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Caitlin Star’s first solo outing shocked readers with its relentless, nihilistic, and graphic take on the YA dystopian genre. Now, this riveting stand-alone sequel launches the unforgettable action figure femme into the realm of mythic superhero. Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever is a colorful, exotic, brutal, exhilarating, action-packed adventure novel with shadesCaitlin Star’s first solo outing shocked readers with its relentless, nihilistic, and graphic take on the YA dystopian genre. Now, this riveting stand-alone sequel launches the unforgettable action figure femme into the realm of mythic superhero. Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever is a colorful, exotic, brutal, exhilarating, action-packed adventure novel with shades of Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, and Tarzan of the Apes.Caitlin is a warrior trained by Gunner Star in the ways of the Bull Mongoni, a mythic species of hominids that lived long ago. The Bull Mongoni philosophy is to strengthen the mind and the flesh, to protect the earth and its creatures, and to fight for those who have no voice. When Yellowstone Park was under siege by the Big Oil Mafia and North America held hostage by right-wing extremist President Tony Perkins and his Moral Authority militias, Caitlin Star led a revolution. She and her warriors protected the National Parks, defeated Perkins and his self righteous goons, and restored free-thinking to America.It was but a temporary victory. Backed by the billionaire Cantor brothers and under the guise of a new charismatic leader, Senator Ben Cross of Texas, the Moral Authority has spent the last two years growing stronger. Now they have teamed up with a para-military gang known as the White Hand, have taken control of Central Africa, and are intent on destroying the only remaining patch of pristine rainforest on Earth—a place known as The Last Eden. When a cross river gorilla is sadistically murdered, Caitlin is called into action by Azrael—a.k.a. the Black Knight—a fellow Bull Mongoni warrior with roots in the Congo. Now she must defeat the White Hand, battle the militia of a ruthless Uganda dictator, and face down a mysterious figure who is manipulating everything behind the scenes for a devious purpose that will threaten every living thing on earth.It is up to Caitlin Star to save a paradise, free a continent, and rescue the entire planet itself. Caitlin Star is our last hope....

Title : Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever
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Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever Reviews

  • Sam Arnold
    2019-03-14 13:40

    Caitlin Star is a hero of the future a modern day vigilante with a good measure of Lara Croft. I loved the first book in this series and it is always with trepidation you start the second in a series. I was not disappointed in anyway. This book is as good as the first if not better. The novel consists of an excellent mix of character development and all out action. The action scenes are well written but are not so lengthy that they get boring or tedious. There is a political feel to the book but this does not deter me from reading more. There are some excellent quotes about how corrupt religion can be and always make me think of one of my favourite quotes "Religion is flawed because man practices it" The action is fast flowing and I read this book in a day. It is enough of a standalone to be read on its own although the first is well worth a read so I urge you to seek the series out. I have to say I get a feel that this book would also make an excellent graphic novel as well as novel. If I had to have one negative in the story the constant chanting of the Bull Mongoni matter can get a bit tedious but this is the only negative I can find.The heartfelt ending and some of the main characters feels round this book of perfectly and I can't wait to read the next book.

