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There's this boy. He kinda owns my heart.Who am I kidding?He owns all of me--but he's completely oblivious to it.And I can't tell him.Because there's this girl.And even though he's my best friend, she is too.Then there's me...CAUGHT between what feels so right, yet is so wrong....

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Caught Reviews

  • C-Money
    2019-03-10 14:32

    I just finished a book. A book that had me so tightly wrapped up in it that I almost go hit by a car while walking to work. NO LIE. Seriously. A car honked at me and was like MOVE BITCH GET OUT THE WAY. I flipped them off. How dare they. See this book. See that cover. You bitches better remember it, because this book. This book is going to be the book of the Spring. Refreshing. That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Caught. It is laugh out loud funny. I mean, the shit these people say, I legit pissed my pants. I can't even express the level of clever that this book is. Sometimes when a book is co-written the flow isn't there. BUT, HOLY SHIT. This book flowed and it was perfect. I loved the character development, I love that they shocked the shit out of me and I loved that they wrote this book so fucking much.This might be my favorite cover ever. It's it just adorable. It is perfect for this story. I want to shout from the roof tops, READ THIS BOOK. STALK THE RELEASE DATE. YOU HAVE TO CONSUME THIS BOOK. I have claimed QUINN as my BFF. You can't have her. SHE IS MINE#teamKRAKENhasbeenunleashed

  • Jodi Bibliophile
    2019-03-02 13:48

    Ahhhhh!!!! OMG THIS BOOK!!!!HOLY FUCKING 'TWATWAFFLE' I BLOODY LOVED IT!Quinn is without a doubt my new BFF and my fucking IDOL! Her made up words made me fucking crack up! I just adore her so hard!Quinn, not gonna lie mate I would so fuck your face! I have a massive 'Heart On' for YOU!I had THE BEST time reading this book! It was so much fun and I would read it all over again.The fucking HUMOUR is right up my street and I'm so using the words that I've learnt along the way....I want to be QUINN!It IS a love - triangle BUT not really what you think! Yes it's not right but once you read it you will understand! Before I go, just three words....The Shower Scene.....HOLY FUCK and WTF!!!LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!

  • Helen
    2019-03-08 11:37

    SPOILERS! Awful. I'm sorry, but taking your best friend's virginity, next to your "sleeping"'s not ok. Don't try to victimize someone who does this. I don't care if Finley was a bitch. Quinn comes out like the innocent one at the end.....I don't think so. And Chace....I can't even...! He's an asshole. First, he's all like: my girlfriend is so hot, and she's the best and blah blah blah....and then, after banging Quinn, he gets all: Finley is bitch, I wonder what I ever saw in her.I don't buy the whole happy ending for Quinn and Chace....who says Chace is not going to do to Quinn, the same thing he did to Finley? ....and don't get me the whole best friends forever bullshit....just because they kept repeating it over and over again, doesn't mean I believe it. I hate when the story tries to tell me how I should feel. The characters actions should tell me that. And in this case what their actions told me was: what a bunch of selfish, backstabbing people those three were.

  • Jan
    2019-02-21 15:18

    *****5 Stars*****Normally, after finishing a book, I need a moment.My moments can differ regarding the book I just finished.It can be a break, some Ben & Jerry or at worst some alcohol.Well, I want to share a first today. None of those will do this time.What I need is a bottle of Gaviscon, to settle my poor stomach. This book has eaten me inside. From the beginning to the end and I have this massive knot on my tommy.It was so wrong So, sooo wrong How the hell it felt so good? I Loved it!

