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Grab your tiara & valet for a Riotous Royal Romance behind the walls of Britain’s most Exclusive Boarding Schools. A tale of Toff-Teens & their Outrageous-Aristo-Antics.“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UK“If you have ever wondered what really goes on behind the locked gates of the ancient British Boarding Schools, this series holds the key.” @BookChGrab your tiara & valet for a Riotous Royal Romance behind the walls of Britain’s most Exclusive Boarding Schools. A tale of Toff-Teens & their Outrageous-Aristo-Antics.“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UK“If you have ever wondered what really goes on behind the locked gates of the ancient British Boarding Schools, this series holds the key.” @BookChitChatSet in a fictional Eton College where Princes William and Harry attended & the nearby St Mary’s Ascot school attended by Princess Caroline of Monaco and which the authors daughter attended, The Pulling Princes series provides a, “deliciously naughty insider’s guide to the midnight feasts, incredibly close friendships & romances of entitled toffs, British aristocratic & royal teenagers.”Although entirely fictional, the books accurate portrayal of the hitherto closed world of Royal teens, created feverish speculation and comparisons to actual royals and Aristocratic teens – specifically Prince William and Prince Harry – were inevitable. After a heated bidding war, Bloomsbury won the USA rights to the series at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2004.The books are narrated from the perspective of a fish out of water American, Calypso Kelly who goes from teased outsider - enduring attacks on her by the British tabloids, teasing by the toffs and taunts from the Horrible Hon.s’ – before she eventually beats them at their own game and manages to not only charm all the girls but pull the Prince himself!KLIAT REVIEWThis is a first YA novel by an experienced British author best known for adult comedy novels. O'Connell once attended a Catholic boarding school in England, as do her own three children, and so she is comfortable describing the life Calypso leads at just such a school. Calypso is actually an American, sent to St. Augustine's by her California parents; as the story begins she still feels like a misfit, even after several years at the place. Now 14 years old, she has a new roommate and her life changes. She and her one true friend. Star (daughter of a rock star), are sharing a room with The Honorable Georgina Castle Orpington, and she and Star finally are learning what it is like to connect with the British aristocracy, for better and for worse. Calypso also meets Freddie, a royal prince, in a fencing lesson with the nearby boys' school. They strike up a flirtation that escalates into an incident that gets into all the British tabloids.But this doesn't give you any idea of just how outrageously funny this story is: O'Connell writes just about everything for laughs. She satirizes the rich girls and their obsessions. She is kind toward the nuns who run the school, who truly are intelligent, tolerant, and loving in their dealings with their wacky students. The girls hide vodka in their Body Shop bottles, they smoke and then spray Febreze around to cover the smell, they swear and plot against one another; they use their intelligence and creativity in madcap ways, and they actually do know how to be loyal friends. This book (could it be first of a series?) fits right in with other funny British teenage stories, but I think it has carved out its own niche in a posh boarding school setting.“Funny exposé of It-girl school life.” ELLE GIRL UK“Budding Anglophiles ….will soak up the flood of upper-class British culture in this book.” WASHINGTON COUNTY LIBRARY“A Right Royal Read!” MAYFAIR TIMES“Bridget Jones for the early teen set.”- WASHINGTON POST USA"Give this to fans of Princess Mia and Georgia Nicholson as well as to readers of O’Connell’s previous Pulling Princes." BOOKLIST, USA"It is sure to have fans of the previous novels rolling on the floor laughing their royal crowns off." SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, USA“Outrageously funny and a serious contender for the teen chick-lit throne.” — THE BOOKSELLER on Pulling Princes....

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Pulling Princes Reviews

  • betti
    2019-04-24 17:57

    I read it long time ago, and it was THE book that made me fall into reading books !I have read this book at least 15 times, I absolutely loved this. I even started practising fencing.I'll recommend this book to every teenage girl :)

  • Nora
    2019-05-01 13:55

    14 year-old Calypso Kelly, from Hollywood, goes to St. Augestine. There she is shunned and called the "American Freak". Her only friend is star, the daughter of a famous, washed up, rock star. Full of cliques and queen Bees, Calypso returns for another year at the dreaded boarding school. But Calypso has a plan, to get right in the most popular girl in school, Georgina. Full of lies and tricks, love and rumors, Calypso finds herself in the middle of a problem that she wishes she had left alone. Calypso being 14 and never been kissed is in for a rough year...