  • Rick
    2019-03-03 13:22

    Disclosure: I purchased this book with my own money as a paying customer. This is an unsolicited review.“Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever” is an addictive read. I ended up reading this book during the same weekend I saw “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” at the movies. It made for the perfect double feature. The philosophy, the atmosphere, the texture of the action and the writing; this book series and that movie franchise share a similar structure and outlook. They also share a wonderful sense of imagination. And like “Dawn”, beyond all the action and mayhem, “Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever” is a book about friendship and a character’s journey.“Caitlin Star” introduced us to a violent, brooding, and dark near future where corporate fascism and anti-science/anti-environmental forces have sent the world spiraling down a dark path. Although it really does work as a stand-alone adventure (to a point), “Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever” builds on that by giving page time to Zahn, a villain introduced toward the end of the first book. What makes a villain great is when we understand their motivation. We get why they do what they do. We may even agree with the principle, but at a certain point they cross a line where the method becomes madness and the villain must be stopped. Koba has this type of character arc in “Dawn”. So does Magneto in the “X-Men” books and movies. Zahn is this kind of antagonist to Caitlin and her "Bull Mongoni" master Gunner.This book has all the action of its prequel “Caitlin Star”, including mutated form of the gladiatorial “Stadium Games” that made the first book such an exciting, edgy read. But “Guardian” has far more character development, or to be more precise, character moments. Caterino allows room for the emotions to breathe and the middle section contains a wonderful romance that works far better than I thought it would. This action is relentless in this beautifully paced story, but in the end it really is piece about the destiny of a character, and Caitlin Star is a great character.To summarize, “Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever”, is a fast paced, emotionally affecting science fiction dystopian adventure. Readers of the “Hunger Games” and “Divergent” books will enjoy this, as should fans of the “Planet of the Apes”, “Star Wars”, and “Avatar” movie franchises.

  • Amy
    2019-03-10 09:39

    I just loved this book. I ended up reading it in one session, all through-out the day and into the the night, something I rarely do. The story and action just move. The pacing is fierce, the imagery vivid, the characters larger than life and memorable, especially the main character, Caitlin Star.Caitlin Star is such a great action hero/superhero, with dark, complex shadings of gray. The back blurb compares her to Tomb Raider or a female Tarzan, but I see her more as the modern version of a Roman Gladiator with a mix of Samurai. When she is in action (which is most of the time) she is spectacular. But some of my favorite scenes in this novel were the character moments and some of the quieter, emotional moments. The author manages to sprinkle these in quite skilfully without ever letting the relentless pacing slack.As far as how to classify this book; is a dystopian science fiction action adventure with a YA/NA heroine and slant. This is an intense book with graphic violence. The villains are well, villains, who do bad things. There is a big epic battle scene, and it is brutal, but spectacular and the action is just riveting.Reading the first "Caitlin Star" does help, but is by no means necessary to enjoy this. This book is a serious page-turner, full of big ideas and relevant themes, action, and most of all, a great title character.

  • Alana
    2019-02-22 11:31

    I went into this book with huge expectations for several reasons. I love strong female leads, especially when it comes to action heroes. I am a huge "Tomb Raider" fan and when was excited to see it used as a reference in the back cover blurb. I love dystopian type science fiction adventures. And lastly, I have enjoyed several of the author's other books, especially the first "Caitlin Star" novel.All of those lofty fangirl expectations were met, and this novel actually surprised me in a number of ways I was not expecting. It even manages to improve on the original; there is much more Caitlin in this book and more chapters written from her point of view, as a matter of fact almost all of them. This fast paced story is quite epic. The action is relentless (and often brutal and very intense. There is more romance, the characters deepen, and the African jungle setting is amazing. Caterino writes very visually. His imagination is tremendous. He takes the reader right down inside the scene and makes us feel the action. "Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever" is a page-turning visceral blast of entertainment and Caitlin Star is a GREAT character! I really enjoyed this.

  • John
    2019-03-13 05:35

    Sequels are tough to pull off, especially when the original is such a unique, imaginative book. "Caitlin Star" combined the superhero and YA dystopian genres in a graphic and relentless action packed adventure. There simply is nothing quite like it. Caitlin Star herself is a such a formidable character I was worried that any future adventures might not be ambitious enough for the character.Any such apprehensions were tossed aside within the first few chapters as Caterino's storytelling skills once again grabbed me, pulled me inside the action, and took my on a wild ride."Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever" builds (and surpasses) smartly upon its predecessor. The characters deepen and we feel the emotions they have for each other. Even the "Bull Mongoni" philosophy is utilized in a way that is closer to what is at its core, a Native American/Avatar style protection of the forest.There is a much stronger science fiction element in this book than the first, and it adds a whole new dimension to the overall story line. But, (and this another ingenious aspect of how the author threaded the needle here), "Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever" works just find as a stand-alone action adventure story, as well as being part of a bigger, overall epic. I feel like the author is in complete command of this story and the characters. This is confident storytelling at its best.To paraphrase Master Yoda; if you seek action and adventure, then "Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever" is the book for you.

