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Including a free poster of the family tree for the Dollanger Saga, this set features Flowers in the Attic, If There Be Thorns, Petals on the Wind and Seeds of Yesterday....

Title : Dollanganger Boxed Set: Flowers in the Attic / If There Be Thorns / Petals on the Wind / Seeds of Yesterday / Garden of Shadows(Dollanganger, prequel-4
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Dollanganger Boxed Set: Flowers in the Attic / If There Be Thorns / Petals on the Wind / Seeds of Yesterday / Garden of Shadows(Dollanganger, prequel-4 Reviews

  • Kerry Kenney
    2019-04-23 16:55

    Did anyone else sneakily read these books in grade school and love every forbidden minute of it?

  • Alexa
    2019-05-04 16:13

    I stumbled upon these books when I was ten or eleven. My poor mother had nooooo idea! I was immediately obsessed with V.C. Andrews, and devoured every series. This one is the best, though. Even now, more than twenty years later, I can remember the mood of the novels, the dread, the longing, the forbidden passions.Now, since reading these, I have gotten a degree in literature, so I can in no way endorse these as life-changing or intellectually stimulating. But they are perfectly 'what they are' - juicy, scandalous, riveting, horrific nuggets of guilty-pleasure reading.

  • Deepthought
    2019-04-24 10:10

    Why wasn't Garden of shadows included ?I have written an analysis of the first tow book on the Dollanganger series Fita and Potw read that first. This is the second part of my review. For good measure I included GOS.***Book 3 -If there be thorns.The technique Andrews uses here is of a second, third narrator to discredit Cathy in case you didn't get the hintBart's transformation into a killer echoing some of their ancestor Malcolm, Catherine, Garland, the second Corinne.Jory's growing awareness that gives you a closer voice to Chris as a child."Try as I might, I resented what they were doing, what they had done, risking scandal, risking ruining my life and Bart's, Cindy's too, and all because one man couldn't find another woman to love. And that one woman must have done something to keep him hopeful and faithful. " Jory (If there be Thorns).What becomes very apparent here is that the prime antagonist is actually not Corinne but Malcolm. It is a brilliant literary device of not introducing us, the reader overtly to the antagonist, we see merely a glimpse of Malcolm through accounts, the protagonists never meet him. It is just through descriptions from other characters and his diary that we gain insight into Malcolm. His spirit lives on when he makes Corrine realise her sin and turn into killing her children (more about that later), through Cathy's revenge previously now through John Amos Jackson, and then Bart using Malcolm's diary.Bart's quote "if there be thorns""Why was everybody doing bad things to everybody else and calling the excuse "inheritance" So we can finally state : - prime protagonist is Christopher Sheffield and prime antagonist is Malcolm Foxworth Why Corinne turns up here will be initially is to take avenge Cathy. To steal her children away from her. Corinne believes Catherine doesn't truly love Christopher, that she seduces Christopher and turns him against Corinne. She believes that Cathy's evil, seductress ways are selfish. she wants to take turn Cathy's sonsw against her as Cathy turned her son against her.However when Corinne and Cathy are imprisoned in the basement, she realises that Cathy actually is really in love with Chris. And the reason she stole Bart from her mother was to avenge her mother for making her fall in love with a man she couldn't have. That's why Corinne gives her life to save Cathy in the end.*****Book 5- Garden of ShadowsNotice I changed the order of explanation?!!"My father always taught me that when something was terribly wrong, there was a reason. And the reason was always hidden. If one wanted to know the truth, one should search for it." "But Olivia" he had cautioned me," when you search the shadows to find that truth, often you find things more horrible, more painful than you would imagine. " Garden of ShadowsWe finally meet the primary antagonist, Malcolm.This book also tells us why Corrinne and the first Christopher's love couldn't be justified. Corinne seduces her uncle to hurt her father MalcolmChris's quote "if there be thorns""When your father's younger half brother walked into Foxworth Hall at age seventeen, did you immediately seize hold on an inspiration?- the supreme way to punish your father for making you hate yourself. Did you set out to make our father fall in love with you? Did you? Did you hate him in a way too because he looked like Malcolm. I think you did. I think you schemed and plotted to wound your father in the one way that would shatter his ego most, so that it might never recover. And I think you succeeded! You eloped and married the younger half brother he so despised. And you thought you'd won in two ways. You had stung him where it hurt the most. Now you had the power to gain his tremendous fortune through our father!