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After accident, illness and the loss of his job and marriage, 48-year-old Taura meets Mutsuko, setting his already derailed life even further off course. Their first encounter is, unseen, in a hospital. It later transpires that the mysterious Mutsuko is in her late sixties, but when they next meet she is in her forties....

Title : I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While
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ISBN : 9780571234974
Format Type : Paperback
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I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While Reviews

  • Claudia
    2019-03-21 13:03

    Love sometimes lasts a lifetime. Sometimes it’s just an illusion. And sometimes it’s so sudden and powerful that it burns out quickly; how is it best: to live it or to leave it? I guess each of us has its own answer to this question.This story is a combination between the feminine version of Benjamin Button and Lolita. The supernatural phenomena, the anguished-depressed-workaholic-in-middle-aged-crises Taura and young-ethereal-sixty-seven-years-old Mutsuko are at least odd. However, the density of emotions in it compensates the weirdness of the background. In the end, it is a story about the power of love and how it changes us.

  • Gabi Morozov
    2019-02-21 05:53

    Taichi Yamada este unul din autorii japonezi preferaţi, iar cartea "N-am mai visat de mult că zbor" este a treia pe care am citit-o de acest autor şi care mi-a plăcut cel mai mult. Amestecul de supranatural cu viaţa de zi cu zi a japonezilor creează un efect de surpriză şi de aşteptare, care te face să nu poţi lăsa cartea din mână. Autorul sondează temele actuale ale japonezilor de azi, cum ar fi singurătatea, depresia, lipsa de comunicare cu cei apropiaţi, înstrăinarea, erotismul şi chiar atmosfera oraşelor, ce amintesc de un coşmar hiperbolizat. Subiectul acestei cărţi urmăreşte destinul oarecum înfricoşător al unei femei care trăieşte viaţa în sens invers, devenind tot mai tânără şi mai tânără. Autorul descrie frământările şi spaimele femeii, dar şi ale partenerului său care, pe măsură ce femeia întinereşte, devine tot mai îndrăgostit şi disperat să petreacă mai mult timp cu ea, să trăiască cât mai intens clipele împreună. Romanul este un fel de poveste a lui Benjamin Button de sex feminin, însă mult mai senzual şi sensibil. Scris parcă cu economie de mijloace, însă poate de aceea dând impresia unui iureş al întâmplărilor care te aleargă până îţi iese sufletul, romanul te lasă melancolic şi fără astâmpar. Este, neîndoielnic, o carte ce te îndeamnă la introspecţie şi care nu se termină cu întoarcerea ultimei file.

  • Pedro Varanda
    2019-03-12 13:59

    Livro com a identidade própria dos escritores Japoneses da nova geração, onde o fantástico e o sobrenatural se cruzam com a vida real de todos os dias, como se fizessem parte de uma condiçao unica. Falta o brilhantismo de Murakami mas é bem interessante.

  • Alaa
    2019-03-14 06:21

    (2/5) starsI have always wanted to try reading literature from other parts of the world, unfortunately, despite my wants I only speak Arabic and English (and a little of French), which pushes me to read translated works to explore different cultures and its literature.This leads me to this novel, 'I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While' by Taichi Yamada. Beautiful name for a book. The title caught my eyes across so many books and I managed to see it even though it lied at the lower shelves. I just wish the content was as good as the title or even the blurb. The only time I found myself enjoying this book, is toward the last few pages. The issues I came across the books are: 1. Arrogant male lead. 3. Airheaded female lead. 4. Sexism. Going into to this novel, I knew it was a romance; however, I didn't know it was some perverted unemployed middle aged guy's sex fantasies. The entire story is of the two leads banging each other each time they met. They just met to sleep together, and each time they met the female lead was younger. It is a badly written kinky book. This felt like a waste for nice premise. The story could have been deep or maybe tried to be deep, but the author didn't even try to brush the effects of what is happening to the female lead (she was away for most of the book). The male lead didn't really start thinking that she might die, until later on in the book. So many questions were left unanswered. This was supposed to be a ghost story and a heartbreaking love story. Did I get either? No.

  • Hh
    2019-03-20 12:09

    I'm still not sure if this book was poorly written or poorly translated, but the narrative was inconsistent, the narrator was flat, and the plot was disturbing but not purposefully so (or at least not with a discernible purpose). Literary critique aside, a creepy book where I felt I was supposed to identify with a shallow and creepy protagonist. Lots of potential, no follow-through.

