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“It is sure to have fans of O’Connell’s previous novels rolling on the floor laughing their royal crowns off.” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, USA“A Right Royal Read!” MAYFAIR TIMES UK“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UKIf you love Malory Towers you will  love St Augustine's even more!Tyne O’Connell is the Enid Blyton of our day with her boarding school tales of St“It is sure to have fans of O’Connell’s previous novels rolling on the floor laughing their royal crowns off.” SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, USA“A Right Royal Read!” MAYFAIR TIMES UK“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UKIf you love Malory Towers you will  love St Augustine's even more!Tyne O’Connell is the Enid Blyton of our day with her boarding school tales of St Augustine's, set right by Eton college & Windsor castle, & for a dash of royal glamour, there is the very real possibility that you might be rooming with a princess or better still pulling A Prince!At St Augustine's & nearby Eton College, attended by the Royal Princes, O’Connell gives teenagers everywhere the chance to experience the centuries old traditions of English Boarding Schools, with their midnight feasts, dorm raids &  illicit trysts with boys along the bluebell pathways of ancient Puller's Woods.Best of all, readers get to experience this uniquely exclusive world of royals & privilege from someone whose lived it through her own & her three children's boarding school adventures.The St Augustine's boarding school series are must read classics for all ages. After all the boarding school action the series continues with the same characters at Oxford, London & into the Royal Castles where HRH Freds FAMED house parties offer a cheeky peak of the royals & friends at play.STEALING PRINCES is set in a exclusive all girl’s boarding school near Windsor Castle close by is the fictionalised Eton College - as attended by Princes William & Harry - Pulling Princes is based on the author’s own children’s antics at boarding school - "A deliciously naughty insider’s guide to the midnight feasts, close friendships & romances of royal teenagers.” Book ChitChatsCalypso is an ordinary American teen, plunged into the extraordinary world of the ancient British Boarding School system with all its mad traditions & customs, surrounded by the daughters of international royalty & rock-stars.But after three years of enduring the Terrible Toffs & Horrible Hon.s treating her like The American Freak, Calypso Kelly is determined to beat them at their own game by tricking them into believing she’s dating a hot Hollywood boy.She may be able to rinse the Eades boys at sabre & dazzle the girls with a poster of her “fake Hollywood boyfriend” - but with the paparazzi lurking behind every hedge, her phone confiscated & the not-so-Honourable Honey O’Hare plotting against her, can Calypso manage to pull it off AND pull the Prince?“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UK“Budding Anglophiles ….will soak up the flood of upper-class British culture in this book.” WASHINGTON COUNTY LIBRARY“A Right Royal Read!” MAYFAIR TIMES“Bridget Jones for the early teen set.”- WASHINGTON POST USA"Give this to fans of Princess Mia and Georgia Nicholson"BOOKLIST, USAIts a new term at St Augustine’s. Calypso, exhausted from her from her flight from LA, lugs her trunks up the ancient oak staircase, unaided by the bustling valets, maids, parents, man-servants & body-guards of the other girls. Her heart sinks when she discovers she’s roomed with psycho toff, The Hon. Honey O’Hare & the beautiful & aloof Lady Portia Herrington-Briggs.On top of that, her innocent txt-flirtations with the heir-to-the-throne HRH Prince Freds & the Eades Fencing captain, Billy are getting well…complicated to say the least. Which boy will she choose & is the choice even her’s to make? Is Lady Portia Herrington-Briggs txt-ing with Freds?In a term of moon-lit picnics, Body Shop bottles concealing Vodka drinking, texting-torture & romantic muddles over whose pulling whom, all anyone really cares about is an invite to the Royal Euro Ball. But Calypso get her Cinderella-perfect ending, or will Honey finally manage to turn her into a frog?“There is never a dull moment in this boarding school….Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments” – VOYA...

