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Most children hope to grow out of their imaginary friends.17-year-old Rin Waters’ only hope is that hers doesn’t kill someone, especially when said imaginary friend puts a boy in a coma. Finding herself shipped half-way around the world—to Japan, of all places—she is forced to live with grandparents she hasn’t seen for ten years and a cousin she can’t even remember.Rin wouMost children hope to grow out of their imaginary friends.17-year-old Rin Waters’ only hope is that hers doesn’t kill someone, especially when said imaginary friend puts a boy in a coma. Finding herself shipped half-way around the world—to Japan, of all places—she is forced to live with grandparents she hasn’t seen for ten years and a cousin she can’t even remember.Rin would rather just forget about the one night that ruined her life and pretend her imaginary friend doesn’t exist—if it was only that easy. When manga-obsessed otaku, Matt, won’t stop pestering her about a manga that sees the future and the tragic accident she’ll be involved in if she doesn’t listen to him, pretending becomes quite a challenge.Suddenly mysterious accidents begin to happen to students in her school, and Rin has to wonder what length Matt is willing to go to prove his manga is real. Is it all a sham or is there really something that wants to see Rin and her new friends dead?...

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Shinigami Eyes Reviews

  • Lucille
    2019-03-23 05:38

    My first thought when I saw the title: DEATH NOTE. I love that anime and manga. Plus this is set in Japan! I'm sold.

  • OutlawPoet
    2019-03-14 05:40

    Shinigami Eyes by Cheree and Adam Smith is a sharp - and creepy - J Horror/YA book.The book features Rin, a half Japanese / half Australian heroine, who is sent to her Grandfather's house in Tokyo as punishment following a tragedy - a tragedy she blames on a strange little girl who she claims has been following her most of her life. A very dangerous little girl.But escape to Japan doesn't mean escape from her problems. In fact, tragedy follows Rin to Japan and may strike at everything she loves.This is an exciting read, reminiscent of some of your favorite Japanese horror movies. And the Japanese elements are, indeed, excellent. They aren't just window dressing. You can tell the authors know and love Japan.It's a fast read and it's both violent and scary, so be prepared. It's modern YA that's also a good read for any adults who love J-Horror, Speculative Fiction, or just something a little eerie.I'd read the authors again in a heartbeat!* Review Copy Provided by the Author

  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    2019-03-05 08:21

    *I received a free ARC of Shinigami Eyes from Dark World Blogtours in exchange of an honest and unbiased review*My review will be posted in full on my blog (un)Conventional Bookvies on December 19th, 2014.

  • Liliana
    2019-03-22 04:38

    Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookAfter a freak accident surrounding one of her classmates (where everyone blames her, but it was really her "imaginary" friend), Rin's mother sends her to live in Japan with her grandparents and cousin. Her grandfather is super strict and her grandmother is distant. Rin doesn't feel welcome at all, but at least her cousin, Haruka, seems happy to have her there. Things go from miserable to plain weird when she meets Matt, one of her classmates at her new school who claims to have a manga that can tell the future. Said manga actually seems to be focusing around Rin's life, with freak accidents and deaths coming at them left and right. What is going on? Rin and Matt team up to figure out what the hell is going on before either one of them, or any of their friends, is next.I was really excited to read this book! I actually had it in my mind that it was horror, but it wasn't really. Not for me anyway. It was still pretty good though! First of all, I loved the setting! Recently I've added Japan as one of the places I MUST visit before I die. Japan is just awesome! They have some of the best urban legends/horror stories! They also have Dragon Ball, but that's beside the point ;)Anyway, I really enjoyed reading about it and its culture.I did spend the majority of the book having no idea what the heck was going on. What's up with the fortune telling manga? Where the hell did it come from? What's up with her fear of closets? What the hell is this thing with the glowing eyes? Why is everyone dying? These and many more questions swirled around in my head. Most were answered by end, but I still had a couple that weren't. For example, where the hell did this manga come from?! Why can it do what it does?? It was a little bit frustrating, but overall I really loved the concept of it! If I'm being honest, it's very interesting! Another thing was that the formatting of my e-book was way off. Now, I know this is probably not the author's/publisher's fault--I could've done something to mess it up. But some sentences just cut off right in the middle! Most of the time I could piece together what I missed, but it was still annoying, and I can't help but feel like I may have missed something important. But overall, I really liked it! It was very interesting, pretty action filled, and I was totally not expecting for this certain someone to be the bad guy! Great plot twist! The ending indicates there will be a sequel, so I'm looking forward to reading that (and hopefully finding out about the origin of this mysterious manga)!

