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Everyone who believes Easter is about more than bunnies and eggs will be grateful for this new collection of short stories that shed light on the deeper meaning of the season. Selected for their spiritual value and literary quality, these classic tales capture the spirit of Easter in a way that will captivate readers of all ages. Parents and grandparents will find that chiEveryone who believes Easter is about more than bunnies and eggs will be grateful for this new collection of short stories that shed light on the deeper meaning of the season. Selected for their spiritual value and literary quality, these classic tales capture the spirit of Easter in a way that will captivate readers of all ages. Parents and grandparents will find that children love to hear these stories read aloud, year after year. "Easter Stories" includes time-honored favorites from world-famous storytellers such as C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Selma Lagerlof, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Goudge, Maxim Gorky, Ruth Sawyer, and Walter Wangerin as well as many you've never heard before. Illustrated with original woodcuts....

Title : Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season
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Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season Reviews

  • Candi
    2018-11-29 07:44

    I always enjoy reading holiday stories around Christmas and Easter. Most stories I have read in the past were those I shared with my children and involved such things as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, reindeer, egg hunts, train rides to the North Pole, baby chicks, spring flowers, Christmas trees, and the like. Occasionally we read a more spiritual story focused on the real meaning of these religious holidays. So, I was happy to find a collection of 27 short stories with inspirational themes for the Easter season that I could sit and enjoy on my own. I read a couple of these stories with my 11 year old, but overall I felt these stories were more for the adult reader. As is probably true with most collections of stories with various authors, some of these stories were better than others. I truly enjoyed several of these and others were just mediocre. Some of the “so-so” stories I felt were just a bit too abrupt to get a meaningful message across to the reader, or in some cases the style just did not appeal to me. Some of my favorites in this collection included two by Selma Lagerlof, a Swedish author born in the mid-19th century and the first woman ever to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1909. (I did enjoy doing a bit of research on those authors I was not familiar with initially.) Her stories, “Saint Veronica’s Kerchief” and “Robin Redbreast” were very moving stories centered on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Another favorite was a story titled “Two Old Men” by Leo Tolstoy. This story revolves around two men making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. One man understands that the true value of the pilgrimage is grounded in the journey itself and what one chooses to do and the bonds one makes on his way. The other takes longer to realize this message and is consumed with the idea of just reaching his destination, which in the end does not fulfill him as completely as he desired. Anton Chekhov’s story, “The Student”, was very short but quite poignant. This was perhaps the most lyrical of those in this collection. I have not read Chekhov previously, but would like to experience more of his lovely writing.Readers that enjoy an inspirational collection will most likely find some additional stories to appreciate here by such noted authors as C.S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde, Alan Paton, Maxim Gorky, Elizabeth Goudge, The Brothers Grimm, and more.I would like to thank the publisher, Plough Publishing House, for this copy which I received in exchange for on honest review.

  • Debi Lantzer
    2018-12-08 11:49

    The stories in this beautiful book are not about Easter eggs and cute bunnies. These are stories that get to the meaning of the Easter season. All of the stories in this collection share the rich Christian imagery of life through death. In a world that co-opts Easter for stories of the Easter Bunny and painted eggs, Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season contains one of the best collections of stories for Lent and Easter. The short stories included are from authors such as CS Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Clarence Jordan, Selma Lagerlof, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Goudge, Maxim Gorky, Ruth Sawyer and Walter Wangerin, among others.Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. The purpose is to set aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ - his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial and resurrection. I truly believe this book will help families prepare their hearts for the Easter season and what a perfect time to make a tradition of reading the short stories - twenty-seven in all - with generation after generation. The stories aren't very lengthy, so they can be spread out over the Easter season, or they could all be easily read in a short period of time. The stories are also great for self-reflection or relaxation, so they can be read alone. I personally read the book in one sitting. It left me feeling very blessed, and wanting to share more of my own blessings and God given gifts with others.I was provided with a copy of this book by FlyBy Promotions in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Jackie
    2018-12-18 07:51

    I won this book through the Goodreads (first read) Giveaway. Thank you Goodreads Giveaway Such beautiful and inspirational stories.

