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A naive teenage girl in south Texas falls in love with her prison pen pal. The object of her affection--a charming, dangerously handsome young felon who romances her through his letters to her. After a love affair that defies all conventions, they marry and have a child while the father is still imprisoned. But when he escapes prison to claim his wife and child, what startA naive teenage girl in south Texas falls in love with her prison pen pal. The object of her affection--a charming, dangerously handsome young felon who romances her through his letters to her. After a love affair that defies all conventions, they marry and have a child while the father is still imprisoned. But when he escapes prison to claim his wife and child, what started as a passionate romance turns into a terrifying ordeal of obsession and desire. The young girls only hope is a fiercely dedicated public aid lawyer who is more of a mother figure than the girl has ever known, and the only one who can avert disaster for mother and child!...

Title : The Most Wanted
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The Most Wanted Reviews

  • Maryann
    2019-02-22 02:54

    Why did the author write a book about a neglected 14 year old who writes to a man in prison, falls in love with him, marries him and has his baby? As the mom of a 14 year old, I found Arley to be most unbelievable. I know all kids are different, but I just can't imagine her as a real person...And Annie? Why was she compelled to go out on a limb for Arley? I never bought it, their friendship never really developed. I was reading and all of a sudden 160 pages into the book I'm supposed to believe they've become friends when the previous 160 pages was all about each person individually with hardly any interaction between these two characters?Ugh, and all this talk about great looking men then going on to describe them (Dillon, Charley) as pale blond far as I'm concerned handsome blond is an oxymoron.SPOILER ALERT:The ending...why did Dillon take the baby outside??? It made no sense. His "involvement" with Lang did, he was a loser and would use her to find Arley, but why would he take the baby outside with fires raging and knowing Lang had a gun? I'll tell you why, because the author couldn't find another way to get rid of Dillon and make everything OK for Arley and the baby. Disappointing.

  • Billi
    2019-03-18 00:51

    I, of course, enjoy books in which I like the characters right from the start. What I really love, is an author who can take me from not really being invested in the characters and, without realizing it, I start to like them and become invested in them as the book progresses. That happened for me in this book. Initially, I didn't believe that I'd care about the two main characters, but after a few chapters that changed and continued to develop throughout the story. Arly and Anne were in places in their lives where they couldn't help but be drawn to each other. Mitchard takes us through their journey in a straightforward, appealing way.

  • Colleen Vincent
    2019-02-22 00:59

    A story of a young girl Arley whose childhood history of neglect by her mother leads her to pursue a toxic relationship with an adult prison inmate, Dillon Legrande. She gets married to him at 14 years old. Arley enlists the legal aid of Annie Singer to get her and Dillon a conjugal visit after their wedding. On their honeymoon, during which she has her first sexual experience in a prison trailer, she becomes pregnant. When Arley's mother kicks her out because of the pregnancy Annie comes to her resuce and a relationship is formed that will change both of them forever. This story shows that blood is not thicker than water and that families do not have to be based on DNA to form.

