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Sierra Rogers earned the title in her man’s life as his “Bottom Bitch.” She played her position well and held the keys to his heart, ignoring the fact that he was married. Things took a turn for the worst when she came face to face with evil and was left for dead. She soon realizes that only the strong will survive in this wicked world. She must become as treacherous as thSierra Rogers earned the title in her man’s life as his “Bottom Bitch.” She played her position well and held the keys to his heart, ignoring the fact that he was married. Things took a turn for the worst when she came face to face with evil and was left for dead. She soon realizes that only the strong will survive in this wicked world. She must become as treacherous as the environment that raised her if she wants to keep her man and stay alive. Shayna Jackson is a scorned woman with deadly intentions. She vows to get the woman that has come between she and her husband’s money. Armed with personal secrets of the other woman, she put her devious plans into motion. She also sets out to show her husband that games were for kids and Mrs. Jackson was not to be played with. Alijah Jackson is faced with his own demon. He’s trying to get away from his wife and start a relationship with his bottom bitch. He became oblivious to the fact that being the king of the streets has deadly consequences. Friends become enemies and loyalty is a thing of the past. He will have to use his knowledge of the streets and killer mentality if he’s trying to stay alive and free. Take a journey through the gritty streets of Richmond, as the plot thickens and the trio realized that that fairy tale is a mere myth in the hood. Who can they trust? No one but God! ...

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Bottom Bitch Rises Reviews

  • Arlena
    2018-11-16 20:16

    Title: Bottom Bitch RisesAuthor: Racquel WilliamsPublished: Worldhaven AgendaReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 4Review:"Bottom Bitch Rises" by Racquel William was a real interesting urban read. I think this author did a wonderful job with the storyline continuing from her first novel 'Bottom Bitch.' I would recommend you read her first book because it will let you better understand 'Bottom Bitch Rises.' One thing that is for sure you will never be bored because this incredible read will keep you on the edge of your seat as you are going from page to page getting drama and even more drama. I did like how this author would put at the beginning of her chapters the name that this particular person the chapter was featuring. This read will give it all to you...on this rollercoaster ride of a emotional 'anger, fear, sadness, and pity.' As I finished reading this novel thinking "Bottom Bitch Rises" starts out sad and in the end, it's so very sad. This story will only leave you on a emotional ride especially how it ends. I thought the ending was somewhat abrupt but it does have a ending. The main characters: Sierra Rogers, Shayna Jackson and Alijah Jackson were all well developed, well portrayed, colorful and so very believable which really give you a read. I don't want to give any of it away....only pick up the read to see this "journey through the gritty streets of Richmond." "Bottom Bitch Rises" will be a unforgettable read that I would recommend to you as a good read.

  • Toya Merritt
    2018-10-30 17:18

    This book really have a twist to it!! Sierra really went through a lot with Alijah but through it all she never left his side. To put up with cheating and in and out of jail, she must really loved him. Alijah was in love with Sierra but he was all about being in the streets!! He made up his mind to give the streets up but was it too late. Shayna was one crazy broad!! Somebody should have told her that when your man or husband no longer want to be with you, it's best to just go on with your life. There is no need to try to do harm to the woman he is currently with. What is the purpose of trying to get revenge by doing things to try and hurt him? In the end, he still not going to be with you!!! I hope that it be a part 3 because the ending left me real thirsty for more!!! Good job Racquel Williams!!!

  • Shoulanda August
    2018-11-05 21:23

    Other women menOnce a cheater, always a cheater. When you deal with men that sell drugs, they all seem to be unfaithful. The wife took things to far and finally paid the price. Although Shayne was an innocent victim, when she did find out, she should have left the situation alone. Life is hard and women often use their bodies to better their situation. That's why I rated this review five stars

  • Jamecia Caldwell
    2018-11-19 20:14

    StupidThis book was full of very unnecessary situations. And even though the main character was repeatedly told to trust his gut he NEVER did which always resulted in his down fall, then the one time he shouldn't have asked any questions it cost him his and the life of the only other person willing to die and kill for him. This was a terrible disappointment. At the end there were no bottom bitches, only the Feds who screwed them all with no lube......

