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A huge fan of Jane Austen, Danielle hopes to find her own Mr. Darcy when she leaves Colorado to attend art school in London. Of course she knows it's silly to wish for that, naive even. But she's met enough males who lacked respect for women, a growing trend it seemed. And at 19...well... However, on only her second night there she gets lost and is threatened by a stalkerA huge fan of Jane Austen, Danielle hopes to find her own Mr. Darcy when she leaves Colorado to attend art school in London. Of course she knows it's silly to wish for that, naive even. But she's met enough males who lacked respect for women, a growing trend it seemed. And at 19...well... However, on only her second night there she gets lost and is threatened by a stalker who proves to be immune to her martial-arts training. Before she is completely overpowered, she is then saved by Ethan Deveroux. While Danielle does find the romance she seeks in Ethan, he's no Mr. Darcy. Her hero is held by a spell which fractures their chance at a happy ending. During the day Ethan is closer to mortal than immortal and can date her like any other man. Yet, as the sun sets, the powerful magic of an ancient curse returns and the evil of that spell is revealed. When that magic begins, Danielle's fairy-tale romance ends because Ethan Deveroux is a vampire....

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Fateful Reviews

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    2019-03-27 14:00

    1.5 stars, DNF. On second thought, let's not read Fateful. 'Tis a silly book.Abandoned at 45% after an encounter with cutesie little winged fairies, because the conversation with the fairies induced severe eye-rolling, and that was seriously the last straw. At that point I skipped to the end and read it just to satisfy my curiosity. Set in London, this is a Twilight wannabe, except not as well written. That may be hard to believe for some, but trust me on this. Also, I really should have stopped right away when I realized this was a story about a girl in love with a vampire, with whom she shares some indescribable connection, AND the vampire sucks blood out of animals instead of people because he's such a good guy, AND he has superhuman strength and unimaginably good looks, AND daylight/garlic/crosses don't bother him, AND he and his friends have to protect her from other vampires who aren't such good guys . . .If you love the Twilight series and want to read more like it, and you're not overly particular about spelling and grammar, or depth and subtlety in writing, you'll probably enjoy this. The vampire mythology has a few differences that are mildly interesting, but it wasn't enough to get me to read the whole book. I'm just glad I didn't pay anything for it.

  • Dawnie
    2019-04-15 10:00

    Wow. This book sucked so much it hurt. It felt like it was written by a 13 year old girl who's afraid of the dark. How about, don't write a book about vampires that makes Stephanie Meyer's vampires look bad ass. And that's saying something. Seriously. The dudes in this book (especially the hero) were lukewarm pansies. No bad assery what so ever. I'm usually more specific on what's wrong with a book, but there are so many things wrong with it that it would be like explaining why my 3rd grade essay on hammerhead sharks isn't compelling to any who stumble upon it. Just know that I am not the reviewer who gives out 1 star lightly. This was truly bad.

  • Amy
    2019-04-05 14:41

    Poorly written copy-cat book with contrived situations and annoying characters. I downloaded it because I was looking for something to read while on a trip. I should have just banged my head against the plane window repeatedly instead - at least then I would have just had a headache instead of a headache AND all of that sappy language going through my mind. Take my advice, don't be wooed by the $.99 price it takes for the electronic download and use your money to buy a candy bar instead.

  • Courtney
    2019-04-09 14:59

    I have to admit...I was a bit skeptical of this book when I was asked to read it by the author for the purpose of reviewing. I LOVED Twilight with a passion but have found it almost impossible to enjoy another vampire or paranormal book since, so I was convinced I wouldn't enjoy it. This book was an exception. I really liked it!! Fateful is about young Danielle who moves to London to go to school there and live with her Uncle, Aunt and cousin. Soon after her arrival in London she is attacked, but then saved by the handsome and delicious Ethan. The only issue is that her handsome rescuer is actually a cursed vampire. They soon begin dating and it proves to be almost impossible for Danielle to stay out of harm’s way. One of my favorite quotes "She loved the way her name melted from his tongue, like a tender endearment, made sweeter by his British articulation." This story has a lot to be desired! The characters were delightful and I couldn't get enough of the sweet romance between Ethan and Danielle. The romance was my favorite part because it was sweet, and passionate yet clean. Danielle is a charming "girly girl" that loves to wear skirts and has an innocent way about her. Ethan is handsome, charming, and very old school when it comes to dating. The story line was very good. It did have a lot of similarities to Twilight, which is the only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 star rating, but then again, most vampire books do. The differences were great though and Cheri made her story stand out! There was lots action and most of the story was unpredictable. The ending was unique and I devoured the story as soon as I started reading it. I can't wait for the next book by Cheri Schmidt; she is a very gifted author! If you love young adult paranormal/vampire books then this needs to be added to your list of books to read, I highly recommend it!I received a copy of this book to read and review from the author. My review is not biased by the fact that I was given this book. I HONESTLY read and review any book whether bought or given to me. If I did not like the book I would definitely not give a rave review or recommend it.

