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Book #6 in the Scorpio Stinger MC SeriesRazor & Lexi's STORYIt’s rawer, it’s grittier and downright dirtier than any of the other Scorpio Stinger MC books. If what’s happened before has shocked and delighted you, get ready to be rocked on a whole new level. Meet the anti-hero and the spitfire in SHOOT THE MOON. Shoot the Moon 1. To attempt the near-impossible. 2. To taBook #6 in the Scorpio Stinger MC SeriesRazor & Lexi's STORYIt’s rawer, it’s grittier and downright dirtier than any of the other Scorpio Stinger MC books. If what’s happened before has shocked and delighted you, get ready to be rocked on a whole new level. Meet the anti-hero and the spitfire in SHOOT THE MOON. Shoot the Moon 1. To attempt the near-impossible. 2. To take a risk for great rewards. 3. To set one’s sights high and try for something that one wants badly, but for which realistically the probability of success is not good. anti-hero 1. Morally ambiguous and flawed hero who is hard and jaded and not entirely pure but has hidden noble intentions. 2. A bad boy with heroic qualities. spit·fire [spĭt′fīr′] 1. A person, especially a girl or woman, who is of fiery temper and easily provoked to outbursts. 2. Wild & free. Someone whose angry words sting like fire. Considered strong emotionally & spiritually. 3. Someone who you don't want to be on the bad side of. SHOOT THE MOON Razor has some heavy boots to fill. He’s always lived in the shadow of his brothers and he’s sick of it. Lexi is wild and out of control. She won’t be told what to do and she has a filthy mouth that’s gotten her into more trouble than she can admit. He wants her from the first moment he lays eyes on her. She only has eyes for another man she can’t have. He’s determined to claim her and make her his. She fights him tooth and nail. Is Razor the one man who can tame her and make her his? NB: No cheating involved. Standalone novella. You don’t need to read the other books in the series to enjoy Shoot The Moon, but it would help you understand the characters better as you will have met them throughout the rest of the Scorpio Stinger MC series. READING ORDER #0.5 Ryder Prequel #1 Two Worlds Colliding #2 Unchain My Heart #2.5 A Biker Christmas #3 Gods & Monsters #4 Tormented #5 Road To Destiny #6 Shoot The Moon Warning: Piercings, tattoos, overload of sex and foul language. Read at your own risk....

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Shoot The Moon Reviews

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-02-22 13:47

    While reading Shoot the Moon, Lexi & Razor really played with my emotions and had me wanting to throw my tablet so many times!!They played a cat/mouse game. Lexi was so infuriating and hard headed that I wanted to smack some sense into her. She was brutally honest and not footstool for anyone.Razor has wanted Lexi since the first time he saw her but she's always had a thing for Ryder but he has only eyes for her cousin Jade. Try as she might to get Ryder's attention she ends up getting Razor's and he's ready to make her his and his' only!These two hot headed people were infuriating an loving at the same time. To be honest, I'm not sure how Razor kept his calm because Lexi tested his patience constantly.There is so much passion with these two that I had to get relief from all the aching they caused me.Be prepared to have your heart run a marathon not knowing if it will make it to the end! ! Kara, 4.5 Stars

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-03-23 13:54

    "You think love is like a light switch?"Shoot The Moon is different from the other books in this series. It's a short look into the lives of Razor and Lexi. Lexi is Jade's cousin. She's almost her opposite. Jade is Ryder's princess, and on the soft side. Lexi is bold and colorful with a big mouth and a curvy inked body. She's exactly what Razor wants, but he's not what she's looking for. She's so focused on someone else that Razor can't seem to get her attention. So, he bides his time, waiting for her to realize that the one she wants is not right for her.I really enjoyed getting to know Razor better. There's a lot more to him that just muscles and the talent that got him his road name. He's been kind of overshadowed by his brothers Cobra & Ryder, the club president and VP. He's been content to stay in the background, until now. Things have changed. He's changed. And it's time for him to prove himself and take what he wants. As he's mentioned before, "The heart wants what the heart wants." but will his get what it wants? It's not looking good for him so far, especially since, "That's all I ever get from her. Sass and attitude." But don't let him fool you. He loves her sass and attitude. The question is, will she ever see what's right in front of her? Or will it take a wake-up-call to get her attention? Will the threat of losing what she claims she doesn't want be what it takes? She thinks she's hiding. But he sees her. He's always seen her. It's time for her to see him, before it's too late...

