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The dynamic supernatural duo of Seer Jordan Amador and her husband the archangel Michael are in the middle of trying to solve a deadly case. Someone is methodically hunting down and murdering Seers one by one. After six months with no leads on the killer, Jordan and Michael are forced to work with their worst enemy—the archdemon Belial: a self-professed Prince of Hell whoThe dynamic supernatural duo of Seer Jordan Amador and her husband the archangel Michael are in the middle of trying to solve a deadly case. Someone is methodically hunting down and murdering Seers one by one. After six months with no leads on the killer, Jordan and Michael are forced to work with their worst enemy—the archdemon Belial: a self-professed Prince of Hell who is dead set on stealing Jordan for himself. However, with the archdemon’s help, they pick up on the trail of the serial killer and plan to stop him no matter what the cost. When the shocking truth behind the murderer’s identity is revealed, Jordan begins asking herself if she is still fighting for the good guys or has she become one of the monsters she is desperately trying to stop?...

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She Who Fights Monsters Reviews

  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    2019-04-20 07:37

    Firstly, I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. If you've been following me, you know that matters not a whit. I am under NO obligation to like anything, even if it's free.So now we have that out of the way:She Who Fights Monsters is the kind of paranormal that, given my total burnout of the genre, should have had me saying "no thanks". Angels, demons, slayers--been there, done that, got the hoodie. Granted, the fact that the heroine--Jordan Amador--is an afro-Latina and the book is chock-full of diverse characters (you know, the way contemporary settings should be) made it stand out in a sea of whitewashed clones. And yet, there's something wonderfully engaging about the characters, the fast-paced writing style, that grabbed me and kept me interested. Jordan continues to grow on me, though at times her endless pity party demeanor made me want to slap her smart. I get it Amador--you're a Seer, demons keep trying to kill you (and sometimes succeeding), you have daddy and abandonment issues, FINE. You can also call some of heaven's top angels like Gabriel and Raphael as back up. I mean, talk about ride or (not) die partners. Oh and you're also MARRIED to one. And, you can kick serious ass when you need to.The world needs you Jordan, get it together! Especially now with someone murdering other Seers in order to prevent the Apocalypse. Oh, and they almost got you too...again. Oh, and your father just showed up on your doorstep. You know, the guy you never knew because he hightailed it. To be fair, Jordan isn't superwoman and I did enjoy the realism that every battle could be her last. Unlike a lot of paranormal heroines, she's not strutting around in corsets, leather pants and spiked heels. Jordan gets hurt. A lot. But she can both dish it out and take it. I appreciate that realism.Speaking of marriage, I realize I'm going to get flack for this but I really am NOT feeling the love between Jordan and Michael (no basketball jokes please). I mentioned this before in my review of The Black Parade that it feels as if the "romance" was thrown in because we female readers are supposed to "expect" it. Honestly, Jordan and Michael's relationship worked far better (for me personally) when they were dancing around it, when Jordan was making sexual innuendoes in his direction. I liked the tension, the flirty banter. After all, we have this idea of sexless and asexual angels; playing with that dynamic would have made an interesting sub-plot.Then we have that thrice-damned "love/lust triangle" courtesy of the deadly and smart-aleck archdemon Belial. I absolutely HATE love triangles. They should be banned forever. And when I'm already not feeling the main relationship, adding Belial to the mix who obviously serves as the proverbial 'devil on the shoulder' figure just lost me. Irony of ironies though, Jordan and Belial's 'will they or won't they/I hate your guts and would rather rip your intestines out with a butter knife but you also turn me on' is exactly the push and pull that Jordan and Michael lack. There's a forbidden element that works here.One detail I really loved, and it will probably make little sense to some, but to me was incredibly important was when Jordan had her hair products delivered to a hotel room (she's on the run). Most books that feature black heroines tend to give them silky Farrah Fawcett hair and never explain just how they got it or how they maintain it. Jordan's got naturally kinky hair that needs shea butter and other natural products to keep it from frizzing up. Just that detail alone makes me want to hug this author. Considering the massive anounts of colorism I've been finding in far too many IR books, it's nice to read about a heroine whose hair doesn't flow down to her back.Despite my personal nitpicks, I really love this series. There's something compulsively readable and Jordan is an amazing heroine. As the author wrote in her notes, all of us women fight monsters, just in different ways. Jordan, even with all her baggage, fights the monsters in her world as well as the ones in her mind.

