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Librarian's note: Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00JMTRPTE.EVIL UNDER THE GREEK SUN' by the 'Greek James Patterson'!If this summer you are thinking of travelling to the majestic, sun kissed Greek Islands, think again. A sadistic killer is on the loose.THE OLYMPUS KILLER (First book in the planned series Greek Island Mysteries)Over the picturesque Greek islands, bodies arLibrarian's note: Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00JMTRPTE.EVIL UNDER THE GREEK SUN' by the 'Greek James Patterson'!If this summer you are thinking of travelling to the majestic, sun kissed Greek Islands, think again. A sadistic killer is on the loose.THE OLYMPUS KILLER (First book in the planned series Greek Island Mysteries)Over the picturesque Greek islands, bodies are piling up fast. Captain Papacosta, a former American homicide detective turned Greek police captain after the loss of his daughter, teams up with young and ambitious, top of her year Lieutenant Ioli Cara to face their most difficult and intriguing case yet.Olympus. The tallest peak in Greece and as maintained by the ancients, home to the almighty Gods.In 1972 a boy is born in New York to a raped young girl. A boy who through abuse will grow up into a vicious, merciless and cunning killer. A killer who believes he is murdering the Olympian Gods and mutilates his victims according to Greek mythology.Will the two officers catch the murderer in time or will the Olympus Killer have his revenge?...

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The Olympus Killer Reviews

  • Sue
    2018-11-12 22:07

    I received a copy of "The Olympus Killer" (Greek Island Mysteries, #1)by Luke Christodoulou, in exchange for an honest review.This book had me on the edge of my seat...a very satisfying thriller. A Serial Killer is on the loose! The story is about a serial killer that is using Greek mythology to carry out his murders. Captain Papacosta and Lieutenant Ioli team up to try and catch this killer. They travel around to the different Greek Islands, teaming up with the local police to help stop this madman before he kills again. The victims and the murder scenes were quite gruesome...and not for the faint-hearted. All the better for a horror story.The story of Captain Papacosta's past breaks your heart, and makes his character all too real and believable. Each character had their own unique edge and I enjoyed getting to know them better. The plot was well paced and kept me turning the page. This was one book that I did not want to put down until I was down. The twists and turns that kept coming made it even more intriguing. As tourism is a big part of the Greece economy, the killer must be caught before the public becomes alarmed.This is one of those books that make you second guess things and gives you a great deal of insight into some of the sickening and disturbing things that human beings are more than capable of doing. If you like murder, mystery,a great thriller with an amazing scenery, then you must read this book! Now I definitely want to visit Greece.