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Stealing Princes Reviews

  • Jaqueline Miguel
    2019-05-13 11:58

    Este é mais um livro do género infantojuvenil voltado para o público feminino. Por algum motivo faz parte da coleção denominada Clube das Amigas. Foi mais um daqueles que eu tinha na minha estante sem nunca o ter lido até Fevereiro de 2015 (já com 21 anos). Mas se acham que a idade interfere com os meus gostos, enganam-se. Eu consigo abstrair-me bem disso. O livro anterior a este era um dos meus favoritos da coleção e li-o e reli-o bastantes vezes. Quando soube que havia continuação fiquei em pulgas para a ler. Mas depois de o ter nunca mais lhe peguei. Vá-se lá entender… Esta continuação, apesar de a ter achado ligeiramente mais aborrecida que o anterior, não deixa de ser um dos melhores do género. Adoro histórias de príncipes que se apaixonam por raparigas de classe baixa. Além disso envolve animais de estimação, duelos de esgrima e colégios internos só para raparigas. Temos princesas e filhas de superestrelas famosas. Além disso sempre me identifiquei com a Calypso devido ao seu cabelo sempre despenteado e com pontas que parecem corninhos. Ahah! Não posso deixar de recomendar dado que, tanto este como o anterior, foram dos livros que mais gostei de ler na minha infância/adolescência.

  • Marla
    2019-05-02 14:12

    Growing up on a Midwest farm I always thought it would be cool to attend a boarding school. But if the schools are like this, no thanks. That just seems like you can't get away from the mean girls. At least in public school you can go home at 3:15 but at a boarding school you are with them pretty much 24/7.

  • Makenna
    2019-05-14 16:09

    The ending of this book was so cute!!!

  • Yola NY
    2019-05-01 17:01

    Udah ada yang baca “pulling princes : menggaet pangeran”? itu novel sebelum “stealing princes”.Novel kedua dari series the chronicle of calypso Kelly ini bercerita tentang awal mula kehidupan semester baru calypso di kelas sebelas, teman-teman sekamarnya yang baru dan kebingungannya di antara memilih Billy, kapten tim anggar sekolah khusus putra Eades, dan Freddie, sang pewaris tahta inggris.Calypso kurang bersemangat ketika ia mengetahui tidak sekamar lagi dengan 2 orang sahabatnya, Star, anak keluarga musisi rock yang terkenal dan Georgina, seorang keluarga bangsawan Inggris, dan malah mendapati ia sekamar dengan Honey, anak keluarga kaya yang walaupun bukan merupakan keturunan bangsawan tetapi berlagak seperti ia mempunyai gelar dan sekaligus orang yang sudah dianggap calypso sebagai musuhnya karena tahun kemarin menyebarkan foto ciumannya dengan sang pangeran inggris, Freddie.Hari-hari calypso dipenuhi dengan tingkah-tingkah kacau apalgi ditambah dengan honey yang selalu ikut campur urusan mereka, dan ia disibukkan dengan kecemburuannya terhadap Indie, seorang putri Nigeria yang kian hari mulai merebut sahabat-sahabatnya. Calypso mulai merasakan sahabat-sahabatnya yang seperti menjauh, dan hubungan dengan cowok-cowok ini semakin lama membingungkannya. Apalagi ketika ia bertemu dengan Billy dan Freddie di akhir minggu bebas, tingkah Billy yang canggung dan Freddie yang sepertinya ada hubungan khusus dengan Portia, teman sekamar calypso yang baru dan juga merupakan anggota keluarga bangsawan Inggris.Puncaknya, ketika Freddie tidak bisa ikut dengannya ke pesta dansa La fiesta, yang sudah lama diimpikan Calyspo. Cowok itu harus menghadiri pesta dansa bangsawan dan calypso semakin tak tenang ketika Portia juga menghadirinya.Cerita di edisi kedua ini, bikin penasaran, alur ceritanya dan juga dialog2 tokoh yang sering disela tokoh lain sehingga bikin penasaran apa yg sebenarnya terjadi.Tapi endingnya cukup melegakan kok.

  • Cherry
    2019-05-21 13:16

    In this book, a character want to reflect on is Calypso. She is having a text-flirtation with two really cool, handsome boys. One is really rich and the other is royalty. The La Fiesta ball is coming up but she doesn't know who she's going with. And even worse, she rooming with one of the meanest, most stuck-uppest, richest, psycho girls on school. Well, she's also rooming with a very aloof-demeanour girl, whose mother died over the vacation. She becomes friends with her until she gets the weird assumption that Portia (the aloof-demeanour girl) might be taking HER boyfriend to the royal ball. She gets kind of jealous and starts planning lots of things, like attacking Portia ferociously in fencing. And then Portia starts to hate her. This all proves that Calypso is a really possessive person towards her boyfriend(s)and that she jumps into crazy conclusions. In the end, though, she tries to patch things up with her former friend. Read the book to find out what happens when she tries.