- but it didn't work did it ? I haven't forgotten those days when we lived in Gladstone, when I overhead you pleading with my father to sue, to get what was rightfully his. But our father refused to co-operate. He loved you and married you for what he thought you were, and not for the money you kept dreaming about."Christopher Garland the fourth (Corinne's first husband) steals his half brother's daughter their love can't be justified, it was a impetuous act, one that had immense ramifications which Cathy and Chris suffered for. Cathy's quote "Petals on the Wind""So when Alicia had a son, you suspected that child was your ownhusband's, and that's why you hated our father, and why you sent for him, deceiving him into believing he'd found a good home. And you educated him and gave him the best of everything so he'd have a taste of the good, rich life and be more hurt and disappointed later on, when you threw him out and left him nothing in your wills. But my father fooled you instead, didn't he? He stole your only daughter, whom you hated too, because her father loved her more than he loved you."Hint here is that Christopher Garland Dollanganger (Chris and Cathy's dad) researched his background when he left Foxworth Hall.Finally why Corinne tried to kill themThe point of all this is to give you the answer as to why Corinne killed her children.Bart's quote "if there be thorns""Why was everybody doing bad things to everybody else and calling the excuse "inheritance"So can using the clues in the book let's build a case for the antagonist, Corinne. What were the intentions behind her actions ?" Joel can tell us more about our mother when she was young, and what life was like for all of them, and perhaps when we know the details, we will be able to understand how she could betray us, and why the grandfather wanted us dead. There has to be an awful truth hidden back in the past to warp Malcolm's brain so he could override our mother's natural instincts to keep her own children alive." Chris to Cathy (Seeds of Yesterday)Corrinne finds out that she actually "married" her half brother not her half uncle which was a bigger sin (Malcolm tells her). That's the detail that made her want to kill her own children. Throughout the series it is hinted that Corrinne and Christopher Snr were brother and sister and the true extent is revealed in of this is confirmed in "The Garden of Shadows". Corrinne was seeing signs of her children suffering hidden inflictions for her sin of marrying brother. The twins didn't grow, and her two older children were becoming sexually attracted to one another. She actually knows this and tries "not to see ". She tries to take away her fears by buying Cathy small girl's clothes. She tries to save her children by killing them rather than living with that realisation similar to Oedipus's mother/wife killing their children when she learns of her sin. The reason why this revelation of Corrinne and Christopher Snr is hinted rather that explicitly stated in the book, is that it is a clever subterfuge by Andrews to highlight Catherine our prime narrator's inability to comprehend her mother's actions or to find "forgiveness" as demonstrated by the following "Appealingly Chris gazed into my eyes, making his heart and soul vulnerable for my scorn to injure. "I'd like to hear about our mother's youth, Cathy, so I can understand what made her the way she turned out to be. She wounded us so deeply I feel neither one of us will ever recover until we do understand. I have forgiven her, but I can't forget. I want to understand so I can help you to forgive her . . ."Garden of Shadows also leaves us with what happened to the first Corinne ! There is a hint in Flowers in the Attic about a woman shoved into the trunks.She begins to hate her half uncle because he should have know he was actually her brother.****Book 4- Seeds of YesterdayThe key thing to remember "in mathematics, no matter what the variable is, the axioms remain the same". There is a pattern to this book. That's why the uses and play on the word doppelganger.This is to round up the seriesJoel now takes on the role of Malcolm the primary antagonist through, he gained some insight into the deeds through olivia's diary (25 years later) that's why he returns to get rid of the seeds of incest.But also to realise there is a pattern in everything. Chris was always waiting for Cathy to become aware of her true self. At the end when he dies, Cathy consciously realises what Chris knew all along. She finally makes sense of it all before she dies she becomes awaken to there is a pattern in everything." I saw him racing on his bike yards ahead of me, then slowing down deliberately so I could catch up and we'd both reach home at the same" Cathy (Petals on the wind). He was merely waiting for her to to catch up.Chris quote on death Seeds of yesterday"Life is a gift, and perhaps death is another kind of gift"Cathy "Seeds of yesterday""As I walked on and on alone, but for Chris's spirit, it came to me that there was a pattern in our lives, and nothing that had happened was coincidental."Cathy finally realises consciously what her brother knew all along ! She finally realises that she did have perfection and with that realisation she finally ascends the stairs to the attic one last time .... The authors view on death and reincarnation :-"That dream was to haunt me many a day, pleasantly. It gave me peace.It gave me knowledge I hadn't had before. People never really died.They only went on to a better place, to wait a while for their lovedones to join them. And then once more they went back to the world, inthe same way they had arrived the first time around."If you haven't guessed it by now this is a microcosm for the human story. The compelling story of a family's betrayal and heartbreak, love and revenge. The family is actually the whole of humanity. The secrets they learned in the attic ( higher place) is the story of human history. Human beings have the the ability to hurt, kill and destroy (the bad gene) and the only saving grace is our ability to love. The doppelganger pattern.Mm, the universe is sure strange, I am currently reading a Dean Koontz book and a hour ago came across a single word to sum up my thought - "SUBTEXT" -" the underlying, implicit meaning of the story, which the writer never directly expressed". "-the readers did not need to be consciously aware of the subtext to enjoy a story fully, because if the tale had been told well, they would subconsciously absorb the implicit meaning." I just wish more people could be aware of the subtext in these novels, because this story isn't just good - it is sublime when they fully understand.There is more always ... But I will leave that up to you.Hope you enjoyed this :- please if you have more info check out my facebook account Neisha Chetty or catch me on twitter @NeishaChetty.