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    2019-03-03 09:32

    Wow, I'm really surprised at how much I liked it. Loved it even. Why surprised? Well, there's a love triangle, which I usually hate, however in this book it actually worked. I love the characters, Chace, Quinn and Greg. They were AMAZING! I didn't like Finley that much.. And omg, the end! I cried! I felt like my heart was being ripped out.. How could you do this to us, Erika? It was horrible and I just want to lay in bed and sob. Please, pretty please write more about Chace and Quinn :)

  • Melissa (Ever So Mela)
    2019-03-03 14:47

    I'm not sure what I think.... That was me almost a month ago. And today? I can barely remember anything that really stood out about this book. I had to sit and basically dig through my thoughts to see why this wasn't a winner. Maybe I shouldn't wait so long to review books. So basically this really had that "frenemies" theme going on...It jumped out of the pages and for some reason the hypocrisy of it all really drove a stake through any feeling I could have had toward the MC. They were two faced inconsiderate haters underneath it all. Finley, the best friend:Quinn, the jaded MC:She was made out to be the victim but then she would go and say crap like this :“Guess we aren’t on speaking terms. Maybe I should have slept with her boyfriend a long time ago.” As much as the author wanted to make us feel for the MC by depicting Finley as a self centered ass, it wasn't working. And finally, I saved the best for last...Chace, the douche:I'm sure the message got across but just in case it didn't...I hate you, ChaceAnd if the lame characters weren't enough of a buzz kill, the plot, the dialogue, and really just the whole story wouldn have been.

  • Ashleyjo
    2019-02-19 15:29

    With friendships like these, there's no villain needed in this book. You want a book with everything that is wrong with humanity, everything that's the opposite of loyalty and love, every element of the "bad" romance novels and none of the good, then this is your book.There are lies, betrayal, stupidity, and selfishness whitewashed as love. I hated the characters... Hated the story! Zero stars. Book dynamics: Baseball hottie, Chase, is BFF with the snarky, tomboy chick, Quinn, who is secretly in love with him. Enter a beautiful snooty rich girl, Finn. High school is Finn with Chase, and Quinn playing BFF third wheel to both. She lies about where she's headed to college in hope to escape her unrequited love for Chase and playing BFF to a girl she clearly doesn't even really like. Obviously, the story would end here if somehowthey don't all end up at the same college. Ehhh! Stop Reading If You Don't Want Spoilers Because There Is No Way To Tell You How BAD This Shit Gets Otherwise One drunken night before these three think they are about to head separate ways to college, all three end up in a shower naked with a overly drunken Finn urging a threesome. Finn puts the offer out, goes to bed to wait, and passes out. Quinn and Chase proceed anyway and he takes his best friend's virginity beside his f'ing passed out girlfriend. ^ this is one of those ekkk moments where you hate everyone - him for being a pig, Finn for making the offer to her BF and their mutual BFF, and Quinn for being okay with being used. Since Finn was passed out, Quinn and Chase decide to keep her in the dark about having sex after she passed out. They're supposed to all head out in different directions anyway, so wgaf. Of course, all three wind up in Boston by a 'twist of baseball scholarship fate.' Then, the twists of fate just keep coming, throwing Chase and Quinn together.., same class, project partners, death, etc. What follows is a Mf shitload of inner monologues about "he loves me, he loves me not" and "I have a girlfriend and she's my best friend that I can't keep my dick out of." I truly lost a few brain cells reading this mf'ing shit. He is an asshat only concerned with whatever he needs, whether that be space, pretending his bf is just his bf, or pretending his bf is there for him to f with when it suits his mood. Quinn went from innocent in that Finn is the one that stupidly offered her boyfriend to her -to- a liar that was f'ing her friend's boyfriend behind Finn's back. She played the push and pull game right with Chase instead of just telling him how she felt & letting the chips fall to friendship, love, or dissolving both. She was a coward. She allowed herself to be used. She had no self respect or worth. She betrayed the trust of a friend, albeit a stupid, slightly bitchy one. She even tried to screw the only other male friend she had and f up that relationship. So, yeah, I had zero empathy for her and her supposed love & absolutely no respect for her. When Chase finally chooses Quinn, and yes, Chase and his ego actually tell Quinn he "chooses" her {gag}, the author shows she's just a big of an f'ing coward as her characters because there's zero dialogue between Chase and Finn for the breakup. Nope, he chases after Finn and we learn the outcome when he goes to Quinn to tell her he chooses Quinn. Finn shows up at the same time asking to speak with Chase alone and he just blows her off like she's just a piece of bubblegum he's been chewing on for the last TEN YEARS! My gawd, she's a slightly bitchy character, but who the fuck would want anyone that cruel and self centered who'd treat someone he was in a relationship with for YEARS and that HE cheated on with such callousness. The epilogue? Well, that was just an extra slice of f'ing stupid that made zero sense. These ppl deserved each other. This was a hot mess of betrayal, stupidity, and narcissism. There's no love story here between any of them. The only person that ever made a selfless decision (the friend that wouldn't sleep with Quinn) in the book is f'ing killed & made a mockery.If..If...If the author's intent was to create a story and characters to be loathed and as example of everything love and friendship SHOULD NOT BE, then well played! Success~

