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Als er een miljoenendeal op het spel staat, doet liefde er dan nog toe? Julietta Conte is de zakelijke van vier zussen, en daarmee de enige die het familie-imperium van hun vader kan overnemen.Ze verliest zich dan ook volledig in haar carrière. Als de aantrekkelijke Sawyer Wells haar een intrigerend voorstel doet dat de familiezaak tot een groot succes kan maken, blijft JuAls er een miljoenendeal op het spel staat, doet liefde er dan nog toe? Julietta Conte is de zakelijke van vier zussen, en daarmee de enige die het familie-imperium van hun vader kan overnemen.Ze verliest zich dan ook volledig in haar carrière. Als de aantrekkelijke Sawyer Wells haar een intrigerend voorstel doet dat de familiezaak tot een groot succes kan maken, blijft Julietta op haar hoede. Sawyer lijkt op meer uit te zijn dan alleen zaken, maar het kost haar steeds meer moeite hem te weerstaan.Sawyer is vastbesloten de begeerlijke maar afstandelijke Julietta te laten ontdooien en te zien of ze inderdaad zo gepassioneerd is als hij vermoedt...

Title : De Huwelijksdeal
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De Huwelijksdeal Reviews

  • Dee
    2019-05-14 10:03

    Edit: It has a cover! A cover! Oh my Goshhhhhh. Let us all rejoice!Soon there will be a synopsis. Wooooop!*bounces and does the happy dance*____________________ERMAHGERD!I knew it! I knew the two would be the ones paired. Can‘t wait for this! Julietta is kind of serious and up tight while Sawyer is easy going and a womanizer. I‘m sensing a spontaneous combustion, yeah? ---------------How about a description?Yes? No? Not yet? :(NOT. EVEN. A. DESCRIPTION!!!!---------------Come on. Please post a descriptionnnnnnn!!!

  • Lisa Jayne
    2019-05-12 11:12

    5 ITALIAN STYLE STARS.Hello readers, well what can I say this book was utter brilliance. It has everything that makes up a true five star book for my tastes. Great story telling, a touch of heart ache, terrific characters, steamy intimacy and a novel full of hand-on-heart romance, yet again this series has managed to take over my time and thoughts and I loved every page ...What's it all about?Julietta conte is a fiery, outspoken successful business woman her dedication to the family business has always taken priority and that's the way this focused no-nonsense Italian likes it. But somewhere beneath the tough exterior and designer suits is a woman who is longing to be loved. Sawyer Wells has spent his life fighting the demons of his past, now a multi million success, he works hard and plays harder. Sawyer has no interest or hope in love and commitment but instead enjoys the pleasures that his life can afford. When Julietta and Sawyer's lives become drawn together after a profitable business deal, lust and attraction pull them together but when feelings begin to develop it's the very thing that pulls them apart. But with a family who won't stop until they see them happy and a legacy of magic that is somewhat unstoppable, we are taken on the journey of hope and the possibility of a future of true love.What did I love?In a nutshell this book is a sexually charged, romantic medley. The author has combined and weaved together the perfect story of love and hope. The message of healing and strength was beautiful, I could not have wished for more. It delivered depth but it wasn't hard to read. It gave hope, without being unrealistic and it produced the sexy that was tasteful but at the same time erotically perfect. I really enjoy a series that connects family members and this family is a treat to read about the author has a great balance of comical and serious, the book oozes with charm and interesting dialogue and I wanted to forget about the real world gladly whilst I devoured this story. So let's talk about the characters I'll start with Julietta, she was wonderful to read about, she has personality by the bucketful, she's a successful business woman who loves to ride motorbikes. Yes she has her quirks, there are insecurities and issues that pop up but her character just added to the flow of the story telling and by the end of the book her strength and values were the winning ingredient to the happy ending. Onto the hero of the story Sawyer, well girls you are in for one sexy damaged lover right here, I have a beautiful book friend, Chris we joke about how we always fall for the damaged man, the one who just needs the right woman to love and everything will be right in his world, well in this book Sawyer fits that description to perfection he is charming and seductive and oh so dreamy, his sharp suits and business brilliance are nothing compared to his talented bed room action, yes readers he is worth a star rating just by himself. The sub characters were all entertaining and relevant I loved Wolfe (fingers crossed he gets his own book), and mama conte was her usual sneaky but brilliant self. All in all I could not have been more pleased about this touching tale of taking a chance on love and I'm more than happy to crown it with a loved up five stars.Final thoughts ...This loved up, touching journey was a complete delight to read, it held my complete attention throughout, gave me a lovely romantic work-out and left me crying with happy tears at the end. This series is a complete must read for all die-hard romance fans, and I now have an unhealthy craving for more from the author, don't delay readers go grab it. Enjoy ... Kisses.*Thank you to the gorgeous MrsH for a fabulous buddy read, a buddy read with Kara is a must.*

  • Christy
    2019-04-29 15:14

    4 Stars!The Marriage to a Billionaire series is light, sweet, fun, and sexy. I’ve enjoyed every book in this series, and this was no exception!
Julietta Conte’s entire family has settled down. Her sisters, her brother Michael, they have all found love. Julietta? She doesn’t have the need. She has her job running the family business and she is happy with that.Why didn’t anyone understand or accept that a single woman could be happy? And she was happy. Damn happy. Her family- mainly her younger sister, can’t accept that. To get her off her back, she dose the ‘spell’ to find her one true love. She knows its bogus, but whatever. Julietta stays away from guys- whats the point. The few experences she has had have been less than stellar. (view spoiler)[ A man has NEVER been able to make Julietta orgasm... (hide spoiler)]Then enters Sawyer Wells. Sawyer is opening a new hotel and does business with the Conte family. He is good friends with Max. I loved Sawyer in the last book, I was so happy he was the main guy in this. Sawyer’s got some issues from his past, but you know I love them that way! ‘I believe in passion and lust, honesty and loyalty. I believe in hard work and sacrifice. I believe in enjoying the gifts of this world. But I do not believe in love.’ He and Julietta have some major chemistry, neither one wants a relationship. Sawyer may not want a relationship, but that doesn’t change the fact that he wants Julietta. He thinks he can help her- by being himself and taking control in the bedroom. Stripping her of her choices. These two become friends, get into each other deep. All the secondary characters were big in this, especially Mama Conte, who sees something between them.‘You are her match, and I knew when I saw you together. Two halves of a coin that have no idea how to merge. Once you accept this, you will both be whole.’She talks them into something a little crazy... Sawyer owes Mama Conte big time, and Julietta would do anything to make her mama happy... Eventually, after spending so much time together, Julietta does something she swore she would never do. She starts to fall for Sawyer. “I love you. Deal with it.”Because of his past, Sawyer feels incapable of loving, and he knows there is no way anyone could really love him. Julietta can’t except that. She doesn’t fail. At anything. And she won’t fail Sawyer. She refuses. She won’t let her fear win, she will show Sawyer she loves him and they can be together. She will heal him.“You wrecked me, Julietta. You tore me apart piece by piece and then put me back together.”Can Sawyer be the one to give Julietta what she needs? And can Julietta be able to help Sawyer fight his demons and learn to love again? “Your future can be changed by one decision. One good thing can offset a mountain of bad. But you need to choose.” Julietta wasn’t my favorite Conte sibling in the first few books, but I really grew to love her character. She is so much more than meets the eye. And Sawyer- bless his damaged heart. I just felt for him. He was a tortured soul, yet such a beautiful person. In this book, we meet a new character by the name of WOLFE. For me, Wolfe stole the book. I fell for this guy... I am really hoping he gets his own spin off book, I would love to read more about him! A nice conclusion to this series, I would recommend this series for anyone looking for a sweet, sexy and romantic read! **ARC kindly provided by Gallery, Treshold, Pocket Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Mo
    2019-05-16 10:06