  • Michelle J
    2019-04-04 13:47

    I could not stomach all the cheesy and cliche phrases that are contained in this book. I gave it to about 40% (generous on my part) before I started skimming to the end. I don't understand the other reviews that say this book is "well written" (they must have been friends of the author). I was especially annoyed with the explanations of the British slang words. Either put a footnote at the bottom of the page or a dictionary at the end. Don't incorporate it into the dialogue. The conversations ended up sounding unnatural and awkward. The story oozed of Twilight similarities or exact opposite situations which only made it seem more like Twilight. And then there are the constant comparisons to Pride and Prejudice. Ethan is NOTHING like Mr. Darcy. This story is NOTHING like Pride and Prejudice other than the author used the same names. STOP using comparisons where there aren't any! Then on top of all these annoyances the author throws in some Mormon lingo. I immediately look up her bio and imagine my surprise (not really) when I find out she's a BYU grad... I'm not saying Mormon authors are terrible, there are quite a few I enjoy. But there are numerous others who think they know how to write a good story when really they don't. I wish there was a warning sticker on all these gag worthy books.

  • Tifferz
    2019-04-06 13:02

    Okay guys we have a Must read new author Cheri Schmidt. I can honestly say I love this book and can't wait till the next two come out! Yup we are lucky this is the first book in the three book series! I was quickly pulled into this story and loved every minute of it. Cheri is a very creative writer and knows how to tell a story. This book contains magic, vampires (good and evil) lots of passionate kissing, fairies, suspense and some unexpected twists! This book is for everyone. I really enjoyed how Cheri told a modern day story with an excellent plot and romance. You will not want to put this book down. Worth every penny. A must to own. I will be reading this one again very soon. As I can't seem to get the story out of my mind!!!!

  • Courtney Wyant
    2019-04-10 14:43

    I really enjoyed this book... someone loaned it to me on the Nook... Now im about to buy it for my self soon..... I really enjoyed it and I would recommend it too anyone who needs a good read..... I can relate to Danielle in the book because I am a huge Mr. Darcy fan and lets say you get 14 days with lend me and I read it and stayed up all night.... One of my absoulute favorite reads ...My signed copy of it came in the mail yesterday.... YES

  • Whimsical Fox Story Teller
    2019-04-17 13:44

    My Review:Nineteen year old Danielle Darcy who is a huge Jane Austen fan and a karate whiz. Leaves Colorado to stay with her aunt Charlotte, uncle Nick and her cousin Brianna in London while attending art school. She hopes to find her own Mr. Darcy when she's there, of course she knows it's silly to wish for something that, naive even. But in the past she has always seen men lacked respect for woman, a growing trend it seemed... However that all changes on her second night there in London, when she gets lost and is threatened by a stalker name Lucas who proves to be immune to her martial training. Before she is completely overpowered, she is then saved by a young man name Ethan Deveroux. As the days go by after her rescue by her hero. Danielle does find the romance she seeks in Ethan, but he’s no Mr. Darcy... She sees that she has a weird feeling that she knows him, and that when she's near him she gets dizzy, oh and those silver eyes of his... Have her in a trance of some kind. When she discovers that her hero is held by a spell by which fractures their chance at a happy ending. During the day Ethan closer to being mortal and can date her like any other man. But when the sun sets, the powerful magic of the ancient curse returns, and the evil spell that has Ethan trap during the night is revealed... Danielle enters unto the dark world that Ethan and his family has keep hidden for centuries, and there is no turning back..... My Thoughts: -I love this book. It was a very fun read. I love how there was so many elements in this book, and how the plot was done in London. After I read Clockwork Angel in January, I just love when books are place in London and also Paris... I also enjoy the amazing journey that Danielle goes on with Ethan to find the cure, while at the same time discovering what he is.... -The characters in this book were very enjoyable and very interesting to read. Danielle was a strong and tough character, there was a few times that she got scared but she was always ready for a fight.. I also enjoy her passion for painting and how the author wrote the feeling of how Danielle paint.... Because there was this one painting she did, and the vision I had of how it look was amazing feeling. -I also enjoy her family too, they were so fun and funny at times.... Ethan was also a strong character too. He had a passion for string instruments and was also looking for a cure to be mortal... His family was also very interesting to read too.. I also enjoy Danielle and Ethan's relationship with one another too. They were passion about one another, and how far they will go to keep each other safe from any danger. -So any other words this book was very good, and you should read it for yourself. And to enter Danielle and Ethan's world in Fateful by. Cheri Schmidt....

