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A tale of vengeance, true love, and cannibalism.Being born undead can have its disadvantages, such as eternal youth and flawless beauty; things most unsuitable for a witch. Hiding behind the guise of a grimy old crone, the witch is content living outside Fort Stalwart with her unlikely band of allies: a troll named Gwurm, an enchanted broom, and a demonic duck named Newt.A tale of vengeance, true love, and cannibalism.Being born undead can have its disadvantages, such as eternal youth and flawless beauty; things most unsuitable for a witch. Hiding behind the guise of a grimy old crone, the witch is content living outside Fort Stalwart with her unlikely band of allies: a troll named Gwurm, an enchanted broom, and a demonic duck named Newt. She leads a simple life filled with spells, potions, and the occasional curse.So when a White Knight arrives at Fort Stalwart, the witch knows her days of peace are at an end. The Knight is just days in front of a horde of ravenous goblings, and Fort Stalwart lies right in the horde's path. But the goblings are just the first wave of danger, and soon the witch and the Knight must combine forces on a perilous quest to stop a mad sorcerer from destroying the world.Filled with menace, monsters, and magic, A Nameless Witch is a properly witchly read by the award-winning author of Gil's All Fright Diner and In the Company of Ogres....

Title : A Nameless Witch
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A Nameless Witch Reviews

  • Melki
    2019-05-12 18:54

    Well, I'm crazy 'bout witches, so I should have loved this one. But, I didn't.The characters are fine. We have the witch, her sentient broom, her familiar - a demon duck, a modular troll, and a virtuous White Knight who is dedicated to vanquishing evil in all its forms. So far, so good. But the plot drags - there is too much build up to too little conclusion. Over halfway through the book, the characters finally begin their adventure together, setting off on a quest to discover who's been messing with Mother Nature. There are a lot of conversations. The witch lusts after the knight, but worries she may literally devour him with her passion. He has the hots for her, too, so we have the worn-out romance novel ploy of will-they-or-won't-they? To top it off, all foes encountered are too easily trounced, making the action scenes pretty lackluster. In short, this was not a book I looked forward to picking up.If you're looking for a good fantasy novel about witches on an expedition, I'd recommend Terry Pratchett's Witches Abroad or Carpe Jugulum.

  • Arianne Thompson
    2019-05-21 19:13

    Maybe it's just me, but the title and the cover art of A Nameless Witch (and even the blurb on the back) had me expecting something almost YA, like Kiki's Delivery Service meets Flight of Dragons or something. Then comes the part where the witch realizes that she hungers to devour her true love's flesh. This book gets off to a terrific start: Martinez's style is fast and fresh and fun, and his protagonist narrates with a very witchly no-nonsense pragmatism. Where magic is concerned, it's clear that we're playing by the "gentleman's agreement" in fantasy fiction, as in, "I promise not to load you down with pages of tedious explication about the rules of magic, and you promise to be okay with character doing magical things as the plot requires with little or no explanation, and I promise not to use said magic to just up and resolve the final conflict with a sprinkle of fairydust." Since the whole book is only 75,000 words or so, there's hardly any space given to world-building, but the little bits that Martinez includes are both creative and relevant: every other review will tell you about the demon duck, but I much enjoyed the modular troll who can swap out body parts and reassemble himself at need. THAT is some good fun.I was most invested when the witch and her duck first went out into the world and started carving out a niche for themselves there (because it's a nice idea: here's you alone in the world with cool powers and nothing especially much to do, so what strikes your fancy?) I got less enthused when things settled into The Fantasy Quest To Defeat Evil With the Bunch of Motley Companions. It was self-consciously written (the witch and her friends are as familiar with this trope as we are) but having the characters be aware that they're participating in the trope doesn't add much zest for me personally. I'm not much of one for romance, even when it's well-executed, and the fact that it wasn't mentioned anywhere on the back of the book made it more unwelcome for me personally than it probably should have been. (Still, I DID like the element of "I love him, but how can I resist eating him alive?", which felt fresh and light-hearted in a way that forbidden-love angst never will.) Finally, it seemed to me like the story was about the witch, who starts out alone and unique in the world, building up a kind of makeshift family for herself. I think I would have liked it better if that element was a bigger part of the book's ultimate conflict - you know, if the final showdown involved them all doing something together to accomplish what she couldn't do by herself. What happens instead feels more like the plot working at cross-purposes with the theme.Still, the world definitely needs more of this kind of book, where the characters and the tone are light-hearted and entertaining, but still possess some emotional weight. I will definitely check out more of Mr. Martinez's books, and will suggest the same to anyone else who's looking for a fresh take on fantasy.

