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Librarian note: the newer editions with alternate covers can be found here: Jul 2016, Sep 2016, and Mar 2017.Ethan, an international steel tycoon, traumatized by sexual experiences in his youth, has never believed he would be able to love a woman—or be loved by one. Until he meets Sophia.Sophia, a wealthy Brazilian widow, fled her own country after a tragic incident. In LoLibrarian note: the newer editions with alternate covers can be found here: Jul 2016, Sep 2016, and Mar 2017.Ethan, an international steel tycoon, traumatized by sexual experiences in his youth, has never believed he would be able to love a woman—or be loved by one. Until he meets Sophia.Sophia, a wealthy Brazilian widow, fled her own country after a tragic incident. In London, with her 3 year-old daughter, she lives a lonely existence, torn between the love for a dead man, the angst of living with partial amnesia, and the fear of being discovered. But just after she begins a relationship with Ethan, she meets Alistair. Handsome and guilt-ridden, Alistair has no trouble finding women for one-night stands, who indulge him in his desire to physically punish them to abate his own tortured soul. A powerful banker from a traditional and noble Scottish family, he commands his business with a strong hand, and yet knows better than anyone that money truly cannot buy love or happiness. But it can buy distraction. After meeting Sophia, he will do anything to have her. If only once. In Europe, in the months after October 2009, their paths will cross and clash. Ethan, Sophia, and Alistair will need to overcome their pasts, fears, and pains and learn to see themselves through forgiving eyes. Or succumb to their misery. Eventually, wishes come true. So do nightmares....

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Trust Trilogy Reviews

  • Josie
    2019-03-14 15:54

    I don't know why this trilogy is not on more book lists and is not a blockbuster... It should be. It's great for book club discussions as it brings many messages and lessons in a delightful, hot, intriguing, captivating and bewitching plot.Yes! All those words, yet not enough.From the very beginning, from the first book, this trilogy pulled me in to a world of steamy sex, mystery, pain and suffering.Right from the start, I knew that the three characters were very troubled. I was spellbound and lost in Ethan's sad story and I felt deeply connected with Sophia and her inner turmoil and strongly attached to Alistair, the rugged, tortured Highlander, (view spoiler)[who lost a daughter but could not cry. (hide spoiler)] I was intrigued by their many dark secrets and when I though I had solved one of the mysteries... BOOM! Another twist made me breathless.At every page turned, I wanted to get more inside their heads: to find out what's behind the woman who's so emotionally fragile that she couldn't see her own mistakes, and hid her dark secrets with lies and a false identity.Then, there's Ethan, who is equally traumatized by what has happened in his childhood and teenage years. I just really wanted to reach out and give that poor rich guy an embrace and tell him everything was going to be okay... When Alistair was brought into the picture, I almost gagged, thinking here we were go... the same old cliché: the super dreamy, panty-dropping, unbelievably gorgeous god who is every woman's fantasy come true. But he is so much more broken than Sophia and Ethan that there was no possibility of that happening.In fact, there are no cliches in this trilogy, but a new surprise at every page. Full of literary references, I traveled around the world, rocked by classic music and rock, drunk on superb wines, champagnes and whisky; the sadness and happiness so poignant that even though the characters are surrounded by luxury, it fades away in emotions, becoming only a background set, lavishly written, by the way. Have a sharpened pencil by your side to highlight these books, a box of tissues to dry your tears (and why not: a boyfriend to ensure you're kept as satisfied as Sophia).The secondary cast is spectacular! The cute, intelligent Gabriela; the arrogant and sweet Tavish Uilleam, the generic, sensual Barbara, the friendly Leonard, and so many more: Ethan's parents, Sophia's siblings, Alistair's family... The good guys, the bad guys... They were all so wonderfully crafted that they support the leading characters without robbing the scene (apart maybe from Tavish Uilleam in the last book.)There were quite a few suspenseful, heart-pounding moments, especially in the second and third books, and there were some where I felt like my heart was going to be ripped out of my chest. I laughed; I cried a lot, but mostly I was angry. Especially, I was angry at what happened to Alistair and Ethan.I was angry that no matter how good you are, how careful or even how wealthy, bad things will still find you. I hate that there are heartless and cruel people in the world as the ones you're going to meet in the last book. It's disgusting that the butterfly effect is real and that it can cause a domino effect and ruin the lives of others.But when I got to about four-fifths of the way through, I was starting to get scared that the ending would tear me to shreds. It did... but still it was epic. I felt the characters, the books and the author growing inside me but still I can't wrap my head around how it went from THAT beginning to THAT ending. What happened, for Christ's sake?It left me thinking about life for hours after I put it down. Savor this book... Read it slow, or fast, but let the messages sink in. And then read it again.Wow!! This is it. I have nothing more to say, risking more spoilers, then except: JUST READ IT ALREADY!!!At last, I have to thank the author for letting me review her book. It was an amazing surprise and it has become one of those books I treasure, that I would just reread over and over and never tire of the story.