  • Heather C
    2019-03-01 12:52

    "Lexi brought silence to the nagging in my mind, deviating my thoughts from darkness to her. I was consumed by my Spitfire, needing to be near her every waking moment."Just like everyone else, I've been waiting for Razor and Lexi's story. While this book can be read as a standalone, I do recommend you read the other books in the series. Not only is it a good series but there is a bit of history between Lexi and Razor. Although this book does show you some of it, the build up that we got in the other books is the reason why so many of us have been waiting for their story.Razor's history is embedded with the Scorpio Stinger MC. He is related to the current president and he believes that he rightful has a change to take over one day. The main problem with that is that some people don't really believe in him. He's hot headed and his temper can get the best of him. Surprisingly, there's one person that can calm him. He's wanted her the second she started working at the MC bar. They have a past and have hooked up but she's pining after his VP, Ryder. Will he be able to show her that he's the man for her or will he have to give her up?Lexi's past has caused her to seriously guard her heart. She's one feisty girl and she's as wild as they come. She can't and won't be caged. She lives her life with the freedom that she so desperately seeks. Although she's made it known that she wants one particular man, Razor seems to be getting under her skin. She fights everything that is Razor yet he somehow keeps her attention. Sometimes the good kind attention. Sometimes the bad kind of attention. Will she get the one man that she's been chasing after or will Razor be able to win her heart?This story had the perfect mix of the MC danger, hardcore members and love. The suspense was there but what I really enjoyed was how much of a badass Lexi is. She's feisty and she isn't afraid to speak her mind. I also like that she's kind of one of the boys. She can hang with the men like the boss that she is.I also enjoyed how much Razor knew what he wanted and he went after it. I enjoyed how cocky he was and how he knew exactly what to do in order to push Lexi's buttons. You see him becoming more of the leader in this book that he always knew he would be yet we get to see his vulnerable side. His soft spot for Lexi was heartwarming. Add the fact that he has one hell of a mouth on him. and you've got one desirably dark and delicious man.Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was exactly what I needed for Lexi and Razor's story. You don't want to miss out on this couple. Trust me.*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*

  • Shannon
    2019-03-08 07:51

    This is one of those books that I find hard to review. I've really enjoyed the previous books in this series- I've loved Ryder and Jade and Cobra and Mia. And I really like Razor's character. But I kind of felt a disconnect between him and Lexi. More specifically Lexi. If I'm being honest I really did not like her right from the beginning. I didn't like how she treated Razor, at all. And while I warmed up slightly towards her in the end, in my eyes I don't feel she ever fully redeemed herself for things she did and how she acted. I would have liked to have seen more growth from her character.Both Razor and Lexi are complex characters. Their upbringings caused quite a bit of damage to each of them, leaving them both feeling unworthy of being loved. Razor has always been kind of in the background, overshadowed by both Cobra and Ryder. But he's come to the point where he's tired of being the forgotten man- he's ready to make some changes and prove his worth as an important member of the Scorpio Stingers. On top of that, he's tired of waiting around for Lexi to get over her unrequited crush on an unattainable man, so he's out to show her he's the man for her.Lexi has always wanted the one man she could never have, but that hasn't stopped her from pining after him, even after she knows she'll never have a chance. Girl, sometimes you just have to cut your losses!Shoot the Moon is darker and grittier than the other books in this series. But at the heart of it is the love story between Razor and Lexi. Theirs is not an easy love story, nor is it a conventional one by any means. But for these 2 people, who feel so undeserving of love, it just fit. Sometimes it just takes one act, one little moment, to show you what's been right in front of you all along.

  • Marika
    2019-03-06 14:02

    I couldn't put this book down. .Razor and Lexi are dynamite together..not only because they are both headstrong and have no filters, but because their chemistry is crazy!Razor might be a crazy badass that is as cocky as he is skilled, but he hides a very soft part of him, his heart and his insecurities..He always had to prove himself and even with this crazy woman he has to go all in all and fight for what he wants.Lexi is wild and has no filter. She is strong and sexy..but not many people see behind her façade..She hides it well, but even she can feel the kick in the gut when the man she wants doesn't even notice her and she never seem to be enough.Til about half away, the story was kinda smooth sailing..well these two were driving each other and me crazy lol..and the sex a cents were hot..but after that..well let's say adrenaline spiked and suddenly danger was becoming very real and pain a very near possibility.. my heart rate just slowed down lolAnother great story for this author, that combines hot, fun and banter with depth and danger.

