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Growing up poor and with a set of parents who couldn’t care less about her, Jessica Evans was on her own. She knew she wanted better and was determined to make it through college. Her only problem was that she was broke, and college was expensive. That’s when she was introduced to the world of depravity and scandal that she currently resides in.Damon Shaw has just been assGrowing up poor and with a set of parents who couldn’t care less about her, Jessica Evans was on her own. She knew she wanted better and was determined to make it through college. Her only problem was that she was broke, and college was expensive. That’s when she was introduced to the world of depravity and scandal that she currently resides in.Damon Shaw has just been assigned to take over the day-to-day operations of the escort service where he’s has been working for almost five years. He immediately bumps heads with the sexy and stubborn Jessica. Damon is determined to show Jessica who is in control and make her follow his every instruction.When the two get together, sparks begin to fly. Jessica and Damon will challenge and enrage each other at every turn. The sting of words and the temptation of seduction are ever present between them. Damon is not at all what he seems. When all hell breaks loose, will Damon and Jessica make it or will she send him packing?**Shattered Innocence is for mature audiences only—strong language, and explicit sexual content are apparent.**...

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Shattered Innocence Reviews

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    2019-02-24 08:17

    check out this review and others[email protected] received this book from the author for an honest review.Ok so I have been lucky enough to beta read the first big chunk of this book for Alexis. But she is a big meanie and withholds the last 30% of the book for us to read. So since I have LOVED Damon I was happy to re-read him. OMG he is such an ass and Jessie is such a snatchface, they are perfect together!! LOLSo Jessie is a “Pretty Woman” girl for a living…get the reference? She does this job to pay for college. Well her boss changes the routine and Jessie now how to go and be “approved” by her new boss Damon. Well from the start the chemistry is insane but Jessie fights it. Damon is kinnnnda fighting it too but gives in because he realizes that Jessie is what/who he wants. Well it takes Jessie a little bit of time to finally go “all in” with Damon. She has built rock solid walls and she lets them fall for Damon. Well through their quick courtship, Jessie gets the feeling that Damon isn’t being truthful about stuff and maybe even ashamed of her because of said “pretty woman” job. So Jessie says DON’T LIE and DON’T CHEAT and we are all good……..Well Guess what? Yup Damon does one of the 2 rules and Jessie is left devastated!! I mean I was even like WTF…are you serious!! I mean I was messaging Alexis and SCREAMING at her….and she was hiding from me…Guess I may have a little bit of Lo in me. Who is Lo you ask? Well that is Jessie’s awesome roomie, bestie and SISTER from another Mister.If you know Alexis from her Guarded Hearts series then you KNOW she is the QUEEN of the twist right at the end to leave you with your mouth wide open and flies buzzing all around. Trust me, this one will as well!!!

  • SavageGrace
    2019-03-27 04:43

    Are you kidding me with that ending? Seriously!? I frickin' HATE you! =*(*taps foot impatiently*Dear sequel... I'm waiting... *tap, tap, TAP*ETA: And there best be a sequel... e_e

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-26 08:42

    * A review copy was provided by author for the Blog Tour * Amazon Buy Link---->> Shattered Innocence ~~ 4.5 "WTH……" Stars ~~ Holy moly...I don't even know what to say about what I just read.  That ending just about killed me. I will warn you that if you don't like cliffhangers, then you should wait until the next book comes out to read this series. I am not a huge fan of cliffhangers and I generally don't read reviews before I start a book, so had I known that this book was part of a series and ended the way it did, I would've waited to read this book until book 2 was released. That is the only reason I couldn't give this book 5 stars. I truly believe that if a book is part of a series, the reader deserves to know that ahead of time. Now with that all said…..I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I thought the storyline was fun and intriguing. I also really liked the characters the author created in this story. I knew there was a reason that I liked Alexis Noelle's books....she dives right into the story without adding all the extra stuff we don't need to read about. This is really quick read with a good storyline, great characters, and some really steamy scenes. I only wish it would've been a little longer and we would've gotten to know more about Damon, but with the bombshell that is dropped later in the story, I can understand why we didn't. I can only hope that all my questions are answered in the next book.We meet Jessie and Damon in this book. Jessie is a broken soul who had a crappy upbringing. Her parents are drug addicts and are really kind of mean to her. As she grew up she knew she wanted to get away from that life and go to college to become someone. Well she realizes that that all takes money she doesn't have, so she turns to a life as a high class escort. She has been doing this for three years now and has turned herself into a person who doesn't let anyone in and is a cold hearted person (it's what helps her get through her job) That is until she meets Damon. He is hired on as her boss and to say that these two don't hit it off in the beginning is an understatement. But Damon is not one to back down. He eventually gets Jessie to open up and break down some of her walls only to turn her world upside down again. The banter between Jessie and Damon was great. I loved that Jessie didn't take any of Damon's crap and was willing to tell him off. I also liked that Damon was willing to give up on Jessie even when she tried her darndest to push him away.There was only one secondary character that stood out to me and I loved her just as much as I loved Jessie. Her name is Lo (Lauren) and she is Jessie's BFF and roommate. They have been best friends since they were young and Lo is the only one who knows everything about Jessie. I loved the bond that these two friends share and Lo's loyalty to Jessie was amazing. She is the BFF every person wants.I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a quick and steamy read with a unique storyline. If you are a fan of Alexis's books, like I am, then you don't want to miss this book!!!! Again if you aren't a fan of cliffhangers or books with an open ending, then I would wait for the other book to release and then read them together.To read more reviews go to Book Bitches Blog