  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    2018-11-05 21:49

    The Olympus Killer is mostly set on the picturesque Greek Islands, there is nothing very attractive about the murders that are going on however. Some may find this crime thriller a touch graphic, I didn't, but I read a lot of darker crime thrillers and also horror. In saying that the kill methods and visuals you will get are pretty nasty but I wanted more! I just was not shocked or scared enough. *Sigh*I found the book very easy to read, nothing complex about this novel. It won't strain the brain too much, if you like to read for enjoyment than you might like this book. It's a hard review to write as crime thrillers are my most read genre, so if I put this up against other books I have read this year it really falls rather short in a lot of aspects. But I have to say, it's still an okay read but it's nothing spectacular. Over the picturesque Greek islands, bodies are piling up fast. Captain Papacosta, a former American homicide detective turned Greek police captain after the loss of his daughter, teams up with young and ambitious, top of her year Lieutenant Ioli Cara to face their most difficult and intriguing case yet.Olympus. The tallest peak in Greece and as maintained by the ancients, home to the almighty Gods.In 1972 a boy is born in New York to a raped young girl. A boy who through abuse will grow up into a vicious, merciless and cunning killer. A killer who believes he is murdering the Olympian Gods and mutilates his victims according to Greek mythology.Will the two officers catch the murderer in time or will the Olympus Killer have his revenge?I liked Papacosta as a character and his relationship with Ioli Cara grows through the novel, it's a friendship, sometimes almost a father/daughter relationship and it works really well between the two of them. I found the characters easy to relate to overall in this book.We get inside the head of the killer from time to time too which I always thing is a strong point in any book featuring a serial killer, being in the head of a psychopath or sociopath can be quite interesting.The plot is fairly fast paced and moves between timelines, taking us back to the killer's childhood and therefore painting the scene for why he is killing by murdering off all the Olympian Gods, certainly a fairly unique plot line that one. I found the back story quite interesting, dark, but interesting. I felt the book lacked some depth and detail in the police procedural aspects, some more detail in regards to that would have been great. In fact I was thinking a lot of the time that certain parts of the story needing to be fleshed out more, that we skimmed over detail too quickly to move on, with a bit more expressive detail some of those scenes would be more impacting on the reader. I was a bit disappointed (okay, I was REALLY disappointed) that I guessed the killer quite early, I am not sure if this is intentional by the author or not (some authors do drop hints so that we know), but I like a book that really gives me that surprise twist at the end, this one really doesn't have any twists in it at all, it all pieces together too quickly, even for the reader. So, we have brutal killing after brutal killing, all different methods, the police soon are able to start to predict where and how the next killing might happen. They are not getting very far with their inquiries and it's a frustrating case. Who is this killer and how do we catch him?This one lacked detail and the shock factor and twists I think most great crime thrillers have within them. It was a book that doesn't mess with the head too much (sadly!). A quick read, a lighter crime thriller read with enough pace to keep you interested. Now, even though the author had advised that the book is currently being re-edited, and has already had most of it looked at by a new Editor I have to express concerns. There are still a bucket load of errors in this book, if it's already partly edited, it needs doing again, and again. It will draw negative ratings from experience with the level of errors that are in it. If these errors can ALL be found and fixed, the book will read much more professionally. It possibly needs a good proof reader as well as Editor, as a lot of it is proofing issues. So I did expect some errors, but not as many. Let's hope that gets fixed up.My final thoughts? A middle of the road crime thriller from this passionate fan of the genre, a decent effort at a debut novel however, there is potential for further books to be even better I feel. I do feel things are a bit too obvious to keep the reader wondering a great deal, again that shock factor would have been great. This one was an okay read for me, did not hate it, did not love it. Sitting on the fence (painful!)I received a copy of this novel from the author as the winning book in the E-Miner Group Vote for Book of The Month, October. I had voted for this book to win out of a few entries. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review, many thanks.

  • Terri
    2018-10-20 19:47

    One of the best things about the Olympus Killer is how UNEXPECTED it is! I knew the Greek Gods would play a major role in the storyline & I knew there was going to be some Greek history (it's Greece! There's ALWAYS history!). But what's unexpected is how Luke Christodoulou fits the stories of Ancient Greece into his own. Rather than laying out those myths & stories like a script read to you while you're taking a really bad museum tour, he artfully marries the facts w/ his fiction. You're brought into Costa's & Ioli's investigation of a truly evil serial killer where every fact & trivia brings you closer to solving the puzzle.Add some jaw dropping moments & one truly chilling & spell binding chapter & you have a really good debut novel!

  • Hermien
    2018-11-06 17:48

    Not the greatest mystery ever written but enjoyable especially because of its Greek setting.

  • Devi Nair
    2018-10-28 23:53

    Check out my complete review at The Olympus Killer (Greek Island Mysteries, #1) > ReviewThis is one of the best murder mysteries I have ever read. The book is gripping right from the first page and takes you on a roller coaster till the very last end. By the end of the book, you will left gasping for air with the thriller that is in the book.Luke goes through the writing like a pro. He also gives out clues in between the books for the readers to figure out who the killer might be. The prize of guessing right is the awesome satisfaction you get towards the end when the killer gets caught. The partnership between Captain Papacosta and Ioli Cara is amazing and commendable. The killings are gruesome and vicious but there is nothing too gory in the book. Whatever is there was absolutely required for the plot.Overall, an absolute must read. All Murder mystery enthusiasts must totally go for this book. It is worth every bit of time and all other resources invested in it.