  • Emma
    2019-05-17 12:02

    A brill 2nd book in the seris of the Calypso Chronicles!!! When Calypso is placed in a dorm room with It-Girl Miss Honey O'Hare, she reckons this year is gonna be a nightmare. And to be honest with you, shes not far wrong. But also in her dorm room is Lady Portia Herrington Briggs, her fencing companion. But when boys complicate thier new found friendship, its not good. And when an invitation to the Euro-Royal Bash dosn't turn up, Calypso's sure her and Freddie's relationship is over.But maybe a unexpected shocking suprise could change that around???

  • Cara
    2019-04-28 14:00

    Not as good as the first book in the series, Pulling Princes, but Stealing Princes is still really cute. I felt there was a little too much recap at the beginning of the book, but towards the end I could not stop reading! During some of the book I was a little afraid of the direction Calypso's character was going, but she straightened herself up eventually! And it seems as if Calypso finally has her prince, but we'll just have to see what book three has in store!

  • Mariana116
    2019-05-12 15:59

    This was an important part of my 'teenhood' and I really loved it, I never got to read the next ones because they haven't translated nor have the english version so I'm left with pdf, which I'm not a big fan of so I guess I'll just have to wait.The characters were witty and funny, also age apropriate, and I tought it had a feel of 'Wild Child', which I saw after reading the books and found some similarities.

  • Katie Francis
    2019-05-13 12:58

    I recommend this book if you want a light read, full of teenage problems and humour. Although not meant to be serious, this series does tackles issues such as bulimia and teen drinking. The boarding school setting is fresh and interesting compared to most books, and actually quite realistic. Give it a go!

  • Grace Lauren
    2019-04-23 16:01

    This was actually totally different from the first book, and I actually liked it much better! There was definitely a lot more drama in this one, and the plot was just more intricate in full. Again, kind of a beach read, but I liked it nonetheless.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-14 16:18

    Really cute. The ending was great, although there was still some tension between Calypso and Portia at the end. I'm glad she ended up with who she ended up with at the end. Like I said, overall it was a really cute story.

  • Rita
    2019-05-07 19:08

    Não vou dar rating porque foi uma leitura just for fun e nostálgica.Foi engraçado recordar estas personagens e os pensamentos que se tinham aos 14/15 anos.

  • Louisa
    2019-05-04 20:09

    I really enjoyed this book, Calypso was a fun character, and I just liked all the funny things that happened!

  • Steph
    2019-05-02 12:03

    I <3 IT! FREDS IS AMAZING! I DETEST Honey though. <3 it! starting the third one!

  • Clarabel
    2019-05-14 19:24

    Ce deuxième tome est toujours drôle et pétillant, mais il est aussi extrêmement agaçant du fait de la personnalité puérile de Calypso. Son absence de jugeote rend la plupart de ses attitudes lamentable. C'en est même gênant ! Et je tiens à rappeler que, finalement, la romance royale entre Calypso et le prince ne sert que de fil rouge ténu tant le garçon est peu présent (bon, ok, son personnage n'est pas extraordinaire et encore moins crédible, et j'aime bien Billy dont on cherche à se débarrasser bien trop facilement). Ceci, pour rappeler, qu'il s'agit donc d'une série avec des histoires de filles et de pension, on trouve en vrac des animaux comme doudous, de la vodka dans des flacons de Body Shop, des cours d'escrime ou de latin ou de littérature, des cigarettes, du Febreze, des Jelly Babies et du gloss, énormément de gloss, à dégainer à la moindre contrariété... Cela ne vole pas haut et c'est girly à souhait. J'en ai bien conscience, mais ça me plaît pour mes lectures de vacances.

  • Fanny Roswita Ria
    2019-04-29 19:10

    masih dengan kehidupan Callypso Kelly yang disemester ini harus sekamar dengan Honey O' Harey, musuh bebunyutan dan Portia yang juga 1 tim di klub anggar. Callypso harus menahan cemburu karena sekarang Star 1 kamar dengan Georgina dan Indiamaca atau yang dipanggil Indie, putri dari nigeria serta murid baru di sekolahnya. Terlebih lagi Star yang menyatakan keluar dari klub anggar dan ingin fokus dengan musiknya bersama-sama Indie.Callypso menjadi korban kejahatan Honey yang menyembunyikan sim card telponnya sehingga sms Freddie dan Billy tidak bisa dibacanya. Akhirnya di buku ini Callypso dapat menentukan sapa yang paling dia sukai.Agak sebel melihat Callypso disini karena dia mau diadu domba oleh Honey dan malah pergi ke rumah Honey ketika liburan musim panas. Bukan ke rumah Star yang notabene sahabat karibnnya. Walaupun di ending ceritanya sangat romantis.

