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Brantley Colton never set out to be anything but normal...but with tragedy came transformation. In his search for peace he is confronted with the darker aspects of men’s souls and plagued by horrific murders at every turn. “Why does evil seem drawn to him like a wise virus contaminating his body?” In “A Cache of Killers” Colton runs across a ring of child abductors and kilBrantley Colton never set out to be anything but normal...but with tragedy came transformation. In his search for peace he is confronted with the darker aspects of men’s souls and plagued by horrific murders at every turn. “Why does evil seem drawn to him like a wise virus contaminating his body?” In “A Cache of Killers” Colton runs across a ring of child abductors and killers and sets out to enact his own brand of justice…saving a life because his is so torn and tenuous. 18+ *This book contained dark themes and imagery that some readers may find disturbing*...

Title : A Cache of Killers
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A Cache of Killers Reviews

  • ♣️ Lynda ♣️
    2019-04-07 06:50

    **4 Suspenseful Stars** Still mourning the death of his closest friend, Brantley Colton has decided to take a break from the road and stay in Portland, Oregon for a bit. When he hears/reads about some recent deaths of young men he's intrigued. Since his last run in with a killer he's been doing some research on serial killers.When you dance with killers you learn how they move.Reading what these poor boys are going through sickens me knowing that this is how humanity probably works. Inhumanity I should say. Brantley is finding a purpose here. He's feeling alive again and not thinking of his Cancer as much.I'm always amazed how Brantly can find out more than the police. He's ahead of the authorities yet again in A Cache of Killers. At least in the first book the FBI was right behind him. The detectives here are caring and want to solve the case but never even get close. Brantley is set up to save the day yet again."Who are you then?" the young man asked timidly."An act of God," Brantley said. The ONLY reason I didn't give this book 5 Stars was the way the author spoke of the main character. In one sentence he was Brantley and in the next sentence he was Colton. I felt like someone had Dissociative Identity Disorder (Me?). Especally when I looked back at the first book and noticed the same thing. It didn't bother me then but here it was quite distracting. I almost DNF at 9% because I couldn't concentrate on the story. Colton found himself leaning in close to ensure every syllable was clearly heard, every sentence understood, giving Brantley the immediate consideration that maybe he was getting drunker than he preferred.I'm so glad I finished because this book was an excellent suspenseful read.

  • Cindi
    2019-04-22 01:03

    4.5 starsFull review can be found at -The reader was introduced to Brantley Colton in A Short Ride to Hell. I need to stress that you do not have to read that book to understand this one. The author does an outstanding job of laying out Colton's back story without being too wordy.Brantley Colton has had a rough couple of years. His best friend was raped and murdered. He got a diagnosis in regards to his own health that sent him on a downward spiral. He fought like hell to bring his friend's killer to justice. Now he just needs a vacation - a bit of time away from what he's been running from. This vacation is in Portland, Oregon, a city he's always loved. Not long after arriving, he discovers that young, male hustlers are being kidnapped, brutalized, then murdered and dumped in various parts of the city. His vacation takes a back seat as he makes it his mission to save future victims and bring the killer (s) to justice.This is an excellent book. It's hard to read in some places (the violence is mostly on-page) but the way everything comes together at the end is perfect. I look forward to reading the 3rd in the series.This book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • BooksandBeyondFiftyShades
    2019-04-11 03:08

    After his best friend is murdered by a serial killer Brantley wants justice. He hunts her killer down in Florida and kills him. Now on the run from a crime even the FBI aren't really that interested in solving. He's living on borrowed time with terminal cancer. Living on the run for the last year he stops in Portland for a respite, or at least what he had hoped was a respite.Suddenly he is searching for another serial killer or at least thats what it looks like. Teenage boys are being abducted off the street and murdered and no one seems to care. Brantley utilizes his natural detective skills to hunt down the murderer. What he finds will leave you shocked.This book was definitely not what I expected by reading the synopsis provided. Brantley's is amazing for hunting down his friend’s killer and taking care of business. The author had me rooting for him to find the man or men who were killing these young boys. I got a little confused at first because he switches from one character to another but once I got the hang of it I had no problem figuring out who was talking. He walks you through his entire process allowing to decipher clues with him. Definitely worth the read!