  • Dusty Holloway
    2019-04-15 16:42

    I've been seeing a lot of this book lately. It just seems to keep popping up, and I realized . . . I haven't written a review yet! Gasp! I read this book for the first time . . . hmm, a few years ago I believe, but I didn't just stop at the first reading. After I was finished, I had to grab the other two, and ever since have been trying to wait patiently for more books by this fabulous author to come out. (Ok, not so patiently lol.) On to the story: Danielle is a girl I really liked from the get-go. In a few ways, she reminded me of myself, and that helped me to feel right at home with her character. She gets hopelessly lost, loves martial arts but loves fru-fru skirts, and doesn't play the wishy-washy, oh someone save me, kind of heroine. She's strong, but not razor-edged, sweet, but not sugary, and for me, I really liked that about her. Ethan is a man who's under a curse. He can be somewhat normal during the day, but once the sun goes down, his body turns cold, his heart slows, his senses become more acute, his strengths become more pronounced, and he's able to mesmerize hapless prey. Only he doesn't . . . Because Ethan is the GOOD guy. I loved that Ethan had flaws. What girl wants to fall in love with someone perfect anyway! I loved the relationship that develops between he and Danielle, and I absolutely loved the way he treated her. Despite Danielle's strengths, he treats her as someone that is precious and cherished. In today's YA literature, I have to tell you, that alone made it a goldmine! The character development in the series is excellent, and I truly believe one of the strengths of author Cheri Schmidt. There were funny scenes, tender scenes, sweet scenes, and scenes that got my imagination firing. If you love romance, vampires that are a bit different, good storytelling, and characters that you'll fall in love with, you'll want to get this book!

  • Tina
    2019-04-01 15:47

    Free Download. First of all can I just confirm that this is NOT a rip off of Twilight. Its a little unthinking and unimaginitive to assume every Vampire romance needs to be compared to The Twilight Saga. I am a huge Twilight fan but I adore supernatural romance and unfortunatly vampires will always share common similarities, however this story gives a new outlook on vampires and the whole good versus evil theme. This story was a beautiful love story first and foremost, between a Vampire and a human, but every good vampire love story shares this. The story starts with Danielle, coming to the UK from the States to go to school, she moves in with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin Brianna. Danielle is old fashioned and craves the love of a good man, who will treat her like the men from old times like in Jane Austens books. On her second day in the UK she runs into danger literally, but is also saved by Ethan, a beautiful stranger who sweeps her off her feet. Ethan feels something but its not confirmed until they meet again and their eyes connect, Danielle is suddenly consumed with Ethan and discovers the fairytale she always dreamt about has come true although with darker meaning. Ethan is the perfect man, loving, trustworthy, protective, and the perfect gentleman, Danielle realises that they cannot be apart but doesnt want to become immortal to be with Ethan giving way to Ethans obsession for a cure. This story is lovely, and the sweet romance which builds between the characters is amazing, the story and plot are different to other supernatural stories and although it does share similar characteristics, its also original. The other characters build a great picture, and of course we have good and bad characters creating the angst every good story needs. I would recommend to anybody who enjoys a very sweet supernatural romance.

  • Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)
    2019-04-16 16:46

    Thanks Cheri for creating a paranormal book that I feel comfortable letting my teenager read!I enjoyed the vampire world that Cheri has created. The book starts off with an attack that is foiled by a good vampire. It starts off with a creepy feel to it. Cheri builds up to the when Danielle finds out that there are really vampires by creating the lore and local stories before hand.Danielle is visiting her relatives in London. She has come from the United States to go to school. She finds everything confusing. She doesn't have a sense of direction and driving on the opposite side of the road is very confusing to her. In her confusion she finds herself stalked by an eerie man. She barely escapes with the help of a stranger. Of course, he is a very handsome stranger.Later she finds out that this handsome stranger knows her uncle. Of course they are attracted to each other and begin dating. It's strange though, because she can't look him in the eye, and once again he saves her from the evil stalker. But with superhuman strength.Yes, he is a vampire. But he is a different vampire. He doesn't want to be a vampire, he wants to be human. Honestly, I couldn't help but like Ethan. He is kind, caring, and puts Danielle's needs first. He is the perfect boyfriend, he just drinks blood for sustenance.There are similarities to Twilight, but you know, Twilight has many broad themes that it's hard to come up with something completely different. This book takes a different spin and it's worth reading.I did feel that at times some scenes dragged on and others ended abruptly. The point is that this is a great book to recommend. There is a lot of kissing, but that is as far as it goes. You can let your teen read this and not worry about it. I intend to read the second and any other books that Cheri puts out in the future.

  • Jeannette
    2019-03-29 16:43

    DNF- I will admit that I have read plenty of stupid books and admit that I have enjoyed most of them but this book was annoying and I gave up.I'm a sucker for a book that is set in London so I gave it a whirl. The first thing that annoyed be was Danielle. An American student in London who seems helpless (she can't seem to walk in a straight line without getting lost) and is obsessed with the Jane Austen ideal. Now, nothing against Austen (I enjoy her books) but I don't get the whole "I want to find a Mr. Darcy". I mean at his worst he was a bit of a prickish snob, at his best just socially inept. I wish female characters became more obsessed with "being an Elizabeth Bennett", you know- a woman who speaks her mind and thinks for herself. (oops, that was a bit of a tangent)Ethan felt like an overly cliched character as well. I bit too mysterious, but never giving a hint of anything to make the reader interested in his story. His prim and properness...I honestly think most women today would think "what's his deal?" more than swooning over his Victorian-ness. Anyway, maybe I gave up too quickly but a good 1/3 of the way in I couldn't care less about the couple or the supposed big bad (who just likes to pop up in the fog and growl).

  • Sam
    2019-04-02 11:01

    I just finished “Fateful” and thought I should write a review before going on to the rest of the series.The romance was well-written and so very hot (in a clean YA way). I was feeling the characters’ passion for each other and swooning the entire time. If you love sweet romances, you’ll like Danielle and Ethan’s story. Ch. 8 was probably my favorite. I could envision myself right there with the characters! The descriptions are breathtaking.The writing really makes you feel like you’re part of the story. In fact, it made me wish I was in London with Ethan…Sigh! The vampire lore (as well as that of the other creatures) is so unique. I found some great twists, especially the comparison between vampires during the day and those at night. I also liked that the setting of the story took place far away from Danielle’s comfort-zone, especially since she’s so prone to getting lost.I really enjoyed the dialogue – it was so well-written, as were the action scenes. The story was long. In a good way. Sometimes, I find that books end too soon, before I have a chance to really get to know the characters. I really liked that the author took her time with developing the characters, letting me see into their lives and normal routines. For some reason, I’m really craving afternoon tea. And some sweets. Where is Sophia when you need her?!

  • Roxana
    2019-04-11 17:52

    Okay, So sorry that it's taken me this long... To say the least, I absolutely fell in LOVE with this book. It was very well written w/an amazing story line... I know, I know, it follows the whole vampire falls for the girl line... BUT, trust me, it's NOTHING like Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Twilight Saga, but not every thing has to be like that... Cheri definitely captivated me with this book... So much so, that after I read this book in ONE day, I turned around and bought the next book Fearful the VERY NEXT day... Ethan is such a gentleman and absolutely adorable... And Danielle, I loved that she was such a girly girl that knew how to defend herself if needed to... I enjoyed how Danielle see's Ethan as HER Mr. Darcy, given that she's such a Jane Austen fan... (Secretly, so am I!!!) I enjoyed mostly that it was such a clean read... It was a very good book and the romance in the book was very sweet! Cheri definitely has a fan in me!!!P.S. I loved this book soo much, that I actually let my nieces (who are about 16yrs) borrow it... (I know, I'm very picky when it comes to my books!)

