are freaking EPIC.The whole "Children of the Corn" scene with the umbrella when Maps first meets Stacie had me rolling like a Bear scene straight out of "Bear, Otter and the Kid." Price-Less.So the tutoring, along with some crushing begins, which is only strengthened by a thoughtful and very personal gift given to Maps by Lane.But, of course, straight boys do date girls, so everything goes to hell in a hand basket for a while.The book was much less angsty than it sounds. I mean, Maps raises drama to a high art form, so you can't take him that seriously, so the entire book is tinged with tons of humor.But as these books tend to do, everything works out in the end. Maybe not long term, but there is a “be mine, even just for a little while,” so it ends on a happy, hopeful HFN (?) note.The YA novella isn't a sexy read, with only one kiss, but that didn't detract from the story; however the pacing was a wee bit slow at times for me for it to only be 71 pages long.A friend also said that the author is planning a follow-up book, so I'll be one of the first in line for that little gem.This one's getting a very solid 4 *I-have-noticed-that-you’re-a-boy* stars, with very high hopes for the next book as well.------------------------------------------------------------This was my copy of the book and was not provided by the publisher.

  • Kaje Harper
    2018-11-13 13:14

    What a fun, quirky, sweet YA book! Maps is a teen boy, a junior in high-school who has so far had no interest in romance. What he has been fascinated with is, well, everything else. Maps is probably an Aspergers kid - bright, quirky, obsessive in his focus when performing an experiment, be it how ketchup dries on feathers, or observing two frogs in the bathtub. He sometimes feels younger than his chronological age, in ways that fit Aspergers. He has poor interpersonal skills, because his empathy is erratic and he's easily distracted, but at least that also insulates him from feeling too much pressure to meet people's expectations. He misreads facial expressions, and has difficulties recognizing personal space, but at the same time he has kind impulses, and he's funny and warm. He has tolerant, loving parents, and a great best friend, Benji. But when Benji moves out of the house next door to a place blocks away, and a new family with a tall, blond, baseball-playing seventeen-year-old boy moves in next door, Maps' personal world gets rearranged.I really loved this account of a kid moving toward a more mature view of the world. All the characters were wonderful (and the neighbor's little sister sometimes stole the show.) (view spoiler)[I felt a little sorry for Benji here and there, wondering at times whether he perhaps didn't have a bit of a crush on Maps, who was oblivious to even the prospect of romance until Lane appeared. (hide spoiler)] This was a warm, smooth and amusing read. Maps clearly will have challenges in his life, but the book is hopeful and the ending is lovely.

  • Ami
    2018-11-09 08:21

    Nash Summers burst into my periphery last year. I love her writing, I love her characters, and I love the stories that she wants to tell readers. There is something fresh and unique and touching coming from her words that I couldn’t help making her one of my favorite new-to-me authors of 2014.Maps reminded me slightly of her other young adult work, Outshine the Stars, because it has similarity of how one person could learn and be better because of his feeling and being loved by another young man. Maps came to me as rather quirky and self-centered – he loves being dramatic even if his quirkiness does result in some quote worthy dialogues. I mean, read how Maps reacts to his best friend moving out down the block.“Well, that’s it, then. My life is over. This is the end, the finale, the bittersweet conclusion. The curtains have drawn, we fade to black, the orchestra hushes. Nothing further, everything lost, little gained, really. How sad, they’ll say. Oh, he was so terribly young and so terribly brilliant to have had his once bustling life ravaged so, and left for naught but scraps.”I could see that those who loves Maps tolerate him – his family, his best friend Benji – but he’s not exactly the most popular when it comes to socializing with others because sometimes Maps also thinks that he is smarter than the rest of them.Until Lane. The boy who moves next door. And Maps’ world changes…Because Lane makes Maps willing to teach him math. Because Lane makes Maps goes out and learns to catch balls. Because Lane just gives Maps the most wonderful gift that he ever receives with handwritten note.If you ever get lost, just follow the lane, and you’ll find your way home.Of course, at that moment, my heart went boom. It’s such a lovely thing… small but so very thoughtful and I got all choked up – just as Maps did. This again, rocks Maps’ world, as he begins to also feel for the boy. I loved the subtle changes in Maps attitude and how he perceives Lane, because of this new feeling. Nash Summers writes that brilliantly because it is not in your face kind of change but it packs a punch nonetheless.And that ending – ah, that one line that (almost) ends this story…Be mine, even just for a little while.How perfect is that?Yes, I am only giving this story a 4-stars rating even if you can see how I’m praising it. But I’m keeping my higher stars rating until Nash Summers write a full-length novel that transcends every other story she has written... which I’m sure she can do. In the meantime, this is another beloved piece of writing from Summers and I loved every single minute of reading it. And young adult is not even my genre!PS: For those of you who prefers steamy level, this one only has kisses :)The ARC is provided by the author for an exchange of fair and honest review. No high rating is required for any ARC received.