    I have read the first three in this series but do not remember them being as hot as this one. It was a great end to the series. Really liked the first three and this one was no exception.A tortured hero, Sawyer, grew up tough and fast. Brought up in the foster care system and it was not good.Julietta, oldest daughter of the Conte family. Tough, hardworking, beautiful. She has been hurt in the past and is afraid to love again. She thinks she is frigid as she has never really had a very good sex life.Stayed in Bergamo once or twice – beautiful place …Sawyer … I loved him. Was rooting for him all the way to break down his defenses and let Julietta in. But he was stubborn.Nice room that you picked, Sawyer, must be great to have lots of money…Won’t give too much away but it was a nice, fast, racy read.I loved Wolfe also and he deserves his own story in the future. Nice to meet up with characters from previous books.

  • Jen
    2019-05-18 10:04

    ”You’ve done proper already, and it hasn’t worked. It’s time you do dirty.”Hallelujah and yes please! Julietta Conte’s a hardnosed, serious and family oriented businesswoman. And don’t you forget it! Her orderly, structured and non-orgasmic life works just fine for her, thank you very much! When her sister repeatedly begs her to send out a call to the universe (as all her sisters have done via love spell) for the right man to come her way, her list forms quickly. A man who can give me orgasms. A man who respects and encourages my career. A man strong enough to fight for me. A man who understands my soul. A man who carves out his own path in life. A man who gives me everything of himself. Not too shabby! Enter Sawyer. Self-made man, friend to the Conte Family and wildly successful. And unabashed manwhore on occasion to boot! Julietta and Sawyer are already connected via business relationships. Could it ever grow into anything more?This book started off slow for me. Julietta was a tough character to warm up to and I found her formal speech and attitude a little off putting. BUT, and this is a big but, her character made a whole lot of sense to me the more the story progressed. She hadn’t been shown a whole lot of love, excluding her family, and she questioned whether she had anything to offer outside of a business relationship.Sawyer made my heart hurt just a little. Because of his craptacular childhood, he felt he had nothing to give ANYONE. At the same time his only goal in his relationship with Julietta was to make sure she knew how awesome she was and that she was worthy of pleasure *wink*. His relationship with Wolfe, a former foster kid headed towards a bleak future, cements Sawyer’s status as a kick ass guy. Even if Sawyer can’t admit that to himself. There are a couple of things worth mentioning so here goes. Mama Conte AGAIN arranges for a marriage for one of her children and it causes some problems. I can’t imagine why?”What do you want from me? An apology?” Her voice broke, but she pushed on. “I’m sorry. Sorry a debt owed to my mother will stick you with a charity case for two years. Sorry I wasn’t enough for my family, for me, for anyone. Especially you.” My heart broke for Julietta the second half of the book. I felt her effort in putting her whole self out there and not being sure of the reaction she’d get.This story was a little bit darker than the rest of the series. And when I say that, I mean there was a little BDSM. A VERY LITTLE BIT. I’m mentioning it for the folks who have a no BDSM policy but honestly this was BDSM, PG style.The Marriage Merger was a pleasant surprise and I’m happy to see this series end on a positive bang! Also, if I can ask a favor…Wolfe needs his own story! STAT!ARC provided by the publisher via NetGally in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2019-05-15 17:19

    In the final installment of the Marriage to a Billionaire series, we have Julietta, the workaholic older sister. She has been prepped since she was very young to take over and run the family business, La Dolce Famiglia, so she takes her work very seriously. Unfortunately, that has let her love life slide and become almost nil. At her younger sisters urging, she decided to go ahead and do the love spell thinking nothing will come of it. That is, until she is approached by Sawyer Wells. ♦ Easy...♦ Complacent...♦ Predictable...♦ and maybe a little *gasp* Boring! Well, that's what I felt about the book for the first forty-fifty percent and then things started getting really interesting especially when we started finding out more about Sawyer and his past.Remember Sawyer from Carina's book, The Marriage Mistake? Yep, that's the same guy. Suave, charismatic, and a little rough Sawyer...but I'm happy to say that there is so much more to him than meets the eye. And he sees exactly what Julietta needs and he knows how to give it to her! Julietta is having none of it though. She's been through too much being a woman in the business world that she has become fiercely independent and she likes her control. The problem is that she's over controlled herself and comes off as being frigid. She's at a loss as to where to go from here and unsure if she should let Sawyer in. Once things get going though...they are hot, hot, HOT! Sawyer definitely knows what he is doing! The back and forth business was a bit too much for me...and obviously for Mama Conte. Yes, Mama Conte saves the day again...even if it was a bit over the top. But...I did like that Mama Conte and Sawyer have quite the history. I liked seeing what Mama Conte sees and that it's more than just marrying off her children. My favorite part of the story hands down is Wolfe! What a great character! When I got done with the book, I just knew there would have to be a story about him and thank goodness, there will be. JP is doing a spin off series called Love Spells. Per her website, Wolfe's story will be called Searching for Beautiful and is coming out in May 2014. But per GRs and Amazon, Searching for Perfect (book 2), is coming out in May 2014. Either way, I'm glad his story is coming out and "he" will be the main reason I'll read that series!My second favorite part of the story is when all the family gets together. Unfortunately, not everyone got to make the trip to Italy but enough of them were there to make it enjoyable. It was exactly what Sawyer...and Wolfe needed. Wolfe and Dante? I LOVED that!! I wish the book would've had more parts about Sawyer's past. I felt like the beginning part took too long and if we would've gotten to the more juicy parts quicker, it would have been a much better read. The McDonald's story was sooo heart breaking and poignant but we never got to read about Julietta hearing it...and that's only one thing. Sawyer and Wolfe's bond and their similar experiences could have been expounded on as well. Overall, I ended up enjoying it. I think I would have given it 3.5 stars but because of Wolfe, I bumped it up to 4 stars! Favorite quotes:♥ “I’ll never forget those two nights together, Julietta. Your gift to me was—priceless.”♥ Don’t you understand I’m frozen inside? There’s nothing left to give you except physical pleasure.”♦ “[email protected], she is a mob boss. A love-mob boss. I don’t know whether to yell at her or kiss her.”♦ "You’re stuck with a family, and we don’t let one of our own deal with this sh*t alone."

