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Having survived the wrath of the Lamb--a global earthquake in the 21st month of the Tribulation--pilot Rayford Steele and reporter Buck Williams now embark on a journey of absorbing adventure and Christian triumph. Soul Harvest is book four in the enormously popular Left Behind series (seven books are planned in all), based on those who are left behind in the Rapture. WritHaving survived the wrath of the Lamb--a global earthquake in the 21st month of the Tribulation--pilot Rayford Steele and reporter Buck Williams now embark on a journey of absorbing adventure and Christian triumph. Soul Harvest is book four in the enormously popular Left Behind series (seven books are planned in all), based on those who are left behind in the Rapture. Written with the same gripping pace of Tom Clancy and John Grisham (film rights have already been sold for the first two books), the authors take us to Iraq, America, underground shelters, and the bottom of the Tigris river as Steele and Williams search for loved ones. Meanwhile, biblical prophecies are fulfilled at every turn, including the great soul harvest. For many Christian followers, this series has become a tangible and thrilling testament to the Book of Revelations. --Gail Hudson...

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Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides Reviews

  • Amanda
    2019-03-16 06:06

    As one who always reads other reviews before reading and reviewing a book, I feel like I should respond to what some of the other reviewers have to say. First of all, some complain that the writing style is too sophomoric. Well, every writer has his voice, and how interesting would the world be if everyone wrote or spoke exactly the same way? Yes, the writing style is simple, but that just makes the book(s) easier to read. Secondly, as to the complaints that the books are sexist, that's just silly. The character Chloe is as strong a female lead as anyone can hope for.The biggest improvement in this book over the preceding books is that the writers have really developed their suspense. Without giving too much away, let me just say that in the beginning, there are two characters who are missing, and it takes the entire book to find out what has become of them. There is also question of certain characters' true loyalty, and that too is a twisting, turning, precarious adventure. I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to the rest.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-11 00:05

    This is a book I absolutly could not put down! I finished it in 2 days flat! If you love adventure,detirmination,and,are or want to become a christian,then you NEED to read this book! My life has never been the same since i've started the Left Behind books!This is, by a landslide, the best book i've ever read (and that says alot 'cause i'm a BIG reader!).I'm waiting for the next book at my libary!I CAN'T WAIT!

  • Esau Slodge
    2019-03-13 01:01

    Read this in the library so I wouldn't give the authors royalties. What a fraudulent piece of shit this series is.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-07 01:06

    Good things about this book:1. Ken Ritz2. Dr. Charles (mostly)3. Earthquakes and other cool judgementy actiony type thingsBad things about this book:1. The word "rascal" again. Why, God, why?2. Rayford still can't comprehend heathens actually caring about each other. Seriously dude, what kind of a guy where you before you converted? The fact that you were a douchey heathen doesn't make every other heathen a douche. Rayford sometimes reminds me of a robot, with the whole "what are feelings, creator?" thing he has going on.3. Of course Chloe is pregnant. Exactly 50% of the major female characters in this book are pregnant, and the only reason that Amanda and Loretta aren't is the fact that they are apparently too old to bear children. Now it is totally up any woman if she wants to have a baby, but this is absolutely the worst and stupidest time to raise a child in approximately the history of forever. Honestly, when Jesus comes back for his round of high fives with all "real" Christians, he's supposed to begin this millennium long reign on earth. Can't people just wait until then to start popping out kids?4. The pages upon pages devoted to Tsion's not at all scintillating web forum, which is apparently the hottest thing around because he is such an engaging writer. Dear Jerry Jenkins, simply saying that someone is a scintillating writer doesn't make the text that you write on their behalf scintillating. Tsion's an okay character, but his web stuff is pure drudgery.

  • Alex
    2019-02-27 00:49

    Why I hate these books, in two sentences: "Sandy Moore had been at the table with her newspaper and coffee when a huge oak tree crashed through the roof with such force that it flattened her and the heavy wood table... Had not the rest of her body been compressed to inches, she might have appeared to be dozing."Compressed to inches? ah... ah... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHATerrible, terrible writing. Terrible.

