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FREE on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble, for Nook, Kobo, Itunes, Smashwords and at ironeagleseries dot com. Book one in The Iron Eagle Series is now FREE for all ereaders for all platforms. This is permanent not a gimmick, book one will be FREE for all ereaders for the life of the series get yours TODAY.The city of Los Angeles is no stranger to violence. It has both aFREE on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble, for Nook, Kobo, Itunes, Smashwords and at ironeagleseries dot com. Book one in The Iron Eagle Series is now FREE for all ereaders for all platforms. This is permanent not a gimmick, book one will be FREE for all ereaders for the life of the series get yours TODAY.The city of Los Angeles is no stranger to violence. It has both a colorful and grotesque history with it. Sheriff's Homicide Detective Jim O'Brian and FBI Profiler Special Agent Steve Hoffman are also no strangers to the violence of the sprawling metropolis, but in the past decade something has changed. There's a serial killer preying on other serial killers - some known by law enforcement, others well off radar. "The Iron Eagle," a vigilante, extracts vengeance for the victims of Los Angeles' serial killers. His methods are meticulous and his killings brutal. With each passing day, "The Iron Eagle" moves with impunity through the streets of Los Angeles in search of his prey. O'Brian and Hoffman create an elite task force with the sole purpose of catching "The Eagle" and bringing him to justice. But the deeper they delve, the more apparent it is that he may very well be one of their own. As the two men stare into the abyss of their search, the eyes of "The Iron Eagle" stare back.....

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Rise of the Iron Eagle Reviews

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    2018-11-02 22:02

    Review: RISE OF THE IRON EAGLE by Roy A. Teel Jr.This is a totally engrossing, very gritty, suspense thriller, stuffed to the brim with hard-core violence, evil, and selfish individuals satisfying their own desires. Nonetheless, it's also populated by individuals of high moral integrity. Then there are a few who straddle the dividing line between the evil and the good. The pages practically turn themselves, and I was quickly so engrossed that I'm determined to read the entire series. I seem recently to be in a groove of L.A. gritty noir, as this is the third novel with that theme and setting I've reviewed in a week.Major cautionary warning here: the violence is frequent and very upfront. There are murderers, rapists, and pedophiles. There is torture. The novel is definitely 18+: violence, suffering, language, situations.