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-04-23 13:16

    He should be the poster board image of what to avoid in teenage pregnancy. The balance between light and dark was just enough to tempt a female to jump over the edge of reason, no matter how hard the recovery from the fall. Fortunately, Julietta despised heights and avoided them at all costs.This was the 4th and what I thought was the darkest installment in the Marriage series.Julietta is the oldest Conte sister. All her sisters have already found wedded bliss, but she is perfectly happy being single. She's been burned before, and the last thing she needs is the headache that comes with relationships. Her passion is her business, being the top executive in her family's coprporation, La Dolce Famiglia. That doesn't meet she's complete straight and narrow, she has her indulgences. She loves clothes, but more than that she's a biker chick (I loved her passion for motorcycles. Not often you read about a heroine being a better rider than the hero). After losing a potential deal for expansion, she's struggling with the need to prove to her family that she can handle the business. Her answer comes in the shape of a six plus foot package of long blonde hair, muscles, and male swagger and testosterone dressed in a fancy suit, Sawyer Wells. He wants to offer her an irresistible offer: an exclusive partnership with his international chain of boutique hotels.Juliette and Wells both feel an almost uncontrollable connection between them, which mostly comes in the shape of lust. But neither is looking to get involved.Julietta is not about to mix business with pleasure. But she cannot deny that Sawyer's powerful presence and sexy swagger doesn't draw her in.Sawyer is determined to get Julietta to be in his bed, and he's not above playing dirty to get it. Though he is honest about his ultimate intentions."No, Julietta, I do not believe in love. Never have. I believe in passion and lust, honesty and loyalty. I believe in hard work and sacrifice. I believe in enjoying the gifts of this world. But I do not believe in love."Julietta fights it as much as she can. But she can only deny Sawyer so long before giving in to what she craves."I can't be what you want," she whispered.His eyes blazed fire, oddly, his face seemed to soften with a possessiveness shed never glimpsed before. "You don't have to be anything, baby. You have no choices left - I've taken them all away. I'm about to play with your delectable body, and there's not a damn thing you can do."Sawyer is hiding a dark past behind the sexy suit and attitude. His childhood was the stuff of nightmares, and he doesn't think that he give any woman what she needs, a relationship or love. He doesn't believe his past will ever allow him to be that. But he can give Julietta the passion that he thinks has been missing from her life.He is a man that knows what he wants, and how to go after it. He is also a man that likes control, in and out of the boardroom.Julietta and Sawyer indulge in a passionate affair, until a particular kink is thrown in their plan: Mama ConteI swear, the woman is like the friggin Godfather of marriages. I realize that a book is not meant to be highly realistic, but this whole forced marriage thing simply got old by now. Here we have 2 grown adults, and in comes this little old woman who doesn't think they will ever wise up and see they are meant for each other. So what's one to do? Why force them to get married of course! Why leave thinks to chance? Or allow them to DATE? Just force them to get married to realize their feelings for each other. Yep! Brilliant!I suppose I was just tired of the whole marriage set up trope at this point. Therefore, this was somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars for me.The plot was fairly interesting, and I'd say this was the steamiest book of the series. And I did love Sawyer's character and that he had that darker edge to him. Julietta was a great heroine as well, though she did have her moments where I wanted to smack her too.ARC courtesy of publisher via netgalleyFor more reviews visit:Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-04-28 15:54

    0 starsI requested this book on Netgalley, thinking it would be a light, sexy read. Instead I learned that:1. Only billionaires are sexy. It's not enough for a man to make six figures and take you on an all-expense-paid trip to Tahiti. In order to be truly fuckable, he's gotta be able to buy a small country.2. Three things make a man desirable: money (covered that one already), status, and a fucked-up childhood. If he wasn't beaten/abused/scarred/victimized in some fashion as a kid, he'll never amount to much - and he won't be able to make you orgasm twelve times in an hour, either. 3. It's ok for a woman to be the CEO of something, as long as it's a bakery, and as long as she wears four-inch heels and submits in bed. 4. A good marriage is based on Insta Attraction and control.5. They don't actually speak Italian in Milan. I'm utterly flummoxed that people find these kinds of books erotic. It seems impossible, but this is the fourth book in a series, so someone's buying them (and giving them 4 and 5 star ratings). Of course, people eat at McDonald's too.

  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    2019-04-25 10:03

    4 Merging StarsI know that when I pick up a Jennifer Probst book, I am going to get a fabulous, romantic, sexy, angsty, love story that makes me smile when I get to the last page.All the Conte siblings are happily married, except Julietta, the sad, lonely workaholic who has been burned by men in the past and has never been sexually fulfilled. She has imposed a wall around her so that no man could climb it. She runs the family business in Milan. Julietta is approached by Sawyer Wells, to do a business deal that will solidify her business and keep it safe. She would be able to prove herself with this deal but what she didn't expect was that meeting Sawyer would change everything- Odd-she felt that if she crossed the threshold, her life would never be the same.Sawyer and Julietta have an intense sexual attraction. They seduce each other with words and innuendos and then give in to a night of passion that leads to another night.Yet something pulled him to her. Twisted his insides with a raw need to strip her surface bare and make her face who she really was. The way she responded to his demand that she say his name spoke volumes. She had natural submissive tendencies, which intrigued his dominant side.A crazy lust swirled through his system from the mind-blowing twist of hidden sensuality, cool snarkiness, and razor wit of the woman on his lap.The woman was a mass of contradictions. savvy businesswoman. Bad-ass motorcycle rider. Sweet and domestic in her mama's kitchen. Somewhere, underneath all that proper restraint, lay a hidden temptress dying to escape.I think what you've been missing is a man who will tell you what to do. What he wants. And how he wants it."You've done proper already, and it hasn't worked, It's time you do dirty.""I want you, and I'll do anything to get you. If I can't give you an orgasm in one night, I'll leave you alone. In fact, I'll give you an incentive."Sawyer has personal demons. His childhood was horrible and it has marred him from thinking he is good enough for anyone. He doesn't do love and has told Julietta that fact. As Julietta and Sawyer begin their "one night", their intensity and connection gets to the both of them, the struggle to understand what they could both have with each other if they could break down their walls is unmasked. They have help from Mama Conte (aka Don Corleone....I'll make you an offer that you can't refuse. I had to through in a Godfather quote- you must read the book to appreciate my humor) and someone that Sawyer has befriended, Wolfe. Wolfe represents Sawyer's past and a shot of redefining his future. I fell in love with Wolfe- he was such a fragile and tough young man. All of the Conte family surface in this story and it's wonderful to be able to catch up with them and their lives. The author brought in the entire family and ended the series in a full circle. It was absolutely wonderful!! I must say that I enjoyed Sawyer's struggles and loved how Julietta found the courage to fight for something that she wanted. I felt their lust, passion, sorrow, admiration, pain and love. I'm gonna go ahead and fill you in on a little secret.....Julietta is fulfilled sexually over and over and over by Sawyer.I would recommend this entire series if you love a smexy, angsty, wonderful love story with HEAs, you will not be disappointed.♥

