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Like a runaway train, Signy Shepherd has been blowing through danger signals all her life. Recruited to the Line, a shadowy underground railroad dedicated to helping women in peril, Signy has no idea that her first solo case will set her on a a collision course with a renowned photographer concealing a murderous past; a relentless tracker with an explosive secret; and herLike a runaway train, Signy Shepherd has been blowing through danger signals all her life. Recruited to the Line, a shadowy underground railroad dedicated to helping women in peril, Signy has no idea that her first solo case will set her on a a collision course with a renowned photographer concealing a murderous past; a relentless tracker with an explosive secret; and her own violent demons. Set during the height of a brutal heat wave, the pressure mounts as Signy and her young passenger race across Canada toward a sanctuary that proves to be a deadly illusion....

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Blown Red Reviews

  • Krissy
    2019-03-14 09:40

    This book was a road trip across Canada, beginning in Vancouver and ending in the Toronto area, and you can tell how much love Philpott has for her country. As a Canadian, I especially appreciated this. Signy Shepherd is a bad ass, who can handle anything thrown at her, and I loved her. Found in a dumpster on Yonge St. in Toronto at the age of two, Signy has had a life that has hardened her, but not defeated her. She is tough, sharp, witty, and the exact kind of person who is perfect for the Line. The Line is an underground 'railway' of sorts to help women and children escape bad situations. We meet Elena when Signy is assigned to drive her from Calgary to the Toronto area. Elena is in a tough spot, and one that becomes even more tough the closer they get to the safe house. I enjoyed the way the story progressed. It was fast-paced, and left me wondering what was going on and who could be trusted, even when I wasn't reading. I found myself flipping through the pages as quickly as the girls were racing across Canada. I appreciated the relationship developing between Signy and Elena, and loved both of their spirits. Life has knocked them both down, but they're both strong females. There were a few scenes that I found hard to read, but they're short scenes and did not detract from my enjoyment of the rest of the book. I expect those type of scenes in thrillers, so it wasn't that shocking. Pick this one up if you're looking for a fast-paced thriller with strong female characters. You won't be disappointed.

  • Sue
    2019-03-16 12:03

    Blown Red starts with two plots threads, both of which are equally nail-bitingly tense. The book then proceeds to ply these into a single narrative yarn that kept me awake and turning pages much too long past midnight. There was no point in trying to go to sleep till I had followed the plot through to the explosive end – I tried, but just lay there with my eyes wide open in the dark picturing the scenes I’d just read.Signy Shepherd is Canada’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – she’s relentless and damaged, her own worst enemy and a battered woman’s best friend. Signy is a devil playing on the side of the angels. This is a female protagonist we can cheer for and empathize with--one who has us holding our breath every few pages as she makes another risky decision. I look forward to meeting her again very soon between the pages of Susan Philpott's next novel. And staying up all night all over again.Susan Lynn Reynolds, Author

  • ashley | citygirlscapes
    2019-02-23 15:01

    Originally posted on citygirlscapes.comI love books that are set in Canada, or more specifically, in around Toronto where I currently live. Susan Philpott shows her Canadian pride in her debut novel Blown Red, scattering familiar landmarks surrounding my fair city throughout these pages. I immediately felt connected to the book and to the characters.Blown Red is basically a thrilling road trip across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto, with Signy Shepard escorting a young girl down “the line” to a safe house in Toronto. The line is a modern day underground railroad, transporting abused and endangered women through a line of other women until they are somewhere safe and well away from their abusers. It’s a really interesting premise and a detailed operation. Of course, along the way Signy hits some bumps and the people after the girl she is looking out for are hot on her trail.I really enjoyed the book, Signy was a deliciously complicated character, found abandoned in a dumpster when she was a child with no link to her upbringing. She is temperamental and a bit of a wild card, but she is also exactly the kind of person I would want charged with my protection if I were in this situation. She has a fierce survival instinct and a tenacious drive that is needed to do what she does.I do think there could have been a bit more depth to Signy’s story and a bit of additional detail to the circumstances that created the reason for this road trip. I felt that the underlying danger to the girl, Elena, was a little weak, but I really liked the twist that Philpott hits us with towards the end of book. She set it up right from the beginning, but made it seem like things were kind of going in another creepier direction, a nice diversion.There’s a lot of train imagery throughout the book representing the Underground Railroad. Blown Red itself is train terminology. But it all suits the book, everything flies by at a rapid pace and you’re able to just sit back and enjoy the ride. This series is definitely a train I won’t hesitate to jump on.