  • Jennifer Ashley
    2019-04-08 13:00

    INGENIOUS!I LOVED THIS BOOK! If you love fairytales, this is a book for you. The characters, the plot, and the setting are fantastic. From the beginning, Cheri’s writing drew me right into this story. I could just image walking down the streets of London while having to watch out for treacherous vampires or hiking in a wooden field looking for magical fairies. I enjoyed this story so much. Fateful had romance, danger, and a perfect ending to this book. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love when a man can sweep you off of your feet to protect you from peril. It is so refreshing to be able to read a good clean book and not have to worry about filth and bad language in it. The minute I finished this book, I quickly downloaded the second and the third book in this series. I know that if you buy them you will love the entire series as I do.

  • Katie W
    2019-04-22 16:52

    Interesting. Some parts reminding me a lot of Twilight, yet there were some original takes on vampires as well that I thought were quite intriguing--like what happened at the end. How was it the no one ever figure that out before??? I mean in this story. :)Danielle goes to England to go to school and live with her cousin/aunt/uncle and almost immediately encounters a vampire. It's a fight of good versus evil; mortal versus immortal. With a good dose of vampire romance thrown in, in the form of Ethan. Content: some violence and blood (obviously); a very few mild swear words; romantic *clean* kissing.

  • Arielle Bennett
    2019-04-24 15:59

    This is the worst book I have ever read. I spent the 99 cents after reading the other reviews that were positive and boy do I regret it. I could have spent that money on anything at the dollar menu and felt more satisfied. Something that really could have helped this book was an editor. It was really hard to look past how many grammatical errors there were. The conversation was very unrealistic, it was like the conversations in foreign language text books. The kind that people who speak that language don't really have. The Twilight similiarties were annoying. All in all I wish that I could have my 99 cents back and the time I wasted reading this book.

  • Hannah
    2019-04-15 15:55

    Overall I liked this book. I will admit that it started a little slow. However, it got better as it went along. There were things that reminded me of Twilight but not a ripoff of it though. I will probably read thd next book and see what happens. I was intrigued by the ending.

  • Victoria Langley
    2019-04-03 15:55

    Sorry but really not enjoying this book. I am a big reader & happily read through some badly written books ignoring spelling mistakes but as an English person this book takes the biscuit!! Where did this lady learn English slang? It's not cute to write with it, I note most of the good reviews appear to be American, just wonder if any other British feel the same? I just came across the use of the word pictures :0/ erm a picture is something a camera takes or something you hang on a wall, see in a book etc lol. It's the cinema here luv and we go to see a film not a picture! They used the term pictures in the time my grandma was going because they were called picture houses. I think you will find plenty of uk lasses also wear skirts not jeans! There's some uk slang for you! Lol. The problem is you are using a book setting it to a family speaking queens English in the south of England using a weird mix of slang. If they used queens English they would not use the slang you are using and some is regional and you are mixing it. As an English reader it is somewhat irritating to have things explained all the time. Without being funny we read American all the time without the need of having things explained to us. I hated the start of the book, this girl is insane. Scared out after dark :0/ erm hi, here that can be around 3 in the afternoon an some times of years! Get over it! She is scared of getting lost! I mean where is she living? A maze? Oddly u will find you can ask directions & we have these fab things called road signs! :0/ Lastly she gets attacked then is fine clubbing the next week :0/ I think not. Just not realistic! This book is falling behind my last read who was trying to jump for two different periods of time and often used current slang in the wrong era lol. Will keep reading see if I can get past the irritation but uk readers be warned! Xx

  • Patti
    2019-04-21 10:06

    I hate giving low starred reviews but there were so many things that turned me off, although I finished it...barely. And I hardly ever pick a book apart but I just have to mention a few things that really irritated me.First, it really needs someone to fix the spelling mistakes and the extra commas. I can, handle a few, but come on, your and you're? (yeah exactly like that)Fairies? WTF? And talking fairies with fairie dust at that. It just seemed so far fetched that it really made the story seem cheesy. I was going to stop there as that seemed silly and added nothing to the storyline. In fact it kind of ruined it for me. So many other believable things out there other then fairies in little tiny tree houses, with little tiny flower boxes in their little tiny windows. And guess what? Ethan drives a Jag. I think this was established in her first encounter with him, or possibly second, but we can't forget he drives one when each and every time they get into his car we are reminded that it's a Jag. Oh yeah, except for the time he took the Land Rover. But again we were told that it was a Land Rover over and over. The MC was nineteen but acted like she was twelve. A ten thirty curfew for a nineteen year old college student? Really? Was she studying to be a nun?And the thing I disliked the most was the use of the word MIRTH! There are so many words to choose from othen then mirth but the author used it over and over and over ad nauseam. In fact, she used it so many times I began to seriously hate the word. I wouldn't recommend this book and have no further desire to read anymore in this series.

