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La malédiction qui pesait depuis des siècles sur la vie des principaux membres de la famille Sôma a enfin été levée ! Kyô et les douze autres membres anciennement maudits sont maintenant libérés de la magie noire singulière qui les transformait régulièrement en l'un des douze animaux de l'astrologie chinoise. Chacun et chacune peut donc commencer une nouvelle vie en touteLa malédiction qui pesait depuis des siècles sur la vie des principaux membres de la famille Sôma a enfin été levée ! Kyô et les douze autres membres anciennement maudits sont maintenant libérés de la magie noire singulière qui les transformait régulièrement en l'un des douze animaux de l'astrologie chinoise. Chacun et chacune peut donc commencer une nouvelle vie en toute liberté...C'est avec une grande émotion que nous allons clore, dans ce vingt-troisième et dernier volume de Fruits Basket, l'histoire des douze membres de la famille Sôma....

Title : Fruits Basket, Vol. 23
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Fruits Basket, Vol. 23 Reviews

  • Miss Ryoko
    2019-04-25 04:17

    The end!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob*I really love how the series ended. Everyone was happy and starting to move onto their new lives. I am going to miss these characters so much. I cried at the end, simply because it was the end.I wish I could somehow thank Natsuki Takaya for her wonderful series. It was hilarious, heart breaking, heart warming, and one of the most touching stories I have ever read. Some of her characters really give you hope that change is possible and things can get better. I hope one day I can become someone like Tohru, who is so kind and giving and puts everyone before herself. Thank you Takaya-sensei, I will be re-reading this series until the day I die.

  • Bonnie
    2019-04-02 07:00

    This was just such a good ending to the series. Lots and lots of plot threads, all tied up nicely. And a joke about Machi and Kakeru's meat-loving girlfriend was worked in... that sounds dirty, but it's not... "The meat!" Okay, that's totally beside the point that this was a wonderful finish, picking up the pieces and presenting a large cast of characters, all with a variety of ways of dealing with the resolution of the Sohma curse and moving on... or in some cases, not being able to move forward. I found the part dealing with Kyo's beads to be especially touching. I'm going to miss this series, but I'm looking forward to rereading it!

  • Demo
    2019-04-16 04:02

    If there is one thing that I can never underestimate, it is my love for this series.I've never experienced any other manga/book/movie/show that tugs on my heart strings as much as this does. No matter what I've ever said before, you better believe it: Fruits Basket is my all time favourite anything. I can't count how many times I cried and how many times I had to stop reading to skip around my room squealing.Last year when I was horribly depressed, reading Fruits Basket was practically the light of my life. As in, I would sit through school thinking When I get home, I have to finish Chapter 39! and spend lunch talking to my best friend who I forced to watch the show. I could barely read YA books anymore because, after all, who the hell would want to read about some douche bag "hot" guy love interest and a whiny heroine, when you could have the sweet Yuki and socially incapable Kyo, and Touru, my fucking favourite heroine in the history of time?I read this series in two parts: Volumes 1 - 4 all last year, and Volumes 5 - 23 in the period of 4 days. I was literally staying up till 7 am every night (trust me, I'm not exaggerating) just to read thisFor example and because I have to share this pitiful story with someone, I was at a hotel on the 22nd, and I had to share a room with my parents, who hate any type of light when they're sleeping. Moreso, the fan on my laptop was broken. So reading fruits basket was pretty much impossible.Wrong.I hid under the bed with the blankets covering the sides of the bed, pretty much cutting off any airflow along with light, and kept a frozen water bottle pressed to the side of the laptop to keep it from overheating. I did this from 12:30 am to 3:30 am.I am fucking devoted to Fruits Basket.Lemme tell you a little about my feels:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]Since I finished, I've been listening to the Japanese opening of the anime over and over again. Crying.~~~Edit~~~Has anyone else noticed how the characters grew up over the path of the series? Namely Kyo, Yuki, and Momiji. They look almost completely different by the end of the series compared to how they did in the beginning. Especially Kyo (who looks alarmingly like Tohru's dad). I mean look at this:Kyo in the beginning:Kyo towards the end:Yuki in the beginning:(he kind of looks like a female alien)Yuki towards the end:Momiji in the beginning:(d'aaaawww)MOMIJI NOW OMG WHAT THE FUCK:Touru in the beginning:Touru towards the end:I really love the way the art developed. It was a combination of Natsuki's drawing skills getting better with time and the characters themselves changing as they got older. I love how Yuki evolved from an odd-jawline alien thing (yet still somehow attractive) into a really attractive pretty boy. I like younger Kyo better but the newer isn't bad. I thought Tohru was pretty throughout the whole series, moreso at the end. And Momiji......Yes.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Nina {ᴡᴏʀᴅs ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ}
    2019-04-03 04:20