  • Heidi McLaughlin
    2019-03-04 17:36

    I've known about this novel for a long time, but never wanted to ask the premise. Surprising a reader makes the adventure ten times greater. If time would have allowed, this would've been a one-sit read for me. Everything about CAUGHT flowed. The story moved at the proper speed, giving me everything I was looking for. The quit wit was spot on and had me laughing uncontrollably at times. I highly recommend!!!

  • Ash
    2019-03-14 15:43

    DNF! It was good at first but went downhill pretty fast. Thank god I don't have friends like these.

  • Emilia
    2019-02-18 10:41

    Caught me off guardI enjoyed reading this book. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't terrible. There were a few issues I had with it which is why I'm only giving it three stars. I wanted to give it more, but some of the actions of the characters and the moral issues brought it down a star. The writing was perfect. I loved how wonderfully the story flowed together. It's told from two points of views: Chase and Quinn. Their individual voices came across perfectly. Never could you have mistaken one for the other. Sometimes I didn't even bother looking at the chapter titles to find out who was narrating. I just knew. The plot is what was okay for me. I just couldn't get behind the whole cheating issue going on in it. I don't care what anyone says: they cheated. Chase went behind his girlfriends back and basically had an affair with Quinn. Don't get me wrong I was rooting for Chase and Quinn to get together, but still. What they did was technically wrong no matter the circumstances. I also hated how alcohol was involved for everyone one of their "moments." I kind of wish it wasn't. It would have been nice for them to have one romantic moment sober. Just saying. Oh and I have to say the whole friendship between Finnley and Quinn was just stupid. You could totally tell Quinn hated her. I just couldn't figure out how those were even friends. It really confused me. Plus, I still don't know what Chase saw in Finnely to start dating her. Not that Finnley is a terrible person (though to be honest I kind of hated her), it's just I didn't really see any chemistry between them or any reason why they would want to date each other. The ending kind of explained why, but still. The characters were another high point for me. Or at least Quinn was. I loved her characters. She was totally real and someone I would definitely want as a friend. She's funny, sarcastic, strong, and unique. Loyal to the end, Quinn is an amazing best friend to both Finnley and Chase. I love how Quinn doesn't care what the world thinks of her. She doesn't flaunt her intelligence around. People assume the worst from her when in reality Quinn is a very decent human being. Chase was great too. I had a few issues with him, but overall he's totally swoon worthy. Quinn is so lucky to have him. I also have to mention my favorite secondary character, Greg. I loved him so much. I looked forward to every single one of his scenes. Such a funny and sweet guy even though he doesn't show his true self often. I would definitley recommend this book to New Adult lovers and anyone who loves a good romance. This story also does an incredible job touching the topic of friendship as well. Just give it a go. Enjoy!