  • Penelope
    2019-02-24 13:41

    A round of applause for Cristiane Serruya. The best adult erotic contemporary trilogy I have ever had.Just a small warning: This has more than sex. This trilogy has a story that should be read in full to be understood. There is pain, angst, sex, love triangle, thriller, mystery, and a lot of meaning in all the scenes (even on the sex scenes). They are not just there for escapism, they are there to be understood. Each and every one.(I read it again, yes!)

  • Divya Nambiar
    2019-03-10 15:38

    It is one of those series that keeps you glued until the end and then once it gets over, you wonder where your life is finally headed to ! Book lovers would know that feeling well I suppose! :) The last page has been turned and the tear drops have been shed. I sit thinking about the joy and sorrow of the very lives led by the characters of the book. Suddenly there was a void. Sophia, Alistair, Gabriela, Nathalie, Ethan... it felt as if I was going to leave them all in the confines of the book. That's when I remembered Cristiane Serruya's words-"It was as if when I finished their stories I had set them free. They are not mine anymore, they belong to the world and I can still be with them whenever I want." Read more about the interview here- http://critiquedontcriticize.blogspot...The demons from within each one of them were finally released, but at what cost? Love, as they say it, is all-sacrificing and all-consuming. Or is it? Love can be an obsession that can endanger one's life. Heat,passion and a million other expressions and feelings are no doubt described to the finest detail in this final installation of the Trust Trilogy but what I urge you reader, is to reach to the deeper layers of it. The best part about this series is the in-depth exploration of the human psyche by the author. She has played with the thought processes of the characters very intelligently and each character is a winner here- in one or the other way.I would always remain indebted to this author for bringing to the notice of the reader, the widely debated but little answered problem of women empowerment - be it at home or at the workplace. What I found amazing is the fact that she gives startling details and shocks the reader by pinpointing issues that grapple to be heard all across the world but are silently throttled in ways we might never even notice. This is more than a tale of love, sacrifices and devils of the mind. It's a rediscovery of one's own self in ways we would never know that our minds functioned in!P.S. For a new reader of Erotica, this would be a high dose. But be bold enough to venture deeper rather than passing scornful and shocked expressions. Few descriptions make one think about the ultimate and 'does-it-really-happen-?' craziness of the human species!- Divya Nambiar (

  • Mrs.
    2019-03-04 14:37

    This is one of the best erotic contemporary and intelligent trilogies I have read so far. A MUST READHere you have the links to my reviews for the books: cannot end this review without saying that I have read a few reviewers saying book one is too long and cliff-hanging, but in my opinion, as any trilogy - especially one from a beginner author - this should be approached with book one introducing the characters, the places and the secrets, book 2 as developing it and the last book closing the story. Not as stand-alone books, although for some book 2 could be read as such.I cannot recommend these books enough, especially for those who are interested in erotic trilogies with the right opinions, full of interesting, hot, well-developed characters; steamy scenes; scrumptious dinners and exotic places all around the world to dream of.

