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It’s almost love at first sight when a chance encounter at a local bakery, called Sweet Treats, brings Grayson James in close proximity with the woman who may change his life forever – Tanley West. Looking to place a large order for his charitable event, Grayson isn’t prepared for the connection he feels with the beautiful woman across the counter. Tanley has never been muIt’s almost love at first sight when a chance encounter at a local bakery, called Sweet Treats, brings Grayson James in close proximity with the woman who may change his life forever – Tanley West. Looking to place a large order for his charitable event, Grayson isn’t prepared for the connection he feels with the beautiful woman across the counter. Tanley has never been much for the dating scene, but this might all change when she lays eyes on the handsome cowboy. His very presence nearly brings her to her knees. Taking his order proves to be more complicated than she bargained for, as she tries to keep her composure on the outside when she’s all but swooning on the inside. Somehow, she manages to get through the ordeal - that is until one text message changes everything… True love and a happily-ever-after may be the frosting on the cake for this baker, but only if she’s brave enough to reach out and grab it with both hands....

Title : Ride for a Cure
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Ride for a Cure Reviews

  • Estelle Martinez
    2019-03-05 04:49

    I was so fortunate to have gotten an Arc of Ride for A Cure. This book was so refreshing and sweet. We sometimes forget what romance books are all about. It's about a connection to another. The characters Greyson and Tanley are supper sweet and so lovable. Greyson owns a ranch and does an amazing charity and Tanley is a baker they hit it off instantly but their is so much more than your typical attraction don't get me wrong their some steamy scenes. I truly think you should pick this book up as soon as it's available. This book is an all around great read and I can not wait for book 2 ride for love

  • Madelyn Medina-nunez
    2019-02-26 11:52

    Luckily I received an Arc for "Ride for A Cure"! What a refreshing book! This is your traditional love story, without all the drama. Grayson is a sexy, rich cowboy looking for love, but it seem that everyone he meets is a gold digger, that's until he meets Tanley, the sweet and lovable baker. There is an instant attraction and they run with it. This book has everything you would want, love, romance, fun and sex!! Can't wait to read Presley and Branson's story! Also is great how Ms. Fast brought awareness to Autism is this book!!

  • Jennifer Goncalves
    2019-02-27 04:43

    Ride for a Cure is about two people who come together to make a wonderful charity possible. Tanley and Grayson fall in love and get their happily ever after. Amber Fast did it again with this book! It is beautifully written and will make you wish you had your own Grayson!!

  • Maria Suarez
    2019-03-16 06:48

    Great short story fell in love with the characters right away... I got sucked into the story right away and did not stopped till I finished the book. .. just wish it was a little longer :)

  • Carla
    2019-03-23 08:32

    For Tanley West not much has changed with having to make ends meet, but she has accomplished everything she has dreamed of in part owning a bakery with her best friend Presley. That is until sexy cowboy by the name of Grayson James enters the bakery to enlist their services (Swoon).Grayson James is a very wealthy Ranch owner who dedicates his time and money to a foundation called Ride for a Cure, who helps children with Autism. The children come to the Ranch for summer camps to interact and ride with the horses, which has been proven to help them.Grayson goes to the bakery one day to see if they are able to help with sweet treats for a fundraiser he is holding, it was an instant attraction between them and Tanley not only offered to help cater for 2000+, but made it her contribution.So what did I think, I WANTED IT NOT TO END !!!! I am a serious sucker for HEA’s and this is defiantly one for the bookshelf. Tanley and Grayson came across as kind hearted souls and it was refreshing to read a story within minimal drama and major tragedy in the characters back stories. I loved the fact that a well know condition was included to heighten awareness especially in children. I have to say the Grayson is swoon worthy material and loved how he wanted to show Tanley how special she was and shower her with love, however my one little grip would be all the gifts he showered her with instantly, while mentioning not wanting a money bunnie, maybe if the read was a little longer it wouldn’t have entered my mind as I’m sure we all want to give our loved one the world, I personally just felt a little too much too soon.So on a final note I loved this book so much I devoured it in one sitting and definatly look forward to the next in the series Ride for Love. I think that if you love light hearted romance as much as I do, you should pick up a copy and enjoy x

  • Bambi Fogleman
    2019-03-13 03:50

    i love this book the whirl wind romance is great and i love the theme of riding for the cure. It was a wonderful story line a great read. i would recommend this for all ages young adult up. Amber fast did a awesome job with this story