  • Liralen
    2019-05-20 12:56

    It's kind of hard to feel sympathetic towards Calypso.I originally gave this three stars, but I talked myself down to two when I gave it a bit more thought. It's not that the book is bad -- it's perfectly fine fluff, which is more or less what I expected when I picked it up at the library. It's just...Oh, Calypso.I'm sorry, but "woe is me my parents sent me off to a posh boarding school and now we can't afford a pool and I have to buy my designer clothing secondhand" is not a compelling argument for sympathy. I'm not completely oblivious -- I understand that money counts in that kind of environment -- but a little tiiiiny bit of depth would go a long way.She's meant to have depth. Honestly, she is. She wants to be a writer when she's older (even though she can't stand her English class because it is soooo lame and authors like Hardy and Bronte -- any of the Brontes -- and Alcott are just soooo boring). She's a nationally ranked fencer. The fencing could be really interesting -- except that the only times we ever see Calypso fence are when there's a cute (excuse me, "fit") boy around. So the ideas are there, but the execution is lacking.While we're on the subject -- or at least not too far off the subject -- of fit boys...the question of pulling boys. Okay. Look, I was not a cool fourteen-year-old. That was perfectly fine with me. I was not stupid, and I was perfectly aware that the popular students dated and made out and so on and so forth, but I really had limited-to-no interest in swapping spit with every cute person who wandered into my eyesight. And...frankly, I don't think most fourteen-year-olds are obsessed with doing so, either. Seriously, to read this book you'd think that every fourteen-year-old girl in England is running around throwing herself at hot boys, making out with them, and then running off to find another, hotter boy. And repeat. Really? probably would have been happier if Calypso hadn't started so firmly at the bottom of the social heap and risen so suddenly, and improbably, to the top (why is there never a happy middle for this kind of character?). It's just hard to buy the idea that the characters who have made the protagonist's life miserable for the last three years are suddenly her bosom buddies (all because she made up a boyfriend).In a lot of respects it's a pretty entertaining book -- the same kind as the Gossip Girl books, I suppose, which really have no redeeming values whatsoever except that they're so over the top as to be funny. I wouldn't want to be Calypso, or to go to her boarding school, but at least there's a certain degree of ridiculousness to the story that allows it to be harmless fluff rather than toxic fluff.

  • Diah Putri
    2019-05-21 15:04

    totally love this book!!!i'm not knd a girl who always love romantic novels, but this one isn't too romantic, but funny and fresh. It's really amusing to read about what happened to Calypso and the dilemma in her heart. nice!!

  • Steph
    2019-05-11 16:13

    ok, so the first like 90 pages are REALLY slow, but after that it gets really good. I HATED the ended, it was too much of a cliffhanger. now, i GOTTA read the second book.<3 you all so freaking much!

  • Liz
    2019-04-22 19:51


  • Victoria
    2019-05-20 14:05

    This was a really good book! I couldn't put it down and I am already reading the 3rd in the series! It is such a good series of books!

  • Audrey
    2019-05-07 18:49

    this series is so Good!!! i love Calypso and the other characters. unfortunately have only read the first 2 books :(

  • Sami
    2019-05-10 18:48

    i liked this book even though it has a sort of YA guide line.

  • Sami Sheronas
    2019-05-16 15:15

    YA book-AWESOME!!!!

  • Asuka Mai
    2019-05-20 20:55

    Buku ini merupakan bacaan ringan yang menghibur banget. Aku suka sama jalan ceritanya yang ga berat dan lumayan kocak.Ceritanya tentang tokoh utama yang mempunyai nama aneh bernama Calypso Kelly. Dia orang america yang di sekolahkan ortunya ke sekolah asrama elite di Inggris. Sekolah tersebut berisi para putri bangsawan atau juga anak2 kaya terkenal yang mempunyai rumah mewah. Tidak seperty Calypso yang agak pas2an, uang sakunya saja sedikit sekali dikirim ibunya.Alhasil dia menjadi bulan2an oleh Genk Georgina, Honey cs. Georgina adalah putri bangsawan yang cantik, pirang mampu menggaet cowo2 keren di sekolah Eades, sekolah asrama cowo yang tak kalah mewanhnya dengan asrama Augustine tempat Calypso bersekolah.Calypso hanya mempunyai teman dekat bernama Star yang dianggap aneh oleh anak lainnya karena seringkali berpakaian warna hitam, merupakan anak seorang rockstar yang sering banget teler karena narkoba.Calypso sering diejek karena aksen Inggrisnya.. tak jarang ia ditempelin Post-It di punggungnya. Sampai suatu ketika di semster baru hidupnya mengalami perubahan, ia sekamar dengan Georgina dan Star. Georgina tentu saja sangat membencinya. Tapi kali ini Calypso bertekad ia akan merubah hidupnya dan tidak mau di bully lagi. Seru mengikuti petualangan Calypso dan teman2..

