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How much fight does one woman have inside?Calla Hart has never relied on anyone. The fierce West Virginian learned the hard way to be self-sufficient, that is until she is viciously attacked late one night by two thugs. Her luck turns when, still fighting for her life, she is rescued from her attackers by a preternaturally strong stranger. She is stunned to discover that SHow much fight does one woman have inside?Calla Hart has never relied on anyone. The fierce West Virginian learned the hard way to be self-sufficient, that is until she is viciously attacked late one night by two thugs. Her luck turns when, still fighting for her life, she is rescued from her attackers by a preternaturally strong stranger. She is stunned to discover that Severin Beauvais is not your typical alpha male hero. Although her pre-med student mind vehemently resists the notion, Calla must soon accept that he is a vampire, one who has stalked the historic grounds of Charleston, South Carolina, since the mid-eighteenth century. Their desire for each other is intense, yet as much as she'd like to envision happily ever after with Severin, too much stands in their way. Aside from her fragile mortality, there is Severin's extremely dominant personality coupled with his unending feud with the ancient Russian vampire Valdon, who has so far proved invincible.And Valdon has set his sights on Calla ....When it comes down to the wire, what would you sacrifice for the love of your life?...

Title : Charleston Past Midnight
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Charleston Past Midnight Reviews

  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    2019-03-16 16:33

    Calla Hart is a pretty tough girl. Calla and her brother pretty much had to take care of themselves when they were young. The kids used to tease and pick on her because she was 'poor white trash' and now she is still having a hard time of it. She is living in a bad neighborhood and working as many hours as she can. Once night leaving late she is grabbed by two men who try to kidnap her so they can have a 'good time' with her. Severin Beauvais is a vampire and has lived for several centuries. Severin happens to see Calla and the two men fighting and Severin comes to her rescue. Severin finds that he is attracted to Calla in a way he has never been before to a women. Calla is all fight still and finds out that night that Severin is a vampire. So used to leaving a hard life she doesn't think nothing of it and asked to be taken home. A week later Severin can't get her out of his mind and goes to be with her. There we find that his enemy has also spotted Calla and finds she has a skill that he wants. So it becomes a fight to save Calla...and for Severin and her to fall in love.

  • I ♥ Bookie Nookie (
    2019-03-19 18:17

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  • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    2019-02-24 17:24

    Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole's Sizzling ReviewsSizzling Pages @ Facebook Twitter:@SizzlingpagesEmail: [email protected] Edwards is by far one of my top favorite creators of perfect alpha male heroes. Every time she pens a man he’s just what I want and crave. This is the first paranormal for Ms. Edwards and it surpassed every expectation that I could have had for this sexy sizzling vampire romance. Severin and Calla had this intense and obvious attraction from the moment that they met. But this connection was something Severin encountered before Calla knew he existed. Watching from afar he notes a beautiful woman in distress, something inside of him rises up with protectiveness that he can't walk away from. This passionate hero literally swoops in to save Calla and from this point on their lives is eternally changed. This was a very suspenseful read and at times I had my kindle in a white knuckle grip. Severin totally won me over in one statement. “One last thing, Calla.Don’t ever wear that dress again unless we’re together.” Yep he was totally perfect alpha hotness and possessive in all the right ways. This wouldn't be Christine's work if we didn't have sizzling sexy times and throw in the paranormal element and it was beyond hot. But it was also passionately romantic and I loved every moment. I adored the secondary characters and loved how there were other love connections going on at the same time that Calla and Severin were falling into their passionate love affair. I hope that this is going to be a series and I’ll be one clicking immediately on every installment if it is. You can’t go wrong with Christine Edwards. When you pick up one of her stories you are immediately transported to a place where the men love hard and the women can’t help but submit in the sexiest and most passionate way to these perfect dominant heroes.