  • John Hennessy
    2019-02-20 16:35

    TRUST is the story of Sophia, Alistair and Ethan. They are rich, beautiful and successful. But they need more than that, much more, and when their paths cross, anything can and usually does happen. But it is so much more than that. Each story raises the level of thrills and suspense in this erotic contemporary romance, but is always engaging and virtually impossible to put down.Each story stands on its own, but together, they intertwine to become an excellent trilogy.Expect twists and turns along the way. Enjoy it! I bought them in installments, but it's so good I couldn't let the bundle goes without my review! See my full reviews in A New Beginning, Betrayed and Pandora's box.

  • Hilda
    2019-03-16 10:51

    BRAVO to this amazing author!

  • Gigi Tous
    2019-03-05 13:52

    10 brilliant gold starsTrust Trilogy is an erotic adult contemporary romance... Hmmm... No. It's an intelligent, baroque thriller. No, not quite. Err... I don't know how to classify this trilogy. I don't like spoilers. The only two spoilers are hidden, and even if you read them, I won't betray your "trust", so go ahead!Expect romance, hot sex scenes, thriller, and lots of drama (and a bit of tragedy, especially on the last book). Don't go to bed with this book, because you'll be awake for a whole night. I must tell you: This doesn't happen until chapter four of A New Beginning (book one), more or less, then BAM! pace picks up and doesn't let you down until your eyelids are closing on their own. You will be kept reading, guessing, and the twists and turns and cliff-hangings will make you sit ramrod straight on the your bed until you hear the birds singing!The style:Mrs. Serruya has a superb way of writing. It's different. It's elegant. It's classic and contemporary! It's hot. (I usually laugh or cringe at sex scenes, but the author made me feel like I was a... voyeur... *blushing* or even... as if I was participating on the scene. Masterful!)She has an amazing talent with descriptions and does a great job twisting her words. She writes flawlessly and makes the readers feel as if an engaging film is passing in front of their eyes. However, it's the masterful, smart writing that sets this trilogy apart. There are so many messages between the lines that I had to read it twice. And I'll probably read it a third.The story:This is the story of three billionaire human beings - very different from whatever billionaire character you have read so far. Sophia, Ethan & Alistair have crossed paths in a not only a billionaire, but also noble Europe, in the last months of 2009 and beginning of 2010. All three have dark secrets in their pasts. All three are in desperate need of love, but they don't know it (or they don't want to acknowledge it). Who will win the prize of love? Although I'm pretty sure some readers will disagree with me, I think the three of them have! (view spoiler)[I loved how the author chose the end of one of the characters, it's not what some may call a HEA but... it's a HEA... I just can't explain how. (hide spoiler)]The books themselves:Book one is baroque, yes. Like a Harlequin Romance with steamy scenes & slow rides. The descriptions are so well done that I felt transported to their world. Details sing in all the right ways. I wouldn't and couldn't stop reading.Book two is less baroque and focus more on the present/past/present and on characters' psychologic side, deepening and peeling what has been laid for readers on book one, like rose petals rotting and falling down to show you the characters' bared souls, with steamy scenes and romance, and no slow rides. Pages fly like a autumn leaves in a whirlwind.I went into this book expecting much, yes, and - wow! I was wrong. Betrayed is even better than A New Beginning. And it is even hotter than the first one. So many revelations and so many angst and dark scenes. Through Sophia's, Alistair's and Ethan's past and dark secrets, much is revealed and explained.Book three is even more like a thrilling roller-coaster, as the readers' doubts and fears are being knotted and untied to end this trilogy in a beautiful way. If I could describe the three books put together: the book one begins the ascendence of a roller-coaster, books two & three will take you on a ride you will never forget! When it ends, you'll run to the queue again (or the first page) anticipating the thrills of the ride.The characters:Ethan was the character that surprised me the most. I honestly hated him in the first book. I pitied him in the second book, after all I was told about his past, but still he hasn’t found the way to my heart. But from this third book on, he turned out to be a