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This charming collection of collective nouns flash cards is colorful, whimsical, and sophisticated, and can also be used as decorative wall art....

Title : A Raft of Otters: Collective Nouns Flash Cards from A to Z
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ISBN : 9781452106328
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A Raft of Otters: Collective Nouns Flash Cards from A to Z Reviews

  • Charlesvan Buren
    2018-12-01 02:10

    Some of the nouns appear to be made up with no academic provenance. A source of entertainment perhaps but not to be relied upon.By Charles van BurenThis review is from: A Compendium of Collective Nouns: From an Armory of Aardvarks to a Zeal of Zebras (Kindle Edition)From the beginning I was suspicious of the validity of some of these collective nouns. The cover of the book upon which these flash cards are based contains two of those about which I have doubts. Why would a group of aardvarks be called an armory other than the sound of the words? The same is true for a zeal of zebras. For both terms the source referenced in the internet listings which I consulted is this book itself. (Though there is a business in Alaska called Aardvark's Armory.)Rereading the forward and the introduction of the book, I found that, in the forward, the claim is made that the authors did not create any of the nouns themselves. The introduction clears up some of the mystery, "We approach them as they were originally presented: a healthy and lively mixture of terms of utility, terms of jest, and terms of poetry. We include many phrases that would probably make a well-schooled English lord from the fifteenth century scoff at our ignorance (Shakespeare himself often made game of gentlemen who did not, as in Hamlet, know “a hawk from a handsaw”), and some whose etymological lineage is of dubious merit. We include many modern terms, some presented in jest, some presented in the same respectful spirit as the classic terms of venery. The Internet has seen a blossoming of homegrown collective terms: Some of them are quite terrible, and some were clever enough to include here, but for the most part we tried to list only those that have some attributable source or, barring that, a prettiness to their turn of phrase that we couldn’t resist." The problem is that the entries in the book do not cite sources or otherwise inform the reader of which entries are jest, of dubious merit or included simply for prettiness of phrase. As a result the book may be entertaining but it is hard for me to take it seriously as a reference. The flash cards are worse than useless. They actually teach misinformation.