  • Tanya C.
    2019-03-03 13:36

    Entertaining, interesting lead character. Enjoyed the Canadian content quite a bit. Not sure I'll rush out to continue the series but I'll probably check in with Signy Shepherd again.

  • Mary Ann
    2019-03-15 15:35

    No shortage of action here as the central figure, a feisty young woman, is recruited to the Line, an Underground Railroad helping women in danger across Canada. Fast paced and well written, this thriller is a must read.

  • Wendy
    2019-02-26 15:58

    "Blown Red" by Susan Philpott which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is an exciting and gripping thriller loaded with action and mystery. It begins with Signy Shepherd's rescue of a mother and her two children and her violent confrontation with an abusive husband. Under investigation for her use of pepper spray against the sadistic man who tried to choke her Signy's recruited by the supervisor of Linden Valley's women's shelter to drive a young woman being hunted by a wealthy and demented businessman from Vancouver to Toronto. What she doesn't expect in her race across the northern countryside is to be shadowed by a tracker with an explosive secret that could change her life or to have to face an assassin who wants them dead.Susan Philpott sets the stage with an underground railroad ("the Line") that transports women in peril to safety. When Signy agrees to escort Elena Morozov to Toronto they begin a wild ride across Canada, pursued by a killer whose boss will do anything to bury the deadly secret from his past. Strands of the story not only follow Signy and Elena's relentless flight to safety, but expose shadowy secrets from their pasts that dog their trail in the form of a persistent tracker, an assassin, and a famous but demented photographer. The action never stops as suspense and intrigue mounts with every car chase and bullet fired. The plot is riveting as it twists and turns and when you think it's finished the ending explodes in a climax that has Signy confronting a sadistic rapist. Like the plot the characters are well-developed and complex especially Signy Shepherd who was found in a dumpster as a child and raised in a group home. Street smart and tough, able to protect herself under most adverse conditions, Signy tends to be impulsive, defiant and mouthy, but also sentimental and loyal. Zef, a street fighter is an irresponsible, cowardly charmer who Signy describes as " stupid, hopeless and beautiful. Although we only glimpse the personality of a young man who's angry and down- on- his- luck, he has a perverse kind of love for Signy, using her as a crutch in times of trouble. More insight into Signy and Zef's background would have helped me better understand their relationship and their actions. Of the other characters, Grace Holder is the caring, brave and dedicated shelter supervisor while Elena Morozov is a resilient girl on the run from her past. Into this mix of characters with their passion and drama add Leonard Volkov a smart Russian immigrant with a killer's instinct and Officer Richard (Dick) Dalton, a cold, vicious, and calculating cop.I thoroughly enjoyed "Blown Red" and hope to read more of Signy Shepherd's adventures in future books. I rate this novel by this up-and-coming Canadian author highly and recommend it to those who like a high energy thriller.

  • Amie's Book Reviews
    2019-03-06 17:03

    BLOWN RED by Susan PhilpottI received a paperback ARC of BLOWN RED through the Goodreads Giveaway program. The release date for this book is January 6, 2015. Signey Shepherd is a strong, but emotionally scarred woman. Her tough exterior and attitude hide her deep feelings of self-doubt. Most of the time she is even able to hide those feelings from herself.Growing up in foster care has left Signey with a desire to help others. She is living in the small Ontario town of Linden Valley and working at it's Women's Center. Elena Morozov and her parents emigrated to Canada from the Soviet Union when she was a small child. In her teen years, her parents were killed in a car accident, but despite her humble background, Elena is on the path to creating a good life for herself. She is only a few weeks away from beginning medical school in British Columbia when her whole world changes. She had somehow caught the eye of an older, rich Russian man who won't take no for an answer. He sends his bodyguard to abduct her, but fortunately for her, her landlord kills the would-be kidnapper before he completes his mission.Elena is scared and is now on the run. She ends up on "The Line." The Line is an underground railroad used mostly for victims of domestic abuse that runs the entire length of Canada. Signy is new to being a conductor on The Line. In fact, Elena's escape is her first solo mission. What the two young women don't know is that there are powerful forces at work, and these people will stop at nothing to get what they want.What follows is an intricate tale that crosses international borders and spans back to both Elena's and Signy's childhoods. The intricate story takes many twists and turns and will keep readers mesmerized. This book is packed full of action and surprises. Just when the reader thinks they have it all figured out, they realize they have only just scratched the surface. This book is 464 pages of thrills and chills. The author is able to capture the horror of being a victim of domestic violence and how it can gradually wear down even the most resilient of women. She also seems to have a keen insight into the minds of people who have lived within the foster system. Signy may be flawed, but she is a heroine that readers will find themselves rooting for as well as admiring for not only her strength and toughness, but also for her resilience and determination to help others. I highly recommend this book. I give it a 5 star rating only because 6 stars is not an option. To read more of my reviews, visit my blog at