  • Emma Sea
    2018-11-10 05:57

    I am so lucky! You know why? Because I waited so long to read this, I got to read the sequel immediately afterward. I didn't have to wait more than 5 seconds for it to load. In some aspects this is a fairly standard and adorable YA high school romance. Except for Maps. Maps isn't standard. Maps is one of the most refreshing and original MCs in M/M - maybe the most refreshing and original. It was an absolute delight to be inside his head. Thank you, Trix, for telling me I HAD TO READ THIS. You were right, and I rec anyone else who likes sweet romance to do the same, asap.

  • Justin
    2018-11-08 06:26

    4+ stars*sigh* I'll be right over here in a puddle if anyone needs me. This adorable YA story just melted my heart and the rest of me in the process. Nash Summers has created a quirky character, Maps, that should annoy you to no end but instead you just want to wrap him up and take him home with you. He's a science geek and he's socially clueless but funny and adorable at the same time. Lane is just as lovable but he's the strong, mostly quiet, jock. He's also a big teddy bear with a romantic side. The maps, the little sister, the song, the humor and the innocent budding romance all made this a real winner for me. Nash Summers is an author to watch and I can't wait to see what comes next!!

  • Ele
    2018-11-02 10:25

    "If you ever get lost, just follow the lane, and you’ll find your way home."I shouldn't have liked this because:-Young Adult (very young).-No steam (not at all).-Tentative HFN (provided that a kiss counts as a HFN).I didn't just like it. I loved it!Life isn't going as planned for geeky, blurty, cute as hell, Maps. His best friend is leaving the house next door, and moves a whole block away!"Well, that’s it, then. My life is over. This is the end, the finale, the bittersweet conclusion. The curtains have drawn, we fade to black, the orchestra hushes. Nothing further, everything lost, little gained, really. How sad, they’ll say. Oh, he was so terribly young and so terribly brilliant to have had his once bustling life ravaged so, and left for naught but scraps.”Did I mention he's also a drama queen?Whoever is going to move in next door, will have to face Maps's wrath. Only that someone turns out to be....Yup, blond, green-eyed jock, Lane and his family are the new neighbours. And Maps is a goner. You might think that this is your standard, cliche "jock falls for the nerd" story. You 'd be wrong. Maps is anything BUT ordinary. He's quirky and eccentric and obsessed with his experiments. And really afraid than Lane wants to punch him!Lane is nothing like your typical macho jock either. He's down-to-earth and just adorable. And he really wants to kiss Maps!I loved the secondary characters, even Lane's evil little sister, and the bromance between Maps and The ending, although just a very tentative HFN, felt so much more satisfying than the best of HEAs.This was like a breath of fresh air and I can't wait for the sequel. Recommended:)"Some days you're too much.""I'd like to think I'm the absolute right amount."

  • Sheziss
    2018-11-16 06:11

    Cute!Like any other young adult story? Maybe, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the laughs and the itching for pinching Maps' and Lane's cheeks.For now this is the only word I can find. And funny, of course. Let's not forget that. I liked his nonchalant behavior towards Lane, for whom he cares nothing about. Not at all. Right?Denial is one of the typical reactions, as we all know.Lane is showed as not a very bright guy but I don't think that's fair, I think he was more than okay and he is free of prejudices and is clever enough to notice that a boy like Maps exists and that he is much better than other people he may find. He follows his heart and that is more than enough for me.I don't want to make a fuss out of it but I didn't think Maps was a real genius. I never believed it. It's okay, though, because he inspires affection, so I won't make a mountain out of it.Eager to read the second part!

  • SheReadsALot
    2018-10-29 12:57

    Dude...I might have to cheat on my cover lover: for this cover. I wonder how he feels about threesomes?

  • Sheri
    2018-10-27 10:20

    Nash Summers has become one of my favorite authors (favorite people too!) so it's no surprise this story was fantabulous. Maps is hilariously fun. He embraces his awkwardness and is always looking for another rad experiment to try. He just didn't expect the cursed new neighbor to be his next research project. Lane is patient, kind, and the cute new boy next door.And together they create sparks. Loved the writing. Loved the secondary characters. Loved the sweet story. Double thumbs up! *4 ohhh-my-Maps stars*

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2018-10-30 06:20

    Kindle freebie 3/31/15!