  • Kelena
    2019-04-27 17:01

    "Beautiful things that are underused is a crime"Before I start my review, I just want to say that the real Bad-ass Hero of this whole series was Mama Conte. Emma almost made me to wish that I have a mother like Mama Conte, i think you can guess why i`m saying it if you`d read this series ;)TMM is the best way to end this series and i just can't imagine another way for it to reach it's final destination. It's a story about fighting the demons of the darkest past, the horrible truth of the life you lived once and it hunts you down throughout your lifetime, story of passion that never cease to die no matter how hard to deny it. Sawyer Wells *okay ladies....time for a group Swooning* Sawyer Well's is picture perfect material of an Alpha Male who's born to be the King of BDSM behind closed doors. ;)Successful Business Man, Charming, Hot, Sex on Stick + Sin in Suits, determined to fight the demons from his past on his own. He was a nine when his parents died and there death set the fate of his life. He was sent to the foster care under a couple who's being adopting the kids just for the sake of money, and Sawyer's foster father made sure to be the worst foster father ever living on planet earth while beating the hell out of Sawyer. That's the very reason why he became up-closed when it comes to share emotions.Sawyer is opening a new Hotel, his long time dream he's so close to bring it to life and for that he needed 'La Dolce Famiglia' as his business partner. That's where the new twist came to his life and that twist just blow his mind away!JuleittaJulleita is smart, sassy, sexy, intelligent, ambitious, hell bend to get 'La Dolce Famiglia' to the top of the word! but when it comes to love life she turned out to be a scared rabbit and kept reassuring herself that she's not missing anything in her life... she's happy in her life and for living it on her own she don't need anyone. Why didn’t anyone understand or accept that a single woman could be happy? And she was happy. Damn happy.She was always the Daddy's Girl who's from the day one meant to be the anchor of family business after their father died. She spend all her life making her mark in corperate world and gave her 100% to the business. Her love life on scale 10, stands on -1 when she met Swayer the Sex on Legs Greek God!It started from a business deal and than the urge one night in Swayer's case if she gave into his pursuance but Julleita wasn't into it no matter how much she felt the pull between them.So they started their relationship as friends. But our BDSM King wasn't going to let her slip from his hands that easily and for that he set up the proposition for her....He know her better than she knows herself.He’d realized immediately after their first kiss she needed a man to control her in the bedroom. No wonder she had trouble responding----------------------------------She's everything that Swayer was missing in his life and that's what scared him because he's not ready to admit it because he's still fighting with the demons from his past... ‘I believe in passion and lust, honesty and loyalty. I believe in hard work and sacrifice. I believe in enjoying the gifts of this world. But I do not believe in love.’Sharing the demons from his past, family lunch at Mama Conte's and her encouraging him to be open with his feelings for Wolfe the foster teen he helped to get out of streets because he saw himself in Wofle as his own offspring but ain't ready to admit that he cared for him. Wofle became a very important expect of this book and i`m hoping for him to get his own spin off book because HE NOT ONLY JUST STOLE THE BOOK HE STOLE MY HEART TOO. As time passes and the more they spend time together the more Chemistry start buzzing... "you don't have to be anything, baby. You have no choice left I`ve taken them all away. I`m about to play with you delectable body and there's not a damn thing you can do"--------------------------------------Sawyer owes Mama Conte big time and for that she talked him in to do something crazy and when the cat came outa hat Jullieta wanted to run for the hills but she didn't, she wanted to make her Mama happy and for that she would do anything. As she stepped into Mama's proposition with Sawyer she get a chance to glimpse in his life more closely and that's where she starting falling for him and she didn't see it coming because the L word was not in her dictionary. I love you. Deal with it."They both were falling for each other so fast and hard that they didn't knew what had hit them. But Sawyer wasn't ready to give into his feelings and that started causing his relationship with Jullieta.He was afraid that he's not capable of love and he don't deserved a women like Jullietta, he didn't knew that she won't give up on him until her last breath.... “You wrecked me, Julietta. You tore me apart piece by piece and then put me back together."-----------------------------------------I fall head over heels for Sawyer he's every women's fantasy that we only have in books. I like Jullietta though I was hoping for little bit more Fire and Spark from her character. The Marriage Merge is the book that takes you with it on a journey that's full of Love, Compassion, Family Values, Trust, and Hope that it's not hard to find the Love because sometimes it's wandering right next to you and either you ignore it or you are not looking hard enough...

  • Heather
    2019-04-30 10:13

    All of Julietta's sisters have found wedded bliss. Julietta has decided that she would rather focus on work and being successful running the family bakery. Her sister encourages Julietta to do the family love spell. Julietta believes this is ridiculous but does it anyway because she is lonely.Sawyer has a past and he is determined to make his future better. He doesn't let people in. Ever. Sawyer has made a life for himself and he is determined to make his hotel chain the most exclusive around. He is partnering up with several businesses and he has his sights set on La Dolce Famiglia bakeries. All he has to do is Convince Julietta to take a chance on him.Julietta instantly recognizes the chemistry between them. She is reluctant to give him a chance to get her in bed. He is not interested in anything more than a few nights. Julietta knows it is a bad idea to mix business with pleasure. Sawyer can not control himself when he is around Julietta.And Sawyer desperately LIKES to be in TOTAL CONTROL...This one was just so so for me. It had some good elements: an alpha male who is dominant in bed, hot chemistry, and a back story that makes things interesting. I didn't like how how they ended up together. (I won't share as I don't want to spoil it for you) I also didn't like that Sawyer and Julietta wouldn't acknowledge their feelings for one another. The whole marriage thing was a little weird...So, originally I was going to give this four stars but after thinking on it a few days I am downgrading it to three stars. It was ok for me, not stellar. They make choices that seem a little odd in this day and age. ***This review was given by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

  • Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-05-06 16:52

    The Book of Spells was making its magic again! Or is it Momma Conte who is truly responsible for all matchmaking in the Conte family? It’s hard to tell, though I have to say that Momma Conte has a very strong persuasive mannerism about her that none of the characters in this book can refuse. Just like Julietta’s siblings, she and Sawyer did not stand a chance. Both are stubborn, high-strung , and business minded who decided relationships or love for that matter is not in their future. But of course, Ms. Probst had planned other things for them.I love Julietta and Sawyer. Their commitment to success astounds me. They are both very strong characters who have dark sides to them. Though this book is not depressing or dark by any means, Ms. Probst was able to add just a dash of it creating an edge to Julietta and Sawyer’s characters. She also made them the hottest couple in this series. After reading chapter eight, I was cyber-ly asking for a cigarette. Ms. Probst had brought in a little BDSM to the mix. I thought the dominating , and submitting was appropriate to the strong and controlling personalities Julietta and Sawyer have. It was a great symbolism to the breakdown of walls they had built around them.There were several scenes with Momma Conte that was emotional in means of what her purpose is to this family. Her part of the story was a perfect way to end everyone’s story. Though, this is the last of the series, there will be a spin off which is scheduled to release November of this year. We will see the rest of the Conte family. I do hope to see Wolfe, the teenage boy who lived with Sawyer. He really made an impression on me. His character was of a nineteen year old , but by the end of this book; Ms. Probst had given him the transition from a teen on his way to man hood.Overall, another great read by Ms. Jennifer Probst.We at Under the Covers Book Blog had the pleasure of interviewing Julietta and Sawyer. They were gracious enough to answer a few questions but mostly what they thought of how their HEA came about. The Character interview is scheduled to post on August 2, 2013. Be sure to pass by to see what they had to say.*ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