  • Tonia
    2018-11-14 17:20

    Wow!!Shayna is a certified nut case!! I was very shocked to find out her relationship with her father was deeper than what the eyes can see but I think it's more than that to make her so nutty!! I was hoping the story wouldn't drag out but unfortunately, I've got to dive in to book #3 to see the ending...and I pray it will be the end...

    2018-11-13 17:19

    OMGThis is book two and it's great. This one was intense and full of nail bitting moments. Wonderful read. Shayna got on my bad side. I wanted to kill that bitch myself. I really hope Alijah wasn't killed. I want a happy ending. Lol. Moving on to book 3 to find out. Ms. Rodger got shot by the crazy biatch. A must read. Book one starts a little slow though.

  • Tiarra
    2018-11-12 19:18

    WhoaIs it another part to this book? Did Alijah make it? Did Sierra make it? What happened with Saleem? There are too many unanswered questions for this book to end like this. So what happened

  • Natasha potts
    2018-11-11 23:21

    this was a good it picked right up from the last book the characters were well developed the story line was great kept me on the edge of my seat the plot and twist I didn't see any of it coming over all this was an excellent read

  • andrea williams
    2018-11-18 20:18

    GoodGoodit was a good book. I would recommend part 1& 2 to you to read. I wish that he would have quit sooner than later and maybe he could have been there for his girl and baby.

  • rhonda greenhoward
    2018-11-17 19:27

    [email protected] loved loved loved it! Getting ready to read part 3 as soon as possible I need to know what happened! Such a page turner couldn't put it down! Please go read it I seriously recommend this book to all readers!

  • Troi Weakley
    2018-10-22 21:13

    Page turnerThis story was very intense. The outcome was nothing like I thought it would be, but it kept me reading non the less. I'm getting ready to start pt3 I sure hope this love story ends well. I really want the mother and daughter to reconcile.

  • Tonia
    2018-11-05 23:13

    Sierra RisesSierra has proven herself many times to Alijah that she is down for him but he seems to keep running those streets. He needs to realize that all that glitters isn't gold....

  • Torz😝Tha📚Junky😜
    2018-10-23 23:20

    This was a for sure page turner. Sierra represented hunny. I love the twist a drama. Shayna was real coniving. I hate the way it ended buy truthfully I expected a crazy ending instead of a happy ever after. #PageTurner

  • Bre'Anna Clifton
    2018-11-11 15:22

    Good readgreat finish! I enjoyed ever bit of details described. My heart rate increased as I got towards the end. I did not want it to leave. I want to know why Saleem did what he did, did baby Aziri survive and what is going to happen with Jeanette?

  • bridgette acevedo
    2018-10-23 16:22

    ShitThis is crazy, a wife that will not let go ,baby momma who he wants to marry and parents nerd in crime me that are really f.b.I agents have to read part3

  • Sierra Armstrong
    2018-10-22 16:13

    just started

  • Donica James-edgerton
    2018-10-31 22:42

    I am surprised at all the secrets that came up in this book.Im shocked at some of his boys for real.I cant believe that ending I'm so mad I'm hoping there is a part three

  • Natash
    2018-11-20 23:43

    I got mad love and respect for Sierra and the love she has for Alijah. Now Shayna is one crazy female. Can't wait for the next book.

  • Alexandria Johnson
    2018-11-03 15:28

    ExcellentI read the book from the beginning to end. It was a excellent read! I'm going to read part 3 now!

  • Yvette Waite
    2018-11-02 20:34

    I loved this book. I know there has to be a part three to this book

  • Tomona
    2018-10-31 17:18

    AmazingAmazingReally hoping for a part 3!! I was I edge the entire read... I wanted her to make things right with her mom..

  • Michelle
    2018-11-16 16:13

    couldn't get enough

  • Jounay
    2018-11-08 18:17

    4.25 stars

  • Ashlee
    2018-11-16 23:27

    Great bookvery good book. I couldn't put it down. about to start 3rd book. shaynes ass was crazy can't wait to finish

  • Tamika Jones
    2018-11-08 20:13

    Can't put it downIt's not normally something I would read but it captivated me and I wanted to know what would play out.

  • helen briscoe
    2018-11-18 21:29

    Good book rating was cause I enjoyed reading this book, it kept me on my toes and yes I would tell others to read both of them