  • Cathy Geha
    2018-11-05 20:11

    This is an action packed graphic story of serial murders that is set in the Greek Isles. The storyline is predictable and character development so-so. The writing felt like it was produced by a non-native English speaker who had not sought out adequate editing before putting the book into the market for sale. The book was given to me by the author to read with the request not to mention editing mistakes since the book has been sent to an editor. I hope that this is true.

  • Emma
    2018-11-09 19:05

    Great read! Graphic murders! I liked the chapters set in the past which I guessed were to do with the killer. The main characters were well written and you could really sympathise with Costa after what he's been through

  • Sheri
    2018-11-10 22:56

    The Olympus Killer (Greek Island Mysteries, #1) by Luke Christodoulou Set in the exotic Greek islands, American Detective (now a) Greek Captain Papacosta, pairs up with Lieutenant Ioli Cara. This is their most difficult case yet. They will have to stay one step ahead, in order to catch a very dangerous disturbed man.In 1972 a boy is born in New York to a raped young girl. The boy turns into a viscous killer. He believes he is murdering the Olympian Gods, he kills his victims according to Greek mythology. Will they be able to stop this monster?I really liked Detective Papacosta. He is flawed, and never got over the loss of his young daughter. He will stop at nothing to solve this case. Iola, is very likable too. She is a young woman determined to find out the truth, and she too will do what it takes to stop this mad-man.The Greek setting makes for a beautiful, perfect setting. The connection to the Greek Gods makes the story unique, and interesting. We learn a lot about some of the most known Greek Gods. The murders are brutal, and the killer is selective in his choice of victims. Delving into his mind and feeling what (the) murderer is thinking was intense. The story moves swiftly, the plot is intense. The Olympus Killer is a fantastic, thrilling murder mystery.

  • Kathryn Barto
    2018-11-07 22:03

    The plot was -okay- but the grammar and mistakes made reading this book a form of torture. I don't even know why I finished it. My general rule is that life is too short to read crappy books. I read a lot of kindle freebies but this was far below my standards even for freebies. I'm frustrated because I read so many glowing reviews that didn't acknowledge how many errors it has - so consider this your warning.I wanted something that wouldn't have me so hooked I would end up not sleeping so I kept reading but it was definitely not worth it. I assumed that English was perhaps not the author's first language so imagine my horror when I read at the end that he is an English professor. How is that possible?! This would have been a decent read if it was aggressively edited. I figured out the killer before the halfway point so it wasn't edge of my seat suspense but the setting of Greece was a nice change. The characters weren't particularly interesting. It was something different for a serial killer theme but a mistake of some sort was made about every two or three pages. This was just one of those books that left me angry at the sheer amount of typos and errors. I'm now wary of kindle freebies which isn't fair to other authors who use spellchecker and hire editors.

  • Elaine
    2018-10-25 22:06

    A thrilling mystery that takes place in the beautiful country of Greece. The author, who is half Greek, not only tells a griping tale but also gives us views of Greek culture, as well as Greek mythology. This is because the audacious and sadistic killer is “ a killer who killed based on Greek Mythology, intelligent and erudite killer”. He is presented by the author in all his cruelty For all of us who are a bit shy in the knowledge of Greek mythology, we are given a descriptive list of gods and goddesses. I found this to be extremely interesting as it helps to better understand the ways in which the murders are planned.I have already been introduced to the Greek-American detective, Costos, and his partner Iola when I read the author’s equally exciting, The Church Killer. I highly recommend both books as they will certainly satisfy your love of thrillers. I thank the author too for the opportunity to revisit Greece., and I look forward to reading the books he will write in the future.