  • Amanda
    2019-03-23 06:37

    Also found at: [a cup of tea and an armful of books]Shinigami Eyes is a story about a girl named Rin who is forced to pack up her life and move to Japan. She wants to forget the night that her imaginary friend, Misa, caused too much trouble for Rin and her family to continue ignoring. Unfortunately for her, it appears that Rin's troubles are just beginning. At her new school, she meets Matt, a foreigner with a manga obsession. He claims that he has a manga that can see the future and that they must stop the events from occurring. It sounds crazy to Rin, but soon even she is forced to believe that someone--or something--is trying to make the events in the manga come true. She struggles for a time with how much stock she should put into the manga: Is it fate, or can you change what is foretold? Shinigami Eyes pairs writing with manga panels, which are used so infrequently that they shouldn't have been used at all. If you're going to do something different with your book, be consistent. I would have loved to see more manga panels. It would have been amazing if the writing had cut off and the story continued in the panels before returning to the writing. It would have made Shinigami Eyes unique.This book was a mess. There is no gentle way of putting it, unfortunately. Shinigami Eyes is meant to be written in first person present tense, but the author struggled with it throughout the entire book. There were many times when the present tense switched abruptly to the past tense, which caused me to stumble through sections of the book. This happened often enough that I could no longer write it off as a minor slip-up. It was something that was continually missed when people were doing readings of the book. Shinigami Eyes needed to have more editing done on it before it was published. There were many times that I questioned if editing had been done on it at all. As well as the problem with the tenses, Shinigami Eyes continually struggled with fractured sentences. Fractured sentences can sometimes work when you are writing fast-paced action scenes because it helps you get in the narrator's head as you find the heartbeat of the writing. However, the book often read as if someone was writing a basic, bullet point list of descriptions and neglected to expand on them. There were far too many odd sentences that could have been condensed down to a more concise sentence. My inner editor was extremely unhappy when I came this part of a sentence: "...while getting nervous distained (sic) glances from my fidgety grandmother." I believe the author meant disdained glances, unless the glances were stained glances. These are things that an editor should have caught and recommended that "while getting nervous looks of disdain from my fidgety grandmother" works much better. I really hope that my copy was old and that it was updated before publishing.Overall, I wasn't a fan of the Smith's writing style. It's unfortunate, because the idea of a manga telling the future and being the only way you can unravel a mystery as it's happening was really interesting. I just wish the action had started earlier in the book. It was not fun to read until roughly page 190, when I decided that if I ignored the fact that I disliked all of the characters, I could finish the story. That is when the mystery really picked up. The first half of the book should have been cut in half. If less time had been spent on Rin whining about her forced move and how everyone was mean to her (even though she was mean right back), we could have gotten to the meat of the mystery sooner. It sacrificed characterization in order to push us roughly to the end. It took far too much time on telling us how put-upon Rin was, which only served to make me disgusted by her. The characters as a whole were very flat, one dimensional, and pulled from the pile of stock characters, so I read with a level of detachment as the story hurtled toward its end. And even then, we couldn't just be done. It had to leave off on a cliffhanger. It reminds me of made-for-TV Sci-Fi channel movies. Part of the "horror" of it is that you can never escape. Thankfully I could. It was horror that tells you it is supposed to be horror but doesn't get your heart to pound. If there are sequels, I won't be checking them out.2 stars, because even though I hated the characters, I still finished the story.I received a copy from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Cayt Landis
    2019-03-12 11:40