  • Margo - this job thing really screws up my ability to read/review
    2019-02-27 18:40

    Shrimp and Grits and Vampires Overall - 3.5 starsSolid vampire romance with a good heroine and plenty of old Charleston charm. Think Interview with the Vampire with Sleeping With the Enemy type undertones, but a whole lot less angst. Fantasy World - 4 starsI love Charleston, and Christine Edwards paints a lovely setting which reminds me of many enjoyable vacations there. Some suspension of disbelief is needed to believe a modern vampire mansion is built in the low country under a plantation ruin.Tingle - 5 starsScorching sex scenes including light BDSM. Christine Edwards has not lost her touch when it comes to the erotic parts!Characters - 3 starsCalla is a tough girl who fights for what she wants, and doesn't whine. You go girl! Severin is a chivalrous vampire who doesn't want Calla to lose her humanity. He doesn't quite pine for his lost humanity, but he does seem very connected to his food. Bad guy has lots of potential, but doesn't get much page time to be as evil as he wants to be. Story - 3 starsFlashbacks are well done. Story could use a bit more depth. Why does Severin value humanity so? Why did Calla fixate on being a doctor as her measure of success? Plot also includes insta-love. Summary Firstly, I have to come clean on my vampire story prejudices. I've read A LOT of paranormal vampire stories, and I'm probably become a bit jaded on the whole genre. I'm even afraid to read Ann Rice's new book for fear it will ruin my happy Lestat memories from 1991. I like to dive into my stories, and really relish the details. I also like vampires who embrace their new lives with abandon, and go for broke – sex, blood, gore, etc. “Charleston Past Midnight” is more romance and less gore. It's a story for those who prefer licking the icing out of an Oreo story, where I'm more of a Merlot and bloody filet mignon type reader. Despite my aforementioned prejudices, I enjoyed the story a lot and hope the author continues her paranormal adventures. This was a light read which left me happy and satisfied. I'm tired of my vampires suffering, being depressed, and otherwise becoming angst ridden bags of blood. “Charleston Past Midnight” is good vampire tapas, but is a little pricey at $5 for 208 pages. If you're looking for a good book that will lighten both your mood and your iron count, it's definitely recommended.For access to all links in this review, please visit http://redlightfictiondistrict.blogsp...

  • Mandie Foxylutely
    2019-03-20 13:26

    This is the first of a new paranormal series by Christine Edwards. I am a big fan of her erotic alpha romances so was interested to see if her sexy vampire Severin Beauvais would have the same impact on me. Calla Hart is a pre-med student struggling by on her meagre earnings as a waitress. One night coming home from a rare night out she is attacked by two men but is saved at the last minute by a tall and imposing man, Severin. The action he takes to get them out of the situation throws Calla’s head into a spin. Did she really just witness what happened to her, is this man really a vampire?The story then transcends of both falling deeply in lust and then love whilst at the same time fighting back the evil Valdon who has been Severin’s enemy for several centuries. Valdon finds out something about Calla and wants her as his so he can use her to his own devious demands.It is a traditional vampire story which holds close to the set parameters established of vampire folklore (not being able to go out in daylight etc) and I would have liked to have a more modern and original uptake on this. That’s not to say it is an old fashioned telling, it certainly isn’t and there is plenty of hotness and erotic interludes as we have come to love with Christine Edwards' books. It would have been interesting to have delved more into Calla’s ‘gift’ which appears she inherited from her mother. Where did this come from and is there a further connection back in her heritage? Perhaps this will be uncovered further in the series. Overall this was a quick erotic, romantic and engaging paranormal read and for someone who does not get to read much paranormal, it was a refreshing change. A solid four star read.