  • Jaime Whitley
    2019-03-20 03:17

    Let me tell you! I love this book! It is a quick read and you won't want to put it down. The plot is great and the ending is even better!!! The characters are funny and the author makes it easy to love them! This is the first book I've read by Alexis Noelle but you can bet your ass I'll be reading the rest of her work! I can't wait for the next book in this series!

  • Ariana *mommy's late night book-up*
    2019-03-25 04:31

    5 Stars!!!Holy crap! This book has seriously knocked me on my ass. I want to simultaneously hug Alexis Noelle for writing such an incredible book and chase her down with torches burning for the hell she put me through with that ending! I have read every book Alexis Noelle has written, and loved each one, but Shattered Innocence is hands down my favorite book she has written to date. I was left with quite possibly the biggest book hangover of my life. I was completely blown away with the storyline as is it something so different from what Alexis usually writes, and she really took her writing to a whole new level with this one. A solid storyline with some of the most incredible characters, I was unable to put the book down once I started reading. There were so many twists and turns I feel like I may have whiplash… and that ending… OMG that ending! I remember messaging Alexis as I was reading telling her how much I hated her in that moment. She had warned me that I may not love her once I finished, but no amounts of warnings could EVER prepare you for the last 30% of this book. It was intense, heart breaking, jaw dropping and severe anxiety causing. MIND BLOWN!!!!!!I love love LOVE the three main characters in this book. Jessie is amazing! She is such a strong woman even after all the shit she has been through. Wanting to make something of her life, but not having the means to do so, she takes on a job as an Escort in order to pay her way through college. It's not a glorious life, but its a means to an end. Her best friend Lo is the only one in her life that nows what she does for a job The bantering back and forth between Jessie and Lo was HYSTERICAL and I am not ashamed to admit I may have peed myself a bit from laughing so hard. I firkin LOVE Lo and really think she should have her own spinoff book. And Damon… what to say about Damon. He's a arrogant ass who really throws Jessie's life through a loop. But Damn if he isn't one of the sexiest male characters! I loved him… I hated him… I loved him again. My feelings about him went back and forth more times than a cat chasing one of those little red laser pointer lights. And I must have banged my head against the wall just as much. The connection between Jessie and Damon was instantaneous and the chemistry was off the charts. If you want a fast paced story with amazing characters and a storyline that will kick your ass and leave you speechless, then this is one book you do not want to miss!

  • Michelle
    2019-03-23 05:43

    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review☆☆☆☆3.5 Shattered Innocence Stars☆☆☆☆☆Shattered Innocence by Alexis Noelle is a journey where innocence and love comes blurred when two worlds collide. Say goodbye to the good girl and hello to the college girl who makes her living on weekends by exchanging her body and time for survival. In the name of survival, how far would one go to support oneself? Are you willing to sell your body? In this book, innocence is shattered when Jessie Evans made that first step into the world of prostitution. Through the years, it has hardened her heart and made her put up walls. An insurmountable walls of Jessie’s heart begins to crumble when she falls in love with her boss, Damon. A man who books her time and who she reports to. When the lines of love and work are crossed, can Jessie say goodbye to the lifestyle that she was so accustomed to when Damno offers her to quit her job. Can Jessie finally let go and let him into her heart? What happens when she finally does let him, will Damon leave her shattered?Shattered Innocence is a quick read. It is a journey of one girl finding love and letting love in. And as for the ending, expect the unexpected. It is one hell of a twist leaving you feeling shattered and stunned. So if you are looking for a book that has steam, romance and one hell of epilogue, then go read Shattered Innocence.