  • Ashley
    2019-03-09 13:33

    An action-packed, riveting page-turner that had me emotionally involved with the plot and characters from start to finish.The first book "Caitlin Star" is sort of an origin story set in a contemporary/near future dark utopia where Caitlin is taken on as a protege by a vigilante anti-hero named Gunner Star and trained to become a Bull Mongoni warrior whose philosophy in based on a mythic species of lost hominids. Along the way she meets her first love Tyrone, and grows to become the a leader of a new revolution. In the second book, "The Guardian of Forever", the epic story moves in unexpected ways. "Guardian" is very much an "Empire Strikes Back" or even "Catching Fire" kind of sequel in the way it surpasses the original.I read the prequel and this book in less than a week and just could not get enough. I am absolutely dying for the next Caitlin Star book, and might check out a few of James J. Caterino's non-Caitlin books in the mean time.

  • James Caterino
    2019-03-08 05:31

    Top five influences on ‘Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever’ philosophy of Caitlin Star Star timeline Search for ‘Caitlin Star’

  • Alan
    2019-03-12 10:38

    Addictive. Incredible writing talent. Great story. Both books had everything a good book needs, compelling plots, well-rounded characters. One of a few books I have read so far that would make for an interesting movie. I look forward to more from this author.

  • Dakotabookgeek
    2019-02-26 07:25

    Discovered the first "Caitlin Star" book by accident and absolutely loved its uniqueness. So I went straight into this next entry and was blown away by the sheer entertainment of this page-turning adventure.Truly these "Caitlin Star" would make outstanding movies. I actually likes this book even more than the first. It is much more of a pulpy adventure than the first book and even more jam-packed with action and all sorts of cool stuff. The characters deepen as well and there are some truly moving emotional moments in this epic story. Action, humor, heart; "Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever" has it all.

  • Kya Aliana
    2019-02-20 13:31

    On a scale of 1-5 stars - this goes to a whopping 10!James Caterino has done the unthinkable: written a riveting sequel that is even better than the first! This is undoubtedly a truly remarkable book with something for every YA reader. This book has it all, folks, so snatch it up while you can. With his many previous books (Caitlin Star, Action Figure, Video Noir, She, and that’s just to name a few) Caterino has set a very high standard in YA fiction… with Caitlin Star and the Guardian of Forever, he’s raised the bar! If you’ve read just one of his books, you know what to expect, you’re looking for that special something he puts in all his novels: This is no exception! Personally, I’ve grown to expect a lot out of his books and I was excited but nervous to read this book as sequels are so tricky to get just right; I can say with all honesty this book FAR exceeded my highest expectations.This is what you want to read; this is THE book you’ve been looking for. It holds more action than the first, more drama, more intensity, and an even more intricate plot. Caterino truly captures the essence of his outstanding characters, but mostly Caitlin Star. He has written the female hero that everyone is searching for: that you may have once thought Katniss was. Trust me, Caitlin trumps Katniss in a split second, but you don’t have to take my word for it: read it for yourself!This is not just story; this is an exhilarating journey that you will take alongside the characters. You will experience their fears, their hopes, the unforgettable action, that special and treasured touch of romance, you will find yourself attached on a heart level with every single character you come across. This journey gets deeper and deeper as the story moves along, and the more read, the more you can’t stop. Each chapter is a new enthralling installment of an epic story-line that will most certainly live on throughout many generations.So what are you waiting for? Get in on the action!

  • Charles
    2019-03-02 13:31

    Rip-roaring, pulpy action adventure delivers on all the big set pieces. Very well paced and plotted, James J. Caterino has a real knack of taking us right into the action. Vivid and visual writing, memorable characters, relevant themes, and surprisingly moving. Some of it was quite emotional Really does work as a stand-alone book because I have yet to read the first book, but I will be for sure now. Looking forward to reading more "Caitlin Star" as well as other books by this imaginative author.