  • Riza
    2019-02-17 15:40

    5 Breath Mark Stars! *WARNING: Reading a few chapters of this book before bed will turn into an all nighter- true story, i have mybeua bags and dark circles as proof*! Seriously! Good job <:>Erika Ashby and A.E.Woodward!!!! - take note of my exclamation points! This book had me all "CAUGHT UP", I am so hooked up, it is so refreshing to read, I laughed hard, cried a little and fall in love with Quinn! I'm not usually a fan of love triangles, I always end up getting hurt (yes! That's how invested I am into reading) but this one is very different, maybe because itbis during this age when most of us deals with crossroads and do things that might make or break us. This story right here is a perfect example, perfect read for Spring and it will leave us a simple lesson! #Chesticles for the win!haha seriously, what this book leaves me is that When your mind is too "caught up", too confused to think about what is right or just confuses the h€!l out of you - you should always, always listen to your heart. THIS IS A MUST READ!

  • Jennifer G.
    2019-03-07 10:20

    Stand-AloneDual POVI give this book 4 1/2 stars. I really did enjoy it. But I'm greedy, I wanted more of Quinn and Chace. I'm glad to know that the little scandel Finley pulled finally came out, but she is not who I wanted in the Game Over chapter, lolSo with that said, I quess I am asking for more of them two. LOLI am also glad that it all fell into place, except for Greg, that SUCKED!!!!!! I will always remember him with his Chesticles. LOL Gives me the chills that Quinn had just talked to him earlier in the night. weird!Quinn and Chace were both great characters, loved them both, they both are stubborn as hell though, lol.This was a fast and good read. Great writing as well.All those quinnisms that Quinn came up with were something else, the girl is a hoot!!!Thanks for a great book, will be hoping you extend the story on Quinn & Chace, they should have a future for us to read about, right? LOL

  • Lustful Literature
    2019-03-16 11:42

    **JODIE'S REVIEW**"Heart On: It’s like a hard on, but with feelings and shit. Usually very messy."Okay so I have one of those on this book not kidding I have a severe “Heart On”. I also now have a whole new vocabulary that I love to bust out at all times. I started this book and was instantly in tears laughing however next thing I knew it was 3:30 in the morning I was crying and trying to figure out how I could convince work I was sick. This was a book that completely captivated me, and had me swearing, trying to give advice and just wanting to be in college so I could find Quinn and convince her she was meant to be my best friend."Friendships like this are the unbreakable kind. Friends like this are the irreplaceable kind."Oh there is a friendship triangle in this book and let me just state I LOVE triangles, I am not going to lie any longer!!! I LOVE THEM!!! I like that they force me to pick a team, make me scream things like I know the characters. I would just like to state this just proves I am one that lives with the characters I am reading!! This book made it easy to live with these characters. Quinn is easy to connect with. She has a little sass to her and self confidence that makes you just want everything good for her. Chace had me bouncing back and forth. He was your typical high school/college male they are stupid. I seriously thought if I could just smack him and then shake him he would get it!!! Then there is Finley, Finley, Finley Finley…. You want to love her but there is just something that makes it so you can’t. Maybe it was because I was bouncing between Chace and Quinn’s POV I was too invested to really give her a chance but I never really cared about Finley. Then there’s “MY” sweetheart Greg I LOVED this boy. Oh god how I love this boy and I cried for this boy! The real, really real big ugly I need a tissue tears!“Yes, Quinn?” He smirks“Your chesticles are showing.”He glances down and laughs.“Is that a problem?”“No.” I pop a grape in my mouth. “I just can’t stop staring.”This is a book that hit really close to home for me because I am watching some of the decisions in the book play out in my own home with my daughter and her boyfriend. It’s a book about leaving the nest, making decisions you may or may not regret. And most importantly it’s a book that shows you to always listen to your heart. It’s quite “Romantical” really.

