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Dan Vindico is the Chief of Elite Iodex, the fiercest, peacekeeping, police force in the Realm. He appears to have been constructed of raw sinew and steel. He’s sought revenge for his fiancée’s murder for the last decade. As he tears apart the men responsible, seemingly without end, he finds himself drowning in the riptide. Amelia’s kidnapper is going to walk free. The knoDan Vindico is the Chief of Elite Iodex, the fiercest, peacekeeping, police force in the Realm. He appears to have been constructed of raw sinew and steel. He’s sought revenge for his fiancée’s murder for the last decade. As he tears apart the men responsible, seemingly without end, he finds himself drowning in the riptide. Amelia’s kidnapper is going to walk free. The knowledge drives Dan to the brink.Rainer Lawson, son of the assassinated Crown Governor and the newest officer to earn the Elite rank, can’t seem to do anything more than watch his boss be crushed under the weight. With Emily on another continent, Rainer has already let his guard down for one brief moment and has seen the brutality of the Interfeci. They’ve taken something he can’t ever get back. Can they be stopped? Can they save Vindico from the hellish abyss he seems determined to let consume him? Vindico can’t continue on. He’s reached the end. Narrowly escaping certain imprisonment and possible death, his body seems unwilling to fight anymore. While licking his inflicting wounds, in walks his saving grace. He’s hit Rock Bottom. Rainer, Logan, Garrett, and all of his men can’t save him. Perhaps, what he needs are the wings of an Angel. Can he have anything good in his life? Can he have true love again? How can he keep her from ending up like Amelia? Could it ever be worth the risk?...

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Rock Bottom Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-03-29 01:05

    Rock Bottom is book four in The Gifted Realm series by Jillian Neal. In this book Rainer and Emily, and Logan and Adeline suffer through many growing pains in their relationships. But we also finally get to know Dan Vindico better in this one. Emily is traveling for three weeks with the Angels. It’s a required trip that the Angels take annually. They are staying at an orphanage and helping with the children in Brazil. This is the first real separation that Emily and Rainer have had and it’s hard for them. Rainer loses something very important to him in this book. But it’s actually good for him in a way. Closing a chapter on the past and starting a new one with Emily.Logan and Adeline’s relationship is strong as ever. But Adeline is overwhelmed with the strain of the pending accusations and trial due to her mother. Adeline has finally had enough and makes a major decision regarding she and Logan.Dan Vindico has been the head of Iodex for eight years. It’s been ten years since he lost his fiancée. Dan’s life consists of working and the gym. One of the men responsible for the death of his fiancée is up for parole. Dan is obsessed with making sure he stays behind bars. But when things don’t go the way he wants, he finally reaches the end of his rope. Ten years of pent up rage come pouring out. Logan and Emily’s father, Governor Haydenshire, takes his responsibility of father very seriously. And even though Dan isn’t his own son, he still cares for him. He sets Dan up with a list of requirements that, unbeknownst to them, will change Dan’s life, in a good way. “Truly great men know that it’s the women that stand beside them that make them so much more than they could ever be alone.”Rainer, Emily, Logan, Adeline, Dan and Fionna all head to Sydney, Australia, both for a vacation, and to find something important that will help Adeline with her case. This trip is truly a life changer for Adeline and for Dan. I really enjoyed getting to know Dan better in this book. Up until now, he’s been kind of scary, really. Just a hard, angry man. Finally we see his softer side. And you know it’s a woman that finally brought it out of him. The Haydenshire family is strong as ever. Governor Haydenshire is the rock that keeps them all together. I loved seeing him stand up for Adeline towards the end of the book. Don’t mess with Mr. Haydenshire the Dad when one of his own is hurting. He is a force to be reckoned with. The saga continues as the Haydenshires and Iodex fight to bring down the evil Wretchkinsides family. The threat over all of them will never go away until they are brought down. I can’t wait to start book five, An Angel All His Own.