  • Elle Esse
    2018-11-14 23:03

    I wish I could give a good background of The Eagle; a profile if you will, but to do so would be a grave mistake as it would completely deprive readers of the deliciously horrific novel I hold in my hands. Imagine a set not unlike that of Thomas Harris’ beautiful villain Hannibal Lecter. Many who have already read Book One are comparing The Eagle to Dexter. Having never watched the show or read the books I couldn’t speak intelligently enough to make that comparison. But to be honest, this book is unique despite any similarities one may spot. It’s worthy in its own right and should stand alone amid the other famous killers, psychos and vigilantes that have been written about over the years. Instead, imagine a crime scene like nothing you would ever read about in your local papers. At least not here in the States. European papers tend to offer up some of the more bloody scenes for their readers but I highly doubt even The Daily Mail UK would stomach a publication of the likes Mr. Teel creates on a whim. The crime scenes alone would be Ted Bundy’s wet dream, let alone any fan of Harris or J.D. Robb’s In Death series. Are they disturbing? Yes. In a very real sense. But no one ever created a horror scene they didn’t want people to visualize. I received Rise as an ARC from Bostick Communications, looking for readers for a new book series by a fantastic author who makes your horror juices flow. I cringe when I get a new book in the mail from Roy Teel Jr. Though not because he is a bad writer, because I know that inside that book will be torture and terror enough to keep anyone up all night. I love every delicious second. Every time someone has told me that any given book or movie is “not for the faint of heart” I wind up highly disappointed. The graphic detail isn’t graphic enough or the characters are simply not believable. Reading Rise (and the other books in the series), however, was (is) a very visual experience for me. I could see the detectives, smell the coppery scent of blood and hear the tortured screams of the various victims. Albeit a book more about vigilantism than true murder, the actual villains and serial killers Mr. Teel creates in his mind make me seriously question how he, the author, can sleep at night. But I jest. Somewhat. You would have to read it to fully grasp what I mean when I say that Mr. Teel is quite the sick and twisted individual. Fortunately for him, I like my authors that way.The story begins with a man we readers will become quite friendly with as the novel progresses. Detective Steve Hoffman is not your usual L.A. Dick. Street smart and worn from the many awful ways he has seen people die, he has an almost seasoned NY Vet appearance and a man who is more bone weary than anything. Add into the mix Barry Mullin, an alcoholic private investigator who is bound and determined to avenge the death of his granddaughter, yet another L.A. Homicide officer and you have a deadly mix. I have no shame in telling you that Mullin is not long for the world, though the events of his demise will shock you, even when you think you have him and the story all figured out. Following the death of our overly antagonistic yet affectionately nicknamed “Old Man”, Steve Hoffman will be matched with another personable detective by the name of Jim O’Brian. Together they will work to take down a notorious and brutal killer who goes only by the seal of an Eagle – thus named The Iron Eagle. How do I describe The Eagle? I know who he is. I met him soon after the novel opened. There wasn’t much of an air of mystery to who he was at all. The surprises, mystery and suspense don’t come from guessing over who The Eagle is, but rather why he does what he does. It’s very clear that he wants justice. It’s also quite obvious that he does not feel that he is smarter or better than those pursuing him. In fact, he treats both Steve and Jim almost like… Friends. All in all I gave this book, singularly, not as part of the series, a nine out of ten stars. I am sure my followers and readers who have been frequenting my blog ( for a while know that I absolutely never do that. Ever. I give fair reviews but I will never elevate a score based on – well, anything other than how I feel about it or how well it is written. The only thing that kept my rating from being a full 10 out of 10 was that the dialogue was not split in a manner that is easy to follow. I had to read and reread a few paragraphs to fully understand who was saying what. And honestly, that can become quite an issue as I read and get deep into a book because I get grumpy if I have to go back and clarify. Who should read this book? Anyone who enjoyed the famous Lecter books by Thomas Harris. Anyone who has enjoyed the Showtime series Dexter. Anyone who reads serial killer stories from the Crime Library. Anyone who likes to solve a bloody mystery and enjoys being perplexed at the thought of not knowing at the end what may or may not happen. And anyone who likes to figure out said mystery only to discover how very wrong they were. I very much agree with those who say that this book is not for the faint of heart (although I do not fully understand what that means and by what threshold it is measured). If you have issues with someone being sodomized in graphic detail, you may want to take a pass and go read Anne of Green Gables. But if you would like to have it laid out in graphic detail, this book is for you. As for me? I’m a fan. Book one hooked me in. I hold book two in my sweaty palms as I shudder to think what The Eagle has in store for me next. Just in case you are wondering… The Devil and the Details.Happy reading,Elle

  • Michelle Willms
    2018-11-12 21:02

    Roy A. Teel, Jr. writes for those of us who love well-written crime fiction. If you are like me, and have longed dreamed of finding an author who could write crime fiction as gritty and realistic as true crime, but that also included the detail and information known to true crime, including the knowledge and insight of crime, the research necessary to understand the type of criminal, the ability to understand the technical aspects of the scene, and so forth, then search no more. Roy A. Teel, Jr. is your man. His writing is gritty, hard-hitting and pulls no punches. Now, I’m going to be brutally honest here. If you prefer cozy mysteries, romances with long-lusty sighs, and heart-felt pleas of ever-lasting love, Teel is NOT for you. If you want clean, tidy, and prudish, Teel is none of those things, and you will probably not like his work. His writing smacks of the real world. It is violent and hard-hitting. When he writes of death, the pages bleed, the book screams in agony, and less hardened readers may want to flinch in horror. His protagonist, the Iron Eagle, is a killer of serial killers. This guy isn’t “Dexter” of TV fame. The Iron Eagle is a man who believes in an “eye for an eye” in the most vivid and delicious interpretation of the phrase. The serial killers he pursues are despicable; Teel describes how they kill, bit by bit. If you don’t want details, real crime writing probably isn’t your genre. It isn’t pretty. Crime never is. Teel is a man who knows his crime. He comes from a life molded by murder, so he understands the long-term effects of the violent death of a loved one. He also believes in exhaustive research. He understands serial killers and what they really do to their victims. So when it comes to writing about the commission of a violent crime, Teel tells it like it is. Death by dismemberment? Teel is going to discuss the commission of the crime in great detail. This is NOT gratuitous detail, the detail is extremely important to the plot of the book. Teel writes with purpose and clarity, leading the reader on an exciting journey that begins with the first page and continues until the exciting, highly unexpected conclusion. Teel’s characters are true-to-life, with flaws, deficiencies, and sometimes morally questionable decision-making processes. He has created an original team of characters to hunt the Iron Eagle, a team made of great men, supported by strong women, who (if hints are any indication) may be taking even greater roles in books to come. These characters are unlike any others readers are likely to meet. The heroes aren’t the stereotypical tall, dark, buff, exceedingly handsome knights in shining armor found in so much of today’s fashionable literature. These characters seem to be based more on humanity: one chubby, one tall, one well-built, all perhaps a bit depraved in one way or another. Teel is an outstanding author who is added to my slim rank of favorites. If you like realistic crime fiction, believe in writing that mirrors reality – at least where your crime fiction is concerned – and are ready and able to read about vicious killers and their very violent crimes (in detail), the far more vicious hunter known as the Iron Eagle searching for and ruthlessly killing them, and the cadre of law enforcement officers tracking both killers and Iron Eagle, grab a copy of The Rise of the Iron Eagle. You will NOT be sorry. I was provided a copy of this book by the author for purposes of review. All opinions are my own. This book is rated FIVE EXHILERATING HEART-POUNDING STARS!!