  • Meka♥books
    2019-04-20 06:34

    ***SOME SPOILERS***I cannot get enough of this series and was burning the midnight oil in order to finish both She Who Fights Monsters and The Holy Dark. Like previous episodes, She Who Fights Monsters is laced with humorous banter that breaks up this dark action packed read. References and/or quotes from popular TV shows, movies, songs and/or music groups make The Black Parade series more interesting, relatable, and provide the reader with a profound understanding of where the character is coming from. Additionally, the introduction of new characters, Lewis Jackson (view spoiler)[Jordan's father (hide spoiler)], Avriel (view spoiler)[fallen angel (hide spoiler)], & Juliana (view spoiler)[Belial's 1/2 human daughter (hide spoiler)] provided a twist in plot.This installment of the Black Parade series was the first time I cried. Heartfelt discussions transpire and revelations are disclosed. On the flip side, I was irritated the most with this book until I read The Holy Dark. The story had more romance as far as Jordan being torn between an angel with a slightly dark side and a demon who appears to be caring. Her sexual attraction to Belial made me want to slap her. Although the triangle with Michael and Belial makes for interesting reading, the whole reason I was so into this series was because the plot was good, even paced, and without pages of romance. It's storytelling at its best. She Who Fights Monsters takes a deeper look into the heart and soul of Jordan Amador: is she good or evil, is she truly attracted to the Prince of Darkness or is he using some sort of spell on her, and what does this all mean for her husband- archangel Michael, the Prince of Heaven's Army? These questions and more are addressed all while kicking butt, asking names and questions after. I was all for the Michael Jordan relationship match up until... well... until it happened. Now that the two have married spiritually, everything is weird and awkward. I can honestly see not wanting a a wedding or going through the hassle of planning one, but who marries the love of their life/soul mate just to live apart and travel between homes? More so, what spouse is just going to go for that? Michael, Michael, Michael... ugh... he doesn't seem to be around when Jordan is in need of him.How could I call myself a real husband when only a day ago some brute had his hands wrapped around her neck? In regards to the above quote, I was thinking "yep my thoughts exactly buddy". At the same token, when together as man and wife Michael seems to genuinely love Jordan and tries to provide for her needs emotionally but he lacks the courage to let Jordan know he is her husband. When she is afraid or needs someone to open up to it should be with him. He did however slightly redeemed himself by knowing how to track his wife down by the use of hair products. Most men would not know what products a woman uses in her hair especially African American and/or multiracial hair. So kudos to Michael for knowing Jordan uses shea butter and Africa's Best Super Grow hair conditioner. At any rate that's all I have to say at this time on Michael. Maybe I'll have more to say regarding him in my The Holy Dark review but as of right now, I'm done. Dang, this is a good book despite my feelings of frustration and less than enthused opinion of Michael. There were two passages (view spoiler)[Jordan & Lauren's phone conversation around 81% (hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[Jordan & Gabe's conversation around 86% (hide spoiler)] that touched me to the point of tears; tears I didn't know were screaming down my face until it hit my Kindle screen. That's how engrossed I was in reading She Who Fights Monsters and another testament of an author who knows how to put words down on paper. I felt these conversations were an honest look into Jordan and how other's felt for her at that moment. There's so much I can write about this book but the last thing I will mention is the ending. Jordan discovers Gabe saved her from a certain fate. In turn, they will both pay a high consequence.If you're into biblical references and loads of action then She Who Fights Monsters is for you. This book gets 4.5 fighting stars. My Black Parade series reviewsBook 1: The Black ParadeBook 2: The Deadly SevenBook 4: The Holy Dark***I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • C.C. Hrivnak
    2019-03-31 23:19

    Each of these books seem to get better. This time around, we are standing with Jordan and Michael on their quest to figure out who is murdering Seers. Also strangely enough someone from Jordan's path appears and throws a kink in Jordan's personal journey. Throw in the love triangle with Belial and you have yourself a thrilling sequel.As you know, I despise love triangles, but Kyoko makes it work for this series. The excitement and tension between characters has increased ten-fold that you can't put the book down. A sequel worth it's placement in this series and much better than the first installment.