  • Victor Gentile
    2019-03-18 06:12

    Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins in their book “Soul Harvest” Book Four in the Left Behind series published by Tyndale House Publishers shows us The World Takes Sides."Soul Harvest," picks up after the wrath of the Lamb at the end of book three - a devastating earthquake that killed 25 percent of the earth's population. The Tribulation Force are dealing with the utter devastation the earthquake caused. Much of the book deals with, as the title would suggest, harvesting souls - both on a small, personal scale and large, worldwide scale - touching on the 144,000 witnesses mentioned in the Scriptures. Followers of Christ soon realize they are marked with a seal from God, allowing them to recognize one another. By the end of the book, "the world was taking sides" - between following God or Nicolae Carpathia.Dr. LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins provide a fictional background for the real events that the final book of The Bible, Revelation, speak about: the end times. The Biblical accuracy in “Soul Harvest” is flawless and the story is a page turning thriller. There are wonderful themes: salvation, faith in what you cannot see and who is in charge despite appearances to the contrary. I do not recommend starting this book late at night because it will cost you sleep as you will not want to put it down. Mr. Jenkins is an excellent writer and knows how to twist your nerve endings as he tightens the suspense. I am looking forward to book five in this series.If you would like to listen to interviews with other authors and professionals please go to where they are available On Demand.To listen to 24 hours non-stop, commercial free Christian music please visit our internet radio station www.kingdomairwaves.orgDisclosure of Material Connection: I own this book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • Jennifer Defoy
    2019-03-08 00:47

    I've read this book before but I wanted to get back into the series and I couldn't remember the whole story so I re-read it.I have to say that I was very entertained by this book. I think that this series is so well written that if you don't believe in the Rapture that you would enjoy the story line. The characters in this story are so well developed that you can't help but to form a bond with them. The book jumps around a bit, but it is not distracting and it does not deter from the story at all. In fact I think that this is a very well written book.If you have not read any of the Left Behind books I would encourage you to start at the begining. Although there is enough past written into this book that you could pick up most of what happened I would imagine that there are little things that add to the story that you would miss if you picked up in the middle. Overall I think this is a great book and a great series. I'm going to start the next book as soon as I can!

  • David
    2019-03-02 06:10

    After getting wrapped up in the characters and feeling the need to find out what happens to them was the only reason I continued to read all the books in the series. The authors definately knew how to draw someone in and keep it just entertaining enough for them not to put it down and never think of it again - barely. I read the series for it's fiction appeal, not the biblical meanings, so was a bit disappointed in the writings. If the authors had cut some of the scripture and backstory each book could have been condensed, or there could have not been 12 books, minus the three prequels that came out also. But, they sure knew how to sell books, which seems to be part of the reason there are so many.

  • Grampy
    2019-03-06 01:08

    Due to my personal belief in the Bible, I have found this entire series to be extremely entertaining and sometimes a little scary. I strongly recommend reading the series in chronological order, or there will be a lot of details that won't make sense. I realize atheists, agnostics, other religions, and even some Christian sects will scoff at the whole concept of the series, and that is their prerogative. I still think they might find the books entertaining, regardless of their theistic leaning. I definitely recommend reading these books.

  • Alexander
    2019-03-05 05:48

    This was the fourth book in the Left Behind series and it was really intense. The book built off of where the last one left off. The novel was so intense and filled with so many plot twists that it will keep you reading till the very end. ProsIntenseClift hangersMakes you want to read in one sittingNon stop actionGood writing style Plot developmentCharacter development ConsNon

  • Amy T.
    2019-03-02 01:56

    This series is stellar. Its turning into one of my favorites. I had to sit in my car to finish sequences sometimes because it was so riveting. You feel like you know the characters and my heart grew so attached to them!! Having read the previous three books in the sequence, I would have to say this book was not only the best story so far but it was the most well written of the books. There are two supporting characters that make decisions to become Christians and I LOVED both of these characters!! I was mesmerized by the many interesting interpretations of Revelation throughout the book especially the part with the Seal. That was so cool!! Every character was so real and raw and their boldness and zeal was inspiring. My one complaint was several questions that were mysterious throughout the entire book were still left unanswered at the end and it just seemed too abrupt!! I guess I will just have to read the next one! :)