    I began this series on a whim because I really want to make a habit of reading manga. I love manga and I draw it, so by golly god I must read it too, just like with YA. But since it's much easier to read it online then locate all the volumes in various libraries, I find I always lack the time to read them. Which is seriously a pain in the ass. Last year I began my manga reading craze (after going keeping up with Naruto, beginning Bleach and Negima), which began with Ouran High School Host Club (Which is wicked awesome, hilariously funny and just sweet) and Death Note (still have to finish that), I had to stop for just a few months. But lately I got back into the craze again with Avatar the Legend of Korra (which technically isn't a manga because it's not of asian origin) and then I decided to pick up Fruits Basket. I began it out of curiosity; it was an interesting concept, the zodiacs. I liked how it began too, especially the last few pages where Tohru accidentally turns Shigure, Yuki and Kyo into their respective zodiac animals by accident. That was funny. But I guess I didn't really get interested until I began to understand Kyo's character, and through his, I began to understand Tohru's. After that I had to finish the 136 chapters. I had to know what happened to these cursed zodiacs. In the end, I could not peel my eyes away. The plot was planned so well, the characters developed and intertwined beautifully, but best of all, I think my favourite story of all was the story about the hat Tohru treasured. I think that was the sweetest of them all. For anyone getting into manga (this genre is Shojo though), this is a good one to begin with. Really sweet, really heart-wrenching, and lovely overall.