  • Keeana ~bookalicious babes blog
    2019-03-13 09:42

    Jani Kay just amazes me just wow! She is so talented her words are flawless. This book had me hooked from page one it is raw, gritty, sexy ,decadent , smoldering, deliciously-wicked, riveting, intense, captviting!!Razor and Lexi will have you hooked there character are very well written their chemistry burns up the pages I could not put this book down this is one of the best MC romance story of 2016, it delivers it all sex, romance, anger, misunderstanding, love, family! Will Razor finally get his girl you have to read to find out trust me this book will have you hooked!!ARC recieved on behalf of Bookaliciousbabesblog!!

  • Elizabeth Horbaczek
    2019-03-09 06:46

    This book was given to me for an honest review.3.5 starsWith all honesty I don't know if this is the best rating for this book. I want to tell you in advance I have not read this series and this is the first one that I have read. With that being said, I believe I missed a lot of the back story since this is the sixth in the series. I absolutely loved the characters in the story. I think they meshed very well together and what all of them bring to the table was unique. Something bad went down in the other books, don't know exactly what, but it landed there president in the hospital, their vp is in LA and well the story goes on from there. But it was more about Razor and Lexi in this book and I loved both of them in this book. Their high maintenance attitudes were great and the chemistry between the two was awesome. The bonus scenes at the beginning of this book were awesome. I loved seeing a year before and what started the relationship between these two. It was definitely a love hate relationship, but more love in the end.Everyone is on lockdown. I don't know what happened but there it is. Razor and Lexi are fighting their attraction, but Razor has had enough. So a bet is placed and Lexi accepts, but only problem is there will be consequences. So that is how their story begins. 7 days, but in those 7 days a lot is happening. Razor wants to be president, Cobra the president is in the hospital, Lexi is trying to get over what she feels for Ryder, Lexi has to deal with a bet, Lexi gets in trouble, oh and someone is trying to kill the whole mc. Typical biker days. I just have to say that there is a lot that goes on in this book and it is a fast read, but the problem for me is a lot is unsaid in this book. I don't know if this is how these books end so it can continue, but no epilogue to tie anything together and there were too many questions for me left. These two made the story and I loved it, but the background stuff was just as important and it was left undone in my opinion. So hence my rating.I loved this story, but I needed more. Loved how it was written and I was in it till the end. I just wish I had more.

  • Melissa Mendoza
    2019-03-12 10:58

    “His eyes were ablaze and a wicked smile spread over his face, crinkling the corners of his eyes. There was something about Razor I couldn’t quite put my finger on. A shift of sorts I could only sense but not explain.”Heat rating:5 Razor Stars!!! My absolute favorite in the series!!! I’ve been waiting for his story… and now I’m happy!!!I’ve been waiting for Razor’s story for god only knows how long… and boy am I glad I waited!!! It was so worth it!!! This book is emotional, gripping and like the other books HOT! I loved Razor and Lexi’s story… it was perfect, but it will rip your heart out in certain areas!!! Great job, I loved it… another great addition to the series!*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest bitchin’ review.Reviewed by The Sarcastic Bitch from Bitches N’ Books

  • Erica
    2019-02-28 13:46

    Shoot the Moon is book 6 in the Scorpio Stinger MC Series and while it can be read as a standalone I highly recommend this series from start to finish. Each book is so damn good!This is Razor's book, whom I looked forward to for quite awhile.He's damaged, the ultimate bad boy. So much so that he scares Lexi who pretty much doesn't scare at all.He wants her.She wants another.It just so happens the one she wants doesn't even see her, but he's also Razor's biggest competition in the club so he intends to get his hands on Lexi, make her his and one up Ryder all at once.But it's not that easy when the woman you want only has eyes for another man.A man who's taken and looks right through her as if she doesn't exist.She's stubborn and refuses to see Razor.I hated Lexi in the beginning. My God she's a self serving bitch.The fact that she would try to screw over her cousin, her family, one of few people who tolerate and even support her, to try to get her cousins man gave me plenty of reason to loathe her.Add to that the fact that she has a man willing to move mountains for her and all she can do is put him down, give him hell and basically disregard him altogether.I can't remember the last time I detested a leading lady as much as I did Lexi. She made my blood boil, I wanted to beat her to death myself.Thankfully she grows as the book goes on and eventually becomes a better person.Razor I adored from the beginning. His cockiness is a huge part of his charm, what made me root for him was seeing his heart above his hate or need to prove himself.He's damaged but he's not broken, he refuses to give up on the things he wants and he too grows as throughout the story.Shoot the Moon brought me back to a series it seems I've been too long without re-reading, brought back characters I love and some I didn't. While I was rooting for Razor I was also wanting Lexi knocked down a few notches.This book is beyond filthy, it's so freaking hot you'll need ice! Razor may have just become my favorite Scorpio Stinger brother!