  • Renee
    2019-03-02 02:45

    The events in Soul Harvest, book four in the Left Behind Series, are a continuation of the action begun at the end of Nicolae. The world is reeling after a devastating natural disaster. Buck and Rayford are searching for their wives, making new friends along the way, and leading folks to the Savior as the opportunities arise. Important lives are lost. But eventually those of the Tribulation Force who are left gather for encouragement and to make a new plan. Then they’re off again to various corners of the globe, which allows us a bird’s eye view of the world-wide Tribulation. However, one believable constant in every story is how—no matter what dangers they face from the chaos around them—the believing characters show concern for individual lives.There are several interesting developments in this installment, which I attribute to the imaginations of the authors, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. I enjoyed what they envisioned as far as how technology will be used to spread the message of the Antichrist and keep tabs on all the peoples of earth. This was especially impressive when I re-read because this book was originally written eleven years ago. (Actually, maybe I should be nervous at how technology has developed in that short amount of time.)And I loved the method devised for Christians to identify each other. Many Bible scholars believe the judgments which are poured out from Heaven during the Tribulation will not harm the saints. So the authors came up with a special mark that appears on the forehead of every true believer. Miraculously, only other believers can see the mark. This enables the Tribulation Force to determine whom to trust and to mix in with the global community when necessary. This book also highlights the effect on the culture after the Holy Spirit is taken out of the world. During the story, one of the great accomplishments of the world leader is reestablishing television signals. Once TV is returned to the masses, the content worsens to incorporate every sin and perversion imaginable. All moral restraints have been removed. It’s a great illustration of how the presence and prayers of Christians influence everything around us to some degree. Sadly, when that influence is gone, unrighteousness rules.I reviewed this book as part of the Tyndale Summer Reading Program.

  • CJ Scurria
    2019-02-20 04:01

    The world has been torn apart by an earthquake its scale previously unprecedented. People everywhere are left grieving and picking up the pieces especially Rayford who is torn between how to trust a loved one's motives just months before. Buck Williams is desperately searching for Chloe who was left in a building and might be underneath the rubble. What must the Tribulation Force do since this has been their biggest challenge yet and could the enemy somehow be one step ahead...?This was a great entry in the book series. While not perfect (especially by how it ties itself up in a surprisingly vague finale) it still holds strong as one of the best ones. I like how the destruction and having characters pick up literal and figurative pieces seem to give it an interesting theme or allegory.This one is great and will leave the reader shocked at the opening chapters to find out who has lived in the "wrath of the Lamb" quake and who has perished in its wake.And it contains a very intriguing and clever plot point involving Rayford's plight to find his wife.((((SPOILER)))) He is left wondering if he should hope she is alive as it would mean she is a mole and a secret enemy to the Tribulation Force or be just one of them and have perished in a plane crash which is where she was supposed to have been.This book is great. While not as well-crafted as Left Behind to Nicolae it is a definite runner-up to the first three. I hope people will forgive its ending though (aforementioned) as it is the weakest part of the book. Why describe such world changing events but sum them up quickly in only a few scant pages? I don't know but at least it is not as weak as the following book called Apollyon.

  • Naomi Bowen
    2019-02-20 22:53

    Soul Harvest is the fourth book in the Left Behind series and it has to be one of my favourite so far. Picking up where the last book left off,we find two of the main characters desperately searching for loved ones in the aftermath of a devastating world wide earthquake. You can feel the stakes have been raised. No one is necessarily safe. You have daring rescues, more people coming to Christ, astonishing plot twists and breathtaking images lifted from the pages of Revelation. A great read. (Only knocked a star off for some slow writing and boring parts).'...God is faithful. He keeps His promises. While our ways are not his ways and we can never understand Him this side of Heaven, Rayford was assured again that he was on the side of the army that had already won this war.'

  • Jessie
    2019-03-10 23:03

    This novel, like the two before it, dragged in some places. At the end, it sped up very quickly. It was like the authors were rushing to get to the end. It was mostly about Buck and Rayford trying to find their loved ones. Rayford discovered some disconcerting things about Amanda that he refuses to believe until he finds proof one way or the other. After a massive earthquake tore apart the land and killed many people, Chloe is left with broken bones and wounds on one side of her body. During his search to find her, Buck discovers from a doctor Chloe is pregnant. Hattie changed her appearance and continues to hide from Carpathia. She is also unwilling to accept Jesus and God into her life because of terrible things she's done, one of which is poisoning Bruce Barnes, which led to his death. The book was a build-up to the next one in the series and I'll be starting it this evening.

