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Book one of the Wizard's of Eredwynn Series. Have you ever come home from work wishing that you were somewhere else. What if your life was different, magical and happy? It happened to David with mixed results. This rags to riches story introduces our hero to quite a few dangerous situations including many attractive young ladies!...

Title : Another Typical Day
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ISBN : 22494646
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 170 Pages
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Another Typical Day Reviews

  • Kardinalratz
    2018-11-08 20:26

    This book is THE Mary Sue example. Guy gets to another world, instantly powerful, rich and has his own Harem.If you can't life with that you won't like this book, i promise.A quick list about the pro/cons of this book:- The author describes the magic system as "like in his games" unfortunately he didn't take a interesting one like "The Dark Eye" or "Dungeons & Dragons" he choose an ARPG style like Diablo, Torchlight etc. That means he says the word and the spell happens, nothing else. My biggest problem is the Spell "Meteor" which does not only manipulate/create energy it actually creates matter which means he could also just make his own gold etc. which is especially overpowered since he doesn't have a limit (he can just keep on casting).- The female leads have 0 characterization, at the end there are like ~13 of them and everyone is interchangeable.- A lot of things in this book are super cliché, the word giggle/giggling for example is mentioned 32 times in this book, because that's what girls do all day long ....- no struggle, there is absolutely no danger for the main characters in this book.If you can look past that and take the book for what it is (a short break from real life without needing to use your brain) its readable. I will probably even try the sequel for another short break :)

  • Daniel
    2018-11-04 20:15

    I thought I could get past the Marty Stu thing, and the lack of editing, but in the end, that and the whole "borderline Pedophilia" thing got me and I stopped. This book makes David Eddings look like freaking Picasso.

  • Joe
    2018-11-19 22:15

    Reminds me of Off to be the Wizard by Scott Meyer.

  • Andrew Fielding
    2018-10-29 15:21

    Decided to reread

  • Mrducking
    2018-11-10 15:19

    I swear I tried, but there is so many contradictions, inconsistencies and just plain NOPE.Among all, you can get over the mary sue issues as it's not something that uncommon, you can get over the jumping from one thing to another without connection as it's not something that uncommon, you can get over the OPness or the two dimensional characters or so many other things.What I simply couldnt get over was HOW it was written.This is written like a children book with adult themes, harem thematics, boderline pedophilia as stated by other reviews, gore themes and I'm probably forgetting some other things but, and here is where it becomes offensive IMO to the reader, it's written like freagging narnia but with adult themes.Nope, just nope. You get to chose: written for children or adult themes, you can't have both.I really wish there was a rewrite because the ideas were not bad but the execution just kills it in the water.