great guy and I, who didn’t care for him, I fell in love with Ethan. He redeemed himself in a spectacular way and if I could, I would hold him in my arms and hug him. How Cristiane Serruya did it, I’m still wondering. That is what I call supreme talent.Alistair Oh, Alistair Connor… Alistair Connor is also a complex character, but I never found it hard to connect with him as I did with Ethan. In spite of hating him in the end of the first book, he is the perfect, sexy, tortured Highlander. At all times he was honest with the reader, but he held a lot of things back inside himself, in a control-freak way, keeping me wanting and waiting for him to show it all, until his dam broke in a heartbreaking, magnificent scene.Sophia How can you describe a perfect character with so many flaws? Sophia is one that is too good to be true - so good, you may not like her at first - but as the mask comes off, she is just like one of us, just wanting to be loved. She is the friend every one needs; the professional every woman wants to be; the mother every girl wishes she had; the woman every man desires; the human being every one wishes to be... And yet, I shook my head at Sophia in many moments and was flabbergasted at her dark secret (view spoiler)[I didn't judge her on it; not for one second, although the secret is pretty dark (hide spoiler)] and some unnecessary masks she wore.Gabriela and Tavish Uilleam. These two secondary characters are as important as the three leading ones in this book. They link the leading relationships in such amazing scenes, that without them the plot wouldn’t be the same.I could go on and on, but I would spoil the twists and turns of the story for you, so: this whole trilogy is about relationship, redemption, trust, love, good, evil, actions, consequences and life, with the hot, steamy sex scenes linking the emotions all together and not compromising the story, as they are in their right place and perfect moments, written in an erotic way to showcase the feelings, not only the sex in itself. I cannot forget to mention the therapeutic sessions. OMG! I wish I had just one psychologist as insightful as Mina or Andrew in my whole life. They are just great!The engaging and impressive carefulness of how Cristiane wrote her plot, especially some specific scenes, even the heartbreaking ones, is astounding, because it seems as real as if Ethan, Sophia and Alistair were there with all their love and drama occupying my daily life and yet, like friends, they leave the right, necessary space to let me think about mine.This whole trilogy is pure truth within a loud silence.As Dr. Volk told Alistair (in Pandora's Box):Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. Just because it is peaceful, it doesn’t mean it is still and void, as a few may think. It is insightful, powerful and full of meaning. It is when one can’t lie to oneself. You have to learn to listen to what she is not saying. Listen to her silence. And listen to yours, too.This book ruined me for all the others left to read. Easily my favorite of 2014 and all the three books of the trilogy made it to top five of all times, so I'm already mourning the loss of these characters and anxiously awaiting for more novels by Cristiane Serruya.I have to thank my friend, Alberto, for having introduced me to Goodreads and to A New Beginning (book one).Last, I have to thank the sweet author of this amazing trilogy, for letting me beta read for her Pandora's Box (book three). I feel that this trilogy have changed my life! I read the last book twice as a beta reader for the author, and another one just for myself. If not enough, I bought the whole trilogy when it came out to read it again as one of my favorite books.I’m still mesmerized by its events. It's the best trilogy I have ever had the pleasure to read.Disclaimer: Some parts of this review are copied and pasted from my reviews of:Trust: A New Beginning, Trust: Betrayed, and Trust: Pandora's Box,["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jose
    2019-03-19 13:04

    The best contemporary erotic romance I've read in a long time.

  • Laila Petersen
    2019-03-06 13:49

    Very well written with great storylines and plots. Full of expanse and hotness. Absolutely a box set worth the read.Great stories with a twists and very enjoyable reads. There are laughs, drama, revenge, passion, emotions, hot scenes, twists and lots of chemistry.I like the main characters and how they develop. Very captivating from first to last chapter. The author has delivered a box set that is worth the read!I received a copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  • Camilla
    2019-03-01 12:52

    Packed review coming soon!

