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The twenty-fourth novel in Michael Jecks?s medieval Knights Templar series. Queen Isabella, wife to Edward II of England, has been dispatched to France in an attempt to bring about peace between the two countries, and Sir Baldwin de Furnshill must accompany her with his friend Simon Puttock. But the day after their arrival, a servant is found murdered, with Baldwin?s daggeThe twenty-fourth novel in Michael Jecks?s medieval Knights Templar series. Queen Isabella, wife to Edward II of England, has been dispatched to France in an attempt to bring about peace between the two countries, and Sir Baldwin de Furnshill must accompany her with his friend Simon Puttock. But the day after their arrival, a servant is found murdered, with Baldwin?s dagger lying next to the body. As Baldwin struggles to prove his innocence, the killer strikes again. With so many English enemies gathering in Paris, will he be able to expose the culprit in time to protect the diplomats and their mission?...

Title : The Templar, the Queen and Her Lover
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The Templar, the Queen and Her Lover Reviews

  • Connie
    2018-10-26 15:00

    Fabulous historical fiction, Michael Jecks knows his stuff. I love the adventures Sir Baldwin and Simon the bailiff and it was good to catch up with them again.

  • Helle
    2018-10-26 19:05

    Let’s start with the plusses: Fast paced, plenty of interesting characters and lots of things happening. The historical setting is fantastic, the tension between England and France palpable. Plenty of dead people and plenty of suspects kept me guessing who did what and why. And now for the downers, which can be summarized by the fact that it could have done with at least 20% less pages.There are several places where Jecks repeats himself. To name but one example: we know how Roger of Mortimer found himself in the predicament of being banished since page 5 or so. There is really no need to rehash it three more times.And although I like the history and the fact that Jecks really does his research into the period and circumstances he writes about, I felt he went a bit overboard here. As a result the mystery and the actual story almost got lost in the irrelevant, but no doubt accurate, little facts.Although I enjoyed The Templar, the Queen and her Lover very much, I do hope that the next books in the series will be more like the early works, where the history was subsidiary to the story instead of the other way around. But based on the trend of the last few books, I suspect that that might be wishful thinking.

  • marian dunne
    2018-10-31 21:30

    I usually enjoy the books in this series of Knights Templar but, for the first time ever, I got two thirds of the way through and decided to jump to the end just to get the gist of what -finally- happened. Didn’t mind the short chapters at the beginning (works for James Patterson) but towards the middle it just got messy. I couldn’t see where it was going and, although I realised the child played an important part, otherwise why would he be there, I didn’t care enough to finish reading the whole book.Never mind, plenty more in the series to enjoy.

  • Inge Van Delft
    2018-10-29 17:10

    I don't know what it was with this novel but it just did not grip me at all. Usually I really like historical novels, especially in this time setting, but the story was quite boring, with many characters who were easily mixed up as they all seemed quite similar. I noticed it's part of a series, but I've no interest in trying another one.

  • J Pryor
    2018-11-10 22:01

    Great ReadAlthough I have always enjoyed all the books in this series this is the first that tie's all the different aspects of the story into a spiders Web or maybe a noose

  • Trista Lanette
    2018-10-21 20:22

    Love the Templar series! I enjoyed reading this book just as I enjoyed reading the first one in the series.

  • Dianne
    2018-11-20 16:02

    I found this an absorbing read and have considerable sympathy for the band of medieval musicians and a number of modern readers who could not figure out what was going on and who was whom. It is 1325 and Queen Isabella, wife of Edward II is trying to negotiate with her brother King Charles IV of France over the English loss of Guyenne. Edward does not wish to pay feudal homage to Charles. But England is in a turmoil and a major conspiracy is brewing. So not unexpectedly nobody is quite sure which party any person supports. There is Roger Mortimer with a price on his head; supporters of Hugh Despenser, the king's favourite, and an enemy of the Queen; and the King's brother.Amongst the escort party there are also agents of the French king who are trying to mop up all evidence of the scandal of his first wife Blanche prior to his wedding in a few months time. Throughout there are remnants of the Waldensian heresy (bible to be written in the vernacular, purgatory just a papal money laundering exercise), and of course Baldwin's Templar past.The murders start in London as does the treacheryIrrelevant to this story but of interest, the skeleton of Hugh Despenser has recently been discovered in Hereford. Thought to be his as the bones seem to indicate quartering, and he was the last to be treated this way in that area.