  • Stewart Hennessey
    2018-11-08 21:47

    Mystery and suspense from page 1...The Olympus Killer was a great read. I enjoyed the mystery, drama and suspense - I couldn't stop reading and gobbled it up in a few days. The story is told through the 1st person point of view; we follow Captain Papacosta on his journey to capture the Olympus Killer who may be one of the most disturbing characters ever written. A journey of fast paced kills and sharp turns through the exotic Greek islands. The location descriptions were wonderful, descriptive and accurate. It is well written with intense action and superb characterization (foul mouth Ioli Cara and a couple of very Greek grandmothers were highly enjoyable). As seductive as a Sudoku puzzle, the writer has crafted an ingenious plot with nothing less than stunning revelations at the conclusion. In short, if you want a book that will shock and thrill you, read this one.

  • Dawn Kirby
    2018-11-15 22:02

    A burst of reality in fiction.Thrillers aren't necessarily at the top of my list, but Luke Christodoulou has certainly helped land them there. This book offers more then a great read. It offers history/mythology, vivid descriptions of beautiful places most people will never have the opportunity to see and characters you can easily relate to. It's also difficult to put down as you read through wondering if your hunch is right. The scariest part is perhaps the fact that murders like these aren't so farfetched. Disturbed and most times brilliant minds work in strange ways every day. Much like the movie Seven, Christodoulou has done a fabulous job of bringing a touch of reality to an amazing work of fiction. I truly cannot wait to read the next installment.

  • CL
    2018-11-07 20:07

    I like the main character because his tragedy made him more relatable as the strong silent type doing what is right. After he returns to his birthplace & continues his detective career he has a new partner & as thier relationship developes I like how it adds to the story. That is what makes me want to read other books that have these 2 characters in them. For me the solving of the mystery is just a bonus thrown in to make me want to follow the characters. I would read other books about Police Capt Costa Ppapcosta & Lieutenant Ioli Cara.

  • Cyndi Williams
    2018-11-19 00:02

    If you like a thriller you will love this book.

  • Cjmcd5662
    2018-10-24 23:00

    Great readNever had a clue of who the killer may be until the very end. I really enjoyed reading this book.

  • Alisha Thomson
    2018-10-20 22:49

    mystery and humorA good mystery with some good one liners and it made me want to go to Greece I can't wait to read more books if the series continues

  • Georgia
    2018-11-19 21:00

    A novel way to learn Greek Mythology !The murders are grissly. The location is beautiful Greece with its good food, traditions and spotlighting on the influences of the Greek mother or Yiayia. I liked the rapport between the two detectives, Costa and Ioli, but the perversion and sex was a little much for me!

  • Saritha
    2018-11-16 00:47

    i was given a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. i've done my best to do so.If you haven't read the book description or seen the book trailer - Spoilers ahead -An engrossing murder mystery about a series of murders taking place on Greek islands. The murderer, a boy who was abused as a child, believes that he is killing the Olympian Gods. Captain Papacosta & Lieutenant Ioli Cara try their best to solve this intriguing case while trying not to bow under the pressure to solve the case soon.The main character, Captain Papacosta, was an American homicide detective who became a Greek Police Captain after the death of his child. He is a man with good instincts and is a man who is determined to see things to their end. He does not blindly believe what he is told to believe & keeps at it if he feels that something is not right. He was teamed up with Lieutenant Ioli Cara, a young and ambitious woman, who has an extremely good record.The story began on an interesting note & pulled me into its fast pace with just the right amount of twists & turns. Papacosta has his own demons to deal with after the loss of his only daughter. His character is a strong one & one cannot help but like him. Ioli on the other hand is young, clever, & ambitious with a love for good food. There is an air of freshness around her. She has a good sense of humor & is willing to work to get to the bottom of the case. She is a strong independent personality with a never-say-die spirit. I could relate to her & that made the story all the more interesting.The plot progressed at a good speed & kept me guessing about “what would happen next” & “who was it?”. The two different threads of the story come together & explain a lot about the killer's psyche. While you feel sympathy for the boy it does not take away any of the horror at the crimes committed after he grew up. My favorite part would be after the killer is revealed. The scene was beautifully written. The boy’s story managed to raise the hair on my neck & the scenes are well written.The story has a good pace & just when you think you know who it is, the story takes a new twist. It kept me on my toes & eager to know what happened next. & the few scenes explaining what happened to Papacosta’s daughter & his marriage add to the story & give an impression of sorrow & a hurt warrior to stands up again, finding the will to go on. The combination of strength and fragility gives a depth to his character.I was glued to my kindle & couldn’t keep it down till I finished it. The suspense & the mystery were in just the right amounts to make the book an engaging read. Other than a few typos & a little grammatical error i had no issues with the book. I liked Ioli & felt a connection to her.The ending was good but now I’m hooked. I want more. A good book that kept me guessing. Definitely worth reading.the link to my amazon review: nearly the same with very few changes.

