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"Raw & funny memoir of a US expat in Asia." eBookSoda "Don't miss this laugh out loud funny Kindle Book."" Bargain Booksy "Debut memoirs aren't usually this vivid - or this varied. State-Sponsored Sex is fast, it's furious, it's down-to-earth, and it's inviting: what more could one ask for from a travel adventure that entertains even as it educates?" D. Donovan, eBook"Raw & funny memoir of a US expat in Asia." eBookSoda "Don't miss this laugh out loud funny Kindle Book."" Bargain Booksy "Debut memoirs aren't usually this vivid - or this varied. State-Sponsored Sex is fast, it's furious, it's down-to-earth, and it's inviting: what more could one ask for from a travel adventure that entertains even as it educates?" D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review During Claire Noble's inadvertent decade in Asia, there was one constant: she always ended up in the land of the absurd. In her shockingly personal and surprisingly poignant humorous memoir, Claire's witty prose delivers stories that range from hilarious to heartfelt. Claire ate maggots and smuggled parasites. She suffered through tortuous massages, mammograms and colonoscopies and lived to laugh about it. From a time-warped Shanghai neighborhood to a luxury Hong Kong high-rise, Claire charted a course through different cultures and new life roles, with unexpected discoveries around every corner. Join Claire for one laugh-out-loud misadventure after another as she learns that plans are often nothing more than good intentions, and a sense of humor is indispensable for surviving all that comes life's way....

Title : State-Sponsored Sex: And Other Tales of International Misadventure
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ISBN : 9781494703158
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State-Sponsored Sex: And Other Tales of International Misadventure Reviews

  • Alexandria
    2018-11-11 20:05

    Loved it from start to finish! I felt like I was with the author every step of her sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, journey. It filled me with hope for myself, and the urge to strike out in a foreign country with my own dream man.

  • Chloe
    2018-11-19 21:58

    Claire Noble's State-Sponsored Sex takes us on a winding adventure throughout the odd nooks and crannies of China. The scope of this fun memoir splashes across the map as Claire winds up in all sorts of places and situations. Sporting a shock of red hair, she stands out immediately as a foreigner and has to weather the challenges of a different culture.Witty banter and amusing narrative eagerly pulls us along for the ride through unexpected circumstances. The tales told are amusing and lighthearted for a good portion of the memoir, but the darker parts of life make appearances as well. Although a bit slow at the beginning, State-Sponsored Sex is entertaining and enlightening. The experiences Claire shares with us provide fresh perspectives and insight that I am glad to walk away with.I recommend this book for people interested in different cultures and awkward situations. I received this from Goodreads first reads :)

  • Shelly Hickman
    2018-11-19 15:09

    “I typed the word ‘housewife’ into the search function and one interesting search it returned was ‘Online Valium, No Prescription.’” This was just one of many humorous anecdotes throughout the book. “State Sponsored Sex” was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m so glad I read it. Noble’s sense of humor is down-to-earth and endearing, as she shares her experiences living in the East. I was especially touched by her tales of all the treatments she sought out, traditional and alternative, that she was willing to try to help her autistic son. Although the descriptions in this portion were a bit dry from time to time, as the parent of a formerly sick child, I could easily relate to the willingness to go to any lengths to make him better.I also love her outlook, that often having a sense of humor about the curves life throws us is the only thing that keeps us sane. Sometimes, it’s either laugh or cry, so why not laugh? A charming, honest read.

  • Anneli
    2018-11-06 15:14

    A fantastic memoir by a fellow City U (Hong Kong) MFA colleague, Claire Noble! One of my favorite quotes highlights the importance of humor: "The ability to laugh at life and myself was not a trivial matter. It was not hyperbole to say that developing a sense of humor was a matter of life and death for me." (225)I needed this reminder to have humor and resilience shape my worldview as much as anything else. The longer I live overseas the more I realize how little control I have over anything, except my response. And as I write this my water in my flat has gone out for the second time since moving to Madrid, and I will try to laugh rather than cry because that's what Claire would do.

  • April O
    2018-10-20 16:57

    Great travel memoir. Enjoyable read!

  • Ann
    2018-11-13 18:53

    I liked it. She talks about moving to Hong Kong with her husband and raising two children, very humorous.

  • Regina Radomski
    2018-11-07 21:49

    Discovering yourself when you’re a teenager, considering a career, and finding love is something everyone understands. Once you get settled and things are going the way you want, you meet the man of your dreams and your world changes in an instant! When Noble takes a job in a Texan Chinese restaurant during her teenage years, she is thrilled and thinks she is learning so much about the culture and its food. But years later, when her life changed in that instant she fell in love, her journey begins again; this time not in America but in China. Her new husbands’ job is taking them there and so getting married and moving away from everything she knew, at first, seems like a chance of a lifetime. Living in posh hotels and having people wait on her, seemed like a dream, nevertheless Noble’s longing for something more takes her on quite a few adventures. In this new country, the first thing she learns is that Chinese food in America is nothing like Chinese food in China! A newlywed and by herself (while her husband works) she starts out alone navigating through China. In the years that follow and with the growth of her family, she learns what it takes to navigate through the medical system and the school system as she tries to find the solutions for her autistic son. This changes the tone of the book drastically and her struggles became very real to me as a parent.This book is a quick read with many humorous titles and demonstrations just how courageous and resourceful one can be when needed.-Regina Radomski, author of From Half to Whole; A journey to overcome the battle scars of adoption and living to tell about it.

  • Linda
    2018-10-22 15:06

    This author can write an amusing anecdote! Especially at the beginning of the book, I laughed out loud at some of her descriptions of her life before she met her husband and their initial adventures when they relocate to China for her husband's job. However...I felt that this book lacked focus. Is it supposed to be humorous or dark? Naturally, not every experience she recounts needs to be hilarious, but I'd have liked to see more of her personal growth resulting from her trials and tribulations. She says several times that she needed to recover her sense of humor in order to cope with the problems that life threw her way, but at least in the second half of the book, I didn't see much evidence of that. Still, she's obviously a talented writer - maybe another book is planned!