  • Christine
    2019-04-24 02:56

    I reviewed this book and all though this is not my normal read I have to say I'm very impressed. If you like thrillers, murder and mystery you will love this book. Great read and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Elaine Swinney
    2019-04-25 05:58

    Not my regular type of book but it was good. I enjoyed it. For those who like mysteries I feel you would like this book. I encourage you to get it. It is a quick read.

  • Tracey Warren
    2019-04-02 03:53

    This is a different kind of murder mystery. I was gifted a copy to try, and enjoyed it. The hero isn't the usual, which gives the story a different edge, which keeps the story flowing. Worth a try!!

  • Jack Hagin
    2019-04-26 06:42

    This is a very suspense filled book - I was literally on the edge of my seat all the time I was reading. I wanted Brantley Colton to do what he could to stop evil men who were feeding their vile pleasures at the cost of young men who only wanted a way to eat and enjoy a little carnal pleasure.I have added Rodd Clark to my list of favorite authors of this genre. I certainly hope he has never had to endure any of this to be able to have the knowledge it took to write about it. My heart goes out to anyone who is abused, but to be sexually abused as a gay man and some way believe it is YOUR FAULT - that you deserve it. That is just so wrong in every possible way!By the end of the book, I was filled with rage against the perpetrators of these crimes and I wanted to kill them myself. I also had to examine my own lack of action when it came to young, displaced, thrown-out, homeless gay youths who are forced to turn to the street for a living and use the only thing they have to make a living, their bodies. I can tell you that we should all think about WHAT WE REALLY SHOULD DO when we see one of these kids. Probably the least we can do is go buy them a burger, but there is probably a lot more we can and should do.GET THIS BOOK - READ THIS BOOK - I can't say you will enjoy it, but you MUST know these stories.

  • Andrea Goodell
    2019-03-31 02:48

    Second in the series but can be read as stand alone.Once again Colton is on a ‘crusade’. While on a much needed vacation he quickly learns that young boys/men are being abducted and no one cares and or is doing nothing about it. Including the FBI, so he decides to jump in and save the day, but with his new illness will he have enough strength to finish the job? So once again, this author changes who’s telling the story throughout the book which is confusing but also keeps changing the name of the main MC. One sentence we call him Colton, the next we call him Brantley. And this is by the same characters, very frustrating. Pick a name people. Also again, no connection, I understand this is a mystery and not a romance, even though we do have sex in it. But I would still like to feel a connection, but nothing, just words. I do like that from start to finish we get the complete case. No cliffy, we know that Colton went in, solved the case busted up the kidnapping ring saved the kids. Nice ending. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by Crystals Many Reviews

  • Terra Oenning
    2019-04-23 04:56

    I'm not usually a murder mystery reader but wow this book kept me glued to it. I am very happy I got this book to read .

  • Debbie Bookers
    2019-03-29 06:49

    WowThis is a real good read. Kept me in such awe, I couldn't stop reading. It's a great character study of the good, the bad and the in between. It enraptured me

  • Rodd Clark
    2019-03-27 05:39

  • Erin
    2019-03-30 07:57

    A CACHE OF KILLERS is not for the faint-hearted. Not since SILENCE OF THE LAMBS have I felt this kind of gut-wrench when reading a crime novel.Vigilante-avenger Brantley Colton is on the trail of another serial killer—except that this time, the evil resides in the depraved mind of more than one person. The lovely city of Portland, Oregon has become the insidious nest of an entire cache of killers. The bent minds have formed a kind of viper’s nest of evil, where young boys are both the bait and the betrayed. The author has a way of forcing us to care deeply about the victims. I’ll never see another homeless drifter or young pierced druggie without thinking of the boys depicted in this book.Rodd Clark began his series with the novel SHORT RIDE TO HELL, and that ride continues as the unlikely “hero” Colton struggles with an incurable malady, both of body and of mind, trying to deal with the gruesome death of a beloved friend. Colton is no brawny caped hero. Instead, he’s a man with an incurable condition and a wavering sense of reality. But one thing he’s sure of: no raper of innocents can be allowed to seed, and feed, and watch his victims bleed without being punished.Clark takes us on a ghastly trip into the mind of one of the young victims. And through this lens we meet the despicable men whom Brantley Colton sets in his sights. But this time, it’s not just Colton who feels the pain of these young men’s loss. Another, totally unlikely, vigilante joins the hunt.To say more would be to give away the plot. But if you are a devoted reader of crime thrillers, don’t miss the opportunity to follow the series Rodd Clark continues with this second in a trilogy of bone-chilling manhunts.