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A Space Opera- “Stargate meets Lord of the Rings!” A century ago a beneficent alien race, the Alfar, uplifted mankind to the stars and unwittingly seeded their doom. Humanity had just begun to ply the dark interstellar seas and were wholly unprepared for the malevolent forces they would awaken. When Haldor Olsen unearths an ancient alien technology, the Hrymar slavers learA Space Opera- “Stargate meets Lord of the Rings!” A century ago a beneficent alien race, the Alfar, uplifted mankind to the stars and unwittingly seeded their doom. Humanity had just begun to ply the dark interstellar seas and were wholly unprepared for the malevolent forces they would awaken. When Haldor Olsen unearths an ancient alien technology, the Hrymar slavers learn about mankind, a lucrative new source of slaves—the basis of their interstellar economy. The slavers obliterate mankind’s first extra-solar colony, enslaving or killing all 10,000 colonists—including Haldor’s wife and son. Haldor seems to be the only one taking this new threat seriously. With a small but well trained crew, he travels hundreds of light-years in a frantic race around the Galaxy to save mankind from total enslavement. In the process, he’s forced to make a deal with the devil to ward off the coming tide of destruction. ABOUT THE SERIES:The Tribes of Yggdrasil series begins just over a century in our future, but it’s a time you might not recognize. A century has been shaped by contact with mankind’s mythological past and the intervention of ancient alien races. It’s a time where starships ply the stars, where Alfar build great living-cities on their planets, and where the Dvergar dominate the local stellar-economy. It’s a time where mankind meets a great evil, the Hrymar, a twisted offshoot of the elves, and it’s a time where the old Viking Gods walk among the stars. * Read the first three chapters of the sequel, Star Fury, included with this book. Available now on Amazon. A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR So what is Star Wolves all about? In a nutshell, it starts out with humanity colonizing the stars, but their colonization efforts soon turn deadly as they encounter an evil, interstellar galactic-empire. Their exploration of local space causes the Hrymar to take notice of them as a new source of slaves, turning humanity’s space exploration into an advertisement for alien colonization and invasion. “Hey there! We’re new to space and ripe for the picking!” This is not the first time this has happened. The same thing happened to the Britons who were left after the Roman Empire departed what is now England. The Britons bumped into the Anglo Saxons and invited them to help beat off the foul Picts to the North. Soon the Anglo Saxons were running the place. In addition to being passionate about Science Fiction, Space Opera in particular, (Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate etc.), I’m also passionate about Norse Mythology. Star Wolves is my attempt at blending those genres. It’s equal parts Military Science Fiction and Space Opera, with some Norse Mythology DNA. If you enjoyed any of the Star Wars movies and the Thor movies (Thor, Thor: The dark world), then you’ll LOVE The Tribes of Yggdrasil series. In addition to star spanning galactic empires, human colonization and some fast paced space fleet action, there’s also an overarching thread to do with an ancient evil crusade—I can’t say too much about that! You’ll read more about that as the series progresses. I don’t try to make my books all things to all people, but you’ve got to have a good love story in any book, right? I mean, that’s human nature. Of course I have one here. No, this isn’t Science Fiction Romance, but there’s a character arc about a man and his family, and his love for them. My goal is to make this series as complete as possible. Life isn’t just about shoot-em up gunfights, or space exploration, or alien invasions, or even a love connection. A good story should resonate with the reader on many levels. I hope I nailed it....

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Star Wolves Reviews

  • Mark Goode
    2018-12-04 22:48

    This book follows the interesting premise that the Norse Gods of Mythology had seeded worlds with the life of Humans, Alfar (Elves and Trolls) etc.. The great grandson of the man who discovered this is the protaganist in this book. His world is attacked by a warlike off shoot of the Alfar who are slavers, and his family are enslaved or killed.The premise of the resurgence of polytheism in the future is interesting and unique. The book is full of quotes and accurate well researched references to Asatruar (Modern polytheist religion of the Norse). The characters are well developed and the plot is sufficiently captivating to keep you reading and waiting to see what comes next.Some things do put me off on this book and make it less believable. The use of E and O pay grade rather than rank is unrealistic. Instead of private, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain you get e1, e2, e3, o1, o3 etc.. There are no NCO characters such as the old experienced Gunnery Sergeant, or old salt Chief Petty Officer. This makes what would otherwise be an epic book and plausible read into a good book worth reading that makes you cringe a little when it goes into describing the military side of the book ie a sniper would never be an E1 unless he has been busted down since it is a specialty that requires experience and training time that would denote a higher rank. The science as pertains to combat in space, and some of the other explanations need some work but I must say they are well described and makes this book a cut above the average space opera..That's the negative part of this book but at the end of the day this book is well worth reading and I highly recommend it. I gave it 4 stars because of the military and science side but the story and premise makes this book a must read.

  • Aly Abell
    2018-11-14 06:53

    Star Wolves by Hugh B. Long is a space epic that opens in 2128, a little more than a century after Earth’s first contact with beings from another solar system. Humans have recently established New Midgard, the first colony outside the solar system of our Sun.The first scene of the book introduces the Hrymar, a confederation of blood-thirsty tribes in the distant Alnitak AB solar system. The Hrymar appear primitive at first, but we soon learn that they possess highly advanced technology and are disturbingly curious about the newly discovered space-going race known as humans.One of the most creative aspects of this book is that it is based on the premise that the Norse gods of legend are real. They left clues and guidance for modern people as well as for sentient beings from other planets. In the hands of Long, this idea leads to a believable fictional world populated by characters we care about. The main character is Haldor Olsen, who wants nothing more than to settle down on his little farm in New Midgard but willingly answers the call when help is needed. With New Midgard and Earth under attack, humans and their new allies must battle at a scale that once seemed impossible. We learn that the apparently idyllic levels of cooperation seen on Earth before the big battle had cracks that had not previously been noticed.Star Wolves is a fast-paced and enjoyable tale that science fiction fans will savor. The story will leave you wanting more, and fortunately Book 2 is already available!

  • Darron Newton
    2018-11-15 23:53

    The author has a really good concept developed here. The action is fast paced and the characters are interesting, though only the lead really gets developed beyond superficial. The technology is logically consistent from current scientific theory and believable. This is a good new saga to lose yourself in. The only drawback that I've seem is that he could use a proof reader. There are the occasional mix up of character names, missed word, or misuse of the right word (to instead of too, their instead of they're type of thing.

  • John Abbott
    2018-11-22 01:43

    I loved this book. To me it seemed a Stargate'ish Space Opera with heavy Norse influence. But it was quite a bit more than that. I will definitely be reading the second in this series to see what goes on from here.

  • Hugh Long
    2018-11-12 06:52

  • Hugh Long
    2018-11-13 04:52