  • Renee
    2019-02-22 10:04

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Stephanie's Book Reports.This is the sixth book in Jani Kay's Scorpio Stinger MC series. This is Razor and Lexi's story. Shoot The Moon is a standalone novella. Razor has always lived in the shadow of his other brothers. In the shadows is a place he is sick of being. He now finds himself with some heavy boots to fill. Lexi on the other hand is a wild woman. She's out of control. She won't be told what to do and her filthy mouth has gotten her in to more messes than she can count. Razor wants Lexi from the first moment he sees her. Lexi however is in love with someone she can't have. Get ready for the fight as Lexi fights Razor tooth and nail while he is determined to claim her. I have to start out with admitting that in the beginning I was not a Lexi fan. She did grow on me as the book went on. She's only got eyes for Ryder and is so devious in trying to get him, I found myself thinking who the heck would do this? She's in the beginning so selfish but grows into a character who will finally take responsibility for their actions. Don't get discouraged it you find yourself not a fan of Lexi and put the book down though. The reward is so worth it to keep reading. Razor is all alpha with a heart of gold. He, like Lexi, has a past that he just can't seem to get out from under. One things for sure he wants Lexi and he's not taking no for an answer. Shoot The Moon is an emotional rollercoaster ride for sure. It is also a book where you get to witness great growth in both the main characters. I really liked that about this book. It's also full of moment that will have you fanning yourself even though it's twenty degrees outside. Jani Kay as always has written a book that MC loving reader are all sure to enjoy.

  • Amy
    2019-03-20 08:56

    Shoot The MoonJani Kay4 starsA release to accompany the Scorpio Stringer MC Series you can read as a standalone. This is Razor’s story. Rugged and raw – bearded and beautiful in his way Razor is ready to ride it out with Lexi. Watching her from afar and seeing her so called love for a man that doesn’t want her and is very taken, Razor only wants the chance to show the woman who he is and who he can be for her. Yet Lexi isn’t ready to see it. Jealousy and lust for a man who doesn’t know she exist is blinding her from what is right in front of her. Lexi is a complex character. Actually Im trying not to use hateful words against the woman. I couldn’t stand her. Sorry but she was bitter, rude, full of herself and just down right mean to women she included her friends and family. I would have beat her ass. But yes .. this type of character makes for good writing and of course I kept turning the pages. The act of getting Mia in to trouble alone ticked me off so much I wanted to smack her. As you can see she more than ticked me off. HA!Razor is a great man. I loved his character before and love him more now. He is more than you will imagine. Jani has outdone herself with this one. Im pretty sure Razor is my favorite from this series. I love the cover – I love the story and I love the series. Great read and thank you Jani for the ARC. You never disappoint in your writing and your characters. Sit back and get ready. Razor is here. Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets.

  • Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥
    2019-03-05 08:54

    ***This and other reviews can be found at ***Every once in a while a series that you loved slowly starts to be one that you don’t so much like you used to. I was hoping that Shoot The Moon would have my love of this series returning after I didn’t like the previous book, but sadly I just didn’t like it and I will give the exact reason by. Lexi. She ruined this book for me, I haven’t liked her at any point during this series but I had high hopes that with this book I would have found something about her that I could like. Yeah, that didn’t happen, if anything I hate her more for how she is to Razor. She was selfish, immature, played too many games, and well in my opinion just trash for how she treats other people. Razor is what kept me reading because even though in previous books he comes across as an asshole, you start to understand a little bit why in Shoot The Moon, and I have a theory about something else but won’t say just in case I am wrong. Razor was a dirty talking, alpha who is hot in the bedroom. I ended up loving him, faults and all. I don’t know if Ms. Kay plans on writing more books in this series and I can’t say for sure if I would read them and that makes this book whore sad because I really did love this series. I may if she does a book about Ox, because I have a feeling there is more there that we know.

