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Travelling to her fiancés estate for her forthcoming marriage, Lady Phillipa Frencham counts herself as the happiest of young women. She is to wed Lord Hector Thurston, Baron of West Mead. The only bane in her life is her treacherous brother-in-law to be, Lord Demetrius who takes every opportunity to seduce her. How can she tell Hector of his brother’s ardour for her? To dTravelling to her fiancés estate for her forthcoming marriage, Lady Phillipa Frencham counts herself as the happiest of young women. She is to wed Lord Hector Thurston, Baron of West Mead. The only bane in her life is her treacherous brother-in-law to be, Lord Demetrius who takes every opportunity to seduce her. How can she tell Hector of his brother’s ardour for her? To do so could result in a duel and ruin the wedding, even tear the family apart. However, she is unaware that Hector too may not be all he seems; and who is the new comer, the charming Lady Amaryllis Wilbraham? On her arrival at the Manor, Phillipa receives a threatening note, ‘Marry at Your Peril’ which Hector casually dismisses as a poor joke. Enter the Duke of Denfordshire, who immediately enchanted with Phillipa, is determined to make her his own. Phillipa in turn fights with her heart, and her conscience, as danger besets her from all sides....

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Lady Phillipa's Peril Reviews

  • Laura Greenwood
    2018-11-12 22:28

    Review forthcoming on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live...I received a copy of Lady Phillipa's Peril, book 3 of the Lords of Sussex series, in exchange for my review.Phillipa Frencham is all set to marry her childhood best friend, Hector, though she can't help but think that there is no passion or love beyond that of for a sibling in their relationship. Not one to want to break a promise she is all set to marry him until she meets Lord Damien Delmare and discovers true passion. As one of the forward thinkers of her day, Phillipa despises the way in which women are treated, and has her own ideas about how things should work, much to the shock of Hector and Damien. But things are heating up in the war against Napoleon and her bravery may be the only thing saving the people she loves.One of the things that struck me as interesting about this book is the way that the author uses words that are contemporary to the age and not used so much now. I found that that did add to the setting and made it richer but there was one case where I thought that it may lead to confusion. For most of the book Napoleon was referred to as 'The Corsican'. I didn't have any problem understanding that it was Napoleon the characters were referring to, but then again part of my degree focused on French history particularly the 100 years of political change that Napoleon was a part of (The French had 7 political regimes in that time, involving 3 monarchies, 2 emperors and several republics). I don't think not knowing would make much difference to the story but it could help!What I found interesting was that I didn't actually decide what future I wanted for Phillipa until quite late on. At first I was definitely wanting her and Hector to decide they were crazy about each other, but actually the way that the characters were written made it clear that they had a great amount of affection for one another, but no passion, and it was then that I realised that Phillipa deserved more as a character.And along comes the mysterious Lord Delmare. The chemistry between himself and Phillipa was believable and strong (though all they did on page was kiss), and I found that the turmoil inside Phillipa's head was both reasonable and supported. Though I genuinely didn't know which way she would go until she made her decision, something I feel the author should be commended for, it isn't all that often that I am kept on my toes like that.In fact, many of Phillipa's outcomes surprised me, including where she ended up in the story. I hadn't seen that one coming at all. And I don't think that any of the characters did either! One thing that particularly struck me about Lady Phillipa's Peril though was the mystery surrounding Venitia and her soon to be husband, Horatio...I really want to know what's going on there!