  • Faith
    2018-12-05 09:50

    Many families I know have several favorite Christmas stories, and the routine of reading them every year adds delight to the season. Nobody I asked, however, could have named a single Easter story except for the Gospel narratives.This volume will happily change that. Plough Publishing has carried on in the tradition of their previous work "Home for Christmas." They've mined great literature from through the ages and across the globe, searching for stories that shout and whisper "He is Risen!" The stories range widely in style and genre. Some are what we call "Biblical Fiction," where humans use that holy imagination to give us a scene from the Gospel's themselves. One of the most unique examples of this is "Stories from the Cotton Patch Gospel." Clarence Jordan brings the Gospel into Georgia. He envisions how the Passion may have taken place in the Deep South, with followers Rock, Jack and the Magdala girl and Jesus bringing the "God Movement." He shows us the betrayal, the agony in the garden, and the Sunday Rising in a new way.{I'll be keeping an eye out for Mr. Jordan's entire book.}St. Veronica's Kerchief is more traditional, but every bit as compelling. I can't say anything about it without spoiling the pleasure of your own reading, but it gives a story to the Sixth Station of the Cross. And then there's Elizabeth Goudge's "John." I hope to re-read this one every year. In just a few pages, she manages to give life and breath and soul to John, Peter, and Mary Magdalene, following them to the Tomb. Some are historical fiction, such as Tolstoy's tale of two old villagers who set out for Jerusalem. On the way they find God through an unexpected detour, and they learn the true meaning of pilgrimage.Claire Huchet Bishop provides another historical, about a gang of children living in Nazi occupied Paris. The way these children provide an Easter gift for a sick friend makes a wonderful story. And Alan Paton, author of "Cry, The Beloved Country" takes us to South Africa in the pain and turmoil of Apartheid. His story, quiet and humble, shows us clearly why Jesus washed his disciples' feet and said "Now do the same."Other's are far more mythic, and all of them contain glimpses of Him and His Resurrection power.He's in the King who "calls out with a lion's voice" and takes the lash upon his own back.He is the Ragman in my second favorite story, who goes calling through the city, exchanging bandages for health and tear-stained handkerchiefs for gladness.He's seen "through a glass darkly" in the fable of Danko, who tore out his burning heart to light the way through danger. And the best part is, the selections transcend all denominational categories. Turn your eyes and tune your ears to the everlasting mercy, and prepare to hear these tales echoing in your heart for a while to come. "For though every man's life must come to its end, God's spirit can never be quenched... thus Jesus wanders on, over steppes and through forests, into hearts and homes. He looks into the eyes of beggars; he blesses children. No spies can prevent him, no magistrates can arrest him, no prison can hold him fast. He can cross every frontier, and walk among us, too. Pray that he may, for we have long had need of him."~ Karl Josef Friedrich, "The Case of Rachoff."I am grateful to The Plough Publishing House for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest opinion.

  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    2018-12-18 08:07

    Sometimes the best books are ones that contained a bunch of short stories geared for specific holidays. When I was asked to review Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season, by various authors I knew this would be something that would help get me in the mood for Easter. I had read a similar book from Plough Publishing House during Christmas and hoped this would be along the same lines.While there are some notable authors like C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Goudge, and many others, that were selected for their spiritual value and literary quality. While most of them do meet those standards there were a couple that I would not be able to read to a young child based on the language used to describe why a donkey has long ears. It would be one I would have to pass on sharing with my children or simply remove that part of the story that tells why a Robin has a red breast.For the majority of the book there are some great stories that I had never read before that capture the true essence of what Easter is supposed to be about without all the world's hype on Easter bunnies, marshmallow peeps, basket hunting and egg dying. These stories capture the meaning of the sacrifice that Jesus made when he came here as Savior to the world and how it changed how we treat one another. All the stories in this book are not 100% religious in their content but do tell fables that encourage us to change how we perceive and treat people today with kindness and hospitality. This book could be used for any purpose besides Easter and for those that are looking for a great book that captures some of those older stories from notable authors, you might just want to pick this one up.I received Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season compliments of Plough Publishing House and FlyBy Promotions for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are strictly my own. One of my favorite stories was from Leo Tolstoy, Two Old Men. It is about two older men who decide it might be the perfect time to take a trip to Jerusalem before they get too old to go. Along the way they become separated but what each learns truly is life changing for them both. There are 27 incredible stories to chose from in this book. For me this one rated a 4 out of 5 stars due to the fact that not all the stories I read would NOT be suitable for all ages in my opinion.