  • Jo-Anna Walker
    2019-03-18 04:18

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.If I could give this book a million stars, I would. Amazing. Just...amazing.This is the second book in the past couple of weeks that have left me feeling this way. The first was Collide by Gail McHugh. It's that feeling of emptiness. That emotional distress over what you just read. The feels. Oh the feels. I had heard about this book from Alexis' editor and some other friends and I couldn't wait to dive in. I read it in one first I thought these people were crazy and I kept telling myself that this book couldn't be that emotionally gripping. Boy was I wrong!! It takes a lot for a book to tug at my feels. Well this one? My feels were tugged alright. I feel like my heart was just ripped out of my chest, stomped on, twisted and molded into a pile of mush. My heart hurts. Oh does it hurt.This book has some super hilarious moments and I LOVE the banter between Lo and Jessie. And Damon? Holy balls batman. He is yummy! The chemistry is off the charts!But the secret...the HUGE MIND BLOWING CLIMAX THAT THREW ME FOR A LOOP made me yell out. When the book ended, I kept pressing my screen hoping for more pages. But no. It's done! Now mind you, there is a book 2 but seriously! HOLY CRAP!I'm so emotionally hung over. Wow. Just wow. Well played Alexis. Well played.

  • Christine Stanley
    2019-03-01 09:19

    Oh my god this book!!!!I don't have a clue where to even begin with this one. I have read most of the Authors work to date yet this book was like something else completely. The growth and development as an Author is impossible to miss and an absolute delight!This story will suck you in from the very first page and leave you crawling on your knees groveling for more!It was hot, intense and absolutely full of twists and turns that kept you on the edge of your seat all the way through. The characters were freaking amazingly developed and left you not only wanting to have Damon as your own boyfriend but to have Jessica as your best girlfriend!I cannot wait until I can get my hands on the next book in the series!!!

  • Sanne Heremans
    2019-03-07 06:26

    ***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*** Sanne - Scandalous Book BlogWhat the hell did I just read?!! Damn you woman for that ending and that curveball a few chapters before.. I did NOT see that coming.. You better be having some sort of a sequel ready soon ;)I have never ever read a book with a female lead (Jessie) that cursed so much, she definitely knew her words... LolAnd dear old "Damon"... I'm going to let ya'll figger that one out for yourselves ;) I'm still flabbergasted over that ending.. I was crying one minute and than THAT came, I still cursing about is we speak!It was quick, it was different and a must read!

  • Katya
    2019-03-12 03:26

    3.75 Stars!!1Interesting girl who falls into hooking on weekends to pay for school....meets her new pimp and starts relationship with him. He falls for her and tries to get her out of the life-style. And oh boy is there a cliff hanger as this one ends-real shocker....This author really twists the heck out of this story. Really hard to put down once I started and it is a quick read. Not something I normally go for but I enjoyed it. I must get into the next book fast to see what happens.

  • Tracy
    2019-03-11 05:28

    I was waiting to find out what Damon's secret was but would never have guessed what was revealed!! Jessica and Damon were HOT.. Loved their connection, even when he was being a twat..This book had me in bits come the end, so much so that I immediately 1-C'd Shattered Lives and read that right away as I NEEDED to know what the hell was going on....4 stars

  • Monique Machuca-Austin
    2019-02-25 11:38

    ALEXIS NOELLE’S NOVEL IS A 5-STAR CAPTIVATING EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER PAGE-TURNER ... "1-CLICK" TODAY!Jessica Evans has grown up poor with drug-addicted parents, so she is determined to make a better future for herself with obtaining a college education. Without qualifying for any financial assistance, Jessica seeks employment as an escort on the weekends to pay her way through college. She is able to set her own rules and preferences for the types of clients she is willing to accept, until the rules are change on her when she meets her new boss, Damon Shaw.“Within seconds of meeting him, I have multitude of dirty fantasies running through my head.”Damon is hot as sin alpha male who is now scheduling and paying all the girls. When Jess and Damon meet for the first time, sparks start to ignite and the chemistry begins between the ice princess and the hot as h*ll devil.“Why are you the ice princess tonight? You should have just come as Elsa.” I give her the finger, which in her state causes uncontrollable laughter. “I’ve never seen that type of behavior from a Disney princess!” “Yea well Tinkerbelle didn’t go around grinding on the lost boys so I guess we are both failures.”With Jess and Damon’s feelings changing for each other, Damon starts to have difficulties sending Jess on her appointments knowing she is an escort. Then a major incident occurs, that will leave you on shock! Thank goodness, Alexis Noelle was kind of enough to leave us an epilogue for the next novel to ease the cliffhanger she through us off.“I get that I hurt you Jess. I’m sorry. Let me in. I can see you want to. Let me be there for you. Let me see the part of you that you hide from everyone.”Alexis Noelle does a magnificent job writing a captivating story that will have you feel as if you are on an emotional roller coaster of COMPASSION, SADNESS, ANGER, DISTRUST, DECEPTION, LUST, HOT SEX SCENES, and LOVE. SHATTERED INNOCENCE will capture your attention immediately and will be unable to put the book down. SHATTERED INNOCENCE does end with a cliffhanger, so I cannot wait for sequel, SHATTERED LIVES, to be release so we can find out the rest of Jessica and Damon’s story! ‘1-click’ SHATTERED INNOCENCE immediately, you will not be disappointed!“Love is the strongest of all the emotions. It has the ability to control your head, your heart, and your senses all at once. It can completely overtake you before you even realize its presence. It has no rules that it follows and there are no guide lives for how to achieve it. You either feel it or you don’t, there is no gray area, and no in between.”Alexis Noelle’s novel, SHATTERED INNOCENCE (Shattered, #1), receives 5 AMAZING STARS!