  • Aby Ramos
    2019-05-03 12:53

    I read this book when I was in elementary school and I had no idea it was for adults. I thought is was some type of mystery book but then I realized it was very twisty. I like the whole series and sometimes I forgot that the two lovers were related. They are teenagers trapped in an attic and are forced to grow up in order to take care of there I guess the incest would be justified....somewhat.

  • Elina Tola (Bookeliina)
    2019-05-06 10:58

    Es "Dolendžendžeru dzimtas" grāmatas izlasīju ~12 gadu vecumā, kad lasīju visu, kas nebija piesiets. Protams, ka vecumam galīgi neatbilstoša lasāmviela, bet tad man pat prātā nenāca, ka es varētu būt pārāk jauna kādai grāmatai. Tagad atkal piefiksēju šīs grāmatas bibliotēkas plauktos un nodomāju, ka varbūt jāsameklē autores "Kastīlu dzimtas" grāmatas (kas nav vēl lasītas) un jāpamēģina ar nu jau ne tik naivām acīm izlasīt.P.s. Pameklēju nedaudz informāciju un izrādās, ka tomēr šīs grāmatas tomēr ir paredzētas jauniešiem :D

  • Bernie
    2019-05-03 14:03

    I was griped by the story when I read the first book Flowers in the Attic. After that I had to read the rest of the series. It is not a heart warming tale and shows how dark some religious people's souls are to children by treating them with such indifference. By regarding them as the "Spourn of Satan" and locking them in an attic for years shows how dark it gets. It has a few sub-stories such as the mother and father's relationship. The background to the mother's life and the grandfathers influence on matters. The main story is about the children, their lives before the attic, the relationships and bounds they form in the attic and the affect the attic had on not only their lives but the lives of their offspring.Some characters are just bad at heart or have no heart while the children are the ones you are rooting for. I gave this four stars because I found the second book slightly long winded but apart from that I would recommend this series of books to everyone. This is a series that I want to read again.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-15 14:17