  • Mandie Foxylutely
    2019-03-13 11:18

    *ARC kindly provided by the authors in exchange for an honest reviewI love a good angsty new adult read and I love a friends to lovers storyline. What I don’t really gel with is a love triangle so I was a little hesitant when I started this book. But I needn’t have worried as once I started I could not put it down, I was hooked!Chace and Quinn have been best friends since childhood but in their teens Finley came to town and became part of the trio but also Chace’s girlfriend. Quinn has always hidden her true feelings for Chace and has learnt to live with being the ‘third wheel’ but then on one adventurous night instigated by Finley, the world as Chace and Quinn knew was tilted on its axis.This book had everything going for it – the humour, the friendship, the fracking hot off the sheets passion! It was great that the reader was left to read between the lines and could see what the characters couldn’t. I really clicked with Quinn, she was sassy and kick ass and definitely someone you would want to be best friends with. Although I loved Chace I sometimes wanted to slap him upside the head to make him see what he should be seeing. I wasn’t a fan of Finley much but she redeemed herself in the epilogue, so alls good.It was good to have the differing POV of Chace and Quinn so the reader had a clear insight of their thinking and why they did the things they did. Even from the start I could see the pair were meant to be, as Chace was more intimate with the way he treated Quinn than he was when effing Finley! This is why I love friends to lovers stories, the knowing the other person deep before any sexiness takes part just makes it all the more emotive.As for Greg, well this guy had my heart from the start the big lug with his sexy chesticles and when the drama happened (which I won’t reveal here) I was in bits. Ugly crying commenced! A brilliantly funny, sexy and poignant read about how one chance moment in time can change everything and those around us. So fabulous I had to hug my kindle to my chesticles when I finished! Five stars!

  • Red Cheeks Reads
    2019-03-15 16:23

    “The hardest thing in the world, or my world, is being happy about something you are insanely jealous of.”So . . . I have this crazy relationship with love triangles, I love to hate them. That meaning I can’t stop reading them but have so much anxiety during the process I swear I will never do it again and yet here I am having just read yet one more. That being said I loved this book. The dynamic between these three best friends brings be back to that just out of high school age where your close friends are the most important thing in your life (even above family) and you would do anything to protect that. But what do you do when you love one of your best friends and he happens to be the boyfriend of your other best friend?“I really hope I didn’t fuck things up.” “Me too,”This book surprised me to be honest. I thought it would be one of those easy going books where everyone easily realizes who they belong with and all this happens with quick wit and a light heart. And while this book is quite funny thanks to the Quinn-isms it is also angsty, tragic and heartbreakingly endearing. Nothing comes easy for these three characters and on the path to figure it all out they each make many of the mistakes we all must go through in our youth.“You’re the forever type of girl. But you’re not mine to have.”Sexy and emotional Caught is told from dual pov and while not terribly long this book is full of surprising twist and turns. The story was smoothed and flowed nicely as if it was written by just one author. These two authors have done a fantastic job of blending their styles into a New Adult story you won’t want to miss.~miranda

  • Bloody Mary
    2019-03-14 17:18

    This was a 3.5 stars read for me. It was a fresh, light read and it was hilarious most of the time. I liked the dual POVs and I liked the unexpected big twist. However... two things I didn't like. First one - I didn't understand Quinn & Fin's friendship at all because it didn't seem like an honest, right friendship. Fin was portrayed as a spoiled, self-centered brat (and I'm honestly not even least bit interested in reading her story, by the way) and Quinn's resentment towards her was more than obvious throughout the entire book. Some of Quinn's comments and thoughts about Finley were extremely cruel and rude and I was left feeling that Finley was a better friend to Quinn than Quinn was to her (in spite of Quinn trying to do the right thing), even after reading the epilogue... so that tells you just how bad their supposed "friendship" was. The epilogue was also, in my opinion, a bit rushed with Quinn and Chace not caring at all about Finley and I feel like we didn't see enough of their happily ever after. Also, I wanted to see a bigger confrontation between the three of them and there wasn't a confrontation at all. And the other thing that I didn't like was how much blame was put on Finley for everything. Apparently, she is equally to blame as Chace and Quinn because of her suggestion but in reality, the only blame is on Chace and Quinn. I feel like Fin's suggestion was a device used to justify the cheating and I didn't really buy into it. However, I do realize that this was a young adult read so these characters aren't fully developed or matured people so their actions and thoughts are, in fact, understandable and expected. So as a young adult book, it was realistic.Overall, not bad at all. I recommend for an enjoyable spring read!