  • Cheryl
    2018-11-07 20:48

    I picked this book up last night and finished it in a couple of hours. I could not go to sleep until I did. It was that good. My only complaint is that I felt that Jim and Steve worked well together but neither one really made an effort to capture the Iron Eagle. It felt like they were just puppets and the Iron Eagle was the puppet master. So in this aspect I did want them to come out swinging harder to make it more of an intense battle of wits between on both sides. Although I have to admit that the Iron Eagle is one vigilante that I would never want to meet up close. Meeting him in person means that you are a evil person that deserves all of the punishment that you are dealt. There is no coming back after meeting the Iron Eagle. After reading this book, I am in for more. Plan to check out book two. Warning: Some language and lots of detailed forms of torture. To the point that even I almost lost my kibbles and bits during a particular scene.

  • Simon Mcleish
    2018-11-05 17:54

    First posted on my blog here.Rise of the Iron Eagle is a thriller, first in a series, about vigilantism and serial killers. I was warned before I started it that was not for the faint-hearted, and it certainly is that. There are frequent scenes not for the squeamish, and, though I don't really mind that usually, there are lengthy descriptions of torture which I did find disturbing - sometimes gratuitously over the top. More on that later...The first chapter introduces a character who initially appears to be going to be the the novel's principal viewpoint character, a retired alcoholic private detective, whose granddaughter is the latest victim of the Iron Eagle killer - only for him to be kidnapped and killed himself. This is an interesting opening, to say the least. But after this promising start, the story settles down into a more straightforward tale of the FBI hunt for the vigilante who targets serial killers.Vigilantism is a popular theme in fiction, presumably because it plays into people's fantasies of besting those who have done them a perceived injustice. Few actually have the abilities needed to be a successful vigilante, of the solitary Iron Eagle type, anyway - able to find criminals as yet unknown to law enforcement, able to overpower and murder successful killers, and able to do this while taunting the FBI and remaining uncaught - like a rather dark comic book superhero. This is rather different from the types of vigilantism which seem to happen in the real world, which would include harassment of suspected paedophiles by groups of concerned citizens. The tragedy of vigilantism is of course the possibility of targeting someone innocent, either through mistaken identity or an incorrect assumption that the person attacked is indeed guilty of the offence. Of course, the police are not immune from this issue, as the Guildford Four would attest, but by carrying out their investigations in a system where there should be checks and balances, and where judicial punishment is separate from the search for the culprit, this is less likely to happen and more easily correctable. (I am not sure that the Guildford Four would agree with this sentence, but if they had been murdered by the police when they had become convinced of their guilt, they could not have been exonerated even 15 or more years later.) So there are two reasons not to go outside the system - you might be wrong, and you might not be good enough at it to survive attacking a murderer and getting away with it.Rise of the Iron Eagle plays lip service to this, but I couldn't help but have the sneaking suspicion that the Iron Eagle was the real hero of the book, at least most of the way through. This included the feeling that I was meant to approve of the unpleasant torture the vigilante visited on his victims, in the name of retribution and obtaining a full confession, Confessions made under torture and undue pressure are, it should be noted, notoriously unreliable (see the Guildford Four again). This particular issue was not addressed at all; all the characters, law enforcement included, seemed to take the validity of the confessions as unquestionable. (The reader knows that they were accurate, because of other things mentioned which are not known to the police.) More moral ambiguity would have improved the literary quality of this thriller, as well as providing darkness which is not just derived from the extreme violence: this is why The Dark Knight Returns and The Watchmen were so much greater than the comic books around them when they appeared in the eighties. I was, to be honest, expecting this novel to be dark in a similar way to those comic books - morally ambiguous, gothic tales which have a serious point to make.I have never watched the TV series Dexter, nor have I read any of the books. But the theme here of a serial killer who preys on serial killers is familiar from it even so, and I suspect there would be more similarities which I would notice if I was familiar with the series. There are points of some interest, and many readers of this type of fiction might enjoy it. But overall, I felt that Rise of the Iron Eagle was not to my taste, especially the way that the idea of vigilantism is treated. The tone of the violent scenes put me off, though they are clearly well written (there are a large number of different ways in which "x did something unpleasant to y and caused y a lot of pain" is expressed). Because of my personal dislike of the treatment, I feel I can only rate the novel at two stars.