    I can't help but love these books so much, out of every book I've read in my life time, these have been the only ones I just can't put down, the drama, the love, the hate, and the passion, the lies, and the truth finally coming out during the prequel. So great, I love the setting, I love the plot, I CRIED when I finished the first four books because I felt like I actually got to know Cathy, and be with her for awhile, I think about these books DAILY, it's such a haunting story, one you can never forget, and one you'll fall passionately in love with, and trust me. These books will keep you up all night just wondering "What's going to happen now!"

  • Steven Walle
    2019-05-18 16:56

    The flowers refered to in the title of this book are four children,Chris the oldest boy, Cathy the oldest girl, and the twins Corrie and Carie. They are locked in the attic after there Dad is killed by a drunk driver. Their Mom and Grandmother try to kill off the children one by one. I enjoyed this read very much and would recommend it to all.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

  • Allison
    2019-04-29 12:05

    Read these books whilst still in high school and have gone back to read them countless times. At the time I was reading mainly Danielle Steel and this ws something of a shocking read to me then. Something in me was really touched by the characters of Catherine and perhaps Christopher even more. The last book made me cry so hard. Absolutely loved these book.

  • Jessica B
    2019-05-12 15:57

    Imagine having a great life and having it taken away from you in the snap of a finger. In the book, Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews, Cathy, Chris, Cory, and Carries lives are ruined when a tragic car accident kills their father and leaves them with their now widowed mother. Join the journey of four kids trying to stay alive while watching their mother turn on them. You’ll feel their pain, struggle, and lust as you read along. Chris, Cory, Carrie, and Cathy are four siblings who love there lives. They are not rich or poor but they’re middle class. They have a family who loves them and food on the table. Yes, they have they’re ups and downs, they’re happy and sad moments, but besides that, they’re life is pleasant. Until, there father dies in a tragic car accident. Their mother can’t take care of them alone so they are forced to go live with their rich grandparents with their mother. Their mother is forced to earn the dying grandfathers respect back because he took her out of his will because she married and fell in love with his young cousin. The children are locked in a room struggling for survival because the grandfather can’t know about the kids until he dies because he hates kids now, so they have to be hidden away until he is gone. As the months go by, the mother stops visiting the children and she stops bringing them toys and food. They begin to hate her because she has turned on them and now they have to take care of themselves. Struggling to stay alive and healthy, they learn many hidden secrets and they realize they can trust no one. Reading this book was a really good idea. I am really happy that I listened to my friend’s advice about finding it. As I read on, I felt as if I was experiencing the characters lives with them. For example, when the two younger kids, the twins, Carrie and Cory, began to cry because there mother hasn’t came in days, the older siblings, Cathy and Chris felt very upset and bad for the two twins. There was such detail that it made understanding their emotions easy. Passion, hurt, struggle, its as if it all happening to you. This whole book was amazing. When the kids father is killed in a car accident, there whole lives turned upside down. This reminded me of how when my grandfather died, mine and my parents world became sad and scary so I understood what they were going through. There is not one thing I would change about it. The author described everything so thoroughly and perfectly that it was hard not to fall for this right away. It was like you were right next to them, feeling there pain and seeing the tears dripping from there eyes once they realize there mother had betrayed them. From a 1 – 5 rating, this book deserves a 5. READ IT!