  • Borderstar
    2018-11-02 08:21

    That was a funny, sweet read. Maps is a completely quirky boy and I found myself laughing quite a bit of the way through this, not only at the things he does but also at his observations.I loved Lane's little sister too - usually young kids are a bit hit and miss for me but I liked her - she would blurt things out at inappropriate times, which caused some embarrassment to everyone else (mainly Maps) and ran a bit wild.The "romance" was very sweet and innocent, and Maps was quite oblivious until the end - however, just a warning to those who are not as keen on YA, this is VERY YA. I think they are supposed to be 16yo but really Maps & Benji came across as very young - Lane maybe slightly older but then he is supposed to be a year or two above I think. That's not to say this is a bad thing - I mean I don't read that much m/m YA as I prefer the characters to be older, but I still really enjoyed this one. In a vague way, this pairing reminded me somewhat of a much younger version of Fielding and Mick in Eli Easton's Blame it on the Mistletoe.Overall a great little read - I really like Nash Summers' writing from what I have seen in this and her FREE read Carte Blanche.

  • Trisha Harrington
    2018-10-26 12:07

    This is such an adorable story!

  • Lori
    2018-11-11 14:23

    Review very soon! Nash Summers - now there is an author to burst onto the scenes in 2014. With several short stories and one full length novel under her belt this is an author who is amazingly versatile. Managing to write both short fluff filled stories and novels full of grit, grime and guts and do both wonderfully well, this is an author not to be sneezed at.Maps - quirky, quirky characters and some really funny situations, this story had me chuckling like an idiot while I read it. Literally LOL'ing. Nash manages in these few short pages to make me fall in love with and root fort he characters while keeping me genuinely amused at their antics. Maps particularly is a wonderful character. Eccentric? Maybe. Interesting? DEFINITELY.I really can't recommend this author enough - check out the free LL story Carte Blanche if you're unsure, you've nothing to lose.

  • Sunny
    2018-11-18 10:13

    4.5, rounded upI loved this story!Maps...awesomely quirky and so adorable.Benji...the perfect friend for the eccentric Maps. Their interplay and banter was so fun to watch.Lane...what a sweetheart. He recognized and appreciated Maps' unique self, and knew how special he was.Maps and Benji, together...what a sweet beginning to a beautiful love story.

  • Elsa Bravante
    2018-11-16 05:57

    Fantástico. La historia de cómo se conocen Maps y Lane, dos chicos de 16 años que empiezan a conocer su sexualidad, contada de forma muy divertida, sin sexo y sin la tristeza que algunas veces rodea a los libros de este tipo.Es muy difícil hacer reir y ha habido ocasiones que he llorado de la risa.Un buen rato asegurado.

  • Makhda
    2018-10-27 12:13

    OMG. This is so ADORABLE. I can't thank you enough to Nash Summers for giving me this opportunity. Thank you, Nash. :))Maps and Lane is what you called mismatched couple. Maps was a geek, a nerd. You name it. He had a lot of ideas running through his head. While Lane was a jock, gentle giant, bad at math, with his gapped teeth and ken-doll hair. They did had a wrong first impression. But don't worry, Maps did that all the time. They're so different. But they're perfect in their own way. *sigh* *dreamy eyes*If you ever get lost, just follow the lane, and you'll find your way home.I received the copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewPS : Thanks to Didi. My friend who introduced me to the program in YA LGBT Groups. <3

  • Tess
    2018-11-05 07:16

    Lazy Sunday morning re-read! Ahh Maps and Lane, I couldn't adore you more. --------This is a perfect gem of a book!!! Quirky, kinda dorky 16-year old gets turned upside-down over the gap-toothed baseball-loving new boy next door. It's short, but it's sweet. For sure it goes to my re-read pile.

  • Amy
    2018-11-01 09:17

    Absolutely adorable! I loved Maps. Like seriously loved him and his quirky personality. This reminded me of a John Hughes movie... loveable geek gets the handsome jock. So cute!

  • MaDoReader
    2018-10-22 07:17

    Un YA cortito y absolutamente recomendable si te apetece pasar un buen rato. Maps es Maps, pero el que me ha robado el corazón ha sido Lane ♡

  • Therese
    2018-11-10 07:09

    *4.5*This was very easy to enjoy, despite being a bit chaste. Despite being very short, all characters felt real. Or “real”, heh, I’m not sure if that is the right word. They are all very special, to say the least. Most special of all is Maps, he is a strange, quirky specimen of a teenager. Kind of like a mix between Adrian Mole and Fielding Monroe. I loved the fact that he was so oblivious to everything except his own, internal world. Reading Lane’s signals through Maps’s thoughts was very entertaining…(don’t get me started on Maps and Lane’s little sister, he really shows his true colors there, mwahaha)The secondary characters were all well described, considering the novella’s length. His best friend Benji fits Maps perfectly, as do Lane (who probably is the most standard issue of the bunch. Sometimes he felt a bit pale in comparison to Maps, but this is The Maps Show after all, so it was all good!).I was especially impressed by Maps’s parents, poor people! However, they were patient and understanding…(view spoiler)[I loved how Maps’s father gave him support after the Lane/Lacey thing, without needing to ask what happened, or digging deeper."And I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but believe me when I say that there will be others, okay? You’re the best person on the planet. Who wouldn’t love you?”I also appreciated the fact that both his parents were very accepting of him being gay. And very accepting about him doing experiments all around the house… (hide spoiler)]I’m very curious about the next one (yay!), since the ending here was sweet, but with a hint of „reality“.