  • Dipkamal
    2019-03-21 13:09

    Has love ever felt like an illusion, like its not there even though you see it, touch it or sense it everyday? Have you ever fallen in love knowing that this love will soon melt away from your life, leaving a cold ache in your heart? Have you ever fought for your love even when you know that your story will end any day soon?These are few things the male protagonist Taura, a 48 year old man, contemplates on as he falls in love with person who's never really there. This novel is a sad beautiful story of love and passion. Set in fashion similar to the story of Benjamin Button, the female protagonist Mutsuko ages backward from her late sixties, thanks to a failed suicide attempt. An ordinary middle aged man, Taura, exhausted of his life, encounters her at a hospital room, both undergoing a treatment. An unforgettable journey of passion, excitement and thrill starts right there, their lives taking paths they'd never imagined. Taichi Yamada is the second Japanese author I have read after Haruki Murakami and I absolutelyfell in love with the way he narrated the story. He has the power to write even the smallest day-to-day virtue, our subtle emotions and our unfathomable fears in a magical manner and it sucked me in, right from the start of the story. Loved the book. Those who love Haruki Murakami's stories will love the book even more. 4/5. Looking forward to read other novels of him.

  • Gertrude & Victoria
    2019-03-12 12:52

    Master of the modern Japanese ghost story, Yamada Taichi's narratives blend the supernatural with modern urban life. Although his fiction is regarded as a type of "ghost story," this acts only as a background for his tragedies. In his most recently translated novel I Haven't Dreamed of Flying for a While, we get another opportunity to relish in these beautifully sad stories, where the passionate ties of love are renewed and then lost forever.The main character Taura, a middle-aged company man struggling with, what it seems, a mid-life crisis finds love all over again when he meets an odd and lonely woman, Mutsuko, in the hospital. This love affair is an unusual one however, since she is sixty-seven years old. He is disgusted at first when he realizes that he was deceived by the old lady, but later, upon discovery of her youth and beauty, which become more noticeable with every encounter, he turns to his manly instincts and pursues an illict love affair. Their second chance at happiness is shattered when they come to understand that little time is left together before Mutsuko dies, as she declines into a nothingness, due to an inexplicable reverse-aging disorder.The character of Taura is an interesting one. He becomes another man entirely, with a powerful vitality, after the arrival of Mutsuko. He is a man of many roles: a passionate lover, caring father, sympathetic confidant, but mostly a dreamer, held in the enchanting illusion of love.

  • Victor Morosoff
    2019-03-14 09:19

    Am citit-o destul de uşor, dar fără îndoială o voi uita greu... 4,6/5

  • Stephen Douglas Rowland
    2019-03-06 12:56

    An interesting story marred by an unlikable protagonist.

  • Parrish Lantern
    2019-03-14 10:15

    I haven't dreamed of flying for a while. By Taichi Yamada At it's core this is a love story & as in the experience of love/passion itself, you live in a heightened reality that follows it's own logic, sitting outside everyday mundanity.In this beautiful tale, we have Taura, a 48 year old deputy director in a company that builds pre-fab houses and Mutsuko, a 67 year old grandmother. Both appear to be cast adrift from their own lives. They meet in a hospital & after a series of awkward moments they have a spoken sexual encounter whilst separated by a screen. The next morning a nurse moves the screen and Taura sees this wizened grey old lady.After leaving the hospital, Taura again encounters Mutsuko, she is now physically younger by about 20 years, they then, consumed by passion, embark upon an affair. A sense of dread slowly pervades this relationship as Mutsuko each time they meet is physically younger, although remaining a 67 year old grandmother. As I'm reading this. I start to worry that we are heading into Nabokov territory, as Mutsuko appears as a beautiful teenager."I pulled a blanket over her naked shoulder & felt like a father fixing the blanket of his child - even though only a moment before, had been inside her"Taura, as well as myself, are left wondering what will happen, "will she next be a child & after that?"This novel by Taichi Yamada is the 2nd book I've read by him and as with the first, (Strangers), there is an interstitial tear between the characters and the real world they would normally inhabit. This device, this heightened magic realism, drives the story forward relying on the conflict between reality and unreality, allowing us to focus on Taura and Mutsuko's tale.It treads the borderline between the supernatural & reality, never really answering your questions such as, why is this happening to Mutsuko, is it caused by Taura or their relationship & what will happen?Like Taura, we watch it slip away never really understanding, though still haunted.