  • Vintage
    2019-04-21 17:19

    Oh my, this is one awesome 5 star, troubled hero in a 3 star book. Maybe I am being overly critical and cranky, but I don't feel I can go higher than 3 stars.The H is a damaged hero with a tragic past. Yes, it is tragic, but I also think his angst is a little contrived on the author's part, but still.Where he shines is his yen and care for the heroine. Oh, he is so yummy, alpha and sweet in a BDSM-lite kind of way. Yes, the fan needs to come out because ay caramba there is some sexiness going on.Sadly, I just didn't buy the connection between him and the h. She's a buttoned up, honorable h but I didn't get the connection of what drew him to her.

  • Dijya
    2019-05-03 11:17

    Teaser #1:“Hell of a bike for a hell of a rider. Mind sharing how you learned to handle that thing let alone know what it can do?”Pride etched her face. “My brother Michael raced cars on the circuit. His love of good and fast machinery extended to motorcycles, and I got hooked. He was kind enough not to tell me good girls don’t ride bad bikes and taught me everything he knew.”Sawyer shook his head and took a long slug of water. “Nice. Most women overcompensate for their lack of brute strength. But you used it to your advantage. It was like watching a poetry slam. Heat and beauty and grace at top speed. What’s the best bike you ever owned?”“I still have it. The classic Moto Morini 3 1/2 Vintage.”“No. Fucking. Way.”She leaned forward. “Yes, way. Bright red, classic lines, and if you ever heard the motor you’d swear you’re dreaming. Took years to restore and people are begging to buy it all the time.” Julietta pursed her lips. “Like I’d sell to anyone who wouldn’t ride it. That would be a tragedy.”His gaze dropped and rested on her mouth. Her next breath came at a struggle, but she dug her nail into her palm to ground herself. This man was dangerous and she refused to mix business with pleasure. Even though he had a love and respect for bikes. “I agree. Beautiful things that are underused is a crime.”The double innuendo stole her sanity and immediately her nipples peaked to attention. He leaned forward and lifted his hand. Slowly, he closed the distance, obviously reaching out to touch her. Mesmerized by the hunter he was, it took her a few seconds to react to his intentions.“Don’t.” She jerked her chin away. “I thought we agreed to stick to business.”He lifted his palm up. “Sorry. You have a smear of butter on your cheek. I was just going to wipe it off.”She ducked her head to hide the faint blush and grabbed a napkin. Again, that distant amusement emanated from his aura. Like he cared. But didn’t. Like he was above all the messiness of emotion and drama and she was the current plaything. “What was the issue with the contract?”“Section B, clause three. You forgot to initial.”She stared at him. “You hunted me down, bullied me into a bike ride, and it was about my signature? Our lawyers could have handled the issue in a second.”“I like to use a hands on approach. In all aspects.”Julietta snorted. “Where do you come up with this stuff? It’s like a landmine of a conversation with you, all roads leading to sex.”That got him. He lifted his brow and shifted his weight on the bench. “Is there something wrong with sex?”She couldn’t help it. The dare was all over his face, and his desire to play her for a fool using business as an excuse burned within. Julietta moved in slowly, and stopped inches from his mouth. His breath caught, then the sweet rush of air released over her lips, smelling of mint and sugar and sin. Her tongue slid out to lick her lower lip and a tiny groan escaped him. Her hand settled on the hard muscle of his thigh and squeezed. “So do I. When the situation calls for it.”His voice dragged like the scrape of gravel. “How about this situation?”A husky laugh escaped her. “Not gonna happen when we’re working together.”“You didn’t initial. Technically the contract is void.”

  • Jill
    2019-05-17 17:01

    uugh, I hate doing this, but here it is. This book really fell flat for me. The characters, neither of them did I really like. I couldn't connect with them. I found that I couldn't care less what happened with them. I skim read, I skipped pages, because to be honest I got bored. This is so awful, I know that this is not everyone's response to this book, so maybe this can be put down to my mood etc.I did push through and I did end up finishing the book, but I had the same lacklustre feelings at the end that I did in the beginning. My favourite thing about the whole book was Wolfe, his character I liked. Everything else, not so much.I read the first book in this series and loved it so I know its not the authors writing style because I connected with her back then. I guess just like people you aren't always going to like all the characters your read.Do not let this get you down Ms Probst, I have liked your others, I am sure this is just me.

  • Kara
    2019-05-13 15:58

    This was my favorite book of the series!! (could have been the awesome buddy read too... LJ makes everything better!)What is better than an easy, sexy, romantic, heartbreaking, loving moments?!?!Sawyer and Julietta. Wolfe. Mama Conte. They each played a great part in the story and were a very strong cast of characters. Some of my favorites: "I like to use a hands-on approach. In all aspects.""Let's put that mouth to better use, shall we?""You'll have to beg long and hard before I give you what you want, baby. I've earned it.""What do they say about good intentions?" "The road to hell is paved with good intentions.""We live happily ever after. One day at a time." This read made me go and look up more books by this author ... thank goodness there are more books available to read! I will read them!!buddy read with my Britt Bestie LJ

  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    2019-05-03 11:04

    Another fantastic book in the Marriage to a Billionaire series!I really enjoyed Julietta's story! Loved Sawyer!!! He had a raw edge to him and was scorching hot!!! I also adored Wolfe! I am hoping he gets his own book! I think his book would end up being my favorite! :)-An angel or God himself must have given him those eyes, because they seemed almost pure gold, splintering radiance and piercing past the surface straight to the core.-In faded, tight jeans, a leather bomber jacket, and vintage riding boots, he cut a bad-boy-meets-surfer figure that almost killed her.-He was so gorgeous. Would she ever get used to that face? -She was his feminine equal in all forms except her refusal to admit she wanted him. But she did.-The moment we rationalize chemistry, we risk losing it forever.