  • Yasmine
    2019-04-12 05:36

    That ending is gonna stick with me for awhile. So sad!

  • Patricia A Meyers
    2019-04-12 07:11

    👍I started slow and steady. Admittedly, I found myself easily distracted at times but it was worth continuing to read since I like the story and the characters

  • Aviar Savijon
    2019-04-23 07:30

    She Who Fights MonstersA stunning g supernatural thrill ride between good evil and in between. I loved it. Great writer and masterfully told.

  • Andi
    2019-04-01 06:35

    She Who Fights Monsters (Black Parade #3) By Kyoko MKindle EditionPrint, 386 pagesPublished July 20, 2014 Sold by Amazon Digital Services Inc. She Who Fights Monsters reminds readers that inner demons can plunder through dreams and relationships just as well as any beast from hell. To be perfectly fair, it is hard for any girl to fight monsters when the cucuy (boogie-man) under the bed is sexy, seductive, and willing to tag team for both husband and wife on their wedding night! The wicked gives rest the middle finger and threatens to destroy everything precious to Jordan Amador. Our favorite stubborn seer returns for more papi issues and fatal battles in She Who Fights Monsters, the second installment of Kyoko M’s Black Parade series. The appearance of Jordan’s biological father pushes her to make a choice that could eventually ruin her. A midst her struggle to be the wife that Michael deserves, Jordan decides that she is the only one who can save the world from a seer assassin and the apocalypse. Her battle tactics strain her marriage and most of her other relationships, including her bond with Gabriel. She Who Fights Monsters is definitely a must-read that presents the readers with living horrific beasts that rival destructive intangible monsters that people often succumb to. Guilt, regret, resentment, love and jealousy make The Black Parade heroes and demons very human. Kyoko M. successfully made fantastic fictional beings like the devil’s most lustful servant, Belial, relatable. Belial’s efforts to save Jordan’s life, end Jordan’s life, and destroy her marriage seemed to be fueled by love. As a demon, Belial should only feel lust for the woman he can never have but his loyalty to the dark side was compromised with a very “human” need to keep Jordan safe and at his side. She Who Fights Monsters is a fast paced read with vivid descriptions of a reality featuring a sex deprived demon that is too hot to file a restraining order against, an angel who just wants to be with his wife, and one woman who has to fight to balance it all before the monsters consume her.She Who Fights Monsters by Kyoko MGrade: A+Review by Andi C.

  • Melanie Marsh
    2019-04-10 00:19

    Kyoko M. has done it again. She sucked me in with the first book in the series, The Black Parade, and hasn’t let me go through the end of She Who Fights Monsters. I am so wrapped up in this story it’s not funny. There are very, very few books about Angels or Demons out there that I can say without a doubt that I enjoy, and I am glad to say this is one that I more than enjoyed, I love it! We continue the story of the Seer Jordan and the Archangel Michael as they continue to fight not only hell’s demons, but Jordan’s internal demons as well. That poor girl has so much on her shoulders, and in her heart that I can’t believe she is able to make the choices she does. I would probably just curl up into a ball in bed and stay there. Some of her choices made me scream at my Kindle, and I’m not completely sure I agree with, but if she doesn’t make the choices she does, the story wouldn’t be as intense as it is. Jordan and Michael’s relationship is put through Hell (no pun intended, I promise!). I want to shake them both right now. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, so I’m very limited on what I can say here but let me just say I wanted to smack pretty much every character in the head at some point. We do get to see a little bit more into Belial’s character. As much as I hate him, it was interesting to read about some of his more human traits. This book really had me going with the action, the love, the heartbreak, just everything. It all came together into a great story that I enjoyed every minute of. I love Kyoko’s writing style and her general wordiness. Her words give personality to the characters and make them seem more realistic and relatable. I would recommend this to anyone who has read The Black Parade. I would recommend both books in the series to anyone who likes Urban Fantasy, or Angels and Demons who kick butt, with light romance. The romance element is just enough to let you know what’s going on, but not so in detail that you blush when someone reads over your shoulder or your kid walks into the room while you are reading. **I received this book in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Stephanie Barnes
    2019-04-25 05:27