  • Graeme Stuart Waymark
    2019-02-21 09:40

    BLOWN RED by PHILPOTT, SUSAN - published 2015.First novel, Canadian author! That was enough to attract me.This novel is a quick moving action packed drama that, like a James Patterson, or Jeffrey Archer, I would read quickly and give it 3 stars for a good read and good research; but not even stardust for the literary strength. But, happily to report, as a Canadian, I am pleased that she is not a 'quick-read' type of novelist. Susan PHILPOTT deserves much more than 'stardust' for literary strength. Let me explain - in my opinion:In this novel, the author has shown an ability to cross the line, not follow a strict formula and isn't addressing just the beach crowd. There is subtle existentialism in the novel in particularly for women who like the "Thomas the Tank Engine" metaphor, not only think they can, but also prove they can accomplish what they set out do, but also very much like a male in a comparative position, can meet or beat, using powers that many women do have! Abusing father on son, raping daughter- in- law alluded. He is introduced, as a bullying force in the station and has the power to get away with it.A lesbian relationship twists the story through unanticipated angles, and the ubiquitous evil of bad cops provides a social leverage with a supremely simple setting, made complex and unique and Canadian by the introduction of a legendary "LINE" (described as such by the author) in Canada, like the Original Cool Aid in Vancouver, moving under-aged girls away from parents and law enforcement until the girl or boy could accept back the parent, or at least get some rehabilitation.This LINE does have some factual veracity (not foot-noted in the book) in Pierre Elliot Trudeau's famous mid 1970 (if my memory serves me correct), home support program funded across the country with the euphemism: 'Canada National Youth Hostel Task Force'. There is a profound inference that a novel or biography could readily be built from the known and hastily recorded or recalled history of that little task force and the hundreds of volunteers it inspired. Yes, there may be much more to this novel than meets the eye.

  • Lori Twining
    2019-03-15 14:49

    I love reading suspense and thriller novels, so when I found out Susan Philpott would be speaking in Orillia at The Writers’ Community of Simcoe County’s meeting, I was sure to be in attendance. I wanted to hear all about the making of a great Canadian Thriller. Susan did not disappoint us. She shared many secrets with us regarding how Signy Shepherd went from having no parents, being raised in foster care to becoming a kickass female protagonist in her debut novel.Signy is complicated, as most females are; she makes quick impulsive decisions with determination and courage; risking her own life to save others in danger. Signy is recruited to be the new conductor on “The Line”, an underground railroad dedicated to helping abused woman disappear. Blown Red is the story of her first solo mission, travelling from Vancouver to Toronto, with mentions of real places and famous Canadian landmarks. Throw in a few coworkers, a love interest gone wrong, an assassin with a murderous past and a persistent tracker hiding a huge secret that could change Signy’s life as she knows it, and you’ve got yourself an interesting adventure.If you are a lover of fast page-turning novels, complete with a few car chases and flying bullets, you should read this book. I highly recommend it. I enjoyed this novel and look forward to the sequel. I also think this novel would make a great movie!

  • Vontel
    2019-03-06 14:53

    First novel/thriller by a Canadian author. Good read, with Canadian, US and Russian links and an introduction to the new protagonist, 20-something full-tilt Signy Shepherd. Found in a dumpster when she was 2-3, raised in foster homes, Signy is working in a women's shelter in Ontario. She's been given the task to drive a young woman, escaping from a Russian in Vancouver via an "underground railway for women in danger", across country from Calgary to somewhere north of Toronto, all while the Russian is working with others to track the woman and get her back. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, as this one has set the stage. The author has worked in the field of mental health support and women's shelters. I think the book has lots in it for men, as well as women, with lots of adventure and action, and interesting plot lines.