  • Emma
    2019-05-05 16:07

    This a great first book to start off a great series (although i'v only read 2 of the books). Unfortunatly I read the 2nd book first, so it sort of spoiled this one for me. It takes a while to get into the book/s, but when you've read about half of the book, it starts to grow on you and you really get into it.It is based on a girl named Calypso who lives in America, but tralvels over to England to go to a private boarding school, Saint Augustines, the best all girls boarding school in England. But with a hefty £25,000 a year to pay, and with Calypso's parents not what you'd call rich, its not all glitz and glam for the American Fencing star. But then her hopes start to rise because at a fencing tournament she meets the fit Prince Freddie, heir to the English Throne. But when the paparatzi and other complications get in the way of her and Freds love life, shes swimming in very deep water. A truly fab book that id recommend to anyone 11+ (as it contains some strong language.) :D :)

  • Jessica Ramspeck
    2019-04-30 16:12

    The book overall was great because it talks about all of the experiences this young woman has and all of the little ironic parts of life in a really funny way. Near the end of the book, she constantly talks about how shes inspired by this writer "Nancy Mitford" or something to that effect and I think it's really cool to have an idol that she adores. I also like to think that she reminds me of me, (which is always really cool when you can relate to a book). I have never been to boarding school and this book gives me a somewhat made up idea of what boarding school is. Also, she's stuck between two different cultures which are American and English. Reading of her struggles about peers insulting her just because she sounds British or because she sounds american is actually a really different reaction than I was expecting because, a boarding school usually has many students from around the world and you wouldn't think that they would judge the place you come from or how you talk. This book defiantly made me think.

  • Clarabel
    2019-05-22 19:09

    Sans surprise, cette série collectionne les clichés autour des filles et des pensionnats, c'est niais, c'est creux, c'est affreusement girly et même la romance royale passe au second plan. Bref, il n'y a pas de quoi fouetter un chat ! Et pourtant j'ai lu d'une traite ce premier tome en me surprenant à ricaner plus d'une fois de bon coeur. C'est le double effet Kiss Cool : admettre la platitude de l'histoire, mais en savourer chaque miette malgré tout. C'est bon, la honte. Calypso n'est pas l'héroïne du siècle, son histoire ne figurera pas non plus dans les annales, mais on s'en fiche, car c'est drôle, dans le style chick-lit pour midinettes en détresse, et ça se lit facilement, surtout en vacances.

  • Fanny Roswita Ria
    2019-05-22 20:15

    Bercerita mengenai kehidupan Callypso Kelly yang dianggap aneh karena aksennya, rambut ikalnya, kesukaannya dengan anggar, tidak punya gelar, tidak bertubuh kerempeng-tinggi serta tidak kaya raya. Star, sahabat karib Callypso yang juga anak dari seorang rockstar, bernasib sama seperti Callypso. Dicemooh oleh kaum eksklusifnya Honney O'Harey.Tetapi semester ini penuh dengan kejutan, Georgina; Arabella dan Clemetina yang merupakan anggota kaum eksklusif dapat berteman akran dengan Callypso dan Star. Terlebih lagi Callypso digandrungi oleh Freddie, Pangeran Inggris yang bersekolah di Eades dan Billy, kapten anggar tim cowok Eades. Kedua Pria ini adalah impian setiap gadis disekolahnya.Lucu, seru, ngegemesin dan kocak

  • Cara
    2019-05-11 19:16

    Cutest book ever! I was sucked into this book right away, and cannot wait to finish the series! Although I am in my mid-twenties, I fell in love with this story about a 14 year old American girl away at English boarding school. It's really the typical "Mean Girls" sort of situation, but the characters are developed so well and everything that happens will take you right back to high school. It's hysterical! I'm rooting for you Calypso!

  • Brooke_5 Wilson
    2019-05-16 15:16

    At first, I wasn't really that into the book because it was basically chapters and chapters on the backgrounds of the girls, school, and lifestyles. As I read further, I started to really get into the drama (as bad as that sounds). I recommend this book to any teens facing boy trouble or girl drama. Also, I recommend it to people having a hard time fitting in. I really want to read the other 2 books and figure out who she chooses, though I have a pretty good idea.

  • Alison Walker
    2019-05-10 12:47

    I love this book, very funny - full of hilarious boarding school antics. I really got behind Calypso and all the predicaments she seems to get her self into. There's really nicely written romance stuff without being over the top... and there are lots of laugh out loud moments.