  • writer...
    2018-11-27 13:10

    EASTER STORIESincludes 27 classic stories illumining the Holy Season and its true meaning.Selected for their spiritual value and literary quality, these classic tales capture the spirit ofHoly Week and Easter.From past centuries to current day, folk tales to fables, stories that challenge and delight, I have enjoyed the variety of writing selections and story tellers.Classic authors featuring CS Lewis, Ivy May Bolton, Leo Tolstoy, Ruth Sawyer, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Goudge, Anton Chekhov, Walter Wangerin, and more, including Swedish author, Selma Lagerlof - the first female author to win theNobel Prize in Literature*A unique collection for those who love word artistry and imagination, captured by authors of the nations. Illustrated by Lisa Toth using evocative black and white woodcuts suited to the stories. EASTER STORIES is an anthology of Classic Tales for the Holy Season compiled by Miriam LeBlanc.Published February 2015 by Plough Publishing House*My appreciation to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing a copy for reading and review without cost or compensation and another for giveaway. Original review and GIVEAWAY offer at Faith Hope & Cherrytea**Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. Open Canada and US. Winner drawn Palm Sunday March 29th 1 pm CDT Those who have won a prize from Propeller/FlyBy Promotions in the last 30 days are inelligible. Propeller eligibility verification in effect.*

  • C.E. Hart
    2018-12-10 04:45

    “The lambs leap in the meadow, the larks leap in the sky, and all the bells of heaven ring because our Lord rides by.” Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season is a lovely collection of tales for the whole family.Reading this nostalgic book caused me to reminisce of my childhood days—my grandmother and I sitting on her front porch swing reading stories from a hardback Bible storybook. These were special moments, for they created precious life-lasting memories.The classic Easter stories are suited for all ages: grandparents, parents, caregivers, and children. C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Jayne Tyson Clement (one of my personal favorites) Oscar Wilde, and a myriad of other authors penned spiritually significant tales that stir readers hearts and souls.With over two dozen stories, this book provides not only hours of entertainment and spiritual preparation for Easter, but think of the wonderful memories you could create spending reading-time with a loved one!5 Stars!Cover: Like itTitle: Like itPublisher: Plough Publishing HousePages: 383Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a Review Copy from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The options I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

  • Julius McCarter
    2018-12-07 07:06

    Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season is a collection of short stories for all ages.All of the stories in this collection share the rich Christian imagery of life through death. In a world that co-opts Easter for stories of the Easter Bunny and painted eggs, Easter Stories contains the best collection of stories for Lent and Easter imagery that I've ever read. Included here are short stories from CS Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Clarence Jordan, Selma Lagerlof, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Goudge, Maxim Gorky, Ruth Sawyer, Walter Wangerin, among others. My favorite of the collection is from Andre Tocme, "How Donkeys Got the Spirit of Contradiction".The book opens with a poem written by Jane Tyson Clement, "Carol of Hope". It sets the tone for the book. And the original woodcuts by Lisa Toth make this a collection for younger ages, too.Easter Stories is a book for families, to read and share year after year. It a real treasure for Christians.__________________I received a free copy of this book from Plough Publishing in exchange for my honest review here.

  • Jeanette
    2018-12-10 06:52

    This was a book I won through the first-reads contests. It came just in time for the Lenten season and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was in need of something uplifiting and positive and these stories were just the thing. I definitely had my favorites, but each story had it's merits. I definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a lift or a reminder of why we have Easter. :)

  • CJ Bowen
    2018-11-30 06:47

    Good selection of stories on themes of mercy, resurrection, new life, and transformation. Only a couple clunkers - "Mary's Child", Wilde's "The Selfish Giant". Standouts for me included Andre Trocme's donkey stories and Walter Wangerin's "The Ragman".I received this book through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program in exchange for a review.

