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Was wäre, wenn alles, was du über deine Sexualität zu glauben wusstest, auf den Kopf gestellt wird, wenn du die Liebe deines Lebens triffst?Als Werbeproduktionskoordinatorin Meg Curtis von ihrem Langzeitfreund versetzt wird, lässt sie ihren Frust in einem feurig geschriebenen Tagebuch ab. Zu einer Zeit, in der sie nicht weiß, wohin und wie sich ihr Liebesleben entwickeln wWas wäre, wenn alles, was du über deine Sexualität zu glauben wusstest, auf den Kopf gestellt wird, wenn du die Liebe deines Lebens triffst?Als Werbeproduktionskoordinatorin Meg Curtis von ihrem Langzeitfreund versetzt wird, lässt sie ihren Frust in einem feurig geschriebenen Tagebuch ab. Zu einer Zeit, in der sie nicht weiß, wohin und wie sich ihr Liebesleben entwickeln wird, trifft sie auf die Lehrerin Regina Baker, eine freigeistige, alleinerziehende Mutter, die wunderschön, verspielt, und unglaublich anziehend ist. Was als Freundschaft beginnt, entwickelt sich schnell zu mehr, als sie merken, dass sie beide Lust am Dunklen und Sinnlichen der etwas anderen Art und Weise haben. Ungeachtet ihrer bedeutend anderen Lebensstile sehnt sich jede Frau danach, der anderen nahe zu sein und die Tiefen ihrer Leidenschaft zu erforschen.Schockiert, dennoch angezogen von der Intensität der Sehnsüchte Reginas, wird Meg verunsichert. Nie zuvor war sie mit einer Frau zusammen – musste sich nie irgendwelchen Vorurteilen und Stigmata stellen, hatte immer geglaubt, dass sie Männer lieben würde. Regina, die auch zum ersten Mal sexuellen Gefallen an einer Frau findet, verspürt Freiheit von ihrem Alltagsleben, indem sie sich Meg unterwirft. Gezwungen eine Balance zwischen ihren Welten zu finden, beginnen die beiden ein aufregendes, körperlich leidenschaftliches Rollenspiel. Indem sie Reginas Wunsch nach Dominanz nachkommt, erkundet Meg ihre eigenen, tief sitzenden Sehnsüchte, die sie ihr ganzes Leben lang versteckt hatte.Erotisch, komisch und tiefromantisch ist 'Regina – mein Besitz' eine Geschichte, die dich wachhalten wird, dich in den Bann ziehen und in ein Paralleluniversum dampfender Leidenschaft und Gefahr führen wird.Dieses Buch ist für Minderjährige nicht geeignet.Die Autorin: Lorelei Elstrom ist leitende Angestellte und eine blühende Autorin aus der San Francisco Bay Area. Den Gedanken, eine Karriere als Autorin einzuschlagen hatte sie eigentlich nie, bis ihr die Idee kam, mit Hilfe eines fiktionalisierten Tagebuchs zu arbeiten, welches ihr die absolute Freiheit gibt, selbst privateste Gedanken unmittelbar niederzuschreiben.Die Übersetzer: Wiebke Wiersma studierte Deutsch und Philosophie in Kiel und arbeitet als freiberufliche Übersetzerin, Texterin und Schriftstellerin....

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Regina, mein Besitz Reviews

  • Nomv
    2019-03-11 19:32

    What's the point of a safe word when they literally gagged each other most of the time during their plays? It's okay if they trusted each other, but it made me cringe every time Meg and Regina went passed their limit but unable to scream for a safe word. That is pretty dangerous in real life, whether it will be an emotional or physical trauma. Meg used the privilege of a Domme to order Regina to dominate her, what is the point? Regina obviously doesn't like being a Domme, so she's just followed her Mistress's order. She gained little sexual gratification from it, and it ruined the whole point of their relationship in the first place. It also bugged me that only the Mistress and her slave have bed actions (They only have sex when they are in their Domme and submissive personification)Why is the usual non-Domme Meg and non-sub Regina never make love to each other!? It gave off some kind of emotional disconnected that I can't quite put my finger on it. It's like their love is merely lust. Did they ever get marry? The protagonist seemed trouble over it. She literally pacing back and forth over the idea of break-up, staying monogamous forever, or marriage. In the end, it never mentioned again.Her diary doesn't sound like a diary. It's kinda too perfect on how she delivered those dialogues. Despite these flaws, I did enjoy the book. I love to put all the negatives on my review, and keep all the positives to myself. I couldn't put the book down once I'm absorbed in it. Here's my most favorite part in the book, it's the idea that sexual preferences are not all black and white, it is complicated, and it's all over the map. When you love something, you just love it, don't bother with all those labels.