  • Naksed
    2019-02-26 02:55

    The events of The most wanted take place in a derelict small Texas town in the 1990s but some of its characters seem to be living in a bubble of their own, set hundreds of years back, what with the epistolary courtship that leads to what can only be described as an elopement between a child bride and a poetic, handsome outlaw on the run. The author cleverly juxtaposes the dream-like, sweepingly romantic, selfless and all-consuming love affair of the two young, doomed lovers, (You are the place I am always moving toward, the yellow light that spills from open doorways) with the down to earth, pragmatic, filled with selfish concerns and calculations, modern relationship between the two older characters in the book (I want to be your husband more than I don't want to be a father).The title could just as well refer to Dillon Thomas LeGrande, the charismatic 25 year old felon who breaks out of prison to reunite with his 15 year old wife, bar a killing spree or two, as it refers to Desiree, the child of that union. Her mother Arlington Mowbray LeGrande, one of the two narrators of this tale, having been saddled with an absentee father and a mother who makes Medea look like June Cleaver, wants to make sure in naming her baby that she will never feel that longing, never doubt how much she was wanted and loved despite the circumstances of her birth, so that hopefully she does not repeat the mistakes of her parents, pushed together precisely because of that lack of nurturing and love in their lives. Not only did I immensely enjoy Arley's very genuine first person narrative of a precocious, small town teenager who wants to be more than a statistic, but the book is filled with the poems written by these fictional characters, which really help illustrate and foreshadow the narrative. I thought it was so cleverly done by the author, to make the parallel to the Highwayman poem, without romanticizing the character of Dillon, in fact quite the contrary. The poem is a dream but the reality is a nightmare. I also really enjoyed the writing style of the author. Texas is "the equivalent of Jerusalem for a death row lawyer."Arley's monstrous mother "had a face like a good boot, seamed and browned and yet handsome in its way."Dillon, standing before a Texas brush fire, has his head "all ringed by orange light, as if it were sunrise-in his eyes, two little fires."This is a heartbreaking, gorgeously written novel, which only lacks the first person narrative of Dillon. I know it was obviously a conscious decision by the author to distance him from the reader and instead focus on the relationship between Arley and her mother figure, and attorney, Annie, but imho, the novel suffered from it. Still highly recommend it, with the warning that this is not a romance and there is real heartbreak in this story, with one of the characters dying (it is foreshadowed throughout the novel) and there are explicit scenes involving a minor girl and an adult so for those readers who want to steer clear of these themes, you would probably not want to read this book.

  • Charlene
    2019-03-09 02:43

    I hate when my job(s) get in the way of reading! That's the only reason it took me so long to read this book. Loved the characters, especially Arley and Anne, and I came to feel very protective of them. Would highly recommend.

  • Barbara Cadwell
    2019-02-18 02:56

    Only on page 121 after 13 years, the shiny black & gold cover and, especially, the title of Jacquelyn Mitchard’s novel still speaks to me. So to keep the love idea alive, sometimes I’ll set ‘The Most Wanted’ on my nightstand, or beside my reading chair. Distilled down to its purest essence, the following excerpt from my nonfiction book, ‘The Universal Casting’ studio exemplifies the above. No rehearsals, the story features a cast of real people running down the dream. From Casting to Theatrics midway down a dimly lit corridor, to the Gathering Hall famous for Relationship Seminars facilitated by legend Jim Morrison, the music plays on...Sudden commotion in the hallway diverts attention, and as Jim returns to the office, so does Anna, making for the darkened corridor. Stopping abruptly in the doorway, she looks, and looks, and looks again at the scary bunch of men tromping past Theatrics! Some wear loaded gun belts, some shoulder hefty burlap sacks, of money, no doubt, and spinning around, she simply blares, “Who are those people?” Jim stands back, laughing!O, he knows she’s waiting for an answer so he says, “Some of our best players.” “Best? Those guys look like outlaws!”And just as Anna turns toward the door for another look, she collides with some guy carrying a shotgun. As if nearing the hour, he stops, gives her the once over then rumbles, “Jim here?” “Yes.” “Pardon me,” he says, edging around her. In your dreams, Jim thinks, notes the funny look on her face and really wants to laugh. Instead, he greets his old friend. “Hey man, what’s up?” Langley shoulders the gun. “Been ridin’ all night in search of my dog.” “Again?”“Why not?” Absolutely speechless, Anna just stands there picking some of his gooey pine needles off of the sleeves of her hooded sweatshirt, and he’s got them stuck all over his clothes, hair, too! Backing up, half-in and half-out that door, she hears him mumbling, “So, I finally packed it in, tethered Rip, and crashed against a tree.”Suddenly aware of the way he defines himself, she only sees the rugged image. Not bad, she muses, eyes him up one side & down the other. Black leather jacket, belts, buckles, chains, filthy black T-shirt, Levis, and old riding boots. And hair! Wild hair hanging over the collar of his jacket. Why, for all she knows, he’s one of those Hell’s Angels! Sensing scrutiny, he darkens. “I’m going,” he says to Jim. “See you in a few.”“Naw, I’m going back out. Joey’s here.” “Good God! He still rounding up those kids?”“For the benefit, yeah.”Still saddened by the news, Jim asks. “How many?”"119,000, heard it on the radio.”“Good grief.” Rising, shotgun in hand, the outlaw stretches an arm toward the ceiling. If he doesn’t watch out, she shudders, he’ll bust a light bulb! And following his every move, she notes that not only are there no light bulbs, there aren’t even any light fixtures! At the door, he hesitates, takes something out of an inside pocket. It’s a yellow tennis ball. As if playing catch with himself, he tosses it straight up, and it lands smack in the palm of his empty hand. Once out of earshot, Anna turns to Jim. “Why are these guys here?”Jim dumps the ashtray, sets it on F. “Same reason you are, unfinished business.” U... Cowboy hats, boots & guns. “But I don’t rob banks, or trains!”“Who said they do?”“Well, look at them, and who was that gunslinger that just left?”“Actually,” Jim grins, “he’s a contractor, and a writer, too.” “Of what? Books on how to become a thief?”In which hour… “No.”“Well,” she counters. “One of those creepy guys was carrying a WANTED poster, with snapshots. I saw it.”Jim loves this part. “Your photo on it?”“I’m not wanted!” Startled awake, Anna Lee glances at the clock. Midnight. Snuggling back down, she grabs the dream symbol, a Jacquelyn Mitchard paperback which she’s never finished reading. In her mind’s eye she sees the shiny black cover, the title printed in gold, 'The Most Wanted.' Sensing stirrings, her dog jumps down off the bed and retrieves the castoff teddy. Jumping back up, the four-legged jars the sleeper walking down the hall with the gunslinger. And pushing through the swinging doors, Anna marvels at the grandeur of the Gathering Hall.