    Shinigami Eyes is a dark and twisted thriller that takes place in modern day Japan. Rin Waters, a half-Japanese, half-Australian teenage girl, has a secret. For most of her life she has been followed around by an imaginary friend that she just can’t seem to get rid of. After an unfortunate incident at a school dance that results in the near death of a classmate, Rin is shipped off to live with her relatives in Japan. Her parents hope that, with a new location and a stricter upbringing by her grandparents, Rin can let go up her imaginary friend and get back to normal. Unfortunately for Rin, the invisible little girl who has plagued her for years follows her to Japan. Worse yet, Rin quickly realizes that something very strange is going on when she witnesses a death that no one else can see. When Rin meets Matt, a student who happens to think that he has a manga that can tell the future, she realizes that she’s in for even more trouble in Japan than she had back home in Australia.I really loved Shinigami Eyes. I am a big fan of horror movies, especially Japanese and Korean films. This book is just like the best Japanese horror movie out there. It’s twisted, dark and seriously creepy. Rin is a strong, intelligent character that has become used to the fact that people are going to think she’s crazy. She is not excited about being forced to live with family that she barely knows in a country where she barely speaks the language. The world building is really fantastic. Firstly, you have all of the Japanese cultural aspects throughout the book. This story really feels like it takes place in Japan and was written by someone who knows what they are talking about. It’s full of little tidbits about life in that country but is told in a realistic way that is not overpowering or in your face. You don’t feel like you’re reading a visitor’s guide or descriptions of Japan from an uberfan. The paranormal aspects themselves are based on Japanese folklore. This gives the story a good grounding in history, if not reality, and it feels much more real than making up completely new and unknown creatures or spirits. The folklore helps to build up the suspense and make it believable.As for the plot, the mystery starts from the get-go. The moment Rin is in Japan she realizes that her imaginary friend has not, in fact disappeared or left her. She is plagued by the little girl and her antics wherever she goes. While on the train ride to her family’s home she witnesses a girl being pushed into the path of an oncoming train. No one else seems to have seen this disturbing event though and Rin begins to think that she is hallucinating. From there the story amps up and gets crazier and creepier by the page. Once Rin meets Matt and gets involved with the future-telling manga, it’s really a full-out race to the end with dark turns and visceral scenes along the way. I don’t want to give away anything else about the plot. Believe me, you don’t want to be spoiled!Shinigami Eyes is a very dark and twisted tale. It starts off with a bang and runs headfirst into crazy-town by the end. If you enjoy horror movies and Japanese folklore, check this one out. Just make sure that you aren’t squeamish first!Visit my blog for this review and many more!