  • ILoveBooks
    2019-03-27 16:45 book is a phenomenal paranormal young adult read. The plot concerns star crossed lovers, Danielle and Ethan. The problem with their relationship? Danielle is mortal while Ethan is a vampire. Danielle moves to London early in the book to stay with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. She plans to go to school there. The story leads right to action, Danielle is accosted...only to be saved by Ethan. They experience an immediate connection. However, Danielle could not have chosen a worse potential boyfriend-Ethan is cursed and now they must try to break it. The reader will love Ethan and Danielle's developing relationship, it's actually believable-a rarity in teen novels. Danielle is sweet and caring, though she can be a tad impulsive. Ethan is protective, strong, and charismatic. The two balance each other out perfectly and the reader will be rooting for them throughout the novel. There is a part, towards the beginning, that will remind the reader of Twilight; however, that notion is quickly dispelled. The events are fast-paced and range from detailed to fast-paced, the plot was certainly fun to read, and the characters are very likable. This book is great for teens/young adults who enjoy Stephanie Meyer and/or Amanda Hocking and/or Claudia Gray.

  • Isha
    2019-03-27 16:43

    Awful book,horrible writing and annoying characters.We already have Twilight for lame, misogynistic vampire antics.We dont need a rip off of twilight , written by what seems like a 13 yr old. We dont need another dumb teenage girl being glorified by a holier-than-thou vampire because they have some soul deep connection.I read about a third of the book and couldnt take it anymore. I mean , the author hasnt even tried to change the situations and the premise of the story at all. Its just a rendition of Twilight, but much worse, and i had never thought it was possible to come across a book that annoyed me more than Twilight.Dont waste your time or money on this book.There are fairytales for little children out there , with more profundity.I am absolutely astounded by the popularity of this book, given how awful it is. It takes the term "trashy romance" to just another level. I just wish i had a hard copy of this book and not a damn ebook , so i could throw it across the room.Or maybe people should read it, just to see how badly written a book can be and still get published. how on earth did this crap get published? This book is the literary equivalent of rebbeca black's 'friday'.enough said.

  • Trina
    2019-04-20 14:02

    This book was not at all what I had expected. Of course, I expected it to be a romance; after all, Danielle has a thing of for the fictional hero, Mr. Darcy, in "Pride and Prejudice". She hopes to find her own Mr. Darcy in England when she goes there to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousin in order to attend art school. She does meet her Mr. Darcy; however, Ethan (as he is named) is more than just a mortal man. He is a vampire. This was NOT what I expected because nothing I read about the book gave me any indication this was to be of the supernatural "Twilight" genre. I did love the book though because it was quite romatic even the characters embraced the notion of "saving yourself for marriage". This may have had to do with the fact that Ethan was from another time, but Danielle was not, and she still chose this path. The author did not leave out the romatic encounterings of the two teens - it was there. The book touched on the difficulty of waiting for marriage, but it also takes the two through a tumultuous roller coaster ride as they try to figure out how to make immortal/mortal relationship work. Overall, it was a great book, and I will be reading the 2nd installment in the "Fateful" series called, "Fractured".

  • QueenKatie
    2019-04-15 14:47

    AAAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhh .... from the moment I began this book I knew, I KNEW, it was going to suck. The writing within the first paragraph was bad, very bad. It's hard to put into words how I felt about this book - except the word sucked. I made it 5% before I was like FORGET it. I didn't know when I started out that it was a vampire book but after I read other people's comments it kind of made sense -- what kind of gave it away, you say? The uncle telling a freaking Dracula story in the first chapter and all the ominous feelings she, whatever her name was, received from it. And, okay, we get it. She get lost a lot. I felt like I came away from the first 5% knowing that she gets lost a lot and was traumatized when she was little from it, maybe, I kind of don't remember. This story left no lasting impressions. Another reader, who I think stomached through the whole thing, stated that it's a Twilight story. Kind of seemed to be headed in that direction. [image error]">