  • Rebecca Fernea
    2019-03-07 04:38

    I have a policy that I always finish a book no matter how bad. I think I'm a bit OCD!Thank goodness I had two nights that I couldn't sleep and was able to finish it up quickly. It was very predictable. And the thought of a 14 year old being with grown man, especially one that is a prisoner......makes me wonder about the character of this author. Will not read any more of her books. Glad this one was on the clearance rack and I only paid a few dollars for it.

  • Marian
    2019-03-08 03:01

    I've read this book several times before, and I enjoyed it just as much this time. That's how good it is. The characters are luminous, the writing is lovely, the story is captivating. And who doesn't want to read a book about a 14 year old girl who marries a guy who's twice her age...and is in prison? :) But really. It's so good.

  • Tara
    2019-03-06 02:49

    Sad but beautiful tale about love, painful to read but very rewarding.

  • Paige Flotkoetter
    2019-02-20 04:55

    Pretty interesting story, but a little hard to get into.

  • Valerie
    2019-03-12 01:39

    This book was a little too slow in moving for me. I did like how it was written in a diary style from both Arly and Annie's pic. I would have liked a little more excitement in the book though.

  • Okidoki
    2019-02-20 22:39

    Längtans makt, Utgivningsår: 1999 ISBN: 91-1-300657-6

  • Kim
    2019-03-12 22:46

    Would recommend

  • Joan Horkey
    2019-03-02 01:46

    A very moving story of a young girl who loves a man in prison.

  • Lisa Artis
    2019-03-13 00:53

    I loved the story...definitely not your usual love story but the characters had such tenacity and the main character was a writer of poetry. It was definitely good reading.

  • Sara
    2019-02-19 22:54

    I read this book as a young teenager and found it captivating. Looking back, it was actually more than a little disturbing, but still an interesting novel.

  • Rhonda Soukup
    2019-03-06 04:33

    A disturbing story about a 14 year old girl who starts writing to a 25 year old guy in prison. Simultaneously, the life of her 40 year old lawyer is covered also which is also an interesting tale.