  • Poison
    2019-03-15 14:22

    Owning Regina is a lesbian love story about 2 ladies who are straight. They are both "Gay for you" in the vernacular of romance novels, and quite a bit of time was spent on the topic, so I feel its fair to mention it.Regina is an extremely submissive lady, with a young son, who falls quickly for the main character. The main character is a switch, who claims she is a top, but spends most of the book ordering her "slave" to top her, whilst claiming that isn't what she wants.The book is very preachy about what BDSM is, how to do it right, and what it isn't, and then spends every moment "scening" by using code phrases to enter and exit scenes, and changing personalities in scene, etc. I'm not into telling others not to roleplay, or not to "scene" or whatever, but if you are going to get preachy and tell me how to "do it right" you could have the courtesy of doing it right yourself.I felt very sorry for Regina. As an extremely submissive person, myself, I can only imagine the emotional trauma the "top" causes her repeatedly.Some of the scenes are not too bad, and some of the D/s was hot. Most of it was utterly ridiculous, and made me feel insulted, or sad.

  • Styxer
    2019-03-02 19:29

    Its extremely rare for me to want to write a review, but I enjoyed this book so much, I felt compelled to show my appreciation and perhaps encourage others in the BDSM scene, whether experienced or novice, to give it a try.Speaking as a Male Dominant, I found the descriptions of the D/s dynamic to be excellent and extremely accurate, at least in my personal experience.Taking up the challenge to explain what some would describe as the "dark urges" of BDSM sexuality is no small matter, but for Ms Elstrom to do so with such insight deserves more than the 5 star's permitted here.Reluctantly, in the interests of safety, I must take issue with the idea of leaving alone a submissive who is bound and helpless, especially if they are gagged. This is in my opinion and that of others very experienced in the scene, definitely a dangerous thing to do. Yes, the idea of doing it is exciting, but as with all bondage play, the safety of the submissive must be the highest priority.To end on a positive, I would urge anyone interested in experimenting with BDSM to read this book, as it gives a far better presentation of a BDSM relationship than "50 shades" ever did.

  • Michele
    2019-03-01 12:24

    Even though I read the whole thing, it was like watching a movie that just kept your interest enough, that when it was over you said...."I can't believe I watched the whole thing." .....then question, why? I'm not sure if I can express exactly how I feel about this book. There was plenty of times I thought the sex scenes were very hot...but on an emotional level....I found it disturbing. The number 1 reason for me was....they never had sex or made love unless they were playing "the game." I found that unbelievable & if it was me in that relationship, I would quickly get unattached emotionally. I just didn't connect with that part of their relationship.....maybe its my lack of not understanding the lifestyle on the level they were at....idk. They both at times were very immature for their age....which kind of ticked me off sometimes. I'm left with a lot of questions about their relationship & I'm left doubting it would ever last.

  • Clara
    2019-03-11 15:42

    A very captivating story written in 1st person....not easy but very well done here. If anyone has questions about BDSM read this! I recommend this book based on my experience & that of fellow kinksters! This story is amazingly accurate in all ways: Meg's questioning of her sexuality but not her fetishes; Meg taking for granted how her friends impact her relationship & one of best descriptions about the ups & downs of any development between humans let alone the trust inherent in a BDSM relationship. 50 shades was so pathetically unbelievable I put it down for days...convincing myself the story would develop some credibility...NOT! I struggled but got through it....I'd love to just trash it but just regret the $ I paid for the ebook.Owning Regina is worth every penny I spent! I hope to see more from Ms Elstrom. Bravo on your talent & thank you for a complete awesome story!