  • Lee
    2019-05-22 15:59

    Quick review for what really is a quick book to read. I enjoyed the first half way more than the second half. Initially it was original and funny. In my comments I had said that if Gaimon, Pratchett and Hendee ever wrote a book, it would be like this and that is what made it fun. But in the second half, that humour got a bit old, which is why I have never been able to finish any Pratchett book I have started. The story is about an undead witch, who has been cursed with a gorgeous body of an 18 year old, perky breasts and a backside you could bounce a biscuit off. She has a familiar, a psycho demon duck and a troll as a friend and they go off on adventures. Said witch meets White knight on a crusade and the second half of the book develops into how the witch tries to resists banging and eating the virtous knight. It is light and fun, but like many books in this style, I find them a bit tedious after a while. If you are sitting by the side of the pool, sipping on a margarita or lying in bed with the flu and not wanting to concentrate much, then this is a good book to cheer you up and put a smile on your face.

  • Terri
    2019-05-20 17:54

    A Nameless Witch is yet another of Martinez' humorous novels awash in the supernatural. The humor in this book is more quiet than his previous two and tends toward the wry.A nameless witch is on a quest ... a quest of vengeance and, hopefully, self discovery. But mostly vengeance. She takes along her contentious familiar, a demon duck. Ok, let me say that again. A demon duck. With a bad case of blood lust. As my husband noted at dinner the other night, this duck is probably the funniest duck in all of recent literature. And his name is Newt.Along the way, a troll and a knight join the quest. The troll is rather endearing and the knight is virtuous. He is a White Knight. A dark skinned White Knight to be specific.Nameless is a very beautiful witch. Of course, everyone knows that witches look like hags ... right? So every attempt is made by Nameless to hide her incredible beauty underneath rags and dirt and a carefully placed wart or two. Wyst, the White Knight, is able to see beneath the hag routine and falls in love. She too is smitten, but knows she must hide her increasing attraction to the knight in order to protect his virtue and his life. You see, Nameless is a witch who can not tell the difference between "a smitten heart or accursed appetite." She is afraid she will lose control in the heat of passion and eat him, literally. Ok, so moving on ...One of my favorite bits pokes fun at the old Norwegian tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The questing party comes to a bridge guarded by a pack of surly elves, goblins and ogres who demand a toll. "As a troll, Gwurm knew something about bridge-tolling" so, of course, he negotiates. Various demands and threats are made by the leader of the surly bunch who ends his diatribe with a laugh meant to send chills down the spines of the hearers. Unfortunately, "elf voices are terrible for sinister cackling." Not in the least intimidated, Newt asks: "Can I kill him?"On the more thoughtful side, Martinez includes some passages like this one: "Your conscience is your misery...." "Conscience is my burden, but all worthwhile gifts have their price...." "But it could be so simple" the ghoul hissed. "Why hold on to that which only makes your life difficult?" "Because life is complicated and difficult. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't truly lived."Martinez throws in a few philosophical musings in A Nameless Witch making it a bit more thoughtful than his previous books, but it remains overall a dark comedy.