  • Rosi Phillips
    2018-10-29 23:43

    A THRILLER OF MURDER MAYHEM AND MISERYI plop on the white beach basking in the Greek sun...Whack! I butt against an eagle spread woman spilling her life as red as the pomegranate stuck...Luke brings the reader to an almost hypnotic state even with the snap pacing of his living words....The author's timing - perfect – succeeds in settling the reader into his serene scene, heart rate slows...Jumping jesus...your heart beats out of your chest.I guarantee this story brimming with all the elements of a thrilling ride with a smattering undertone of a noir detective novel provides entertainment from good food, halcyon scenery to gruesome murder. A quick page turner.The reader willingly follows the 'tragic past' dick, Captain Papacosta and his long gam partner, Ioli Cara. She equals and compliments his determination as they chase the present day slayer.Although you might think you don't have the stomach for it, you'll lick your lips tasting the Greek dishes delicious in description. The reader hops the Greek islands to find the killer regardless of the lingering distaste of his tortuous mind.The author shows inexplicable writing talent in painted scenes and more with a stroke of a word or few. You're pulled into the action or a Greek dish, whether a morsel or a laid out feast of food or horror.Luke entwines these two elements seamlessly in the development of the plot. You're deep in a discovery, a chase or back story. His character description, at times coloured with a tinge of emotional reveal never interrupts the energetic journey nor the rapid cadence in the narrative. Luke's to the point dialogue moves the story forward as Papacosta and Cara seek the Greek killer before another kill. Greek mythology the mentor of the grotesques murderer's mind is shown in the desecrated bodies.The author builds the main characters weaving them seamlessly with the plotting of a great story; even when he steps away from the present day mayhem. It's art in words at the highest pinnacle of a writer's work.I enjoyed the fast tempo of the characters, the idyllic scenes, descriptions, building suspense, emerged in Greek mythology swept along with its rapidity of story and smart dialogue inside a shocking, twisting chase of grisly proportions.I sweated living in the suspenseful pages under the hot, white sun. A lovely stroll in the evening breeze cooling off with an ice cream. Gasped at...bloody hell.I obtained this novel, and grateful I did, from Luke winning October Book of the month on Goodreads. I promised in return an honest review. I had the easy job. Thrilled, twisting along an amazing nail biter of Greek beauty, magical gods, human frailties against the backdrop of gruesome kills. I live in this moment, shouting the writer's praise of defining word art.Luke promise me you'll let me read more of your work. The Olympus Killer is a damn great read. A FIVE STAR gripping jaw drop. Congratulations Luke! Well deserved accolades. I see this novel on any best seller book list along side the great thriller authors.