  • •Anna•
    2019-05-09 09:55

    Ok, la prossima chi è?Perché non ci crede nessuno che non sbucherà fuori un altro libro.La tutt'altrochesimpatica signora Conte? Magari con Wolfe, che dite? Gli unici esseri viventi nell'arco di quattro libri ad essere rimasti spaiati... 'Contratto finale' si è guadagnato la bellezza di ben TRENTASEI NOTE sull'e-reader. Da Guinness. No, non dei primati. Ma da vie' qua passami sta Guinness perchè ti prego non ce la faccio più.Dopo lo straordinario risultato di 3 matrimoni ben riusciti a seguito di un incantesimo *inserire infiniti punti di sospensione* Giulia Conte, sorella di Michael (che fa coppia con Maggie - Margheritaaa!) e Carolina (che fa coppia con Max - Massimooo! - nonché migliore amico di Michael ) e per finire amica di Alexa (che fa coppia con Nick - fratello di Maggie - e che è colei che ha dato inizio a tutto con la storia degli incantesimi per trovare l'amore della sua vita) si batte per il suo lieto fine. Una famiglia più intrecciata non la trovate dove vi pare, eh. Magari su Canale cinque verso ora di pranzo, ma mai tanto stupida come questa. TOH, L'HO DETTO.Ma sì, perché secondo me alla Probst di sembrare banale non importa una cippa lippa, basta solo che lei si diverta a scrivere questi libri che magari a lei sembrano davvero ingegnosi, arguti ed intriganti. Ammiro la tua tenacia, Jennifer! :DGiulia è l'unica degli ottomila figli di un tizio di nome (e di fatto? Boh) Conte, deceduto, ad aver continuato la strada del padre (quel simpatico signore che in punto di morte non fa altro che pensare a rompere le palle al figlio imponendogli di sposarsi prima delle sorelle), cioè rimanere a capo dell'azienda di famiglia, "La Dolce Famiglia". Che fa dolci. Ed è di famiglia.Forse come premio di consolazione per essersi fatta sfuggire il cliente dell'anno, Giulietta bella accetta un lavoro per conto di Sawyer Wells (plurimiliardario amico di Max che c'ha provato anche con Carolina prima che questa, appunto, si mettesse con Max). Non si sono mai visti, quindi si presentano con tanto di stretta di mano. Allo sciogliere della stretta lei nota che il tizio SORRIDE, quindi lei se ne esce con un battuta per niente fuori contesto, cioè "Vedo che le piace giocare", stupendosi poi della risposta di lui, ovvero "Dipende dal gioco."CASPITA. SONO RIMASTA PROPRIO FOLGORATA DA QUESTO DIALOGO. Chissà a quale gioco si riferisce? Prima di scoprirlo è importante ai fini della trama precisare che nasce un'antipatia unilaterale assurda nei confronti di Sawyer, perché è bello, ricco e maschio.Giulia ha il pallino che non riesce a fidarsi completamente degli uomini, in camera da letto non arriva mai al culmine, e un appuntamento non lo ha da anni.Per questo quando Sawyer le propone di dargli del tu, lei è leggermente titubante."Dillo."Giulia lo fissò. "Cosa? Non capisco." C'era una strana tensione tra loro, come se stessero giocando una partita eliminatoria e lei non conoscesse la posta in gioco. "Cosa sono?" "Il mio nome", le ordinò lui a bassa voce. "Dillo." Alla fine di tutto ciò Sawyer va dritto dritto al punto. Nessun umano è riuscito a capire da dove sia sbucata la cosa, sta di fatto che le spara la proposta indecente.#EYE ROLLCome faccio a dire che Giulia non è una di quelle ragazze facili ma esattamente nemmeno di quelle difficili?Così. La proposta vede Sawyer impegnato a darle ben due orgasmi (fino ad allora latitanti), per avere in cambio che cosa, poi, è inutile e di poco conto specificarlo.MA stiamo dimenticando il pezzo grosso.LA SIGNORA CONTE.Sempre pronta a dispensare consigli, di farsi gli affari suoi proprio non vuole saperne.Sempre pronta ad aiutare il prossimo, la privacy non sa cosa sia.Sempre pronta ad organizzare mega pranzetti in cui accoglierebbe persino malintenzionati, è triste dirlo ma la Signora Conte E' LA VERA PROTAGONISTA DELLA SERIE.Fettuccine e tagliatelle,ne vedrete delle belle.Riscatta sempre i suoi favori per combinarne matrimoni."Sono in debito con lei, signora. Se mai dovesse avere bisogno di me, farò tutto quello che mi chederà."Sawyer era un bad boy di strada *sorpresa dalla folla, che questa proprio non se l'aspettava*Lei l'ha aiutato *ancora una volta c'è sorpresa, nessuno si aspetterebbe una cosa simile dalla contessa*Quando arriva il momento del pareggio dei conti, chiede a Sawyer di sposare Giulia. Come un'abile burattinaia, muovendo bene i fili riesce ad ottenere in poco meno di tre minuti che lui le faccia questo FAVORE. Con giusto UN PO' di insistenza."Cè solo un modo per assicurarmi che Giulia e La Dolce Famiglia siano protette a vita, ed è il matrimonio. E' questo che mi serve da te." Rispetto ai libri precedenti, questa volta mi sono annoiata parecchio. Nessuno spiccava per originalità, ma questo... davvero, a parte la svolta in stile 50 sfumature è tutto un ripetersi di situazioni già viste.-C'è odio/attrazione. -I due vanno a letto insieme. -Decidono che deve essersi trattato di uno sbaglio e si ripromettono di non ricascarci più.-Lo fanno sei volte di fila.-Arriva mamma Conte e obbliga qualcuno a sposarsi.-Il matrimonio non può andare avanti, causa turbamento mentale di uno dei protagonisti.-Mamma Conte, pensaci tu!-Matrimonio felice.E non mancano i cenni idioti a tutto quello che è italiano."Nutrire il proprio marito con cibi confezionati a mano significava legarlo a sé a un livello più profondo e alimentare una connessione spirituale oltre che fisica." #MaiLettePiùStronzateDiQuestePranzi domenicali: pane, mozzarella e pomodoro guarniti da un'oliva e da una foglia di basilico, funghi e polpa di granchio, prosciutto e melone. Ricette tipiche pseudo italiane... che ci scappi un libro anche su questo, Probst? E comunque no, nemmeno a dieta la domenica si mangia così light."Conobbi gli altri dipendenti, ascoltai i pettegolezzi, imparai i codici e assistetti ai peggiori retroscena di un albergo. Jerry mi spronò a cercare qualcosa di meglio e alla fine ottenni un posto al Waldorf Hotel. MI MANDARONO A MILANO PER UN APPRENDISTATO, poi tornai a New York."Ma perché?#ApprendistatoAMilano"Non credevo che in Italia si usassero ancora i matrimoni combinati. Al Sud forse, ma in Lombardia..."#ItaliaE'PreistoriaPrendete questa serie al pari di una soap opera: credibilità e spontaneità vi travolgeranno come un tornado. #MaAncheNo

