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Book 2 in the Winter Jacket series: There was something about Hunter Dyson that drew Elle to her. Maybe it was her unwavering eye contact. Maybe it was because she never took off her winter jacket in class. Or maybe it was the taboo of a student-professor relationship. They'd overcome obstacles to be together, and now with job security and a healthy, happy relationship, liBook 2 in the Winter Jacket series: There was something about Hunter Dyson that drew Elle to her. Maybe it was her unwavering eye contact. Maybe it was because she never took off her winter jacket in class. Or maybe it was the taboo of a student-professor relationship. They'd overcome obstacles to be together, and now with job security and a healthy, happy relationship, life was supposed to get easier – she was supposed to have her happy ending. But for Elle, the complications are only just beginning....

Title : New Beginnings
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New Beginnings Reviews

  • Diane
    2018-11-05 00:33

    Amazing series! great storytelling as usual with adorable characters and the best friends one can have for support..witty dialogue but tense at times also..highly recommended series to everyone

  • Diane Wallace
    2018-11-13 22:48

    Amazing series! great storytelling with the same adorable characters and the best friends anyone can have for all their support when needed..witty dialogue but also tense at times..highly recommended series to everyone

  • Penny
    2018-10-24 18:33

    Of the whole list of independent lesfic authors, Eliza Lentzski is one of my favorites. There's flaws, but she can entertain me with her writing style. And with her characters. What's not to like about Elle's quirkiness? What's not to like about Hunter's loveliness? And Troian, the hilarious best friend? Even Sylvia, the cat, has a likeable personality (and I'm a dog person). The descriptions are good, the dialogues even better. Also, Lentzski can write great sex scenes (true story!).Now, although Winter Jacket: New Beginnings is meant to be the sequel of Winter Jacket, it seemed to me more like a prequel to something else, something that might still happen. Everything that occurred during this story felt like a preparation. Not that the issues proposed weren't credible enough to stand on their own. They were! The age difference, Elle's mother, Hunter's new roommate, the career choices, etc, they were all well developed issues. But I can't shake the feeling that this books is, indeed, an in-between, a preparation for a possible third book. And that's fine with me. I was still able to enjoy it.And since we are talking about the possibility of a third book, I have only one teeny tiny request: that Hunter makes a mistake. At first, I was uncomfortable by how perfect Hunter is. For a second, she did not seem realistic enough. But then I realized I was looking at it the wrong way: is not that Hunter isn't real, is that Elle's view of Hunter is completely idealized. And the paradox, my friends, is that this is very realistic - every single person who's in love idealizes their loved ones.But now, assuming there's going to be a third book, I think it would be pretty interesting if Hunter made a mistake. And of course, if Elle dealt with it. As once said portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa:Argh! - I'm sick of demigods! Where are the real people in this world?Eliza Lentzski is a skillful writer. I'm sure she could handle this scenario brilliantly! So I, often vulgar, often obscene, often vile, so grotesque and mean, submissive and insolent, I want to see Hunter making a mistake.

  • Megzz
    2018-10-29 19:24

    2.5 I feel kind of guilty for not being able to finish this one. I tried, and tried, and tried, but 3/4 in and I just couldn't anymore. That says something! so close to the end and... nope.I re-read Winter Jacket before reading New Beginnings. It was okay, as okay as an already okay book could be on second read. I was hoping the sequel would be better, since I really loved the more recent novels by Lentzski. But it only confirmed my dislike of the series. I just don't feel the love. It's not a very romantic story, really.I think the main problem is the characters. Hunter is way too vanilla, and Elle is way too self-centered. I just could not care for them. The story is written from Elle's POV and it's really frustrating to be in the head of someone so pessimistic, and negative all the time. I was filled with this sense of foreboding the whole time I was reading: it is NOT a lovely feeling. And I like to feel good when I read a romance novel. Oh and also, the plot is boring as hell. Nothing happens.

  • Procrastireader
    2018-11-07 23:49

    Even less angst that the first but I liked Elle and Hunter so much I just had to know how it ended.

  • Starsandsun
    2018-11-01 19:35

    After re-reading this I still haven't changed my mind on my rating. Elle, she's possessive and very insecure. The negativity in her is really annoying. She's also selfish. Yes, she love's Hunter but there's always a but or a what if. Now I'm interested to read Hunter's POV. What's her say in this? Hunter is the innocent one. She doesn't have a lot of experience but she knows Elle is the one for her. I always feel bad for her. She's too good.