  • Tessa
    2019-03-08 08:04

    You Japanese people are just plain weird. With me Japanese literature can go only 2 ways: hit or miss. This one was a total miss.Taura is a 40 something failure and after trying to kill himself he is sent in a fictional department where he continues to develop even more his sense of uselessness. After an accident he ends up in an overcrowded hospital and is required to spend the night in the same room with Mutsuko, who is hidden from view by a screen. They had some sort of phone sex and it's the first time in a while when he managed to feel like that.In the morning he finds out the woman is actually old, much older than her voice suggested and feels he has been cheated. Why? Did she claim to be younger? No. But Taura is superficial like that even though he's not that young himself.Anyway, after a few days he's contacted by this woman and refuses to meet her, just to be stalked later on by her in a beautiful kimono. When he finally decides to look at her face he's shocked to see that she is now much younger. She can't explain it either, but feels it is related to their chance meeting. After that he, of course, has sex with her and is crushed when he doesn't find her again in the morning. Then he starts to develop an obsession for her and tries to find her in any way he can.When she meets him again she's even younger than she was last time they saw each other. It's clearly now that Mutsuko is not only getting younger, but she's also getting out of existence by doing so. After this the story fails to be meaningful and it's just a series of them talking about nothing and him slowly getting into pedophilia as she grows younger and younger. Yup, if reading about a 5 years old trying to make a 40 years old to ejaculate is not in your comfort zone, don't read this. I wish I didn't read this.Underneath this, the story has a deeper meaning. It is so well buried under the self depreciation of Taura and his pedophilia that I never manage to grasp it. But it's there. It must be, right?

  • Robin Guest
    2019-03-22 09:54

    Going to avoid spoilers, but this is part Japanese ghost story, part tragic love story, part psychological character study, and (I have to say) part middle-aged male sex fantasy.As a character study and sociological portrait it's quite chilling, being a depiction of salaryman alienation and mental breakdown and how this is typically handled by society, and which I think may be key to reading the novel slightly deeper than at plot-level or as a paranormal genre piece. Bear with the seedy scenes when you get to them, as I think the final luminous chapter makes it all worthwhile.My favourite of the three English-translated Yamadas I've read (one of which is also a tacky movie). This one is a movie too, I believe, but I wasn't able to find an English-subtitled version when I looked (admittedly a while ago, just after I'd read it the first time).

  • Lauretta
    2019-03-01 09:01

    Un uomo, di mezza età, in crisi con il lavoro e la famiglia, condivide una camera d'ospedale per una notte con una donna anziana. I due si reincontrano tempo dopo, ma la donna non è più anziana, bensì una affascinante quarantenne. Nasce una tormentata storia tra i due, che però sarà condizionata dalla strana malattia di lei, condannata misteriosamente a ringiovanire. E' un racconto molto originale, piacevole da seguire, a cui fa da sfondo Tokyo e le frustrazioni della vita in Giappone.

  • Aurora Shele
    2019-03-18 14:02

    Strange, bittersweet.. this is above all a book about love.. in whatever shape, time or space it might be.

  • Dimas AT Permadi
    2019-03-16 08:20

    Taichi Yamada sadar kalau cerpennya si hedon Scotty jelek. Makanya dia berani menempuh premis serupa dengan mewanitakan Benjamin Button dalam sosok Mutsuko yang rapuh dan enigmatik. Memang tidak terlalu spesial, tapi saya menyukainya. Apalagi jika dibaca sambil mendengarkan lagu2 melankolis soloist perempuan negeri sakura. Sedap sekali