  • Natasha is a Book Junkie
    2019-05-01 12:02

    “You’ve done proper already, and it hasn’t worked. It’s time you do dirty.”Some people watch re-runs of Sex and the City, some people indulge in chocolate comas… one of my guilty pleasures happens to be a Jennifer Probst book, and especially her Marriage to a Billionaire series. Each one of the instalments so far has been like a little piece of heaven for this HEA addict, and this last instalment of a truly beloved series did not disappoint. The Marriage Merger has all the trademark qualities of this author’s writing style – undeniable chemistry between characters, a sense of belonging drawing them together, strong family values at the core of their happily-ever-after, sizzling sex scenes, and deeply emotional connections between the characters and with the characters – all packaged nicely into a story that transports you into a world where the senses lead the way, where people fall in love and stay in love, where the heart can never be denied, and where family comes first and foremost.In this final book of the series, we finally get to meet the eldest Conte daughter as we watch her find her happily-ever-after. Julietta has always been the responsible one in the family. While her siblings followed their hearts, she was driven by a sense of responsibility and loyalty towards her family and the family business, La Dolce Famiglia. Her ambition and stubborn determination to leave her mark in an industry where being a woman is her only downfall, Julietta has dedicated her life to making her family proud of her and to continuing a legacy started by her late father. She carefully controls all aspects of her life, leaving very little time to pursue personal interests. Her few attempts at finding what her siblings all have found – true love – have all ended in disaster, leaving her convinced of being frigid and incapable of feeling true passion. She blames herself for her body’s inability to keep the flame burning during the sexual act, and believes that no man would ever want a woman like that in his bed.“No man had ever wanted her enough.”Sawyer Wells is a successful self-made businessman, known for his ruthless business sense and his perennial bachelor status. His private life remains a mystery to even those closest to him, but his evident loyalty to those he cares for precedes him and only adds to the overall mystery of the man behind the impeccable business suit. When Sawyer approaches Julietta and makes her a once-in-a-lifetime business proposition, Julietta finds herself not only at a professional crossroad, but also at a personal one as well. Her attraction to him is unlike anything she has ever experienced before, raw and uncontrollable, and the object of her attraction appears to have the same primal reaction to her.“He was a primitive wrapped up in civilization.”Another proposition takes place, one of an indecent kind, and Julietta’s world tilts on its axis. For the first time in her life, a man succeeds in awakening her body and making her feel everything. Every touch burns her skin, every kiss curls her toes, every earth-shattering orgasm wrecks her and helps her find the passionate woman hiding inside her. But while Sawyer might be able to read Julietta’s body the way no man has even tried before, and he knows exactly what her body craves in order to let go of its mental restraints, he is also a man not interested in a romantic connection. He believes himself incapable of offering love to anyone, especially to a woman as deserving of love as Julietta.“He ached to give her what she needed, but he’d been numb for so many years, he didn’t know how to feel any softer emotions, especially love.”As always, however, there is no denying Cupid and what is meant to be eventually happens.This book is in so many ways a bold departure from the previous books in the series. It follows a well-known winning formula, but it also delves deeper into the characters’ psyche, confronting them with slightly profounder personal issues as it tackles some more serious themes such as physical abuse in the form of flashbacks from their past. It also skims over certain sexual proclivities such as domination and submission, admittedly at a very mellow ‘vanilla’ level, but it adds a new flavour to the pot and let me tell you, it is delicious! I do believe some of the terminology could have been used with greater care, as having dominant tendencies in the bedroom does not make a person a Dom, but this ultimately did not matter – the gentle dominant/submissive dynamic between the characters succeeds in achieving the intended result believably and the reader enjoys every second of it. Every. Single. Mouth-watering. Second.“I want to discover every hidden secret of your body and a thousand ways to make you scream my name… A reminder of the basic rules. Do everything I say. No talking unless I ask a question. And absolutely no thinking. I’ll do that for both of us tonight.”I cannot tell you how bittersweet it was to read this book and know all along we would be leaving this world behind after this last instalment. I am hoping characters such as Wolfe get their own book one day as I am not quite ready to give up my little guilty pleasure just yet. Ms Probst knows how to make us escape reality, how to ignite our senses, how to make our hearts drop one minute and elate us with happiness then next. Pure escapism. Pure delight. Pure sizzle.“You wrecked me, Julietta. You tore me apart piece by piece, and then put me back together.”See this review on my blog! | Follow me on Facebook! | Follow me on Twitter!

  • Autumn Review
    2019-04-28 15:06

    4.5 starsI'll admit, I was a bit reluctant about Julietta's book. Out of all the Conte's, she has been the hardest to warm up to for me. However, after reading her book, I'm happy to say that I love her and she couldn't have found a better partner in Sawyer! I remember Sawyer from Carina's book and I loved him then. I didn't think he was right for Carina, but I loved him. He's definitely an Alpha male through and through. He's worked hard to create his business empire, but his past has remained a bit of a mystery. While parts of his story were tough to read, I fell in love with him even more. He's had a tough life, but when he met Mama Conte years ago, he turned his life around. That Mama Conte is one powerful woman! Julietta has always been the one who puts the family business first. It takes a certain determination and prowess to be successful in a man's business world. Julietta is not only up for it, she lives for it. But, sometimes it would be nice to be seen as a woman too. Because of her tough as nails exterior, she's often been labeled as cold in the bedroom. She been left unsatisfied with past lovers and has only had uncomplicated relationships. When she's presented an offer for the bakery, she simply can't refuse. However, that means she has to work with Sawyer. Not only do Sawyer and Julietta work well together, but the sexual chemistry between these two was off the charts HOT! Sawyer is dominating in life, business, and in the bedroom. He recognizes that Julietta needs the safety of a partner who will let her feel comfortable. Sawyer pushes beyond her walls, but Julietta also breaks down some of his too. I always love to see characters featured from past stories, so it was great to see Alexa and Nick, Maggie and Michael, and Max and Carina. But, what was great about this book was that there was a new character introduced. His name is Wolfe and he is Sawyer's 19 year old adopted son, for all intents and purposes. Wolfe also came from a troubled past, but Sawyer gave him a chance. He gave Wolfe a job, a home, and security. See, Wolfe is wicked smart and has become an asset to Sawyer's organization. Wolfe also develops as great relationship with the Conte family. It was endearing. From the moment I met him in this book, I needed to have his story. Good news is...we'll get it! WOOT!Overall, I really loved it. Sawyer has become my favorite guy in this series for sure! I thought I loved Max the best, but Sawyer was delicious! I'm sad that this series has come to an end, but I have a feeling we may get to see glimpses of this gang when Wolfe's book comes around. I can't wait!If you need a fun, flirty, and super sexy series to start, look no further...the Marriage to a Billionaire Series has it all!Quotes:~"The one with the biggest balls doesn't always win, Sawyer Wells."He muttered a curse. "So who does?"Julietta pursed her lips. "The one who can go the distance."-Loc 597/ARC~"I say no. I'm not going to pretend to shake your hand when I'd rather push my fingers between your legs and make you come. I'm not smiling politely when I'd rather kiss you senseless and force you to confront the woman you are."-Loc 2059~"...Somehow, you saw past the bullshit and loved me anyway. You wrecked me, Julietta. You tore me apart piece by piece and then put me back together...."-Loc 3539

  • Helena
    2019-05-22 15:02

    Los tres primeros libros de esta serie me chiflaron. Tenía las expectativas altísimas con esta novela y al final... tópico, tópico, tópico. Chico malo que consigue convertirse en millonario con poder. Chico malo al que le gusta el control fuera y dentro de la cama. Chica inteligente que quiere demostrar que puede llevar una empresa llevando falda. Chica que no ha encontrado el amante adecuado que la haga sentir. Sí, exacto. Me ha cansado muchísimo. Me ha parecido repetitivo, he leído esta trama demasiadas veces ya, por no decir que era totalmente predecible lo que iba a ocurrir cuando pasara la página... y creo que le faltaba chispa a la narrativa de la novela en comparación con las otras.