  • A. Fae
    2018-11-19 22:46

    The Olympus Killer:A Greek Island Mysteries ThrillerBy Luke Christodoulou** - Great story but needs an editorThe Olympus Killer: A Greek Island Mysteries Thriller by Luke Christodoulou is a psychological thriller that has a creative and intriguing storyline and keeps you guessing. You are immediately caught up in the story from the very beginning, despite the extremely vast number of editorial errors. In regards to the story, I would recommend it if you are a patient reader who doesn’t become frustrated over having to reread or decipher what I can only call a lack of editing. The Greek Islands have themselves a serial killer in this thriller. Known to the public as the Olympus Killer, bodies are being found brutally murdered in a manner that mimics the characteristics and stories of the Greek gods. Costa Papacosta and his partner, Ioli Cara find themselves trying to figure out if the victims are connected and who is disturbing the tourism season on the Greek Islands. As a reader you are kept on your toes as the detectives hop from island to island, crime scene to crime scene trying to catch up to their sadistic killer who isn’t leaving a single clue in his murderous wake.The storyline brings the reader to the idyllic Greek Islands in such great detail that sometimes you feel as though you’re there with the sun on your back or sand between your toes. You can almost taste the food. The imagery is stunning. The details of Greek mythology and the introduction to the gods is quite interesting and informative. The ability of Mr. Christoldoulou to incorporate the precious history and beliefs of his Greek Islands makes for an interesting read. Costa Papacosta is the lead detective, an American born Greek who flees to Athens after the tragic death of his daughter and the loss of his wife walking out on him-a darkness he feels has taken over his life. He is paired with Ioli Cara, a native to the Greek Islands and close to her family but closer to solving cases. Both characters serve their roles well.I must say that if not for the serious lack of editing I would have thoroughly enjoyed this book, probably giving it a 3-star review. It definitely has the potential. The writing is in such desperate need of editing that it distracts you from reading, having to stop and read over line after line, page after page.I must warn readers that are faint of heart that there may be some scenes in The Olympus Killer you may find disturbing. The murders are of a sadistic nature. There is child abuse and rape of a child as well.If you are one who can read through the editing mistakes and like a good psychological thriller I would say this book is for you. However, if editing or any of the aforementioned subject matters trouble you then I might leave this one alone.

  • Jules Goud
    2018-11-10 22:51

    **I received a copy of this book through eBook Miner's BOTM Program. I would like to thank Luke Christodoulou and eBook Miner for the chance to read this novel!**I must say, this book was creepy and a little bit disturbing. It kind of reminded me of “Gone Girl”. Don’t get me wrong, this was still a good book.I was just not expecting that.We get both sides of the story in “The Olympus Killer”. We follow the Captain as he tries to get the murderer, we follow the victims as they experience their own murders and we get the history of the murderer. All of that put together just made me sad. It made me sad that some people have to grow through such awful experiences and it made me sad to see what ends up happening in the future sometimes. It was just sad to think about.Mainly, though, this book was creepy. It was a little bit more detailed then I thought it was going to be so needless to say, I was a little shocked at some parts. I’ve never really read a book like this (you will get it once you read it) but I now know what to expect from other books. It is definitely up there with “Gone Girl” in the creepy category. In fact, if you liked “Gone Girl”, this may be a novel that you need to check out. The plot was interesting. It was a little bit predictable, but that really didn’t take away from the story at all. The way that the Greek Gods were tied in was amazing, but, again, really creepy. That is when I ask myself if I really want to know where Christodoulou got the inspiration for his novel. I didn’t it find it suspenseful because to me it was pretty obvious that the killer wasn’t going stop killing until he/she was caught (and even then, I’m not really sure if the killer would stop). But, I did find that “Criminal Minds” fans would eat this up. In fact, “Criminal Minds” fans would love it. Once I got over the fact that I was going to get more description then I wanted, I really enjoyed this book. It was a good murder/mystery/horror/thriller novel. Definitely one for the “Gone Girl” and “Criminal Minds” fans of the world. I am really looking forward to what happens next!