  • Heather andrews
    2019-03-05 10:54

    The cover is what drew me to this book (it's novella length so it took me 10 minutes to read and that's okay.) To me I felt the book was a little to sweet, there wasn't really a climax, there were no issues for Grayson and Tanley to work out it was just a sweet love story, I kept waiting and waiting for the climax to hit and it never did. This book didn't really have my emotions going because of the no climax issue. I mean to me it felt like all Grayson did was really flaunt is money around even though he kept saying he doesn't care about it, "I have a store credit account at Bealls, I would love to get you something so that you can come. Money isn't important to me, I never spend it so it just sits and wastes away." I mean his money was brought on what seemed like every other page of this book, yes you're rich and you don't care about it, but money is a tough issue for me personally so it kinda upset me. I mean I know he wants to take care of Tanley but buying her things all the time isn't really taking care of her it's showering her and spoiling her, "so get used to it, beautiful, because before you know it you will own ever Gucci shoe known to mankind." There were parts of Grayson I liked he loved to compliment Tanley and I really liked that, "that was amazing, baby, you're so damn sexy. I love the way you talk to me when we're making love." I had wished the author had written a little more, and gone in depth with Tanley and Grayson's relationship, added a climax, and perhaps a few other problems along the way.

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    2019-03-07 04:58

    check out this review and others[email protected] rated this a 3.5 but rounded up. I received this book from the author for an honest reveiwThis is the first book i have read from this author but it wont be the last. This is a sweet and sensual story that I read in one afternoon. The story is about Gillionaire (ok yeah he is super rich) Grayson who is organizing a charity event due to his neice. He walks into a local bakery and is struck stupid but the hottie owner behind the counter. Tanley is a squivering mess of a woman seeing this hottie cowboy ordering a ton of cupcakes/pasteries/cakes/etc for his charity. She abso loves his charity and offers to do it for FREE!! A little business card and cell phone swaping and BOOM they are texting whic quickly becomes a date which quickly becomes a relationship. Gray has never met a woman who likes him for HIM. He tells Tanley upfront he is loaded and she doesnt care. She just lovees him for his cowboy hat AND tight Wranglers!! The story is a really sweet read with alot of happy moments between the couple. He helps her realize a new dream while also making her a bigger part of his life. She helps him with his insecurity of having too much money and the "gold diggers" that it attracts. Gray is the 'dream' man. He is spoiling his woman and doing the most thoughtful things youwould ever dream of your significant other doing...LOL. Tanley is the down the Earth, girl next door who you can see being your real life friend.

  • Shon French
    2019-03-21 11:52

    I cannot express the feelings I have for this book. This book respresents that one fantasy man we all had or we even married. With every turn of this book I had memories and smiles. THAT IS WHAT REAL LOVE STORIES are supposed to do. Then she added in a real life "Cause" "Ride for a Cure", which is known in other states by different names. This is a book that was refreshing because there were no vulgar words, the love making was real! It was things that real human beings do. We may not have met a man that had that much money (oh I wish for a cowboy like that) but that was a symbolism for me. A symbolism of all the things that a man wants to do for you. I would say that Ms. Winters is a fantastic writer. Using fantasy of meeting a cowboy and falling in love right away (like a normal woman does) and realizing that sometimes our dreams really weren't ours that was meant for us. Love happens when we least expect it. She NAILED real life and fantasy on the head. SHE MADE US AWARE of a cause that we should get involved with whether it be purchasing something for the cause or donating. Thank you Ms.. Winters for reminding me of my cowboy and educating me of a great cause. This book was fast paced and fun. This is What I would call a True Love Story

  • Danielle
    2019-03-07 04:36

    I received a gifted copy for an honest review.3 ½ stars! This is a sweet, romantic novella about Grayson, a hot cowboy, and Tanley, a cute bakery owner. Grayson runs a charity, Ride for a Cure, for children with Autism, including his niece. He is preparing for his annual auction to fund the charity as well as research for a cure for Autism and needs some desserts and ends up in Tanley’s bakery, Sweet Treats. Tanley loves the idea of the charity and agrees to donate the baked goods for the auction. While going over the plans for what is needed, Tanley and Grayson make a personal connection and soon after their first meeting, go on a date. The relationship between Tanley and Grayson seems to blossom from there. This is a quick, easy read that stays sweet from beginning to end. There is plenty of heat and passion between Tanley and Grayson that makes this book enjoyable. I would recommend this book if you are looking for something sweet and light without any angst.