    It is a common occurrence in my opinion that sequels do not always live up to the original or outshine. However I really enjoyed She Who Fights Monsters and would ardently argue it is a fantastic read and as good as the first in the series.Despite being in a relationship with Michael, Jordan retains her individuality and continues to entertain with her witty humour and observations. This book sees Jordan struggling to maintain her relationship with Michael whilst Belial constantly tries to seduce her. Although it has become a regular trope in young adult fantasy fiction to have a love triangle, Kyoko M. manages to maintain originality. Jordan is stronger and although she is evidently attracted to Belial she aims to keep her loyalty to Michael. Despite the interests of Michael and Belial, again Jordan continues to be an independent and strong character who is not weakened by the presence of two strong male characters. Belial was a funny and charming archdemon when he played the recurring villain in The Black Parade. This time he returns as a major character. I believe the villain can either make or break a book and Belial is one of the major reasons She Who Fights Monsters was a great read. He is a character who loves to create conflict and is happy to speak aloud about matters that should be kept hushed. Although I love the villain, in some books they create a fantastic villain but then they give him too much screen time. I find this can undermine the villain's authority and power but this is not the case with Belial. Kyoko has created a badass villain and he deserves the title as one of the 'Fallen princes of Hell.'A really great read - please check out the rest of my review on my blog! She Who Fights Monsters by Kyoko M

  • Amie's Book Reviews
    2019-04-07 05:26

    SHE WHO FIGHTS MONSTERS by Kyoko M.This is the second book in "The Black Parade" series. One of the things I like about this series is that Michael and Jordan are now married. The author did not spend the entire series getting the two romantic leads together. This book starts with Michael (the Arcangel) and Jordan happy together. They are married now and very much in love. Their enemy from the first book; Belial (the demon) is nowhere to be found and Jordan and Michael have had a year without any major, life-threatening dramas. However, six Seers have been killed in as many months and Jordan and Michael are worried. Of course their blissful life together does not stay blissful for long. Belial is back and they may have to join forces with him to stop the Seer killing serial killer.Jordan is a mixed race heroine. She is part african-american and part latino and her husband, Michael is white. It is not often that we get novels with such diversity. This makes this book that much more realistic. I did find some of the references in the book confusing. For instance, Jordan mentions Raylan Givens and I had to Google the name to figure out who she was talking about. It would have been better if she stated that he was a bad ass fictional US Marshall. I didn't like having to stop reading to look it up. However, with that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and even though I knew I should stop reading and go to bed, I was so wrapped up in the story that I couldn't stop reading. There is a ton of action in this book and lots of drama. Readers will feel the tension and excitement.This book is an epic urban fantasy/ paranormal tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Jamilla_
    2019-04-20 02:20

    Even better than the first book! Absolutely loved it! Spent the entire day reading it, then the night finishing the last book (The Holy Dark)!Drama, Fight scenes (!!!), A (proper) Plot, A dash of Romance, Smatterings of humor! Writing that isn’t a cringe-worthy, immediate DNF smash of telling and not showing, for once? All so very lovely! No grammatical or technical errors that I could spot, aka none overt.I’m not a huge crazy fan of the whole Angel/Demon Paranormal (Is it paranormal? I mean who really knows how these genres are split?) anyway, I’m not a fan mainly because of the added element of romance causing the angel/demon whomever to fall completely in love with the main character and losing their grit and depth just to be the forlorn love-sick puppy. Arrg. I want the evil demon to stick true to their complicated self. And the ones in this story did, to the most part.The only thing I didn’t appreciate about this book was the MC’s self hate, I’m-unloveable, woe-is-me, everything-rests-on-my-shoulders attitude, that sort of thing always pisses me off, even though she has a very plausible reason for it and it makes the story entertaining because all you wanted to do was reach into your kindle, pause the action and slap some sense into her. But there is growth and she moves on from it in the end, which was good.