  • Laura
    2018-11-18 18:50

    The Olympus Killer has a great premise and storyline. Captain Costa Papacosta, former homicide detective in New York has moved back to Greece after a personal tragedy. He is still a cop, but doesn't encounter the grit and crimes he did while working in the States. That is until a serial killer is loose on the Greek Islands. The victims appear to be posed as Greek Gods. Papacosta is assigned to the case. Working with a female detective, whom he finds attractive but unapproachable, Papacosta works the case with her trying to catch a violet killer who seems to always stay one step ahead of them. This book is not for the squeamish. Graphic murders, sex and child abuse are found throughout the text. While that doesn't necessarily bother me if it is a valid part of the arch of the characters and/or story, I felt it needs to be mentioned as it will bother some readers. I felt the dialog was often forced. "Erm..." was used way too many times. All of the characters were saying "Erm at the beginning of sentences. Descriptions were very, very long and could have been stated more concisely. Sometimes sentences were a half a page long. This was dragging the story down instead of moving it ahead. Lastly, a 12-year-old boy would NOT come home from school and tell his step-father he wanted to watch Sesame Street because he watched it every day. This is a show for toddlers. The boy was in all other aspects a "normal" boy - of all of the American TV shows he could have asked to see, Sesame Street would not even be considered. In spite of the wordiness, the story is interesting. I would have liked even more about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Copyright © 2014 Laura HartmanDISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy that I can keep for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was not expected to return this item after my review.

  • Trista Borgwardt
    2018-11-07 23:10

    This is most definitely a book that started with a WOW....Within the first few pages I was thinking...if this is how it starts, I am sure going to enjoy this and the author did not disappoint. The story is about a serial killer that is using Greek mythology to carry out his murders. Captain Papacosta and Lieutenant Ioli team up to try and catch this killer. They travel around to the different Greek Islands, teaming up with the local police to help stop this madman before he kills again. The back story into Captain Papacosta is heartbreaking but ultimately all too real. I felt that the character development was believable and defined nicely. Each character had their own unique edge and I enjoyed getting to know them. The plot was well paced and kept me turning the page. This was one book that I did not want to put down until I was down. The twists and turns that kept coming made it even more intriguing. I enjoyed the insight into each of the victims and the murder scenes were sickening and quite gruesome. All the better for a horror story. The murders were heinously creative. I enjoyed reading Papacosta and Ioli's process of trying to solve the crime, it was as though I was engrossed in a crime show, and it was quite realistic.This is one of those books that make you second guess things and gives you a great deal of insight into some of the sickening and disturbing things that human beings are more than capable of doing. Excellent book! If you like murder, mystery and creative wickedness, then you must read this book! I can't wait to read number 2!

  • Marjo
    2018-11-10 19:54

    Book Readers Review‘The Olympus Killer’ is an action packed and especially graphic story of murders set in the Greek Isles. The plot is based on Greek Mythology with a twist. Luke Christodoulou fits stories of Ancient Greece and its myths into his own storyline. This method works allowing the storyline to move on without becoming bogged down with too many facts. But for the reader who is not familiar with Greek history, more detail would give better understanding to the killer’s actions. However, the story is fast paced and moves between timelines taking the reader back to earlier events setting the scene for the future.I found the story a little too gory and chilling in parts for my liking but I had to read to the end to discover the outcome. The characters could have been more developed but one cannot help feeling sympathy for Hellenic Police Captain Costa Papacosta and his sidekick Lieutenant Ioli Cara. They spent much of the time chasing between the Greek Islands searching for clues to find the killer without much success until the end. But it was fairly obvious who it was early on in the novel.Overall, the book is not for the fainthearted or squeamish. But if you like shock factor, murder, some mystery and a smattering of history, this is for you! I received a copy from Luke Christodoulou in return for an honest review. May recommendation is 3 stars.Read More Here: http://bookread-mumswritings.blogspot...