  • Space Cowgirl
    2019-03-06 09:39

    All the Dominant Men🐺🍆🌋✋ARC Received for a Voluntary and Honest Review.Erotic BDSM✋✋ Romance Series With Crime ElementsSophia💃💋💔 is a professional woman, a lawyer and a lecturer at Cambridge University, who was shot🔫 and injured in an assassination attempt on her husband. She lost some of her memory. Then her dominant husband, Gabriel was killed🔫, leaving her with her young daughter, Gabriela👩.Sophia 💃💋💔moved to a very exclusive guarded and gated neighborhood in London. She's afraid for the life of her daughter. She feels like someone is still trying to get her.For some reason, Sophia💃💋 gets involved with high 🔋power executives, who by nature, are extremely dominant men. She's like a stud magnet🐺🍆🌋✋, she attracts gorgeous, wealthy men! Must be nice!Ethan🐺🍆🌋✋ is a new man in her life, he fits the profile! He's extremely possessive and obsessive👹 over her, but he doesn't want her daughter around. They get in an argument over the situation, and he ends up striking👊 her, cutting her head and giving her a black eye. So that affair is over, so she thinks.Stepping in to pick up the pieces is Alistair🐺🍆🌋✋ a Scot and CEO of a large Bank in London. He is also a Lord, heir to a Dukedom👑. He is DEFINITELY a dominant and he wants to show Sophia💃💋 the ROPES!Sophia has been 🔥burned one time too many, so she's pretty 🔫gunshy. Yet, she is drawn to the sheer masculinity that Alistair🐺🍆🌋✋ exudes. He's a known playboy, blondes are his favorite color, but the dark haired Sophia💃💋 is the one for him. He's through playing around. He's 🔥hot on her tail!👣 He wants to possess her and make her his. Now he's obsessed!YEHAW! Ride em Bareback🍆, Cowgirl!🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎Loved💘 this series! If you want to immerse yourself deep into a book that is a long and winding road, this is one for you! Lots going on here besides sexy romance💘. Recommend!

  • Ann Marie
    2019-03-08 08:49

    TrustI voluntarily read an arc of this book for a fair and honest review. I also pre ordered the book on Amazon back in November before receiving the arc. But real life and some “meh” arcs sometime get in the way of reading something you really want to read so I kept delaying this book. Now, I have the entire series of Trust and a deadline to have read and review this series. I am so glad I waited. This book is layers upon layers of everything. I like a book that doesn’t give me all the answers right away. I hate Predictable, that’s why I loved this book sooo hard. So many books are just regurgitated stories with changes only in names, age and professions. There is no “ fill in the blank” writing here. I would go so far to say this entire series is epic. Mysterious many questions. Ethan, a man who never “stumbles” when it comes to women. A man of one night stands that waited four months for his night with Sophia. The old expression “you don’t know someone until you sleep with them” can toss that out the window. Sophia loves fiercely. I think love is not a common word in Ethan’s vocabulary. There’s nothing little about this know, the stupid misunderstandings tropes that so many others use. We’re talking huge stumbling blocks. There’s first and foremost love, mystery, there is great power and there’s loss, a family who has suffered greatly and imminent danger. And just when you think “oh they’ll get past every little thing and HEA, there’s Alistair. One woman who won’t be forced into choosing. Two men who don’t know how to lose. Best thing get to read the entire series in one volume. Set aside a snowy weekend, unplug unnecessary noises and just read and enjoy. When my kindle crashed and I love every arc I reviewed there were some I just did not care about, losing this author’s work was crushing.

  • Gerry Hvozdovich
    2019-02-18 10:59

    Voluntary review of an ARC. If I could give this series more than five stars I certainly would. I really loved it. The characters, the plot, the romance--all off the chart. I read the entire series straight through which was quite an endeavor but worth every minute. I laughed with sweet precocious little Gabriella--some of the things that come out of the mouths of babes!! I cried with Sophia and Alistair--such horrific events in their lives. I commiserated with Ethan and Barbara. I agreed with the hatred of pedophiles and all their terrible crimes. Very moving and emotional. No one writes love scenes better than Cris. I just can't say enough about how wonderful I think this series is. Very long but never boring or slow. I highly highly recommend it.