  • Melissa
    2019-03-09 05:11

    This book was ok, not great but not bad just very in between. There was what should have been more action/suspenseful moments but the writing just didn't leave me feeling like I was reading something dramatic so it was a bit of a let down. You did see more of some of the interesting characters, like Ritz, from the other books which I enjoyed. The writing and some of the way things happen in this book seem off to me. There was a world wide earthquake which leaves 1/4 of the population dead but within a day you have cell service? In the middle of a shoot out, running for there lives they are going to take cell phone call?The scriptures that it quotes are interesting and thought provoking which I think is the authors goal so that was done well.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-03-05 23:56

    In this installment of the series a mark appears on the foreheads of believers which only other believers can see. Again I don't know if this is actually the way God will work out this prophecy (I'm a Christian and have no problem with accepting the truth of the book of Revelation). The books attempt to give a literal interpritation of the Book. It's (their) only real failure as far as I'm concerned is that the writing itself isn't all that great.Again, While I may not agree with the theology in this book that is not a problem for me. The writers are sincere and that's great. i just think they went a little far by the end in story, and didn't do a very good job in the writing.

  • Kevin
    2019-03-18 04:55

    I personally liked this book. I loved the drama and suspense in this one. Is Amanda really a plant by Nicolae? I'd like to think not. Buck and Rayford are still my two favorite characters, albeit they are the 2 main characters. I also liked the addition of Mac into the cast, especially because Rayford really needs a friend. I especially loved the scene between Rayford and Mac when Ray discovers Amanda's body. It was realistic, moving, and touching. My issue with this book is the ending part where the writers just breeze through so many events that are actually quite important in the story.

  • Tyler Sellers
    2019-02-19 00:08

    This book has been a great read. I love that for over half the book both Rayford and Buck are looking for there loved ones. The devastation of the earth quake and the prophecies that unfold in front of the readers eyes brings an excitement and suspense to the story and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. I love this book and how the accuracy of the biblical prophecies gives you a look on how the end times might actually happen. This is a great book and I highly recommend it.

  • Reyna
    2019-03-17 01:45

    Oh man-it left me on a cliffhanger. Thank God I already have the next book on my shelf. I wouldn't want to wait to go buy it or check it out! It was the best of all the past ones. Rayford is left wondering the truth about Amanda, and more seals and judgements are coming true. Hattie has secrets that she told the rest of the Tribulation Force but Rayford has not heard. He thinks it's about Amanda, and he doesn't want to believe that she might not be who he thought she was. This book is great. Can't wait to read the next one! READ IT!

  • Stephanie F.
    2019-02-18 23:57

    This is the fourth installment in the "Left Behind" Christian book series. I find these books to be quick & enjoyable reads. These novels are something that I find a person reads entirely for plot or because it falls in line with their belief system. The writing style is not outstanding or very advanced. However, I do enjoy reading these novels. The action is exciting and I grow attached to the characters and want to find out what will happen next.

  • Sandy (WI girl at heart)
    2019-03-04 01:47

    Finished this book but forgot to do a review on it. I loved the book enough to give it 4.5 stars. It was a great stepping stone in this very interesting series.This book had it "oh yeah" moments but could have gone a bit further in explaining a few details which would have filled out the main theme. It is the good VS evil being stomped into your brain, very effective indeed. Would I read it again: yes. Would I recommend it to others: yes.

  • Oceana
    2019-02-27 04:13

    My favourite one so far! So much action for the Tribulation Force. Some sad goodbyes too but so compelling! I'm hooked. I definitely want to see how the TF's get to the end!

  • Adrienna
    2019-03-03 04:48

    I couldn't get into this book for some reason. unrealistic in the beginning too.

  • Pamela Hatch
    2019-03-19 03:43

    Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides (Left Behind #4) / by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins -- Wheaton, IL : Tyndale House Publishers, c1998. (426 pages) -- RANGE 9 -- Adult Books for Young AdultsSUMMARY: Rayford Steele and Buck Williams have survived the wrath of the Lamb, a global earthquake in the twenty-first month of the Tribulation. As the world hurtles toward the Trumpet Judgments and the great soul harvest prophesied in Scripture, Rayford and Buck begin searching for their loved ones from different corners of the world. (back cover)REVIEW: Another one I can't put down....must read the titles in order....but I can't read them fast enough. -- The wrath of the Lamb hits in a global earthquake that can't be ignored and many become believers. The world gets darker as surviving becomes harder. Many believers were lost including one major character and a few minor characters...but God's cause is still the forefront of the Tribulation Force and they continue on with new members and help from new brothers and sisters in Christ.The story gets darker and darker and it was nice to have a little comic relief with Ken Ritz -- especially with loved ones missing or dead and not knowing their fate. I was almost on the floor rolling with laughter with Ken's interaction with the rental car agent on page 226.NOTE: I would suggest that you have titles available before you start to read so it doesn't slow you down...finish one, pick up another. Can't imagine what it was like when they were first published awaiting the next one to be released before continuing the story (looks like there was one per year?)