  • colleen the convivial curmudgeon
    2019-05-08 13:23

    Several reviews describe this book as quirky, and I'm certainly not going to argue there. It plays with tropes to the level of parody - a witch cursed with beauty (and a hunger for flesh), a demon in the body of a duck, a thoughtful troll, a wistful broom, and a true White Knight.It starts out being a sort of revenge story, but it's really more a coming-of-age/romance kind of book. And there's definitely more in the way of romance than I was expecting. Not that I mind, as it's the "story book" kind of romance that I like (as opposed to the euphemistic kind), I just wasn't really prepared for it.I think my overall verdict is "cute". I liked the characters in a "hey, they're pretty cool/funny" kinda way, but never really connected with them. Part of this is the narration, I think, which, while written in first person, is also rather distant. That said, there was a fair bit of wry, slightly twisted humor, which I certainly enjoyed. I never laughed out loud, or anything, but I did find myself smirking from time to time.As to the quest, I would've liked for their to be more at stake. The witch is nigh immortal - ageless and also very hard to kill. I never really felt like there was any real peril, until the end, and even then it was sort of short lived.The focus, to me, definitely seemed to be on the romance and the coming-of-age stuff. The quest is sort of a vessel for that more than anything. So, yeah, cute, quirky, darkly wry, and mostly sweet with a side dish of wistful longing.

  • Jake
    2019-05-09 13:18

    The only reason this book didn't get a one rating is because the Witches familiar is a demon duck. I found this to be a boring sketch of an idea rather than a story. Martinez was trying to say something about the nature of belief and reality in the form of a somewhat spoofy fairy tale and he just simply fails miserably. Gil's All-Fright Diner succeeds for me because it a more fleshed out setting and a coherent story that develops characters you care about. Nameless Witch does none of these things. By the end of the novel I had developed such a dislike for the main character that It was impossible care what happened to her. Still, demon duck.

  • Maddie
    2019-05-06 14:54

    3.5 stars. A quick read (I just got hung up with other things this month). A good mix of genres and a quirky cast of characters. Enjoyable and fluffy, with a wry sense of humor.

  • Lori
    2019-05-15 19:55

    "Before I leave, I offer these three peices of advice. First, be wary of mortals. They may be small in power, but they are large in number.Second, remember that people, human or otherwise, are, with rare exception, basically good at heart. Treat them as you would be treated, and you'll almost never go wrong.And thirdly, and this is something you should never forget, feed a troll and you shall never be rid of it.SO Martinez does it again - for me anyway! Meet our nameless witch, an ageless undead girl born into a family who had her by accident, suffering a horrible curse, locked in the basement until her 18th year where she is miraculously rescued by a seasoned witch. This witch teaches her the witchly ways of witches, until one day, the seasoned witch is murdered. Our young undead nameless witch then takes on a dangerous quest to find the person behind the murder, and hopefully make him pay. Along the way, she aquires an interesting motley crew - Her familiar (A talking, demon possessed duck), a troll with removable parts, a virutous White Knight, and a curious fox who is looking for some adventure. All in all, quite a wickedly hilarious little novel of friendship, accepting oneself/coming into ones own, courage, and the ability to submit to carnal pleasures without tearing its face off in the heat of the moment!While I will admit the storyline kind of unravels and starts heading south for me towards the end, the entire story as a whole is certainly worth a look! Have you read your Martinez today?

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-05-16 17:12

    This was an easy, fun read with some real truths tucked away in the corners. The characters were unique and well fleshed out. The Nameless Witch with her curse of immortality was an amazing person who was just the opposite of what people expected in a witch. I loved her wise cracking familiar Newt. The tongue in cheek comedy kept the story light and made it an enjoyable story right up to the very end. This was not a m/m romance and while there was a hope at romance between the witch and Wyst, the story was more about following your own reality. There was a HEA of sorts in my opinion. This was a good book to kickoff the Halloween reading season.

  • Kristy
    2019-04-25 20:07

    Street Corner TBR ChallengeAugust pick #3per FlanneryWell, I didn't really dislike this.... but I didn't really like it either. It was definitely different and unique, sometimes to the point of absolute weirdness. I enjoy quest books. I do not enjoy books involving cannibalism. This had both. It was off-putting to read this witches thoughts on eating the man she was falling in love with. Yes, it was gross, but it was also sad for her. It was her curse. Throw in a talking, demon duck and a troll who looses body parts and there you have it.I can't say I'd reccommend this one. I don't regret reading it, however it just wasn't all that and a bag of chips. 2.5 stars.