  • BP34
    2019-02-17 12:34

    This was an amazing series of eight books. So many emotions and twists. No shortage of drama, suspense, passion or surprises. A love triangle featuring two of the wealthiest men in the world and a young wealthy widow with partial amnesia. Sophia's husband was kidnapped, then murdered. She fled to Britain from Brazil after her father in law tried to take her daughter away. As Sophia tried to rebuild her life, Ethan and Alistair both sought her affection. This series was so well written, the characters were well developed and the storyline was a page turner for sure. I loved this series, but don't want to be a spoiler. A great read. I read an advance copy and voluntarily chose to write a review.

  • Becca
    2019-03-14 10:36

    It was a slow start. Book one left me pondering but then bam. Hooked. An excellent ending to this series. I am so glad I volunteered to read this in exchange for honest review. From the first book to this final one, they each got better and better. More detailed, and hooking you in each time. Without giving anything away, I will state that I loved how the story ends, but it does leave room for more. One of my favourite things about this series was how the mains have such in depth conversations. Not just sexual or romantic but intelligent, soul baring conversations. They are written very well and don’t at all feel out of place.

  • Book-Lovin-Momma
    2019-03-11 16:58

    This saga takes us through Ethan, Sophia and Alistair's story. It was a bumpy road for all of them, and there was a lot of mixed emotions, misunderstandings, and secret insecurities. The pain they each endured went beyond the physical - they each had their own personal demons. I loved that Sophia was a strong character as well - she needed to be in order to deal with all the turmoil in her life. I enjoyed this series, although at times I found myself going back to re-read portions to figure out who was being referred to. Overall it was a very good story with passion and steam.

  • Azzie Parks
    2019-03-15 09:54

    Great jobThis author blew me away with words.I didn't think I was ever going to finish this book,not because it was to long,but because I had to stop and cry a lot.Cristiane Serruya you did and amazing job with this book.Your characters had me crying so hard wishing I could go in and make it right,that's when you know that the author has written something you will never forget.And FORGET I WILL Not.

  • Merry Jelks-Emmanuel
    2019-03-02 08:35

    The complete trust series is an awe inspiring, beautifully written series of stories that touch your heart emotionally by making you laugh, cry and so much more. The characters are dynamic, poignant while being believable. You can't go wrong with this series it will have you up for hours wanting to get through to the very last page.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-23 09:55

    This book will make you ugly cry and swoon with the different threads that weave so intricately together in the lives of Sophie, Alistair and Ethan. The facts and fiction give you a good insight into life's miseries but equally the wonders of love, trust, family and friends. This truly inspirational read will keep you page turning into the small hours. This book is an exceptional five star read.

  • Tammy L
    2019-03-12 12:48

    The Complete TRUST Series by Cristiane SerruyaA must read, this story pulls at the heartstrings, but is so worth the read. "I received an advanced copy of this manuscript and am voluntarily leaving an honest review."

  • Kim F
    2019-02-24 09:52

    Wow, an amazing book set. Extremely entertaining, captivating, emotional and very interesting sexy read. I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong characters. I want to read more from this author. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book set.

  • Susan Hokanson
    2019-02-18 15:37

    I had a really hard time finishing this book. It just didn't feel like a lot was happening to keep my interest. The guys were over the top possessive before any relationship had really began.

  • Aline
    2019-03-18 08:48

    I voluntarily read this ARC. It was great omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️, 5 stars are not enough. It's the story of Sophia et the men in her life Ethan, Allister. It a great suspense filled story. With great drama, betrayal, forgiveness.Friends Edward, Alice, Leonard.I loved all the family involved esp. Tavish he deserves his own book. A great epilogue et my favorite HEA.A definite recommend. Grab it now.

  • Gail A Ostrove
    2019-03-18 13:58

    Amazing and engaging from start to finishThe stories of Sophia, Alistair and Ethan kept you interested and I enjoyed how she played the characters off each other.