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About Book One, Meredith Out of the Darkness:Meredith Beck is living the perfect life. She has a thriving career she loves and an apartment in New York City with the man of her dreams. But when she is devastated by tragedy, Meredith must rebuild her life in what she discovers is a shockingly less-than-perfect world.In Book One, Meredith Out of the Darkness, Meredith stumblAbout Book One, Meredith Out of the Darkness:Meredith Beck is living the perfect life. She has a thriving career she loves and an apartment in New York City with the man of her dreams. But when she is devastated by tragedy, Meredith must rebuild her life in what she discovers is a shockingly less-than-perfect world.In Book One, Meredith Out of the Darkness, Meredith stumbles through her day-to-day responsibilities without passion or hope. Her mundane routine is pleasantly interrupted when her brother introduces her to Nick Kelly, a quiet painter from a small town in Maine. Meredith is drawn to Nick's love of nature and is comforted by his purity of heart. They begin a whirlwind romance, and as they plan their future together, she is delighted to have found peace once again, this time in a simple life far removed from the fast-paced life she's known. But they are haunted by the past, competing with ghosts and desperate to meet unreachable expectations.Full of colorful characters and leading the reader on an emotional journey from Philadelphia to Maine, Meredith Out of the Darkness is about two people's awakening to a world of possibilities. But when their different visions of perfection come between them, the question remains: what is true perfection?The Meredith series is a romantic, soul-searching serial of women's fiction. With three cliffhangers culminating in a heartwarming conclusion, it chronicles Meredith's remaking her life after tragedy and her relationships with three men, each finding his way in his own journey. Carrying her experiences with her, Meredith emerges stronger, wiser, and at peace as she discovers the beauty of an imperfect world.Book 1: Meredith Out of the DarknessBook 2: Meredith Against the WindBook 3: Meredith Into the FireBook 4: Meredith With the Waves...

Title : Meredith Out of the Darkness (Meredith, #1)
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ISBN : 9780991279609
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Meredith Out of the Darkness (Meredith, #1) Reviews

  • April Wood
    2018-12-05 03:26

    “What did she have to do–what sacrifice did she have to make–to prove to the universe that she was ready to be happy.”Meredith is a teacher working on her Master’s degree, with high hopes for her future. She has been swept up in a new relationship, and refuses to settle in life. Wide eyed and optimistic, she is going to make her life perfect.Several years later, tragedy strikes. Grief stricken, Meredith is consumed by darkness. She moves back in with her parents to try to get her life back on track. It’s time for Meredith to reevaluate her future, and redefine “perfection”.“I don’t think it’s about the perfect life… I think it’s about the perfect peace.”Meredith’s brother Vince comes home, and with him he brings his buddy and co-worker Nick. Nick’s quiet voice reflects the quietude of his soul. For the first time in a year, Meredith doesn’t cry herself to sleep.Finally, Meredith wants to move forward, and climb her way out of the darkness…My Thoughts:I’m torn between whether or not Meredith’s loneliness stems from her grief, or something deeper. I think I will have a better impression of her with the next Meredith installment. Her behavior reminded me of someone who is afflicted by borderline personality disorder.I absolutely love Meredith as a character. She couldn’t possibly be any more likeable. And I enjoyed the family element to the story. Big brother Vince was an excellent supporting character, and the brother I wish I could have had for myself.I loved the subtle, sexy love scenes in this novel. Author Amanda Gale’s subtle seduction was much more powerful than had she have went into full-out overkill by describing a graphic sex scene. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an erotic romance. However, since her writing wasn’t meant to be erotic, I didn't feel the need to examine Meredith’s sex life with a flippin’ microscope. In other words, Author Amanda Gale made good choices when she crafted Meredith’s sexual encounters.I’d also like to mention that the cover art, done by Adara Sanchez Anguiano, is superb! I love having these beautiful books on my shelf!What I Liked The Most:The characters were extremely likable.I enjoyed the pacing of the novel, and I look forward to following Meredith in the next installments.I enjoyed the Author’s writing voice.The story itself was extremely appealing, and it held my interest.What I Disliked:Oh, Nick! You idiot!!!!!!!!!!Recommendation:I would recommend Meredith Out Of The Darkness to fans of romance, and fiction that centers around a woman’s experiences.***In the interest of full disclosure, I was provided with a copy of Meredith Out Of The Darkness, by the Author, in exchange for a fair, thoughtful, and honest book review. This is no way swayed my rating.