  • Jenn Green
    2019-03-15 15:31

    ★✩★✩ 4 Blood-thirsty, Violent, & Sexy-as-Sin Stars Check out my FULL post @ Bookworm Betties Happy Reading xo Jenn

  • ~Steph K~
    2019-03-05 11:22

    **ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review by the girls and I at **I'm not a typical "paranormal - vampire" reading typeof girl - but after reading this book, I may be changing my readingselections!  From the moment this bookstarted, it totally grabbed my attention and had me wrapped up in it.I adored Calla - she had an inner strength to face whatever wasthrown at her, and best yet, lots of spunk.  She knew exactly when to give in and letSeverin, take control - because she would definitely be benefitting from hiscontrol, and she knew from the beginning he would always keep her safe.Severin was exactly what I pictured a vampire to be.  I was glad we got his back story and how hebecame a vampire, along with the relationship that came about with Calla.  All I kept thinking is that he can"glamour" me any time!This was a great fast paced read full of action, vampire loreand lots of hot steamy moments for sure. Christine Edwards absolutely knows how to write the perfect dominant man.  If you haven't had a chance to read her otherbooks, you are missing out, and you need to immediately go and give one a try -you will not be disappointed!Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages @ Facebook Twitter:@Sizzlingpages

  • Bookworm Betties
    2019-03-04 18:13

    ★✩★✩ 4 Blood-thirsty, Violent, & Sexy-as-Sin Stars~this review may contain minor spoilers~The instant I scented the sweetness of her blood, her fate was sealed. Never in my two hundred and fifty eight years as a vampire have I tasted anything even remotely close to the irresistible perfection of her blood. When Calla is attacked late one night after work, she has no idea that the man who steps in and rescues her is about to change everything she knows. Even with the facts staring her in the face, like preternatural strength and speed, her logical pre-med mind has a hard time connecting the word vampire with the man standing before her... until he bites her. The connection they form is instant, the attraction intense, but exploring what they could have together is fraught with obstacles like say~Calla's pesky mortality. Everything gets put on the line, including their lives, when a long time enemy of Severin's sets his sights on Calla. What are they willing to risk to be together, and how can they possibly survive the Russian Vampire after them when he has proven to be nothing short of indestructible and determined as hell...“I wish you had some concept of how desperate I am to taste you, Calla. How much I crave your lush sweetness in my mouth. I've wanted it since I had you pinned beneath me in the forest that first night when I scented you. I can't wait any longer. Know this... I won't hold back, I can't be gentle, but I promise that you'll love every minute of it.”This isn't my first book by this author and so far she has yet to disappoint me. The things I looked forward to the most held true with this book as well; an intense, edge of your seat ride, tons of fantastic characters to hold your attention, and the steam factor is off-the-charts. This woman has a way with alpha males that always smacks me stupid and she writes some of the hottest sex scenes around; and that just ADDS to the already amazing journey she takes us on. There is definitely never a dull moment, the book takes off right from the word GO and doesn't let up until the very end, and we are always left salivating for more. Anytime I'm looking for an intense, sex-filled, dominating story; Christine Edwards is one of the first names that comes to mind and that is why she has cemented her spot on my One-Click-Addiction List with these men of hers. Severin, with his dirty mouth and handcuffs will hold a place in my fantasies for a long time to come.I languish in the safety of his comforting hold. For in this flawless moment in time all the exterior worries of outside threats and stress seem both trivial and meaningless. Here, together, we are powerful and untouchable. Check out my FULL post @ Bookworm Betties Happy Reading xo Jenn