  • Stacey
    2019-03-05 15:46

    A solid 4.5 stars for A.E. Woodward and Erika Ashby. I'm just going to lay it all out there... this book is a love triangle. Well, sort of. I mean it is, but it's so different at the same time. You feel for the situation that these characters have found themselves in and my heart ached for Quinn. While my heart ached for her, I LOVE Quinn!!! She may be one of my favorite female characters ever. The glossary of Quinnism terms at the beginning of the book was enough to have me laughing out loud and I was hooked instantly to her whit, humor, and take no crap bravado. Just when you get a sense of her take-no-crap attitude, she does exactly that on a daily basis because she is so torn. The main characters as well as the supporting characters were well developed and relatable... downright hysterical. The plot had substance and flowed seamlessly. The banter was spot on. The chemistry was palpable. The steamy scenes were oh so steamy. And then... my heart was broken. I don't want to spoil anything but let's just say that I was shocked and tears were shed. My favorite part of the entire book was the epilogue. It will leave you going WHAT THE WHAT?!?! Not in a cliffhanger type of way, just surprising and unique. I loved every word and I congratulate these two authors on another slam dunk!

  • Heather Carver
    2019-03-07 12:47

    Caught5 StarsI started this book and had trouble putting it down. It was so hard to go to work because I NEEDED to know what would happen next! Let me just say this book wasn't what I thought. That's a good thing!!! I was thinking it was a comedy and the whole book had me so broken hearted. But I LOVED it!! Quinn has been in love with her best friend Chace for years. She doesn't think she'll ever lose him. That is until Finely walks into their lives. Finely becomes their best friend also. They are know as the trio. Quinn tries to be happy for her friends, but is sad. She plots to go away without them knowing. She wants to learn to live by herself. Can she break free of them? Or will everything fall apart? Chace is happy with his life. He has the coolest best friend and an amazing girlfriend. It helps that the two most important girls in his life are best friends. They all do everything together. He doesn't see Quinn as more than a friend until one night when everything changes. He doesn't know how to fix everything that has become broken. Can he fix his errors before it is broken beyond repair? This book is a definite must read. You'll be wanting to jump in and try to fix everything. You'll fall madly in love with Greg also!! He is amazing!! I am sad this book had to end. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to everyone!

  • Julia Noah K
    2019-03-11 09:19

    I absolutely loved this book.... until the scene with Greg. Wth is wrong with you? Why? Why? Why on earth would you do that to us? To me? I loved Greg so much ! And I was expecting a book just with him. But no, you had to do that and shatter my dreams. Thank you ! I'm so mad right now for that. You kinda ruined the book for me. I would have given 5 stars , but because what you did to Greg, I just can't.

  • Bianca
    2019-03-17 09:48

    3.5 stars

  • [michele]
    2019-03-11 13:24

    Total piece of crap with unlikeable characters.