  • HanaPouletta
    2019-04-29 15:17

    En fait c'est le deuxième livre de la série que je lis, étant donné qu'on m'avait d'abord offert le quatrième. Même si je sais comment va se terminer l'histoire, j'ai pris encore une fois beaucoup de plaisir à suivre les aventures de Calypso :)

  • Elizabeth Wallace
    2019-04-27 16:04

    Not as bad as it seems. Calypso starts out sounding whiny (enough that I quit for a while) but grows into a not so terrible person. Not really the chick flick it seems, and pretty funny, too.

  • Louisa
    2019-05-14 12:49

    This was a great start a to a great series, I enjoyed reading this book, it was a great introdcution of the characters, especially Calypso!

  • Jude: The Epic Reader
    2019-05-19 19:01


  • Anna
    2019-05-08 21:06

    I LOVE this book!!

  • Cyndi
    2019-05-02 20:50

    Calypso Kelly just can't seem to fit in anywhere. He parents are lower-class Hollywood writers that haven't quite made a name for themselves yet, and she attends an English boarding school for the richest and snottiest girls in England, who judge everyone by their ability to score kisses with the most handsome, high-class boys. This mix of English-American cultures has made her the butt of all the bad accent jokes that have ever been invented, but she decided that her summer term will be the term to turn things around. By pretending her mother's gay assistant is actually her boyfriend, she actually manages to get into the popular crowd, but of course things never go smoothly, especially when Prince Freddy of England notices her during fencing practice.Tyne O'Connell's Pulling Princes is a fantastic, if slightly exaggerated, novel about a confused girl that wants nothing more than to have friends and fit in. O'Connell has captured Calypso's adventures from her perspective, and it reads as if Calypso was the actual author. This can be a bit complicated, however, since she uses English slang quite often, but her humor more than makes up for the cultural confusion. The characters are well developed, and as they develop throughout the book, it becomes easier to love or hate them. The entire setting, the characters, and the events that Calypso gets herself into seem very grounded in reality (although it can get questionable), but a lot of the setting and little details are left up to the reader to paint in their mind. Popularity and lies, and the consequences of such, are the most explored themes throughout this story.After finally getting around to this book, which had been sitting on my to-read list for a very long time, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a very laid-back read, although I'm not sure why I thought differently. It doesn't have a heavy plot, and it's very fluffy and entertaining, but still solid enough that I could come back to it whenever I got bored. It's not the best book I've ever read, but it did make a great time-killer. Pulling Princes is the first novel in the Calypso Chronicles series, which currently has four books with a rumored fifth on the way, although nothing has been heard of the series since 2007. Also, I should mention that there is s bit of foul language in this book, so be aware, younger readers and parents.

  • Andrea Ika
    2019-04-23 17:01

    Review: Pulling PrincessTyne O’ConnellJudul buku : Menggaet Pangeran : Pulling PrincesPengarang : Tyne O’ConnellJenis : Fiksi (TeenLit)Penerjemah : Monica Dwi ChresnayaniPenerbit : PT.Gramedia Pustaka Tebal : 248 halamanSinopsis Segala hal pada diri Calypso Kelly membuatnya berbeda. Dia orang Amerika dengan aksen "aneh" di sekolah putri di Inggris, dia bisa dibilang "miskin" jika dibandingkan teman-temannya yang mayoritas bangsawan Inggris, dia hobi main anggar-olahraga yang nggak masuk kamus keren cewek populer, dan dia berteman dengan Star, yang seluruh koleksi bajunya berwarna hitam.ResensiTampilan fisik Cover yang lucu dan cantik , langsung terbayang didalamnya ada kisah yang membuat tersenyum dan berhubungan dengan anggarIsi novelDari dulu saya paling suka seri sekolah berasrama. Dalam novel ini ceritanya lucu dan banyak kekonyolan didalamnya. sayangnya novel Pulling Princes ini mengangkat budaya Inggris yang Aristokrat serta pergaulan bebas remaja yang di amggap lumrah di Inggris namun tidak sesuai dengan budaya kita dan seharusnya tidak perlu ditiru seperti rokok Dan mirasGaya bahasaNovel yang saya baca adalah novel terjemahan yang diterjemahkan dengan cukup baik. Pesan moral Dalam kasus Honey hikmah yang dapat ditarik adalah siapa yang menabur kebaikan akan menuai kebaikanReading levelRemaja akhirRating 3 bintang