  • MillsyLovesBooks
    2019-03-18 12:00

    Shoot The Moon is the #6 book in the Series and like i said at the end of my review for Road To Destiny i was really looking forward to Razor and Lexi's story as i have a love/hate feeling going on with these two!!Do i still have that feeling well hell no i've got to say Jani Kay out did herself with this one. I loved Razor and Lexi by the end of this book. Did i want to scream and shout at them? Yes especially Lexi!! but Razor he well and truly stole my heart yes he's a hot head but when it came to Lexi he was all in and never hid his feelings towards her. He was completely different when it came to her and i really enjoyed seeing this side of him. "Lexi brought silence to the nagging in my mind, deviating my thoughts from darkness to her. I was consumed by my Spitfire, needing to be near her every waking moment."Am i going to give all the detail way of this book NO because their story is a Must read of this series. They are fire and passion, they rubbed each other the wrong and right way all the time and well and truly took my emotions everywhere but i loved and devoured this book. This couple was always meant to be and the ending was perfect for them.If you love a great MC read this Series is one for you!!

  • Anne Milne
    2019-03-12 11:53

    Book 6 in the series and each book just gets better and better. We know about Lexi from the previous books, she's Jade's cousin and a girl I hated because she was always after Ryder who is Jade's old man. He's more like an unobtainable obsession for her. Razor is the impulsive hothead that you call when things go bad and he's wanted Lexi since he set eyes in her but he knows all about her feelings for Ryder. As I said I didn't like her previously but this book let me understand her, that's one part that I would gladly gone back and thumped her dad. She feels unworthy of love and inferior to her cousins do she try's to steer clear of relationships. Razor I just loved him, if ever there was a tough man with a soft centre then he's it. I thought I knew him but boy was I do wrong about him. This for me was different from the rest of the series, yes there's club drama but it focuses more on the two main characters, it's raw, emotional and the writing is sublime.

  • Colleen Mc (The Book Lover)
    2019-02-25 07:48

    Shoot the Moon is book #6 in the Scorpio Stinger MC series, but it can be read as a standalone novel. Overall Shoot the Moon was an enjoyable addition to the Scorpio Stinger series. I loved Razor, I’m so glad it’s his turn for a story. He was loyal, strong, possessive and he just knew that Lexi was it for him. Lexi on the other hand… let’s just say it took me a bit to warm up to her. In the beginning, she just comes across as completely selfish and downright bi*chy, not my cup of tea. ‘Spitfire’ was a good choice of word to describe her. But not to worry, as you see glimpses of her soft and vulnerable side and learn of her insecurities, she begins to grow on you. Love isn’t always easy, and it sure takes these two a while to finally come together, but I enjoyed watching their story unfold. Shoot the Moon was an intriguing story, it was intense, gritty and sexy. If you like MC series, I recommend checking this one out! 3.5*stars

  • Alison Chewning
    2019-03-20 11:35

    Shoot The Moon was so epic and the best book in the Scorpio Stinger MC series. This book knocked my socks off for it was more rawer and grittier which made the book all together so epic. I loved Razor and Lexie's story this one is diffently a keeper. Jani Kay did not disappoint with this story for it was a really good story and amazing. We get to see all the other Scorpio Stinger boys that we all love so much especially Ryder. I loved Razor since the beginning of this book he was an amazing character and he was totally hot with his piercings and tattoos. Lexie was a different story she was a pain in the beginning of the book but then after reading more into Shoot The Moon I enjoyed her more so than I though I would. This book will leave you breathless and wanting more. I hope there is more to come in this series for which I love these characters and the history they have. Great book and an awesome read!*** I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book ***

  • Michelle
    2019-03-13 09:00

    The sixth book in this amazing Scorpio Stinger MC series ~Shoot The Moon is the story of Razor & Lexi, we know bits about these two from the other books prior but want we thought or judged them to be for me could not be further from what they are.Razor ~ The Hot headed Baddest badass of them all out to prove his worth and wanting to gain the heart of a certain crazy lady.Lexi ~ The sexy sassy feisty no filter woman, who had her eyes set firmly on Ryder but watched him fall for her cousin and now feels unworthy of anyone .Shoot The Moon, is a gripping story that shows the heart wants, what the heart wants and nothing can stop the force of it. Two broken lost souls that have built up a brick wall to defend from any further hurt and betrayal slowly let go brick by brick.This story contains gripping drama, some violence, tension, laughs, heart break, hot sex scenes and love making it a 5* must read