  • multitaskingmomma
    2019-03-17 09:24

    Original Blog Post: Blog Tour, eARC Review, Excerpt: Shattered Innocence (Shattered #1) by Alexis Noelle4.5 out of 5 StarsShattered Innocence sounds like the typical story of love and lust found on the wrong end of the tracks, but Alexis Noelle was able to successfully redo the usual theme and create something that's uniquely hers. Jessica is the usual brash college girl working her way through school by taking any job she can. One day, she lucked out and found herself applying to be an "escort," which is apparently just another word for prostitute. But while she's good at her job, she doesn't dream her life would end up like Pretty Woman and she'd find her white knight ready to sweep her away from the tawdriness of her current life. She's just too much of a realist for that. So she keeps her distance to help her keep her mind and doesn't let anything of her clients bother her. In fact, she could almost say they bore her to death! Until she meets Damon Shaw and he shakes parts of her she thought dead and buried. Why is this infuriatingly mysterious man so interesting? And why does he insist on treating her like a human being instead of a piece of meat?Damon is involved in more than anyone knows and it's becoming harder to keep his secrets from Jessica. He doesn't want to hurt her with his possessiveness and tries, unsuccessfully, to convince her to leave the business. But Jessica has learned the hard way that it's not worth it to rely on anybody apart from herself. With both of them approaching the relationship from different ends of the spectrum, will they be able to stay together at all?This mystery/erotica tale is one that would keep you entertained on a lazy weekend. Jessica isn't your usual heroine, with an unbelievably potty mouth and an armor so thick it's virtually impenetrable. Her vulnerability keeps her real, aside from her insecurities about why Damon would care more than anyone else. But he slowly opens her eyes to more possibilities, better ones for her. But if there's anyone here that makes an interesting character, it would be Jessica's best friend, Lauren. She speaks her mind, supports her friend, and is ready and willing to do anything to keep her safe and sane. This woman deserves a book all her own!One question, though. It wasn't too clear to me why Tasha would willingly hand everything over to Damon. I'd think that "more personal time" would be a pretty flimsy reason - unless it ties in to something in the next book?So, Alexis Noelle, with an ending like that to Shattered Innocence, you better get working on Shattered #2, and fast!

  • Kim Howlett
    2019-03-05 09:30

    Shattered Innocence. Alexis Noelle 4stars This is the first book I've read by Alexis, but I can guarantee it won't be my last.Shattered Innocence was a very fast paced, quick paced read that you will strip ugly to put down. So make sure you have a afternoon free before you start reading this one.Jessica Evans is on her own. Growing up her parents were poor and they just couldn't care less about her at all. All Jessica's ever wanted out of life is to make something of herself and show she is worth something as well prove everyone wrong. Jessica thinks going to college is the only way to make some thing out job her life, but college is very expensive and she just doesn't gave the money . Then she meets introduced to Damon Shaw. He has just took over the day to day running of a escort agency. Damon and Jessica bump heads immediately, and Damon is determined to show Jess that he is in control. But Damon has a secret , is he all he seems? I loved Damon, he was a very hot, sexy guy who was very mysterious. I love that he likes to take charge and needs control over everything and everyone. Yet Jessica comes in and shakes up all he's ever known.I couldn't work out his Damons intentions were true and he was going to the right person to help Jessicca have a better life. Because he was so mysterious it kept you wondering if any any point Damon was going to yurn and a big secret was going to come out.because of this the book kept me very intrigued and wanting to know more and more.Jessica is such a strong women. You have to admire how she's been through do much but managed to pull herself together and make a life for herself. She's a very courageous women and I admired her. Damon and Jessica are a good match, their attraction is instant and their chemistry together is very hot. They make a very good team, until all the secrets and kris come flooding out and it ends in a whoopingingly huge cliffhanger. The story had a few ups and downs and twists and turns through out to keep you interested. The book was quite short, but it did take me by suprise and make me go through a roller coaster of emotions throughout. One minute I was happy, laughing, the next I was weeping and struggling to hold back the tear. I liked even though it ended in a cliff hanger that the cliffhanger was completely unexpected. It was BOOM!!! I love a good ending like that. Makes me want to desperately read the next book and I'll be stalking the author to find out when I can find out what happens next.I wish it was slightly longer so I could get abit more background knowledge and depth in places, but overall it was a great book and i can't wait until the second part.

  • Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk
    2019-03-17 04:42

    I received this book by the Author for an honest review. This was a quick read once I picked it up it was hard to put down. I loved the dynamics between Jessie and Damon and Jessie and Lauren. Jessie was determined to make it on her own with no help and by her own rules. Damon was determined to show her he was boss and that she didn’t have to. Then there is Lauren who well is just Lauren. Jess does what she has to in order to pay for college. She sets her own rules, even though others cannot, that is until she gets a new boss Damon Shaw. Jess is strong willed and does not like to be told what she can and cannot do. Damon is all alpha and determined to show Jess he is the one calling the shots. The chemistry between these two is awesome. Damon can be an ass but he has his awe moments too. Jessie even lets the ice thaw around her heart and lets Damon in and then…. (Oh that’s right no spoilers sorry guess you’ll have to read the book. Trust me it is worth it.)I also loved the friendship that Jess and Lauren, or Lo as Jess called her, had and it was a great part of this book. They were the best of friends and it showed throughout the book. I absolutely loved Lo she cracked me up the entire book. She would say whatever was on her mind whenever it came to her it didn’t matter the time, place or who was around. If she felt the need to say it she would and her Disney analogies were the best. This was a great book. I was hooked I fell asleep reading at night and picked it back up the next morning to finish it. When I was done I was saying NO this cannot be the end and was trying to turn the page for more. The twist that Alexis put in was remarkable I never saw it coming and it was a sucker punch right to the gut. Well played. Now I have to wait for the next book. Some of my Favorites: I watch as Damon gets of the car, half expecting him to open my door. Does he? Nope. Where are all the damn gentlemen? Not out with the hookers!“Why are you the ice princess tonight? You should have just come as Elsa.” I give her the finger, which in her state causes uncontrollable laughter. “I’ve never seen that type of behavior from a Disney princess!” “Yea well Tinkerbelle didn’t go around grinding on the lost boys so I guess we are both failures.”“Yep. But I know your ass loves me no matter what you say. Remember less Maleficent more Princess Aurora.” Lo and her fucking Disney analogies.“I get that I hurt you Jess. I’m sorry. Let me in. I can see you want to. Let me be there for you. Let me see the part of you that you hide from everyone.”“You aren’t going to push me away. I’m not going anywhere.”

  • Sarah
    2019-03-17 09:29

    Jessica Evans only wanted a normal life: a loving family, graduate high school, and get through college. The loving family was not something she had. Her parents could care less what she did. College isn’t for everyone, because who can afford it on their own? At what lengths would you go to get the education you know you deserved? Damon Shaw comes into Jessica’s life like a wrecking ball. He takes over the day to day operations at the escort service where he meets Jessica. Damon is set on showing Jessica who has all the control and who gives the instructions. Jessica doesn’t want to let her guard down to allow the undeniable attraction to Damon. They constantly challenge and try each other. Damon is not who you think he is. Will they survive when the truth comes out? I’m going to start with what I didn’t like first and then tell you what I do like because that list is longer. I don’t understand why authors feel the need to give you a cliffhanger. I think by loving their book you want to continue to read more. I don’t know if they think that by leaving you on the edge that is going to make you want to read their work more or what? Anyways after venting on that note, I felt like I couldn’t figure out Damon Shaw the entire book. What was his deal? He was hiding something. He seemed like the perfect guy but yet did he have commitment issues, or was he ashamed of his girlfriend? What I was not expecting was the truth that Jessica finds out the hard way. Will she be innocently shattered by the one that she finally lets in after letting her walls down little by little only to be left broken hearted? I loved this book because my perfect book boyfriend is the dominating, tattooed, bad boy that no one can resist. I strive to have this and a happily ever after. I don’t always get both. So when the truth comes out, and you finally get answers, you are given a twist in the story that you had no idea was coming to be left with so many unanswered questions. Which path will Jessica choose? Did she do the one last thing that Damon asked of her? I also loved the hot steamy moments that Jessica & Damon shared. I gave this book 4 stars and I absolutely have to have the next book. I have to know what happens. Just a side note from me, I would have read the second book without question without a cliffhanger. I still loved it, but was heartbroken when it was over.