  • James
    2018-12-14 12:43

    About a dozen years ago my wife and I read a little devotional called Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter. It was published by Plough Publishing, the publishing arm of an intentional Christian community called the Bruderhof (also called Church Communities International). It was a wonderful collection of stories, poems, memoir and theological reflection. It remains my favorite Lenten devotional. This year Plough Publishing has published a new book for the Easter Season: Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season. Edited by Miriam Leblanc with beautiful woodcut illustrations by Lisa Toth, this book gathers twenty-seven stories which are related, in some sense, to Easter and Passion week. A poem and a tale from Bruderhofer, Jane Tyson Clement, opens the collection, but the theological perspectives and literary styles of what follows are diverse. There are stories that follow closely the passion narratives and Easter story (see Andre Trocme's How Donkeys Got the Spirit of Contradiction or Clarence Jordon's Stories from the Cotton Patch Gospel). There are stories that speak evocatively about Easter and the meaning of spiritual transformation (for example, C.S. Lewis's 'The Death of the Lizard' excerpted from "The Great Divorce" or Sarah Cone Bryant's Robert of Sicily). A few of these tales come from European folklore. Mostly these stories were penned in the Nineteenth or Twentieth Century. Vocationally the authors were novelists, dramatists, childrens' story authors, pastors, and poets). There are Christian authors, communists and the religious unaffiliated.As diverse at the material is, the authors and stories selected are from White Europeans (or their American descendants). There are German, Russian, English, French, Swedish, American authors. While this is a limited selection, it does reflect the context and heritage of the Bruderhof. I picture that these are the sort of tales that they would tell their young. I had read some of the material they include here (C.S. Lewis, Tolstoy, Wangerin, etc), some authors I knew by reputation, others were unfamiliar to me.As with all collections, I enjoyed some stories more than others. Some grabbed me, others didn't. On the whole, however, an enjoyable collection and thought provoking. Story has a way of igniting the imagination and helping us see the meaning of things. Can't think of a better subject matter than the Easter event. I do not think this is as strong a collection as Bread and Wine was, but it is a worthwhile and enjoyable read. Toth's woodcuts are stunning. I give the book 3.5 stars.Notice of Material Connection, I received this book from the publisher via Handlebar Media in exchange for my honest review.

  • Erika
    2018-11-17 09:41

    As a growing family with two young children, my husband and I are very aware of our opportunity to build family traditions that we hope our children will remember and treasure as they grow. Story telling is one of our favorite ways to spend time together and this is especially true during holidays. Reading traditional stories, such as “The Night Before Christmas,” or the absolutely beautiful nativity focused version, “The First Christmas Night,” are some of our most treasured times together during Christmas. I’m thrilled that Fly By Promotions offered to let me review “Easter Stories – Classic Tales for the Holy Season,” compiled by Miriam LeBlanc. I have found several short stories in this collection that resonate with me and reinforce the messages of hope and joy I want my children to hear during this especially joyous season. If you wish, one of my favorite stories in this collection, “The White Lilly,” by Jane Tyson Clement is available through Plough Publishing for reading online.My daughter’s favorite story in this collection is “The Golden Egg,” by Ivy Bolton. In this short tale, a young woman accidentally discovers the secret hiding place of a prize that would save her father from debtor’s prison and her whole family from unfair persecution and poverty. Her knowledge, though gained purely by chance, gives her an unfair advantage over others who are looking for the same prize. Faced with a moral dilemma, she chooses the righteous path and does not take the prize for herself, but leaves the hunt to others. Joyously, she is rewarded for her moral behavior and prayers for guidance from the Lord! I also love “The Golden Egg,” but my personal favorite story is “Mary’s Child” by the Brothers Grimm, where a young woman learns about mercy and grace, delivered from Mary in heaven.Other authors included in this anthology are C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekhov, Ruth Sawyer, and Selma Lagerlof. Some of the tales retell bible stories focusing on key players, such as “John,” by Elizabeth Goudge, but most are parables and fables that share God’s message. The pictures included in this collection are beautiful black and white woodcuts by Lisa Toth and appear at the beginning of each story. Although, the stories are most suitable for children able to sit still during family read alouds and chapter books, my toddlers were able to enjoy several of the shorter stories, which we read during afternoon snack time.