  • Michelle Marie CG
    2019-03-16 10:40

    Ms. Christine Edwards has done it again. This is a hypnotic read! The words flow from the page into the air & penetrate your very being.Calla is a heroic young woman that has come from literally nothing. A traumatized past she has tried to bury deep inside her subconscious. With pre-med on her horizon, her life takes a drastic turn. When the feisty Virginian almost becomes a victim of an attack, a savior drops in (literally) to rescue her. But Severin is no knight in shining armor. He is a vampire dressed in black with the strength of 20 men! Plus he can vanish & then reappear as he pleases. He defies all her logic. But once protected in his sweet strong embrace & entranced by his eyes, her wanton lust kicks in. No matter the dangers, she wants to see him again & again & again.Severin has quite a past of his own. But much much longer. His life changed forever back in 1756. His warrior strength makes him one of the strongest vampires in the world. With experience in life & death like no one Calla has ever met before, his allure is undeniable. He knows his need for blood is one thing. But his need for her outweighs anything he's ever felt before in all his years on earth. However, in the midst of all the passion, Calla's own gift is revealed. And that gift makes her a treasure in the vampire world. But to the vengeful & territorial Valdon, she would not be his treasure. More of a prisoner for his usage. And in knowing that, Severin will fight with all his strength & his razor sharp fangs to protect Calla.Ms. Edwards provides amazing detail to the characters, forcing you to care deeply about their well being. With perfectly written flash backs taking you 18 years back for Calla & then over 250 years back for Severin. It's all done seamlessly & flawlessly. She gives the reader a feeding frenzy of heartbreaking pasts that create not only the remarkable lovers Severin & Calla, but also the others in the brood that will do all they can to protect eachother's existences.Add to all that is the devilishly delicious sex scenes the writer gifts us with, bestowing it upon the reader with great detail! Whether you are a fan of vampires or not, this story is an erotica tale with many twists & turns that will leave you panting with both sexual desire & fear! No one does it like Christine!

  • Jennifer Hines
    2019-03-06 16:40

    *I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review*I love Calla. She’s fierce, mouthy, and will sacrifice anything for the short list of people she loves. She had a rough childhood, forced to grow up entirely too fast, and because of that she’s determined to become something more than the white trash she was growing up. But sometimes fate has different plans and her future changes suddenly after meeting Severin.Severin has been a vampire a long time and yet violence is not part of him. He could have watched the scene play out in front of him, yet instead he came to Calla’s aid when she needed help against two assailants, and that one encounter started something he wouldn’t be able to stop.“Holy hell, woman, you completely shatter my control. I feel like a total animal with you. You unleash me, Calla, and the fact that you show no fear sets my blood on fire for you.” Severin wants Calla because she’s awaken something in him that he cannot ignore. Valdon wants her because she has abilities that would give him an even greater power. What neither vampire realizes is that Calla is the one who will choose. She’s the one who will make the choice to live. She’s the one who will be there to help her friend. And she’s the one who will sacrifice all for love.“Show me your skills, Calla.”“M-my skills?” Does he mean what I think he does? Oh shit, yes, I just hit the Vegas jackpot because there is nothing more on earth I want than to ride this beautiful specimen.“You heard me. I won’t let you go. Ride me hard, ma belle fleur.” Charleston Past Midnight is an erotic tale about love and sacrifice. It’s about fighting for what you want and what you believe in. There are flashbacks and I can see how they tie into the present, however there are a few too many for my taste. Besides that, the story is written well and the characters are loveable (at least the ones who are supposed to be are).My Favorite Moment: Severin’s Christmas surprise. I mean really how can that not stand out? I loved it.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-05 18:11

    Calla has had a rough life. With the loss of both parents at a young age, it was just her and her brother against the world. She has always had goals and after a lot of hard work she’s almost there. In just a few months she will start medical school and finally achieve her career aspirations. For now she continues to waitress while living in a sketchy part of town.Valdon is an alpha male and he happens to also be a vampire. He’s been around for a couple hundred years with his “new” family. Since he was turned at a young age, Valdon was unable to the human life he wanted which was to become an architect. With an eternity ahead of him, he is able to travel the world and appreciate the buildings he used dream of making.While Valdon was out to feed late one night, he comes across Calla being accosted by a couple of men. He normally would interfere or show himself to the humans other than to feed but he feels a pull to protect Calla. Saving her from the two men is simple, but protecting her from a rival vampire proves to be more difficult. Can he save her? Will he allow Calla to remain human or change her?When I saw a new Christine Edwards book was coming out, I was like “yes, done.” I didn’t even read the synopsis. So color me surprised to find out it’s of the paranormal subgenre. I will read those from time to time but in the past have found that the paranormal part doesn’t really change or add to the core of the story. This time it does. I love how she integrated the vampire storyline and makes it relevant to the entirety of the plot without coming across as hokey. And in her writing style I have come to repeatedly enjoy, the alpha male and feisty female lead do not disappoint. They have sizzling chemistry from the get go, but they also have intelligence and chivalry. This is another great book by the author and I’ll keep reading them every time.Rating: 4 StarsTo see more reviews like this, go to Smut and Bonbons.~Complimentary copy received in exchange for honest review.~