  • Dalimar
    2019-04-22 14:10

    Ok tal vez no soy la mas objetiva con estos libros,porque cuando los leo es porque lo que estoy buscando es una lectura ligera.Pero este me sorprendió grandemente.Cierto es que mi pareja favorita es la de Nick con Alexa,pero esta de Julietta y Sawyer es ufff demaciado.La historia es bastante intensa y los personajes muy bien logrados.Es grato encontrarme con los demas personajes de los libros anteriores y al fin aunque nunca he entendido lo metiche que puede ser Mamá Conte,puedo decir que he llegado a tolerarla bastante.Para mi este ha sido el mejor libro de la serie,que aparentemente cierra con él,pero me parece que habrá sorpresa con el personaje de Wolfe.Que en mi opinión resultaría interesante.

  • Sofia Lazaridou
    2019-05-09 16:12

    I changed my original rating from 4 to 3 stars. The reason is simple. I think that the books have lost their appeal and especially this one. Mama Conte is the Soren in the Marriage to a Billionaire books. Sawyer is one of the people I liked in this book. A plus is that Probst always makes her book in a way that we can see the other couples from the previous books. Wolfe must get a story for himself because is my second favorite character in the book and he deserves to find his soulmate. The end left me feeling a little confused. The Conte siblings might have found their soul mates but is there a chance that someone other will pick up the book and cast the spell, giving us a 5th book? I am not sure how I feel about that.

  • mirada
    2019-05-14 12:14

    ¿Este personaje masculino es del tipo Grey? Porque de Dom no tiene ni la letra D. Y ella de sumisa... poco, poquito, poco. Sinceramente, de D/s no tiene ni la estética. Es una excusa.Bueno, aunque le pongo dos estrellas tampoco es tan malo. Serían mejor 2'5 estrellas.

  • Kamaliah
    2019-05-01 11:11

    Feeling overwhelmed.... A perfect ending to the Marriage to Billionaires series...My review: Fiiiinallyyy finished the last book of the series. Yeayy…1st half was so and so…. Why? Too much x-rated stuff that I do not care to elaborate. 2nd half… Now… that really changed my point of view of Sawyer… Interior and Exterior clashes 100%. This is why they say, Never Judge a Book by Its Cover or in Sawyer’s case, Never Judge a Man by Sexy Suit and Attitude. He may appear to be an Alpha male thru n thru but deep down inside, there’s always the sweet frightened boy who has been brutally abused. And I felt sad for him because he simply can’t let go and it almost caused him the chance for happiness. It’s a good thing that Mama Conte and Max came in the picture and FINALLY made him realize what he was about to give up. Why the emphasize here? Because Julietta has been telling him over and over and over and over that his past doesn’t matter to her and it shouldn’t have mattered to him but does he listen???? Noooooooooo…. At certain point, I had to close the book, set it aside and calm myself because I think that Sawyer is a pig-headed fool. There! I’ve said it. I feel better now. Hahaha… Never ever allow your past to dominate your present and ruin your future. It’s as simple as that…. Learn to let go. Julietta…. The workaholic sister. She, who sacrificed her adolescent years to take over the family business. She’s the kind of person who I respect the most. Family to her is everything. She even refused to think that her sacrifice was a sacrifice. For that, I admire her. And because Family is everything to her, she took in Sawyer and Wolfe without a blink of an eye and because of that, she had gotten herself two great guys to call family. True… there’s not much excitement or duels between couple like the other books but the transition of Sawyer and Wolfe really captivated me. They are really hurting and they did really well hiding that hurt from the world but Julietta and Mama Conte sees them and being the good person that they are, they acted on it. And oh… the airport confession, woah…. Really melt the heart….. All in all, I like this book. The 2nd half that is. There’s a message in it. Some might agree, some might not. But we read what we want because what we feel is ours and ours only and nobody can make us feel otherwise. Right? :)By the way, Airina…. Me never leave Micheal…. Walaupun Max n Sawyer datang menggoda, Micheal tetap no. 1…. Ahaks…..

  • Brenda
    2019-05-17 11:06

    “I’m not crying for the man you are. I’m crying for the boy who never had anyone to care.”The best of the series, YAY!Somebody give him a prize! He was so patient with her giving her sexual confidence and fulfilling her fantasies. He's a national treasure! You can see the chemistry since their first meeting...Too many men used romance and intimacy to demean women in business. But Sawyer combined respect with a leashed sensuality, keeping her off-balance. “I’m glad I followed my instincts to give you the first opportunity to work for me.”She closed her briefcase and settled it back on the floor, then thumbed through the file in a deliberate power play.“While I appreciate being first in line, I would have preferred knowing the details of the offer. I do hate wasting my morning on a deal not worthy of my time. I’m sure you understand, Mr. Wells.”“Sawyer.” He rested his chin on his fingers. “After all, I already met most of your family. Am good friends with your brother-in-law. The least we can do is be on a first-name basis.”“Fine.”“Say it.”She looked up. “excuse me?”An odd tension stretched between them, as if a pre-liminary game was being played, and she didn’t know the stakes. “My name,” he instructed softly. “Say it.”Julietta blinked. Warmth flooded her body and made her skin itch. Her tummy dropped, then settled. She didn’t want to and opened her mouth to gloss over the whole weird exchange, but found herself responding to his command. “Sawyer.”His name stumbled across her lips and she cursed herself for the move. Satisfaction and something deeper flickered over his face, but he only nodded in approval. “Thank you.”Julietta's best line: “I love you. Deal with it.”Sawyer's best line: “Hands on the wall. You’re not allowed to have an orgasm until I’m inside you. If you do, there will be consequences.” He nipped at her shoulder. “And I’m going to do everything in my power so that you disobey me, baby. That way I’ll be able to punish you.”Best moment: The first time she made pasta for Sawyer. Guys, you have to read to understand why that moment was SO important. Really moving.I loved Wolfe, he's a good boy. I really got touched by the past of him and Sawyer :(

  • Belkis
    2019-05-22 12:58

    Can't wait for this next book! When I met Sawyer in book 3 I knew he would be paired up soon and I thought of Julietta immediately. If they're the next pair it's going to be explosive indeed since they're such opposites :)

  • Maybelline
    2019-05-16 13:53

    JP did not disappoint. Great way to end the series and introduce new characters for the spinoff series.

  • Tammy
    2019-05-05 13:07

    Dang it .i don't remember sawyer :( I'm gonna have to read them again

  • Irina Nikolov
    2019-05-06 09:16

    Много трудно ми вървеше и едвам я дочетох. Дори се поколебах дали да не и дам 1 звезда.