  • debbie vowell
    2019-05-10 11:19

    ok, In flowers in the attic the mother came back to get back into her fathers good graces. The reason being is she had married her uncle. YOU NEED TO READ GARDEN OF SHADOWS! I though it explained everything! Anyway yes she married her uncle but, her mother did not want her father to know about the kids or her would not take the daughter back into the family. the father would have though the children (even though they turned out perfect) were devil's spawn. Don't want to give to much of it away if you are going to read the book. just wanted to keep the story line going.Good books but, trashy and the poor girl Cathy does not know which man she should love! Poor Chris Can't find anyone who messures up to her and the twins.... well Cory did dye in the end of the first one and if you really want to know what happenend to them all I can tell you but, don't want to spoil it for others.

  • Tessa
    2019-04-23 12:55

    I think I first read this series when I was still in elementary school and I started rereading them in the last week or so. I have to admit that they still fascinate me and the story pulled me right back in again, me being aware of the rumors of the first one being a true story only making it more fascinating to me. A lot of people complain that the writing isn't very good and the story much of the same over and over (they have a point) but for me it didn't ruin the books the first time and I have to say, it still didn't. Maybe it's nostalgia for me, these are the books that started my love of reading. I'm pretty sure they where the first - of many - that I read. I never had a dirty feeling associated with the books either, my parents had no problem with me reading this... probably because they had no idea what I was reading, pretty sure they created a bigger buzz in the US then it did in my part of the world and even if it did, they would have been glad with me reading, not restricting what I was reading. Anyway i'm getting of topic; the rest of this review will contain spoilers:(view spoiler)[The first two are definitely the best in my opinion, the third and the fourth drag a bit to much for me, plus the characters of Bart and Cindy never really grew on me. Cindy character in the fourth one is just dumb, childish and annoying and everybody makes way to many excuses for Bart plus his many other horrible ‘charismatic’ qualities. My god, that boy needed a reality check. Especially in the fourth one I was just rooting for Cathy that for once she would have told him how it is. She never does. & all of them staying to save him!? & in the end we have to believe that he is saved? He only acted normal again because Chris was dead. That ending with Bart and Cindy singing on stage was not believable at all to me.Joel was another one of those characters. It doesn't make sense. He obviously was behind everything that happened but it never really gets adressed and in the end he just disappears back to Europe? The end felt rushed.A lot of people really dislike the relationship between Cathy and Chris and truth be told I would have liked them to have been happy with other people but the way it played out felt natural to me. It doesn’t give me a icky feeling at all, it made me think of the stockholm syndrome. A way for someone to cope with what is happening/has happened. Her relationship with Paul raises just as many questions as hers with Chris but you don’t hear nearly as many questions being asked about that. Daddy issues and pedophilia being the first topics I would raise. Me being the sick psycho I seem to be had no problems with Paul either, welp atleast i’m being honest, right? -.- I think my favorite of the men in Cathy’s life was Bart, if I had to choose who she had ended up with, it would have been him. Julian was the most tragic one I guess, can’t really feel bad for the bastard but still, atleast Jory came out of that, which brings me to my next one:My favorite of the new ones was Jory, his story is heartbreaking. Melodie is just one of those typical characters only Andrews can come up with, did she really have to go to Bart? I could have handled her cheating with anyone, just not Bart. Nothing could have hurted Jory more and for all the things that asshole did, this was the one I hated him the most for. & it never gets adressed again because poor Bart can’t help himself… Yeah screw that and him. I’ll tell you. F#CK YOU BART, YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT. Perfect moment for Cindy to go after Bart since she had a great reason – which she not always had – and what does she do? She goes after Melodie! Yes lets shame the women again. She should and could have but Bart got off way to easy. I also have a bit of a problem with Toni sleeping with Bart before she gets together with Jory, I mean really? I forgot about that one, I remembered Toni, just not that little detail. She didn’t have to be virgin, don’t get me wrong but because it was Bart, with both of Jory’s women and all that; is just felt wrong again. I really love all the original characters but Corrine is my all time favorite. I remember being really excited about her appearing again in If There be Thorns and the feeling was still there when I got to that part again. I always wished there was a book dedicated to just her, I still feel like not everything about her is clear. What she says and what she did/does are conflicting & I would love to have been inside her head throughout the entire first book and especially when she found out her children escaped, same goes for Olivia btw. Really think it would have been a wonderful edition to the series if another book was published with Corrine’s POV’s during the big moments – her returning from her honeymoon, Cory’s dead, Cathy’s big revenge at the end of book 2 etc. – in her story. My feelings about Corrine are so messed up, I feel sorry for her and I hate her, I loved every minute of Cathy's revenge on her, she had that one coming and still I felt like she really didn’t mean for it to happen as it happened, and then I second guess her again. Her character is just the best thought out in the the series if you ask me. I think I would have hated it if in the end she survived and her children forgave her but in a way I wanted it to happen too. I just can’t explain how I feel about her. My next project is watching the movies, hoping it will reveal something new about her. Fingers crossed!(hide spoiler)]I've only reread the first four books, so my review only covers those ones and while I had some problems with the books I still feel like they deserve the four stars I gave them.