  • Maggie Gordon
    2019-02-23 16:59

    First book attempted in the new year, first book abandoned. Blown Red drew me in because it's set in Canada and deals with violence against women. Unfortunately, within the first few chapters I realised that the author loved her thesaurus a bit too much. There are too many "I'm using fancy words!" moments for a thriller, and the language felt clunky. Flipping through the book, I noted that this tread did not get better, and the plot developments didn't appeal to me much. Our main protagonist feels a bit too badass to be real, and the villains come off as caricatures (which was particularly frustrating given the very real topic). Maybe if I finished the entire thing, I would have changed my opinion, but I don't feel like sloughing through 350 pages just to see if I was wrong. Hopefully others like it more, but it's back to the library for this book for me.

  • Christina
    2019-03-15 14:57

    First off, always a delight to read a book by a female Canadian author. :)Wow! What a fantastic first novel! I truly enjoyed reading this book and absolutely fell in love with Signy Shepherd -- a solid leading lady who doesn't wilt under pressure. The story overall is very well-paced and grabs you from the first few pages. Fantastic character development. The twists and turns are well-written, surprising and realistic, which is so refreshing!I found this book because I received a giveaway copy of her second book, "Dark Territory" (here on Goodreads) and had to read, "Blown Red" first, obviously. I'm so glad I did! Onto book two!

  • Camly Nguyen
    2019-02-24 12:43

    *Received this ARC from the First-Reads Program*This book just started off way too slow for my taste.The writing lingered too much and refused to grab my interest. I honestly don't see it standing out from the millions of thriller books. It was just too plain with its one or two twists towards the end but other than that, I speed read the whole thing. I guess we can say that this book does reflect somewhat our society today with the subject about domestic violence (which is a good thing. Don't get me wrong) but other than that? Nothing special to it.

  • Jackie
    2019-03-14 08:37

    I might have given this 5 stars as a quick paced thriller and a light read, but there was one glaring fault that kept me thinking how any editor could miss it. What follows may be a spoiler so continue at your own risk. How could Signy avoid missing the BC car license plate on Tracker's car? Especially after they examined the car for damage and then even driving the car herself. Other than that a fun read.

  • Karin Montin
    2019-02-18 15:48

    I was hoping for a Jane Whitefield type of plot, but it wasn't quite that complex. The underground railroad for women in danger is remarkably simplistic. A good page turner and Canadian, too. A few faults, which I can't remember right now, but as it's a first novel, I would definitely read another one by this author. Lots of potential for a series featuring the main character and her male counterpart, conveniently raised in the U.S.

  • Dsinglet
    2019-03-09 16:36

    Interesting story by first time author. Her heroine is a young woman with a tragic past who now strives to help other women in trouble. She is fierce and fearless and goes from situation to situation using her brains and body as weapons. It is fast paced and the action continues right up to the last page.

  • Maryan
    2019-02-26 16:48

    An OK escapist read that held my attention in plot twists especially near the end as is, I expect, usual for this style of storytelling. I would have appreciated some character development in addition to the small character revelations. I liked the linkages of characters in the end and the sense of justice formal and informal.

  • Shirley Horsburgh
    2019-02-23 12:48

    I was a lucky winner of a First Reads & I really enjoyed this book. Made me ask If things in it really occured.I could identify with the places named.So nice to read a Canadian Book. Hope there is a second book coming,Susan.Keep up the good work

  • Laura
    2019-02-16 08:37

    Very entertaining, lots of action, would make a good primetime movie. Enjoyed the Canadian elements. Hated the antagonists deeply. (I know that's like, the point, but I hate them far more than intended I think. Like, I'm still mad about it.)

  • Penny
    2019-03-04 10:02

    An excellent first novel!! A Canadian author who set her story in.....Canadian cities!!!! YAY!!! And best of all, the ending did not disappoint me! Kudos Susan. I look forward to reading more by you!

  • Lynn Kearney
    2019-02-19 12:04

    Reminiscent of the Jane Whitefield books by Thomas Perry, but not as powerful or convincing.

  • Linda Cain
    2019-03-09 14:51

    Well written book. Very promising writer. Suspense and action and well developed characters.Very nice to read Canadian book too!

  • Melissa Cain
    2019-03-03 09:03

    Thanks to Goodreads First reads program for the chance to read this arc. I really enjoyed the book. The characters pulled me in and it was difficult to put down!

  • Desirey
    2019-03-13 08:49

    A great book! It had me gripped from beginning to end. I can't wait for what comes next from Susan Philpott!