  • Sheri
    2018-11-26 09:27

    Meredith Out of the Darkness (The Meredith Series Book 1) by Amanda GaleMeredith Beck lives the perfect life. An apartment in New York and the perfect job. Then her world comes tumbling down. Trying to enjoy her new life, (she) is haunted by her past. Her life has become one big routine. Then she meets Nick Kelly. Nick is a painter from Maine, and very good friends with her brother Vince. He has a different outlook on life. She is drawn to his kind heart and his approach on life is appealing to her. Their romance adds color and spark to her life. Could he be the answer to her happiness? Will their differences pull them apart? Is Nick the answer?Well written, we watch Meredith on an emotional journey struggling with her past, trying to accept her new life and new man. Meredith is very likable, her problems are believable. Her relationship with her brother adds more to her already complicated life. An enjoyable (emotional) story, with likable characters that left me wanting to know more. I look forward to reading more of Meredith's life in book two;Meredith Against the Wind, Book three Meredith Into the Fire & Book four Meredith With the Waves.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-16 08:27

    This was a perfect book to get lost in. Meredith drew me in and I really felt for her for all that she had been through and the way she was still able to open her heart again. Nick was a quiet beautiful force in the story, and some of their interactions, especially toward the end just gutted me. I also loved all of Amanda Gale's beautiful descriptions and reverence for nature. I will definitely be reading more of this series.

  • Tiara
    2018-11-24 07:29

    More like a 3.5, but on the generous side of 3.5.

  • Lisette Brodey
    2018-11-14 05:33

    When Meredith’s life is shattered by the death of her husband, Adam, she leaves New York City and returns home to Philadelphia. Being a young woman; having married the perfect man, she never expects to find herself alone and grieving. But she is.Living at her parents’ house (while they are away), her brother Vince comes to town from Maine and brings a friend, Nick Kelly. Before long, the attraction between them undeniable, Meredith and Nick find themselves in a relationship … and then in love. Nick is very different from Adam, who like Meredith, was a teacher and lover of literature. A free spirit, a man who is connects with nature, Nick shows Meredith a very different kind of love. What makes this book such a supreme read, is the way author Gale has drawn her characters. They are distinct, flawed, uneven, insecure, passionate, stubborn, and real. I loved that Nick is so different from Meredith’s late husband Adam. She embraces Nick for what he gives her and doesn’t wish to change or mold him into the man she used to have. She feels that happiness is hers again. But it’s not that simple. Not for either one of them. What seems like it should be so easy: isn’t.The relationships between the characters were so very real and relatable … painfully so at times. The story is beautifully written, taking the reader on a parallel journey to where life unexpectedly takes us all. I really look forward to reading the rest of this series. This book was too enjoyable not to do so.

  • Colleen
    2018-11-23 04:36

    The most beautifully flawed and heart wrenching characters come to life, as long time friends, in Amanda Gale's "Meredith Out of the Darkness". From reading a preview of "Catherine and the Wind" last year (with characters that I absolutely, positively, adored), along with snipits of the other books in the series, it is apparent that Amanda Gale's amazing talent lies not only in her unique ability to create wonderfully written story plots, and her fabulous character development, but also in her ability to weave those plots, characters and their histories together into a serendipitious gestalt where the whole is so much greater than merely the sum of it's parts!!! This brilliant author is becoming one of my all time favorites and I will try to get her other books in the hopes of meeting old friends. I don't know if Nick will be back, but I don't think the remarkable love that he and Meredith share should be allowed to go unfulfilled. This is one exceptionally talented and gifted writer!

  • Jenny Lakomecki
    2018-12-12 04:31

    Fantastic book!!! It's written so well that one loose themselves in someone else's world forgetting about what lies ahead in their own.

  • Stories Unfolded
    2018-11-27 07:49

    I loved reading this book. It's about a woman named Meredith trying to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. When Nick comes along she finally thinks she can move on.I'm very excited to continue reading the four book series of Meredith's journey to find herself again and find love again.I would recommend this book to those who enjoy reading romantic love stories with characters who have sad backstories.

  • Gina
    2018-11-15 08:49

    This was such a lovely, sensuous, romantic read. I've read other Amanda Gale before, and I'm glad I finally got a chance to read this, her first book. I really felt for Meredith and the hard times she's faced, and was swept away as she fell for Nick. The descriptions of nature in Maine and the heart-wrenching interactions between Meredith and Nick toward the end were particularly strong. I feel very connected to these characters and will definitely continue this series!

  • Megan
    2018-12-08 03:39

    What a beautiful story! Meredith is a lovely character with whom the reader immediately falls in love. This book was nearly impossible to put down, and I immediately dove into book two to find out what happens next!

  • Debra Sharpe
    2018-11-13 03:48

    An enjoyable read. Really liked the characters and the settings, and am anxious to read the next one.

  • Jennifer Sable
    2018-11-30 04:55

    Amanda Gale writes in such a way that the settings and characters are vivid and real. The story is engrossing - I read the whole book in one sitting!

  • Patsy Fox
    2018-12-12 03:42

    I loved this book. Good story and good writing. I would have given it a 5 star rating if it had not been a cliffhanger. A gut wrenching cliffhanger.