  • Suzanne Stewart
    2019-05-19 09:01

    These books I read long ago. The whole series is so gripping and I couldn't put them down! I love 90% of all the VC Andrews books and she's again, another of my favorite authors. When I found out shed passed away. I never thought there would be another as good as VC Andrews! But her daughter took over. I believe, and they're still my "go to" books...for old times sake!

  • Stacey Speers
    2019-05-05 16:16

    I really enjoyed the switch in perspectives from the boy to the mother, but the boy (Bart) seemed unrealistically disturbing and the contrast to Julian surprising. I guess I just didn't like the story as much.Im impressed I still remember the names though, seeing as it was a few years ago I read it!Certainly a memorable book.

  • Jennie
    2019-04-25 17:06

    I read these in jr. high, which is so screamingly inappropriate I can't even stand it. They still live in my mind as some of the trashiest, kitschiest, most overblown, overdramatic drivel ever written. Therefore, they have a very special place in my heart.

  • Michelle Moloney King
    2019-05-04 10:19

    Christ, these books terrified me and yet I loved them as a YA.

  • Jocardo
    2019-05-12 11:05

    Okay...I read these books years ago but they were SO MUCH FUN!!!! May not be the best written, or the best plot but they sure are compelling!

  • Laniece
    2019-04-28 16:21

    I'm a huge VC Andrews fan!! Yes, I realize every single VC Andrews book is the same as every other VC Andrews book...but that's kinda what I like!

  • tracy
    2019-05-08 17:16

    I read these books as a teenager but probably should'nt have the subject matter was more adult.

  • Laila Doncaster
    2019-04-26 12:04

    Captivating, to say the least, VC Andrews grasped my full attention when I was very young. Other novels in the Dollanganger Series - 1, Flowers In The Attic; 2, Petals On The Wind; 3, If There Be Thorns; 4, Seeds Of Yesterday; 5, Garden Of Shadows - Be sure to read this series in order, you won't want to miss a thing. Touching, brilliant, cruel yet tender, one day I will read it through yet again. A fantastic read for anyone, young adult to adult.

  • Danielle
    2019-05-13 09:17

    I first read Flowers in the Attic as a teenager. I found my mom's copy of it and read it behind her back. I haven't read it again until this year. This time I read the complete saga. I truly enjoyed reading them. I f I was stranded on a deserted island they wouldn't come with me but I would definitely read them again.

  • Juwita Jalil
    2019-04-23 17:02

    Such an addictive read. The struggles makes the plot so interesting.