  • Rain Misoa
    2019-04-19 05:14

    What a great way to end the series! This volume had everything you would want to see when finishing up a series. I am in awe! I was so glad seeing how everything turned out. All those questions you had before were answered and you got to see everyone's lives wrap up beautifully. The emotions, the plot, the characters, the artwork, and outcome was formed in such a way that you are cheering throughout the entire volume. Oh, and the romance! Do not forget about the romance! That is the key for this series! Totally had everything to do with how I feel towards this series. Man, I love it! I truly do! It's what makes me a very happy donut eater! X3It's official. I am in love with Takaya-sensei. IN LOVE!!! Seeing how she brought us from volume one all the way to the last volume in such a fluid, smoothe, true to what she wanted out of this series way without destroying any of her characters, I'm impressed. Her art style is very beautiful because of her simplicity and her story is very much true-to-life, even if it does have some fantasy elements to it. One thing that I love about her is she's not afraid to show herself through her work. I feel as if I got to meet her because of her interactions with the reader through her side panels and even through the characters themselves. She's such a sincere person and funny as hell! I would love to get together with her and have a video game night party! She seems as if she would be a lot of fun to hang out with. The whole concept of this series came out of her head and she did wonderfully with it. I'm very glad that I was able to read this series. It is absolutely amazing. I give my thanks to Takaya-sensei for giving us such a beautifully created story for us readers. You could learn a lot from just reading Fruits Basket. It really helps you grow as a person... I know... I did. *Smiles*I'm happy with how the characters lives turned out to be. Everyone had their fair share in the light and everyone literally got their happy ending. So don't fret, my friends! Do not fret at all! This entire manga is a huge spoiler! Big spoiler! I can't talk about anything in great detail or it'll all be over and done with. XP Instead, I'm going to do something a little different for this review. I will mention a character, say a word or two, and then move on to the next. That way, you'll know what to expect (more or less...) without me giving too much away. Besides, everything that happens in this volume is epic anyway. I'm only doing this as a way to get you motivated to read it! So! Let us begin this... uh... game? (Dude, you get more bizarre as time passes by.) Oh, shut your textual mouth! This is going to be fun! (Doubt it.) Don't knock it till you've tried it! (Whatever... just get on with it.) Right. Here goes!Kureno: He's so sweet! Go home to love~ Uotani: Kickass! And making dinner~ Hee! Shishou: Wants grandkids... and possibly a relationship? He seems too out of it, though... Hanajima: Loves giving Kyo hell... has some goals up her own sleeve. *Smirks* Kisa: Getting along well with Hiro. <3 Hiro: I smell he's making progress! Ayame: He and Mine will be just fine. Kagura: Annoys the fuck out of me. -_-" I might actually dislike her more than... NOPE! I won't say it! >_< Rin: I know how she feels... it's hard to forgive. Haru: Still very much a silly boy who loves his girl~ Ritsu: Holy crap! He's a man! Manabe: Very much his mendoukusai self with his girl, Komaki. Hatori: Can finally smile happily... thanks to Mayu. *Smirks* Shigure: I'm glad he's found his happiness again. He's still a jerk but that's why we like him... or at least, I do! X3 Akito: ...very hard for me to describe. Don't like him... can't forgive him... but can understand him a bit more now. *Shrugs* Machi: Will always chase after her "Prince." Katsuya: Still gorgeous even after everything. Kyoko: I knew she wouldn't say something so horrible. At least now she's happy with him. Yuki: Taking a stand and being a man. He's grown so much. Kyo: The definition of a true man. Take her with you! Tohru: ...the best female lead in any shoujo manga. *Smiles*There you go. I hope you can all get a better idea of what will come with this volume! (If anything, you just confused them more.) ...I really don't like you. (*Chuckles*) *Head/desk* ANYWAY!!! This is one of my favorite manga so I highly recommend the entire series. You will have plenty of laughs, cry many tears, and see yourself grow into a better person. It's one of those works of art that you must have always and forever because it is just THAT amazing. I'm... a bit sad to see it end... (For once, I agree with you.) ...but it's like Takaya-sensei said. It's not really ending. As long as we treasure and remember it always, it'll never truly be over! There are endless possiblities for these characters! We can still be a part of it! Thinking that way... I think it helps us part ways a bit easier, don't you think? (Sentimental much?) You know you're going to miss it, too. (...) *Smirks* I knew it. (Shut up.) *Giggles* Anyway, read this series, guys. This is just too good for you not to read it. Even the cranky guy behind the parenthesis says so! (Leave me alone.) Well, that's all for this review and series. It's been an epic journey we went on but it's time to say so long for now! (See you in the next review.) Wha-what!? You're going to stick around? (It's fun torturing you.) ... *Stares at reader* ...I'm so screwed... (*Smirks* Not yet, you're not.) *Falls over*IT'S BEEN A PLEASURE! THANK YOU, TAKAYA-SENSEI, FOR THE AMAZING RIDE! JA MATA NE!!!