  • Richard
    2019-05-14 17:07

    I liked this book very much - it reminded me of the movie version of The Wizard of Oz, in a good way. Most surprisingly, the little morals and lessons tucked into the story resonated with me and didn't seem forced or corny. I really wish there was a sequel (at least), but I am reasonably satisfied with the knowledge that I have found a new author with many other worlds for me to discover.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-13 19:21

    "A tale if vengeance, true love, and cannibalism"This was a wild card book that I just happened to run across in the book store that just looked interesting. I picked it up and I am so glad I did. It was a very entertaining read and I will be looking up some of this author's other books.

  • Matt
    2019-05-06 13:01

    A light, fun read that went by faster than I would have liked. It reminded me of a fairy tale with an adult edge to it.This was my introduction to A. Lee Martinez and I have to say that I plan on picking up more of his works soon.

  • Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
    2019-05-14 14:12

    THIS BOOK ROCKS!!!I loved this book. Perfect for any gal who likes witches and sci-fi all rolled up in one. I read this really fast as I could not put it down and was sad when I came to the end, as I wanted it to go on and on. Excellent story and loved the characters.

  • Matthew
    2019-05-09 15:12

    Fun read, as all of Martinez's work. The witch protagonist was very well written and her minions are hilarious.

  • Mikhail
    2019-04-26 12:04

    Despite the teaser, there is not nearly enough cannibalism in this story.

  • Kelsey
    2019-05-14 12:19

    Just a cute and fun little story but with the signature A. Lee Martinez sense of humor, I don't understand why he's not a household name tbh.

  • Martin Such
    2019-05-18 19:18

    I enjoy the start but it fizzled out in the end for me. I would recommend to read this on a quit beach.

  • Paradoxical
    2019-05-09 13:00

    The first word that comes to mind having read A Nameless Witch is 'charming'. Because it is. The characters are all fun in their own way, the world is quirky, and the main character--who is unnamed, because she doesn't have a name--is a pleasantly easy-going, but always mindful of how she should appear to others as a witch. Nominally, the main plot is vengeance. In actuality, it is less about the witch's pursuit of vengeance and more about the way she goes about it, as well as the subplot of wrestling with one's inner demons (her curse) and self discovery. The witch does embark on a quest to save the world (though if she fails, others would eventually succeed, even if there are more deaths overall), but that's not the most important bit. On a world scale, it is. On the witch's personal scale? Perhaps not so much.That was one of the things that bothered me about the book. Of course it should be about the journey rather than the destination, but the main vengeance plot seemed weak to me, like the witch was just going through the motions because it's something she's supposed to do. I also felt the witch's reasons to be a witch were rather weak, especially coupled with the fact that, for a witch, she is helpful and kind and doesn't really curse anyone at all. That she was raised to be a witch--is that the only reason why she should act so? Again, it just seems like she's going through the motions just because. She is a fun character, but not particularly deep in any way.The romance was... eh. I was disappointed that (view spoiler)[Wyst had seen her bathing in the beginning of the book and knew her to be beautiful, because it would have been more interesting if he had fallen in love with her while thinking her ugly. (hide spoiler)] The romance at the end was also subtly disappointing--it fit, but I stood apart, read it, and went, "That's it?" (view spoiler)[After everything that happens, all they go through, they part from each other and you expect it, but some part of you always hopes differently. It also feels like it's cramming a bit of 'this is the way things are, you just have to move on and keep moving forward.' at the readers. I would have liked to have seen the characters try to combat against the curse, perhaps go their separate ways in order to find a way to be together. Not this inevitability that just rubs me entirely the wrong way. (hide spoiler)]On the upside, I find Newt to be my favorite character and thought him hilarious. A demonic duck. Who would be happiest maiming and dismembering things. The troll who joins the group, Gwurm, is also fun to read, if shallow. Overall, the book is light and fun, but I just expect more. It was good, but it could have been so much better--it feels as if it should have been better. The book rates 3 stars because it was decent, the humor was right up my alley, but I wanted more from it.