  • Corrie
    2019-03-21 16:27

    Turns out i've read the first half of the book before, was it part of an anthology maybe?Eh... I couldn't really get into the book. A lot of aspects of their game were not to my taste and the humiliation made me feel uncomfortable. That is not really romance material to me.

  • Tara
    2019-03-03 14:41

    I've been trying to figure out for days what to say about this one. So here goes:The good: the diary format lent itself very well to this book. I wouldn't typically go for that, but any stylistic issues, occasional typos, or weird formatting can be written off as being part of a diary. It also made Meg's voice VERY clear. Additionally, despite everything being from Meg's perspective (it being her diary), I still could clearly see what Regina was like, even if I would have liked to see more from her perspective. If it weren't for the format working so well, I'd give this book one star.The bad: it's not the bdsm aspect, because I like books with that. It's the fact that some of the bdsm play is incredibly irresponsible. Meg checks in with Regina a lot, which is good, and they have their phrases for getting in and out of play, which is also good, but there's no talk of limits and Meg jumps into some pretty heavy shit. (view spoiler)[I was completely turned off and kind of angry when I saw things like chaining Regina by the neck without talking about it, breath play, and leaving Regina alone for long periods of time--INCLUDING LEAVING THE BUILDING ONCE) (hide spoiler)]. Want to read good lesbian bdsm romance? Check out At Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon, The Night Off by Meghan O'Brien, The Collectors by Lesley Gowan, or Paisley Smith's Honkytonk Angels series.

  • D. Silver
    2019-03-25 19:25

    A fun, fast, and pleasurable read. The diary-style writing felt authentic, and the BDSM scenes were arousing. But it’s not just sexual/erotic. The author skilfully weaves in insightful details re: intimacy, the fear and hope at the beginning of relationships, and the characters’ desires for honesty and acceptance. I felt like I was given a window into Meg's and Regina's - particularly Meg’s – sexual and spiritual exploration. I would recommend the book to anyone wanting a peek at the same while also getting a good dose of arousing passion.

  • lov2laf
    2019-03-02 17:26

    Wow! Fantastic! I've never read or explored anything BDSM but I loved the writing and the characters. I don't usually like diary formats but it had such a personal feel and was so well executed it was a great way to tell the story. Owning Regina is a perfect blend of a romance and eroticism and I really appreciated that both women were healthy, strong, and very functional people that happened to be into kink. It was a fun and excellent read. Well done, Ms. Elstrom!

  • D
    2019-03-06 13:40

    This story will push your limits and encourage never ending thoughts of erotic experimentation. It made me want to do much more than kiss a girl and like it:) Take me as your submissive and thoroughly dominate me!

  • Chole
    2019-02-28 16:45

    had not really considered kink as a sexual orientation. food for thought.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-20 12:33

    Can you believe how blue the sky is today?