  • Kaitlin
    2019-04-02 05:21

    This will be a series overview. Overall, I give this series a solid 4 stars. It was one of the better mangas out there but still couldn't hold a candle to Ouran High School Host Club or Death Note. There were a lot of issues with this manga too (and that's pretty much what I want to talk about), mainly with the characters, which I will outline as follows:1) Tohru: For the love of God, has there ever been a more insufferable heroine? JESUS. She was such a Mary Sue that I just wanted to bitch slap her over and over again. She was so selfless but always saw herself as selfish and would be apologising every god damn chapter for something. GAH. WHY TO AUTHORS CREATE SUCH ALTRUISTIC CHARACTERS?!. This feels like my rant of Jem from Clockwork Princess. *sigh* Her character's personality in general really took the series down a peg for me.2) Yuki: Again, another altruistic character. He was so sweet most of the time that I wanted to punch him too. 3) Kyo: Probably the least annoying of all the main characters. I really didn't have much love for him at the beginning of the Series for the way he spoke to Tohru, always calling her stupid and such. (Which she was, but that's beside the point I guess). IMO he by far the most tragic character. His back story was unbelievably sad. He somehow morphed into my favourite character before I even knew it. The one "issue" I had with his story arc was his backstory with Tohru's mom. I found that unnecessary and kind of just filler. His story was tragic enough, that really didn't need to be added.4) Akito: What can I say about her? It was the biggest shock to find out "he" was actually a "she". Didn't see that one coming. I almost felt sorry for her when I read her backstory, but she was to much of a psychopath to warrant any redemption in my mind, let's recount her actions 1. Beating the shit out of every Zodiac member 2. Emotionally scarring every Zodiac member 3. Pretty much blinding Hatori 4. Pushing Rin out of a second story window 5. FREAKING STABBING Kureno in the back and then... 6. Going after Tohru with the same intentionsAfter all this, somehow Shigure still loves her and wants to be with her? AND TOHRU WANTS TO BE HER FRIEND?!. Hold the f-ing phone! WHA???*massaging temples* Rin seemed to have the only logical emotional response to Akito's big revelation/turn around: TOO FREAKING LATE, BITCH. Damage is done!And the one thing the still confuses me is how the Curse actually ended! This quote: When one who was never loved is loved, that ancient promise nears the end" seems to imply that Tohru's love for Kyo breaks Kyo's curse and causes a domino effect and breaks the curses of all the other Zodiac. However, this doesn't really fully explain how Kureno's, Hiro's, and Momiji's curse were broken before Kyo's. Maybe Tohru's early love for Kyo (before she even realized it) was enough to start "freeing" Hiro and Momiji? And it seems to me (if I remember correctly) that Kureno was freed around the same time Kyo met Kyoko? (Correct me if I'm wrong anyone!). The fact that Kyoto was the first person to ever show Kyo a little bit of love ended up being the chink in the armor of the curse?I remember earlier in the series that Shigure said something about the course already starting to break and that this was the first time ever that all the members of the Zodiac were alive at the same time, the "Last Banquet" so to speak, and that the curse would eventually break over time (This was a stupid thing to add in my mind, very anticlimactic). So in my mind, the Zodiac members finding a different purpose in life other than the "bond", aka: Truly loving someone else, were catalysts in breaking the already deteriorating bond. Around the time Kyo's course is broken, Akito had also come to terms that she needs to "let go", that she no longer needs or wants to be "God". Maybe another reason for the bond breaking? All the story line concerning the "breaking" of the bond was handled poorly in my mind.There wasn't enough solid answers! I hate when plot lines aren't wrapped up in a cohesive manner.Ok, and ONE more little tiff I have. This concerns the manner in which the manga was actually story-boarded. I was so damn confused a lot of the time about who was actually speaking! The author had a bad habit of two characters talking to each other (let's say, Kyo and Tohru), then completing changing the setting with different characters (like Akito), but still have the dialogue of the original characters talking! There are still several parts of the manger where I haveNO IDEA who is suppose to be talking or whose "internal dialogue" is "speaking".Ok, I lied, another thing that irked me. This is more of a general manga question, WHAT IS WITH ALL THE COUSIN LOVING!?Is this a "normal" thing in Japan? Not considered a taboo like in Western Culture? It seems like the entire Sohma family is built upon incest. All the characters would be horrible inbreed! For example, Hatsu & Rin, Hiro and Kisa, Kugura and Kyo (though that never worked out, obviously), Hatori and Kana (again, didn't work out), Shigure and Akito... the list goes on and on!OKAY. Wow, this was a lot of ranting! Probably the longest review I've ever written and no one will probably read it! haha, but that's ok, I just felt like I needed to type out my emotions to get some closure, which I feel I kind of achieved.

  • Kat (Lost in Neverland)
    2019-04-26 02:05

    Oh Fruits Basket....