  • Candi-
    2019-02-27 07:48

    Once I started this book, I could not put it down!!! It was such a short, sweet and sexy novella without all the drama that you normally get and for me this was a good change!!Grayson has an up and coming charity auction event and decides to go into the local bakery called Sweet Treats to place an order and there he meets Tanley, the owner. The connection between them is instant and I LOVED it!! I think everyone deserves a super HOTTT and sweet man like Grayson!!! I loved all the secondary characters in this book, especially Grayson's sweet niece Macee. This is a definite must read that I would recommend to all my book friends!! I can't wait for book 2 on Tanley's best friend Presley and her man Branson!!

  • Bambi Fogleman
    2019-03-09 11:41

    Oh my God when that man walked in I swear I thought my knees were going to collapse under me, he was easily six foot, with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was wearing a tight ass pair of wrangler jeans, a white tee shirt that hugged his body enough for me to know he was ripped, I could see a tattoo peeking out of the edge of his sleeve, but couldn't fully make out what it was, he had a white cowboy hat that he immediately removed when he started talking to me.... who wouldn't want to meet a hot male like this. Ride for a cure is a great book for a even better sub plot take the journey to find true love with greyson and tanely

  • Melinda
    2019-03-10 06:59

    Ride for a Cure was a sweet sexy novella. The characters had steaming chemistry with a sweet story line. It all starts with Grayson a super hot hunky cowboy. He meets Tanley right off the bat, and doesn’t waste any time to claim her for his self. The underlining story is inspirational. It focuses on an autism charity that uses horses to help the children, which is a wonderful back story if you ask me. The writing style is fluid, and clearly switches POV from the main characters, while keeping the flow of the book going. This is a wonderful short read that suits the readers with busy schedules. You get a hot steamy can’t put down book without investing days of reading.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-25 06:48

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was a feel good love story from start to the wonderful HEA. No crazy ex's, no stalkers, or people trying to get between Tanley and her cowboy Grayson, just basically a sweet and very sexy love story where the couple meet around a charity event for Autism. There are parts of the story that show some of their friends and family, but the main story centers around the couple and their relationship. Both of their lives quickly change as they begin to see more of each other. At the end of this book, I found myself smiling and thinking that this is a definite re-read for me. I'm really looking forward to the next book in this series.

  • Shirley
    2019-03-08 09:31

    Very much enjoyed this fast moving debut from NC Winters, and it was refreshing to not have any "shadows" hanging over this couple as their love at first sight romance progressed.I would have liked more about the riding camp and the experiences they had with the children as I'd like to think those experiences helped to seal the connection between Grayson and Tanley as they learned more about each other as they observed each other working with the camp participants.I look forward to more from NC and her Ride Series and I'm hoping we'll see more of Grayson and Tanley.

  • For the Love of Books
    2019-03-26 04:38

    4 1/2 SWEET EASY ROMANTIC STARS! This book was a quick entertaining enjoyable read! Tanley and Grayson hit it off immediately and just know that the other one is someone who is different then the people they normally meet. The have a cute easy relationship that just happens like it does when two people are meant to be. This is a pretty easy romance with no drama. Just a cute story of two people who fall in love and you get to read their relationship blossom. This is definitely one I would recommend :) ~ Leslie

  • Ashley Loos
    2019-03-14 03:38

    I got this book as an ARC giveaway prize. With that in mind, ignoring the editing and formatting errors I'm sure are fixed, Ride for a Cure was a very I entering read. I really enjoyed the switch between POV's and absolutely love the idea behind the camp. I don't know that I'd be able to get past the whole money issue or the fact that Grayson seemed to want to buy everything for Tanley. I also got confused with the terms of endearment Babe and Baby. All in all, a very good story.

  • Emily
    2019-03-12 03:36

    'Ride for a Cure' by N.C. Winters is a fun, hot, fast paced story. I loved the story and all the characters. Definitely looking forward to reading more from this author and this series! I recommend this story to all fans of romance, cowboys, horses and happily ever afters.

  • Tracey Warren
    2019-02-25 11:01

    I loved this book. NC Winters writing took me on the journey with Grayson and Tanley as they met by chance, and explored their feelings, their differences, and their coming together to discover something very special. A warm, fuzzy, heart warming must read, enjoy

  • Susan Stoker
    2019-03-06 10:59

    I enjoyed this book. It was fast paced, sexy and didn't have the "angst" that a lot of romance books have nowadays. It was great to see two people meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Can't wait to read the next one!