  • Renee at Book Happiness
    2019-03-16 04:16

    Reviewed by Chantel Where do I begin! I love this book! The storyline and characters are well written and developed. You feellike you are part of the story. This is a hot and suspenseful quick read that you will not be able to put down. I love the way Alexis Noelle captures you attention and you cannot turn the pages fast enough. Jessie is a sassy and feisty girl that has to fight to get what she wants out of her life. She is willing to do what it takes to accomplish her dreams. She lets no one stand her way until the hot and tempting Damon steps into her life.Damon will melt your heart and your panties. He is a sexy dirty mouthed bad boy that will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. The thing about Damon though is he is not what he seems to be or who he leads you to believe. The secret he is hiding can destroy Jessie’s life, her education, and career.The chemistry between Jessie and Damon is explosive from the very beginning!While reading this book I had the feeling that I was missing something because I knew something was not right about the whole situation with Damon, but I just could not put my finger on it. I absolutely love how you are kept in suspense until the secret Damon is hiding is revealed at the end, but is this the only secret he is hiding from Jessie?The cliffhanger will have you wanting more of this story! So, keep out an eye out for the next book in this series Shattered Lives (Shattered, #2). Hopefully Alexis Noelle will have book two out soon because I am ready and wanting the next book! I highly recommend this book! There is the perfect amount of angst to keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to turn those hot pages faster.*Complimentary copy for a review

  • Erika Sterns
    2019-02-25 03:42

    So I'm a HUGE Alexis Noelle fan and This was her best yet, I could not put it down!!! Jessica is freaking awesome and I love her sharp comments. She is fun and outgoing and I loved getting to know her! She is feisty and a lady of the night. Jessica is an escort! She doesn't love her job, but it's what pays for school and she consider it a means to an end. That is until the hotter than hell Damon takes over the scheduling and paying of the girls! The rules change and Jessica has to see more of him then she cares for. Relationships are messy and not what she need, but Damon doesn't care! He is in her face from day 1 and can't stay away. She punches, he pulls, and it gets hot and heavy!Jessica doesn't give in easy, but let's be serious, we all know she will! But of course things are easier said then done. Jessica can't quit her job and Damon can't stand the thought of sending her out each time knowing what she's going to be doing. THEN something happens that freaking blew me away and I did not see coming!!! I compare it to being run over by a freaking train!! When the truth comes out hearts are broken, and I'm not sure they can be fixed.... But the epilogue, will have you holding your breath for book 2. OMG what an ending.This really is a must read! I loved the story line and loved the build up of the characters throughout. Yea it was instant attraction but they still took time getting to know each other. It was a good build up and not the annoying hearts and flowers from day 1. The flow of the story was great and the dialogue between the characters both fun and serious. I thought I knew where things were leading but I was SOOO wrong! I can't wait to read more from Alexis Noelle and I definitely cannot wait for book 2!!!!!!!!!!Rating: 5 stars

  • Ali Crawley
    2019-03-21 08:32

    I received this ebook as a part of a book discussion that we will be having on April 5 and I am so very excited! This story takes you back to college and the struggle to balance money, life, and your grades. What would you do if you only had yourself to rely on for the money you need to go to college? Is there a limit? How far is too far? Jessie never thought she would be doing what she does to get by but she only has herself and so she decided years ago it had to be this way... she sells what brings in the most money in the last amount of time, orgasms and sex education. It's not what she wants to do but she only has to work 2 days a week and can focus on college the other 5 so she gives men what they want without any regrets, and definitely without a man. Until she meets him! Damon is taking the reigns of the business for a little while and is changing up the rules. It's his way or the highway and no amount of pouting will change that, even from her! From the moment they meet there is a pull between Jessie and Damon that neither one of them wants to give in to but can they fight it? Is everything as black and white as we want to believe? Can they survive her selling herself?Alexis Noelle has done a great job pulling you into this story of survival, friendship, love and loss between Jessie and Damon and Lo. Jump right in abd don't be afraid to feel and love abd live for even just a little while.

  • Spunky N Sassy
    2019-03-10 11:39

    ~~~~Sara's Review~~~~~I was given an ARC for my honest opinion.What can I say is OMG I didn't see that ending coming. The title is true to its word because you think throughout the book this is just some other love story with very hard challenges. But after that ending I am shattered. I am an emotional wreck. I can say two things I never that deep of a betrayal coming.Jessica has no family in terms that she considers except Lo her fried. They live together and Lo knows everything and still loves Jessica. In order to be able o go to school she has worked for an escort service to pay for what the scholarships have not covered. Tasha the owner calls her in one of her nights off and this is when she meets Damon. Damon is instantly attracted to her and even though he doesn't like what she is doing he understands her reasoning. He tries to stay away but he can’t and they start to fall for each other. But Jessica knows that Damon is hiding something only thing is she thinks it is her. She never saw what he was really hiding coming from a mile away. Even after the betrayal she still loves him but her decision to contact him is taken away from her when the ending of all endings is here. Alexis Noelle doesn't just shatter you once in this story just when you think your heart is back together from the betrayal she throws another heart breaker and you are shattered all over again. Will my heart ever be put back together? I sure hope so.