  • Michael Jecks
    2018-11-16 20:26

    This is a story based on the tragic tale of the "Tour de Nesle". In the early 1300s, the French were rocked by the scandal of the behaviour of three princesses. They were discovered (largely because Queen Isabella of England reported them) to be having adulterous affairs in the tower. The two men involved were followed, captured, tortured, and executed in the most vile manner, while the three women were imprisoned. The conditions were appalling. One died very quickly. One lingered on. This, really, is the story of the survivor. But it was also the time when the English were forced to negotiate with the French, and suspicion was rife. It was fortunate that Baldwin and Simon, who were engaged as a part of the guard protecting the Queen, were able to investigate and bring a murderer to justice, averting an escalation.

  • Robin
    2018-11-02 21:21

    Eh...that's about all I can say about this book. It wasn't bad but it wasn't really good either. The title intrigued me but I was almost immediately disappointed in what I was reading.It is set during the reign of King Edward II (the son of Edward I, Edward Longshanks, who killed William Wallace) and it covers Queen Isabella's journey back to her homeland of France to negotiate with her brother, the King of France, over some English lands. It could have been a good story but there is just way too much going on between the front and back cover, too many separate plot lines that somehow end up all connected in the end, and a ton of characters to keep track of. I finished reading it because I wanted to see how all these numerous plot lines ended up being connected, but I was confused most of the time.

  • Joshua
    2018-10-31 23:13

    This is the 24th book in Michael Jeck's Knights Templar Mystery series and from a historical viewpoint a very interesting read. In this story, the mystery seems to take a back seat to the events of the time. It is 1325 and the English King Edward II has sent his wife, Isabella to negotiate a treaty with Charles IV, French king and Isabella's brother, to regain the Norman lands lost to France. These are the seeds of the Hundred Years' War only a decade away. Jeck's appears to have become more interested in fitting his characters into the historical timeline with each new novel and for my money--only $9.95--he has managed to keep me involved for two dozen books. Can't wait for the next one, once it comes to paperback, of course.

  • Mary
    2018-11-20 23:17

    This was probably not a good choice for reading late at night. Jecks jumps between 4 or 5 locations & sets of characters for much of the book. It's hard to figure out who's on whose side, or even how many sides there are. I felt like I ought to have one of those big cork boards like they have on cop shows, so I could pin up pictures of the characters and draw lines between then :)I had stopped reading this series somewhere around book #20 & decided to try it out again. Now I'm not sure whether I want to continue or not. Maybe I'll try one more book to see how it goes.

  • Thomas
    2018-10-26 22:00

    Historical mysteries attract me by their blend of fiction with history. When I feel I get a good flavor of the lives of the characters within the context of the reality of that time, it makes the story come alive. Others may comment on the plot and the history, but I enjoyed the trip to Paris in 1325. I had read it before but, true to form, even as I got into it and began to remember the action, I still couldn't recall the ending. So, I enjoyed the trip!

  • Carol
    2018-11-03 23:04

    I really enjoyed this book it was full of twists and turns right up until the end, Baldwin and Simon are sent to France with Queen Isabella to try to negotiate a settlement for the lands King Edward holds from King Charles.But there are murders even before they leave England and Baldwin is called upon to solve them. They take all of his skill to solve and put both him and Simon in grave danger.

  • Nan
    2018-11-10 23:30

    Queen Isabella's embassy trip to France to negotiate peaceful terms with her brother, the king of France. Baldwin and Simon are together again as part of the men-at-arms to protect the Queen. Of course, murder, intrigue and justice are all involved. Enjoyed this read.

  • Wazz
    2018-10-21 17:12

    Immediately went to this book as soon as the last ended. These books are a good political treatise on the period in history, they are a good read for the characters and the plot, and generally allow one to escape from reality and enjoy some 'time out'

  • Veronica
    2018-11-10 18:29

    After two long weeks of not getting anywhere with this book; I decided to put it away and start a new one. I was only able to get to page 46. I thought it was sooooooo boring.

  • Jay
    2018-10-20 20:08

    Too much political history in this one, and too much bent to the characters, who were themselves too thinly drawn.

  • mixal
    2018-11-17 20:13

    2.8 stars

  • Mikhail
    2018-11-18 18:14

    Another well written historical mystery by Jecks.

  • Tapley
    2018-11-19 19:06

    I can't really speak to this book, other than that in 25 pages it is failed to make me want to keep reading.

  • Jane Walker
    2018-10-21 20:19

    It starts unpromisingly, with Jecks skipping between many different viewpoints in a single paragraph each. But it gets better, and becomes an intricate but absorbing medieval tale.

  • Theresa
    2018-11-08 19:03

    I liked the first two books better, but I really enjoyed the historical references! I had to do a lot of reading on the internet to keep up.