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    2019-03-17 03:38

    4.5 STARS"Arley Mowbray is a drop-dead gorgeous 14-year-old, who, with her long, muscular frame and mature, collected manner could easily pass for 18. And pass she does. On a dare from her outspoken best friend, Elena Gutierrez, Arley writes to convict Dillon LeGrande in prison and convinces him she's a college student (though she hasn't made it out of junior high). Therein begins an ill-fated love story that myths are made of and men die for--except that's not what Dillon has in mind. Living in south Texas in a poor Tex-Mex community, Arley dreams of a less provincial life and secretly begins a love affair with Dillon via correspondence, which produces a flurry of poetry and achy-breaky love songs. Against the wishes of family and friends, Arley weds her amour, who promptly fathers her child, breaks out of prison, and mysteriously disappears. Fortunately for Arley, she has found a guardian angel in the form of Annie Singer, a straight-talking public defender from New York. Annie becomes the mother Arley never had, protecting her from Dillon and a love-starved home. Despite the strength of their bond, both underestimate Dillon's determination to get his child, no matter the cost." (From Amazon)Loved this novel! This was my second book by Mitchard and is still my favourite. I reread it a few times when I bought it. I can't say why I loved it so much but it is so well-written, an interesting and realistic story and good suspense.

  • Fiona Turnbull
    2019-02-17 23:36

    The worst book I've ever read. No story. Useless

  • Jen
    2019-02-26 03:44

    This book read very much like a YA novel...I fell in love with Arley and loved her mature-yet-still-14 view of the world and her place in it. I thought she was very well-written, and I found her very believable. She wasn't looking for love, but she stumbled upon it and was too young and un-guided to know what to do with it. Dillon and Arley were both just desperately reaching for happiness, and completely blinded to the wrongness of the whole situation.Now, Annie: I never saw her as the put-together, organized, smart woman she saw herself as. I saw her as flighty and emotional, and I *hate* books that build you up to an illicit affair you can see coming from the first meeting and just pray it won't really happen. I never root for the "we never meant for this to happen" couple. That kind of "love" can easily ruin a book for me, because now I don't respect our protagonist. I enjoyed the story, but when I find myself rolling my eyes at a 40-year old woman who has appointed herself a role model to a young mother who needs stability more than anything, it just takes me out of the moment.

  • Rosabelle Purnama
    2019-03-13 02:54

    I gave this book 3.5 stars.. it's unfortunate that Goodreads doesn't have the half star system. They probably should have for books that are in between stars. I had no expectation reading this book. I've seen The Deeper End of the Ocean and it was good, but there are mixed reviews for this title from Mitchard. I thought the story is interesting, about a 14 year old girl who fall in love with a prison inmate and ended up being married to him. It's interesting to read about the power of love and how it changes the life of the 14 year old Arlington Mowbray. The book is told in two different perspective, one is Arlington Mowbray, the 14 year old girl and Annie Singer, the 40 year old lawyer that Arlington hired to unite her and Dillon LeGrande, the prisoner. It's a different kind of romance story. The part that I didn't like was some part of the description. I thought it can be a bit too detailed. But overall I thought this is a good book, a good and moving story and I didn't regret reading this.

  • Jacki
    2019-02-26 22:33

    The thing I liked most about this book is how it was written like the narrators were looking back on that time in their lives, with some perspective now, and just telling what happened. It made it a little more suspenseful that they gave clues- just little tidbits- of what happened in the end, but nothing big, so you were left guessing.I really loved both narrators and wanted the best for them all along. It seemed to me like they really grew and learned lessons over the course of this book and I would be interested in a sequel, just to see what direction life took them.The reason for 3 stars instead of 4 is that the writing style really wasn't my favorite. It was kind of choppy and I felt like the voice of the 14 year old was not accurate or relevant. I guess it was written several years ago, but this bothered me throughout.A good read though & worth the couple of days it took me to read it.

  • Kathy
    2019-02-21 22:43

    The main characters are Arley a 14 year old girl from a very unloving home situation. She is the youngest of 3 children of a single mother who does not have the ability to show her childred any love. She provides them with everything they need physically, but not emotionally. Annie is a public defender with Women and Children First in Texas. Annie and Arley meet after Arley marries a prisoner in a Texas jail and is denied a conjugal visit after their wedding. This sounds like a weird story line, but the story works as Arley and Annie become important to each other for the things they were missing in their individual lives.I found the story very well written and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to read about the human condition. Oh, and there is a surprise at the end that I didn't see coming until the last few pages!