  • Lorelei Elstrom
    2019-03-11 17:34

    As the author of this book, I must say it was an absolute blast to write. Once the book was finished, it was really challenging to find the right category/genre for marketing because the story falls somewhere between romance and erotica. But it doesn't fit squarely into either one. The thrust of the story is the romance, but it is driven by the characters' passion for dark sex and role playing. As an example, "Regina" is a single mom and teacher. It was my goal to setup the BDSM content so that it realistically fit within real lives.In all my creative endeavors, I've aimed to show BDSM as a healthy sexual orientation, rather than a mere physical activity. From the early reviews, it seems I successfully managed to communicate this. Here two reviews that touch on the realistic integration of BDSM into the lives of regular people:REVIEW #1 - Lily ZhengWriter at The Stanford Daily Also a member of The Stanford Student Kink Club "I completed this book over the course of one morning, and I could not be more impressed with it. Ms. Elstrom takes us under the wing of Meg Curtis to depict a stunningly honest and organic relationship between two women, two uncertain people coming to terms with kink as something more nuanced and intricate than a simple set of actions. Over the course of this book, we are privy to the thoughts and feelings of Meg as she grows and changes as a woman--we see her feelings change from muddled to exuberant, and her actions change from hesitant to purposeful as she and Regina discover each other's lives, bodies, and identities.Owning Regina is not a book about fantasy kink. There is no magic telepathy between people, no porno-levels of endurance, no "perfect" interactions or scenes. Rather, this book displays kink as it is in real life: consensual, communicative, and imperfect, a dance between people.To be honest, I'm impressed at the realism portrayed in this book. The conflict feels real and pressing; the characters are deep, well-developed, and likeable, and most importantly, the writing touches me on an emotional level. I found myself feeling what the characters felt, and (though maybe this is just from too much time in the scene myself) feeling every sensation described in vivid detail. This is a diary--it's not hardcore erotica, but it's not a documentary either. It's gritty, dirty, raw, and satisfying in a way that neither of the two are on their own.The inevitable comparison will come to Fifty Shades of Grey--this is nothing like it. The portrayal of kink shown in Fifty Shades is like buying a bucket of sand and a plastic palm tree and calling it Hawaii. It's fake, fantastical, and indicative not of kink but of all the popular misconceptions surrounding it that are embedded in our mass media. The author even clarified (quite proudly, even) that she had never done any of the things she wrote about. Owning Regina, in those respects, is completely different--and that's why it's so good.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants more than a cheap thrill out of their reading, to anyone who enjoys seeing positive, realistic, and consensual depictions of kink in writing, and to anyone who wants to understand what kink is--what kink really is.Five stars for an amazing read, and hats off to Ms. Elstrom for writing such an exquisite book!"REVIEW #2 - Danielle Book Reviewer at Lesbrary.comOwning Regina:Diary of My Unexpected Passion for Another Woman by Lorelei Elstrom is a woman-loving-woman’s answer to E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. Written in diary format, Meg Curtis gives us an up close and personal taste of exploring bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism (BDSM) for the first time. Describing her intense erotic inclination towards the world of dominance and submission, we learn that for Meg, her sexuality is very complex. When realizing she has developed a sincere interest for a woman, having always been with men, she is forced to rethink her sexual orientation. Meg initially struggles with the idea she may be something other than heterosexual, often in conflict with her perception of her future self and her newfound lust. Eventually disregarding the pressure to label herself, Meg is extremely satisfied to indulge in kinky behaviors with another person.Meg Curtis, 26, meets Regina Baker, 38, at a local yoga class in San Francisco, California and instantly a connection sparks. The two women bond over Meg’s boot fetish and shortly thereafter, Regina senses there may be something worth trying with one another. Elstrom does a thorough job at introducing BDSM and establishing clear boundaries for the role-playing games shared between Meg and Regina. The women often check in with one another outside of the realm of the game to ensure they are on the same page. Adding more rules to maintain a distinction between emotions felt in real life and the harsh dialogue used in the game helps their relationship stay clear of confusion and reinforces consent.Often BDSM is perceived by society as dirty, abusive, weird, and/or perverted, with a very narrow selection of stereotypical images, such as a woman wearing a latex or leather suit whipping a man’s behind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with BDSM if all of the acts between two (or more) partners are consensual, rooted in trust, and boundaries are respected. Anyone can be attracted to S&M regardless of their experiences. Further, engaging in such behavior allows agreeing adults to explore curiosities and taboo manners in a safe environment. Generally speaking, those who are attracted to BDSM would never intentionally hurt someone outside of the game mode; only in character would they think about participating in such seemingly torturous acts.All in all, Owning Regina is a strikingly sexy book that I recommend to anyone curious about BDSM. Owning Regina can easily be devoured in one sitting —as the days in Meg’s life go on, there is an urgency for more and Elstrom does not hold back with her delivery. Having taken my first bite into a BDSM fiction featuring two female lovers has opened my mind to endless possibilities outside the lines of a vanilla romance. Aside from the swift declaration of love in a short passage of time (I often find these storylines unrealistic and stereotypical), I found Owning Regina to be a very fun read!