  • Dianne
    2019-04-26 01:10

    Jillian Neal is giving away a TRASHY ROMANCE NOVEL SCENTED CANDLE!Click on Banner to EnterHave you been following the Haydenshire Family the ‘stars” of Jillian Neal’s The Realm Series? Go read them, I’ll wait…Rock Bottom is Ms. Neal’s latest addition to this unique series in a world where there are “gifted’ humans and non-gifted, living in a tenuous existence where evil still tries to overpower good. Through it all, the Haydenshires feel like a cross between the Brady Bunch/Eight is Enough/the Waltons and those “adult movies” you can find behind the curtains. This time out Ms. Neal threads several subplots together to weave a picture of the fast-paced and often frantic world of the Crown Governor, his growing family and the continuing threats that surround them.One of their closest friends and greatest allies is Dan Vindico, the almost super-powered Chief of the Elite Iodex Police. Slowly imploding from the inside out, Dan cannot let go of his tortured past, the day he lost the love of his life and he has finally hit Rock Bottom. Enter a beautiful, gifted woman, Fionna, who has been one of many to fantasize about the powerful warrior who is unable to give more than his body to anyone. Will she be the one to break through his emotional exile? Is she strong enough? Is it even safe for her to been seen with Dan or would she have to be his little secret?Once again, Jillian Neal showcases her ability to take fantasy to a new level, making it feel real and frighteningly plausible. From the warmth and loyalty in the powerful Haydenshire family that extends to those they love to the brutal realities that lurk around every corner to the steaming romance shared by lovers, I was in Ms. Neal’s world, believing every word, seeing every scene, feeling every emotion. This author can write, but even I am amazed at how she can go from the precious first weeks of a newborn’s life to a melt your eyeballs sexual scene in the flip of a page! Must be pure, raw talent!I received an ARC edition from Jillian Neal in exchange for my honest review.Series: Gifted Realm - Book 4Expected Publication Date: July 18, 2014Publisher: Realm Press

  • ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝
    2019-03-28 01:16

    ★★★★★ Rock Bottom by Jillian Neal (The Gifted Realm #4)I was given this ARC in exchange for my honest option. Did I love it?This one switches it up some, since a great deal of it is told through Officer Daniel Dreamboat Vindico eyes. I just love his over protecting, bossy, dominating, filthy mouthed ass. I want more, more, more. You have to love Fi, she rocks.As always the Haydenshires and friends leave a lasting impression that's sure to get your emotions spinning in a different direction, page by page. And the cover, could he get any hotter? I think not, lol. They just keep getting better. I can't wait for An Angel All His Own!!!! Reading OrderWithin The Realm(The Gifted Realm book 1)Lesson Learned (The Gifted Realm book 2)Every Action (The Gifted Realm book 3)Rock Bottom(The Gifted Realm book 4)An Angel All His Own (The Gifted Realm book 5)All But Lost(The Gifted Realm book 6)The Quelling Tide (The Gifted Realm book 7)

  • Elaine White
    2019-04-21 03:15

    ** I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK, BY THE AUTHOR, IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW **Book – Rock Bottom (The Gifted Realm Book 4)Author – Jillian NealStar rating – ★★★☆☆Plot – marginally better than beforeCharacters – better; more Logan and Adeline and more Dan and FionnaMovie Potential – ★★★☆☆Ease of reading – difficult; real issues with spelling/grammarCover – ✔Suitable Title – X – Yes for first 20%, but not really.Would I read it again – No.~Book Analysis:Okay, so my real problem with this book is that it took the entire book to tell a story that could had been told in half of it or even a third of the book. There were so many unnecessary scenes that it really irritates me. Now there’s ANOTHER book to come.~Pros:The rollicking Governor Haydenshire gave Dan on the plane made me cry, laugh and root for both of them. Out of all of the men in this series, Garrett would be my preferred book boyfriend, with Dan a close second. They both need some serious healing. Unfortunately, Garrett is a good character lowered to a manwhore and Dan is a wounded, foul-mouthed, angry cop with a grudge, who also happens to be really dirty in the bedroom.The whole Dan and Fionna thing was adorable and made me cry more than once. HOWEVER, I would just, for once, like a love story that doesn’t revolve around sex. Logan and Adeline; at it all the time. Rainer and Emily; at it all the time. Garrett; never not at it, with some girl or other. Then we get Dan and Fionna, who have this lovely romance and then the inevitable happens – they’re at it all the time! Seriously, is sex the only thing this author thinks about?~Cons:Once again, little ole’ delicate, selfish Em is drawing Rainer away from important work that could get someone hurt or kill just because she’s so self-involved. Nothing new there then.Too much useless description of hotel rooms, scenery etc. I still don’t like the word ‘spaz’ and how lazily and stupidly the author uses it. And what’s this about Dan assuming that Fionna has a middle name? How does he even know she has one? Not everyone does, but it seems to be an assumption here. It’s lazy plot, if you ask me.“Emily cries all the time.” Logan huffed.” Yes, she does. Thanks for noticing that too, Logan. You’re a champ.“if you’re up to it, we’ll see what I might can do to rectify this.” Just an example of how badly this entire books needs edited for spelling and grammar issues.My entire analysis of the characters in this book can be summed up here, in the author’s own words:Rainer was certain that wasn’t true, to an extent, but he was still furious that grown women were having like bratty teenagers.” Wow! So am I. Grown adults between the ages of 20-30 are acting like brats.The whole thing with the repetitive ‘might could’ is really grating on my last nerve. It’s been consistent in every book, so I already know it’s not a mistake. Only one of these is needed at a time; both is overkill and bad grammar. There’s a lot of both in this book.Don’t even get me started on Emily whining every other minute:“Are you going to cheat on me if my stomach looks like Brooke’s, after I have a baby?” She became overwrought and quickly lost all sense of reason.”Yeah, Em looses all sense of reason quite a bit, doesn’t she? She needs to grow a backbone and get some self-esteem. How pathetic can this character be? She’s engaged to be married to the guy who had never once looked at any other girl in twenty years, yet she’s asked him twice (between this book and the last) if he’s going to cheat on her after they’re married. What is he, a horn-dog? I think Rainer can control himself and not beg any girl that walks past for quick sex. But maybe her insecurity explains why every single minute they’re having sex together.What really ticked me off, is when we’re getting into the really good story of Dan and his visit to Germany and then after about three paragraphs of good story we’re interrupted for a page and a half of Rainer and Em having sex. Oh, and then the author suddenly remembers there’s a story to be told, so we’re given a half page of Dan again. I AM SO SICK OF READING ABOUT RAINER AND EM HAVING SEX!! Can I make that any clearer?Every time we get Dan’s POV it’s ‘chiselled’ this and ‘massive’ that. He’s not that egotistical. If the author wanted to reiterate how hot and buff and built he is, find another way. Men are not usually thinking about how chiselled their pecks are when a girl is crying into them.It’s all nice and dandy that Dan and Fionna’s romance takes up the ENTIRE book, and that Adeline gets to meet her father, but there’s one big, massive plot gap. WHAT ABOUT THE WRETCHKINSIDES?There was also no follow up about Fergus and the trouble he should be in.~Overall:Overall, this book was a major disappointment. Adeline meeting her dad was a let down and there was nothing but sex all over the place. If it wasn’t Logan and Ad, it was Rainer and Em or Dan and Fionna. It was old in the first book, now it’s just giving me a headache.The entire point of this series – the Wretchkinsides storyline – went nowhere. That’s all I can say in a nutshell. Again we were left hanging, with no solution and only more questions. When the series and each individual book is a chore to read, then trust me, the thought of having another book to come just makes my head pound. I will read it, to finally see Dan get his justice, but it will kill me and I’ll probably curl up in a corner somewhere to read my favourite novel, sobbing in relief that it’s all over.