  • Joelle
    2019-05-21 13:12

    A Nameless Witchby A. Lee Martinez3 out of 5 stars A tale of vengeance, true love, and cannibalism.Being born undead can have its disadvantages, such as eternal youth and flawless beauty; things most unsuitable for a witch. Hiding behind the guise of a grimy old crone, the witch is content living outside Fort Stalwart with her unlikely band of allies: a troll named Gwurm, an enchanted broom, and a demonic duck ...morePaperback, 320 pagesPublished May 1st 2007 by Tor BooksISBN0765315483 (ISBN13: 9780765315489)original titleA Nameless WitchMy Thoughts....The Nameless Witch is a quirky, comic, fantasy about a witch cursed with eternal beauty and a cannibalistic appetite who undertakes a quest to destroy an evil sorcerer and save a town. This clever story opens with the nameless witch living locked in a basement until she is eighteen years old because of her "undead" curse, but is rescued by Ghastly Edna, who becomes her witch mentor. This book had an amusing cast of characters including Newt, a wisecracking demon duck familiar with killer instincts, a troll named Gwurm with interchangeable body parts, Wyst of the West, a White Knight sworn to a vow of chastity, and Penelope the animated broom.he Nameless Witch journeys to Fort Stalwart with Edna's familiar Newt on a quest to avenge her mentor's death, adopting a troll named Gwurm along the way and meeting the handsome White knight.I loved the witch and her emotional and moral struggles.She was so falling for the White Knight knowing his vow of chastity.Love the banter between her duck familiar, Newt, and Gwurm the troll it was very funny at times. The quest is hers to fulfill to right a wrong (Edna's death)but, also to realize the extent of her full abilities to take down the evil sorcerer. It seems that Edna has been grooming this nameless witch her whole life for this one fight.Being sheltered her whole life she has now found someone to love her the White knight. The White knows he will lose his powers if he ever acts on those feeling he is beginning to feel for the nameless witch and she knows this but, can't seem to help her self.The passion flares between them but, there is nothing but heartache ahead for both of them.This cast of odd characters give you quite a few laughs as they journey to battle and engage in other smaller battles along there way leading to the winner take all one.A different kind of fantasy tale .This story was not the kind of plot I am used to reading but, it was different and refreshing for a change to try something new.The nameless witch makes the ultimate sacrifice that is heart-wrenching to see , you feel her pain.She's lead a lonely life and I for one was rooting for her happiness.Light fresh teen /young adult read which gave me quite a few chuckles along the adventure of this hodgepodge cast.

  • Lauren Giova
    2019-04-23 15:09

    When i read the back of this book i thought it would be more like the light, yet in-depth, humorous novels of Terry Pratchett. I found i was wrong. I didn't even chuckle. Although the storytelling was certainly more on the light side and i don't mean that as a compliment. I had no feelings for any of the characters whatsoever. Most of the time i was skimming over everything just trying to find a point where i would be interested. I believe the author should have built up her characters better. I wouldn't have minded a longer book if it meant being able to understand why The Nameless Witch was the way she was. I understand the curse that was put upon her but aside from her being a member of the undead, why did her family shun her so badly? Also, when she went back to her place of birth why did it bother her so much when it appeared she didn't care about her family in the beginning? There are so many questions i would like answered, but i won't ramble them off right now. Anyway, i feel that if the author gave me just a little bit more background on her characters (especially the main one) I would have liked the story much better.

  • Ladiibbug
    2019-05-23 19:00

    Comic Fantasy - A Witch, Demon, Troll, White Knight and a SorcererA. Lee Martinez delivers another highly original, very entertaining comic fantasy, featuring the above fantasy creatures as main characters. There are minor appearances by elves, grouchy talking roads, a talking fox, and so on.Witch Ghastly Edna rescues and tutors a talented young witch. The young witch's adventures begin when Ghastly Edna dies. Her companions fighting bad magic and evil are 1) her familiar, a sassy talking duck, which is also a demon; 2) An agreeable troll; 3) A White Knight, and Penelope, an animated broom.The world building is awesome. Excellent delightful characters, highly entertaining, with a complex plot. Martinez keeps most of his story lighthearted, and definitely quirky, but the battles with magic were life or death. Gil's All Fright Diner remains one of the funniest books I've ever read (fantasy).