  • Claudia ✨
    2019-04-13 01:23

    This is a review for the entire manga.Finally, FINALLY, I finished this beautiful classic of a manga. I dropped it several years ago when it wasn't even finished, and then didn't have the time nor patience to continue reading it from where I left off. So in December 2016 I sat my ass down and decided to just get it over with. And oh, if it wasn't even lovelier than I remembered.There's just so much to like about this series - the amazing and big cast of characters with their deeply moving backstories, the asian mythology, the humour and fun that actually worked well with the grim sadness that runs through every page. I have been reading manga for over ten years, but I can count on one hand how many have made me cry; but Fruits Basket totally made me tear up multiple times. It is just so powerful and moving. As I said, it's both grim and sad, but still manages to have a very positive message.And once again, the characters. I don't even know which ones I would call my favorites - as my friend said, the main character Tohru is one of the sweetest, most caring and at the same time, real manga characters that I've encountered. Even though her mother very recently passed away, she continues on being her kind self, something I found quite annoying in the beginning - I mean, HOW? But as the story progresses we learn about Tohru's own struggles with wanting to surpress all the hurt from missing her mother, while still not wanting to forget her. And it's almost healing seeing Tohru together with the other characters - how she heals them with just accepting and being there for them. It warmed my heart.As I mentioned, the cast is big, and therefor I won't go into each and everyone of them. But let me just say this - even though we miss diversity in sexuality, gender and race, we get diversity in personality. Every single one of these characters were different from the other, had their own struggles and insecurities, strenghts and weaknesses. I adored Kyo, Momiji, Rin, Kisa, Tohru's mother and just - everyone. Even the villain were just human, and maybe even the "heroes" sometimes have darkness in them as well.The story flowed beautifully, with some innocent banter to lighten up the atmosphere after a long arc about family and suffering, and cute romantic bits at time, althought the romance part truly is just a small bit of this manga. It's a lot about love, but more about loving yourself, your friends and maybe your family than a potential partner.My only complaint has to be that I surprisingly felt that the art was way better in the beginning - it got more generic and simple as we neared the end, and I wish the mangaka had kept her cute style. All in all, a manga I would recommend to most and hold very dear myself. It's truly a classic for a reason, and I am now considering rewatching the anime - though I want to make this year the year of finishing mangas...

  • Jessica-Robyn
    2019-04-19 00:04

    I have all the feelings. Volume 23 is an epilogue, so really 22 is where it ends. However we are left with 23 showing us the new beginnings. Finally each of them are looking forward and grasping at the new opportunities ahead of them. Some people will find this book unnecessary, but I loved seeing how everything truly comes together. The entire journey of this manga was to get to a point where new beginnings exist for everyone. I'm so happy right now but with how incredibly attached I am to this series I'll probably feel a little sad that's it's over later. I pulled an all nighter of nothing but Fruits Basket and I am so incredibly glad that I did. With all the ups and downs and way-way downs that transpired, this story had me on an emotional roller-coaster of epic proportions. It's more then just wanting to pair characters up and watch love blossom, it's about wanting to see each and everyone of these sad, hurt people become whole again. Fruits Basket is about watching as each event takes place bringing them closer to their eventual happiness. All the while this series still made me laugh and awwww with girlish delight while setting me up for the next punch to the face. The writing and art have been perfectly paired giving me dialogue that knocked me down, while the art showed the gradual growth in the characters. I have so much to say that I'm planning on writing a full review of the entire series at some later date. That's why I've been annoying you all with the constant updates with each volume. I like to say my thoughts as soon as I've finished because I know I'll be able to come back and remember my feelings with the full power of when I first had them and not as some distant after thought. But that's for more then just a review, I like remembering things that I love and look forward to comparing my first experiences with my next and my next and so forth. I think this is something I'll return to without fail.