  • Simona
    2019-03-20 07:00

    Rating: 3.5/5Mi-a plăcut descrierea acestei cărţi şi, întrucât este scrisă de un autor japonez, m-am decis să o citesc. Pentru cei care au citit/au văzut filmul The curious case of Benjamin Button pot să îi anunţ că această carte include anumite elemente asemănătoare.Povestea îl are în prim plan pe Taura, un bărbat îm vârsta de 48 de ani, care, în urma unui accident ajunge la spital. Elementele fantastice se fac prezente încă de la început, Taura trezindu-se ca dintr-un vis cu o premoniţie de zile mari: un accident care chiar se petrece la scurt timp după ce Taura îl "trăieşte" parcă pe pielea sa.Datorită numărului mare de accidentaţi, bărbatul este mutat în alt salon alături de o altă femeie. Autorul prezintă emoţiile şi gândurile personajului care este pus într-o situaţie oarecum stânjenitoare. Împărţirea salonului cu o femeie necunoscută îl face pe Taura să aibă tot felul de gânduri referitoare în principal la vârsta colegei de cameră.După despărţirea lui Taura de Mutsko, femeia necunoscută lui, bărbatul încearcă să îşi continue viaţa chiar dacă de multe ori gândul îi zboară la cea pe care a cunoscut-o doar pentru o seară.De-a lungul poveştii, Mutsuko îşi face apariţia de mai multe ori în viaţa lui Taura însă aceasta îl surprinde de fiecare dată întrucât...este mult mai tânătă!Cu toate că Taura are deja o familie, acesta încearcă să se regăsească în tinereţea şi frumuseţea lui Mutsuko.Am apreciat foarte mult ideea acestei cărţi, fiind un subiect bine abordat de autor însă, din motive personale, a trebuit să scad din notă întrucât am considerat anumite scene nu prea potrivite. Chiar dacă am înţeles că între cei doi este o relaţie strânsă şi fantastică în acelaşi timp, scenele de apropiere ale acestora, mai ales în momentele când Matsuko este mai tânără, mi s-au părut deplasate. Pe cât de interesantă era povestea pe atât de ciudate mi s-a părut momentele când autorul introducea aceste scene.Nu am înţeles legătura premoniţiei lui Taura cu restul poveştii însă, fiind o carte cu elemente fantastice presupun că acesta era şi scopul autorului.Finalul este unul oarecum previzibil. Este bine lucrat şi lasă cititorul cu unele întrebări fără de răspuns, întrebări formate încă din primele capitole ale cărţii.Nu voi da mai multe detalii despre ceea ce se întâmplă însă pot spune că Taichi Yamada oferă ceva diferit de lecturat, o carte ciudată dar interesantă în acelaşi timp, o carte care pune accent pe problema întineririi, a fricii de moarte.Citate:"Am mânguiat-o pe păr.Avea părul negru şi strălucitor, iar fiecare fir în parte părea că palpita de viaţă. Dar oare cum arăta părul meu, în comparaţie cu al ei? Părul meu, despre care în tinereţe se spunea că avea firul tare, îşi pierduse acum vigoarea şi era moale, cu câteva fire albe prin el.""Am prins frunza uscată cu vârful degetelor, ca să nu-mi scape. În lumina dimineţii, frunza fremăta, răsucindu-se în aer. Nu se poate. Nu se poate să pleci. Cu vârfurile degetelor de la cealaltă mână am mângâiat frunza care se zbătea, ca pentru a-i aduce o consolare. În timp ce o mângâiam, m-au năpădit lacrimile."

  • Bernadett
    2019-03-02 07:11

    A Government Housing Loan Corporation's salary man, Taura, after a mental breakdown switched to the rehabilitation department of his company, gets injured and hospitalized. While resting he encounters a train wreck nearby and due to overflowing patients in short notice he is rolled into a small room sharing it with another woman. That night the they talk and since there's a separating cloth between them the woman initializes to talk out an affair between them, and since the woman is bedridden but her voice sounds young, or at least near Taura's own age he obliges and after the nights shared passion, the curtain is pulled and he seed a 67 year old woman bashfully turning away from him. He is switched rooms again and they lose contact after.However the woman searches for him and finds his company phone and location calling him out. he avoids meeting her again like wildfire but stops dead in his tracks when the woman who has the same voice as in the hospital follows him, but has the face and body of a 40 year old woman.She explains her body is changing over and over again within time repainting her younger features. They start an affair, which grows into more than just an affair, making Taura loose all sense of his own reality...the writing is extremely similar to Yamada Taichi's other novel called Strangers. the supernatural elements entwined into the real life happenings and how the everyday person tries to deal with surreal situations. The plot was gripping and it was fast paced and action packed thorough the entire book. The characters were relatable and life-like with completely everyday problems.