  • Carolyn James
    2019-04-30 09:58

    Up till about 2006, I almost read exclusively V.C. Andrews. They were twisted, they were dramatic, and they were like reading a soap opera. Looking back, I’m glad I branched out. These were pretty dark and formulaic. Every series had an incest relationship, someone going from rags to riches, a crazy mother who has a mental breakdown, and someone who would end up in a wheelchair. The Dollanganger series is the original template for this pattern. In one way it’s better because it’s before Andrews was written by a ghost writer so the writing is a little better, but on the other hand the incest is really heightened in this one. In other series you discover the incest isn’t as bad as first presented (due to an adoption, baby snatching or affair subplot) but this one is straight up brother and sister marriage via a cousin parent marriage. A little weird fascination for the author but I won’t nag on it any longer. I think every girl has to go through the phase of reading trashy exciting novels and V.C. Andrews fits the bill. Not a masterpiece but I won’t hate on them too hard. Worth a check out if you are a young gal (but I’d suggest maybe the Heaven, Willow or Ruby series over this).

  • Laura
    2019-05-08 15:12

    [3.6 rounded up] yea some of the content was messed up but I loved the series, the writing was so captivating I couldn't stop reading them, when I finished the series I couldn't help but feel like I had missed it ------For the record I went into reading these books without knowing anything about the seriesI felt really emotional so many times through out the series, it was well done, her writing is amazing The only things that bother me was that in the last 2 books there were some things left unsolved, and I'm pretty sure the author did that as a way for us to come up with our own conclusion to what happened but the way it was done I wish she would of just told usAlso I think Chris would of been a better choice of main character instead of Cathy

  • Laurie
    2019-05-18 13:56

    I liked them, & I didn't.I read these when I was a teenager. I don't think the twisted nature of these books was good for a young naive mind. I felt bad for the children, no-one should have to live like that.I still remember the smut that I read that upset me, yet kept me wondering about what else was in the next book. I don't think these are books that young minds should read.Actually, are they really good for anyone to read? I wonder why the author would write books like this? It certainly wasn't a decent or normal way for them to grow up.This work of fiction goes too far towards depravity.

  • Deodand
    2019-04-21 16:07

    Quite simply full of trash. I read these books under the cautious eye of my librarian mother, who gave the yea or nay to my choices at a vulnerable age. I hope no one goes about taking these books too seriously - I sure didn't, even though I was young & fairly naive when I read them. One has to wonder what was going on in Andrew's mind to make up a story like this.I am giving these books 4 stars because they were a delicious treat to me in my teens, I liked them a lot but didn't take them to my heart. They were more like a slice of cake than a meal.

  • Nadine
    2019-04-26 15:09

    The first book is a classic. I was rather unhappy with the rest of them. The stroy could have been really creepy and interesting if the author would actually bring her hints into full circle. For crimy sake- explain the grandparents and tell us what this whole thing is about instead of these partial hints that do not get resolved and that we then decide are just annoying and the authors attempts at generating continued interest in dribble. The first book though- that should be read!

  • Melanie
    2019-05-15 17:10

    Well my star rating on this is based purely on my love of these books as a tween and teen. Take from that what you will. At the time I read these books I was banned from reading them, they were stripped from the school library, my friends and I shared a contraband copy....we inhaled every book and loved them. Childhood rebellion or truly a good read? Hard to say... My tastes have matured but a good rating for the nostalgia of it all.

  • Shell
    2019-05-12 14:57

    Originally read Flowers on the attic at school. Found it shocking. Both the fact that kids were locked away and died and the incest story line. Reread the whole series years later. Got used to the incest bit. is a recurring theme for VA. Flowers in the attic, Petals on the wind are witten by Catherine. If there be thorns by her sons Jory and Bart. Seeds of yesterday is back to Catherine and Garden of shadows by the grandma Olivia. All readable and disturbing

  • Liz Wahba
    2019-04-24 11:53

    Encompassing a series as a whole, it really is one of the most complete stories I've ever read. The characters are so well developed that years after reading these books, I still think of Cathy and what she went through, the way she reacts to things, the kind of ice cream she likes... I feel as though I know her. These books are phenomenal and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys emotion.