  • Chantel
    2019-02-20 08:03

    Where to begin.. The first words I thought after finishing this book. WOW! AMAZING! SWOON WORTHY! BRILLIANT! Jani Kay is an amazing author. Her writing is breathtaking! Shoot The Moon is a 5 star book that you have to read. This is my favorite book from the Scorpio Stinger MC series. I have enjoyed all the books of this series, but Shoot The Moon is brilliant! You will be swooning over the roller-coaster ride that is the love story of Razor and Lexi. *Shoot The Moon can be read as a standalone. I highly you read the first 5 books of this series, so you can meet all the amazing characters in this series.*I highly recommend this book. Grab your copy and find your favorite place to read. Sit back and enjoy a ride with many twist and turns that only Jani Kay can take you on. Complimentary Copy for an honest review

  • Robyn Rivera
    2019-02-28 08:50

    Jani Kay you have once again done it again. Razor and Lexi were just one couple that were total the same. They both had there baggage, emotional demons, everything which made there relationship even more real and so raw, gritty and intense. They were one, hot steamy couple. Loved seeing all the Scorpio MC in the book. I can't wait for her next book. I've read every book by Jani and loved every single one. So loved it. Thank you

  • Linda Diamond
    2019-03-09 05:57

    Shoot the MoonI absolutely loved this book, its one of those books that you just don't want to put down, Lexi and Razor are so perfect for each other they're both strong individuals but at the same time so vulnerable and in need of acceptance and they fine that in each other, they make each other strong and together the are perfect,this book has the story line that hooks you from page one and doesn't let go until the very end! Loved love loved it! Highly recommend it!

  • Sara
    2019-03-05 10:37

    3.5/5 Stars!!Lexi has a thing for Ryder. She thinks she loves him. Except, Ryder is deeply in love with Lexi’s cousin, Jade. However, Razor, Ryder’s MC brother, has had a thing for Lexi since he saw her. Only, she’s just not that into him.So, here’s the thing. Lexi is kind of hard to like. She is sassy (not necessarily in a good way) and kind of a PIA, at times. Jani Kay wrote 5 bonus chapters to lead into Razor and Lexi’s story and this was really a good thing considering the real novel starts 1 year after the bonus chapters and there is almost no lead in or anything to bring the reader up to speed as to how the story got where it is in the real chapter one. Razor is rough around the edges, has a seriously filthy mouth and is about as alpha as they come. He was likable, but not lovable until way later in the book. I assume this was on purpose and I get that, but it is hard to root for someone when they are this rough.That being said, the story was quite good. There was more going on here than just an “I want you, but you want someone else” romance. There was a back mystery going on, danger and possibly a set up for more books about these characters. Both, Razor and Lexi had daddy issues and Razor’s family is a hot mess in general. I liked Shoot the Moon, but I did not love it. I think I was wanting more, but I’m not sure what it is that I needed but didn’t get. However, if you are a fan of MC romances and alpha males, then you will probably like the book. If you are a fan of Jani Kay, you will love the book.

  • Chantal
    2019-03-05 12:39

    Razor and Lexi. He wants her but she’s got her sights set one someone else. Not only does he have to compete with his brother Ryder for the position as the leader of the Scorpio Stinger MC but also for the women he has wanted from the first time he saw her. When a bet lands Lexi in Razor’s bed things start to change and she sees a whole different side to him. A more caring and sweet side. She discovers that they both have been scorn by events in their pasts and finds herself falling for him more every day she spends with him. Could this be the way into her heart? Another story full of angst, suspense and sexiness. Another couple you will fall in love with. Razor oh so tuff on the outside but oh so soft on the inside. You can’t help but feel for him for what he went through in his childhood. Lexi, feisty as they come but with her own scars from her upbringing.You don’t want to miss out on this installment to a great series. A definite recommend.I voluntary reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

  • Tammy
    2019-03-05 13:02

    Have u ever doubted yourself so much and you didn't think you deserved to be loved or deserved to love yourself? Then this is the book for you. It was emotional at times if uve ever had those thoughts and infuriating at times how two people who couldn't be more perfect for each other could think they both were not good enough for anyone let alone each other. Lexi is her typical misfit and typical trying to be free sassy mouth Lexi. I loved her character trying to find a place that she's belongs in, a place she can feel accepted and loved like no one has ever loved her before. Razor is typical Razor the alpha male that shows a side to himself that u didn't think was there. Together they are both unsure how to navigate the relationship they both want and at the same time both think they don't deserve. Another great story by Jani Kay and another great story with the Scorpio Stingers absolutely can't wait for the next one, they're were some incredible hints for the next book can't wait to see where those lead.