  • Becca
    2018-12-11 00:06

    I have really enjoyed the Lord of Sussex series. This is the third book in the series and follows Lady Phillipa. I will tell you that it is possible to read the books as stand alones, but you will enjoy them much more if you read them as a series. I love Katy's style of writing because it is easy to follow and flows so well that it feels like a dream. The transitions are smooth and I loved the chance to take yet another trip back in time with this historical romance. This is simply a series that I will read again and again because it is one of my favorite genres and because of the seamless writing. I absolutely have been thrilled that the language used during the conversations with the characters was true to the time period. This made it much more true to the era even though it is not in every day practice anymore. The book focuses mostly on the marriage that is to take place between Phillipa and Hector. Being childhood friends, it is the expected that they should mesh well and be together. Philippa has the thought to marry Hector because it would help in her family's situation, and Hector feels like he has to marry her because of expectations. This is a story of arranged marriages where you are not sure if either party is truly happy with the situation that they are about to embark upon.The story takes a twist when Damien and Amaryllis are introduced. Hector and Phillipa are able to share in what real love is when they see them together. They learn what true love is all about through them and I liked watching the characters grow. Phillipa has always been a character that has been outspoken and puts women's rights at the forefront of her mind. This is a time of war and of starting to love writing and understand art. Phillipa is not interested in those things. She only wants what is best for women. Hector is that male character that is very strong headed and typical for a male. I really enjoyed living and learning with the characters in a timeless setting of romance and history. Awesome book and series that I recommend to everyone!Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my open and honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • Kristin
    2018-12-07 01:31

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the third in a series from this author that I have read. The language the author uses in the conversations really makes you feel like you're in that regency time period. Sometimes, I could only understand the language in the context of the conversation.Most of the book was about an arranged marriage between Philippa and Hector, since they were childhood friends. Philippa feels compelled to marry Hector because of her family's situation, Hector feels compelled to marry her just because it is what is expected. Are either of them really happy? Enter in Damien and Amaryllis, and both Hector and Philippa find out what true love really is about. Though Philippa is considered a forward thinker of her time, putting women's rights to the forefront, including war, writing, and art, I found that throughout most of the book, she seemed rather shallow to me. It was only when she was put into a situation where she wanted to put forward women's rights, did she really bloom. Hector was the typical macho male of his time, the heir and well-off. Even between Damien and Philippa, I felt the emotion between them was kind of flat and two dimensional. Even towards the end of the book when the big confrontation happens, I felt nothing towards her, or Hector.It was an enjoyable book to read, I didn't feel an emotional connection to the characters though.

  • Gina's Library
    2018-11-25 02:28

    This book is the 3rd book in the Lord of Sussex Series. They are Historical Fiction and Historical Romance. I love this series and the books are a quick read. You just simply get lost in the story.This book is about Lady Phillipa. Phillipa is set to marry Hector who she has been promised to marry since they were children. Arrange marriages are still the “in thing” in the setting of these books. Phillipa and Hector love each other in more of a brother/sister relationship. They are not “in love” with each other. Lord Demetrius is Hector’s brother. Demetrius loves to cause issues and problems in his wake. He is a bitter lonely man I think.Although this book is a work of fiction I love how the author really sets the tone and theme for the time era of the book. I love reading what things where called, and how they did things in the past. We can learn so much from our history and our ancestors. I know I’m personally glad arranged marriages are no longer the norm. I couldn’t imagine being married to someone I wasn’t in love with.

  • Niki
    2018-11-22 00:01

    Lady Phillipa is the third book in the series, you can read all apart but I advise to simply read them all, because they are fun to read and Katy writes great and takes you back in history.Lady Phillipa feels so happy she is on her way to her fiancee's estate to get married.Before the ship off to Belgium to fight in a war against Napoleon.When she gets into her room she finds a threatening letter, she shows it to Hector, ho takes it seriously and shows it to the police.When Phillipa's best friend Venetia arrives all kinds of thing happen, Will Pipa deal with her horrible brother in law that touches her any moment he can, will she stay safe after the threat. When her parents arrive, her mother feels something is wrong, Will it go well? Will there be a wedding? Do Phillipa and Hector love each other enough? You ill find answers to those questions when you read this book and fall I love with the characters and Katy's book(s) I know I did.

  • Peggy
    2018-11-15 04:16

    *ARC FOR HONEST REVIEW*First time ever reading an historical romance novel, so this was new territory for me. But I must say, I actually enjoyed this book. I was a little lost with this story but was able to catch on pretty quick, with saying that, this is the 3rd book in this series. So I do suggest that you read in order.With an arranged marriage, will it work, will it happen, what ends ups happening? You must read this book to find out what happens! I must say this author has open my mind up to historical romances!