  • Nikmaack
    2019-03-04 10:57

    Not as good as the other books I've read by Yamada. A lot of the "mystery" is never really fleshed out. It's a good romance story, if a little perverse in places. The atmosphere is okay, but didn't hit me as hard as his other books. The others have a palpable sense of loneliness, isolation, and loss. While this book does have some of that, it's not as well developed. It's more like life is pointless, than mysterious. The main character's ability to both embrace and dismiss the things happening to him is somewhat annoying. Where I would be asking questions and dwelling on the matter, he just seems to shrug off events. The plot is interesting and I did plow through the book quite quickly. Probably the weirdest thing about this book is what happened to me when I bought it. I ordered a copy online, and got a library discard. When I got to page 9, there was a weird break in the text. That's when I noticed someone had very carefully cut out page 9-10 of the book. So I ordered a second copy online. Got a refund on the first copy. When the second copy of the book arrived, I started the book from the beginning. When I read page 9-10, it was uneventful. As far as I can tell, there was nothing weird, disturbing, offensive, or significant to the page. Why someone would very carefully cut that page out of a library book, I can't say.

  • Mihai Savu
    2019-03-21 09:57

    O carte senzationala, care captiveaza de la primele pagini. Un director adjunct la o firma de prefabricate este internat in spital. Viata i se schimba radical cand are premonitia unui accident de tren in apropiere. Ranitii sunt adusi in acelasi spital si el este mutat in aceeasi rezerva cu o femeie misterioasa, ambii fiind imobilizati si separati de un paravan. Dupa prima noapte in care fac sex "la distanta", el reuseste sa o vada o fractiune de secunda: era o batrana ridata cu par alb.Aceeasi femeie misterioasa il cauta doua luni mai tarziu, dar este mult mai tanara. De aici incepe lupta continua a celor doi cu timpul implacabil. El are alaturi o amanta senzuala langa care se simte tot mai tanar si in putere, dar ea intinereste de-a binelea la fiecare doua-trei luni.Romanul are ca teme de lucru efectul curgerii inverse a timpului, problemele unei femei care devine tot mai tanara in loc de mai batrana, disperarea de a petrece cat mai mult timp cu o amanta, singuratatea, erotismul, abandonul, dorinta de a trai cat mai intens. Toate acestea sunt bine echilibrate si dozate, imbinate cu suspans si introspectie, formand o carte care atinge puncte sensibile si te urmareste mult timp.

  • TonyAlmeida
    2019-03-23 05:52

    Hummm... Que dizer deste livro. Este foi um daqueles que quis reler porque honestamente já não tinha a história bem presente, mas tendo ficado com a ideia de que Yamada apresentava uma escrita fluente, realista que na altura me cativou.Não sou conhecedor de Taichi Yamada, mas fiquei impressionado com a maneira como ele nos descreve o dia a dia deste homem que se vê envolvido numa história completamente surreal, numa espécie de "O Estranho Caso de Benjamin Buttler" à japonesa, se me é permitida a liberdade de comparação. Neste livro, Taura, um homem de meia idade, conhece, em condições muito peculiares, uma mulher chamada Mutsuko. Eles acabam por desenvolver uma história de amor e luxúria, com a particularidade de que Mutsuko - por razões que nos são totalmente desconhecidas e inexplicáveis, até pelas próprias personagens - começa a viver uma vida em regressão: a cada encontro ela vai ficando cada vez mais nova...Uma escrita despretensiosa, coloquial, somos confrontados com a existência de um Taura só vivendo sobre o peso de uma existência até então vazia e que encontra em Mutsuko um desejo que até então lhe era desconhecido.

  • Georgiana Trandafir
    2019-03-17 14:17

    The subject matter is not entirely new, despite of it being peculiar. It's a reversed Benjamin Button type of story in which the woman grows progressively younger. It's somewhat of a ghost story with nods to the Gothic novel, magic realism and Japanese urban literature but it's inherently a timeless love story.The characters are not particularly well delineated but it's not a character driven book. It's a book on and of the immutable, timeless human connection, irrespective of time and space.On the downside, the book is too short to explore the extremely rich subject matter and it fails in points of transgressing the part of a light, breezy summer beach day.There are, however, notes on letting go and relating to a past love I highly resonated with and which are very evocative.