  • Jessica
    2018-10-28 20:52

    Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Goodreads First Reads Program in exchange for an honest review.Before starting reading this book, I first read some of the reviews given by the readers here on Goodreads. Given that fact, I thought I was already prepared for what to expect, but I was dead wrong! To say that I was shocked was not enough --- I was mortified! The heinous crimes were sickening and detestable. One would question how could some people do that. But despite that, I actually loved the book. It kept me intrigued about what would be The Eagle's next move, as well as the authorities. Although I must admit, I was cliff-hung with the ending. And did I ever mention that I loved the medical terms used here? As someone who has a background of medicine, this fact actually made me become more engrossed in finishing the book as soon as possible. This book was well written and I applauded the author for being able to explain everything in detail, no matter how gruesome it can be. It made you see the killer's perspective. Overall, I know that this book is not for everyone, but if you like gore theme (like Saw, Urban Legend, Final Destination, etc.), only this time, you're reading it not watching it, then this is the book for you. As for me, I fell in love with it! I can't wait for the next series.

  • Theresa Needham fehse
    2018-10-18 19:00

    Free book for honest review. How many murders take place in this novel? Let me count them. Never mind. This is the first book of a series. By the time Roy Teel has finished the series maybe he won’t even know.Without reading the other books in the series I’m suggesting this is the book where the reader should start. About halfway into the novel you know who the Iron Eagle is. The question you wind up asking yourself is do you want the killer to get caught? It seems inevitable that he will, especially since there’s been an innocent person or two killed among the bad guys and the Iron Eagle lets no bad deed go unpunished. I won’t plant a spoiler, you’ll have to read the book.The characters are well drawn - cops, FBI agents, doctors, school and hospital administrators (is there an agenda here?), LA Latinos who love the police, and cops’ wives who walk on the wild side. Everything’s been thrown into the gumbo - serial killers, the homeless, child predators, and ménage a trois among the good guys and their gals.LA has no shortage of the seedy and unseemly and this book takes full advantage of it. The author knows his turf.You won’t fall asleep counting the killings. Well done, Roy Teel.4 StarsBill S

  • Marjorie
    2018-10-18 20:55

    Given To Me For An Honest ReviewRise of the Iron Eagle by Roy A. Teel Jr. is a book that if you love to read crime novels, this one is for you. It is one of the best ones that I have read in a long time. It is not for the sqeamish but man is it fantastic. It is about a killer who kills serial killers. He kills serial killers in the way that they killed their victims. Steve Hoffman a FBI profiler is working with Jim O'Brien a detective in trying to understand the thinking and behavior of "The Iron Eagle". The name that they have given him. As they are getting close to discovering the identity of the killer, they begin to realize he may be one of their own. This is a great crime novel. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning the pages one after another. You will not be able to put it down until the end. It is full of suspense and if you love to read this kind of book then this one is for you. I gave it 5 stars but it truly needs at least 10+. I highly, highly recommend it to all. I look forward to more from Roy A. Teel Jr.