  • Alison (AlisonCanRead)
    2019-03-29 06:56

    Here we are! The final volume. I wonder how many manga make it to 23 volumes. I'm assuming not that many have a story complex enough to last that long unless they're the functional equivalent of sitcoms, with each volume being a stand-alone story.The curse is broken. Kyo and Tohru are officially together. Yuki and Machi are officially together.All of the former Zodiac members gather for a banquet with Akito. There Akito reveals that she is in fact a woman! Shigure, Hatori, Ayame, Kureno, and Tohru were the only ones who knew this. Now that Akito is no longer god, she is going to begin living as a woman and trying to create a life for herself.But Akito won't be alone. She and Shigure are happily in love (although with Akito's temper, I bet it will still be rocky). Shigure is happy to be with Akito and is no longer writing cheesy romance novels and making off-color jokes.Yuki, Tohru, and Kyo are all graduating high school. Yuki will be going to college with Machi nearby. Tohru and Kyo will be leaving to live and work in a dojo far away. Kyo wants to live - to see things. He feels terrible for taking away Tohru from the Sohmas. We see just how much every member of the family loves Tohru and what a stalwart she is for all of them. More of a god-figure than Akito, in many ways. Tohru loves the Sohmas as well, but is happy to do whatever makes Kyo happy.The volume ends with a cute little happily ever after scene.A good end to a fabulous series. I definitely understand why this is the most popular shojo manga.

  • Cath
    2019-04-01 07:25

    5/5 stars!!!!I'm so sad that this series is over, but I'm also so so happy with how everything turned out. This manga series is so important to me and it owns my heart. I love all the characters and I'm currently in tears because I can't believe it's over.

  • Victoria
    2019-04-05 00:16

    Amazing. Amazing, amazing, amazing.I cried. I still haven't quite grasped that this is the end of this beautiful, infinitely touching manga series. But I was choked up from beginning to end. Finally, though, it was with joy and not with sorrow or frustration. Rarely have I read so moving and meaningful a finale. It's really something when all the pieces of a puzzle fall into place, and yet there's nothing cheesy, nothing stilted. Just pure emotion, and a deep-rooted sense of peace and satisfaction. There's not much else I can say, except that these characters will live forever in my mind and heart, along with the best and brightest of book characters. This was the first manga series I've ever read, and the first I've ever finished...and I think in my mind it will always be the first. Thank you, Furuba.

  • Maricar (BookOaths)
    2019-04-13 07:08

    4.5 starsSeeing this note at the end:made me feel this inexplicable sadness. It always comes with finishing a manga series but the feeling never goes away.That feeling was even doubled after seeing (view spoiler)[Kyo and Tohru walking hand-in-hand as an elderly couple (hide spoiler)]. I was expecting the mangaka to do a timejump but I never expected it to be a jump that far ahead. I almost wanted to hunt the mangaka for doing that to us.The ending to this wonderful series is satisfying but it is bittersweet nonetheless. At least all of them got their happy ending, right?Full review on BookOaths["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Shelby
    2019-04-03 06:22


  • Lanie
    2019-04-27 01:19

    It's so fluffy and happy, I'm gonna die! XD It really was super sweet. Not much of a plot, since the vast majority of the story was wrapped up quite well in volume 22. But this served as a wonderful sort of epilogue, making sure everyone got their bright happy future. Especially kyo & Tohru. XD I loved the fast forward seen at the very end of the story, that let us see a glimpse of their future. Sweetest thing ever.I'm so glad my friend recommended this series to me. It was so beautiful & sad & happy & everything. So many feels! I might not have loved very volume or liked every character, but I loved the overall story. & I especially loved Kyo & Tohru. A wonderful series. & probably a classic of shojo manga. & manga in general. I highly recommend it to all who love romance, young adult, and manga. :)

  • star_fire13
    2019-04-19 06:24

    This was mostly just epilogue, letting the readers know that life moves on, now that the curse has been broken.Overall, I really enjoyed the series, although I thought it did run a bit long. I think it would have been improved if it was told in maybe 18 or 20 volumes instead of 23.