  • Natsu
    2018-11-04 23:37

    Finally finished this after being so rudely interrupted by... work. :DI really ship these two. They can be hot (le switch) and they can be sweet and sometimes silly. Hunter's perfect, too perfect that I'm itching for her to do something... un-Hunter (or Ellio-ish if you may). Hunter seems to be someone who makes this fictional world a better place. haha! Anyway, it complements Elle's sometimes cranky personality. Elle, the ever neurotic one, always thinks the worst of things in terms of her relationship with Hunter. While I wanted to knock her senseless sometimes, it was her craziness and conversations with Troian that mostly made me laugh. I would've loved to have heard/read more of Hunter's mum, her thoughts about the couple, maybe in the next book? future dinners? :) Even the supporting characters are lovable, Troian's unstoppable mouth, Nik and her tolerance of the two clowns. Sylvia, the traitor cat. :DWill probably read this again just to be able to do so without interruptions. ^_^

  • Kennedy
    2018-10-30 16:43

    Elle Graft and Hunter Dyson, the story continues. Some may be bored with the day-to-day of their relationship but I am not. To me, that is real life and the difference between falling in love and being in love. Although there are some unique dynamics, the premise, characters and story is interesting enough to keep me reading.

  • Samantha
    2018-11-10 18:32

    Does the fact that in every book the word taunt shows up where the word taut should be bother anyone else? Or that in this one one character said she was prepositioned instead of propositioned? Other than that the stories are easy to read and pretty entertaining.

  • Jem
    2018-10-26 22:41

    More Elle/Hunter loveliness and hotness!

  • Beth Stone
    2018-11-02 22:41

    FANTASTIC SEQUEL!!!!! Even better sex scenes... I mean, wow.

  • Rebecca
    2018-10-28 19:24

    A year or two ago I tried reading this book, but only got halfway through before dropping it for some reason. This time around I ended up enjoying it, so I'm slightly confused as to why past-me decided to drop it. Anyway, I like this book better than Winter Jacket,because the plot and characters feel more believable to me. I will say that the writing feels a little too explain-y to me at times, but I'm pretty sure this is the first book sequel Lentzski's ever written, so maybe that's it. Overall I don't have a ton to gripe about, though.Shit sometimes decides to hit the fan all at once, so this plot and all the various challenges Elle and Hunter have to deal with is plausible to me, even if like last book, problems show up out of nowhere. I'm more forgiving though, because Elle's reactions are more mature.Elle still reminds me a little of my dad, (which is still kinda weird,) but her personality makes more sense to me in this book. She's quirkier and less oblivious, which makes more sense to me altogether with her other traits. I'm not sure why that's how it is, but it's the feeling I get. I'm still not really sure if I like her, though.Hunter isn't as bland in this book, but I do wonder how someone goes from painfully shy to how she is now. Not that it can't happen, I'm just wondering how.(view spoiler)[As for the new characters, Elle's mom is pretty funny. I hope she shows up again and gets to meet Hunter's family eventually, because that seems like an entertaining interaction. Merlot's character development seems like it'll be interesting, too. I really hope she does turn out to be gay.(hide spoiler)]I'm hoping the later books are more like this. Anyway, more notes:(view spoiler)[There are a few inconsistencies that I noticed: Elle couldn't have been still suspecting Sara of spreading the rumor, because last book she suspected it was Hunter's parents who did it.If Elle hasn't seen her Mom in several years, since college I think, how could Cady have really known her while they were dating?As for other things: I'm not a medical professional, and I'm not speaking from personal experience, but frosting on the vulva sounds like a recipe for a wicked yeast infection.Did Elle ignore the other letters in LGBT+ when she wrote her syllabi, or did Merlot only single out the lesbian ones? Either option seems weird to me.(hide spoiler)]

  • Trish
    2018-11-06 00:36

    One character keeps showing that she is not a nice person. She's unnecessarily cruel to people who think that they are her friends. Other characters keep overlooking this bad behavior or if they do notice it, they dismiss it. As much as I love the two stars of this show, I'm not going to open another book in this series. I don't want to see how the villain is going to hurt the normal characters and continue to get away with it.Drama calls for conflict and often for villains. Unless the story is set in a dark universe, though, the villain should face their comeuppance or the reader should be given some promise that eventually they will. After two books, I don't see that happening in this case, so I no longer trust the author to balance the scale of justice in this instance. I'm disappointed because in all other aspects, this author is tremendous -- character definition and development, dialogue, dramatic and romantic situations, pacing, everything except this one annoying character.Happily for me, the author is prolific, so I will start reading her other works!<3

  • Nic
    2018-10-22 22:43

    I was looking so forward to reading this series as the don't call me hero series is one of my favourites, this series I'm not enjoying as much . I did overall enjoy the book and read it in a day, however I thought that the drama/angst was a bit much as sometimes for the sake of it, I also didn't enjoy the switch scene , under other circumstances it could have been good but with Hunters anger and upset at Elle as the drive for this scene left me uncomfortable. I have book 3 and 4 to read but having read others reviews for the next book I'm not sure I want to if I thought about the amount of angst in this book.