  • Sara Prevendoski
    2019-03-21 03:45

    I was given an ARC for my honest opinion.What can I say is OMG I didn't see that ending coming. The title is true to its word because you think through out he book this is just some other love story with very hard challenges. But after that ending I am shattered. I am an emotional wreck. I can say two things I never that deep of a betrayal coming.Jessica has no family in terms that she considers except Lo her fried. they live together and Lo knows everything and still loves Jessica. In order to be able o go to school she has worked for an escort service to pay for what the scholarships have not covered. Tasha the owner calls her in one of her nights off and this is when she meets Damon. Damon is instantly attracted to her and even though he doesn't like what she is doing he understands her reasoning. He tries to stay away but he cant and they start to fall for each other. But Jessica knows that Damon is hiding something only thing is she thinks it is her. She never saw what he was really hiding coming from a mile away. Even after the betrayal she still loves him but her decision to contact him is taken away from her when they ending of all endings comes. Alexis Noelle doesn't just shatter you once in this story just when you think your heart is back together from the betrayal she throws another heart breaker and you are shattered all over again. Will my heart ever be put back together. I sure hope so.

  • Ashley Martinez
    2019-03-27 05:35

    I received this book from the author and from Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.Shattered Innocence is a contemporary romance.Jessica Evans has had to fend for herself when her parents decided to get high and drunk rather than care for her. In an effort to make ends meet she gets into prostitution to pay for school. She lives with her best friend and who she considers her only family.Damon Shaw becomes the new boss and takes over. Immediately, he and Jessica butt heads. Their arguments turn into sexual tension and a relationship develops. Damon is determined to show Jessica who is in control but for someone who is fiercely independent that becomes a challenge. When Damon's secrets come to light will they hold together or fall apart?It was a short easy read. It honestly took me awhile to get into the story. I enjoyed the ending though and the way it left off for the next book. Jess is an independent girl who is used to standing on her own and prefers it that way. Damon is used to getting what he wants. They obviously clash and ignite fire.I would have liked to see their relationship develop more. I hope the Jessica's character develops more and she grows into a better person. I don't mind swearing but there was a little too much in this story.This is for a mature audience there was a lot of swearing and sexual situations.I would rate this book 3 fangs.

  • Books Laid Bare
    2019-03-11 11:37

    There is so much going on in this book that I was completely swept away is a sea of angst and attitude.Jessica is living a life littered with compromise, putting herself through college is only possible by working and the only job she can get that will cover all her bills is the one she doesn’t really want to have to do but needs must and she is determined to have her education no matter what. But getting my head around what she did and for who was a little more complicated because once Damon is appointed boss, it is blatantly obvious that the status quo is about to shift.Jessica likes him and he likes her but the fly in the ointment is her job!He knows what she does but that doesn’t mean he likes it, in fact he would rather she did anything else but she has her reasons and being dictated to by him is not going to change her mind. The two of them were so infuriating that I found myself itching to beat the two of them. Damon got on my nerves to start with but I wanted them to at least have a shot at a relationship but could they find a happy medium? I’m happy to say that by the time I reached the end of the book my emotions were back on an even keel but the path to that position was far from smooth. These are characters that will make you work hard for their story, they give nothing up easily …oh and that includes the ending- it’s a cliffy!!!

  • Desirae (Dee)
    2019-03-10 09:42

    Alexis Noelle i freakin hate you right now. Okay, I still totally love you but these cliffhangers are KILLING ME. I swear you sleep at night dreaming of ways to get readers all sucked in and in love with characters, only to rip our hearts out but still leave us a shred of hope. And like everyone else, I'm holding on to that damn shred like my life depends on it damn it! First of all, Alexis writes amazingly. Her stories suck you in. They're so relateAble. So real. Like someone you can see yourself sitting next to in class and chatting with. Or having a drink with after a crappy Friday night. And the relationships. The sarcastic pain in the ass best friend who's seen you at your worst. Or the man who breaks down your walls even when you don't want him to. The man you can help but fall in love with. She gives us those perfectly. You fall for him just as much as Jessie. You're confused and overwhelmed and obsessed just like her. Then it happens. Alexis throws a damn wrench in the plans you never saw coming. Completely from left field. Oh but it doesn't stop there. She then tackles you from the back so bad you don't know which side is up. At the end you're just left hurting with your jaw on the ground. That is how I felt after reading this. Yeah, pulverized. Please Alexis. Tell me you're writing a book two!?! If not, I'm tackling back!

  • S.N. Williams
    2019-03-04 03:45

    This book is a short, sexy, hot read. It was on fire. The sex was point on. The sex was rough and animalistic. Can you tell I liked the sex?Jessica Evans works at an escort service. From the beginning of the book you get into her work life. She is very determined, strong, but yet still has her weak points. You really do feel for her because her life was complete crap. Now her being an escort girl is actually paying her way through school so you have to at least give her a high five for that. She is a working girl just like any other college student.Damon comes on the scene when he is hired to take over the day to day work activities. He is in charge somewhat. Now this man is fine as hell. He has tats. He has muscles. He has dark hair. He has a demanding personality. He got me hot.Damon and Jessica’s relationship in the beginning is all work with teasing. He is a butthole to begin with. But that doesn’t stop Jessica and her smart mouth. She can give just as much as he dishes.This book to a turn on me that I had no clue was coming. This book is a great read and I hope to see a sequel because I need more.I am giving this book 4.5 hearts.