  • Samantha Trillium ☂
    2019-03-13 07:34

    This was a pretty cool Japanese horror book. There were some pretty intense moments that prevented me from putting the book down, resulting in me reading this entire book in a day. It wasn't perfect though; there were some definite flaws.The story is about a high school student, Rin. An accident that put a student in a coma has resulted in Rin's parents sending her away to live with her grandparents in Japan, and also to be put on some behavioral medication. Because the reason Rin gives for the accident is that it was caused by her imaginary childhood friend, Misa. Hoping to make a fresh start in another country, Rin quickly makes the decision to keep Misa a secret and to pretend like she isn't there at all. But she still is. And the temptation gets harder to keep when a boy approached Rin and claims he is in possession of a manga that can tell the immediate future. In fact, he knows all about her past because of this said manga. And whats coming for both of them isn't just days of stress from their exams, either. Overall I really enjoyed this book. I love reading about Japan and their culture and I especially love it when an outsider has to adapt to live in a completely different way. The atmosphere was pretty genuine for me, and I really felt like I was in Tokyo and the rural towns around it. What really bothered me was the way this book was presented to me. The title itself drew me in, being a big fan of Death Note. And while I didn't pick it up in hopes of a copy, I was hoping for more of a story centered around a God of Death type story. I thought that the imaginary friend, Misa would be the Shinigami, but actually Misa had very little to do with the plot of the story. She didn't tie into the real story line at all. The horrors that were happening to Rin and her friends was a completely different demon, and to me, it seemed like a waste. Rin also really bothered me at times. Here she is in supernatural situation, and not having all the answers she needs, why didn't she ever ask Misa anything? As she went on trying to survive another demon attack, she pretty much still ignored Misa for the most part and all the while I am just like, just ask her!!! I also found Rin to be a bit two-dimensional. She was moody and sullen for pretty much the entire book, and while granted I would probably be like that too if i were in her shoes, but I don't really feel like she grew in my eyes and there is a lot of development needed. The story ends hinting that there could be more to come, which would definitely be OK for me. I would absolutely be down for a sequel, hopefully the characters could be fleshed out just a bit more.Overall I really enjoyed this book, and if you are into Japanese horror this would probably be right up your alley.

  • Chandni
    2019-03-27 08:39

    I was really looking forward to reading this book, but unfortunately, I found myself really disappointed and ended up having to abandon it. While I was really excited that the book was taking place in Japan, that was the only thing I really liked about the book. I gave up reading after about 60 pages.My biggest issue with this book was the terrible parenting. It infuriated me that the first sign of Rin showing some sort of mental problem (schizophrenia), her parents shipped her off to a foreign land to live with people she'd never met and had no connection with. It bothered me so much that I could never get past it.I wasn't really grabbed by the characters because they all fell so flat for me. They were so one dimensional. Even though all I read was about 60 pages, the plot and writing didn't interest me either. While I was intrigued by the character of Misa and figuring out whether Rin had mental health issues, everything else about the book upset me enough that I didn't continue.For some readers, this would probably be an enjoyable novel, but it wasn't for me.I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This hasn't affected my review in any way.

  • Shehleen Rasul
    2019-03-12 09:24

    It took me an unnaturally long time to finish this book. I really want to say that I loved this book, but I really can’t say that. I could not get into the writing style at all, although I’m not sure if it’s the apparent lack of editing that I disliked or the actual writing itself. The main character in this story (Rin) is super whiney all the time. I understand why she would be upset in the beginning of the story, but she literally complains about everything and everyone. It’s also weird how she claims everyone is rude to her…. but she is rude to everyone too? She was constantly mopey and it irritated me so much.I disliked most of the characters, and the “horror” parts didn’t seem as scary to me (maybe because how it was written?) A lot of the characters seemed to irritate me and I really could not connect to them, so by the end I was kind of relieved. The story line, minus the writing, was really good. It would have… could have been way more interesting if I actually cared about the characters. I’m not sure if I want to carry on with this series, I really wish I enjoyed it more…

  • Fran
    2019-03-09 04:36

    I was fortunate enough to beta read for the authors at the beginning of the year, and the positive progress this novel has made since I read it first was amazing. Let me start by saying that I'm pretty much squeamish and creeped out when it comes to Horror. However, Shinigami Eyes kept me to the edge of my seat the entire time, especially during the horror parts—well worthy of a Japanese horror movie.The knowledge both authors have of the Japanese culture is extremely impressive, and it's so perfectly described that I could clearly picture the locations—Haruka's house, the arcade, or even the school grounds—in my mind like I was there myself.The amount of adrenaline will not give you a minute to catch a breath, you'll be in constant worry, fear, curiosity about what you will find next, and this is what makes Shinigami Eyes a wonderful story.If you're a fan of horror, I assure you will love this and, if you're not, I guarantee this will change your mind!

  • Marie Bergström
    2019-03-14 04:23

    For an English writer quite an OK Japanese horror story.