  • life's a fairy tale
    2019-04-01 10:10

    So this book starts out with the scene where Edward rescues Bella from bad men when she's lost ... Oh wait, wrong book....I don't know if it was the point of view or the style of writing, but the voice was frustrating and juvenile. Everything felt repetitive, and maybe thats because I already read the better version of this book called Twilight. Oh, and I just have to know - did Danielle think she found a hero straight from her Jane Austen books? - ugh, if I have to hear THAT one more time!!! The connection between Danielle and Ethan was lost on me. And honestly, I could get over the similarities to Twilight if these characters had something great going on, or if the writing was decent. It was as bland as could be. Nothing made me swoon or think "this is cute." Instead, I was annoyed. I had to MAKE myself finish. There's no way I would even consider reading the next book in the series - what a waste of time this was!!!

  • Drew Schmidt
    2019-04-23 16:02

    When I first read this book, I read to compare it to others and to find faults and holes in the plot. I constantly tried to second guess the author and figure out the plot as it went along. In fact, since the author is one of my best friends, I would email her with questions as I tried to guess where the story was going. While a male and not necessarily interested in vampire romance books, I did enjoy the book. And by the end I was pleasantly surprised by the plot....the way the book turned and ended. In fact, by the end of the book I thought I would easily have figured out the plot and resolution, but that was not the case. I was pleasantly surprised by the story, the ending and the complexity of the mythos. Now in complete fairness I will also add that I'm the spouse of the author. While I'm certainly partial to her and her could also be said that I might be one of her strongest critics.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-30 15:41

    Awful, juvenile writing. Not even worth my time considering how long it is. The main character came across as a child rather than a university student. Seriously, what college student sits down in front of their uncle for "story time"? Her emotions where extremely contrived as well. The heroine gets afraid enough to suffer nightmares from hearing a story about real-life Dracula. Please, spare me the bullshit. I could tell a 2-year-old that story and they wouldn't be half as afraid as our heroine Danielle was.I can’t really say much about the story considering I didn’t get that far into it. I highly doubt any plot could have interested me enough to pull me through hundreds of pages of the kind of writing this book has, least of all a vampire romance.Long story short, I was tricked by the cheap pricetag. I apologize to my kindle for wasting its battery life. I MADE MY MISTAKES.

  • Anna Marie
    2019-04-07 17:46

    I went into this knowing it was going to be a Twilight knock-off... because let's face it, nobody has original ideas, anymore. It was WORSE than a Twilight knock-off, because it was a Twilight *AND* Pride & Prejudice knock off. Only with horrible slang (everything was either 'yummy' or 'scrummy') and completely immature characters (even the centuries old vampires). Worse, about halfway through the book she forgot the plot needed a place to go, and started just writing this tediously long explanation and drawn out conversations about the explanations... I skipped a ton and missed absolutely nothing. While, yes, the author's vocabulary was comprehensive, she didn't have the tone to pull off a decent read. It was Twilight meets Pride & Prejudice (even our main character's name is 'Darcey') written by a pre-teen.

  • Cat
    2019-03-26 09:45

    This book just drags on and on. What makes it worse is the repetitiveness of it all. I know the book description already mentions how big of a Jane Austen fan Danielle is, but it's mentioned at least a dozen more times (just looked it up - Austen's name comes up 14 separate times in the book)!Anyhow, I thought Danielle was too meek and helpless. Every chapter she mentions how easily she gets lost and no amount of help, directions, map, etc would help her. Lo and behold a GPS does the trick. Who would have ever guessed something like a GPS would be helpful? I also found her completely oblivious to things - oh, maybe that adds to her spatial/memory/directional problems.Book was too predictable for me.

  • Susan
    2019-04-15 15:04

    I liked the idea of this story especially at first. It lacked depth however and seemed to drag; I had a hard time sticking with it. I honestly had to skim through a lot of it. There were too many similarities to Twilight. I enjoyed Twilight but this needed to be something very different or follow the same lore in order to keep my attention. It had some similarities but different enough for you to doubt it’s logic and not enjoy the lore portrayed here. There were many things in it that just did not appeal to me, the protagonist’s helplessness even though she was supposed to be trained at Karate, their “clean morals” without set boundaries, many contradictions. I liked the idea of knowing each other before this life, a nice touch.Not a bad story, just not worth the time reading for me.