  • Stephanie Phillips (Stephanie's Book Reports)
    2019-03-06 07:22

    I beta read this book for the author - meaning I helped with the molding of this story before it reached bloggers or readers. Alexis Noelle has the ability to create stories that are not run of the mill cookie cutter stories. I never quite know where she's going to take me, as the reader, through her story. This book, though I knew where it was going to end up, was no exception. I wasn't prepared for the various events in the story that lead to the cliffhanger ending.I will say that I found the characters endearing and the story was quick to read through as it unfolded. Overall I thought this was a great story and I looked forward to hearing what everyone else thought as well. It does have the ability to make you want to throw your kindle at the end of the book. The great things about Indie authors is you never have to wait long for the follow up. As a reader I would definitely recommend you read this story. I believe you will love these characters and even though there's a cliffy at the end of the book you'll enjoy the story as well. There is a method to the author's madness.

  • K.A. Graham
    2019-03-24 06:21

    Shattered Innocence is such a fitting title for this story and the journey it takes you on. It’s a short read, but chocked full of lies, betrayal, and steamy hot sex! Jessica is a girl that’s been on her own pretty much her whole life, not having what you would call a stable family. In order to further her college education, she steps into a job she never dreamed possible, but feels she has no real choice in the matter. Her mind is on work and school, with no time for much of a personal life, and with such a rough past, she tends to shelter her heart and emotions. In the midst of all the chaos, she’s thrown for a loop when she meets her new boss. Damon Shaw is the walking epitome of an arrogant alpha male, who you know is hiding deep dark secrets of his own. They have an instant attraction, which turns into a love to hate you kind of relationship, with hot as hell sex thrown in. It moves a little too quickly for me, but in the end, their chemistry is absolutely undeniable. Secrets and lies come to surface, and I was left dumbfounded for sure. What could possibly happen next, I know I’m dying to find out!

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
    2019-02-25 10:33

    Jessie - a simple college girl , escaped her parents , living with her bestie and struggling to survive. Her job is a crazy one and I didn't expect it at all. It was a bit hard to stomach at times but it is sadly real life for some. Lo and Jessie did have a very unique friendship and I did get caught off guard by a few of their interactions BUT their friendship runs deep and goes back years so I got used to it. Once Damon entered the picture I was excited yet annoyed. Man he was playing her like a yo-yo and as much as I didn't expect her to give in I also saw how weak fighting him off was. He was a yummy piece of work. Ironically I did NOT see that ending coming , I must be slow !! It was well played out and that twist gave way to so much more being able to happen. I was scared and heartbroken for Jessie but so very curious with what exactly Damon was doing. Now it is no surprise Damon and Jessie are super hot together - I mean panty melting , Lo had some pretty funny one liners and I have to agree with her !!

  • Heather Carver
    2019-03-02 06:44

    This book was good. I enjoyed reading it, but it was too much pushing and pulling between the H/h. It is full of betrayal, lies, hot sexy and a lot of angst. Jessica is surviving the only way she knows how. She doesn't like what she does, but it is the only way she can pay her bills and have time for school. She knows once Damon becomes the boss man she is in trouble. She is attracted to him and she doesn't want him to know what she does. Even though he already knows. How can she ever have a guy like him? Damon is a jerk. He is so hot and cold. He is the cause of all the pushing and pulling in their relationship. He can't make up his mind what he wants. He knows he wants Jessica, but he doesn't like what she does. Can he find a happy medium? Can they even have a relationship? This book will take you places you are not prepared for. I was so flustered through this book because of the hot and cold act. But the ending is all worth it. Yes it is a cliffy, but you shouldn't have to wait too long for book two!!

  • The Book Fairy Reviews
    2019-03-23 09:34

    Once in a while you read a book that leaves you completely hollow and lost because you want it to go on. This is one of those books. Jesse is strong willed and closed off, which gives her a tough exterior and sassy mouth. Damon is the ultimate alpha male that knows what he wants and will let nothing get in his way. But can Damon handle the Jessie with her sassy mouth and even sassier job?The titled of this book clues into our innocence not of the world and the ugliness in it. The innocence is of the heart, when we let some on in, that is when we are the most vulnerable.Jessie has that type of innocence, because she knows that when she finally lets down her guard and gives her heart to Damon, and he breaks it.... she will completely shatter.A beautiful story that left me wanting more. I want to see her heart healed I want to see his determination come to fruition. They are a beautiful love that I won't get enough of!Hot and sexy. Deeply emotional and fun. Mysterious and unexpected. These are the phrases that describe Shattered Innocence for me!