  • Arch Bala
    2018-11-18 13:05

    Thank goodness for Goodreads feeds! This book just totally made my day!Maps is just beyond adorable! His character is perfection! There’s no way not to love Maps! Maps (the book and the character) came before Rust (Fawn) and their characterization resemble such charm that you’d most likely not forget for a long period of time. What a beautiful, fun and quirky character!I just loved the easy vibe of the story. I loved that Maps has Benji as his bestfriend. I loved that Maps’ parents are super-cool! I even love that little demon of a chile Miss Madam Sprinkle! LOLAnd of course, there is Lane. Lane with his gapped front teeth and a Ken-doll hair. Gawd, these two are just beyond adorable I wanna adopt them!!!I cannot wait to read the second book…in 5, 4, 3, 2,…

  • Anke
    2018-10-31 11:12

    So, I started reading this quite some time ago and couldn't get into it. Didn't find it funny, Maps was such an absurd character, I barely made it up to the feather-in-ketchup-experiment :)Today finally I got back to it again and imagine my surprise - suddenly I couldn't stop reading. What an endearing guy, with his unusual view of the world around him! Yes, I liked it a lot.

  • Suki Fleet
    2018-10-27 06:16

    Loved it. I have a weakness for quirky characters and I smiled my way through this, loving all of Maps little idiosyncrasies.And Lane's last words were perfect <3Recommended!

  • Adrienne -kocham czytać-
    2018-11-01 09:08

    Well, shit. That started out with me unsure if I liked Maps, quickly transitioned to me totally into the story and how it evoked naive childhood memories, and then it ended with a sweet scene that tied it all together, and made me immediately think "Five stars!" with a smile on my face.Loved this little story about first love. Accurate, quirky, cute, and I highly recommend it :)I really, really, really want to see what happens to Maps when he grows up. He is a gem, and I want more of his story. I'll be on the lookout.Oh yes, and I have so much love for this cover! It is gorgeous.

  • Jewel
    2018-10-23 05:59

    Absolutely adorkable.

  • Nash Summers
    2018-10-30 07:10

    Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!Amazon:

  • Sara
    2018-10-29 06:59

    This was fun. I loved Maps. No I fucking adored the hell out of Maps. He was focused and yet all over the place. From his first conversation with his best friend Benji as he is moving the dreaded few blocks away to the most awkward meet cute ever with Lane, the new boy next door. The boy was a total mess but what genius isn't? Their minds are on hyper-drive 99% of the time that either you jump on for the ride or get left behind. It's a good thing Lane is a jock and has major endurance to keep up with Maps.The friendship to relationship with Maps and Lane was honest and sweet. Maps is such a good guy it would only make sense that he would fall for someone cut from the same cloth. It was endearing how he kept his close friendship with Benji and even how Lane's little sister Stacie figured into the whole deal. Of course, she could be pointed out as the reason the boys, um met the way they did. Satan's favorite child has evil plans of smooshing boys together even when she has no idea what her five year old self is doing.Maps, the name. I was waiting to see WHY he was called that as his name is Matthew or Mattie. But Maps, the meaning behind it all was so damn adorable which of course leads us to a freaking swoon worthy scene with Lane. Good Lord, I wasn't expecting it and just loved how heart felt and romantic it was. I could have given Benji a Italian mother's love tap for his reaction to it but it wasn't mean for him, it was meant for Maps. And Maps got it.Maps poor mother, I just have to mention that I have a child, not as extreme as Maps, but I feel her pain. I loved his dad's sense of humor and how they both handled the situation at the Rhodes house at dinner before the storm of peas.Ugh. These two were so cute and I don't say that lightly. It was adorable to read them, knowing they like one another but both thinks the other is taken and when Maps asks that sexuality question? Lane's response was exactly what I needed.Yeah, Maps and Lane... Le Sigh. AND MAD PROPS for including the Yeah Yeah Yeah's! That song is one of my favorites to sing at karaoke! Well done, Ms. Summers. Well done.

  • Mercedes
    2018-11-17 08:02

    4.5 starsMy only problem with this book is that it's not long enough! As I read the book all I knew is that I wanted to keep reading about Maps and about Lane. Why of why did it have to end.This is just the type of YA story I want: two boys learning about who they are, minimum amount of angst, perfect dash of sweetness.