  • Rach
    2019-03-29 00:10

    The last volume of Fruits Basket reads more like an epilogue if anything. Most of the conflict has already been resolved, and we get glimpses into what each character has planned for the future. And they are, for the most part, sweet and comfortable and happy.It seems appropriate at this point to use this volume's review to wrap up my feelings for the series as a whole. Fruits Basket was the first manga series I started reading right after it was first published in English, back in 2004, one of the first that I can truly say I was obsessed with. I had a special calendar that marked the release dates, so that I could be sure to pick up the new volume as soon as it came out, and I eagerly devoured every new character and plot point, trying to figure out exactly what the Sohma curse was, and more importantly, who Tohru was going to fall in love with, Kyo or Yuki. Clearly, I had my priorities. As the series progressed, I grew to come the main characters more and more, though I slowly grew frustrated with the number of characters and the difficulty of keeping them and their distinct story lines straight. Having a complicated back story and plot is not a bad thing - it certainly keeps things interesting - but it does make following along quite a bit more difficult, when you are waiting 2-3 months, if not more, between episodes. In hindsight, as much as I love the characters and treasure their stories, they would have had a stronger emotional impact on me had I been able to read the 23 volumes straight through. So what does this mean to you? Should you read this series? I say yes. Yes, you should. I certainly plan to re-read them. But be prepared to be sucked into a complex story that you won't be able to put down. :) Though, now that I think about it, unless you know me, you won't be looking at this review for the 23rd volume before you start it. Oh well! :)

  • Adalira Morningstar
    2019-04-06 06:12

    I read this entire series? Okay. Everyone bangs and falls in love and lives happily ever after because they're all somehow soulmates, including those assholes who literally met once for a few hours before deciding they were in love? Relationships never end in shojo manga even though most of the characters are dumb ass teenagers? Okay.23 volumes later and the curse is broken by...wishes? Sometimes it just happens? Growing a backbone? Befriending the head of family? For fucks sake, you're telling me this family spent centuries turning into animals left and right and it all could have been solved by a nice stranger willing to hug people? Okay.Akito gets a happy ending despite spending the entire series being horrible? She stabbed someone, abused children left and right, hurled out emotional and mental abuse like grenades, chained her family up and let them starve but she said she was totally sorry so that resolves that storyline? Okay.The female characters I enjoyed so much in the beginning end up doing nothing at all, barely appear and have infuriating storylines? Okay. Oh, you wanted to see how everyone ended up in the future because you were vastly more attached to side characters than you were to Kyo and Tohru? How annoying would it be if we didn't mention how they ended up? Okay.OKAY.

  • Lucia
    2019-04-25 00:22

    This is the end (23 volumes) of one of the best stories I have ever read. I started reading it after watching the anime with my 7 year old daughter. The anime was cute and sweet but way too short, so we started reading the manga together. I quickly carried on without her for several reasons, mostly because the cute sweet story I loved from the anime matured and became quite dark and emotionally complex but also because I couldn't read fast enough with her, I couldn't put this story down. Sadly, the anime stops right where the manga gets good, so so good. Not only is the story amazing, the character development is deeper than almost anything I've read before, they will all stay with me forever, especially Kyo and Tohru, one of the best couples ever. I loved how this series ended, which softens the blow of it being over. Most of the characters found happiness, but not all of them (Momiji, Kagura), so it wasn't an implausible "everything turned out perfectly" scenario with 20 different HEAs. Even the characters who found love go into it scarred. Everyone in the universe should read this series and laugh and cry and fall in love they way I did. If we all were more like Tohru, the world would be a better place! Good bye Fruits Basket, I will miss you!

  • xXRossiya AruXx
    2019-04-18 01:22

    This book was a GREAT finish to the Fruits Basket series!!!! I was VERY happy with it, though it makes me sad that there won't be any more. I'm very happy for them, and it cleared up everything for me. It was funny when Akito came out wearing a girl-y kimono, revealing to everyone that she was a girl, and then Ritsu stood up and said, rather loudly in shock, " c-can't be. You share my hobby...!" And Akito-san said, "Absolutely not." With a total straight face!!!! For those who HAVEN'T read Fruits Basket, Ritsu-san is a boy who wears girl's kimonos because it calms his nervous. He doesn't have a lot of self esteem... It was also funny when Saki-kun and Arisa-kun were tormenting Kyou-kun. That was HILARIOUS!!!!! I loved this book, but I STILL want more. All in all, this is a great book, and it was a great way to end the series.