  • Jalynn Patterson
    2018-12-05 12:51

    About the Book:Everyone who believes Easter is about more than bunnies and eggs will be grateful for this new collection of short stories that shed light on the deeper meaning of the season. Selected for their spiritual value and literary quality, these classic tales capture the spirit of Easter in a way that will captivate readers of all ages. Parents and grandparents will find that children love to hear these stories read aloud, year after year. "Easter Stories" includes time-honored favorites from world-famous storytellers such as C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Selma Lagerlof, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Goudge, Maxim Gorky, Ruth Sawyer, and Walter Wangerin as well as many you've never heard before. Illustrated with original woodcuts.My Review: Easter is an amazing time honoring our Savior and the sacrifice he made for each of us. It is also for me, a quiet time of reflection. Easter is an event that will remain a stay in every Christians mind as a day of utmost importance. Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season, is a great book to read up on some things that could touch our hearts that others have written.My favorite story in the book was the one entitled Easter Under A Park Bench, it tells a story of a homeless man and young man having a conversation. The young man is curious about the homeless man and because of the curiosity he decided to have a conversation with the man which in turn the conversation turns towards Easter and its an eye opener for the young man. The story is simply touching. Each of the stories, twenty-seven in all, are some of the most heart wrenching stories you will ever hear. These stories are quickly becoming classics to be read again and again to many generations. easter is for family and sharing these stories with them is a gift that goes beyond words.**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Handlebar.

  • Kim Propp
    2018-12-06 11:53

    HoaP received Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season in exchange for an honest review. This review was first seen on HoaP's blog.We are a homeschooling family. Reading is a big part of my son's education. He is slowly being introduced to literature's greats. Among them are Leo Tolstoy, C.S. Lewis, and Oscar Wilde. I was excited to find Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season because the allegory includes stories from these authors and more. Most of the short stories in this allegory are credible reading all year round-not just for Easter- and the price for this 27 story compilation is just $14.99! That is just a little over 50 cents a story! The disadvantage is that my son is a visual learner. He likes to look at artwork. Although there are pictures in Easter Stories, they are all in black and white. The stories date back to the 1800s so some of the language and writing style will seem off if you are just wanting to read a quick story. However, many of the stories were ahead of their times and relate to today's society. Readers have to remember that Catholicism plays a big part in the Easter story and that in history the Catholic church played a much larger role than it does now. Much of the writing refers to Catholic traditions and beliefs. With more than 380 pages, there is a lot to read. If you are someone who wants to really grasp the meaning, I suggest taking the book in pieces as it works well for devotions and for our homeschooling atmosphere. If you are just in a rush to read because you like to read, Easter Stories can be enjoyed that way as well. However, we preferred taking it in steps.If you would like Heart of a Philanthropist to review a book for you, contact us at [email protected] If this review was helpful, please mark yes as this helps others to more easily find us. Thanks for your time and God Bless!

  • Lisa Johnson
    2018-11-29 10:07

    Before I began reading the short stories or tales, I perused the source page that is included at the end of the book. From that information, I was astounded by the age and places where some of the writings took place as well as the point in history when these were written. Some of what readers will enjoy knowing is that the original writings in some cases had to be translated into English before most would be able to enjoy.Though the intent of the publication is to help hearts prepare for the Easter season, I firmly advocate reading them throughout the year. One of the installments that really touched my heart deeply was titled, The Church of the Washing of the Feet, written by Alan Patton in 1981. While that wasn’t so long ago, it strikes the heart because of where the story is placed. When I think of that country’s history, it takes my breath away. I was arrested right in my tracks, having to take time to meditate and ponder the richness of what the tale presents.In a compilation such as this, when looking back, it is with new eyes one sees past events and people. Sometimes it is with a new appreciation for the gift of writing and sharing a story with audiences then and now with a new generation. Please consider Easter Stories in a different light than perhaps other books published or marketed simply because of the season and a desire to increase revenue. As I read, I kept returning to the thought that the jewels in the stories are touching or can touch the heart and mind of people who otherwise may not be open to hearing about Jesus through conventional means.Personally, I am thankful for the opportunity to read and share this book with others as it really resonated with my spirit.