  • Charlene
    2019-03-12 11:43

    I didn't expect to like Razor as he proved himself to be one scary dude in this series, however, I liked him right from the beginning of this book and he just got better and better. Lexi, on the other hand, just made me mad...I was not a fan of hers until more than halfway through the book.Razor just wants Lexi to want him the way he wants her, he wants a woman to love him the way he sees that Mia loves Cobra. I never thought I'd use the word "sweet" when describing Razor, but damn, he was just that! When things get "holy crap, edge of your seat" crazy...Lexi finally starts to show a part of her that's stayed hidden, that makes her likeable! It takes a near tragedy for Lexi to get her head out of her ass and not only realize her feelings for Razor, but grow up and realize that not everything is about her.They are one very kick ass couple and their story is unconventional, but totally them!

  • She's a Lip Biter
    2019-03-04 11:41

    I really like this book and have been waiting ages to read about Razor. This man so needed his own story and his own HEA. He was always in the shadows of his brothers and he always played the billion well but I like him a lot and knew he had a soft side to him. This quick read had everything in it and the story was great. The Scorpio Stingers are one of my favourite MC series.Razor and Lexi are a match made in heaven and are one of my favorite couples in this series. They are unconventional and completely brilliant. Their relationship is rocky and fraught with dangerous situations to say the least. I have been left with a smile and warmth from this story that is hard to explain. Remember not everyone is perfect but everyone deserves to be loved no matter what path they choose. I recommend this book and series Reviewed by Donna

  • Wendy Livingstone
    2019-03-01 12:37

    This is the sixth book in this awesome series. I have been looking forward to this one as it is the story of hot headed Razor and feisty wild Lexi, who we have heard about in the previous books. These two broken souls are kindred spirits, and have hooked up in the past, but Lexi has always made it known that she has feelings for Ryder the VP. Razor has wanted Lexi since the first time he set eyes on her, and is just bidding his time waiting for her. No spoilers from me though, you really need to read this series for yourself!! Jani has done an amazing job in writing this series, and I cannot wait to read the next book. This story is packed with drama, tension, heartbreak, humour, banter, violence, hot sex, and love. I recommend this author’s work to all MC lovers out there.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book!

  • Amber
    2019-03-05 10:40

    I just loved Lexi and Razor's story! Great MC read with a sexy alpha male biker who knows what he wants and doesn't take no for an answer. I love how we see Razor's growth as a man and as a member of the Scorpio Stingers and I have a good feeling that he may actually become prez someday - guess I'm just going to have to read more of this series to find out. It was nice to see a softer side of this biker and his love for Lexi and I loved how both Razor and Lexi finally realized that they were worth something and worth loving. Happy Ending!

  • Natasha
    2019-03-08 08:53

    3.5* read.My one main problem with this book is with Lexi. I really didn't like her at first or the way she treated Razor and although by the end I had warmed up to her a bit it still wasn't enough to completely connect with her or the story. Razor I loved and seeing his story was worth reading this book for I just would have liked to connect more to Lexi. Great series, I'm looking forward to more.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-21 06:44

    Razor is a cocky man, “I never kid about serious matters. And size matters. But more than that, I’ve been wanting to slide my incredible ***k into you for the longest time.” Razor knows how to take care of his woman, "Razor laughed. “No, just us. Dining in.”He nodded his head toward me. “The little lady is hungry.” I really loved this book, Razor had some patience where Lexi was concerned.

  • Sweetangel0108
    2019-03-02 11:59

    I received a copy for an honest review.Omg I absolutely love this book. I've always been a Razor fan and this book has me falling even more in love with him. I was even crying in parts of this. Jani Kay has topped herself with this one, I didn't think her books could get anymore amazing than they already were but I was wrong.