  • Philip Wardlow
    2019-03-20 16:23

    Christine Edwards , in my view, keeps getting better and better as a writer. She exploded onto the erotic writing scene just a few years ago and has never looked back. Her latest installment - Charleston Past Midnight is by far one of my favorite works I have read by her.She expertly weaves the past into the present and back again. While at the same time putting you right over the shoulder of the main characters to make you feel a part of the experience and their world whether its the erotic tensions which arise or in the mix when dangers presents its ugly head for the two main characters:Severin, a dynamic vampire, in my view, is a truer vampire than I have read as of late....Compassionate and violence intertwine within him, loving while stern and dominate, as well conflicted yet driven to defend those he holds dear no matter the cost.Calla, a smart determined, strong-willed beautiful woman trying to pave a way for her life. who challenges Severin's dominance yet still wishes to yield all her passions to him because of his very nature. She will be asked to be stronger than she may even believe she can be... will she survive it?There are a whole host of other characters friend and foe who are well fleshed out who come along for this passionate adventure giving you a since of world building and possible other stories to come perhaps...:)A great sensual paranormal erotic adventure teeming with all the bits this genre could give. I can't say this enough but this book is a must read.

  • 〤β●●kW●rm✦βetty⇨β●●k╚●ver-ಠ_ಠ
    2019-02-25 18:25

    A solid 4 stars! I don't usually read many vampire type books, but i was able toget into this book witin the first couple of paragraphs.The girl's fear is so blatant that it's practically pouring off of her. It cuts straight through the heady smell of jasmin and burn my nose with the harsh potency of smoke from a raging fire. With my usual detached interest, I watch her from my second story rooftop vantage point.Although Severin is as old as he is, he has an olde worlde kinda charm without the need for the wording of the book to become "olde worlde"Even in the haze of the dense shadows I can see her clearly. She rushes past the back entrance of the Blind Panther Pub, heading for her parked vehicle. The girl’s length of honey colored hair is streaming behind her in wild abandon. She suddenly breaks into a flat out sprint. I can hear her heart pounding in her chest now. The girl’s completely terrified. She’ll never make it. They’re too close …*Shudders* That feeling you get when reading a book or watching a movie and someone is being chased!!I know that I should feed before I see her because once she is in my sights, I will have only one thought burning in the forefront of my mind: to impale her in two crucial places … at once.Hot Hot HOT!

  • Mandy
    2019-02-25 11:27

    Review from rawbooksonline.comWhen I received the request for review of Charleston Past Midnight, I honestly didn’t even read the book info before I hit the button to respond in the affirmative. Every single book from Christine Edwards has been a fantastic read that I have enjoyed immensely. And yes, I have read everything she has published. I’m an addict for her books. Charleston Past Midnight is my first paranormal book from Edwards, but it has the Alpha male and the feisty heroine that I have come to expect from her. Throw in the vampire element and hot and rough sexy times and I call it a winner! Her characters always have the best names! I mean seriously, Severin and Calla? Awesome. And original. In this flooded market, I want the awesome and the original. Charleston Past Midnight was the right blend of romance, action, and witty banter. And the secondary characters were great additions to the story. So much so that I hope there’s gonna be more of them in future books. Whatever the case, I will be reading it. Christine Edwards does it all for me!