  • Denise
    2019-03-06 22:57

    After reading other reviews all I can say is this book is what it is. I'm not sure why people are so hard on the writing, perhaps it is not the very best you have ever read but it sure isn't the worst I am sure. I read these, as most books for the message/story not to grade the author in the sense I see here. I simply take the stand I am not perfect and there by the grace of God go I .... perhaps I in part tke that thought from these books. When the end of time hits, many people are left to find their way in the 'new world'. Book four in the Left Behind series, shows the trials of those behind and how the world is now building back up. Where should you find yourself in an event such as this... I believe is the idea behind these stories. This time around I did find myself with more thought in the book, wondering what would happen and what people would find out about other people they had lost but hoped to find. One of the huge mysteries in the book was the trust of the people close to you, never an easy idea that they might not truly be on your side. I will keep going in this series, not reading them all at once, but slowly moving forward just to see where they take me.

  • Jennifer Sartell
    2019-02-19 00:59

    I feel like this was the worst book of the series so far. 9/10ths of the book contains overly descriptive nothingness about them traveling around in planes...looking for Chloe etc.. Then in the last 2 chapters or so the most exciting part of the book is crammed together. They literally cover the four trumpets in four paragraphs. Each miraculous devastation gets a measly paragraph... Finally finding Amanda after an entire book's worth of gathering scuba equipment also gets crammed into this last section. I really feel like the four trumpets could have been an awesome part of the book. Hail storms, raining could have been great! I keep reading because the subject matter is really interesting but the writing is terrible. I want to know how it all ends, but I'm not sure I can make it through another book. There's too much writing devoted to making cell phone calls, driving, getting computers to work, and not enough about the really exciting the miracles!!!

  • Dylan
    2019-02-27 02:44

    I thought the book pretty good. There were several parts where the story dragged on for a long time and took a little while to get to the point, such as the entire beginning when the two main characters, Rayford and Buck, are looking for their wives, and do so for about 200 pages. During that time, Buck and his friend, Tsion, travel from place to place, looking through the rubble of the Earthquake. Rayford is in the middle east, working for Nicolae Carpathia. He and his co-worker, Mac McCullum, look through the desert and try to find Rayford’s wife. This part of the book was rather long and not very interesting. The book wasn’t completely dull though. Towards the end of the book, the first, second, and the third of the seven trumpet judgments prophesied in the Bible happen. These scenes were more interesting because they were suspenseful and you didn’t know what was going to happen. But overall, I think the book could’ve been a little better. If your into the tribulation and the end times, the you might enjoy this book. But if your not really into that kind of stuff, you might not like the book as much. If you don’t really know much about the end times, or the Bible in general, the book might get a little confusing, but it you could probably still be able to follow a long.

  • Kim Justice
    2019-02-22 06:47

    Starting this review is well, easy to say the least. I started reading the first book in this wonderful series just as soon as I heard about them. Being from a christian home life growing up and as well as my husband and family this was a no brainier. I am going to do one review including the whole series. From the first page of the first book to the last page in the last book, I was not able to put these books down. I grew hunger so to speak for each page. I have always had a great belief in the Bible and in my Faith. This series, although some would call fictional, I believe are very close to what will: To read more of my review: https://breathoflifebookreviews.blogs...

  • Geoff Battle
    2019-02-24 06:09

    The Soul Harvest continues to follow members of the Tribulation Force as they prepare for the End of Days. With a tighter focus on just a few of the members this entry is less sprawling than previous entries, delivering a story with less redundancy and repetition. That said, not much really happens for the first three quarters of the book, fortunately the final quarter contains some great action scenes, whlist remaining true to the characters involved. Although Soul Harvest is tepid in terms of shock and awe there is enough to keep readers interested and up for the next instalment.