  • Penny Minding Mom
    2018-11-29 13:10

    Easter is fast approaching. Much like Christmas, many people have forgotten the true meaning of the day. It has become a day of bunnies and chocolates. I want my children to remember that on Easter Sunday, we are celebrating the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ.“Easter Stories – Classic Tales for the Holy Season” is a collection of stories from authors throughout the ages. I immediately recognized several of the like CS Lewis and Leo Tolstoy, while there were many authors that I didn’t know.The back of the book suggests that children will love to hear these stories over and over again, I personally feel that many of the stories weren’t suitable for younger children. My daughter who is five and very sensitive, would find many of the stories upsetting. The story of “Mary’s Child” by the Brothers Grimm is a traditional fairy tale and not full of the “warm fuzzies” of today’s children stories.While I didn’t immediately connect with this book, I cannot dispute the quality of work found within it’s pages. I am used to reading more contemporary novels and found the style of writing very “old world”. The images are unique woodcuts created by Lisa Toth. They bring a “dark” feeling to some already heavy stories.Each story in “Easter Stories – Classic Tales for the Holy Season” was selected for its spiritual value and carries a strong christian message. Sometimes these messages are very clear and in the forefront of the story while the message in others are more subtle and will require a little more thought. Adults will find that these stories will help you reflect on your faith as you prepare for the Easter season.I received a copy of this book for free for the purpose of this review.

  • Danny
    2018-11-24 10:07

    I won this book as part of the Goodreads Giveaway around Easter time and just finished it. I found the book to be a delightful collection of Easter/Christ-related short stories from a variety of authors, many of which I have heard of (such as C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekhov, Lew Wallace, & The Brothers Grimm) and others I had not. What I enjoyed about the collection of stories was getting new perspectives about the Easter season and new lessons on the necessity of Christ and following his example and teachings from a variety of viewpoints and cultures from which the many authors come. One of my favorite lines from the book is the very beginning of the short story, The Case of Rachoff, by Karl Josef Friedrich: "Reader, behold your hands. Sometimes I watch my own ... The human hand--this bundle of bones, flesh, and nerves--think of all it can do. It can bless or curse. It can draw blood or bind a wound. It is gentle, agitated, vicious; supplicating, ardent, tender. It can weld an iron bridge or caress a child's head. It possesses the power to both harm and heal." The remaining story portrays the life of a man who wandered through Russia as he learned how to use his hands as Jesus Christ had used His. This story reminded me of a scripture that Christ, Himself, gave to one of His prophets for everyone to benefit: "And by your HANDS I will work a marvelous work among the children of men" (D&C 18:44). The story combined with this scripture has caused me to be more cognizant of the power my hands hold, for good or bad, and to think about how better to use them like the Savior did.

  • Susan
    2018-11-28 11:54

    As Easter approaches, I've traditionally read some of my childhood Easter stories to the girls after dinner. I love them, although I admit they're not really age-appropriate anymore for teens (well ... maybe. Even at a half-century, I still love them).So, I was happy for the chance to review "Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season." Everyone who believes Easter is about more than Easter egg hunts will be grateful for this new anthology of short stories that illumine the true meaning of the season. Selected for their spiritual value and literary quality, these classic tales capture the spirit of Holy Week and Easter in a way that will captivate readers of all ages, touts the back cover.I was hooked! With works by C.S. Lewis, Tolstoy, and Oscar Wilde, among others, how could this not be great? So, most nights after dinner, I'd read either a short story, or a portion of a longer one.The first few stories I read were great; others were average, and a few were downright odd (I have in mind here "Stories from the Cotton Patch Gospel," which has Jesus telling his disciples, "Big businessmen hold the reins over their subordinates, and those invested with authority are called 'executives' " and "Get up and start praying so that you might not get in a bind." O-kay then. Somehow, paraphrasing well-known Biblical quotes just doesn't work for me.I'd take issue, too, with the assertion that readers of all ages would love these tales. Most are pretty "deep," and this isn't the book to buy for a snuggle between Grandma and a five-year old.Still, a great choice for those who like stories with deeper meanings. Nice reflections for this holiest of seasons.