  • Kerry
    2019-03-03 13:25

    Anyone who reads my blog posts and checks out the reviews I do would realize that I just love Christine Edwards' books! Charleston Past Midnight was no exception. Although I haven't really been into para-normal books lately, I just had to read this one because, of course, it was written by Christine Edwards!Charleston Past Midnight has Ms. Edwards usual sexy, edgy, cold-shower inducing male lead, Severin - but with a bit less emphasis on the BDSM that we usually see in her books. Now, don't get me wrong, this doesn't detract from the story at all! Calla & Severin are just as hot as any of her other characters I have read. I also liked the fact that Severin was a tad bit vulnerable (yes, a vampire) in his feelings for Calla, again, something we don't usually see in Christine Edwards stories. This book was another fantastic read and I hope to see some more from the secondary characters in the future!

  • Alwaysreadingbooks - Reading Drinking and Relaxing
    2019-03-24 12:38

    This was a really great book that kept me entertained from the beginning until the end. I loved the characters and the chemistry that the had. It was good to read about a girl that wasn't weak and had so much to live for although she had a rough life and things never worked out for her. Calla was the character that you could relate to and Severin was the alpha male that you have no choice but to love. The sex scenes in this book was not so much over the top but they were also worth reading and holding your attention. There was the right amount of drama to keep your attention and the ending was great. I look forward to reading more from Christine Edwards and seeing what her other books are like

  • Evette
    2019-02-24 17:27

    I really enjoyed this story. Finding your one true love, overcoming incredible odds, building your own family, honor and sexy times with vampires- count me in.Severin is a funny mixture of old and new. At times his language was almost too flowery, especially compared with Case’s modern lingo. But it lends to his very romantic nature.Calla is a bada$$ in a tiny package. Cool the way she comes into her own as she is closer to Severin, still her strong nature allowing herself to be taken care of and treasured.The lore that Edwards created is intriguing. Some of the same that we have seen in other stories with exciting splashes of novel ideas such as tracing and at what point humans are turned.This is the first book in the series.

  • Sanne Heremans
    2019-03-18 17:11

    ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review ~ Sanne/Scandalous Book Blog***This was a quick, erotic, sensual, vampire romance..Calla, Severin and friends vs. Valdon, an ancient vampire with a grudge and no intention to stop to get what he wants...Calla is a girl struggling to make a living and go to college at the same time.Severin is a vampire with a huge sence of attraction to this girl.What'll happen when these two meet? Will this seemingly impossible relationship ever stand a chance? Or will Valdon put a stop to it before it even began?A nice Halloween read that is quick, hot and uncomplicated! :-)

  • ★Winter★
    2019-03-03 17:27

    This was a good story and I really liked all the characters. There was a ton of action and some extremely smoking hot scenes. This book had a touch of an historic feel to it due to the flashbacks which I really enjoyed. I’m not sure if this is a stand-alone or not but I would love to see these characters and their world in future books. *Gifted copy*

  • donna
    2019-03-05 18:22

    Love this book...perfect balance of the paranormal, romance, erotica, seriousness & humor. Another must read book written by Christine Edwards! More of a review to come!

  • Autumn
    2019-03-11 17:37

    Christine's very own brand of blood and sex - LOVE!

  • Miranda Owen
    2019-03-05 11:36

  • Rme
    2019-03-15 10:18

    What a fantastic thrill ride! Charleston Past Midnight is a vampire story, an adventure story, a mystery, and a torrid erotic romance all rolled into one! I read this right after finishing Christine's "Captured in Croatia" expecting a wild combination of adventure, dominant alpha men, and hot love scenes...only to find Christine add history, vampires, and personal honor to the themes she has already mastered in her first five novels. Calla is an amazing heroine with much toughness; not your typical shrinking violet. If you have not read any of Christine's other books, make sure you read this one; you will be left wanting more! WOW!