  • Morgan
    2019-04-22 15:58

    Not idea where I came across this book, but it showed up on my Kindle one day so I read it. It started off with such promise--and a Buffy shout out in the acknowledgements, how could it be bad? I was invested in the story up until were introduced to the White Knight, whereby our Nameless Witch becomes obsessed with him. Then it's pages and pages and pages of "do I sleep with him or eat him...oh I love him, I can't eat him, oh I want to eat him..." on and on. Who cares!? Eat him and shut up! When it wasn't the Knight, then it was doing or saying things that felt particularly witchy. I lost count of all the self congratulatory "it sounds witchy" actions and decrees of this witch. Right around the halfway mark I gave up and skimmed through the rest...blah blah witchy...blah blah beat up on the duck...blah dreamy Knight...wank wank four trials..."epic" battle...blah blah on her witchy way.

  • Jane
    2019-05-21 17:19

    If this book were a cake and I were to bake said cake, the recipe would be something like this: - Mix 10 parts of fantastical creatures with one part of a girl becoming a woman in a fantasy world.- Add a pinch of romance with the very best kind of a man whose chastity has to be protected at all times.- Mix and add a pinch of forbiddenesque (not a word, I know, but it sounded kind of good) between the witch who has no name and the knight who's the best of his kind.- Stir well and add two parts of funny dialogue between the entire cast.- Bake well and when finished, don't forget to add a touch of mystery on the baked goods.- Consume the product and enjoy the hell out of it.More of my thoughts can be found on my book blog

  • Nyssa
    2019-05-02 18:23

    Dreadfully delightful, A Nameless Witch lives up to its tag: "A tale of vengeance, true love, and cannibalism.". Martinez wrote a great cast of characters: The Witch (with the Unspoken Name), her familiar - the demon duck - Newt, Gwurm the Troll, Wyst of the West the (dark skinned) White Knight and the witch's broom..Penelope; all of whom embark on an appallingly awesome adventure together, for slightly different reasons. Thier quest, like this story, was both horrendously hilarious and gruesomely gratifying. MR. Martinez now has a new fan.

  • Jorge Rosas
    2019-05-14 12:21

    It was such a beautiful history, every character is so unique and authentic the history unfolds in an unexpected and very well sewed way. It is a heartbreaking history yet it is very touching. Her vengeance is amazing, the true love part so beautiful and the cannibalism part so worrisome and sometimes funny. I read three books from A. Lee Martinez before but this fourth one is definitely the best so far. We learn about magic, the nature of illusions and the very real power of disbelief and doubt.

  • Corinne
    2019-05-18 17:24

    Somehow this book didn't catch me the same way other books of A. Lee Martinez did. I liked the storyline about the "human Venus fly trap" that is so beautiful to catch her pray and must disguise herself to pass of as a respectable witch with her familiar, the evil duck, very much, but the story was not that ingenious compared to the characters and dragged along. Nonetheless, this author is one I will look out for.

  • Eric
    2019-05-11 14:11

    I really enjoyed this book. The tone is what really clinches it. It has a certain fairy-tale charm, but with an edge of absurdity - and it plays it all straight. The narrator's matter of fact tone when discussing the behaviors of demon ducks, or lamenting her perfect teeth and lustrous hair (very much a downside for a witch) is delightful.

  • Julieasmith
    2019-04-30 13:11

    This reminds me of the Piers Anthony series "Xanth". Good fun- maybe good triumphs- I will have to finish and report back

  • The Irregular Reader
    2019-05-10 14:08

    Love this book. The heroine is thoroughly likeable. and Who doesn't like demonic ducks?