  • Becky
    2019-03-28 02:16

    I had intended to review the series as a whole when I had finished it, but now that I'm here...Maybe it's because I read the last book in the bathtub, and my house is quiet and still Christmas-y, and I feel warm and calm, but whatever... this last book was so pleasant. The series alternated between ripping my heart out and extracting odd cooing noises from me, but this last book was just so friendly. I love this entire series.I love everyone in this bar.I just want to go back and re-read them all and pet my Kyo forever. Everything was terrible and now it isn't. It was scarring, and scars don't go away, but it won't be terrible forever and that's worth something. I love this book series.I love this book.I love this.I love.Yup.

  • Julie
    2019-04-26 23:04

    I would give this twelve stars if I could. I bawled my way through this entire volume. What an end to the series... Everything gets wrapped up quite well (with only a couple of strings, but appropriate ones because it would seem very artificial if absolutely everyone was neatly tied into a relationship at the end) and some of the stuff was downright heartwrenching (Kyoko-san.....).Natsuki Takaya's artwork changed dramatically through the course of this series, which somehow worked well for it because her characters seemed to age, change and grow along with her art. I know that a lot of the change was because she injured her hand, but I hope she is satisfied with what her style has become, because I adore it.

  • Amy
    2019-04-22 07:12

    Every time I finish this book, with sobs still hiccuping out of my throat, I feel like a better person for having gone on this adventure. I usually mope around for a few days, and do google searches for fan art and cosplays. I toy around with the idea of buying Kyo's bracelet, or buying a plush cat to keep around. I start recognizing traits of the various characters in people I know. This was my third time through this series, and it has yet to lose its power. Let's stay together. Let's have fun. Let's start over. Let's forgive one another. There is so much redemption and strength and recognition of human differences in this wonderful series. I never want it to end.

  • Selena
    2019-04-20 07:18

    The ending to this series is amazing, and absolutely nothing like it began.I'm a sucker for happy endings, and this did not disappoint.Nothing particularly exciting happens in this volume. Mostly it's just tying up any loose ends that remain, and it ties them up in a satisfying way.My only complaint has nothing to do with content. Tokyopop, when they released this final volume, used the cheapest material possible, and so the book is so flimsy. I was afraid it would fall apart the whole time I was reading it.

  • Joy
    2019-04-27 00:59

    Re-read 7/6/09. The scene where Yuki finally calls Tohru "Tohru" instead of "Honda-san" always makes me tear up. I'm so glad that Takaya remembered to give readers that moment. Tohru/Kyo might be the grand romance of the series, but Tohru and Yuki's friendship is just as central. It was there at the very beginning, and it's right that it is also there at the end.

  • Victoria
    2019-04-05 05:24

    I loved this ending so much! This entire series reminded me so much of when I was a child and how obsessed I was with this anime series, but since the anime was discontinued before it could give any closure I was glad to see the official ending. I love Kyo and Tohru and that they finally got their happily ever after.

  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    2019-04-13 06:06

    Ah, I can't believe it's the end! I want more! Why does it have to be over?!This book is so amazing and wonderful, and I'm so happy for all my dear characters! Everybody happy, and together, and free to live their beautiful lives. All my darlings safe and well and prosperous. I do love a happy ending!I was crying and laughing at this last book, because it all gets so emotional and crazy!

  • Mahdieh
    2019-04-23 06:25

    This was such a beautiful and adorable manga series.So mysterious and Passionate and sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.Loved all the illustrations of the characters and the PLOT! ohh god The PLOT! Never knew what was gonna happen next and it ended soooooooo happily and i'm sooooo happy that i read the series.*thumbs up* IT WAS GREAT.LOVED IT ^_^

  • Caroline
    2019-04-02 04:14

    Relationships and plot lines are neatly tied up here in this final volume. There's really not much of a plot line in this volume itself--this is much more a "finish every character's story on a positive note" kind of ending. It worked well as an ending, and I loved the flash forward into the future to show some of how Tohru's life pans out. Very satisfying ending to the series.

  • Bradley
    2019-04-18 04:23

    Heart-wrenching conclusion to this wonderful series. And brand new in my library. I will seriously miss this series.. and will strive to collect them all. =)Reread: I will really miss this series. I could say many things and rant for hours, but I will just say I love this manga a heck of a lot. =)