  • Aya Walksfar
    2019-04-10 05:26

    She Who Fights Monsters, Book Two, The Black Parade SeriesBy Kyoko M The book opens with a murder, and a murderer with a mission. The opening scene is well done, not gruesome, but certainly descriptive and intriguing. In this book, Jordan Amador is still beset by hard choices concerning good and evil and her soul. The major players remain: Jordan, Gabriel, Michael and Belial. Though the writer is dealing with archangels and demons, she makes them feel real, like the guy next door--both the creepy dude and the nice guys in the house down the street. Kyoko weaves in romance with possible world destruction. I had to check outside a few times to make sure the world was still there.Toward the end of the book, I was torn between who to root for due to the excellent character portrayals and the complexity of motivations behind each character. I found myself hoping that Belial could be rehabbed, but what I really liked about this interplay between Jordan and Belial is that it never degenerated into “good girl saves bad boy from himself”. Jordan never gave up on herself, nor did she blindly follow love to her own, and everyone else’s, detriment. She remained a woman committed to making the rights choices, though they were increasingly difficult. An interesting book and one I would recommend if you want something out of the ordinary to read. A definite 4.3 star.

  • Stacy Gallina
    2019-04-17 00:17

    GreatI have read many paranormal books, with variety of characters. The heroine in the book is strong and selfless. However, she is also suffering from low self-esteem and depression. She makes a decision in this book that alienates from her family, and although she had good intentions she was in the wrong. Baiel plays an unique demon. The author makes you feel what Jordan is feeling toward him and you see what she does in him. I find the first book in a kindle unlimited book that had several different books, and it was in it. That was the first things I read anything from this author and I was but disappointed in it. I really enjoy the series and learning more about the characters.

  • Kimberley
    2019-04-18 05:24

    She Who Fights Monsters is a quirky little urban fantasy, that has a lot of charm. Sitting somewhere between YA fiction and adult fantasy, it has a unique approach to the "girl-falls-for-mystical-superhuman" genre. The main characters, Jordan and Michael, are quite likable. And, luckily, Jordan is about as far from the "damsel in distress" as you can get. She battles the forces of evil with the help of her archangel husband [I know, I know…but that's why it's called FANTASY], and usually she doesn't need much help from him at all. It's nice to see such a powerful female lead in the midst of all the Twilight/50 Shades of Grey stuff that's out there at the moment.If you're a fan of Supernatural, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow and the like - you'll dig this book.

  • Kristen
    2019-04-11 01:24

    She Who fights Monsters Kyoko M does it again with a beautiful blend of biblical mythology and the ever present good vs evil theme. She Who Fights Monsters depicts Michael and Jordan's struggle with not just their relationship, but also their inherent need to save the world without regard for personal cost. Like many books in a trilogy, this book did feel a bit like a transition piece. While the conflict presented in the book was resolved, like many second novels, the reader was left with more questions than answers. I am looking forward to reading The Holy Dark to see if Michael and Jordan's relationship can survive...

  • Amanda Lyles
    2019-04-13 06:22

    The second book in this series was better than the first. I don't know if I can put into words how much I love these characters. I found myself on a roller-coaster ride of emotions with this whole series and this book was no different. It will make you laugh and cry and you'll get mad and be disappointed but it's worth it. For years I've been saying how Dr Phil is a hell spawn and I'm very glad I'm not the only one who thinks it! I was glad to see there will be another book but sad that it will be the last one and that I have to wait soo long for it. Even so I am eagerly awaiting it.

  • Judith Davis
    2019-04-01 02:20

    She Who Fights Monsters (The Black Parade Book 2) by Kyoko MThis was a fantastic book that kept me reading non stop from beginning to end. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Deborah
    2019-04-08 01:35

    This was a good book. Lots of action. A strong but bull-headed female lead. I enjoyed the new twist on angels. It slowed down in some parts. But for the most part it was a really good read that I enjoyed.

  • Kimberly
    2019-04-15 06:08

    I NEEEEDDD MORE!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!