  • Yellagirlgc
    2018-10-25 22:45

    I received a copy from the publisher NarroWay Press for an honest review. The Iron Eagle is a serial killer that kills other serial killers in the same way they killed there victims. He extracts a confession from them before he kills them and dumps there bodies for law enforcement to find along with the signed confession. Some have mixed feelings about the killer doing good by eliminating dangerous & sick serial killers law enforcement hasn't caught & some they aren't even aware of. He plays judge, jury & executioner. Steve is an FBI agent assigned to the Iron Eagle case for the ten years the killer was active. His friend Jim assists in the case along with other open as well as cold cases they both investigate. They also consult each other as needed on cases. After a hard day they sometimes unwind with a drink & catch each other up on their personal lives.It ends on a cliffhanger of sorts and I'll be reading the second book eagerly.

  • Rebecca Bryant
    2018-10-23 18:04

    I have to say this book was very good to me. It is a crime story that keeps you captivated. When a serial killer starts taking out other serial killer brutally and harshly it makes you wonder is this guy a born killer or a whole new form of justice. But for the declivities on this case justice must be served even if it may be one of their own. The author was very good in keeping me interested and even had me thinking should I be rooting for the killer or the detectives. I mean when the bad guy is essentially taking out other bad guy you have to pause. Whatever your view when reading this book I can say that it was a well written and entertaining book. Full of suspense and it's raw and gritty. I really good crime story that I recommend. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  • Krista
    2018-10-28 23:07

    When someone throws out the line, "two wrongs don't make a right..." they clearly didn't take this book into account. Bad guy vs. bad guy possibly, or more so victim with an agenda vs. downright bad guy, left me really questioning how I see things on day to day basis. It's no always so black and white, as this book clearly demonstrates.A great crime thriller, page turning. Definitely not for those who are into what goes into "murder, crime, thriller" and the grotesque writing possibilities those themes create, but greatly written for the genre.Enjoyed so much, purchased a copy for a friend who enjoys reading these types of books as well. Loved it!Received via NetGalley for an honest review.

  • Victoria
    2018-10-25 21:48

    Excellent! From the very first page I was captivated. It was absolutely unputdownable.I loved all main characters and the plot.This book contains lots of violence so it is not suitable for people under 18.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-11 17:51

    In starting book one of the Iron Eagle series, I was quickly drawn into the character. Found myself not wanting to put the book down. Anxious to get to book 2

  • Maggie
    2018-10-28 00:41

    I was excited by the premise of this book. It reminded me a bit of Dexter but I had a few issues with this novel. The sex scenes seemed really forced and didn't add anything to the story at all. It felt like they were just there as filler. I also always have a difficult time overlooking grammar mistakes and overuse of the same words. I will not be continuing this series because I have no desire to read about Gail sucking a dude's eyeballs through his dick and how every older woman has a great figure for her age.

  • Tamara
    2018-11-03 18:47

    The Iron Eagle. Who is he? Well, he is a serial killer preying on other serial killers. His methods of killing are brutal and harsh. Some may call it Vigilante Justice, as he is saving the taxpayers and families of the victims time, money and heartache. But for Homicide Detective Jim O'Brian and FBI Profiler Special Agent Steve Hoffman, justice must be served and the Iron Eagle must be caught. But what if the killer is one of their own and they don't even know it....yet.Rise of the Iron Eagle is absolutely AMAZING! The book was very well written and the storyline had me turning each page desperately wanting to know more. I found myself routing for the Iron Eagle as he desperately searched for his wife's killer and along the way getting rid of the scum that plagued the city. His methods of killing may be unconventional and gruesome, but quite effective to say the least. It must be noted that the acts of killing are so grotesque and so descriptive that the reader will have to have a strong stomach - it is not for the feint of heart, but this is what makes this story what it is - a heart pounding, intense thrill ride that will take the reader to a place that does not even seem possible.The author has written a very suspenseful and entertaining story that I could not put down. It's gritty, it's raw and it's perfect reading for any fan of hard-boiled crime thrillers. Although the reader finds out who the Iron Eagle is pretty early in the story, it was enjoyable and very interesting to see his side of the story - actually get in his head and understand why he does what he does.I am now a fan of Mr. Teel and I cannot wait for the next installment of this fast-paced and intriguing series. This book is perfect for fans of crime thrillers and one that I would recommend.*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but I did end up purchasing my own copy because it is just that good.- See more at: The Avid Book Collector