  • Olga
    2019-04-15 03:49

    5 Feathers! You can find my full review here: you have any idea how angry I am at myself that I've lost so much time of my time by not reading this fabulous series?Seriously people! Imagine a combination between Mutant X movie and Black Dagger Brotherhood, with a little of hot times within, and that's how ladies you have the recipe of a bestselling novel, at least I hope that one day it will be true... So we have the Realm, a world were there are gifted and non-gifted humans, all living in the same place, but were the evil or Interfeci tries to overcome the good and to control everything. But their world will be fine so long as  Elite Iodex, the police force in the Realm will be there to try and save innocent people. But it seems they are all doomed because their chef, Dan Vindico has fallen in a hellish abyss, that he refuses to fight anymore. But it's understandable if we count the fact that his fiancee was murdered and her kidnapper is going to walk free. He's a freaking train disaster waiting to happen, and without his Amelia or his retribution, nothing can save him until Fionna wants to break trough his walls and save him.

  • Pam
    2019-04-06 22:54

    Oh boy. Move over Rainer and Logan, and make way for chief of Iodex hottie pants, Dan Vindico!!!In Rock Bottom, book #4 of the Gifted Realm series, officer Vindico moves to the forefront. I have to say, nothing could make me happier! As much as I adore Rainer and Emily, Dan Vindico and his fiery mouth have my heart. He's seen and experienced the depths of despair, and works tirelessly to put the 'bad guys' where they belong. Then in walks Miss Fionna Styler, and the world as he know it, is ROCKED. His tough outer shell softens as true emotion and heart-felt desire find their way back into his life again. It's a stunning juxtaposition to the Dan Vindico we've experienced prior to Rock Bottom, who wouldn't allow any one or anything, in. More than ever, I can not wait to finish this series. As I read on, this series only gets better and better. Fabulous!

  • GoodGlory
    2019-04-07 23:54

    **I received this book through a Goodreads first reads Giveaway**Okay, I won this book through a Goodreads Giveaway. What attracted me to this book besides the blurb, was the cover. A hot buff guy...Why not read it? I'm glad that I did. I think that I was a little behind from not reading the other books in this series first, but starting off with this book first it took me a little bit to realize that they had powers. But the steaminess, and macho men in this book did big things for me! I really don't want to spoil this book, I would just suggest that the others be read first. That being said, I really liked this book!!

  • A. McCarty
    2019-04-13 05:14

    Imaginative Dreams Review:Can this series get any better? I think not, but Jillian Neal always seems to find away anyways. I loved the first three and this one didn't disappoint either.