  • Three Chicks
    2019-03-03 15:18

    5 Heart On Stars by Jen SkewesThis book completely surprised me in so many ways. I knew it was going to be an amazing book because come one just take a look at who wrote it. But I honestly had no idea what to expect at all. This is a friends to lovers/triangle and that was all I really knew. But this not your typical story of two best friends who love each other and cross that line of friendship. No, I would say that Caught is a friends to lovers romance/triangle with a twist. It was so different from what I have read and the unexpected turns is what had me glued to my Ipad. I needed to know what happened and how this would all work out. This is one of those books that I did not and could not put down. This is the story of Quinn and Chace, two people who have been best friends since they were kids. Quinn has had feeling for Chace for as long as she could remember but she knows that they will never be anything more than friends. She wants something that she cannot have. Finley is the girl who came along and captured the heart of Chace and they suddenly became this trio. Quinn and Chace are best friends, Chace and Finley are dating, and Finley and Quinn are best friends. One GuyOne girlfriendOne best friendOne trio who spends all their time togetherUntil one moment changes everythingAnd friendships are testedAnd you are left wondering how this will all work out!I will say no more about this storyline because you need to read this book and experience it all on your own. It will bring out all of the feels and emotions and you will love every minute of it. So instead I am going to talk about the characters that I fell in love with and just how amazing this book is.Quinn was such a wonderful heroine and honestly my heart hurt for her. You could feel how much she loved Chace. I hurt with her and felt it all with her. I honestly wanted to just run away with her and be able to make it all better. She was the kind of girl that you want to be friends with and have by your side. I loved Chace but there were times when his decisions just upset met. I wanted him to see what everyone else saw. He was this amazing guy who cared so much and wanted to do what was right but he managed to just keep making things worse in the process. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He was a confused boy who was just trying his best to fix things. Chace and Quinn’s friendship was tested so many times and it slowly began to crumble. And you find yourself reading as fast as you can because you need them to be able to put the pieces back together. You need this to all work out. And the you start to wonder if it will. But then sometimes in life there are moments that make you realize exactly what is right in front of you the whole time. But is it too late? Can you fix something that has been so broken?I went into this book thinking it was going to be all fun and laughs. And honestly I’m not really sure why. There was certainly fun times filled with smiles and some laughter. Chase and Quinn are the best of friends and just have this connection with each other. They are just so in sync and even have there own little language and “Quinnisms” that will make you laugh. But for me there was also a sadness to it as well. And maybe it’s because I felt everything that these two were going through. It was if I was there with them and experiencing it all; the knots in your stomach, the laughs, the smiles and even the tears and heartbreak. This book was fun and witty, it was filled with drama and angst but there was also a certain level of sadness to it, and all of that combined made for one one amazing story. I also think that it was a very refreshing take on a love triangle romance. It was different and unique and that's what I loved. My only complaint is that it ended. And that’s because I am a selfish brat who wants more of Quinn and Chace. I did not want to let go of them. So Ms. Woodwad and Ms. Ashby if you are listening this is me begging you for more of them. Even a short novella would certainly do :)I hope we see more from this writing duo in the future because together their words flowed perfectly. This story captured me from the start from the first page to the very last one. And the epilogue, HOLY CRAP!! And no this is not a cliffhanger but the epilogue was completely unexpected and shocking and just pure genius. AE Woodward and Erika Ashby did an amazing job with this story and I look forward to more of their work in the future.

  • Karen's Book Haven
    2019-03-12 10:23

    Oh how I loved the freshness of this story and it was just what I was in the mood for. It’s witty, it’s funny and it’s heartbreaking. I love the writing, the witty dialogue and even more so, the fresh retake on a classic theme – a forbidden love triangle.Right from the onset, I could sense that Quinn was trying her best to hide her broken heart when it came to Chase. She’s been in love with him for years – only issue is – he has a girlfriend. Seeing out their last days before they all head their separate ways for college, something happens that can’t be undone and will change their dynamic. The writing is fast-paced, flows beautifully and sank its claws into me to have me read this in one sitting. I’m normally conflicted when it comes to infidelity but it was like Chase and Quinn had a romance long before they actually got together. Their interactions are confusingly intimate even though Chase is dating Finley. Watching their intimate moments unfold was the heartbreaking part. They should be sharing these tender happy moments but they have to keep them quiet and hidden. My heart broken every time I saw Quinn get hers smattered all over the ground. Quinn has tries and fails to keep her heart from being broken but it’s a devastating blow that even I was blindsided by that finally gets things into action.I really enjoyed the alternating points of view, it gave me clear insight into each characters emotions, thought processes and helped me understand their decisions. The angst, turmoil, confliction and romance were written to perfection. This is the way young adult should be written. Not dumbed down due to age. Not glossed over due to lack of experience. The feelings are real and I couldn’t help but be effected by them.I am keen to see what these two can collaborate on next. This truly has to be on your TBR