  • Cindy Navarro
    2018-11-17 08:49

    Easter Stories: Classic Tales For the Holy Season, published by Plough Publishers, is a collection of favorite short stories from world renown storytellers such as C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekov and more. Edited by Miriam Leblanc and illustrated with beautiful woodcuts by Lisa Toth, this anthology of short stories capture the true meaning and spirit of the Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday and are tales sure to be handed down from generation to generation.This book has a rich collections of stories that are steeped in the tradition of our Christian heritage. As expected with a collection of tales from various authors, some are more enthralling than others. That is also the joy of having a wide variety---there is likely to be something for everyone. Most are not likely to be as interesting to younger readers, but they will appreciate them as they mature in faith and ability to comprehend a more complex work of literature. Also, some of the stories are more deeply rooted in either Catholicism or Protestant roots that may be unfamiliar to certain readers. However, this gives the readers the opportunity to expand their knowledge.I received a free copy of this book from Plough Publishing through Handlebar Marketing in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

  • Julie D.
    2018-12-02 05:53

    I really like this book. The stories are fairly short and easy to read and every one of them pointed to our need for Christ. Some of the stories made you think a little harder than others and it was a nice blend of short stories all compiled into this beautiful volume.I really enjoyed the artwork. It is all original woodcut illustrations and they were all perfect for the stories that they went with. I think the classic artwork went to beautifully with the classic stories in this book.The first story ended up being my absolute favorite in the whole book. It's about a gruff man who is given a glowing white lily by a man on the road. His attitude completely is transpired by the beauty of this white lily and we see life changes in how he lives. It was just a beautiful story of how Jesus transforms our life.This book is not just for Easter. It really is a beautiful book full of amazing stories that will delight you all year long. It would be perfect, too, for the homeschooling family with older children as they would enjoy these stories. I highly recommend this addition to your library. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.*I received this book for my honest review by Handlebar Publishing

  • Nancy
    2018-12-17 04:53

    Classic Easter Stories for the Whole FamilyThe stories in this beautiful book are not about Easter eggs and cute bunnies. These are stories that get to the meaning of the Easter season. Some of my favorite authors are represented as well as some I was unfamiliar with. Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy and the Brothers Grimm are a few of the well known authors. The opening poem, Carol of Hope, by Jane Tyson Clement is a very special way to introduce the collection.My favorite story from the collection was “John” by Elizabeth Goudge. It takes place after the crucifixion and John's guilt is palpable as he worries that all the Apostles ran away, but he is most concerned with his own lack of fortitude.The stories are illustrated with woodcuts that are as delightful as the stories themselves. The stories present a wonderful opportunity for all family members from grandparents to children to listen to the stories and think about the real meaning of Easter. I highly recommend this book. I reviewed this book for Handlebar Publishing.

  • Hazel
    2018-11-17 08:57

    stories were inspirational & encouraging, however I think the stories could have been arranged differently to make it an even better read. The stories "Stories from the Cotton Patch Gospel", "Saint Veronica's kerchief", "The Way to the Cross", "Robin Redbreast" were all on the trial & crucifixion of Christ so it was a little too redundant to be reading the same story one after the other. I know this book is entitled "Easter Stories" so of course stories on Christ's crucifixion are certainly included & to be expected. But what I am trying to say is the other stories in the book could have been inserted in-between the stories I just listed above so that the reader would be reading something different each time. And also that way, the stories on Christ's crucifixion would be spaced out throughout the book and thus have more impact on the reader because they would remind the reader of the cost and meaning of Easter every now and then.this book is written in simple & easy to read language so it is very suitable for reading to kids.

  • Brenda
    2018-12-07 12:04

    Easter Stories~ Classic Tales for the Holy Season is a wonderful collection of twenty-seven stories about the true meaning of Easter! Some of the stories date back to the last century and are even translated from other languages, and honestly most of the stories I had never heard of before! The first thing I noticed when I opened this book was that it has a handy table of contents which allowed me to pick and choose which stories I wanted to read.Because this is a compilation of short stories it's perfect for daily reading leading up to the days of Easter. I felt like the black and white illustrations that opened most of the stories really enhanced the book overall. I can just imagine this book becoming part of a family Easter tradition. A book that's perfect for reading to youngsters, but also one that readers of any age will enjoy.A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review.