  • Alex Jo
    2018-11-03 19:27

    This is the third book that I read that lesbian as the main character. One of the things that touched me is that the author left lesbian stereotypes now don't get me wrong I am just a transgender guy but being that I reviewed lgbt+ before I feel that some authors focus on lgbt+ issues to point that they outshine their own characters and in this story that definitely wasn't the case. On the other hand, I felt that Elle couldn't decide on anything and that was a bit annoying, that's why I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars

  • Joc
    2018-11-08 00:51

    In enjoyed New Beginnings more than Winter Jacket as it allowed me to get to know the characters better. I found the story gentle and slow-moving but I didn't mind the pace or the exploration of the relationship. The only real irritation I had is that if you're going to make your main character an English Professor you should really know the difference between 'prepositioned' and 'propositioned' but I'm going to give Lentzski the benefit of the doubt and assume it was a missed typo. I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series.

  • Janice
    2018-11-10 19:38

    Love this seriesI've read book 5 (first), and books 1 and 2. I can't read books 3 and 4. I am enjoying this series, and I love the author's other books that I've read, as well. Her characters are so compelling.

  • Lisa
    2018-11-08 22:34

    Much, much better than the first book, but could still use an extra proofread / edit before hitting publish. The author is talented at the most important pieces of storytelling, just needs some professional polish.

  • Kace
    2018-10-29 21:43

    That was kind of boring.

  • Gwen
    2018-11-06 19:28

    I truly enjoy Ms. Lentzski's writing style and story development. I'm very pleased she wrote this sequel, as my thought when I finished book one was "this can't be how it ends!". I love the various relationships; the best friends, the lovers and the family dynamics. We get to know the main characters better and new ones are introduced. My one and only gripe is with Elle (love the nickname Ellio by the way). I don't like that she is so insecure that she is not fully honest with her girlfriend by this stage. Hunter seems to be more emotionally mature. Ellio needs to get it together and I think she was trying to when the story ended.The author did a excellent job setting the stage for the next installment. I, too, look forward to the next book!

  • Katherine Murray
    2018-11-14 21:25

    I liked this book as a follow on from Winter Jacket it was interesting to see how Hunter and Elle dealt with all the stuff that happened to them in the last book. I liked the fact that they stayed together throughout this book because if they had broken up one more time I think I would have punched their imaginary faces and told them to jsut call it quits. There is a limit to how many times you should go back to someone. But anyway it was pretty good and I think that the ending could lead to another good book that will have different types of problems, more mature problems and I would defintiely read it.

  • Steve Going
    2018-11-15 16:28

    Get on with it!Shouldn't Elle had developed by now. When is going to grow up? Damn, at 30-something I didn't feel old, I felt the pull of family. Hell, at 60-something I don t feel old. Your character has been hung up on the age difference for two damn books. My grandparents were married for over fifty years and were thirteen years apart. My partner after my first partner died was ewe,veg years younger than me and didn't think a thing about t. Are young people and yes I think of thirty as young so hung up on numbers?

  • Kimberly
    2018-11-19 23:32

    How I love the love between Elle and Hunter!! I love how this relationship just keeps blossoming. We get to see how they deal with the unexpected and come out more in love. There is so much we can take from the mistakes they make, how they correct them and move forward. Another journey, more hurdles and the excitement of finding the one person who will stand by your side through it all. Can't wait for book 3.

  • Jasmin Sveum
    2018-10-22 19:49

    Love this series!Definitely read this in order! I love these characters and the small town setting. Couldn't put my Kindle down and had it read practically the whole series to me at work. Love Ms. Lentzski's work, and can't wait for more!

  • LaQuittianne Martinez
    2018-11-17 18:23

    Still wanting more!This was a nice follow-up to the first in the series. I'll admit that I'm a sucker for love and this book is filled with it. Intimate scenes suck you in and the situations are realistic. Great find. The only problem is that I want to know what happens next!

  • Loek Krancher
    2018-11-08 21:24

    I loved it!I love the characters more and more. It's awesome how the main characters develop and I'm very curious what surprises will give their future. I'm looking forward to the third part of the series. I highly recommend this series to everyone.

  • Adrie
    2018-11-03 19:50

    Winter Jacket #2 awesomeIt was a wonderful book, I was expecting more drama for some reason, but I enjoyed the story. I love the characters!! Can't wait to read number 3 in the series.

  • Ana
    2018-10-30 23:32

    Awful sequel to a book that didn't need one. Ends on a sequel hook, too. In between all the wasted time treading water that makes the majority of this book when it doesn't just piss over the last one, there apparently wasn't enough space and it had to be a trilogy instead. Bleh.

  • Joshua Garrison
    2018-10-28 00:35

    Awesome sequelThis was a great follow up to an already great story. I really hope there is a third book in this series.The first book left you feeling ad if the story was done but this one leaves you wanting more

  • Tonya
    2018-10-29 19:46

    Again read itI enjoy her work. Like a great cook who knows just what to add when and how much can't get enough!!