  • qrbooks
    2019-02-25 15:19

    3.4 starsF/F BDSM erotic romanceI have some mixed feelings about this one. I enjoy power play type stories and the lighter side of BDSM... but I think I'd personally have preferred two lesbian leads and less BDSM preachiness here. Sometimes this read like an instruction manual. And occasionally, these two were downright reckless and mean. I did find some scenes erotic... others pretty amusing, and I appreciated the character and relationship growth that (surprisingly) occurred during the course of the story.Set in San Francisco, and told in diary format, two straight women meet in yoga class and experience a deeper connection over coffee and an impulsive boot-bonding moment. They soon find they share erotic desires for "kink" and a Domme/slave dynamic ensues. We get scene after scene of these two exploring different scenarios of control, submission, limits, boundaries, rules and consequences for poor decisions. Not to mention novel locations to lodge one's ice cream scooper and unsuspecting cucumbers! BDSM 101, basically.Twenty-six yr old Meg Curtis is our narrator. She's a lovely dark red haired beauty with a successful career as a TV commercial production coordinator, but she has a stupid boyfriend who doesn't appreciate her and he never initiates anything (he sounds gay to me). And yet she puts up with him for a year and a half because she doesn't want to be alone. Around the time of their break up and her 26th birthday, she begins to focus in on her diary and she tells the story of her developing BDSM relationship with an older woman.Regina Baker is the pretty 38 yr old 5th grade teacher and vegetarian who is drawn to Meg. She's got a 9 yr old son and shares custody with her abusive ex-husband. She becomes Meg's "slave" and seems a lot more comfortable from the start with the idea of being with another woman. Meg, on the other hand, can't stop repeating she's NOT a lesbian and occasionally contemplates this idea that Regina doesn't have a dick and the idea of never having dick again (it's baffling they never once pull out a strap on for Meg). All the opening hetero stuff and homophobic denial made it a bit annoying for me and I had a hard time getting into it at first. Ack. Too much of a straight girl's story. I mean, she has fewer issues about being kinky than she has about being a lesbian. What?! But it thinned out and got more engaging and then became a thread I was interested in following. It took a while for me to like Meg but she did go through some changes. I did like Regina, though... even if she did get all scary Frankenstein a couple of times.I think the most interesting part of this struggle in being with another woman is that Meg doesn't believe her sexual orientation is lesbian or bi. She believes her sexual orientation is "kink." She claims she was born that way (kinky) and was never molested or abused. Yet she's all about focusing on CONSENT, lets a man treat her like crap for a LONG time, and junior high seems to be a key focus for flashing back and speaking about her childhood humiliations and shame (humiliation is a focus in the BDSM play here). Even Regina is recovering from an abusive relationship. These girls have issues. I can understand why she refers to herself as kinky instead of bi or gay because she was more aroused by the domination than by women. I found myself disappointed that they couldn't even have sex unless they were "playing the game" in BDSM mode. But I think this tendency to create novel new titles for one's sexual orientation (like "kink") is also a tendency of blurring distasteful labels and things we don't like to accept about ourselves.Meg claims she can't possibly be bi because she never thinks about dick (she does) and never fantasizes about them (we'll never know). She is so willing to convince the reader that there are so many shades of kink... but never once considers there may be many shades of bi. In addition to "never" thinking about dick... she never thinks of or notices other women either- not the way truly gay women would. Her only lady lust is for Slave Regina and she spends the book working up to real affection for her as they spend time together (Gay For You Only couple??). Yet everyone (including herself) is jumping to the conclusion that she's a lesbian. Why not bi? What a leap. Why is everyone here ignorant to or afraid of the bi label?? lol... kind of a rhetorical question there....What I'm getting to is that I don't believe Meg is the most reliable narrator. You can't trust everything she says. This actually made the story more interesting to me. She doesn't like to admit things about herself. Maybe she's bi. Maybe she's kink. Or maybe she's just a screwed up straight girl with unresolved issues who gives herself permission not to address that with the kink label. But she's not a lesbian, in my opinion (neither of them are). She IS a sadist. A reckless one. She spends so much of the book preaching about how to do BDSM... yet she isn't always doing it right and is making all these reckless decisions, blurring lines, breaking rules, neglecting lube, disregarding safewords (most likely for an opportunity to instruct)... and still, it doesn't do much for her BDSM cred. Really. Just put away the whiteboard and just tell me a good story (notes to the author, really).I didn't care much for the diary format. At least not the way it's formatted here. It gives the story such an amateur feel... and leaving the typos in there just adds to that (done on purpose according to the author). Meg's 26 and would be raised on computers and spell check... ya know? In the F/F BDSM stories I've read there is never a backstory that shows why the leads would need consensual abuse... since their abuse is alluded to here, I'd of loved to have seen this written from both of their point of views, or even in third person.Despite my gripes, what I liked best about this story is that it's an interesting psychology of two women with abuse issues exploring BDSM and questioning their sexuality... making mistakes, crossing lines, denying the obvious and accepting the inevitable. They can't even keep their roles straight, lol. Slave becomes master and master, slave... Domme is bossy but seldom the top... not wrong by any means because these relationships can be anything, I guess... but these two are just switchy but it seems they didn't really know themselves... until they kept experimenting. There is something very real about what is sometimes a reckless mess here.4/8/2015