  • Veronica
    2018-11-29 10:41

    I have to say that I really wasn't crazy about this book. I was excited to read it, mainly because of the authors I recognized, like C. S. Lewis and Oscar Wilde and a few others, and I like stories set around a theme or holiday, like Christmas. However, a lot of these stories I found to be either strange or boring. There were also a few swear words. Some seemed to be true stories and most did have a good spiritual message or lesson to teach. A few were quite touching. The settings and time periods varied, from when Jesus was crucified to more of a present day feel in a country such as the USA or England. Some were pretty short and others quite a bit longer. I can' t really imagine children having the patience to listen to a lot of these stories, especially younger children, but if you like classics or stories with a good spiritual message, you would probably find a lot to like in this book.I received this book free from Handlebar in exchange for an honest review.

  • Linda Walters
    2018-11-30 07:00

    I really wish I could say that I really liked this book... a lot. Sad to say, I found it a bit dry and kind of hard to work my way through. I also had hoped that there were stories that could be shared with children as part of a new Easter tradition. The blub on the back of the book says that it could be read to children, because it was good for people of all ages. I'm not sure that I can agree with that, some of the material might not be so good for young children, to my way of thinking. I guess you would just have to be selective in what you read to young children from this book. There was a few stories that might be okay for that age group.I am glad to see that others did enjoy this book though, it just wasn't my cup of tea.I received a free copy of this book from Plough Publishing through Handlebar Marketing in exchange for my honest review

  • Terra
    2018-12-01 08:49

    I am enjoying reading these stories in May, and recommend you read them at any time of the year, not only at Easter. These are the best Easter stories I have read, by brilliant authors including Elizabeth Goudge, C.S. Lewis, Selma Lagerlof and more. A favorite for me is “The Way to the Cross” by Lew Wallace, as Ben-Hur wants to fight to free Jesus when Jesus is arrested. Another that children will enjoy having you read aloud to them is “Robin Redbreast” by Selma Lagerlof, about a robin who pities Jesus on the Cross and removes a thorn from His head. “Two Old Men” by Leo Tolstoy is about two very different peasant men walking to Jerusalem together from Russia. My list of favorites can go on, and I am sure you will find some favorites of your own in these stories.

  • Ashley
    2018-12-15 13:03

    I received my copy of Easter Stories: Classic tales for the Holy season for review from Handlebar via Plough Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This anthology is a collection of tales from various authors, such as C.S. Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, and many more. Each story is dedicated to the true meaning of the Easter season. I was excited to receive this book, because my two year old son and I spend quality time reading together in our spare time. In my opinion, this is meant to be read as a family. The stories aren't very lengthy, so they can be spread out overtime, or they could all be easily read in a short period of time.Overall, I'm excited to add this book to my collection and it came just in time for Easter this year!

  • Denise DiFalco
    2018-11-24 09:50

    The perfect way to celebrate Easter with your family and friends, this book will surely become a favorite for years to come. The spiritual lessons and wonderful interpretations of the resurrection shall long remain in each reader's heart. A compilation of classic short stories by these great authors C.S.Lewis, Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Goudge and many others shall birth a annual tradition to enjoy during Lent and Easter Season. This book comes with high recommendations from this reviewer for Handlebar Publishing. I enjoyed the opportunity to receive a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Jessica
    2018-12-09 11:45

    I received this book from Plough Publishers in a giveaway through Goodreads for my honest opinion. I liked this book well enough but it wasn't quite what I was expecting. However, that will not keep me from picking it up again each Lenten or Easter Season... or any season in which reflection seems to be called for. There are not deep meditative Scripture lessons or devotions. No, but stories full of symbolism, with layers, that get at what these seasons are truly about and the kind of life that Jesus calls us to. With that said I probably wouldn't sit down and read these stories out loud to my young children. They are probably more meaty than that. But maybe someday...

  • J. Ewbank
    2018-12-02 07:41

    Wow, for those who want to read stories that can and should be read about Easter, this is the book for you. Just think of some of these names: C.S. Lewis, Lew Wallace, Anton Chekhov, the Brothers Grimm, Oscar Wilde, to name just a few of those who the authors have gathered for your edification. Wonderful stories that can be read alone or read in groups such as families and church groups of all kinds. A good collection.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"