  • Magnus Stanke
    2019-03-07 08:18

    three and a half starsI'd read Yamada's two other books which I enjoyed. They're ghost stories and I expected this to be more of the same. In a way it was, but the supernatural angle was very different this time. (slight spoiler alert)There is a character for whom time goes backwards. This plotdevice is obviously not a new one, though it is handled differently here. Mostly I liked this book, but towards the end the implications of the device made me a little uncomfortable - and I can't say more without giving away the plot totally.Therefore, if you're into Japanese culture/literature do read it, but approach with caution

  • Shaha
    2019-02-22 08:02

    SYN: Mutsuko is a young girl who ages back in time. Some guy meets her 60 year old self in hospital, and later meets her 40 year self and so on. She and him share a journey through the hurdles of her getting younger and the society, as well as his job and life.It was an interesting read. A bit creepy at times, but it was such a nice one. Mutsuko is an interesting character who ages back in time and set in Japan, this book tells a million stories about culture and relationships.It's nicely written and will keep you wondering what will happen next. My review:

  • Maya
    2019-03-11 07:58

    Interesting premise, but rather disappointing overall. The plot was not well developed, the book is too short, and the sex scenes are banal, a cross between porn, anatomy lessons and cheap teen girl fiction. The winning point is its occasionally very moving treatise of universal human experience. But apart from the unusual nature of the plot, there is nothing very special about this book. The beauty that must have been there in the original Japanese is all but lost in translation. I wonder if it may just be the translation that is subpar.

  • Taksya
    2019-02-20 10:16

    Tipica ghost story, ma senza fantasmi... ectoplasmaticamente parlando. Come sempre, c'è un'inizio, nessuna spiegazione e una fine che non conclude nulla. L'evento misterioso di turno, in realtà sono più di uno, non viene spiegato. Non c'è modo di scoprire perché tutto inizia ma, essendo giapponesi, forse neppure se lo chiedono. Che sia destino, sfortuna, scherzo di una divinità annoiata poco importa. Le vite dei due protagonisti viene cambiata radicalmente, senza fornire loro appigli o vie di fuga. Ma, per colpa o merito della diversa cultura, non è neppure detto che le stessero cercando.

  • Sophie
    2019-03-11 08:56

    As fi vrut sa-mi placa mai mult romanul acesta; sa ma farmece asa cum a reusit s-o faca titlul acestuia, insa din pacate, autorul nu a reusit sa mentina atmosfera magica creata in primele pagini ale cartii, naratiunea transformandu-se intr-o varianta mai slabuta a povestii lui Benjamin Button.Romanul ofera totusi un insight interesant asupra relatiilor interumane in cadrul societatii japoneze; abordarea lor si perspectiva asupra vietii poate fi f diferita de cea europeana.

  • Living Belowtheclouds
    2019-03-10 11:05

    I liked this book. The characters were interesting, as well as the plot. The main challenge was caused by cultural differences, because the author is japanese and I am used to reading european and american authors. About the story there is not much I can say without spoiling. It is a different book that tells you the story of a man who falls in love with a woman that is getting younger instead of older and all the problems that it brings.

  • Jacqui
    2019-02-24 09:13

    Memorable Quotes"But even though her circumstances were exceptional, to say the least, it didn’t change the fact she was a woman. It was pure sentiment to wish for a different kind of relationship, and to feel disappointed when it didn’t go the way I hoped.""I don’t want to analyse myself and make an issue of whether my feelings are real or not. I just want to care for you. I want to concentrate on you like crazy."

  • Mafalda
    2019-03-12 07:56

    I read this in a day. The author's writing is easy, and has lots of beautiful quotes. Please, please, if you have the chance, read this book. It's amazing. It's not just a romance, it's the story of a man who stopped believing in love, and it has the right amount of fantasy and mystery to make it perfect and unique. The ending is simply perfect.Full review (portuguese) on my blog:

  • Margot
    2019-03-09 07:07

    Bizarre! A collection of interactions between a midlife-crisis businessman and a woman who starts aging in reverse (very rapidly, in fits and starts, so a bit different from Benjamin Button). They become lovers, which becomes increasingly more uncomfortable to read as her body gets younger and younger. Eek! Overall an interesting read.