  • specklefur
    2019-02-26 12:25

    I totally loved this book! I've never read a book in a form of diary or finished reading a BDSM book (started Fifty Shades of Grey, even never got to the BDSM part). To my own surprise, I loved this one. I got hooked up from the first sentence and couldn't resist starting it before finishing my summer classes or finished two other books I was reading at that time, as I planned.I loved how funny it is, and how the main character feels about everything that's happening to her, starting from being kinky (and feeling uncomfortable about her fantasies at first) and ending with being gay. "The game", as they call their Mistress vs Slave sex-game, perfectly entwines in their lives, even when it gets out of boundaries and influences their everyday life. I also enjoyed the idea of both women dominating at some point in the book and how their domination differ. Another aspect that I find especially satisfying is that they're so different. Even the age. I mean, I myself find oddly attracted to women that are 8-15 yrs older than I am and I don't think there's anything shameful in it as long as the feeling is pure. All in all, it was a great journey for me, a journey full of joy and fantasies.

  • Kent
    2019-03-21 12:31

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story! I started out by listening to the first three parts in audiabook form. I found that audiobooks aren't for me, but I was enjoying the story so much that I went and got the Kindle version as soon as I finished listening to the third part of the audiobook. I began listening when my wife and I went to bed the other night and my wife gave me some odd looks when I was chuckling as I was listening. I loved the writing style. I did catch several typos, but not so many that they detracted from the story. I liked how the "BDSM" part of this story seemed more real than in most of the BDSM stories that I have read. Bottom line; this is a wonderful love story with some nice kink and a bit of humor mixed in. I look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Kelly Lynn
    2019-03-05 13:29

    Love the diary and raw feeling to this book! This was definitely a new style of book for me and I really enjoyed it. I love the fact that it was written as a diary. It made me feel a real connection to the main character. It was almost like I was a kid and I was sneaking around reading her private diary trying not to get caught. This author has a great writing style that makes you feel that the story and character are real. The story has the tone of heartbreak, new romances, new experiences and relationships. It's a raw story, strictly to the point, oh and a lot of romance!!

  • anita mccoy
    2019-03-23 15:20

    The lease is always the bestThe lease is always the bestI found this book to be interesting from beginning to end.also I could relate to the the people in the one point the book took it truest words that was felt like something I would said. but often felt.who say love isn't love because it's the same sex.nice work