  • Jim
    2018-11-02 20:43

    I did like the setting of this mystery novel - Greece and the Greek Islands. While the author is a nice story teller if you are troubled by a serious lack of editing this book is not for you. After a while I started highlighting the constant grammatical errors in the book - 18 Kindle pages of grammar errors. I think most of these could have been avoided by simply having someone else proof-read the text. While not grammatical in nature there were two other annoying errors. At one point a character had a different name. Another fairly important character had the same name but with a different spelling.The story is told, for the most part, in the first person by the lead character, Detective Costa Costa Papacosta. There was one chapter that had an odd continuity problem as if there was missing material. While I want to avoid any spoilers I think you will "solve" this mystery well before the end of the novel.

  • Cassandra Scearce
    2018-10-23 20:09

    This book had me on the edge of my seat. It is flawlessly edited and the perfect thriller. Watch out John Grisham.This author takes you on a thrill ride with this Greek Island mystery. The first in its series.Captain Costa Papacosta is sent to investigate some gruesome deaths. One body piles up after another. The clues lead Papacosta and Ioli all through the Greek Islands looking for a killer obsessed with the Gods. The question is can they catch him before he has killed his twelve Gods.The scenery in this book was amazing. It made me want to visit Greece. Tourism is a big part of the Greece economy and the killer must be caught before the public becomes alarmed. A cunning killer that leaves virtually no evidence behind.The story and characters were very well written. They are gritty and full of intriguing tid bits. I will be looking for this author in the future. He is very talented and I very much look forward to reading his future books.

  • Jaclyn
    2018-11-19 18:03

    This book wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was still decent. I thought the detectives were kinda bad at their jobs considering how long it took them to figure out who the killer was even though he met the exact profile (view spoiler)[other than his hair and eyes, which everyone knows are so easy to disguise (hide spoiler)]. I think they were more interested in food than the case. It was interesting to see what made the killer a killer, yet coming from a psychological viewpoint, it didn't fully make sense to me. Abuse alone doesn't create sociopaths, there is usually some predisposition already there, and he didn't show any. It was like all of a sudden he gets tired of being abused, gets away, and decides to be a sociopath. At least that's how it read to me. I just felt like there was a lot missing from the book, but it wasn't bad.

  • Jessica Call
    2018-11-04 20:58

    The Olympus Killer is Amazing!! I've never read anything like it! I swear I don't normally read murder mysteries because I'm normally strictly romance but on occasion I will read something different but rarely. This time I am so glad I did! I am a new Fan of Luke Christodoulou and am really looking forward to his next book! I couldn't put this book down! I read it within several hours and was blown away at how detailed and amazing this writer is! Swear to God this guy is gonna give authors like John Grisham and Maybe Dean Koontz and others like them a serious run for their money!! Luke Christodoulou definitely has a serious winner on his hands. I loved the use of Greek mythology and that it takes place in Greece and a bit in New York . I'm definitely not going to give you the details and ruin the book but it's definitely a MUST read! I enjoyed it immensely and I think you will too!

  • Nicko
    2018-10-25 17:02

    I was raised in Samos so I was basically hooked three sentences into the first chapter.This is a quick paced mystery that does not disappoint. Christodoulou has done his homework and he executes on the most vital moments delivering action and painting the picture (sometimes a horrific one based on the fact we are dealing with a deranged killer) perfectly.Removed one star for a combination of editing errors, a predictable outcome and the fact that I was never sure if the characters were all speaking English for some reason or we were reading a translation from Greek which would mot make sense since some phrases simply do not translate or exist from one language to the other. I know, I'm talking about details but they did affect my overall enjoyment of this book.

  • Diane Hernandez
    2018-11-10 19:01

    This was a well plotted mystery that kept me reading to find out how the author was going to incorporate another Greek mythological character into a serial killer's murder methodology. I read it in two days. I loved the dynamic between the two lead detectives. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes graphic thrillers (both sex and violence are here). My favorite part was how the atmosphere of Greece and Cyprus were described so well that not only did you feel that you were there but it seemed almost like the location was another character in the novel. I also loved the authenticity of the descriptions as the author is a resident of Cyprus himself. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.