  • Pheebs
    2019-03-10 11:27

    First off let me say that I love Erika Ashby and AE Woodward as individual writers. Secondly, they are freaking phenomenal together! This book is amazeballs! It centers around three best friends, 2 girls- Quinn and Finley and 1 guy- Chace. Quinn and Chace have been friends since they were kids and then along came Finley. Finley and Chace paired up. Quinn is left feeling like a third wheel because she has been in love with Chace all these years and never acted on it because she thought she had time. The story picks up on high school graduation day. I love how it alternates between Quinn(who is hilarious!!) and Chace's point of view. I don't know which author wrote for which character and that in itself tells you how perfectly this collaboration works! Quinn is the BEST heroine I have read about in a long time. She's funny, sarcastic and she truly tried to do the "right" thing for her and her friends. Even though it means not telling them that she was accepted into a great college and she would be leaving too. They all just assume she is staying home to go to the local community college. They day before Chace is to leave for his school, something huge happens and things change drastically. From there you see them try to struggle with what the new norm should be. You will laugh your butt off, and you will tear up and maybe even cry like I did, but it is so worth it in the end! READ THIS BOOK!!!

  • Annette
    2019-03-18 11:41

    5 Frackin' Stars!!!! I don't write reviews often, so when I do it means the story was really really good or really bad.I absolutely LOVED this book!!! read it non-stop I just couldn't put it down! I loved Quinn from the beginning!!! I would have loved to have a BFF like her! Her quinnisms...hilarious!! I laughed,cried, and fell in love!!! The only thing that I didn't not like was the little bit of cheating that there was, however these kids are in highschool/college...let's be realistic, it happens :/ ps the epilogue is written so you don't really feel bad about it...I loved it so much I must see what else these authors have written!!!

  • Shannon
    2019-03-07 10:21

    I knew right away that this book was for me! First of all it's a friends to lovers romance and love- triangle, which are my favorites! I've always had in my head to read a book like this but I didn't know it existed! Quinn and Chance have been best friends all of their childhood. Quinn has always liked Chance more than a friend. Chance starts dating Finley, who is Quinn's best friend. Do I have you interested, yet? You must read to see what happens to this trio. I could not put this book down! I punched my covers, smiled, and awed through this book! Then I told all of my friends to read it! This book goes down as one of my favorite books that I've had the pleasure to read.

  • Laura
    2019-03-16 11:45

    Looking for a read that's a little (ok, a lot) different than what's out there? Well, look no further. I've gotta admit, when I started Caught, my first thought was, "oh, great. Another one of those I just finished high school lets party it up all summer," type books. Yes, there is that but there's so much more than that. Chace, Quinn and Finley are best friends, or that's what everyone thinks. Caught is fun, it's complicated, it's emotional, it's devastating, and best of's different. I'm not going to say anything else other than, if you want a book that'll take you on a myriad of emotions, Caught is just that.

  • Carina Adams
    2019-02-22 10:35

    Caught is live... What are you waiting for? Go buy this book!!This WILL be the book of the Spring! It's definitely one of my top reads of 2015. I don't want to spoil it, because this plot is so unique you have to read it yourself. However, this book got to me. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to throw my kindle in anger. I didn't want their story to end. I loved Quinn and her outlook on life. We would be best friends. I loved Chace. He was the perfect friend. But, it was Greg that stole the book for me; I will love him forever. I'm a huge A. E Woodward fan and will read anything she writes, but Caught blew me away. Erila Ashby now has a fan for life.

  • Teresasloveosbooks
    2019-02-16 17:33

    I'm having a really hard time leaving a review without giving anything away for those of you that haven't read this incredible book! So all I'll say is I absolutely loved all the characters some more than others. Lol the story line was amazing it flowed and I didn't want it to end. Last thing Chase was always always Her's from the very beginning so you'll have to read it to figure out who I'm referring to. Loved loved loved #Caught

  • Jill
    2019-03-12 13:33

    Review to come <3