  • Gabrielle
    2019-03-14 11:36

    Ugh...just no. I really wanted to like this book; I wanted to enjoy it. Kinky lesbians? I am so down. But in the opinion of this particular kinky lesbian, it was borderline unreadable. First, the protagonist whines about being judged or fearing being judged, but entirely without any sense of self-awareness, she shames and judges everyone around her. From her parents to vanilla folks to other kinksters, no one is doing anything right but her and Regina. There’s body shaming, kink shaming (other kinksters are fake or silly), and ironically, a weird kind of homophobia. As a reader, the diary format, while moderately novel, felt like a ruse to hide a lack of writing polish. Typos, grammatical issues, syntactical errors, and the incessant meandering rambling can be excused as the informality of a journal entry. As a lesbian, the constant ‘I’m so straight; I love men; I’m not gay’ thing got old in a big hurry. Plus, the romance felt so Mary Sue. There was little depth or nuance. They meet and everything falls into place perfectly; they know each other’s moves and preference immediately; and go full-on D/s ownership after basically one encounter. And lastly, as a kinkster myself, as a domme, this portrayal is hugely problematic, even dangerous. There’s zero negotiation, zero discussion of limits or preferences, no appreciable safe word. In one early scene, the narrator ties her sub to a kitchen post BY THE NECK with a heavy chain AND THEN LEAVES THE FREAKING ROOM! I know this is fiction and acts can work in fiction that wouldn’t fly in real life, but this was so far beyond the pale. Plus, negotiation is sexy. Discussion is sexy. The build-up to a good scene is sexy. All the things that make a healthy and robust D/s relationship work are outright missing. It’s such a shame. There aren’t nearly enough lesbian kink stories out there, so I’m grateful for each one of them, but this one was, in my opinion, just plain awful.

  • Mark
    2019-03-24 16:19

    I really wrestled with two or three stars but ultimately had to give it two.The overall book was interesting enough to finish, but stylistically it didn't work well. Moreover the narrator Meg is pretty unlikable. As has been pointed out the entire book is preachy about s&m and what is real and fake. Yet the main character is extremely judgmental of a cross-dresser for example. She talks about bullwhips being a stupid depiction of pure fantasy when they can and do get used by people who live in a dynamic. Also for someone so preachy, she violates a lot of safety concerns within s&m relationships. For example there are situations where she is unable to utter a safe word and no other signal has been established. From a narrative standpoint, there is a lot of "oh my god, am I gay now?" which gets a bit tedious. I won't spoil the ending but it seemed kinda dumb to me.The actual depictions of scenes are pretty erotic and powerful but ultimately the book falls flat due to bad characters and flawed development.

  • Jamie Prawdzik
    2019-03-05 14:45

    Wow, what a poorly written book. I muat admit i couldn't finish. I am about a quarter of the way through and just cannot imagine torturing myself through the rest. The characters are so one dimensional, the fialogue between all characters is so force, contrived, scripted. Just a terrible read overall.

  • MaleReader
    2019-03-12 19:27

    Feel good BDSM lesbian storyThis read was out of the usual femdom/malsesub erotica sub genre I normally indulge in. It felt refreshing to step outside my comfort zone. I got hooked by listening to a free excerpt of the audio book found on a podcast. I was curious to find out how the story would unfold so I purchased the audio book.So this is a romance story with some hot bdsm scenes thrown in. It is a feel good story, meaning it's light, fun, perfect relationship depiction in between the two protagonists. It's consensual and respectful, almost too perfect. They communicate, understand each other and it ends well. It fills you with a general feeling of warmth.The audio performance was great. Good narrator making story becoming alive and plenty of audio effects, adding to the whole experience. It written in the form of a diary,but doesn't feel too constricted. A good and interesting. However, it will not the type of story that I will actively pursue in the future. It may be yours!

  • Lorelei Elstrom
    2019-03-01 13:42

    As the author of this book, I must say I'm super excited to see the responses from reviewers and readers. It was hard to imagine that readers would be so supportive in my attempt to take BDSM into regular, loving relationships. My characters are regular people with regular lives who happen to be kinky. The success of this book has prompted me to write even more.

  • Lorelei Elstrom
    2019-03-12 11:20

    As the author of this book, I'm very pleased with it. Writing the book allowed me to express my thoughts and explore some darker aspects of a realistic BDSM relationship.

  • Steve Going
    2019-03-03 19:46

    I want a sequelThis story is not finished. What happens when their lives intertwine? Does Tucker's dad have a meltdown? Does Meg's Mom come to understand?

  • Brett Starbringer
    2019-03-24 13:27

    I enjoyed this book very much, having read the B&D side of things from a a women's perspective. Taking the man out of the picture gives a clearer idea in my humble opinion as a guy.

  • Kriss Migliaccio
    2019-03-19 13:41


  • Nick Grayson
    2019-03-07 19:36

    Captivating in a crazed and kinky kind of way. It's thoughts on paper though not imaginative story telling even though some of the are quite spectacularly imaginative and entertaining.