  • Marie
    2019-03-11 03:36

    I wasn't sure when I first started reading the first couple chapters if I was going to stick with it. It didn't grab me at first. I was expecting the pull right away just as I did with Mitchard's Cage of Stars. However, as I read deeper into the book, I enjoyed it more. I was slightly disappointed that the author didn't explore Annie more--even though that character got just as much text time as the main character Arley did. I felt that Annie could have been explored more and when she was it was the same thing over and over. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story plot- it was different and sad at the same time. I have to admit that I was not expecting Langtry's role in the book- I usually am good at picking up on foreshadowing in a book--but the author surprised me with this twist. That part of it made me like the book better.

  • Doriana Bisegna
    2019-03-16 00:34

    I remember buying this book during the Oprah Reads craze and finally decided to crack open the front cover. I was expecting a yawn fest but I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed this tale. I have a soft heart for novels that deal with young children that have no choice but to make the best of their lives while being in the care of abusive and neglectful parent(s). I loved the main character Arley for her intelligence and loving heart. This is a story of hope and how strangers can impact our lives much more than members of our own family. A light read but well constructed and well written.

  • Andrea Vrtikapa
    2019-03-10 06:01

    A naive teenage girl in south Texas falls in love with her prison pen pal. The object of her affection--a charming, dangerously handsome young felon who romances her through his letters to her. After a love affair that defies all conventions, they marry and have a child while the father is still imprisoned. But when he escapes prison to claim his wife and child, what started as a passionate romance turns into a terrifying ordeal of obsession and desire. The young girls only hope is a fiercely dedicated public aid lawyer who is more of a mother figure than the girl has ever known, and the only one who can avert disaster for mother and child!Good story, although nothing I didn't expect.

  • ♥ Marlene♥
    2019-02-27 05:03

    On Sunday, January 09, 2005 I wrote:Hi kayote. I started to feel guilty because this book is on my TBR shelf since October, so more then 3 months But I am reading it now. The first chapter did not really get my interest so every time I picked up another book but this time i decided to read a bit more, and it was worth it.I am at page 80 now and I enjoy the read so far.will update this journal while reading.take care my friend.Update January 12 2005 Finished this book yesterday.I liked it a lot but I preferred reading the chapters of Arly. I thought the chapters about Annie could have been better.But overall another good read by Mrs Mitchard.

  • Teeliles
    2019-02-27 23:44

    By far, Jacqueline Mitchard's best book -- even more so than Deep End of the Ocean, which I enjoyed very much. Without giving away any spoilers, this novel, like most of Mitchard's work, is morally ambiguous. Are you enchanted with Arley, the girl who falls in love with, wants to marry, and have conjugal relations with her prison inmate lover? Or do you identify with her lawyer, who counsels her against her wishes but represents her in court for her spousal rights anyway? Or with Dillon, the prisoner/spouse, who steals Arley's heart? Definitely chick-lit, but definitely not light beach-reading either.

  • Ramona
    2019-02-25 05:52

    One of my favorite books to pass along to friends who read. A young girl starts writing to an inmate on a dare, and finds herself pulled into a life she could have never imagined. Love and danger and questions of her purpose, send her spinning thorugh her life. The story also is told through a lawyer who is trying to help her with legal issues, but can't help but want to protect her new young client. Not perfect, by any means, but for a well written entertaining ride, you should not miss this.Suspenseful, romantic and surprising- my favorite by Mitchard, by far! I recently found out this book is not currently being printed, so if you have a copy- protect it!

  • Joy Rikli
    2019-03-06 02:42

    This is my favorite book of all time. If I were sent to a deserted island, this is what I would take! Having been in a relationship with someone seemingly opposite of myself, I identified very strongly with Arley. While society does not agree with her choices, she has remained resolute, if a bit naive. I also identified with Anne, the so-called voice of experience who ends up learning from Arley. Mitchard excels at writing strong female characters and this novel does not disappoint. I try to re-read this book once a year and each time I do, I find something new to take away.