  • Elke
    2018-11-09 21:49

    I read the second installment of this series Evil and the Details first, so I already had some previous knowledge, but also a lot of questions. However, this did not spoil the fun and suspense for me, as this book provided a solid background and the anticipated answers.Rise of The Iron Eagle introduces us to a very special serial killer called Iron Eagle, who chooses other serial killers as his victims. A grumpy police officer and an aging FBI profiler are hot on his heels, but he always seem to be one step ahead. On several occasions they even wonder whether it is worth the effort, as the Iron Eagle kind of eases their workload, although in a really twisted and sick way.The author put a lot of effort into detailed character development. The explicit insight into their private lives while sometimes a bit too much helps the reader to understand what drives them. You must definitely not be squeamish to watch the Iron Eagle perform his gory work, abducting his victims, torturing them for confessions of likewise brutal acts and finally finishing them off following his motto "May god not have mercy on you". The cat-and-mouse game between the Iron Eagle and the force of law increases the high level of suspense even more.A thrilling introduction to a promising new series about a very special serial killer. It still has some rough edges, suggesting the author himself had to get attuned to his new characters and story. However, the second book already proves in a very impressive way that he has 'arrived' and found a unique voice to tell the stories of the Iron Eagle.

  • Boundless Book Reviews
    2018-10-25 22:59

    This book was a very disturbing, chilling, but surprisingly good read. I can't say that I loved this book, because It was a hard read for me, but it was still good.It follows the lives of detectives and crazed killers, one being The Iron Eagle, through so many horrors it's hard to picture. This was like watching a harsh episode of CSI. It follows the Iron Eagle as he takes out the worst of the worst, other serial killers. While, he himself is a serial killer, he only kills the bad. Never the good, and never without reason. For that you have to admire him a little.While it was a good read and one that I couldn't put down I have to say that it was gruesome and hard to read at times. Id recommend this book, but only to the people that can handle it.This book left me on the edge of my seat the entire read and the ending was such a cliffhanger I wish I had book 2 right now so I can find out what happened. So, overall this book was a good read and I want to say thank you for the opportunity to read and review it...Stormihttp://www.boundlessbookreviews.com

  • Kristen Chandler
    2018-10-31 20:59

    I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. When I read the blurb, I was immediately intrigued. A serial killer who kills serial killers? YASSSS. At first I wasn't sure if I would like this book that much. It's deep. And dark. The serial killers don't just murder, they torture. BUT as the identity of The Iron Eagle is revealed, and the reasons why he hunts serial killers you develop a sense of understanding of why he does what he does. Is it wrong? Yes. Does it make sense? Totally. Rise of The Iron Eagle is a riveting, suspenseful book that will keep you on edge from beginning to end! The author created well developed characters and the book is very well written. If you like police mysteries and thrillers, and stories about justice, then this book is for you. I will repeat that there are several detailed accounts of torture so read with caution. I gave this book 4 stars and I look forward to reading the other books in this series!

  • Charissa Wilkinson
    2018-10-26 22:05

    I received this book for a fair and honest review. Overview: L.A. County, California: home to a new breed of serial killer. One who seems to thirst for the blood those who prey on the innocent. Is he a vigilante, a cop, or just someone tired of all the evil? Is he hero or villain?Likes: The characters were good, and some were oddly likeable. The taskforce was stressed just enough to make finding the Eagle even more difficult.Dislikes: The story was well written aside from all of the gore. Unfortunately this seems to be the basic calling of thrillers of this type. Let’s face it, serial killers aren’t all that nice. Some of the cops could have held more honor about them, but this wasn’t a deal breaker.I always thought vigilantism was wrong. But it was no time before I was yelling “where’s the Iron Eagle?” or “come on Iron Eagle.”