  • Jen (chekherjoy)
    2019-05-13 17:27

    Check out my video review here:'s returns for another term. This time she has friends, an upcoming ball, and two guys texting her. One of them is even the crown prince of England. Her term isn't quite perfect. Calypso is roomed with Honey, the meanest girl in the entire school. I'm loving this series. These are light, fun, fluff reads. Calypso's life gets more complicated and she's feeling left out. All she wants is to go the ball. I'd want to go the ball too. The Honey line with Honey is great.

  • Shosho
    2019-04-22 19:58

    The plot was thin, and I didn't care for the way it was written.And also, I didn't like how the name of the token black girl in the book (Indiamaca) was an anglicised version of the common igbo name Ndidiamaka. This was laziness on the authors part. If I was an Igbo woman making a novel with a token white girl called Natasha I don't think I'd call her N'Tasha to suit the syntax of the local demographic.But I guess this kind of thing sells and the writer has to eat so...

  • Asuka Mai
    2019-05-05 15:07

    Wew.. baca ini bikin greget banget sama Calypso... ga kaya buku pertamanya yang bikin kasian dan suka sama calypso. Disini Calypso sekamar dengan honey O'Hare temen asramanya yang sangat membencinya dan selalu ngebullynya. Namun lama-kelamaan Calypso jd kaya si Honey perlakuannya... belum lagi Calypso yang flirting sm dua cowo sekaligus yaitu Pangeran Freddy dan Billy. Calypso menerima akibatnya s3ndiri akan kelakuannya...

  • Ms. Patterson
    2019-05-02 17:27

    I have read the first book in this series, but it's been a while. It didn't take me too long to get back into the story. Calypso, an American girl, goes to an all-girl's Catholic school in England. It's your typical story filled with girl drama. You have the mean girls, the cute boys, the bff's, the jealousies, the arguments, and so forth. It all works out in the end. Not a bad story, but definitely not memorable. C- rating.

  • Jenny
    2019-04-26 18:26

    Calypso is back for another term at St. Augustine's, and this time she is rooming with her archenemy Honey, instead of with her friends Star and Georgina. She can't choose which boy to text, Prince Freddie or older boy Billy, and her friends seem to have a new best friend, Indre, so Calypso is left jealous and alone. What's a girl to do?

  • Colette
    2019-05-17 14:19

    Stealing Princes was a disappointment. I didn't enjoy the main character, she came across even more shallow and selfish than the first book, as did her friends. I was expecting humor, yet there wasn't any comedy and the plot mostly consisted of the main character whining. I wouldn't recommend this series.

  • Inge
    2019-05-07 15:16

    The book was a lot better then the first one. There were more stories alligned, more intrigues and more mystery.Now you couldn't easily tell what was going to happen and were it would lead. Some suprising twists were there. It became better. If the library buys the third book I am willing to give it a shot.

  • Loribeth Hossein
    2019-05-10 17:17

    I enjoyed reading this one and Tyne has become my favorite author in no time. Started this last last week, lost touch in between but I picked it up again earlier today and finished it in a go. I really I were Calypso, and I had hunky boys around me. Every girl who had an awesome teenage years in boarding would love this, those who did not will get a piece of it in this book.

  • Joana (The Boundless Booklist)
    2019-04-30 17:26

    Seriously so disappointed. This had great ideas and could have been a really good book, but I just don't think it was executed properly. And honestly if someone asked me what this was about I couldn't even answer, it was so confusing.

  • Martha Obolo
    2019-04-24 13:19


  • Sophie Adams
    2019-05-08 16:15

    This book fits inside of A Royal Match along with Pulling Princes. See that review.

  • Alicia
    2019-04-27 20:17

    Better than the first book, I have decided. The characters don't quite annoy me as much.

  • Anna
    2019-05-14 14:24

    I LOVE this book!!

  • Jacqueline
    2019-04-27 14:13

    extra 1/2 star