  • Halinor Everdeen Cipriano
    2019-05-06 19:58

    The imperative thing here that caught my eye was the illustrative cover of the book, unfortunately I commited quite a dire blunder by for once actually judging a book by it's cover... And as a punishment I had to remorsefully shell out over 300 rupees (Indian Currency) which is a lot on book standards wise...)The book has rather bland and clichéd content, but hey! I can tolerate that... it's the fragility of the characters and how they seem to be fluctuating in their decisions, behavior and just make one huge splattered mess of the book that bothered me... Take the lead for example... you won't find a page that doesn't narrate having the girl break down and weep a while before she's finally ready to get a life(temporarily) and move on with the story! It's exhausting...And Honey? Honestly! Don't get me started on that witch! She was the most horrific fiend you can find, and in this book, she's just forgiven left, right and center!!! (Honestly... wouldn't you like to slap the girl who slips a laxative into your French fries?) Therefore I would like to conclude by saying, read it if.... you've gone nutters... (Just kidding!) Read it if you desire a breezy, quick book that makes time just fly by, but you also picture your money floating away as you unravel more of the plot(non-existent)

  • Ashley
    2019-05-09 13:10

    This book is super rad. lol. Though honestly, this is book is so cute, with its british slang and posh private school kids. I got a good amount of enjoyment out of reading this book. Some may give this book a hard time cause of its easy layed back private school drama. But after reading a lot of books that have been heavy in thought and character development I was look for a book that would just let me have a laugh or two and enjoy the ride. Pulling Princes was not a book that I thought would be able to supply my needs for a relaxing exsprences. But, it turned out to be everything I need after a stress filed day at work to be able to sit down and not have to think really hard about it. The british hummor was right up my alley and the main character reminded me of me in high school. I was not in the cool group but wasn't a freak etheir, but I could relate to Cleypso. Which in turn makes the book good in my eyes. Not sure though if I will be picking up the next book in the series, but who knows what the new year will bring.

  • Lea (Paperback Princesses)
    2019-05-06 20:03

    Reviewed By: Paperback PrincessesFourteen year old Calypso is an American girl attending an all-girls boarding school in England. Her school shares fencing classes with a nearby all-boys school, where Prince Freddie, the heir to the throne, attends. Her first kiss with him, though sweet at the time, becomes a disaster when the picture is plastered all over tabloids.The focus of Pulling Princes isn’t solely on Calypso’s relationship with Freddie. It zeroes in on her relationship with her parents and her roommates as well. That’s what’s good about this book. It’s a great read for young girls who are trying to juggle friends, school, family, and boys. It also gives some insight into British slang, which is fun.I would recommend this to younger teens for sure. It may not be the best book for older teens, but this series definitely something the younger crowd can grow with.

  • Oky Septya
    2019-05-04 15:06

    Re-readingDulu saya punya buku ini (dan kemudian hilang karena dipinjam dan tak dikembalikan, entah kemana skg) Saya cukup suka ceritanya (maklumlah, saat itu masih SMP dan teenlit lagi booming bgt). Menurut saya yg unik itu adalah plot cerita dimana sang tokoh utama bersekolah di sekolah swasta yang mayoritas keturunan bangsawan inggris. Dan yang paling oke diantara semuanya adalah sang pemeran utama terlibat skandal sama Pangeran Inggris yang menurut saya waktu zaman SMP itu sangat ih-wow dlm bayangan saya, Pangeran William Remaja nge-date sama gadis Amerika (saat itu saya ngebayangin Lindsay Lohan)Dulu nggak banyak teenlit yg angkat tema begini, jadi berasa seru aja. Kemudian jadi kecewa banget karena saya tahu bahwa buku ini sebenarnya ber-seri. Dan ironisnya, seri berikutnya baru terbit sekitar 5 tahun kemudian. Penantian yang sangat lama dan bahkan hampir terlupa! Semoga sekarang di usia yang sudah nggak remaja lagi, masih bisa menikmati seri berikutnya ^_^

  • Muspitta
    2019-05-12 13:48

    Awalnya aku gak tertarik dengan buku ini.Tapi setelah lihat labelnya yang teenlit dan penerbitnya gramed serta jugak penulisnya yang orang luar aku langsung milih buku ini buat pinjam di perpustakaan.Awalnya agak susah mengerti buku ini, yah karena aku ngebayangin buku ini bakalan seperti cerita wild child yang ngangkat tema sama.aku suka banget cara Tyne ngangkat olahraga anggar di buku ini, karena aku jarang banget denger soal anggar di buku ini, karena jarang banget anggar diangakat ke sebuah cerita.Jalan ceritanya yah seperti biasalah, Calypso ditindas, tapi ada pangeran yang mau ngebantuin dia. masalahnya, ini PANGERAN beneran!!Ending ceritanya yang gak gantung ngebuat buku ini gak berasa ada lanjutannya, aku aja nemu lanjutannya pas lagi jalan-jalan di gramed-___-- seharusnya gramedia ngebuat tanda serinya ya._.