  • Yatish
    2018-11-03 00:39

    An excellent read!!! The Iron Eagle reminded me of Dexter, the TV series where the lead used to kill criminals while working in a police lab. The author has done an excellent job in describing the scenes, rich with all the gory details, making you feel as if you are there. The horror kept me awake since I knew I'll probably, no most definitely have nightmares and in the end it did not matter as I couldn't put the book down anyways. This goes down surely as one of the best books I've read this year.I'd like to thank NetGalley for providing me an advanced copy!

  • Sam
    2018-11-12 01:06

    I received this book for a fair and honest review. This is honestly not the type of book I would normaally read, I am more of a romance Type book- But I wanted to try a different type, Once I started I couldnt stop, Who was this person? what was going to happen next. I cant wait for the next book. Great Job~!

  • Mary
    2018-10-24 17:51

    Little slow for me getting started but really loved it once it got going for me. Interesting viewpoint about justice.

  • Violet
    2018-10-30 00:05

    Riveting, this book will keep you spell bound. This is a crime series you do not want to miss!

  • Mark Levandoski
    2018-11-06 16:45

    Great storyline,good characters and format.May be a tad too much torture description for some.This was a Goodreads First Read Contest win for me.

  • Kristine
    2018-11-08 20:42

    Loved it!!!

  • Shelly Singhal
    2018-10-31 22:40

    Not subtleSometimes in crime novels, the little details matter and the subtle seductiveness of a bad decision makes the story compelling. This is not that book. The good and bad guys are clearly defined and the rule of law is different than justice. There were parts of this I liked, but I wasn't crazy about the concept of a vigilante.

  • Lana
    2018-11-03 17:02

    Rise of the Iron Eagle Series Book OneIt was a good book. It had a lot of language and other trusts that I'm not thrilled with. But its okay

  • Charles T. Hughes
    2018-10-18 23:48

    Iron Eagle 5 starsVery entertaining, fast paced and all in all a great story. Once I started reading I couldn't put in down. Looking forward to the sequel.

  • Victor Muron
    2018-10-29 16:57

    Great readI gave it a five because it kept me hanging on to each word, always something g exiting in each chapter

  • David Watson
    2018-10-29 21:46

    Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the United States and probably home to more then one serial killer. When you live in a city as big as L.A. you have to accept that there will be a lot of crime and the police can’t stop it all or catch all the serial killers out there. There is someone who is on the police’s side and has been hunting down serial killers for twenty years. They call him the Iron Eagle and his real identity is unknown.The Iron Eagle is not your normal serial killer, he catches other serial killers and gets them to confess to their crimes. He then Sends proof to the police and meticulously tortures then kills his victims. The police believe that he may have killed innocent people also and have put together a task force to find the Eagle and bring him to justice. The problem is when you mess with the Iron Eagle you might end up on his cutting table.Rise Of The Iron Eagle by Roy A. Teel Jr. is a brutal book. I like the concept of a serial killer who hunts serial killers but this book was almost to hard-core for me. I’m a horror fan and I have no problem with violence in books but this one was over the top. I found some of the sexual torture in this book to be hard to read and almost couldn’t get through it. That being said whether you like this book or not will depend on how much violence you can take.I think my problem with this book is that I’m not use to reading books that have so much realistic violence. When you read Rise Of The Iron Eagle you know that people have gone through this kind of torture and its a little hard to stomach. If you can handle the violence though, what you will find in this book is a good mystery and a well told story. I thought from the beginning that I knew who the Eagle was but I wasn’t even close and the author kept me guessing throughout. Also all the police and FBI agents came across as realistic and how I think law enforcement agents would act. I like how when the Iron Eagle interrogates someone he follows the law during the interrogation. It’s like he looks at himself as helping the police because the police can’t handle all the evil that’s out there. I was rooting for the Eagle despite him being a vigilante.On the downside I felt the author was trying too hard to be shocking and that’s usually a turn off for me but there was enough to like about this book where I got past the excessive violence. Some of the little things in this book made it a good read. Such as the bar where anyone who’s in law enforcement drinks for free because the owner treats those who risk their lives. Another time there is a homeless man who gets questioned about a murder and we see that he’s not like you would expect a homeless man to act. This book gives a realistic look at the police and shows what they put up with in the field and puts them in a positive light. Crime Fiction fans will love Rise Of The Iron Eagle and the sequels that are available.